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Rihanna Was a Twitter Bully, Nicki Minaj Never Fakes a 😻💦 Calvin Ridley + More | Black Twitter 30wel


Updated on Jan 31,2023

Rihanna Was a Twitter Bully, Nicki Minaj Never Fakes a 😻💦 Calvin Ridley + More | Black Twitter 30

welcome to another edition of the best,series on youtube,black twitter man today we got a pretty,interesting show again i appreciate,y'all for joining joining in to catch,some of this craziness dog make sure you,smash the like button and subscribe if,you knew stay stock shop the conditional,love collection is live on,the link is in the description and,independent comments go ahead and check,that out but in the meantime in between,time let's get into what you hear about,the good vibes the good lives baby so,tell a friend to tell a friend let's go,ahead and let the fun begin first thing,first so rit ross is kind of becoming a,mainstay on this damn series because,this dude has something new going on,every single day so the big homie from,carroll city rosea is out here and um,he's showing y'all a little bit behind,the scenes how these little horse how,these little slurs reacting,excuse me,you see the lights on in the club i,tried to make them stay on the club,how much did we offer them to stay on,the club,100 000. we offered them 100 000. they,cut the lights on anyway it's the,biggest boss i want to party,but we have to go i'm gonna take a,picture anyway let's go hold on what you,want to say you want to say something i,can see it in your eyes what you want to,say,what you want to say i tell you,that boy what the hell bro,hey this rosie,this boy rosie crazy bro,always gotta pop the episode off with,rosie man carrot city bear next,story though all right so y'all remember,i'm delivered,y'all remember that dude,well he is he's still trying he's still,trying to fully,deliver her whatever he's supposed to,deliver,let's see if he let's see his progress,hey hey so i'm sitting right here right,and i'm over here practicing my,stepdaddy voice,hey north,hey,what i just tell you to do,sit down,it hurts donut looking at you yes damn,but yeah that boy straight he been,trying to bust down on kim kardashians,be her next husband so yeah he's trying,to practice on um,getting north,together is she acting up in a crib that,boy that crazy is there but appreciate,the laughs though i still don't think,you deliberate with all them s's the way,you talk a lot of asses my dog you might,need to go ahead and you know put some,ds on that put some d airs on there all,my music y'all know what i'm,talking about next story though so she,got a missed car from scam likely but,it's misspelled,this think i'm,you may need to sit here down to have a,conversation my g because something,ain't right there situation like that'll,have you feeling like this right here,i'm so done karen i'm so done putting my,emotions first i'm going to be very,nonchalant,believe that i'm going to be very,nonchalant,very non-silent very nonchalant y'all be,putting the english language through a,lot,through a lot i know i do too man i'll,be,i'll be he'll be making up though,i'll be talking like crazy,next story though all right so homegirl,right here i've never seen this before,men are not done romantically let's see,what she got to talk about right here,let's see what you're saying baby girl,okay so a lot of women are having an,issue because i said that men are not,dumb,i'm standing on all 10 behind my,statement because men are not dumb,romantically baby i'm not talking,intellectual i'm talking romantically,like i said it's innate for men to do,the right thing for the woman they want,to be with,you want to call her dumb because he,ain't doing what you want him to do okay,the women that disagree with me i wonder,are you one of the ones that really,wanted to god and he want you back or,you maybe was lying to you making you,feel away and you went off your feelings,instead of reality i haven't been there,don't think i'm i'm saying this to bad,she will come at you but i'm a need for,you to think before you type men are not,done romantically that's why when he,leave you he go get the next girl roses,that you've been dying for he got the,next girl of ring that you've been dying,for oh like i said men are not dumb and,i'm standing on there i don't care what,nationality ethnicity race wait none of,that men ain't dumb they know what they,doing it's innate romantically for men,to do what they want to do for the right,woman,i'm standing on it stand on that ,stand on that there but now that's,true man they be dishing back to men,like we just some damn cavemen,like we don't we like we have no damn,sense we can't think for ourselves we,just dick we just walking dick and money,just walking dick and money that's all,we good for just digging money but no,man we we know the we'll be doing,and if you know you ain't worth it we're,gonna deal with you accordingly for the,meantime in between time to be gonna,find the right dime next story though so,chick says tell me why he threw up after,eating me out,oh man blacks wouldn't be on one man i,love,oh,okay so this lady says my homegirl,called a man last night after the,function and said i'm coming to get you,be outside your place in 15 min

