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Inside Media: The Capital Weather Gangwelcome to inside media I'm your host,today Sonya gavankar you

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Inside Media: The Capital Weather Gang

welcome to inside media I'm your host,today Sonya gavankar you know everybody,in television news knows one thing lead,with the weather and that's what we're,doing today we're going to lead with the,capital weather gang who's joining us,here in our studios and they're going to,tell us why it's so cold the future of,cold and many more things the museum,studio audience is here joining us and,they're going to have great questions,throughout the program so let's meet the,gang I'm going to start with Jason,salmon out he is the Washington Post,weather editor he founded capital, in early 2000 for the first,professional weather blog on the,internet which became the capital,weather gang please welcome Jason Angela,Fritz is an atmospheric scientist who,knew from a young age that weather was,her true calling she focused on,hurricanes and climate change in their,intersection of the two angela has,previously worked as a meteorologist at,CNN and weather on other underground,Angela welcome thank you and kevin,ambrose is the author of washington,whether blizzards and snowstorms of,washington DC and great blizzards of new,york city Ambrose is also a professional,photographer and avid storm chasers,specializing in photography of,Washington DC he has covered whether,area snowstorms cherry blossoms sunrises,sunsets storms and lightning and,actually Kevin is going to kick us off,with his photography and a little look,at Washington weather right now he's,gonna step to the podium thank you very,much and we're all gonna be amazed at,what he has to show us we're gonna be,the audience is gonna be looking at the,two monitors right there and take it,away Kevin so is the Green the green is,go let's hope I see inside media okay,how's it looking oh there we go is that,good oh no from the audience so I I have,10 minutes to go over extreme weather in,DC and I've got some photos to show and,do sun rises snowstorms cold and then,thunderstorms so let's kick it off with,the sun rises who's seen a sunrise where,it looks like the skies literally on,fire I mean just ridiculously red,it doesn't happen often usually what's,happening precipitation is moving in,just as the sun's light is coming up and,it's very rare that precipitation is,coming down when the Sun is coming up is,usually you have overcast but a couple,years ago I caught an Alberta clipper,with some snow and rain just starting to,fall when the Sun came up and that's,what you see right here is a beautiful,sunrise vivid vivid color most of the,times when you see a colorful sunrise,this mid-level clouds you're really 12,to 24 hours away before the storm and,the clouds have broken the like filters,in nicely and you get just beautiful,color scattered across the sky and,that's what you see here it's the,reflecting pool on a nice spring sunrise,but if you really want to shoot the Sun,and a lot of times when you shoot a,sunrise you want to see the round Sun,coming up you need no clouds and twice a,year the Sun lines up with the capital,it's the spring equinox and the fall,equinox and really the Sun is moving,quite rapidly across the sky during that,time of the year so you only get one or,two days and you gotta hook for clear,weather this past September I got the,Sun over the Capitol there's a little,bit of light fog mist you can see it,kind of illuminated the foreground red,but it's a nice round Sun ball right,over top of the Capitol so let's move on,to extreme snow when do you think the,snowiest period of time ever in,Washington DC was absolute ever I feel,like it was last week two weeks ago it,almost it was eighteen ninety-nine we,had a week of solid snow and,ridiculously cold temperatures 14,degrees below zero high temperatures in,the single digits and the snow depth in,Washington DC was 30 6.5 inches and it,wasn't like last month or as fluffy 30,inches this was hard packed windblown,deep snow wheres drifts were actually 10,feet high in the streets of DC and,here's a photo they shoveled the snow,around a drift that was just too big to,move now going to the biggest snowstorm,Washington's history the Knickerbocker,storm he may have heard about it 1922,and I love this photo because someone,left their top down there convertible,the night before the biggest snowstorm,in history now too,is credit in 1922 the forecast really,were not accurate the forecast was a,chance of rain or snow that's all it was,28 inches of snow ultimately fell in a,city and that is still the record for,the largest snowfall in DC so let's jump,ahead to about 20 years ago the blizzard,of 96 this was another major major storm,close to two feet in the suburbs 17 and,a half inches in DC at National Airport,and I love this photo the ultimate is,sledding you're going down the Capitol,steps and this kid was 12 in 1996 and,I've used this photo on our blog several,times in one of the comments he came,forward and explained what was happening,his brother was watching out for the,capitol police when they would leave,that go fl

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What type of weather improves your mood? This ‘Sunset Sunday’ finds warmth and sunshine ahead...

