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Candis Cayne - Ring My Bellhi this is Candis Cayne and you're,watching ring my bell,let's take some


Updated on Feb 06,2023

Candis Cayne - Ring My Bell

hi this is Candis Cayne and you're,watching ring my bell,let's take some calls this is Candis,Cayne who's this Callie hi Alex were you,calling from,I'm calling racing Wisconsin Oh,Wisconsin the home of my birthplace,really yeah I was born in Madison,Wisconsin me and Chris Farley yachts,were actually related in your eyes,opinion for someone who has never had,sex at all before what sexual position,should I research or do you cannot tell,me with that sexy voice you've never had,sex before,come on I am quite serious I have not I,sit about the graduate college soon and,have not once had any one-night stands,nothing it's not a bad thing I mean,maybe if you were a little bit older we,could have a whole different,conversation but just let it come,naturally honey well I really do feel a,lot better now think about that because,I I have nightmares about being like the,black version a forty-year-old version,that could be a sequel hi this is Candis,Cayne who is this where are you calling,from you're on me I'm calling from Dubai,Oh fabulous my question is what is the,most insane and most fun New Year's,party I've ever been to,Wow um a couple years ago I went to,Thailand on a yacht and I lit lanterns,everybody in Thailand lights these,lanterns that fly into the air and we,were playing firework by Katy Perry,dancing around lighting lanterns and,that was a really magical moment this is,Candace are you,I'm Jose I'm calling from Wow seven,adeno Riverside area Oh fabulous it's,what inspired you to become like a,performer my parents when I was probably,seven years old they played the movie,singing in the rain and I saw Cyd,Charisse in a green outfit dancing I saw,her and I saw her legs and her attitude,and I was like oh my god I'm obsessed,with you and that's the reason why I,wanted to become a dancer because it's,awesome I loved it it was an outfit it,was a green outfit,she looked so hot this is Candis Cayne,who's this Oh Sam oh my god where are,you calling from,uncle Georgia hi Georgia,I've actually filmed a couple of,television episodes there Wow it was,gorgeous it was humid but you know,sometimes the hot sticky weather is a,good thing oh my goodness I'm sticky oh,yeah is there anything you want to know,you're transgendered correct yes are you,happier now that you've like I guess,transitioning into a woman I mean was it,everything you expected it actually was,and I know this because the parts of my,life that didn't feel right felt,suddenly clear I mean every kind of big,decision in your life you go through ups,and downs but I'm I'm a much happier,person that I've lived the life the way,I wanted to live it,hi-yi run ring my bell this is Candis,Cayne who is this I am wearing a,gorgeous pair of jeans and a cute,sweater all right are they wet in Candis,Cayne is Billy Dee what are you doing hi,how are you,that was my straight guy impression did,you like it I did when am I gonna do,your makeup,anytime you're like wanted to do my,makeup just give me a call and while I,have you hostage and it's being recorded,will you do like a makeup thing for,YouTube with me I would love,- that would be incredible all right I,have that Unseld okay that's all I,wanted I'll give you mine anyway okay,we'll call on all each other on ring my,bell hello who's this well you too,oh those fresh people there was the,virgin and then there was somebody who,called that just kind of didn't say,anything in the background oh yeah baby,let me help you tap that off yeah baby,whoo you're almost there you're almost,there,girls don't forget to subscribe to Wow,presents,you

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Candis Cayne's Famous NYC Street Shows: Hey Qween! Highlights | Hey Qween