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okay so the entire calvin really,situation it was already bad enough and,i think we can agree on that however i,hate to inform you it has just gotten 10,times worse i'm sure most of you know,what's going on but for those of you,that don't to make an extremely long,story short calvin really he was,gambling on the games and he's been,suspended all this has been announced,today and a lot of people are shocked by,it but here's what a lot of people,haven't noticed they're not just,suspending him for one year that's the,minimum it could be longer i think most,people watching this you understand the,basic information about this story but,there's been some more details come out,recently one of the main questions that,everybody has is how is he placing these,bets and where is he placing these bits,according to the sources he was placing,these bets from florida on a gambling,app that goes by the name of hard rock,sportsbook sometimes in life i really,question how smart people are because if,he wanted to bet on games i just don't,understand why he would do it under his,name and he did do it under his name the,only reason the nfl found out about it,is because the people who operate hard,rock sports book they saw riley's name,in it and they was like what in the crap,is this so they reported it to the nfl,if you are curious as to why they,snitched on them or whatever it's,because they have a compliance thing,with the nfl where they see something,fishy they have to report it or they,don't have to let me put it in a better,way they're supposed to before we go any,farther i just can't believe calvin,rowley was betting under his name why,wouldn't he do it under a family members,i have no idea in total he wound up,placing fifteen hundred dollars worth of,bets and they were all parlays to put it,in perspective next year he was supposed,to make 11 million dollars and he lost,that because he placed a 1500 bet not a,good investment on your return that,alone is very intriguing at least to me,but we got some more stuff to talk about,adam schefter came out today and said,this on twitter multiple nfl teams,reached out to the falcons in recent,weeks to inquire about trading for,calvin really and each time the atlanta,falcons declined to enter in any talks,about good faith knowing the issues in,store for their standout wide receiver,per sources basically to dumb that down,if you don't know what adam schefter was,saying teams were reaching out to,atlanta and saying hey we won trade form,and atlanta knew there were some,problems going on about the gambling so,they didn't even entertain it but then,what do you know i think the worst thing,out of all of this is that calvin really,has responded to it and it's not a good,look before i talk about what calvin,said i want to make this clear does this,make him a bad person no and there's,definitely been some other nfl players,do far worse things and they've got no,lesser suspension i'm not going to name,off all the nfl players who have been,you know accused and even caught doing,things with lesser suspensions because,we know that i'm not going to sit up,here and you know try to name off all,these nfl players who have done bad,things and got a lesser suspension just,take a look at this tweet kareem hunt,can kick the f out of someone and only,miss eight games but calvin really gets,suspended for a year because he gamble,1500 makes sense lol there's plenty of,tweets like that and there's a lot of,people that feel that way and i,understand completely where they're,coming from did calvin really hurt,anybody by doing this no is it a,terrible human being act not even close,but here's the biggest thing and i wish,people would understand it sports,betting if you are a player in the major,leagues nfl or nba that is one of the,worst things you could ever do i've said,it in my recent video and most of you,should know this but the nfl major,league baseball nba they are big on,protecting their,integrity and legacy by not letting,players bet on games because it is a bad,look so to prevent that and try to stop,it from happening i'm not saying it,doesn't happen because i'm sure it does,behind the scenes but to stop it from,happening whenever they do catch,somebody the consequences are going to,be severe i love calvin ridley and i do,think it is a harsh punishment but i,think it's a good one because it's going,to send a message across the league to,show these guys hey we're not playing,around if you want to gamble and we,catch you you're going to be out of a,job for at least a year i like the,suspension because it sends a message i,don't really like the entire season,maybe 12 games or 10 games that seems a,little more fair give him another chance,it's not like he's been this bad person,throughout his entire career this is the,first time he's had real problems but,anyways getting a move on so calvin,really he had something to say about it,and he doesn't tweet a lot so i was,surprised when he said all the things he

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The Barstool Casting Couch With Calvin Ridley