What type of weather improves your mood? This ‘Sunset Sunday’ finds warmth and sunshine ahead...

hello from my front yard to probably,yours or maybe hopefully you have your,windows open today it was a decent day,and the DC region I'm Camden Walker for,capital weather gang I want to hear what,your ideal weather is and if a recent,slight improvement in some more sunnier,moments in our forecast in these warmer,conditions hopefully are helping your,mood it has helped me a little bit as,well and I hope you are doing okay,currently 68 degrees I think Washington,National Airport got to at least 67,today which is above our average of 63,degrees and we'll be even,64 degrees tomorrow if you can believe,it this is our warmest hour most rapidly,warming month of the year in DC and,average right now 63 tomorrow 64 65 by,the end of the week and then by the end,of the month or 71 degrees Fahrenheit,for our average high temperature and,here's the short term radar looking like,we've got C up some showers moving in to,the region generally light and quick,mainly you can see behind me here in DC,some clouds that's kind of the extent of,what we're expecting for the most part,this evening somewhat dry but a sprinkle,or shower can't be ruled out and the,good news is here's the next 48 hours if,you are looking to get those few moments,outside in your neighborhood mindfully,and carefully of course with some,physical distance not much rain expected,but yeah north and west near the,mountains the mountains the higher,terrain is able to wring out just a few,more raindrops than we are here in the,lower elevations in the DC region and,then looking ahead near-term upper 60s,maybe near 70 tomorrow and for the,latest forecast and all the details,touch on my face and also popping up,below you will see that the latest,forecast cwg u / latest is your direct,link and here's the wind gusts tomorrow,if any very few if you're doing a quick,bike ride your neighborhoods maybe a,couple gusts around 10 miles per hour,but nothing like we have seen recently,and here's Tuesday still warm,hopefully enhancing your mood just a,little bit's with everything going on I,hope you may be able to air out the,house little bits with temperatures,around 70 maybe some low 70s as well and,and the good news in the near term these,somewhat wild conditions if hopefully,this is your ideal weather weather it's,you help your mood in the current States,we,have warm air and so Wednesday maybe,Thursday and we'll see how the weekend,turns out it looks like it will be,cooler but exact temperatures of course,to be determined there is a wide range,of possibility there with the shading,behind the primary number you see is 68,on Thursday is the primary model output,and then this 55 degree reading that's,the primary model but in the background,there and that red shading you can see,the weather modeling system found,several options are possible for high,temperatures coming up on Thursday and,Friday so into the weekend stay tuned to,capital weather gang comm and of course,follow us on Twitter at capital weather,and then I'll look for you a little bit,more ahead into next week look at that,blue blob near us there's a decent,chance maybe not a high chance like in,the middle of the country but a decent,chance the blue indicates of being below,average for temperatures next week but,again our average temperature is rapidly,rising the fastest of any month of the,year by this period next week we'll have,mid-60s for average high temperatures so,arguably below average isn't too bad,with our average highs being in the mid,60s quick pollen check if your allergies,are bugging you tree suffers like me yep,you are not imagining things,moderate tree pollen of the latest,reading for our region all right Sarah,be safe and well you too thanks for,tuning in snow improves my mood Erica I,know is worried some folks would say,that's I'm sorry no snow is in the,forecast and yeah my allergies are doing,okay Margaret's you stay healthy as well,Sarah I'm glad you like the weather,lessons Matt cappucci was doing a great,job with weather school and speaking of,which you subscribe to our youtube,between get the weather school lessons,right there on your mobile device or any,device you can click on my face and,you'll see an ability to pop up below,all the links to subscribe to our CW g u,slash youtube as well okay what else,folks murray sitting by the bonfire,right now excellent,there would be careful there was some,elevated if you're southwest of town,there was elevated fire danger,earlier this week so I hope you're being,very careful with that bonfire we,haven't had too much rain recently so,just want to be careful that but at,least wind gusts are lower snow first,and then a breezy spring or fall day,Carla goods I like that as your ideal,weather super week and like Anna Julie,good to hear from you,ideal of snow and,we did not have that this winter,Christopher hi Aaron perfect weather can,we keep these temps around forever well,I will give you how about the first half,of the week maybe through Thursday some,dec

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Precipitation you’re seeing? Let us know type and your location!

