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UNC @ Miami Film Breakdownwhat's up games fans it's the host one,Holloway back again to bring to you

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Updated on Jan 26,2023

UNC @ Miami Film Breakdown

what's up games fans it's the host one,Holloway back again to bring to you,great quality content when it comes to,this year this upcoming Saturday the,Miami Hurricanes have a very very tough,tough test at home against the,University of North Carolina Tar Heels,and today we're going to go out there,and look at some of the things that has,made UNC a very very good team hopefully,some things that Miami can do to try to,win this football game and hold this,quarterback that is on up probably a,historic run if he keeps going I mean 20,touchdowns one interception he may not,keep that up but the way that coach uh,Longo uses this young man and they,spread I mean they look more Miami than,Miami should be I mean to be honest with,you,but unfortunately is where we are right,now we could look back at this game and,say this was the start of Miami trying,to put it all together and go on a nine,and three run or we could say hey this,is one of the reasons why Miami missed,the ACC Championship game that last ever,chance to win the coastal uh to a,disappointing seven and five eight and,four kind of season in all likelihood,all right but either way let's go ahead,and get through some of these plays,let's talk about how Miami can get this,dub and let's get started the very first,game here first down and she was very,first play of the game first down is,huge now you see a lot going on in this,place a lot more on this play right,well besides the qualities just go crazy,on us like this,it's with fuzzy on your boy uh anyway,you look at this you look at this I mean,look at this young man go through all of,his progressions,I mean Stacy Cyril's offensive line is,never really that good but this man is,going through all of this that turns,back escapes out the back door of the,pocket still keeps his head downfield,and throws an accurate ball up for his,wide receiver to go up and attack the,football because we're not looking at,DD,this is not a game for man unfortunately,this is one of those situations where,this season based on the young men that,Miami has on their roster especially at,the cornerback position if they're not,named Daryl Porter Jr and maybe Tyreek,Stevenson on a good day,they should never be a man okay we need,to be in a Zone shell defense and try to,keep everything in front of us but I,mean watch this show man go through his,progressions and let that thing fly and,the biggest thing that this you know it,going fuzzy on us for that specific play,as you see this wide receiver go up and,attack the football now when we get a,chance to see it from the the tight view,it's completely different this is what,wide receivers at the division one level,who have confidence do they attack the,football at its highest point and they,come down with balls they don't allow 50,50 to ever truly be 50 50 when they are,involved,okay,they're a not like crazy Up Tempo team,they'll come up and they're usually Up,Tempo after first downs this right here,is my slag,all right you throw that in there QD ROM,QB run is a big,big problem and in this film session not,only we're going to look at Notre Dame's,way of getting the win but we're going,to look at how they look Virginia Tech's,ass you'll see that in any one of those,instances this young man Drake Made is,the guy I think he might be the best,quarterback I have reviewed just yet,especially from just the small five game,sample size QB run against the blitz QB,run against a three-man rush we're going,to have to keep a spy on this big dude,man,and you'll see later on how Notre Dame,adjusted to that and was able to kind of,take that not necessarily away but made,it a lot more few and far in between,speaking of spy here we go it's third,and nine,and this seems to be the best way,to kind of uh,keep them in okay it would be the best,way because on third Downs this guy just,figures out a way man we will have to,spot his young man,he's very very comfortable with leaving,that pocket and you'll see throughout,this entire film session he goes and,gets third down conversions whether it,be with his feet or through the air,consistently and that's a really really,hard thing to be uh in a quarterback,because it can't defeat your defense you,do everything you can to get your third,down,and this guy somehow still converts,now one thing we're gonna have to be,aware of not one of them another thing,we're gonna have to be aware of is this,team is not scared number one they're,definitely not scared of Miami hold Lord,they are not scared of going forward on,Fourth Downs every game that I reviewed,whether it was spam you whether it was,App State whether it's Notre Dame,Virginia Tech Georgia state every single,game that I watched they go for it on,fourth down and with this quarterback,with their wide receiving core,especially number 11 he can make us look,hard real ball,oh man keep DJ Ivy away from him please,Heavenly Father,they go for it a lot a lot a lot a lot,on fourth down man fourth and short,fourth and long they have co

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Manny Diaz says Tate Martell was serving a SUSPENSION Tonight vs UAB! What’s happened??

