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Ghost & Soap Hidden Reference in CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2week,you guys see that Delta team tha

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Ghost & Soap Hidden Reference in CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2

week,you guys see that Delta team that came,through here yesterday,uh I don't think those guys would dealt,it,I'm pretty sure some of them are Delta,except for maybe that dude with the,freaky mask,I remember that guy he was totally,non-regulation man,oh you think what about that dude with,the mohawk,intercepts he saw that Mohawk guy ,slapped the d-boys on the shooting,course,Yes Man nobody's faster than Delta,nobody,these guys were men you should have seen,them,so whatever man Linda says a lot of,things,you know there is in every single,orifice on my body it's unbelievable I,swear to God I'm crappy Santa,did you get that stuff from your mom,low one tracing three miles before the,end of your Mac that way you'll know,ahead of time to reload,cool idea man I never thought of that,came home and his old lady was shacked,up with some other guy I don't wish that,on anybody hey I need an extra mag for,the 240. you got one,one shoot I got five knock yourself out,I'm gonna live you do what they do,careful Booker don't encourage him,we're in a tight schedule here LT,kid General Shepherd's been breathing,down my neck about the aplv but it's,just too slow for rapid response,you better figure out something,Lieutenant we're going to be swimming,across that River,so guys,yeah,it's crazy,with the beard,you got one,get back to supply Camp she was hot hey,man you get the word boom bugged out,yeah he lost his mind,AWOL you're gonna miss the party,get those letters see those letters,yeah work came down from the captain of,G2,camel spiders,crap going off at night I can't sleep,I got six months,my gaskets are blown I need new plugs,too,where the hell did you get that,give it to yourself Jackson,so wait dude,combat Jack what the hell is that what,what are you crazy,are you like in the middle of a battle,show up in track suits expecting to uh,you know shoot people in the face I,don't know what these guys are thinking,these guys are like kids most of them,were like you know shooting their,neighbors and all of a sudden they want,to be policemen it's ridiculous,no ammo no armor,that's why I'm a cold-blooded,carnivorous Warrior bro like watching a,monkey trying to screw a football,foreign

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10 Best Guns You Have To Use Right Now (Season 1 Update)

10 Best Guns You Have To Use Right Now (Season 1 Update)

the patch for season 1 2023 came out a,lot earlier than expected for Garena,that means you guys got a lot of time to,Master Your Weapons of choice before the,ranked season resets sorry Global,players at number 10 we still have the,XPR SKS and SVD uses the XBR if you want,to rush doesn't perform as good as the,SVD when it comes to holding Lanes but,you'll do well if you're an aggressive,sniper thanks to its Mobility being the,best among all the snipers in the game,along with a really fast fire rate if,you still want to play aggressive,without being able to play Passive you,can put the SKS in your loadouts it's,not the easiest gun to handle in fact,probably one of the hardest guns to deal,with but if you're able to use it,correctly it might be the best gun you,can use right now for more passive,players SVD is the semi-auto sniper,rifle for you its ability to spam shots,make up for its slow Mobility making it,the perfect choice for Passive players,here are the builds for these guns,foreign,spot we have the new debuffed drh in the,past the biggest problem you'll have,using the drh is its BSA but guess what,it received a 25 bullet spread accuracy,buff and you can now fully enjoy its 22,meters of three shot potential if you're,able to hit the chest or the arms,consistently that with easy to control,recoil and really low Flinch make the,drh belong to the top 10. here's the,build we use for it you can also switch,the granulated grip tape for a ranger,Barrel if you need more range at number,eight is the M13 probably one of the,easiest guns if not the easiest gun to,use in game it receives some Buffs,notably Flinch reduction and a Reload,speed buff for players New or Old it's,an easy recommendation here are the two,recommended builds for the M13,foreign,compared to the holder it's sort of an,aggressive lmg if you move around a lot,it's gonna be fun to use with Chopper's,huge mag size and fast Mobility thanks,to the heavy handle here's the,recommended build for the chopper,we have both the switchblade X9 and the,mx9 at number six having similar stats,with each other you kind of have to pick,your poison go with this fishblade X9,you get bad BSA making it harder to use,at medium range or go the other way with,the mx-9 and get a smaller mag size,while having a weird recoil pattern,which downsides would you rather deal,with here are the recommended builds for,the sx9 and the mx9,after receiving a bunch of Buffs last,season finick remains at number five,it's slightly harder to use correctly,than the sx9 and the mx9 but way more,effective when it comes to CQC gunfights,thanks to a super fast fire rate a great,fire accuracy and very nice Mobility,here's the overall best build for the,fennec here's a build to tone down the,recoil this one's better for ads View,and you can use this to reduce the,Flinch but we don't really recommend it,there's the one at number 4 is the one,and only kilo one for one get it always,been in the Meta Even after the Nerfs,from seasons ago and you've seen Pro,players use this in the world Champs,especially with tectonic of playing,everyone of this kilo proving that it,definitely has its space in the meta if,used properly here's the recommended,build for the kilo one for one for the,third spot we have the cbr4 and the pp19,it's crazy because of the cbr4 is one of,the most used weapons in ranked right,now although it isn't quite consistent,as you go further in range compared to,the pp19 Bison bp19 does have a slightly,slower time to go compared to the cbr4,but it's three shot potential in its,first range is truly an advantage if you,ask me I'll use dcbr more for CQC just,because of the faster fire rate and use,the pp19 for more range fights here are,the recommended builds for these guns,for the top two gun this season we have,the Holger 26. definitely must have gun,in your Loadout because you get to have,all of these while only having to deal,with a slightly slow 80s speed which can,be solved by pre-aiming and a slight hit,Flinch which can be solved by the,toughness perk here are the builds you,can use for the Holger,obviously we have the creek 6 at number,one it has been a dominant weapon for,the past three seasons thanks to its,versatility and there's no doubt that,Creek 6 is one of the most diverse dog,guns in the game right now it can outgun,a lot of weapons and CQC thanks to its,three shot potential and in mid-range,because of its damage and its very low,Flinch you can even use it in longer,ranges if you want to here are the,recommended builds for the Craig 6.,if you could only use one gun for a,whole battle pass season which one would,you go with let me know down in the,comments below when I improve your aim,with one simple trick watch this video,right now thanks for watching and I'll,see you in the next one,foreign

