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Twitter's Collusion With The Pentagon To Create Fake Accounts | Ep. 65happy Wednesday everybody now

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Twitter's Collusion With The Pentagon To Create Fake Accounts | Ep. 65

happy Wednesday everybody now before we,get started in today's episode I do want,to at first acknowledge that I know that,a lot of you guys are at the edge of,your seats you know last Friday we did,an episode regarding Brandon renniel if,you guys have not yet listened to that,episode please go back and listen to it,it was episode number 62. we have been,flooded with emails so many leads and,you guys want to know what has happened,I'm going to give you that in fact,tomorrow and on Friday we're going to,dedicate to making sure that we would,not leave you on a holiday Cliffhanger,this ish is bananas,b-a-n-a-n-a-s that's all I can tell you,guys I am I we still do not understand,what we have uncovered I'm arguing with,my husband like you know lightly,organism it must be this it must be that,where this has led us is just,unbelievable I never thought I was going,to go this way in case you don't know,what I'm talking about please go back,and listen to episode 62 it is going to,be relevant for both Thursday and Friday,where we do a deeper dive onto Brandon,Brunell my very own Mystery person all,right guys but today we are going to be,talking about something else I want to,talk to you guys this question that I,have for you,how do you create a mind can you create,a mind how has your mind been created,for you of course the answer to that is,yes plus later on in the show we're,going to be talking about in all ages,drag queen Christmas show which is now,on a national tour it could be coming to,a city near you and in this show you and,your kids are allowed to see screwed off,the red nippled reindeer and Crystal,Method and her peppermint breast are you,excited are you in the Christmas spirit,good because they certainly are all that,and more today coming up on Candace,Owens,so I asked you can you create a mind and,the answer is of course you can the very,time that you are born your mind is,being created via routines via,information that you are taking in every,second of every day,and of course your government has an,interest in your mind and the,information that you're taking in this,gets into culture this gets into MK,Ultra which we talked about a couple of,weeks ago a CIA operation when they were,interested in literally mind control,we're willing to drug people with LSD to,see if they could control their minds,and influence their thoughts,this gets into the mainstream media this,gets into operation Mockingbird which,you talked to you about on the show so,many times in fact the CIA was,controlling journalists they still are,controlling journalists obviously I,think it'd be ridiculous for people to,think that they suddenly stopped that,program when they got caught they want,to make sure they are shaping your,thoughts to ensure that they themselves,can remain into control and this is why,they don't like the government does not,like people like me right a girl that,just pops up on YouTube and starts going,against the narrative they will do,anything to protect that narrative,now obviously they were able to do this,so easily in the past right they had to,make sure they controlled the New York,Times The Washington Post people were,getting all of their information by,reading newspapers and magazines it was,very easy for them to control those,older institutions these Legacy Media,institutions but things got a little,tricky of course with the explosion of,the internet especially with the,explosion of social media and of course,they weren't just going to go yeah let's,just let that continue as the wild west,and let people just say what they're,thinking and connect with each other all,over the world Common Sense would follow,if they were interested in putting,journalists having journalists that were,on their payroll and journalists that,they could control in the newsrooms of,course they also want to make sure that,they are controlling people at social,media companies which is why what Elon,Musk is doing right now is so brave he,has been dropping Twitter files showing,that our government is in fact lying and,shaping information now before we get,into his recent Twitter file drop I want,to tell you guys about a true CIA,experiment that happened now I don't,know if it was an apple or an orange so,these details might not be it's not it's,not actually relevant whether it was an,apple and orange but a CIA psychological,operation that took place was they had a,bunch of people that worked for the CIA,who were a part of the experiment and,then they had one individual that was,just taking part in this experiment,right,they brought them into a room they sat,them down at desks and unbeknownst to,that one individual this one individual,thinks that the entire classroom if you,will are just like him people that were,pulled off of the street to take place,in an experiment but in fact he's the,only person,that they are experimenting on,and so what did they do they held up a,picture,of an apple just imagine this right a,picture of an apple and they we