Manny Diaz says Tate Martell was serving a SUSPENSION Tonight vs UAB! What’s happened??

we've had dj you know all guys that,we've been comfortable with,and uh basically i'm just gonna,reiterate everything you said i'd rather,a guy,who's safe than a guy that you know,wants to be devon hester back there,because there was only one devin hester,and he's long retired and gone he'll be,in the hall of fame soon,um i think we touched based on,everything but i do want to,talk about another subject,kane's insight just tweeted this out if,you don't know uh,check out kane's insight they put a lot,they put out a lot of miami hurricanes,good content,they said manny diaz says in a post game,pressure that quarterback,tate martel was serving a suspension,tonight,for a team matter now tate martell comes,over last year,everybody's excited and i was excited,too i was,i was on the tate martel train i'm not,even going to see your hand lie to you,i thought he could bring a different,dimension to the offense um,we get him over here and he doesn't get,the starting job,he misses a couple games last year um,he gets in a bowl game and it doesn't go,well,and now you look into this year in the,first game of the year,um he's serving the suspension,what are your thoughts on tate martell,and when is it time to just,let it let a player go i don't know it's,it's it's a shame um that that's where,it that's where it is and and i i saw,that too and i was like,you know it's not like the if it were,like a guy who you know,really you're expecting to contribute to,the team you know there'd be like a,whole different range of emotions where,you'd be like frustrated and like you,know how could this happen and,but for tate it was just kind of like,you said it's just like kind of like,sad for him you know i don't know what,happened but you know,if he got suspended by coach diaz and it,was probably something that he did where,he you know,kind of like last year when he left um,and you know kind of did his own thing,for a while then came back late in the,season,you know it makes you kind of scratch,your head you know how much is he into,into this and how much is he trying to,get better how much is he with the team,um you never want to see something like,that happen especially during a year,when you know you need,everybody to be all in because you never,know who you might lose at like at the,drop of a hat,you know it's not like you're going to,lose guys just because of injury,someone goes to the wrong restaurant or,the wrong this or,talks to the wrong person then they,might be out for two weeks,you know in quarantine so you need all,these bodies,um it's a shame and i i hope that he can,get an opportunity to play but,i would i would guess that this is,probably his last year,at miami especially being a redshirt,junior who can who can grad transfer,next year,i would expect that he would probably,want to find a place to play you know,maybe it's going to be a lower level,school where he can you know,do his thing and be the quarterback and,and kind of ride it out,maybe it's a place closer back to where,he uh where he's from,in las vegas i i don't know but i would,imagine he sees the writing on the wall,long term and he's just gonna,kind of play out this season um with,however much pt he'll get i don't know,how much it'll be and then,and then next year probably move on,all right and um i would like to say i'm,wrong for tate man i,i've always rooted for tate and i i,think a lot of people jump down his,throat,when they don't really know what's going,on with them and here's what i'm hoping,i'm hoping that there's a,i don't want a personal issue to be,going on but i'm hoping that you know,there's something going on to where,coach diaz is saying,you know i think it's better he's with,the team and we're going to help him out,rather than just,letting the guy uh do what he wants to,because,i feel like if tate is getting to do,what,if tate has personal issues i think it's,best that he's with the team he's with,his fam he's with his,teammates and with the coaches they can,help him but if that's not the case and,he's just,doing stuff to get suspended from games,then i gotta start looking at coach diaz,because if if tate's gonna do it,somebody else is,to do it you know that's a good point,and you know one of the things with diaz,was you know letting guys back in,and like opening door of jeff thomas,obviously like there's a,some questions about that like why you,you bring them back into the program,like,did you bring them back into the program,because it was the best thing for jeff,did you bring him back in the program,because he could help you he could help,you win and you kind of like you know,sacrificed maybe something by doing that,maybe like that trust,aspect and you know miami has a long,history of that of you know walking that,that fine line between,you know kind of letting the players do,what they need to do and you know be,individuals and,and knowing when to crack down on it um,the biggest example is probably,the transition from jimmy johnson to,dennis e

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Cormani McClain Verbally Commits To Miami Hurricanes! 5-Star CB Picks The U Over Florida & Alabama!