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AI vs SBMM in Call of Duty

AI vs SBMM in Call of Duty

hey guys Drifter here and welcome to my,video about Ai and Call of Duty and this,video we'll be taking a look at the,various ways that artificial,intelligence is being used in the game,and how it's shaping the gameplay,experience from MPC Behavior to,character customization and Beyond AI is,having a big impact on Call of Duty so,get ready to learn all about it oh and,one more thing this intro was actually,written by an AI pretty cool right so,let's get started yeah so that intro was,written by chat GPT which uh wrote a,surprisingly relevant YouTube intro for,me and I thought it'd be funny to feed,it questions about Call of Duty and see,what it has to say because this is part,one of two videos that I'm working on,about AI the goal of this one is to show,you just how relevant human sounding and,realistic current language models are,and we'll be diving into the details in,the other video without some of the,spooky stuff so I had a whole bunch of,questions for chat GPT my first request,for chat GPT was for it to write an,essay about how artificial intelligence,will affect Call of Duty games in the,future and this this is what it had to,say artificial intelligence has already,had a significant impact on the video,game industry and its future,developments are likely to continue,shaping the way we play games like Call,of Duty in this video we will explore,some of the potential ways that AI could,affect Call of Duty and other video,games in the future one potential impact,of AI on Call of Duty could be the,development of more realistic and,intelligent non-player characters or,NPCs currently npcai in games like Call,of Duty is often limited and predictable,with enemies following set paths and,exhibiting simple behaviors however,advances in machine learning and natural,language processing could also allow for,the creation of NPCs that are more,adaptable and respond to more,intelligently two-player actions this,could make for a more immersive and,dynamic gameplay experience as players,would have to constantly adapt to,changing enemy tactics and strategies AI,could potentially be used to create an,immersive realistic virtual world for,players to explore in Call of Duty,currently many video game environments,are static and lack the complexity and,diversity of real world environments,however the use of an AI procedurally,generating an environment could allow,for a vast Dynamic world that is,constantly changing and evolving this,could make for a much more immersive and,engaging gameplay experience as players,would feel like they are exploring a,living breathing World rather than a,predetermined environment that wasn't,the whole essay but just what I found to,be the most interesting parts of it it,also talked about Job displacement for,developers it talked about character,customization and it interestingly,talked about support chat bots so I,guess when you talk to Activision assist,or whatever the chat Bots could come to,help you now where this gets really,interesting is I ask it to write,something about skill-based matchmaking,in two different styles this is uh this,one is kind of spicy because the way,these language models work is they pull,a metric ton of information from all,over the Internet and run it through an,algorithm that is so insanely huge I can,barely fathom the language to describe,how it functions in a giant server bank,somewhere to Output what it best thinks,a human being would say based on what,other human beings have right given,written given similar words and prompts,so I asked chat GPT to write a 100 Word,essay about why Call of Duty players,don't like skill based matchmaking and,this is what it had to say there are a,number of reasons why some Call of Duty,players may not like skill based,matchmaking or better known as sbmm one,common concern is that sbmm can lead to,players being constantly matched with,opponents who are significantly better,than they are leading to a frustrating,and unenjoyable gameplay experience,another concern is that skill-based,matchmaking can create a more stagnant,and stagnant and predictable gameplay,environment as players are less likely,to be matched with opponents outside of,their skill level some players may also,feel that sbm,what a tongue twister is unfair or,arbitrary as it can be difficult to,accurately measure and compare skill,levels in a fast-paced and complex game,like Call of Duty chat GPT has written a,better and more cognizant argument for,why Call of Duty players don't like,skill based matchmaking than most,YouTubers and as a a little funny,experiment one of the things I wanted to,do as I asked it to rewrite the previous,request but in the tone of an angry,gamer who hates the new Call of Duty,game so now I'm going to be an angry,gamer who doesn't like skill based,matchmaking why did the developers,insist on implementing this stupid skill,based matchmaking in Call of Duty it's,ruining the entire game for me every,single match I get paired with these,unbeatable