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The Twitter Exodus That Nobody Cares About | Ep. 51

The Twitter Exodus That Nobody Cares About | Ep. 51

happy Thursday everybody I am sorry that,we did not have an episode yesterday on,Wednesday to be completely transparent I,actually had to sit a deposition,yesterday and it went a little longer,than anticipated,so we didn't get to film an episode I'll,tell you all about that deposition next,week but for today question I want to,ask you is have you been paying,attention to the mass Exodus on Twitter,yeah a lot of celebrities I'm using that,word probably not correctly but a lot of,people who think their celebrities are,leaving because Elon Musk has taken over,and I'm really sad about that and I want,you to be sad about that and I think,that we should all be sad together about,that plus later on we are going to be,talking about San Francisco they have,just approved a police proposal that,will use robots with lethal Force,options yeah imagine robots patrolling,the streets kind of wanting to kill you,if you're doing something bad yep all,that and more today on Candace Owens,today is a sad day I am in mourning,can't you tell don't pay attention to,this smile on my face on the inside I am,hurting because so many celebrities are,announcing that they are going to leave,Twitter because they just can't bear,Free Speech it's very upsetting to them,that the government is no longer,controlling what we are saying to one,another via fact Checkers and censoring,stories taking out the New York Post for,sharing the truth about Hunter Biden,they need that that's a better world for,them they want a world that is not real,but a world that is controlled and so,many of them have lined up issued,statements and said you can no longer,hear my thoughts in 180 characters or,less because I won't stand for this I,won't stand for the First Amendment and,the list of people reads sort of like a,1990s yearbook of people that you know,you look in the yearbook in the 90s like,oh I remember remember I remember that,person ah he peaked in elementary school,where he peaked in Middle School,teaching high school that is what the,list of people that are leaving reminds,me of so I'm going to take you through,that list first and foremost Whoopi,Goldberg I will never hate on her she,was so good in the Sister Act she,definitely peaked in the Sister Act,loved her you could no longer find her,thoughts on Twitter Moby I didn't know,who that was but then somebody reminded,me that that was a a singer or a,performer an artist of some description,and he performed at Woodstock in 1999 so,yeah he peaked in the 90s Toni Braxton,definitely knew who she was played her,music in my house in the 90s Nick Foley,I didn't know who he was because I was,not a big supporter of the WWF back when,it was the WWF another person who peaked,in the 90s Sara Bareilles I did know who,Sarah Barella well she has a wonderful,wonderful voice where I have to be,completely honest I did not know that,she was even on Twitter but now she's no,longer on Twitter and so I'll never even,be able to have the opportunity to,follow follow her tweets,then we have people that we do know that,we very much do know and they are,relevant today,Gigi Hadid we all know the model Gigi,Hadid I guess my question is do models,speak,we're models speaking was that a thing,well if it was a thing it's a thing no,longer because Gigi Hadid is not going,to be speaking then of course this one,really took me by surprise Amber Heard,she's very relevant we just watched a,trial in which we learned that she,sometimes goes to the bathroom on her,boyfriend's beds when she gets upset and,I have to be honest I find it mildly,inappropriate that she left Twitter,especially because Elon Musk her,ex-boyfriend took it over because Elon,Musk don't forget he dated her right,after she accused Johnny Depp of all of,these terrible things and not only did,he date her he held her down he issued a,nice Tweet back when he didn't own,Twitter about Amber Heard said she was,lovely nothing bad happened between them,he's one of the only people that did not,throw her under the bus in the end and,yet she has thrown him under the bus by,announcing well not really announcing,just deleting and wiping her Twitter,feed,the next one is confusing because it's,funny Captain Sully yeah remember the,whole movie Captain Sully the plane that,went down and everybody got off safely,thank goodness real story Captain's,Holly the real Captain Sully is off of,Twitter and I don't know why I find that,to be funny because there's just a ton,of inappropriate jokes that are actually,funny because everybody survived but,he's no longer going to be on Twitter if,you didn't know that he was on Twitter,like me you should now know that you can,no longer follow him and um his thoughts,because he just will not stand for this,Twitter,then it got really weird because objects,started leaving Twitter objects not,people but objects playbill who has no,play Bill have you ever been to a,Broadway play when they literally hand,you a bill and it's cosplay Bill and it,goes over everybody tha