Cormani McClain Verbally Commits To Miami Hurricanes! 5-Star CB Picks The U Over Florida & Alabama!

yo can we check in on my guy Brandon,from locked on Gators just to make sure,he's okay talking about this commitment,day is finally here kormani McLean it's,down to Florida Gators Miami Hurricane,Miami Hurricane and Alabama Crimson Tide,a man put the Miami Hurricanes in air,quotes,um welcome to the new,cormani McLean,you are locked on canes your daily,podcast on the Miami Hurricane part of,the locked on podcast Network your team,every day,happy cormani McLean day I'm Alex Dono,your host I'm a University of Miami,alumnus longtime South Florida sports,radio vet and contributor to, and thank you so much,for making locked on canes your first,listen today we're available free,wherever you get your podcast and,available free on YouTube I can finally,be happy again about life and about,football today's episode is brought to,you by Underdog sign up on, with a promo code,locked on and get your first deposit,doubled up to 100 bucks,folks five-star cornerback out of,Lakeland cormani McLean shocked the,world yesterday shocked the world on,Thursday by choosing the Miami,Hurricanes over the Florida Gators and,over the Alabama Crimson Tide,everyone that I've spoken to who covers,recruiting for a living,was completely shocked by this one I was,shocked by this one uh by the way we're,going to talk with a couple of awesome,recruiting analysts on this episode our,pal John Garcia director of football,Scouting For Sports Illustrated will,join us and our good friend Brad Tejeda,from Kane's Insight is going to join us,so this one guys completely out of left,field if you were following my tweets on,Thursday night I even said it on locked,on canes on Twitter I was going into,kormani's announcement with zero,expectation whatsoever he would pick,Miami,from what I understand,the Florida coaches and staff were as,shocked as anyone,the Gators staff didn't see this coming,everyone thought he was going to Florida,I was told that kormani did not call,Florida with the bad news he did call,Mario Cristobal a couple of days ago to,give him the good news but he didn't,call anyone at Florida before he picked,Miami uh and they're so salty about it,um you know,did he owe them that uh Bros I I don't I,don't think so like if if you have a,player who chooses somewhere else other,than Miami and they don't give Miami a,heads up beforehand I don't take that,personally but the staff at Florida is,taking this one really really personally,I was told by someone who covers the,Gators uh Gators recruiting specifically,that the staff there was so shocked and,upset by the way that this went down,that they may not like even continue,recruiting him from now until signing,day because we do have to remember,verbal commitments guys verbal,commitments are not binding,we are obviously in Cain's Nation we're,extremely excited about the second,ranked player in the entire country for,the class of 2023 picking the U and,you've got you know two five stars now,locked in probably should be three or,four or five stars in this recruiting,class like we're so pumped about this,but we understand uh the finish line is,not in late October right the finish,line is in September or in February when,these players actually put pen to paper,to sign their National letters of intent,so we're not there yet but obviously a,verbal commitment here is massive and I,do expect this one to be signed on the,dotted line as soon as McLean is able to,do so uh so yeah I knew this one this,announcement was happening on Thursday,evening and I knew Miami had a hat on,the table right there were three hats on,the table Miami hat Alabama hat Florida,hat he ends up putting the Miami hat on,you know no nonsense about it to the,point where I'm thinking is he trolling,us like is this real,um because I honestly I thought it was,going to be more than likely Florida I,didn't think Miami really had a shot and,guys for once in my life I am so happy,to be wrong,so let's talk about kormani McLean,per the 24 7 composite rankings this is,the number two player in the entire,country for the class of 2023 and he's,the number one cornerback but the only,player he's ranked behind in the class,is Arch Manning and that one's kind of,debatable because I'm not sure he would,be up there if his name was Art Smith,instead of arch Manning cormani McLean,is such a high level five star that as,much as these recruiting Services would,love to do what they did to Jaden Wayne,and like take a star away right after he,picks Miami like they can't do it this,time because kormani McLean is so highly,ranked six foot two cornerback which,means excellent size for the position,he's kind of a string bean right now I,know he's going to add more size and,weight to the frame uh but he's got,great height already uh I'm not sure the,most recent time he ran a 40-yard dash,but as an underclassman he ran a sub 4 5,40. uh he's not only a lockdown corner,but the guy is a playmaker that's why,cormani McLean is so special bec