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The State of Call of Duty...

The State of Call of Duty...

we need a ranked mode man give me some,rank play give me something to feel boys,I've got every game in existence rank,play I got mobile games that have better,ranking systems or just a ranking system,in general why why can't we just do a,rank system man I'd be locked on this,goddamn game I mean I love the game I'm,having a lot of fun with it but how is,Call of Duty the only game,2023 without like rank play bro can,somebody explain that to me it's a great,game bro I mean there is not a video,game title that you could play with a,controller that is as fluid as Call of,Duty and all they need to do is give us,some range play and this game,would be coded,people everywhere,was yeah man in the roof yeah,they're all over this wall on me,what's pushing you from behind what's,puts you from behind everybody I don't,have,damages,on the rooftop too I'm trying oh I've,got a sniper in this sub that not have,any bullets in it,foreign,forever since you've been gone please,come back home,we got one knocked in the distance,points directly to our left,nice job gentlemen great work I love it,I love it I love it oh baby I love you,baby,I want to be with you now to do,want to be with you now today I want to, uh I wish if I could if I could,do anything for a day like one wish,I wish I had the voice of the main,singer from Creed,well just go there,Northwest Corridor 300 Knox West,it's great comms,up you know I mean precise,Precision Delta Force,hello bud,then there was another team over here I,think another team up here for sure that,was on the UAV I forget which building,it was,I think it might have been the deeper,one,yeah there's definitely some people here,over,they just pop the smoke over by me yep,heard that sounds like they're fighting,oh they're a cluster model,nice shots,um I think they all killed each other,that match got the cleanup,I think you're right brother,that's a wipe that's the last one of the,party a shot boys I gotta sell frizz,finally,got an armor box,my belly button is itching hold up,oh that'll be fun,above a good old belly button pick,not it did you cut your uh your daughter,your son's uh,um umbilical cord yeah yeah that's what,it says are how nice and Squishy you,slice them both yeah slice them both,there's those rubbery yeah I'm about to,do that,bro,you make sure they take a picture all,right,pick,yeah yeah make sure make sure,the second time I'm almost gonna get a,picture I forgot and the wife's like,giving them your phone I was like oh,yeah uh the black site,a bunch of people diving around uh yeah,that'll be a wild experience I'm sure I,don't know bro you know what's weird is,that I didn't think I was an experished,person but I don't like the side of,blood but it's gonna be my child one day,so I guess I got it yeah you in the,moment gonna step up to the play You're,gonna be like this is all beautiful I,don't give a damn about anything they,come out all slymanship yeah you're,gonna be like that's my slime coming out,we're throwing up throwing out gang,signs,it's my blood,all right watch out to our left bro for,real there's more yeah they just bought,back at the center by if you guys want,to cross so that we get out of this,black side UAV we can and then just hold,oh uh in the water,on the other side of the bridge one's,knocked right here and then there's one,on the other side of the bridge on the,bottom,I Just Whipped I just got smoked,honestly,the rest are up the hill can you take me,higher,foreign,get ammo very good you're good I'm,chilling for now,I could have people coming above me now,honestly once he once he gets out I have,three shots on him yeah I think it's two,I paid it,I want pushing you in the smoke in the,smoke in the smoke I just smoked on,accident but that's okay,I knew I was gonna get pushed in the,back bro I said what are these guys, doing man,this guy just played perfectly under the,bridge and I mean I guess they knew,people were probably up here should have,just turned around instead of helping,apathy bro I knew people were going to,be behind me it's just me and my friends,yeah you got this I believe so you,got I mean it's a lot of 1v1s bro it's,like 2v1v1 this is easy this is a cake,right I believe bro I believe,absolutely,I used to go hard in the paint in my,mind's face dude I was slinging,I love Nate chat stream because there's,no ads bro I gotta get I Gotta,Throw Some ads at you guys couldn't even,if I tried I wanted to,can't have you guys having fun in here,this is a place for misery,foreign,how is ABS still alive,truly have no idea,it's all solos they're both ourselves,I got a selfie in the water,you're right,hey good bro I don't know how the, you man bro I just got back from, with the water nice shot bro I,feel like you should have died like 20,times