Precipitation you’re seeing? Let us know type and your location!

hello hello I'm a Camden Walker for,capital weather gang Eddie US capital,that's wet with wet roads it is a,miserable mix of precipitation,throughout the region let's wipe the,lens a little bit there it is coal's,37.5 here at the u.s. capital but north,and west of town that's where you are,seeing some of the snow slick spots are,possible particularly as the Sun Goes,Down north and west of town but again,wet roads are just about all they expect,here around the Beltway area and,downtown it looks like this is mixing,with a little bit of snow here at the,capital but generally wet conditions and,rain the winter weather advisories are,in the purple just north and west of,town and winter storm warnings north and,west of that the main impacts we believe,will be along and west of i-81 tonight,and along and north of i-70 in Maryland,so keep that in mind we're thinking the,major impacts are well north and west of,town but again slick spots can't be,ruled out as precipitation tries to pull,away by midnight tonight or so and,here's again our accumulation map we we,definitely reduce some of the,accumulation by up an inch or so just,north of town not much to speak of,around DC I don't even see anything on,the grass here at the capital let us,know what you're seeing I want to hear,from you what precipitation type are you,seeing and what is your exact location,please let me know we have some chilly,apparent temperatures this is wind,chills that are coming in for tomorrow,morning,yep look it looks like we're gonna feel,like the 20s on the wake up so please,keep that in mind arctic air is moving,in behind this system tonight we don't,expect a hard freeze in the region so we,don't expect to issue a fed cast or,school cast but delays are possible well,north and west of town so keep that in,mind we do have wind can windy,conditions tomorrow adding again to our,windshield even though we might see some,upper 30s to perhaps low 40s it is going,to feel much cooler than that here's our,high temperatures without the wind,considerations generally in the 30s,tomorrow maybe some low 40s if we're,lucky and then we go into the low,temperatures whoo very cold on Tuesday,morning looks like we could get around,20 degrees downtown in DC and then when,again even on Wednesday this could be,the peak of this arctic air we might,feel like single digits and teens maybe,even a little colder in parts of the,region so please keep that in mind,bundle up as we are getting toward,Wednesday it's going to be very very,chilly through midweek or so let me know,if you have any questions I want to hear,from you the precipitation type you're,seeing and we're in the region you're,located in Columbia mama says you've had,one and a half inches but rapidly melted,and expected some ice you might see a,little bit of ice in Howard County but,don't expect a terrible situation there,we think it is it is possible to see,some glaze in Howard County tomorrow,we're looking way ahead though for the,rest of the week generally sunshine,rules can't rule out a few flakes here,and there just some passing flakes as it,stands now we'll keep you posted but we,see anything greater as we get toward,the end of the week but overall you can,see this week is going to be Arctic it,is going to be chilly and we might warm,up just a little bit to get more a,little more seasonable toward average,high temperatures this time of year by,the weekend so keep that in mind bundle,up as we go into this week and make sure,you take our poll on Facebook go to see,advocacy WGU slash Facebook poll I want,to hear from you if you're ready for,spring or still are hanging on for a,little bit more snow mammoth lioness,thank you so much for tuning in and,looking way ahead in the next six to ten,days equal chances of being above or,below average and precipitation looks,like we're gonna remain with some,precipitation hanging around the region,in the next six to ten days so keep that,in mind as we go forward at least after,this arctic air we might have a little,bit of a break I want to hear from you,let me know how you're doing in this,wintery miserable mix around the region,I'm Camden Walker for capital weather,gang here at the US Capitol,35.9 right now it is just wet roads here,I don't even see a slushy accumulation,of anything here on the grass but if you,don't have to go out it is a bit,miserable so please it is not pleasant,this evening so please keep that in mind,slick spots are possible north and west,of town wet roads around the Beltway as,expected right now even at the capital,here just some wet roads around here but,snow is north and west of town slick,spots are possible as we go through the,evening we could even see some of that,some slick spots into Loudon Western,Howard County and northern Montgomery,County so please watch radar with us,this precipitation tries to move out by,midnight or so - thanks,alright winter weather Advisory's into,purple but DC is directly downtown lease,DC is in the clear,so aga