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Eye on the U Podcast: Most important recruit? Most underrated? Review of Miami’s 2023 class

Eye on the U Podcast: Most important recruit? Most underrated? Review of Miami’s 2023 class

hello and welcome to the eye on the you,podcast Miami Heralds Miami Hurricanes,podcast I'm David Wilson and I'm joined,as always on the other line waiting for,kormani McLean news it's Susan Miller,Deadman our hurricanes beat writer here,at the herald Susan what's going on hey,I'm not sure we're gonna get cormani,although the way these guys are they,like doing it late so who knows yeah,they they stay up later than you yes I,do,um uh we are we're recording so I guess,we should set the scene or recording uh,it's almost seven o'clock on Thursday,um Conrad Hussey one of the last guys we,were waiting on just uh signed with,Florida State he was choosing between,Miami Florida State and Penn State Miami,was kind of a long shot in there made a,late push so I don't think a huge loss,for Miami we did not get him but we are,still waiting on one big piece of news,uh that is what's gonna happen with,cormani McLean I guess we should say it,it is the early signing period began,Wednesday at 7 A.M it runs until 11 59,pm on Friday Miami signed 25 high school,players on Wednesday,um the vast vast majority of the class,made a couple additions uh a punter from,Australia and damari brown a four-star,cornerback from American Heritage uh the,rest of the guys are going to be talked,about at various points throughout uh,the last couple years,um not really any you know bad news news,for Miami I was obviously pretty,overwhelmingly good day for the canes,who ended Wednesday and as we talk now,still have the number four class in,America that is including kormani McLean,who is still committed technically,although not signed uh if he doesn't,sign they would select two I think fifth,is the last time I did the math on it uh,according to 24 7's composite rankings,um so,I I'll say go in coming out of yesterday,um talking to Mario obviously for about,half an hour,um and just kind of generally knowing,the way recruiting goes my gut was still,that my cormani McLean was going to end,up signing with Miami,um just you know we know how recruiting,is these days with uh nil and,um,you know everyone being a brand and,every everyone wants to maximize their,return,um,you know we've seen stranger recruiting,circumstances obviously than this one in,Miami history so uh my gut was still he,was gonna sign with Miami but I'll say,the the farther we get from Wednesday,the less confident I feel it sounds like,we know uh Colorado and Deion Sanders,has gotten into the mix uh we know,Alabama for a long time was in the mix,as well and trying to get back in there,so that's that's the piece of news we're,waiting for but,um it did not I would say it did not put,a damper on Wednesday for Miami which,was just a massively successful day,certainly Mario's best day uh as coach,of the hurricane so far,uh yeah for sure I had a great class,um,and,um I mean I and and if well I know how,important cornerback is if they don't,get cormani McLean but I still think,that the two other five-star,um offensive tackles,I I don't know I'd rather have those,guys yeah I don't know what about you I,I'd rather have yeah I mean we're gonna,we're gonna do the second half of this,episode we're gonna do like some,superlatives for this class,um and we're definitely going to talk a,lot about the two offensive lineman,because,um that that's that's the big deal uh,from this class really,um you know there's a lot of big deals I,guess we should run through some of the,highlights and today the Highlight is,those two five star tackles Francis,mangoa originally from American Samoa,playing at IMG Academy in Bradenton and,Samson Uncle Lola,um from Thayer Academy and uh Braintree,Massachusetts right outside of Boston,um you know Miami has not had ever has,had,Miami never before this year has had two,five star,offensive lineman uh sign in the same,recruiting cycle in the recruiting,rankings era so like a historic haul,already then you throw in the fact they,got,um,a couple other interesting you know a,lot of I'd say a lot of interesting,offensive line Frankie Tina allow an,Australian tackle who spent this year at,LaSalle in Miami,um a couple big big interior guy uh,Tommy Kinsler guard they flipped from,Florida huge what is he six five as a,guard and,um and then Antonio Tripp who could be,the center Long Term another IMG guy,from outside Baltimore,um,that that's the headliner of the class I,think you know they definitely rebuilt a,little bit of cornerback with or without,Hermione McLean getting Demari Brown,getting,um Robert Stafford from Melbourne uh,ogalli up there,um definitely made linebacker a big,priority what four linebackers I think,so I don't know the full list in front,of me right now I probably should,um but but some some good linebackers,coming in uh and then you know they I'd,say the other storyline is and it's,interesting Barry wrote about the fact,that they only have uh when he wrote it,eight guys from South Florida wound up,being nine with tamari flipping or with,tamari committing I should say on,