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Modern Warfare 2 - FREE EXCLUSIVE CHARM PROMOTION! Call Of Duty UK Twitter Promo! Soap CHARM!

Modern Warfare 2 - FREE EXCLUSIVE CHARM PROMOTION! Call Of Duty UK Twitter Promo! Soap CHARM!

yo guys what's going on it's Ace is here,today with another video in today's,video we are going to be checking out,the soap charm in Modern Warfare 2. as,you can see on screen I just redeemed a,code I will tell you how to unlock it in,just a moment let's head in game all,right so here is the soap charm we are,going to head to the firing range and,check it out let's see here man,there we go that's pretty sick honestly,so this charm you can actually get for,free and I would like to prepare you for,what you're about to endure because it's,not very fun to be honest but,um here's how you get it so you go to,call of you sign into your,account then you go to,redeem and I'm going to flash some,images on screen these images are from,the Call of Duty UK account,um I'm gonna show you the Tweet first,and basically the line of tweets that,the Call of Duty UK Twitter account put,out and then you'll understand more so,you originally had to comment a soap,Emoji you had to reply to them on,Twitter with it and then they dropped a,bunch of images with bubbles and there,was a bunch of codes behind the bubbles,now this took me about 15 to 20 minutes,to actually find a code that works and,the reason I stuck to it and didn't quit,is because with the number of codes that,are actually on these four pictures the,statistical odds that they had all been,used even an hour and a half after the,Tweet had been posted we're Next To None,because I think there was like 900,replies so I would say there's at least,a thousand codes here and some of these,are really hard to see so I just stuck,to it and about 15 to 20 minutes later I,did find a code in the mix that worked I,think it was on like image two or three,so I'm gonna flash all of them up I,would say maybe 10 to 20 of you that,watch this video and the people that,watch it first will have the best chance,um I'm gonna say maybe 10 to 25 of you,will actually get a charm now you have,to stick to it you're gonna get a ton of,code already redeemed and then you're,it's also going to tell you like the,code might not work you have to really,look at some of these images to see what,these letters are actually are or,numbers so what I did is I took a,screenshot and then I zoomed in it's,hard to see when you are just looking at,the screen that is not zoomed in so zoom,into these things hopefully you can grab,yourself the exclusive soap charm this,might be one of the rarest charms in the,game uh a year or two down the line,because this might be the only place you,could ever get this promotion and this,might be it might be limited quantity,that could be it so that's how you get,this charm for free guys good luck to,you let me know in the comments down,below if you snagged one I really hope,some of my subscribers can get a couple,of them at least that's what I'm here,for to bring you the news right away and,as soon as possible so hopefully this,video reaches you guys in time and you,can get one of the more cooler charms in,the game right now so make sure to like,subscribe sponsor and Equipment,description below it's gonna be it for,me thank you so much for stopping by I'm,out,foreign