The Barstool Casting Couch With Calvin Ridley

hey feeling and I'm healthy wealthy and,wise my friend bro uh we are them giving,you a hard time about about your car,getting stolen and so we had leave a,little surprise for you if you look out,the window there's a brand new Dodge,Charger right here for you seriously oh,it's not here yet but you're just gonna,have to wait a second because we have,that charger coming up for you rolling,but isn't that what you had what was it,challenging Oh a challenger I'm sorry I,charted the difference between the,charger the Challenger right no one's,even stealing a charger please say no,more yo so what is this week have in,store first Super Bowl week as a Prost,at a different scene than like when you,were you coming from Alabama it's like,you how many guys did you play with this,past year they are gonna be in a Super,Bowl,nobody from Alabama Wow so what do you,think that means I didn't say that dude,oh yeah he's a word you might name it yo,so uh we turn during the season,obviously you guys are talking a lot of, on the outside we are talking to,some some linemen in here they said we,don't really talk to my ship with the,guys on the outside or talking way more, did anybody say anything to you,that that rattled you and you want to,demand an apology or someone be like,that was too much man you need to,apologize to,was there any heated exchanges that you,remember like that player was really on,his game that that that came my talking,wise you bring up some personal ,like stuff you know about his sleeping,habits on how his toes looking ,they're gross man you gotta say whatever,you can again into those doughnuts it's,a fact go do what was saving like pretty,cool you ever see him out at rounders or,you know the wars,now Wow builder Wow,I mean we've been down there before we,we've been out there a little bit we,even experienced the light I mean we're,what's the outside bar that's right by,the stadium you can like kind of see the,stadium and like out back and go let's,go it's yeah so they were bad yeah you,know so on Thursday our on Friday night,rather we're having a there's a boxing,competition that we run it's like a hick,boxing competition like rednecks go,three three rounds just one round each,you know I swear to god we have a boxing,competition it's incredible it's gonna,be the best party of the Superbowl and I,want to invite you to it this invite is,realer than the car that's outside,someone get knocked out watch some six,nine truck driver get knocked out or,something so there's gonna be random,people just walking over no we vet them,beforehand but they're like they have,like grudges against like other people,in West Virginia and like slipped,my sisters come back man it'll be a,swell it'll be fun man dr. land will be,it'll be amazing,to say to convince you that this is a,good time no bone we appreciate you,coming through here man we appreciate,you you hanging out in during them up up,they're a nice town

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Calvin Ridley Twitter backlash