Candis Cayne's Famous NYC Street Shows: Hey Qween! Highlights | Hey Qween

and the thing I love about you is that,you're so like you said earlier you are,entrenched in New York nightlife I mean,for people who just know you from TV,yeah oh honey I'm going missing out I,ran it have no I didn't run it there was,a group there's a but there's definitely,a group of us in the 90s that kind of,ran and not ran it but ran in New York,well I mean like we're the Stars those,shows everywhere doing it yeah it was,fun you first came to sort of notice and,wig stock the movie right right that was,when you did the big number with the,gals right I would always do uh lady,Lady Bunny love me because I'd always,like cuz I'm a dancer I'd always have,you know 15 guys onstage completely,choreograph the end doing these crazy,big Broadway numbers yeah over the years,you developed some very special shows,that well I've never really seen anyone,else do ya and I'm talking about,sidewalk show darling yeah well they're,a chance yeah 3 gels I ds3 chose yeah,one night I just got the itch I was my,stage was behind the window and the,audience was there and I was like you,know and I'm just gonna go out and do,like a knock on wood or something and,then it was at the time I was on sixth I,was on Sixth Avenue it wasn't even that,in fact much of a gay area right it was,21st and six that's a very in the middle,yeah middle the straight clubs are that,way and i started doing numbers and,dodging traffic out on Sixth Avenue and,the audience went crazy and I'm like aha,I have something here so i started doing,that every show i do probably half my,show and i had some really crazy,happened to me Oh what's with it,craziest one time I was out in the,middle of 6th Avenue and two motorcycles,drive up beside me while I'm doing I'm,doing like nothing what I don't know why,okay saying that again but I was doing,like a number and they look at he'd look,at me and they're like hot and I was,like thanks they've hit buttons and,flames,shoot out the back of their motorcycles,hair and the audience was just like,without hitting a beat I love doing this,play like a high kick like it's my own,video oh my god the drug bust ones one,in front of the window like and I was,just like oh my god play nasty girl I'm,like nasty like patting down the guy it,was fun there's a lot of stuff like oh,oh yeah this I'm getting the vapors bill,you're so glamorous um let's take a look,at just a some shaky old video but a,little bit of a compilation of some of,Candace's sidewalk moments no flames and,for my gosh take a look,numbers i ever did there's that that,song she's homeless yeah yeah wake up,maro maro maro haha and I but I put on,this full raggedy outfit I got a,shopping cart filled with stuff and I,was walking across the street and that,song started playing and then the,audience is like looking for me and I,started walking across the clothing into,it like a sequin number with so much fun,Oh Candice good time that's how you gag,the children darling that's how you gag,the children,you

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It Got Better Featuring Candis Cayne | L/Studio created by Lexus