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alrighty ladies and gentlemen hello my,name is Parker hope everyone is doing,well here today guys these lobbies have,been so very much sweaty here for me oh,okay we got switchblade let's go after a,little AFK men please go and die thank,you gobble oh come on,okay we have to finish this guy no you,are not throwing down okay uh,what did he get oh he got nothing oh,little krig okay this guy is just,straight up AFK on that team here but no,like guys my lobbies have been juicy,they have been juicy I know like I it's,the whole thing like bro Parker gets all,the easy lobbies not right now man these,are the these are the peak of sweatiness,here,do oh shout out to mansion,all right oh dude I thought that guy's,name was Pitbull okay we're going in for,a little finish like this,I didn't mean to ever go and drop my,krig by the way oh come on zip up Zippo,pure,yeah dude I need I need my Crick back,but oh you're down here,sir I want to go oh I just saw a little,little glimpse,okay boys we're going in sir you need to,go and stop I must go and perform raw,murder oh all right that's like a sniper,lador there is a hundred percent of dude,that's up on my roof right now this,dude's right up here,beautiful oh another dude closer,hey,oh I'm so greedy I am so greedy,we're not doing that,oh man you know what but here oh he's,popping a full juice yo,what oh man bro I am being so risky,right now but like surprisingly it's,going and paying off like one of these,days I'm just gonna go and die by that,here man and this guy might be doing oh,yeah he's 100 doing the more resin going,on sir,dirt you will have to go and die here,unfortunately bro I need that uh that,gold damage mod here whoa,I guess I can I guess I can join him yo,oh yes thank you hey how are you okay,I guess this is still very much so a,spicy area oh this dude is also real,what is up with this 10 kills just all,in this spot right that's not bad,oh guys by the upgrade,dude if they were more out in the open,this would be so much easier here for me,like I'm down to I'm down to go back but,I want them to be I want them to be,exposed here like this guy going out,right that's exactly what you need going,on with the uh with the one hit vehicle,here you need to go and get enough speed,oh he is going for resi yes wait oh he,didn't fully die yo beautiful,okay this might be final guy here with,this team oh oh man okay it is so toxic,man it is so toxic yeah that was a,complete wipe there alrighty ladies and,gentlemen we are pulling for a garnet,that I rarely see people go and use and,this is gonna be a sniper here at that,but this is gonna go and be straight up,the Babushka man like oh and also okay,that's my teammate right like I own a,legendary Babushka here also it's not,called the Babushka it's called the,koshka I think is the uh pronunciation,regardless right like dude I see more,people going and using the XPR rather,than discard it and I don't think this,gun is bad here on this light it's like,I'm pretty sure at least with my loadout,oh bro there is a team wait wait are,these guys oh these guys going in for,little green,hey no,no babush,oh Babushka come on oh baby Babushka oh,dude that was like a 180 chest shot guys,like I think I might be oh no a little,Poltergeist okay here let's play this,semi-smart we're gonna go up,oh so that doesn't bring you no,oh my god dude this is so this is so,scary okay let's go run up here this,guy's right here yo oh,good,this dude's right here yo boam 144 144.,maybe I should I should really try to go,and prioritize fully finishing off that,dude oh,yo,oh hey there Buster how are you okay,okie dokie oh,hey Merry Christmas oh yes thank you,okay right like guys this is the sniper,so you obviously have to go in pick and,choose when you should go in and use,this gun also bro I am a hip buyer that,does not need to be on that oh no no,also I do oh bro I should really try to,go and prioritize like the headshot,because what that was a 180 body shot,like I'm pretty sure that this gun does,have one shot potential it's just I need,to be able to go and land a headshot if,I can no teammate,okay teammate died up over here on oh,bro he's like oh,this man's out of Zone here a little bit,wait wait wait,um like I do want to go and snipe a,little bit if I can oh this guy is right,here,yeah there is there is some enamigos,here in the area,a lot of guys,hey everybody,oh man okay that was whoa,what what what what what what what what,oh man like dude that guy would be a fun,snipe to go and do oh God,okay we are milking this wait is that a,dude out of his own Oh I thought I just,saw again,all right I guess we can try to try to,go in here like bro the angles the,angles are killing me right now there is,a tree,no bro this guy has a master pad,wow 225,no 75 I shot him in the foot I shot him,in the foot,oh God that is a very genuine real human,being with human emotions who needs to,go and die,okay,um I didn't know that this was that big,of a team,no teammate it's like bro I'm