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Why Female-Named Hurricanes Are More Deadly

Why Female-Named Hurricanes Are More Deadly

did you know that there is a hurricane,named after me is that really yes there,is it was in 1961 and I killed 436,people you know I'm not sure I would,brag about that yeah not my proudest,moment hey guys Tara and Laci here for,dnews with some disturbing new evidence,about hurricanes a new study finds that,hurricanes with female names are way,more deadly than once with male names,because people don't take female,hurricanes seriously it's pretty,shocking actually researchers looked at,death rates from 47 of the most,destructive hurricanes between 1950 and,2012 and found that the female once,killed almost twice as many people as,male hurricanes and that's after they,excluded clear outliers like Katrina and,Audrey what's more interesting is that,the death rates were even more,pronounced depending on how masculine or,feminine the names were according to,this study changing a severe hurricanes,name from Charlie to Eloise,nearly triple its death toll so,naturally what my chalk is up to,implicit sexism so to test that theory,they had hundreds of people participate,in six different experiments and they,answered questions about hypothetical,hurricanes with either male or female,names turns out gender really does make,a difference in one of the exercises,respondents predicted male hurricanes to,be more intense than female ones and in,another exercise the gender of the,hurricane greatly influenced how people,said they would prepare for it according,to the study people imagining a female,hurricane were not as willing to seek,shelter begs the question why are we,still using this naming convention if,people are losing their lives over it,should we just change all of the,hurricanes to male names that's a really,good question,the current naming convention started in,1950 but for a period of 26 years only,female names were used it wasn't until,1979 when more and more women became,meteorologists that they decided it was,sexist so they expanded the list of,names to include male ones as well as,Spanish and French so what you're saying,is something that was put in place,specifically to prevent sexism has now,cost hundreds of lives because of sexism,yes that's precisely what I'm saying,terrific how do we fix this well the,easiest solution would be to not use,gender names at all the only reason they,use them now is because meteorologists,believe that human names enhance,people's ability to understand and,recall storm information we could also,encourage people to you know not be so,sexist,no that's asking too much personally I,think we should start giving them all,nonsensical hipster names I mean who can,tell the gender of hurricane Delilah,kiss true or hurricane germ a Justine no,that's that's clearly a woman or a Mary,regaled name about hurricane Cholula hmm,like hot sauce yeah although I don't see,the National Hurricane Center jumping on,board with that any time soon,they've already emphasized that people,should be focusing on the hazards of the,storm and not the name itself but how,many people will have to die before we,start to give this stuff seriously,what do you guys think does hurricane,Bertha sound more or less threatening,than hurricane Reginald let us know in,the comments below and as always thank,you guys for watching

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Hail and 💨damaging wind possible🌩‪Severe storms⛈‬ moving west to east, until sunset

Hail and 💨damaging wind possible🌩‪Severe storms⛈‬ moving west to east, until sunset