It Got Better Featuring Candis Cayne | L/Studio created by Lexus

This is Candis Cayne,,and this is how it got better.,It Got Better - Candis Cayne,I grew up in Sacramento, California.,I have a twin brother, Dylan, and my mom, and dad and me,,so there was the four of us.,The first time I thought I should’ve been a girl,,I was playing with my brother, and I remember at seven thinking,,“I’m born in the wrong body.”,People would always come up to me and say,,“Are you a boy or a girl?” You know what I mean?,That was the question I’ve heard my entire life.,When I was ten or so,,my parents got a job a Waldorf School teaching in Maui,,which is this kind of creative way kind of teaching,,so we all moved to Maui up in Kula and lived on campus,,and I went to that school also.,I think I was eleven.,We went to this place called Hana,,and we went to the end of the pier,,and we saw these kids jumping off.,And so I ran to the end of the pier,,and I jumped in the water,,and all of the sudden, kids started jumping on me,,and I realized that they were trying to hurt me.,It was like the first time that I had an experience of I’m different.,I really was lost my freshman year of high school.,I remember one time coming home on the bus,,and the kids were throwing gum in my hair.,And I was sitting there, and I just wanted to get home, and I...,They were trying to, like, cut my hair with scissors.,And so I got off the bus 3 miles,,and I just cried walking home.,It just wasn’t bearable, you know?,My parents sent me to Los Angeles for my junior year of high school,,and I was really excited. I was gonna get off Maui.,I was gonna be around people that I was gonna get along with.,About three months in, I get called into the office,,and they say, “You’re leaving tomorrow.”,And I say, “Why am I leaving tomorrow?,I’m, I’m going to a U2 concert next weekend,,and I, I'm just started in this dance troupe.”,I was devastated, and I went back to one of the teacher’s house where I was living,,and she looked at me and said,,“You know you’re getting kicked out because you’re gay?,And what you are is dirty and what you are is evil.”,I was like, “what do you mean?”,I had never even uttered the words, “I’m gay”,,and she was there saying, “Get out of my house.”,And that was like another big moment in my life,where I saw first hand the devastation of true homophobia.,That time in my life was that time where you really feel like it can’t get better,,cause there’s no way at that age to ever think that in three or four or five years,,you’re getting on a plane, moving where you want to be and living your dream,because right now that moment is all encompassing.,I think the only reason why I kind of got through it is,,you know, my parents were there for me.,They’ve always taught me to be who you are and always be true to yourself.,I was like getting harassed and, and, and teased and pushed and hit,,but I still wore eggplant prism hair, you know what I mean?,Cause I was like “Fuck you, you’re not gonna take me down.”,I remember seeing a video of a gay pride parade,,and it was like “oh my God.” You know what I mean?,There’s people off the island that are like that,,that are like, like a tribe that I can find.,And so when I realized that, no matter how I was gonna do it,I was moving to New York.,That was where people like me existed.,I went as far as I could in Maui,,and I found somebody that could get me a scholarship,to this world renowned dance studio called “Steps” in New York City.,I was nineteen, so it was like $400 dollars in my pocket.,I’m like, “mom and dad, I’m leaving.”,I remember them going to the airport, and they, you know,,watched me leave, and they were like (hand motion).,I'm like, “byyyeee I’m goingg!” High kick, you know, I just, I gotta get out.,And so I was like sleeping on a couch for $300 dollars a month,,and I was taking dance classes at Steps,,and then I saw some ad or something for a job called a “Ms. Kitty Girl”.,Every Saturday, I would work at the Roxy,,and I would get all done up, and I would have my tray,,and I would sell cigarettes and candy,,and I started networking and meeting everybody in the club scene,cause that’s really where I felt at home.,That’s where I was when I figured out that I was trans.,I was alone, and I was, finally didn’t have roommates,,and I was finally had time to sit and be who I wanted to be,,and realized one night starring in the mirror.,It was like a bad movie like those old 1920s,,you know, mirrors and makeup tables, you know.,And I saw this kind of purple aura around me,,and I had this like… “I wanna grow old as a girl.,I don’t wanna grow old as a boy.”,So this point when I started my transition,,I was just finding my footing and getting well-known,,and I thought, you know, “being an actor as it is is a long shot,,and then being effeminate is another long shot,,and then you add trans on top of that, and it’s almost insurmountable.”,I was like, “I’m gonna do it anyways.,I want to do this regardless of what happens. It’s a part of me.”,It was 2007 when I auditioned,,and

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Tyler Henry's First Drag Queen Comes Through in Candis Cayne Reading | Hollywood Medium | E!

Tyler Henry's First Drag Queen Comes Through in Candis Cayne Reading | Hollywood Medium | E!