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Candace Owens Reacts to Mean Tweets

Candace Owens Reacts to Mean Tweets

hey guys it's candice owens we're gonna,have some fun today because i'm going to,be reading mean tweets and trust me,there are a lot of them,candace owns the queen of denouncing,liberal identity politics and then,playing victim when people call out her,white supremacist talking points and,claiming it's because they're racist,what a effing hypocritical clown i just,want to be clear that the person who's,saying that i play victim is literally,the guy who has made a name for himself,after a school shooting so cameron,caskey i'm not going to take that to,heart also i always think it's weird,when it's a white person calling me a,racist i don't know if a person thinks,that's weird but i think it's a little,weird,from tony candice owens blocked me when,i called her a gigantic hole two years,ago and i see she is trending but i,can't see why so i'm just going to,assume it's because she's a gigantic,you were right i was trending because i,am a gigantic,what that's actually objectively funny,so i'm gonna give you credit for that,tony that's a good one,i can see why candace owens is so,confused says pam keith esquire she is,one truly unaccomplished college dropout,who got attention from,yiannopoulos and cernovich for attacking,liberals in quotation marks in a doxing,dispute she became a conservative,overnight now,racist pay her to validate their racist,views see i feel like that's just not,like funny or clever and it's just like,pam keith from florida needs attention,and she tweets this,um okay pam keith,esquire i feel like the esquire you have,something a bit more clever going on but,at least you finished college so we,should assume that you're smart question,is does candace owens realize white,nationalist kyle rainhouse would be,shooting at her if his ar-15 rifle was,not in wisconsin police custody,question is does joey putin know that,kyle rittenhouse literally killed only,white people if he's a white supremacist,or a white nationalist he sure sucks at,it,right wingers saying canis owens should,be on the supreme court is a hundred,percent proof that they drink their own,piss okay,okay amy a hundred percent you caught,them exactly that's right and what is,sonia sotomayor proof of what are you,guys drinking we're concerned,oh gosh this is going to be hard mean,tweet because i'm going to have to try,to read it and that's the hardest part,of this mean to it's mean to make me try,to read this tweet but i'm going to go,for it cardi b,yes you are right i have the number one,song and i have a huge platform and i,can make millions go vote to get the man,that used you,why would people be voting for the man,that used me i don't want to argue with,you candace i really don't have the time,i honestly just feel sorry for you you,really don't have the punctuation cardi,to be arguing with me on twitter that,sentence makes no sense you're saying i,can make millions go vote to get the man,that used you people don't vote to get,somebody um i don't know what else to,say other than,i really really feel sorry that you do,not have the punctuation of a third,grader or the grammar of a third grader,but,hey i like some of your music let's just,be friends cardi let's just be friends,candace owens isn't qualified enough to,pick up my,glad i'm very sad that i will not be,able to pick up your dog's poop,um i guess i'll try to get a different,job other than having to pick up your,dog's poop and i'm glad that you are,qualified to pick up your dog's poop,when racists say i have black friends,they mean candace owens i have seen that,so many times copy and pasted it just is,such an unoriginal thought um,okay that's just cool,this is from marlo gosh marlow hates me,this is he's from the daily beast,he's like one of those people that i've,really gotten under his skin and he just,perpetually mean tweets me the most that,he can,and he does not know how to use um a,capital letter for first names last name,so we've got candace owens claims she's,going after christine because she cares,deeply about suicide when she openly,mocked meghan markle for having suicidal,ideations and kurt cobain for taking his,own life did not openly mock either of,them um meghan markle claimed that she,was suicidal as a princess which is um,interesting to say elise i think we're,kind of living in a culture where people,that have the most privilege want you to,feel bad for them which is just,ridiculous they have everything,available to them she's wearing blood,diamonds literally to her wedding and,she wants you to think that that was a,terrible life and i'm just really tired,of over privileged people doing that,kurt cobain i didn't mock i just said,that he's not someone people should,idolize,i think that's a pretty fair point i,don't think that somebody who was a drug,addict who eventually killed himself is,somebody that we should be aspiring to,um when they use example of idols of men,that wear dresses they say kirk cobain,wore dresses i would like to remind,people that he didn't h