Calvin Ridley Twitter backlash

all right ain't no intro today,i'm not easily offended,i'm not easily angry about something i,see on social media but this has to be,brought up this has to be talked about,falca's star calvary falcon's wide,receiver calvin ridley,puss up a tweet saying football is life,and that whole comment section,can burn in hell,honestly like there's no other way to,pronounce it other way to say it i'm,sorry there's no other way to put it bro,this man stepped away for mental reasons,now,there was a gray area there was really,no description of what exact mental,problems nobody knows exactly,what was going on but somebody was like,oh,is it really it's football really life,and he replied saying you don't know me,which honestly like bingo that's really,the only way you can put that,everybody's talking about but didn't you,quit on your team last year you quit on,your team midway through the year you,quit on your team yes then the third bro,you realize sports,is not that serious,i gotta be the last person to talk my,whole wall,is decked out in pittsburgh stuff,the wall like in front of me right now,y'all can't see it but it's decked out,in houston astro stuff,but,i'm a huge advocate for mental health,and somebody who struggled or continues,to struggle with mental health like,problems,saying something like that it's just,like,it's really out opening for me,it's like,these are the challenges you face,when you,are,some kind of content creator or,entertainer or you just have a platform,in general or trying to build one,in my case,like the internet just don't care and,it's just like,i have absolutely no respect for,somebody who can sit behind a computer,screen,under somebody's post that they do not,know in real life and just dismiss,and undermine,anything that they have going on in a,life person,anything,and it's just like,like i said i have no hate in my heart,for anybody i really hope those people,heal,or get their eyes open,to like,the seriousness of what they saying,cause like yo,that's not,that's not nothing to joke about this is,like,imagine if,calvin ridley didn't have,the mental,help that he needed,i'm guessing he does,assuming that he does when he has,millions of dollars he can get the,top-notch therapist and everything like,that,imagine if he didn't imagine if that was,just,some kid you're bullying on the internet,you know what i'm saying,who knows what would happen and on top,of that going back to my sports isn't,that serious,case,bro you gotta realize all this stuff,right here this is strictly entertaining,bro it ain't none,it ain't nothing much different than,anime it's nothing but entertainment bro,it's something we all indulge in and,watch,in our in our spare time and our,downtime,for whatever reason for fun or because,we our people grew up watching it,it's just sports bro,it's never that serious,it's never that serious to where like,somebody's life,is just,like it's is,how do i say this it's never,that important to where like,somebody's life has to be undermined for,it,is what i'm trying to say,my third point my final point,how can you focus on football,if you're dead,if you're no longer with us if you're no,longer living how can you focus on,football,you get you catch my drift,imagine if it was,that kind of problem you know what i'm,saying imagine if he continued to play,through the year,who knows what happened just assuming,the words for a minute i'm not trying to,get kicked off of youtube but like just,sooner worse,for example,your favorite nfl team could win the,super bowl just very next year,would it make any difference if you're,not in the mental capacity or in the,mental health space on the right,headspace to enjoy it,let alone even here with us to enjoy,no,it makes no it makes no difference you,wouldn't be able to enjoy it,so it wouldn't matter,open your lives bro,i'm tired of seeing foolishness like,this on my timeline bro,i had bro i had to i had to get off i,had to get out there because i didn't,want to hold that i didn't want to mess,my energy field up like that,i feel like that kind of brought my,energy down like even reading them,comments,you just realize how hateful some people,can be on the internet it's just like yo,that's what they gonna do but,it's all about your reaction,let me know what you talking about this,video,you

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Atlanta Falcons Nation - Calvin Ridley Breaks Silence In A Tweet, Sparking Trade Rumors In Offseason

Atlanta Falcons Nation - Calvin Ridley Breaks Silence In A Tweet, Sparking Trade Rumors In Offseason

what's up y'all this is your girl miss,maggie t with atlanta falcons nation if,you're new to the channel please hit,that subscribe button so you won't miss,another post for me trying to get the 2k,out appreciate it now let's go ahead and,get into a little bit of this calvin,ridley talk as you guys know he recently,broke his silence on social media and is,leaving us all in a what's going on,frenzy including um the journalists as,you guys know they're eating this all up,but of course you know i have to chime,in on my opinions of things as i'm more,of a neutral fan myself and i don't,overreact to everything now let's kind,of give you a history update,kevin really spent most of the 2021,season away from the team as he you know,stepped away indefinitely to work on,some mental health issues that he made a,statement on october 31st about,now of course there hasn't been much,information about ridley and his status,as of lately and it all leaves us in,speculation of what this may,mean if anything,now of course over a month ago after,blake was asked this question about,what's going on with them and he made a,statement he said,we love the young man he has had a great,history in atlanta we love him to stay,in atlanta whether or not he wants to do,that he may decide that he wants a fresh,start someplace else we don't know that,i don't know that i don't have,information to indicate that but we will,see how that plays out he also stated,that we've been totally supportive in,every way that we can be both,emotionally and financially and working,with him as well as his agent we'll see,but i'm mostly concerned about him as a,human being as we all should,but of course our fan base are so eager,like little kids whereas like please,please please please please give us a,lot give us something give us anything,but,honestly i think the atlanta falcons,organization is respecting his privacy,and speaking of privacy it just does,seems like kevin ridley is a very solid,person and if he's really dealing with,his mental illness,and like myself a lot of times we are to,ourselves and does kevin really really,owe us,any type of explanation at this point,i would rather for him if he is going,some through some things,take this off season,personally,and get himself together so he can be,back and ready to go now of course he,made some tweets about,you know,first he said that of course football is,life for him,now,of course everybody's kind of acting the,food what does that mean what does that,mean and then of course he made a,laughing emoji i guess because everybody,was freaking coming after him about that,little tweet there because of course,brian finnerman said well,is it though and cameron really said it,well i don't know you at all so,i guess he's just tired of everybody,bullying him,and,that left us to the imagination of what,this very last tweet meant i learned,from my elves so it's to me personally i,take it as if,kevin ridley,is reading your tweets kevin really is,probably if he is going through some,things,a social media a lot of time you kind of,dwell on what other things of you,and i think that those tweets and,everything everybody's coming after him,is taking his toll,now i would hope that if he is going,through his mental illness situation he,stays away from um,social media for more time until it's,time for him to get on and play but,maybe he is better and maybe he is also,i'm stating to us hey i'm alive i'm okay,i'm just making some tweets you guys,hello laugh out loud laugh out loud,honestly,we can all just speculate you know,that's all i take from it i'm the one,that just don't really overreact to,what's going on because even i put up bs,sometimes just to put something out,there it may might may not mean much of,anything so let's kind of give you a,little bit of um more from,what office smith had to say you know,they recently had press conference about,this and of course the question again,came about,and of course he said these guys who,cover us locally get sick and be saying,it but i don't have an update as it's,been for the entire,season of 2021 and off season and of,course terry also stated it's just not,something that we can talk about at this,point i understand the frustration from,everyone regarding the situation is just,not something that we can talk about,right now at the appropriate time we,will share everything we can,so to me,everyone's ups you know everyone's,frustrated with the situation stop,asking these questions we'll give it to,you when we have it and that's kind of,what it's been even with the julio jones,situation,arthur smith just doesn't play about,repeating and beating the dead horse at,this point,we don't have anything you'll get it,when we give it to you so,we gotta respect that we gotta respect,that kevin really just needs some time,if he's really going through some,things the only thing i'm concerned,about is,long as they are communicating as,they're stating they're talking to his,agent they're talking t