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D’eriq King, Cam Harris, and Rhett Lashlee all have something to prove! | MIAMI VS LOUISVILLE

D’eriq King, Cam Harris, and Rhett Lashlee all have something to prove! | MIAMI VS LOUISVILLE

and obviously this is something that i,was thinking about throughout the game,and the word i would use to,uh to talk about what happened tonight,was,the word i would use would be respond,because i don't think i've,i've ever seen a miami hurricane's,offense,respond like this miami hurricanes,offense did,every time it seemed like louisville was,creeping back in the game,the eric king cam ron harris jalen,knight,reverend jordan mal uh uh,mallory it just felt like we always had,an,answer and if you know,everybody listen to this you know you,who follow the case,this is a feeling that we haven't felt,before,you know usually when we give up some,points,we we think oh here we go again you know,how will this game,end but it just felt like every punch we,took,our offense punched back so the word i,would use,would be i am very excited and happy,about how the offense,and team responded to adversity today um,what would you say to that and do you,have something that um a word that you,would use or something that shocked you,or something that you took away from the,night well i think that's that's,definitely a great point,and like you said you know a lot of us,uh cain's fans especially like over the,past,like two decades now have kind of been,ingrained in that,you know we get punched in the mouth,we're not gonna come right back,you know and if the people that were,fans from before that time like we were,used to being the one that did the,punching you know,and then then and then knowing the other,team wasn't going to be able to come,back so,you know having that ability to you know,keep and,mom when i was thinking about words like,my word would probably be energy because,you know lashley,has this like energy that no matter,what's going on even if things are going,well,there's a couple times you saw him,really ripping into his guys,to making sure that they were doing the,right thing even in little situations,there so,i think that i think the eric king's,leadership like they keep the energy up,no matter what so even if the defense,gives up a,long drive and louisville gets a,touchdown i think it was in the the,kane's offensive,heads and said you know you know the,defense has picked us up in years past,like if we get a big score,we get a big play here we get a good,drive here and that that gets,washed away right away that gets erased,and the defense can have another chance,to come back and do the right thing,and i think that they responded so well,and those two huge plays obviously in,the third quarter,um we're such a big part of the the end,result and you know kept putting that,like the pressure on keeping like the,gas pedal down it put us in a great,situation,and i just love the fact that we have an,officer coordinator and a quarterback,that seem to be so in tune with each,other,because when you have those two guys,that you know never seem to get too,rattled,always seem to be excited to get out,there and make a play um i think it,really works out well,i agree with that i agree with that um,and i would also like to point this out,man i got so many thoughts going through,my mind because i think tonight,told me a lot about this team but,something i noticed was the eric king,and rhett lashley and camron harris,they all are about business and what,examples,would people you know they will say how,would you know that the eric king,tonight,you know he throws a touchdown when when,they flash to him on the sideline,he's never like celebrating or anything,he's never,um you know just over there smiling it's,like,he's looking at plays he's focused he's,in tune with the game,cam ron harris they told the story,tonight he don't want the touchdown,rings,he don't want none of that uh rhett,lashley with even when things were going,good offensively,he's yelling at the offense,so um what would you say to,the to having three leaders because i do,look at cameron harris and,thierry king as the leaders of this,office and of course rhett lashley,uh what would you say to the,business-like approach of our miami,hurricanes,i think it's great i i think that's the,kind of stuff that comes into play when,you have guys with,you know legitimate like big picture in,mind like they have,a job that they want to get done if they,have short-term goals here and they have,long-term goals,you know i think in the past we may have,had you know obviously last year there,was a big question about,maturity at the quarterback position um,well i think that's but,again not only last year we had the year,before that too and it's,you know it's been this issue that's,been really,one of the biggest problems that miami's,had and then all of a sudden this year,you have lashley who,wants to prove himself at a big time,school that he's not just you know,a guy that worked with gus melzon like,he can do his own thing,he wants to be a head coach down the,line so this is this is like a big money,year for him,then you have dr king who wants to prove,to everybody that two years ago wasn't a

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Early Look and Expectations for MIAMI vs Clemson! Can the Canes pull the UPSET over Clemson?