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Ben Shapiro REBUKES Candace Owens After Anti-Semitic Tweets

Ben Shapiro REBUKES Candace Owens After Anti-Semitic Tweets

Candace Owens on multiple occasions has,decided to defend Kanye West and his,anti-Semitism and it's finally gotten to,a point where Ben Shapiro has to say,something specifically against Candace,Owens which he kind of shied away from,doing up until now now I got to give you,the context then we'll get to what,Shapiro had to say Owens decided to,quote tweet of all people Max Blumenthal,who I've got no love for to agree with,his comments about Jewish people in,America,so here's what Blumenthal had written,quote we white American Jews are living,through a golden age of power affluence,and safety,acceptance of this Welcome Reality,threatens the entire Zionist Enterprise,from Lobby fronts like the ADL to the,state of Israel because Zionism relies,on Jewish insecurity to justify itself,and while we obviously have talked about,at Great length the issues we have with,the Israeli government and its treatment,of Palestinians so we agree on that,front the idea that white American Jews,are living through a golden age of power,affluence and safety little insane,little insane especially considering the,hate crimes that they have to deal with,their synagogues dealing with domestic,terrorists it's safety is not the word I,would use anyway but somehow Candace,Owens came across that tweet quote,tweeted it and said you are about to get,into a lot of trouble for stating this,reminds me of when I said something,similar about the NAACP and BLM way back,when when you disrupt the trauma economy,and call out the not-for-profits that,benefit from it you become their next,Target,so before we get to Ben Shapiro's,response to all of that I wanted to let,you jump in Jank to kind of share your,thoughts on this so I have a friend,who's a really good Progressive very,thoughtful guy and he used to say look,look keep and he's Jewish and Max is,also Jewish uh and he but my friend not,Max used to say look about five years,ago six years ago or so he's like we're,not really suffering we're doing okay,right it's of course the not the,anti-semitic tropes about how Jews run,everything that's absurd right but hey,we shouldn't you know claim a lot of,victimhood here were there a lot more,people suffering in the country right,now if you ask him today's well of,course the situation is different right,things have changed dramatically right,so that is a person who's giving you,their real opinion and is being honest,about the issues right so even when Max,and I were on the same side before he,became a total weirdo who does,propaganda for different things reasons,uh I remember looking at his opinions on,Israel and thinking this guy's a little,unhinged and so like I think is the,Israeli occupation of West Bengal,strippers oh totally utterly,unacceptable I think he said apartheid,state at this point Etc but Max would,always find a way to go over the top in,a way that I was like but that's like,hurting our side I don't know why you're,saying weirdo things that make you seem,like a radical not stable person so that,makes me not want to associate with you,right and so so that's the max side of,this so unsurprising that as synagogues,are being attacked Kanye is doing the,anti-semitic stuff everybody's piling on,included Candace Owens Here Comes Max,Blumenthal to say oh yeah the Jews are,doing great don't worry about,worry about all that right let me jump,in actually because I this is anecdotal,I don't know how widespread this,practice is,um but you know the the area I live in,has a pretty large Jewish Community,um and so as a result there are Jewish,temples and synagogues in my,neighborhood and I've noticed that every,single one of them has armed guards yeah,my community too yeah every single one,of them so you don't have armed guards,in front of your temple or synagogue,unless you've been targeted uh and and,you're scared right that someone's going,to come and cause uh a violent situation,so anyway just wanted to mention that,now Shapiro weighs it,and he says I think the ADL,Anti-Defamation League is a partisan,hack organization too but retweeting Max,Blumenthal who spends his life covering,for uh Jew haters and stumping for,Israel's destruction makes the,conversation significantly worse it's,garbage,now he had said some stuff that was,clearly in response to Candace Owens in,the past but this was the most direct,that he's been she didn't like the fact,that he was being so direct and she,didn't like that she was being called,out publicly and she said quote I don't,know who Max Blumenthal is but I do know,that you have my number and you could,have informed me in Earnest real,relationships should Trump Twitter,theater let's set a better example going,forward after that they didn't have any,public exchange on this matter but I do,want to give you an example of Shapiro,kind of responding to her without naming,her in the past earlier this month at a,speech at Texas A M University for the,young Americas Foundation Shapiro went,so far as to say that owens's defensive,Wes