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Calvin Ridley will be ‘proven commodity’ for Jacksonville Jaguars | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

Calvin Ridley will be ‘proven commodity’ for Jacksonville Jaguars | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

foreign,there it is the announcement by the,Jacksonville Jaguars they have acquired,Calvin Ridley from the Atlanta Falcons,when I got the text message from one of,our writers at PFT that Calvin Ridley,had been traded to the Jaguars I'm,thinking Calvin Ridley Calvin Ridley why,does that name sound familiar oh yes,Calvin Ridley the guy who got suspended,for at least a year for God forbid,picking up his cell phone device,playing a legal parlay when he wasn't,even with the team,wasn't even around completely,disconnected from the Falcons on the,non-football injury list he's in a state,or a place I don't know if it was legal,is it legal I don't know where he was,I'm sure it was if he was able to do it,on his phone and yeah it's legal now,it's legal in Most states some states,not yet but it's getting there,and he gets kicked at like fifteen,hundred dollars not that that's an,insignificant amount of money but for,him it is and he gets kicked out of the,league for a year he's now a member of,the Jaguars for a fifth round pick and a,conditional 2024 fourth rounder he is,suspended at least through this season,he can apply for reinstatement on,February 15. I'm sure the conditional,fourth rounder is tied to whether or not,he gets back in so you know he's a guy,who's a first round pick he was the,replacement for Julio Jones promising,player the Falcons decide to move on and,the Jaguars get a guy that they can pair,with Christian Kirk and and give Trevor,Lawrence a little more help yeah that's,right they got a they got a lot of you,know young Talent on their team already,they can afford to you know ship some,draft picks out the door it's another,proven commodity it's another thing that,helps you know further along your,franchise quarterback and Trevor,Lawrence and you said it Mike I mean,Calvin Ridley before this suspension and,all that was really coming into his own,it was like one of the better receivers,in all of football certainly the go-to,guy on the Atlanta Falcons you know,another guy that really is is can beat,you deep great route Runner I mean he's,he's got it all I mean he's a he's a,definite number one receiver in the NFL,hopefully he's staying in shape and,everything like that during this year,but you know as far as as young as he is,and the thing that I do know about them,off off the field he's a worker and all,that that you know I think this is a,smart move by then again a plan planning,for the future and a proven commodity to,where you know he know what he is and,man you couple him with Christian Kirk,and uh uh and Evan Ingram and and the,ATN out of the backfield there's a lot,of positive things Marvin Jones is,getting up there in years so you wonder,how long he'll be there so I think,there's a lot of reasons why this is a,good move with the Jacksonville Jaguars,yeah and uh we assume Ridley's gonna get,back in it it really I understand I,understand it's a tough one right with,this one it's an important Integrity of,the exactly issue that it also oozes,with hypocrisy yes it does the NFL,making so much money from these gambling,Partnerships after Decades of shunning,any talk any discussion the NFL actively,fought against the states that were,trying to,get the Supreme Court to overturn,the law that prevented States from,instituting legalized wagering and all,the evils that were spelled out by Roger,Goodell and now they just ignore them,they gloss over them,you know he talked when when Delaware,tried to do this in 2009.,he said on the record that you know when,you do this if there's a bad call people,are going to be suspicious that the fix,is in well here we are and what happens,there's a bad call and people are,suspicious that the fix is in,it's that so so instead of fixing,inconsistency issues with officiating,they just kind of ignore it and it just,it adds to this perception that,something's not right with all of this,but Calvin really gets suspended for a,full year because he did something more,stupid than Sinister yeah in playing a,parlay on his phone which anyone can do,and again he's not using inside,information he's not even part of the,team it really is sad that it happened,hopefully he gets back in Chris sooner,than later,hi I'm Mike Tirico and thanks for,watching make sure to hit subscribe for,the latest news and highlights from NBC,Sports