hello I'm came to walk over capital,weather gang I'll broadcast during this,severe weather event in Washington DC,for as long as possible we do have,severe storms approaching the region,west to east and I'll give you a quick,look behind me here as we those are,indeed some hail producers and this will,might need to take some shelter in a,little while I want you to of course,also practice good behavior when Thunder,roars head indoors as a reminder the,entire region is under a severe,thunderstorm watch here in the purple,with these other colors indicating,severe thunderstorm warnings coming into,the area we have bigger stones of hail,and northwest you see about an inch in,diameter thanks for those reports coming,in to us on Twitter follow us at capital,weather on Twitter and at DC weather,alerts on Twitter as well the good news,is we will be all clear after sunset,hail in Warrington thank you for porting,that Warrenton Mindy hello be safe,Carlos as well and let's see if I can,get this to show properly for you these,are some other tips we do have some rain,moving in but it shouldn't last too long,in duration 30 to 45 minutes we think,some gusty winds are possible hail is,also hitting the region large hail is,also possible and a tiny chance of,tornadoes but generally the biggest,threat from these storms are gusty,damaging winds perhaps near around 70,miles per hour hit or miss rain but if,you do see a quick downpour we can't,rule out a quick inch or a little bit,more and I'll thank you very much Paul,thanks for tuning in I hope you are,staying safe please everyone consider,getting inside when Thunder Wars head,indoors we again are seeing severe,storms roaming the region let me zoom in,on our latest radar here moving from,west to east over the next couple hours,these should be through here by 8:00,p.m. they are moving from East excuse me,from west to east and this is the radar,scope app a lot of these are severe,weather warnings and I'm standing here,at the US Capitol and I might see some,hail in a moment it might need to end,the broadcast at that point but I want,everyone to have a way to get weather,warnings tonight and for the latest go,to cwg news severe storms you can touch,from my face and seeing all the links,below we've got even our June outlook,that I put in there for you how to,subscribe to us on YouTube but the best,thing you can do is see our storm,coverage at Capitol weather gang calm,going to see Wu's slash severe storms,again the entire region is under this,pink severe weather watch severe,thunderstorm watch and we again see this,moving in the area right now,here around the Beltway at 6:00 p.m. or,so might be the prime time for these,severe weather warnings which continue,to roll in so please have a way to get,these severe storm warnings on your,mobile device,hail is moving into the region gusty,winds so far no major storm reports of,wind damage but some gusts over of 70,miles per hour are possible there we go,storm duration not too long but they are,severe golf ball-sized hail in the,Palisades Thank You eco consulting for,reporting night looks dark in Vienna,raining in Ashburn and mostly misses in,part of the valley Mike thank you for,that and looks like it's starting to,rain gear now at the US Capitol hit or,miss rain you might see a quick downpour,and extremely strong winds and hail and,Friendship Heights I am now getting hail,here at the Capitol so hopefully you can,see a little bit of this on my black,Capitol weather gang jacket and hailing,a dupont circle says Ellison Frederick,Maryland had thunderstorms with major,downpours about 15 minutes ago thanks to,Daniel stay safe as well Jennifer Donna,storm hit Winchester Sun out now Lori,thank you very much Jennifer of golf,Weiss the golf ball-sized hail in,Warrington and Kelly thank you very much,for tuning in as I will see how large,this hail gets I'm trying to stay safe,overall here I have shelter right behind,me here the hail is moving in here to,the US Capitol I'm Camden Wolcott for,capital weather gang make sure you,following us on Twitter at DC weather,alerts and of course on our main ice,capital weather account as well starting,to rain a Mount Vernon area hail and,Mount Vernon Triangle Eileen I will be,careful Thank You Naomi pea-sized hail,in Warrenton John be safe I will thank,you very much and stay safe Liz I will,it looks like we've got severe storms,moving into the region of course the,entire area in the pink here we're under,severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00,p.m. but that is the good news we are,clear after sunset around 8:00 p.m. as,these storms move west to east Melissa,just now coming into Northwest,Alexandria kevin says quarter-sized hail,a massive thank you and tom nothing in,rockville yet Melissa I will be safe,I'll probably in the broadcast soon and,Katie thanks for tuning in Julia just,fly train and Leesburg severe,thunderstorm,coming in for Fairfax bulkier and Prince,William until 6:15 p.m. Karen thanks for,watching and he

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Why Thor ISN’T Immune to Electricity