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Candace Owens REACTS to New INSANE Twitter CEO

Candace Owens REACTS to New INSANE Twitter CEO

this show is sponsored by expressvpn,don't like big tech and the government,spying on you visit,candace i want to switch topics here,though and talk about jack dorsey who is,stepping down,as from the ceo role at twitter what are,your thoughts,i think it went from like bad to worse,like there's no in between we thought,twitter couldn't get any worse hopefully,they just get cancelled and and they,tank their stocks but it's it's pretty,bad i mean twitter's never been,you know favorable to conservatives but,i think now it's in your face like we're,probably all going to get cancelled so,just follow us on getter yeah he's being,replaced by parag agrawal,and here's a sample tweet from the new,ceo of twitter if they are not going to,make a distinction between muslims and,extremists then why should i distinguish,between white people and racists,awesome so glad you're gonna be heading,up twitter prague i think that's gonna,be a really fun time what were you,thinking when you saw this it's it's,petrifying because social media is the,modern public square and the power to,censor social media is the power to,shape ideas and the power to,de-platform remove people that you,disagree with on social media is,effectively silencing their voices,that's why i believe that we should be,regulating them just like you utility,companies you know telephone companies,can't just censor people or remove,people that's how we should be treating,social media platforms i absolutely,agree i heard a statement recently it,said that some of these tech companies,are more powerful than any king in the,history of the world and it's true they,are influencing government and certain,governments that are smart ones at least,they're actually banning platforms like,twitter because of the amount of,propaganda that was actually coming from,our own you know american born companies,but i think that if we don't get ahead,of this or at least have something that,can create a competitive platform i,think that our country is honestly,screwed because we need it they're,silencing our voices and you know we are,making somewhat of an impact but what,about the younger generation that only,consumes information from social media,right i think it's actually a bad thing,that jack dorsey has stepped away like i,have told a few people this but i,actually met jack dorsey a few years ago,and i think that conservatives have,gotten him wrong um i kanye west,introduced me to him i went to dinner,with him a few times jack dorsey is not,this character that the media has turned,to that i think conservatives have,turned him into because he never speaks,and they kind of turned him to like this,like dark lord and the truth is that,he's just like a very shy techy kid um,who does not have control of his own,company he was a hostage at his own,company he did not start twitter because,he wanted to aid communists at all but,am he is somebody that started twitter,didn't really know how to run a business,got taken advantage of and literally,became a hostile zone company i remember,him actually saying to me like you know,we're in san francisco when we hire,people we're not asking what their,policies are what do you think their,politics are when they're coming through,the door um and the company is it's a,massive campus like i went i went to the,campus it's like a college campus right,so you can't imagine when you go twitter,took this down that's jack dorsey that's,pressing that button that takes it down,um so i actually always felt a little,bit bad for him and a little bit,pathetic for him and i'm happy he's,moving on i think he'll do better things,in the tech space and with a more,informed approach of the world that,we're in um that said join parlor my,husband's the ceo of parlor uh yes thank,you,we got involved with carla you guys,remember parlor was blowing up and then,january 6 happened and apple and google,colluded and took them out and,completely platformed them and after,that my husband and i contacted the,people that were behind it and said how,can we help and so when it didn't seem,like it was ever going to be able to be,saved we got involved and it's actually,a great platform now it's finally,working quickly or they're back on,apple hopefully they'll be back on,google shortly as well google play store,as well but yeah we have to start using,alternative platforms there's no,question about that because um we just,can't keep giving these people this much,power you know exactly we will get back,to the show in just a moment but first,let's talk about your internet security,using the internet without expressvpn is,like taking a call on a train or bus on,speaker for everyone to hear do you want,the whole train to know all about your,personal business why do you need a vpn,well the big internet service providers,that we all use track every single,website you visit isps can then sell,this information to ad companies and,tech giants who then use your data to,target you so what m