Early Look and Expectations for MIAMI vs Clemson! Can the Canes pull the UPSET over Clemson?

all right all right man i think we we've,gotten everything from top to bottom,um one more question guys uh you don't,have to give me a prediction,more of what are your expectations,for this miami versus clemson game,obviously i'm feeling better about the,game the,uh the last couple times we've faced,clemson we've got ran out,of the gym um i haven't even watched,clemson this year i'm gonna go back and,watch the wake forest game,and i think they play virginia this year,but i we know they got talent,i've already heard about their d-line,they got a couple freshman dogs on that,d-line,and brian brzee and miles murphy but i,want to do my due diligence and watch,watching before i give a full prediction,but,what are you guys what are your,expectations for the game,and what would satisfy you for the game,it's you know i i don't want to,especially this early talk about like,moral victories when we're not even like,you know into it um especially not even,into game week i i do,think trevor lawrence is is going to be,a major major problem for us because i,he runs the ball you know surprisingly,well he's got this arm that is,you know he could he could put it in the,end zone on the fly from,you know his own 40 without even,thinking about it you know and now but,amari carter back there without having,girvin holmes already gonna put us at a,disadvantage,we like to run our corners man and if,we're not being physical with those,clemson guys they can run right by us,that's another thing to be worried about,and then at the end at running back it's,going to be a whole another level of,speed to kind of account for from our,second level so,there's a lot to think about with even,just a clemson offense,i think we're gonna need to score and i,think we will i i think,as good as venables is i i think we'll,be able to figure out ways of scoring,we just have to keep them under like a,number that isn't absurd like we got to,keep that if we can keep them under 35,you know if we can keep them in that,range we have a shot,if if they're putting up 40 plus it's,going to be hard for us to offense have,to,you know keep responding and responding,and responding which,they've done so far but you know it's,hard to keep up with the team like that,yeah clemson clemson's on another level,um,you tell by the recruiting um how,they've looked so far this year,you know they've dominated every,opponent um you know from the get-go,they have a generational quarterback and,trevor lawrence um,who doesn't miss often um it's going to,pose a real real problem,you know for our secondary um you know,travis etienne that running back is,explosive,you know if he gets you know crazy he's,gone,you know so blake baker many ideas are,really going to have to come up with,something special,to try and at least slow that offense,down,but on the optimistic side i think,lashley and king,are going to give us a plunger's chance,um in this one,um you know that combination of those,two um they can do special things,um you know king's athleticism even if,you know the wrong play is called or,play breaks down he can still,move the chains or create a big play out,of nothing so i think we'll see that and,that'll allow us to at least,kind of stay in the game but i think,clemson's going to be way too much for,us to handle,you know not yeah i'm not a big fan of,moral victories either,but i think if we can be competitive,into the fourth quarter,um you know keep it within you know a,two possession type game,um that'll really build our confidence,and show that we're you know we're,almost there,we're almost there not quite we still,need to,have some work to do recruiting but if,we can keep it within you know 10 14,points,um yeah i think that that's a good thing,for us going forward i know on that,point too,like you said about planning the defense,like what if we just went into this game,like full on,manny does the whole thing manny calls,defense front to back,just hit once again he could just give,him something different than what so,like all the tape they've studied this,year,they have to go they really would have,to prepare for that 2017 defense and,you know that 2017 defense had caused a,lot of problems so maybe just send,manny out there full go as the,coordinator and see what he could do,um do you guys see us getting blown out,no i don't think so i i don't i don't,think sorry because i think we could,score,you know and even if our scores are,going to be these drives where maybe,maybe they're not like maybe we're down,by two touchdowns,we get a field goal they get a field,goal we score a touchdown maybe we're,not like,within striking distance i don't think,we're gonna get blown out i think this,offense is too good unless she's too,smart,to be held down for an entire game,agreed,i mean it's possible um you know,clemson's that good of a team,but you know lashley king you know those,score points they'll keep us,in it if the defense can get stops or,um even kind of implement that bend but,don't b