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Calvin Ridley | best catches of 2020

Calvin Ridley | best catches of 2020

not touching julio jones but disrupting,the pass,third down and long ryan slinging it,outside for calvin ridley,and it's going to be roll the catch,inside the seattle 40-yard line to move,the chain,most intriguing division in football,ryan stepping up throwing past the,sticks,and it's going to be a catch ripped down,by,calvin ridley matt gono checks in as a,jumbo package,and they will fake it to gurley ryan,some pressure steps away throwing,end zone and it's caught hitting the,pylon and he's in for the touchdown,calvin ridley for six,falcons start from their 36 following,the missed field goal off the fake to,curly,ryan going deep for ridley he makes the,catch,inside the 10 of the five and then,forced out of bounds,without a huddle he has time,on the run sideline catch did he keep,his feet in the ruling calvin ridley yes,and ridley top of your screen ryan,for ridley who makes the catch calvin,ridley with a first down,inside the carolina 35 and a good,acquisition as atlanta went out and got,him,ryan wants to go deep,sideline throw and the ruling,is yes that's a catch by ridley,top of your screen with jeff okuda the,rookie on him,ryan looks the other way and,did he hold on right now it's patrick,robinson on julio jones at the bottom of,your screen,on second down another fake looking for,jones not there going deep up top,instead is ryan and,he's got the completion it's ridley who,beat,jenkins deep and a bomb to calvin ridley,what a start for atlanta,i mean i don't know what you do with,that here's matt ryan looking to build,just a little momentum,and that somehow gets through and is,caught by,ridley almost looked like he was going,to be picked again by jenkins,gurley in the backfield three receivers,set,ryan on first down fires down field,and he's picking would have been a great,play great interception,ryan on third down pressure up the,middle fires downfield for ridley who,thinks the catch,calvin ridley comes down with it for a,falcons first down,third season of alabama more than 800,yards all three years but seemingly,taking it to a new level this year they,work out of the,trick set here and russell gage throwing,indeed for italy and a touchdown,on second down another fake barrett,coming with pressure ryan gets rid of it,quickly,ridley in stride is the end they say yes,oh,what a beauty that's why because of the,run block it's a blitz coming,now they back off and ryan hits ridley,oh what a move calvin ridley,look at this inside the 30 does he have,enough speed,the 20. ridley is down to the 10.,the catch and the cut on a dime

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Who Were The 25 Players Drafted Before Calvin Ridley? Where Are They Now?