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Candace Owens Says She’s SUING Cardi B After Twitter Feud

Candace Owens Says She’s SUING Cardi B After Twitter Feud

i am like you know deeply protective,over my family,she's gonna get sued for that plain and,simple i i don't play games with that,kind of stuff,the battle is on between conservative,pundit,candice owens and cardi b when i say,something like she's toxic to culture,the reason she gets so worked up and she,starts spiraling is because she knows,it's real,it all started on monday when candace,appeared on fox news,and criticized cardi and megan the,stallion's performance of their hit,single at sunday's grammy awards you,see that fundamentally we are seeing the,destruction of american values american,principles,and it's terrifying i think parents,should be terrified that this is the,direction that our society is heading,towards and again,we are weakening america that's really,what we should be talking about this is,a weakening,of american society we are setting the,stage and it feels like,we are looking at corrosion like we are,about to see the end of an,empire well cardi shared that clip on,twitter writing,yay we made fox news guys ,she added quote matter of fact i'm just,going to thank candy owens,she put my performance on fox news,giving it more views that boosted the,views on youtube,and is counting towards my streams and,sales,oh snappity-snap snap but things quickly,went downhill,after cardi shared an alleged tweet from,owens claiming the political,commentator's husband had cheated on her,with owen's brother,the author initially laughed off the,tweet writing quote,i am literally laughing out loud cardi,my dear that is clearly a photoshop,tweet,only one of us has a husband that sleeps,around but,later added that she is 100 suing cardi,adding you can't just start throwing out,wild lies against,private members of my family because,you're upset someone called you out on,your degenerate performance,she shares this photoshopped tweet,and that says that my husband had an,affair with my brother,completely wild completely inappropriate,and she knows she's lying obviously when,she says this but she doubles down and,she says it's not photoshopped,i saw the tweet go out on a day that you,were trending so,she's lying so unfortunately for cardi,and the problem with having success is,that just because you're successful,doesn't mean you're smart,like she's gonna get sued owens later,took to instagram to address the whole,thing,in a 13-minute long video i am like you,know deeply protective over my family,um especially my brother who is a,completely,private citizen and has nothing to do,with cardi b,and her twerking and whopping and for,her to pretend that she knew,that this photoshop tweet was real and,was authentic um,she's gonna get sued for that plain and,simple i i don't play games with that,kind of stuff,but this isn't the first time the two,have come head to head,there are way more intellectual black,democrats you could have sat down with,that you,you chose an illiterate rapper because,that's what she's illiterate,back in september owens appeared on the,ben shapiro show and,threw some major shade at the rapper,following cardi's sit down with,then-presidential nominee,joe biden she asked pointedly ridiculous,questions,i want lower taxes but i want universal,health care for all,she had no idea what she was doing and,yet both bernie sanders,and joe biden made the time to sit with,her because they believe black people,are stupid,and black people that thought yay that's,a win no it's on a win cardi fired back,with,several tweets writing in part quote i,don't want to argue with you candace,i really don't have the time i honestly,just feel sorry for you,that time owens responded with an,eight-minute long video on instagram,and cardi she clapped back on insta live,why wouldn't joe biden sit down with me,cardi b,i have millions of followers i could,also encourage,millions of followers to go vote and i,don't know what black men broke your,heart,that you hate your kind so much once the,dust seemingly settled,cardi reflected on the feud and tweeted,that she hates arguing with people,adding that she didn't even really know,how they started fighting in the first,place,as for owens she felt like she walked,away from the beef,victorious quote she is still tweeting,about me,i broke cardi b,you