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LOU HEDLEY & JOSE BORREGALES continues to IMPRESS vs PITT | Pittsburg vs Miami Post Game

LOU HEDLEY & JOSE BORREGALES continues to IMPRESS vs PITT | Pittsburg vs Miami Post Game

it's crazy how uh i feel like,in life you got to go through some tough,times to appreciate the good ones,and because of our tough field goal,position,um that we were in last year this year,it just feels so good every time we kick,a field goal,it feels so good when lou headley who he,did it last year too but 60 yard punts,it just you just really appreciate the,special teams man go ahead and,talk about uh lou and jose,uh real quick let's give them some love,it's so refreshing to,not have to worry about punting a ball,or you know making a chip shot field,goal,um you know with lou headley you think,back to,you know 2017 or 2018,um you know we're coming off you know a,good year you know we open up against,lsu,and you know fiegel's camp on the ball,more than 20 yards,um so you know just having a guy that,could flip,the field position like he can when you,pair that with,you know a defense like ours that makes,a huge difference,especially you know when we are able to,create turnovers and negative plays,you know so us going you know three and,out on offense,on our side of the field you know we,punt the ball on you know they're,they're stuck within their,you know own 20 yard line that that's,big um you know that doesn't show up in,the stat sheet anywhere,um you know it's kind of an analytics,thing but that's a lot of,hidden yards you know that's in our,favor because of them,or because of lou headley and then with,uh boragalus,um you know just the ability to make,chip shots is you know breath of fresh,air,but knowing that you know he can connect,from you know 50 60 yards,um that's also just a mental you know,boost for the team,um especially the offense where you know,maybe they you know drive down the field,you know they get stopped but hey you,know we can we can get points out of,this and it's a positive drive,last year we can drive the ball down to,the 15 20 yard line and it's,we're probably not going to get points,if we get stopped,so you know those two guys are going to,be you know in the nfl they're going to,be productive nfl,you know kickers and punters so that,it's just it's nice to have them and not,have to worry about,you know that part of the game that is,that is a fact man and i just take i,just look at the example,of you know brett lashley,uh we're we're in field goal range and,he runs the ball on third down it was,towards the end of the game,and i spent my whole time on twitter so,i always like to reference what people,say on twitter because i feel like,that's what most of our fan base is,is some people weren't happy with him,running on third down,and i was like hey the end of the game,i'm okay with this third down run,because one,we want to um we get the ball back to,our defense we extend the lead,and we know we're gonna make this field,goal let's just kick the field goal,be up two positions and we win the game,i'm okay with that,and the reason i'm okay with this,because we got jose borengales coming,out,kicking the field goal and i'm sure the,reason that that helps the offensive,coordinator say okay,we can run a safe run here because we,know we're going to get an automatic,three,whereas last year we remember the,virginia tech game,we remember the florida game i don't,even want to talk about the bad times,but,man it it it really is refreshing man,um do you think do you think jose comes,back next year,no he's he's gone to the pros um now,he's earned it too,um you know he he's he's gonna be,drafted i think,um maybe even before the seventh round,um because he's showing the leg he's,showing the consistency,um his brother also is a recruit that'll,be coming in and he's going to take the,reins from him,but i don't think he benefits from,coming back um,in any way his nfl draft stock is what,it is um,you know and he's only going to get you,know stronger as he goes but he's going,to put on a show for,you know those nfl scouts you know,booting you know 60 something yard field,goals,um in front of their faces so yeah let's,enjoy them while we still have them you,know over the rest of the season so big,shout out big shout out to i never want,to end,i never want to do a instant reaction,without giving a shout out,to lou and jose in our special teams,unit and then we also can add,isaiah dunstan on the special teams unit,for making that kick uh today,uh the punt returners xavier was,stripper back there were you okay with,that,yeah um you know he what what happened,last week um you know where,they touched the ball and he wanted to,catch it that that ended up being a,smart play because there was no downside,to it,but you know we had mark pope back there,you know two fumbles in,you know three games it he is what he is,back there we needed to make a change,um you know i think or strep oh at some,point over the,rest of the season is going to make a,big play back there um,yeah he's just been waiting for his,opportunity um but as long as he can you,know catch the ball that's an,improvement from what we had going,on earlier in

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Canes Defense Shines vs Florida State! Thoughts on Blake Baker and Most Impactful defensive player?