Who Were The 25 Players Drafted Before Calvin Ridley? Where Are They Now?

the atlanta falcons have been known for,their impressive air attack and star,wide receivers like roddy white and,julio jones but there's a new elite,receiver in atlanta,calvin ridley ridley has had a stellar,season and been on an absolute,terror as of late the falcons got a,beast back at the 2018 nfl draft but how,about those,taken before him first i'd like to,acknowledge that the majority of the,people who watch our videos aren't,subscribed to the channel help us out by,subscribing and joining us on our way to,100k,because it's coming fast and you don't,want to miss your opportunity to enlist,in the jd army,calvin oren ridley was born on december,20th 1994 in fort lauderdale florida,ridley attended monarch high school in,coconut creek florida coming out of high,school he was considered a five star,recruit and the best wide receiver in,the country while at alabama ridley was,a two-time all-sec member and two-time,national champion he had 2781 yards and,19 touchdowns in three years before,declaring for the 2018 nfl draft,at the draft the atlanta falcons,selected ridley with the 26th pick,he was named to the pfwa all rookie team,after going for 821 yards and 10,touchdowns ridley's second year in the,pros looked nearly identical with,866 yards and seven touchdowns this year,though ridley has been a different,animal,he already has 1 192 yards and 9,touchdowns in 13 games,in his last three games ridley has 395,yards and two touchdowns including a 163,yard game against the tampa bay,buccaneers,ridley is a monster but how about those,taken before him,with the first overall pick at the 2018,nfl draft the cleveland browns selected,oklahoma quarterback,baker mayfield mayfield took over in,week 3 as a rookie after tyrod taylor,went down to the injury he led the,browns back for their first win,in 635 days mayfield went on to pass for,an nfl rookie record,27 touchdowns he was named pfwa rookie,of the year and debuted at number 50 on,the nfl top 100 players list,mayfield had a strong sophomore slump,but has rebounded this year,likely leading cleveland to the playoffs,the new york giants owned the second,selection where they took penn state,running back saquon barkley barkley tied,the nfl record for receptions in a game,at the running back position with 14. he,went on to be named offensive player of,the year pepsi rookie of the year and,made the pro bowl barkley had 91,receptions the most by a rookie running,back in league history injuries have,been an issue since though,being limited last year with an ankle,sprain and tearing his acl early this,season,third overall the new york jets selected,usc quarterback sam darnold darnold had,an up and down rookie campaign but ended,up breaking,jet's rookie franchise records with a,57.7 completion percentage and a 77.6,quarterback rating it's been a bit of a,disaster since with the adam gates,experiment in new york donald just,notched his first win of the season,putting the jets at a nice,one in 13. ohio state cornerback denzel,ward was taken forth by the cleland,browns,ward was named to the pfwa all rookie,team and made the pro bowl he has,continued to blossom into a good pro,cornerback leading the way on a dominant,browns defense,with the fifth overall pick the denver,broncos selected nc state linebacker,bradley chubb,chuck played in every game as a rookie,recording an impressive 12 sacks he was,the defensive rookie of the month in,october and was named to the pfwa all,rookie team,and debuted at number 82 on the nfl top,100 players list he unfortunately,suffered a torn acl in 2019 but has,recovered to record 7.5 sacks through,this season,the indianapolis colts owned the sixth,selection where they took notre dame,offensive guard quinton nelson nelson,was the offensive rookie of the month in,october and went on to be named a,first-team all-pro make the pro bowl and,make the pfwa on rookie team he was,named a first-team all-pro and they the,pro bowl again,the following season seventh overall the,buffalo bills drafted wyoming,quarterback josh allen,allen rushed for a rookie franchise,record 631 yards and eight touchdowns,the following season he had a franchise,record nine rushing touchdowns,continuing to establish himself as a,true,dual threat quarterback he made a ton of,improvements in 2019 and has built on,them in 2020 being named afc player of,the month in september,georgia linebacker roquan smith was,taken eighth by the chicago bears,smith has been a good inside linebacker,since entering the league he was named,to the pfwa on rookie team and pff named,him as the 39th,best linebacker in the league as a,rookie smith tore his pectoral muscle,last year but has returned to play well,this season,with the ninth pick the san francisco,49ers selected notre dame offensive,tackle mike mcglinchey mcglinchey has,been a good addition to the san,francisco offensive line he made the,pfwa on rookie team and has continued to,be a starter for san francisco,the arizona cardinals owned the tenth,sele

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