generally when i interact with people i,get a feeling for whether they have more,of a masculine personality more of a,feminine personality and it's,interesting with this client because,they see an integration of both,hello hi tyler i'm candace k great to,meet you nice to meet you oh my god give,you a hug wow it is so amazing to meet,you oh my god likewise,my name is candice kane um i am right,now on a show called i am kate i'm an,actor but i'm also an activist and i do,live my life as an open trans woman,thank you so much for coming oh thank,you for having me this is one of the few,instances where i actually recognize,someone i'm about to read absolutely,amazing i'm like wow for me candace cane,represents a whole movement a,transgender movement and equality for,everyone so to be able to meet the,embodiment of everything i love is just,incredible i'm in complete shock it's so,great to meet you that's great to me my,gosh you i've heard a lot about you oh,i'm gonna need a handkerchief for this,one,starstruck oh my god,i'm actually kind of a total believer,uh there's too much in this world that,we don't understand not to believe,something amazing like this first i'm,just gonna try to connect to your energy,and we'll see if we can get a connection,there then i'll really try to open up,medium wise,um,really quickly i have to ask you about,your personal life um about health love,career and family um if you're,comfortable covering any of them yeah,okay i have all day oh god,yeah absolutely this is good to keep in,mind um you'll ultimately have an,opportunity to be in a relationship with,a man that would have darker skin,um i don't know if he's honduran or a,costa rican man,so like very very different look than,you okay the way this comes across um,there's an opportunity there there's a,heavy emphasis on a j reference um and,that would be a potential partner but,that's one that i don't think has,necessarily happened yet but that would,be referencing to 2016.,i'm open to love but i'm not gonna,settle,so come on joe,jack,jorge,jesus,bring it on,okay i have a couple different people,that are coming through um there is a,grandmother figure that i want to,acknowledge there is a reference to a,mary or a marie connection so who would,that be mary,yeah oh nice,that's my grandmother oh wow okay that's,her ring oh nice,i there's a reference to an alteration,to a ring though that's the interesting,thing there's a reference alteration to,a ring alteration touring alteration,okay i'll tell you tell me what is this,i have to get this ring altered because,there's a chip in the in the in the,stone and i haven't why don't wear it,because i'm afraid that the stone is,going to get loose so i keep on saying i,have to get this fixed i have to get,this fixed right that would be what it,is and she's coming through she's funny,enough she's putting a heavy emphasis on,this ring it's interesting because,there's a,from her perspective this is like her,gift to you and it's interesting the way,that this comes across just making a,point to mention that it's almost like,this is you this is yours this is meant,to be yours i'm glad you have it because,it comes across as a gift,okay,she's acknowledging this is a strong,woman,um,when she's coming through she's,acknowledging that she was a lot,stronger than people even gave her,credit for it's one of the first things,she acknowledges um she put other people,before herself to a fault to the point,where she even sacrificed like her own,happiness at times for other people she,acknowledged that she felt like she was,she enabled some people i know it's kind,of a bit of a personal thing yeah she's,acknowledging that she feels like people,kind of token token took um for whatever,reason and she acknowledges that she,isn't upset with that it's not a bad,thing but she's like i did a lot for a,lot of people even if it meant,sacrificing my own,well-being on some level does that make,sense yeah,it's funny because his description of my,grandmother mary,was so right on and so,it was really cool,my mother told her about my transition,and she made a point to tell the rest of,the family we have a granddaughter now,and if anybody has a problem with it you,have to come and see me wow,and,she sent me the ring then,wow and,uh she was always on my side oh my god i,just clicked,before i came in here i had a,grandmother figure coming through who,made it a point to acknowledge that she,was proud of her granddaughter what i,didn't get was why she was emphasizing,granddaughter over and over and over,again because they our loved ones say,they're proud of us all the time right i,was like she's not emphasizing proud,she's emphasizing,granddaughter right and i was like,why is that coming clearly,it makes obvious sense now that i meet,you but before i was like i have no idea,why she's emphasizing that yeah so that,was her way of acknowledging her pride,for you when she said that she was proud,of her granddaughter,and kept on saying g

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Candis Cayne: LOOK AT HUH! on Hey Qween! Season 2 with Jonny McGovern | Hey Qween

Candis Cayne: LOOK AT HUH! on Hey Qween! Season 2 with Jonny McGovern | Hey Qween