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Candace Owens Tweets Are UNHINGED

Candace Owens Tweets Are UNHINGED

just want to make sure I'm correct on,understanding the left is using the,tragedy in Colorado to make the argument,that unless conservatives get on board,with experimenting on children's,genitals with puberty blockers then,nightclubs will continue to happen it's,so implausibly stupid that I had to,write it out hmm what is the uh what is,the what is the implication here she's,literally right after going like hmm uh,well if you're so insistent on,experimenting with children's genitals,then huh yeah 45k likes no big deal,here's Ben Shapiro's tweet the quest by,the Democratic Leadership and media to,link love to anyone who doesn't support,a progressive social agenda is ongoing,and terrible for the country it's a,cynical game only one side plays in its,trash can spend 20 minutes digging into,this but I have only one thing to say,really they're going to keep saying that,it's not their fault up until the point,where they've already won where they,will admit that's it the statement that,there is no relationship between the,coordinated state or Country-Wide,Republican effort to demonize queer,people is such a obviously bad faith,proposition that it shouldn't be treated,like an actual argument and rather just,a covert admission uh which they do,fully and a fully and entirely and they,will they will only admit their true,intentions after we no longer have any,any say in the matter you know,um it'll they'll admit it uh when it's,done and we won't like that have you,seen comments on various news channels,about this it's almost nothing but,people celebrating and wanting to pay as,bail you don't have to go very far you,can go on Facebook Twitter the comment,sections under a variety of news sites,there are plenty of people calling him a,hero because they I think there's like a,limit like a civility line that they,draw no obviously not there are plenty,of people in this country a number of,people probably Millions who fully,believe that that was actually a mega,hero they looked around with the kids,then found out leave the kids alone same,place known to underage children these,about what they deserved that's what,they all think you know keep in mind,that when the um the night of broken,glass took place in Nazi Germany you,know it's not as though the Germans were,saying like yeah we hate yeah well some,of them were but a lot of them were,saying like yeah those like traitorous,businesses nearby oh yeah those families,that embezzled oh yeah those peoples are,related to that like they go after the,justifying mechanism you know it's not,they they don't they they they rarely,jump straight to the true position uh,they usually hold on to the the,justifiers that they're given the German,government never,um they didn't like they didn't come out,and just oh yeah we're doing the death,order they never did that so anytime you,hear from a Centrist like uh the,Republicans haven't officially passed,the like shut the up okay what the,Germans did was they used their control,of mass media to disseminate information,that made the German people indifferent,to the well-being of Jewish people after,which the job had already been done you,dehumanize them you de-personalize them,you say they're inherent threats to your,people to your children to your economy,to your Volk and after you've done all,of that you don't need to come out with,eight order you don't need to it's not,necessary you've already made it so that,once the cops start coming around,looking for them like it's people are,like oh yeah for sure and that's the,goal here right that's the goal so do,not uh yeah don't let don't let anyone,uh uh tell you otherwise this organ,Colorado teaches kids how to become drag,queens and helps kids safely experience,the art of drag on stage now I want to,be clear okay if you go and look like,look at the outfits that are on display,here these are all this is like evening,attire this is more clothing than I'm,wearing right now this is more clothing,than I ever wear uh they're all wearing,look at this they burn a funny hat,it's campy,um people are like uh child drag,performance disgusting listen I want to,be clear okay and I've never been given,a good counter argument for this all,right unless you can demonstrate that,the specific drag event you're referring,to has some kind of like inappropriate,sexual connotation Beyond people,dressing wacky or like colorful then you,can't demonstrate any harm to children,okay like it's like theater kids like oh,wow my kid's learning to do like it's,can it's considered socially acceptable,for little girls to do ballet right like,ballet is like a a dance form where they,wear far less clothing and you know far,tighter clothing frankly that these,people are uh but that's you know that's,Western Civilization that's you know my,that's that's uh Romans or something the,the fact of the matter is is that like,98 of the time the concerns with like,child drag whatever is just like people,pointing saying like Okay and that's it,yea