Why Thor ISN’T Immune to Electricity

- Why are you able to shock the God of Thunder?,Let's get technical.,Even if you're not a Marvel fan,,you probably know precisely two things,about the character known as Thor.,One, hammer.,Two, lightning at some point.,But despite all of his electrical based superpowers,,movies like Thor: Ragnarok established that Thor,is not immune to all forms of electricity.,Why though?,Shouldn't his power over lightning,make more minor shocks completely harmless?,This seems like a valid criticism,,but I do think there could be something more,technical going on.,And the answer may shock you.,First, we should understand what Thor is the god of.,Lightning is one of the most spectacular phenomenons,in nature, a rapid equalization of charge differentials,that creates a storm of ridiculous numbers.,When negative charges built up in cloud,finally equalize with the positive ground charges,here on Earth, a lightning bolt jumps across the sky,that's 10 times hotter than the surface of the Sun,,carrying 100 million volts and traveling at a third,the speed of light.,It illuminates the night sky with electric fury.,Obviously, we know a lot about lightning,,but perhaps shockingly, some of it still remains a mystery.,For example, we know that the accumulation and separation,of positive and negative charges inside storm clouds,is where lightning comes from.,However, when we measure the magnitude,of the electrical field inside of these clouds,,we find that mathematically,,there isn't enough charge to form a lightning bolt,and yet those lightning bolts happen anyway.,So we can't call it magic and we don't want to,,but we can't yet call everything about lightning, science.,Maybe cosmic rays has something to do with it?,In any case, lightning happens,,and when it happens to you, it can obviously be very bad.,There are five main ways a lightning bolt,can potentially be lethal,,and the first you're probably most familiar with,is a direct strike.,However, this is actually the least likely way,for a lightning bolt to kill you.,A much more likely way to die via lightning strike,is through contact strikes.,So, for example, if you were holding on,to something conductive and that got struck,,and then you got some of that current running through you.,You unfortunately hear about this kind of strike,all the time when scared livestock,bunch up against a metal fence during a storm,and then the fence gets struck and yeah.,Another kind of lightning strike that barely scratches Thor,and is still more likely than a direct strike,is called a streamer, which is an offshoot of,the return stroke that travels up into the sky,from a lightning bolt and it kinda,travels through you instead of through the main part,of that lightning bolt.,Another more likely way than a direct strike,is called a side splash of current,,like if a lightning bolt struck a tree,and then part of that current jumped over into you.,But by far, the most deadly form of lightning strike,,accounting for over half of all strike fatalities,,is called ground current.,When a lightning bolt strikes the ground,,it doesn't just disappear.,Some of that current spreads out in all directions,from the strike site looking for places,and things to travel through.,If you are too close,,you will be one of those pathways it takes.,Some of that current will travel up one leg,,across your body, causing potential death,and a lot of damage and then travels out the other leg.,Thor is apparently immune,to all lightning-based electrocutions.,He gets struck by lightning all the time and shrugs it off.,Now, we may not be Asgardian,,but when it comes to lightning,,humans are pretty resilient too.,A lightning strike can kill you.,It can blow off your shoes.,It can burn your clothes.,It can leave you with lifelong, chronic side effects.,However, your chances of surviving,an encounter with lightning are upwards of 90%.,Pretty good.,When the worst does happen, it's because,atmospheric electricity is not just finding its way,through your skin and your muscles.,It's literally going through your cardiovascular,and nervous systems, and it doesn't take that much,electric current at all to interrupt your heart and stop it.,Knowing the gigantic numbers behind lightning,,the temperatures, the voltages,,you would expect this survival rate to be a lot lower.,Why isn't it a lot lower?,Well, thanks to a quirk of physics,,the majority of a lightning bolt,doesn't go through our bodies.,It goes around it.,And this may be the reason why Thor can handle lightning,but not an alien space Taser.,Ooh, ooh.,If Thor was a specific kind of electrical conductor,,it can explain this tase of the MCU.,MCU tase four. (screams),You have probably heard of AC/DC before,,but in our context, it means alternating current,or direct current.,Electrical current is the flow of electrons,through something like a wire,,and when they do that, they can either go,in one direction directly,or back and forth in alternating directions.,AC powers just about everything

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🤧Pollen expert chat, 🌸blossom check, and weather forecast Q&A