so we're just gonna show you some,pictures of some of your sisters and,people you've worked with and you'll,just give us a little something a little,kid bad a little treat about them little,story did your eyes okay look at all,Jackie bean is one of my favorite people,ever yeah funniest funniest person alive,one of them and I get such a kick at,seeing her perform hanging out with her,she's a great thrift stopper we go,thrifting together is an amazing girl,and her house is incredible it's bent on,the Carry poster you know Jackie beat,decoupage yeah so portrait I mean funny,and so quick you how you have to,sometimes just stare at her to keep up,do you remember when you first met,Jackie was what that was like I was in,LA after I moved from Maui oh really so,she was doing her trash I was pretty or,both of you scary vine I was living with,sherry vine I lived in LA for like a,year before I moved to New York and,sherry and her did a show together and I,met her that way Wow and she's still,exactly the same she looked exactly yeah,the face is still there look at all oh,yeah you were in starrbooty I Wow,a little bit of love oh yeah jazz man we,were her back up space Oh am I,allowed to say cut on the internet I,mean kind in a positive way feeling cut,feeling T yeah link appealing to you but,I've known Rou since early 90s when she,just was starting to like do you better,work and like it was just starting for,her right all kind of blew up it was,crazy it was really amazing for all of,us younger girls that were like younger,girls and we were like oh well she was,the first person other than divine but,she was right there you know that we,could be like oh god if she's doing it,we have a shot at this yeah so I was,like I'm gonna keep going like this is,what I want to do I'm gonna be an,actress and entertainer or a dancer or,so cuz she was like just up the block,and then since since since that time,like she cast me as an ax commander is,in starrbooty yeah which was super fun,but then she like had brought me on as,choreographer for RuPaul's Drag you so,we've worked together a lot she's she's,she's thrown me since a few bones over,the years gob lesser angel divine such a,big ear such a huge year amazing that is,so incredible for her I've known her for,years - from their day like yeah like,just going out and about and she wasn't,really a drag performer so much it was,just so they're being pretty more than,nice and working at her craft yes you,know at it for years and years and years,and I'm sure like you seeing RuPaul go,and be in the spotlight seeing you get,on television girl the attention was,probably just an inspirational farm I,love that you know cuz there's a lot of,girls that are like I want to get into,acting now and I never had I mean it's,for competition,I never had the idea that it was,possible and until II got Caston Dirty,Sexy I thought being the trans woman,meant you just you didn't have any other,options and when I got cast in that it,made me real I never gave up though yeah,there are moments where I'm like oh I'll,just you know whenever but I was like,are you kidding girl this is what you're,supposed to do and so I think me getting,on that show made me realize and a lot,of other people that it's possible you,know stick to it and you're good and you,work it what you do yeah why one more,look at home oh my god Bonnie I love,bunny bunny is one of those staples in,New York City that she was one of the,first girls that I'm at Queens she was,the she was the you know what do,you mean she did wig stock and she,spooked me right away and saw some,talent in me and and started booking me,right on this right away at wig stock,and and she's the funniest one of the,funniest people I've ever met and at the,same time when she's out of drag she's,funny but she's actually real and she,wants to get to know you and Sheila has,that laugh but she Mike one of my,favorite moments of Lady it was when I,was saw her in a club and I was just,sitting back having a cocktail probably,a smoke at the time and she would walk,through the club and her way of not,talking to anybody because you know if,anybody knows you it's a drawn we go,through the gloves she would walk up to,everybody would walk up to them and she,would run away a person Bertha like a,cartoon character yeah Wow,so she got through a room it was amazing,god bless,thank you Jesus,Oh Candace it has been such a delight to,have you here you're a legend beautiful,and so amazing done so much great stuff

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Actress Candis Cayne: "I Knew I Should Have Been Born Female When I Was Seven Years Old"

Actress Candis Cayne: "I Knew I Should Have Been Born Female When I Was Seven Years Old"