Canes Defense Shines vs Florida State! Thoughts on Blake Baker and Most Impactful defensive player?

let's start with the defense uh because,the defense was everywhere man it was,everywhere,um tomorrow and terry bagged,uh quarterback blackman running for his,life i mean,besides the first drives of the the,first drop of the third quarter in the,first quarter,they had no answer um,first question defensively first,question defensively i want you guys to,stay on this,stay on coach baker because i want to,talk about the players with my next,question but my first question is,um last week a lot of people were going,at coach baker's head,this week he only allows 10 points in a,rivalry game,do we give coach baker credit or is,florida state just terrible well florida,state is terrible 100,um and their quarterback play like i i,want to like james blackman because i,feel like you know in a certain,situation he could be a pretty good,player but,just like they haven't progressed them,and he's gone through too many different,offenses,to to really be much at this point even,to be salvageable probably,um so florida state's awful 100 um and,baker he he's making adjustments,uh to little things here and there that,that can tell you that he he understands,some things that are going on,i i do think we still need to get more,speed on the field and he's relying on,mcleod and jennings a little bit more,than he needs to especially when you saw,what florida state was doing on that,early drive,like in my mind i was and i even,mentioned it to bill when we were,watching a game like this is where you,put brooks in,this is maybe where you go double,striker because all they're trying to do,is move,laterally you know get their speed on,the edges and and they were having some,success with,you know probable holds on on our ends,that were going on,pretty consistently but at the same time,there's also a lot of good stuff,like having bouldin out there pretty,much the entire game which i,always benefited by hall getting booted,but having him after the whole game as,you could tell he was the,leader of the defense and he was playing,deep more often than not,letting ivy be physical you know all the,ivy slander we had to deal with in the,early,early in the season now is kind of,starting to slip away a little bit,with how he's been playing lately and,how he held down terry and he really,kind of dominated over there,being physical and let using his body so,he's making adjustments i don't know if,i put 100 faith in him but it's,definitely better than where we were a,couple weeks ago,yeah agreed um with the thing with,uh baker is you know i think we're kind,of,leaning towards this ben but don't break,defense um he knows that the offense is,going to be able to score points so as,long as we're not,giving up the big play we're going to be,okay,you look at uab we gave up 14 points we,only gave up fsg,10 points fsu fsu's an embarrassment on,offense but,holding a team to 10 points in 2020,where it spread offenses and teams are,constantly putting up 30 40 points a,week,is pretty good yes we gave up 30 plus to,louisville,but we held them to six at half yeah,they got a couple late touchdowns in,garbage time,but that this defense hasn't given up,that many points um yes they've given up,yards um and that's okay to an extent,but you know my thing with baker is he,needs to make sure that the best players,are on the field and he's putting them,in a position to succeed that first,drive,that fsu had our alignments were off um,you know we could even tell before the,ball was being snapped,that you know that there was holes in,the defense that it could you know they,had a numbers advantage on you know,screens or you know in the run game,whatever it may be,but he's making adjustments we haven't,been bad on defense yet,um so i think you know going forward um,clemson's going to be a big test for him,um you know if he can hold them to under,30 you know,we're going to be looking pretty good,guys now this is a question i think i i,don't i don't know,what the answer is going to be what the,reply is going to be but,who is miami's best player on defense,you know i look at the candidates we can,go with jj phillips who's been,a beast every game getting quarterback,pressures,um i know bubba bolden i mean wow look,at this man's stat line i mean he had,sex tip ball interception the tip,ended up being an interception and then,i got to give a shout out to nesta who,these guards these sinners trying to,block them,is just getting not only thrown out the,way but then i'm seeing nesta,look flash like he's a defensive end the,way he's moving laterally,um if you guys had to pick who would you,say is,uh either the best or the most important,player on this defense well i'd say my,answer is going to be the same as it was,from the very first time i saw him play,kabusco and that's phillips,i think he's got he's just that natural,talent at defensive end and,you know people are like oh maybe this,then some people are talking maybe this,is the game he breaks out maybe this,game he gets this and gets t

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