🤧Pollen expert chat, 🌸blossom check, and weather forecast Q&A

hello hello I'm Camden Walker for,capital weather gang we have a pollen,expert tonight so I want to introduce,them really quick please i'm colonel dr.,Brian Robertson from Walter Reed,National Military Medical Center and it,is a warm one on the tidal basin we're,gonna do a quick weather update and,maybe cherry blossom update before we,get into the meat of it about all of us,suffering from the pollen all of our,allergies right now 62.1 here on the,tidal basin and let's go through the,short term forecast really quick look,looks like we're gonna get a little,chilly tonight maybe into the upper 40s,but overall that's mild for this time of,year and then tomorrow look at that,north and west of town kind of cooler,it's gonna be a little bit cooler,because of that cold front that's gonna,come through tomorrow but still,especially around town and south and,east mild enough and then one more night,that we're gonna have to deal with rain,that's the big story we have some,showers moving in tonight and some rain,tomorrow maybe it's mainly tomorrow,afternoon into the evening hours but it,should end by midnight tomorrow night,overall not too much rain but as we're,alluding to allergy sufferers the rain,should help you then tomorrow night that,cold front coming through and making,itself a little bit obvious with these,temperatures coming down especially,north and west of town it is going to be,chilly and look at the week ahead,sunshine returns by Tuesday Wednesday,although a little bit chilly winds we,think should stay under control please,keep in mind it is our windiest month of,the year in DC but overall we get warm,again so that's great for warm weather,lovers allergy sufferers that we keep,alluding to you're gonna be in some pain,with me by the end of this week and the,last thing we're touching on is to the,cherry blossoms make sure you're,following the National Park NPS on,Twitter along with us at Capitol weather,and the blog cap the weather gang calm,we are at stage 3 of 6 on the blossoms,look at this the buds they're getting,going stage 3 is 6 so we are still on,track go to our latest forecast see WGU,slash latest war for the latest on the,cherry trees go to CW slash cherry,blossoms and I think that we are still,on track for an April 3rd peak bloom,dates as we predict a capital weather,game all right so I want to talk about,how we're all feeling our eyes our nose,it's it's rough right now I'm not,feeling so great and I've got some,graphics to show people but,tell us the current situation what are,we feeling right now well right now it's,just,tree pollen that's out there so in,particular our cedar trees elm trees,cypress trees and juniper bushes are,pollinating there are early pollinators,every year we also have a little bit of,grass out there but it's really minimal,we're not gonna see a lot of grass,pollen until June,that's when it really Peaks and let's,let's show folks the average polyp,profile each year so our pollen every,year peaks in April for the trees that's,probably the worst time so we're just,ahead of it right now we're probably,about 2 to 3 weeks from now we're gonna,see the peak pollen and that's generally,that so when I was feeling it or in,February I wasn't imagining it it was it,was starting there is a little bit of a,peak it's our early season and it's,almost always those cedar trees those,juniper bushes and the cypress trees,that family of trees and bushes are the,ones that pollinate this time of year,now let's talk about the highest this is,the highest we saw was in oh wait no 9,and 22 2009 and 2010 so those were our,highest years that we ever saw pollen,counts here probably was a sort of a,freak accident okay so it's not the how,much pollen is in the air varies from,day to day right so if there's really,sub dry sunny days we're gonna see a lot,higher pollen counts in April if it's if,April's really rainy the pound counts,are gonna be a lot lower so we think,that's what happened in those two years,so if if we look at the weather forecast,again for this week when am I gonna feel,good and when am I gonna feel bad you,feel if you have a pollen allergy hits,and you're have a problem allergy with,trees in particular you're gonna feel,great on Monday night Tuesday but then,because we're gonna have sunny weather,for the next few days you're gonna see,the pollen counts rise and if you go,outdoors,and wore that itchy watery eyes and,runny nose yes I'm on my second allergy,pill today right so you were telling me,this is great the best time for the,pollen sufferers like me to go outside,it's right after rains right right,effort rains right so right after it,rains the rain washes all that pollen,out of the air so these are wind,pollinated plants not like the cherry,trees so the territories have these,beautiful blossoms the bees love them,and they're be pollinated plants what,really bothers our allergy sufferers are,the wind pollinated plants so are trees,like oak trees and maple trees cedar,trees they don't

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Spring conditions helping how you feel about the time change?