I first knew that I was different and I,had an idea I should have been born,female was when I was like seven years,old my parents had taken me and my twin,brother to our twin cousins to play with,them and there was Tyler and Tanya and I,remember thinking why am I not like,Tanya it doesn't make sense to me like,it was a complete like Wow,when I moved to New York and I started,my transition there was no internet,there was no you know it was just,starting cell phones in the early 90s,there was no way of finding out in any,information and all you saw on trans,women were Jerry Springer I knew that I,had to go this route because it wasn't,happy the only way I knew how to do it,because I was performing in New York was,to do it in front of the audience and,just basically save the gay audience,there,listen I'm transgender I'm going to,start to change please keep on coming to,my show I can tell you my story my path,you know what's going on in my life,most of like the drag community all,embraced me it was the first time in my,life that I felt comfortable in my own,skin,Okwe with the gang and we're doing,supplier auditions and I'd have to talk,to the producers about the proper things,to say as far as trans issues and it's,kind of nice to know that I kind of had,a part in the turning of the tides you,know with with getting on Dirty Sexy and,and playing a true character and a,character the audience members could,relate to and then I started you know,going to events for the the community,and one night I can't remember the event,but they showed a clip of my scene with,Donald Sutherland,after the scene the audience stood up,and applauded and I realized then that,this is so much more than just me,getting apart it was really pushing the,fabric of society a little bit more,forward young trans people that are like,they see me and they see Alexandria and,you know Laverne and all these people,that are making great strides in our,community of course it wasn't all you,know roses and unicorns it was a lot of,struggle along the way and a lot of,soul-searching and how do I do it am I,ever going to do it right am I going to,be pretty enough am I going to be small,enough and those are all real concerns,for trans women when they start the,transition the older you get the more,you live this life the more you sure,like I don't give a crap you know what I,mean like I'm living my true happy self

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CANDIS CAYNE and LINA BRADFORD on Look At Huh! - Part 1 | Hey Qween

CANDIS CAYNE and LINA BRADFORD on Look At Huh! - Part 1 | Hey Qween

Wow look at that hey Queen after show,where I we have our super celebrity,guest look at some of their favorite,stars Queen celebrities friends and,spill a little tea or even throw a,little or just tell us something that we,don't know today we are blessed by two,of my most beautiful favorite ladies in,the world miss Lena Bradford yeah y'all,got seriously lap dance on I think they,fight they fight it became fashion,comment good view on my way that's where,the comments section says Candis Cayne,is a hero we're going to just show you,some pictures people you may know that,you've worked with and you'll just tell,us a little something to shade to fact,an interesting you got it whatever you,like when you're wearing somebody else's,home honey you gotta come correct so,you're gonna get it yeah begin look at,all,she was one of the first people who like,supported us and brought us into wig,stock very early on because she saw,something special in him yeah so she's,amazing and she's always she's a,hootenanny everything I love her what a,talent and I just love to see her,getting all the accolades that she,deserves because she is our treasure to,us all,any old fashioned bummer bunny memory,that you have for wig jumping through a,router right crowd going I ran out she,ran up by a nose like girl you won't,even speak to anybody for like two,seconds she is like that's the key I,just act crazies and no one will talk to,me lady red I think you have finally,found how to not talk to me blood,parties just do like the upgrade of Liv,she's blown up oh she looks sick name I,love peppermint you saw her last night,you saw her tonight yeah she looked,amazing,again another person I love seeing,getting their accolades I love seeing,good things happen to good people,yeah very well deserved she took over,Mondays when I left Barracuda for me,right and she did a great job and it was,like I was so glad that they had brought,in something so good take off I mean,hello is a big seat to take,now there's been a little bit of,controversy or at least conversation,about having a trans woman as a drag,queen on drag race any thoughts on that,well I think that at the end of the day,it's like we're all performers whether,you go to Burger King or if you or,whatever you know is all around yeah it,is you know so it doesn't I don't think,that when we start kind of dissecting,and labeling people it's like that's,what we wear okay but you know why do,you have to slap a label on someone you,know because maybe you don't want to,take the time to get to know them you,know what I mean so it's it's a kind of,fine line that we have to tread with,that you know especially within our,family industry that is called a rainbow,skittles taste the rainbow yeah there's,too many different situations that we,can't start being picky then we're,becoming like everyone that we don't,want to be exactly know so guess what,darling she's amazing performer darling,don't label her and don't hinder her and,like earlier yeah let girly we're saying,it's the show should be about,performance yeah talent in a bill,exactly has all of that in spades hello,love it,look at all bring up some memories,I love doing that show it was the first,kind of there was a first film that I,had done and I yeah and I coached,Patrick right and kind of taught him how,to walk and Mannerist as much as I could,you know yeah yeah no everyone embrace,all of the Quinns I mean that's like,that was a heavy young movie really well,so everyone on the cast was so sweet and,nice and Cortana yeah yeah so sad that,we lost Patrick Patrick oh yeah I know I,got to work with Leslie he came one with,Candace and I and Brenda black and Raven,used to live on 66th Street between a,and B diagonally across right across,from wunderbar at the time that then,became Eastern Bloc right what's his,name yeah this co-product I submit,you're welcome from and which M call it,Wesley came over to our home and I,showed him videos and mannerisms and,whatnot and I was living across the,street from blender bars doing a party,makeup makeup room at Webster Hall back,in the day and they all came out one,night and then later on we all left in a,limo and went out to eat and they were,just really great guys John is amazing I,mean like visually he really gave it to,you but just mentally he's just he's got,that you know to do it and he did it so,good did love that thought that we're,great great,I had joy do I say,I love seeing the progression of where,she's got I'm sorry,she's been with us for years it just you,know she's doing the race stuff she's a,great boy such great comedy she's come,up with some really funny characters,yeah she's great,also someone able to really carve their,own niece in terms of where there was no,blueprint for us yeah and we don't know,YouTube had a specific kind rap you had,to be it yourself you had to be,different something that other people,weren't doing that's right for sure,look first of all my sister and my man,have the same exact bi