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Candace Owens reacts to Trump and Kanye tweets

Candace Owens reacts to Trump and Kanye tweets

so Kanye West shedding some followers on,Twitter because of the love that he's,showing for president Trump and for my,next guest this morning he called,President Trump his brother you don't,have to agree with Trump he wrote but,the mob can't make me not love him we,are both dragon energy he is my brother,I love everyone I don't agree with,everything anyone does that's what makes,us individuals and we have the right to,independent thought to which President,Trump replied thank you Khan with Kanye,very cool as soon as Kanye is okay with,two terms for the president but he also,tweeted a look into the future at his,own run with this cryptic 2024 and it,seems that it all started after the push,back Kanye got for writing I love the,way Candace Owens,thanks here now is Candace Owens,communications director of Turning Point,USA can it's good to see you tonight,thank you very proud of me,being with us this evening I want to put,up a tweet that you wrote you said the,masters control everything including who,blacks and even are allowed to like are,even allowed to like Kanye tweeted seven,words seven words and they jumped up and,told blacks that they must immediately,revolt how many of you jumped up and did,that how many of you have your minds,enslaved tell me about writing that it's,just the truth that's what I've been,preaching about long before Kanye wrote,this seven or a tweet that broke the,internet is that they at once they,enslaved our bodies Democratic Party but,say they haven't slaved our minds they,have told us who we must love who we,must hate what we must think what ideas,are unacceptable and in the long run,they just it just doesn't add up,listen I think differently Kanye West,thinks differently I can guarantee you,if he and I get in the same room we will,have a lot of disagreements the one,thing that we will celebrate is our,right to think differently I don't,understand what's so controversial for,the left to understand this the way they,have demonized him in the last 72 hours,it's almost sickening but at the end of,the day it's going to have adverse,effects I can guarantee you that,well Kim Kardashian's he was a bit,concerned about it she tweeted to the,media trying to demonize my husband let,me say this your commentary on Kanye,being erratic and his tweets being,disturbing is actually scary so quick to,label him as having mental health issues,just by being himself he's always been,expressive it's not fair I want to take,a look at John Legend too because he is,very upset I love that great brilliant,artists have the power to imagine a,better future but artists can't be blind,to the truth Candace well first of all,John Legend has me blocked on Twitter he,and his wife made some very vicious,attacks against me before Kanye ever got,involved they said some nasty things to,me because I support President Trump,that's the only reason at the end of the,day I think that there this is sort of,foot in your mouth syndrome with John,Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen,they've been disgusting they have led,the pack in hate against President Trump,in so much that President Trump blocked,his wife because she basically said if,you don't agree with me I have the right,to bully you these are the celebs that,say that they preach love they don't,preach love what Kanye West is preaching,right now is love and Kim Kardashian is,going to stand beside her husband and,the father of her children I'm proud,very proud to say that I stand with both,of them so when you look at how the,african-american community has been,treated by President Trump versus,President Obama you know in terms of,support in terms of economic,encouragement in terms of empowerment,who do you think it did a better job has,done a better job I think President,Barack Obama did a better job at,creating a facade that's exactly what it,was it was a facade it was a mirage and,we were all dying in a desert is what,really happened okay he had tons of,hip-hop artists she had jay-z and,Beyonce there all the time be at the end,of the day what was going on in Chicago,nothing got better in the black,community in fact things got worse for,the black community he stepped out of,the office in the country had never been,more divided I never felt this way about,blacks and whites when I was growing up,in school but I feel this way now,because that's what Barack Obama,effectively worked on it was a way to,enslave us to the Democratic Party you,know do you think he wasted an,opportunity President Obama,no I I think that he never really had,power at the end of the day he never,really had any power because he borrowed,a lot of money to get into office and at,the end of the day if you borrow money,there the people that control your,strings on the other hand we have,President Donald Trump but he's,completely free because he walked in,there as a billionaire and they tried to,demonize that he became a billionaire,because of capitalism and free markets,things that we should be celebrating in,t

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