Spring conditions helping how you feel about the time change?

hello hello I'm Camden Walker for,capital weather gang I want to hear from,you if these spring conditions today,helped you ease with the spring forward,in our clocks let's talk about the time,change and the mild weather I think you,could agree was a decent day to go,forward and feel maybe a little groggy,temperatures in the region in the last,hour south and east of town even some,southwestern areas really did get warm,you can see some 70 degree readings in,Virginia North's northeast of town you,may not have been as happy with the,temperatures didn't quite get as warm,the warm front got stuck a little bit so,around the Potomac River area but,overall I want to hear if you agree e'en,on a 10 is what our daily digit was,today was it a little too high a little,too low I mean the Sun eventually did,break out and we got into this warmer,air and let's Chuck again here at the,tidal basin 58 degrees not so bad a,little above where we should be this,time of year which is mid-50s I want you,to read latest on our time change we,just all experienced losing one hour of,sleep last night go to cwg News slash,spring forward and you can touch my face,and I think the links will pop up in the,description below here with the video as,well and then let's look at lows tonight,it is a little bit cold a little bit,chilly we've seen worse though so bundle,up a little bit if you're out late,tonight but tomorrow one more mild day I,think you'll be happy we get into the,upper 50s maybe some low 60s especially,south of town but do be aware there's a,slight wind chill tomorrow breezes do,pick ups a little bit tomorrow 15 to,maybe 25 miles per hour especially,higher elevations north and west of town,you could see the highest wind gusts and,the greatest wind chill so keep that in,mind and then from Monday night tomorrow,night's much of the area many of us gets,at or below the freezing mark which is,32 degrees so we do have winters try and,return a little bit on Monday nights now,about the week ahead fairly dry fairly,sunny it is March though it's our,windiest months so please expect,moderate breezes throughout the week or,calm as day of the week might be on,Wednesday but it generally sunny,conditions should be good none of us,really want more,a little bit more could be coming on,Friday overall let's look even ahead for,the next workweek into the 8 to 14 10 8,to 14 day range ahead we have maybe,drier conditions and what is this the,temperature outlook like this blue,around us we might be generally a little,cooler next week so enjoy this mild air,well we have it and below average,precipitation is expected the 8 to 14,day period this is next workweek so,that's the broader trend looking way,ahead and how about this rain on Friday,uh you know Thursday night Friday not,too much maybe a quarter to half inch,and overall the region has seen 25 50,percent even double if you're in the,blue area the darkest blue areas have,seen a double the rainfall normal for,this time of year year-to-date can you,believe how what we are I'm sure your,muddy backyards are verifying what we,have seen it is wet throughout the,region and now let's talk about the,cherry blossoms here they are still it,looks to me like green buds the stage,one but we'll follow the MPS this week,go to the National Mall MPs on Twitter,at national NPS generally we are,forecasting an average long-term average,right around April third is our forecast,again that matches the long term average,but for more for the latest on the,cherry trees go to cwg news / blossom,forecast and you will see the latest and,all the details on how it's looking now,our final piece that we put out this,weekend or on the ski slope so if you,want to see the latest on the slopes go,to see WGU slash ski and you can see,only one of this of the ski resorts,closed in West Virginia generally good,conditions we had a lot of snow in the,higher elevations on Friday by a little,bit of rain this weekend may have,hampered some efforts overall though,great bass and we want you to go to see,GG use slash ski for the latest on the,slope conditions all right let me know,if you have any questions let me know,how you're faring with the time change,today it may have been a little rough to,lose an hour of sleep but my argument is,that spring-like conditions help the,spring forward he's just a little bit,I'm Camden Walker for capital weather,gang here at the tidal basin flames or,lane,ECA right now but I also wanted you to,see behind me we have stage 1 of these,cherry blossoms and I'll come down here,near peak which were forecasting on,Capitol where the games be right near,the long-term average of April 3rd plus,or minus a couple days and we'll keep,you posted anytime you need the latest,we're on capital weather gang calm which,is our blog and on Twitter at capital,weather all right let's recap what we've,been talking about the time change first,of all let's also consider changing,batteries I like these suggestions from,NOAA the National Weath

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