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“I Am Cait” Star Candis Cayne Opens Up about Groundbreaking Show

“I Am Cait” Star Candis Cayne Opens Up about Groundbreaking Show

control,good to see you good good to see you,again,Candice and I go back we have a hist,there we are we had a lot of fun hanging,out hosting an event so you've obviously,met a lot of people one of the cool,things working on a show where you're,having a social political impact what,are your thoughts on that oh it's kind,of amazing because when I did Dirty Sexy,and those other shows it was just kind,of me battling you know out there trying,to make a difference but with Caitlyn,she really put the T in the LGBT,community and suddenly it's a global,thing for the first time I feel like the,wind is on my back as opposed to like on,my myface from everybody come on,everybody yeah doing a lot of shows in,the past I had to educate as I as I,worked and so now people kind of know,about it and especially like on I am,Cait everybody was kind of talked to by,GLAAD of how to talk to trans people how,to react with them so every time you're,in that production every time you're on,set you feel like it's a safe place,nobody mistreats you everybody knows how,to talk to you and exactly I love that,you know I've been paying a lot to,social media and a lot of people have,some negative things to say towards Cait,you know they're kind of like well you,know you don't really represent us you,don't really represent the struggle,because I guess because she's privileged,she's doing this later in her life what,do you say to critics that have that,type of angle on it,well look we all go through struggle,it's different for everybody you know,for me I transitioned it 24 and it was,the struggle was like financial and,trying to figure out how to do it but,Kate struggles she waited until she was,65 to do it along that's a struggle,carry that you know sorry a long time I,carried that imagine yeah we we had Kate,on the show while Travis and I,interviewed back when Kate was Bruce,yeah and the wonderful interview and a,great guest and I really love her a lot,she's really come a long way just in,like the few months you know that we've,known each other and just,just you can see not only the,transformation but also the,transformation happening and hold that,Docs we want to talk to you a little bit,more about your choose unique,relationship there's a new online,community hoping to minimize that,especially for the LGBT community often,targeted tell us about this because I,know that you have a hand in this this,new app yeah it's called moves and it's,really kind of geared towards the LGBT,community as a safe place for people to,go share their stories meet each other,it's kind of a mix between Facebook,tinder and like Instagram and it's a,global connection so everywhere in the,world that you go if you let's say if I,wanted to go somewhere like Amsterdam I,could go meet some people that are there,nowhere to go talk to them about things,safe places for me to go and meet,friends from all around the world and,you it also includes our communities,allies too so it's not just our,community but it's a positive place to,go I think an important point here is so,much of the online community is focused,on bullying the more that we can create,online communities that actually support,one another I think it's great,Candace great job on that and also you,can catch more of Candice on I am Cait,it's Sundays at 8 p.m. on e Candice,thanks for joining us

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