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foreign,we can land here and my voice is barked,again,you can jump,okay then I'm jumping,oh my God,10 million people here,bruh,the man is drinking all my kids down,there,thank you,oh my aim,the revived flight will arrive in one,minute,I need to restart my game,because I can't hear them,hello hello,I need plates with you guys no full team,is coming,why,I'm coming oh it's actually not alive,yeah I see someone here I'm pushing,hey,oh thank you,hey guys,oh monster children,bro what the is going on,um,it's coming in,yeah bro,airdrop has been delivered,oh you're Dyson,correct on your top buff,he jumped,someone's playing checked,on top,your teammate is on the revived flight,engaging the enemies,the airdrop is coming,foreign,okay this is not fair,we'll just play in this game,everybody killing me with pump pump you,know,this is not fair,you're alone again,foreign,wiping them,one more on me,this is not fair bro,oh,please,come back okay,what the this,way no way,they said no no no no no,this game is not fair man somebody was,everything golden,don't I look,stupid,what,I need help I need help when you have,any help,it was nice to meet you,this is not fair,laughs,one more looks,are delivered,a new strategy,well it's gonna be killed continue like,this actually if you continue like I,have no kids I have like six minutes,you know,oh I'm joking,that's aim,no not here,I take some kill police,what's happening what is this round,has been delivered I'm not allowed to,choke man,foreign,eliminated,nice,what the who's talking,this voice,so many things,I'm not gay I have 30 kids and one kid I,need just one kid and I have 30 kids,he said why are you gay,full screen bro,I'm smoking rewind,I can't revive I have too many kids,not allowed to die though,foreign,okay,but zone is coming,yeah,bro you guys are fighting other side,yeah,the whole time right,the airdrop is coming,still on platform 14. put him in front,of me no oh my God,this one is coming,no,nearly choked it,HS,son,me down,foreign,vehicle is nearly done for,hello,I missed it oh that would be okay,thank you,hey,foreign,engaging the enemies enemy down enemy,eliminated,hey stop killing them guys,You're such nerds,don't care the last ones,foreign,foreign,42 kids guys,42 kills bro what Vortex are you using,uh I think the link finger Hicks,oh finger yeah I need to put my finger,into into your phone and then you have,the hex,okay but when you started to say into it,it sounded actually sauce but then you,corrected it go

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 New Twitter Account, Snapchats, & Project MKUltra

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 New Twitter Account, Snapchats, & Project MKUltra

hey guys drifter here today I've got,some more info for you about the black,ops 3 kind of teaser marketing campaign,they've moved off a snapchat and onto,Twitter I have a big update of the,snapchats as well and we're going to be,talking about project MKULTRA which is,an actual government program that,existed in the 50s and 60s to study mind,control and psychoactive substances and,all sorts of fun stuff like that the,game played that you're seeing right now,is me using the ak-12 G with a silencer,stock and quick-draw grip I get off to a,somewhat newbie start in this map,because i don't think i've ever played,hard point on grift before but i do pick,up and play pretty well near the end so,let's talk about this new twitter,account actually got this DM to me,pretty quickly apparently people stopped,Treyarch treyarch followed this,seemingly random account called at the,unmarked man and if you go check out,this account on Twitter it's very you,know in the script we have this guy,standing on the background you can't,quite make out his figures and he has,exactly one tweet and it says the,incident changed everything and that's,it again this would be kind of boring,easy to miss easy to ignore except for,the fact that treyarch follow this,account and I mean the actual verified,at treyarch you know developer account,with all you know how many hundred,thousand followers they have and they,were this accounts first follower so I'm,assuming this is part of the marketing,campaign the only one tweet kind of the,incident kind of hints to all the black,ops stuff and on top of that I don't,think it's fake because typically fake,accounts don't get followed by developer,studios and they also tweet out a whole,bunch of BS to kind of draw more,attention to themselves they're very,rarely patient like this account it so I,would expect to see more things from,them pretty shortly moving on let's talk,about these snapchats they have taken an,increasingly dark and unusual tone but,they're also starting to tell a story,they're starting to tell the story about,medical experiments about the human,consciousness about mind control,paranoia fear side effects PTSD all,sorts of things like that very kind of,creepy but I'm going to go ahead and,roll a big block of them here so you can,just kind of watch them they're a little,bit under a minute long but well worth,watching I am deeply optimistic about,these projects potential,of course the human consciousness is a,fundamental leaf unpretty following-,seizures subjects the to report is a,brief periods of impaired carries,similarly d5 complained of a decrease in,sub base fears phobias and even dreams,contribute to a temporary overlord of,our conscious Minds several subjects,have experienced fleeting bouts of,paranoia the duration of these episodes,can range anywhere from few seconds,through several hours subjects appear,unable to distinguish the implanted,memories from their own so kind of,creepy right kind of unsettling but it,is telling a clear picture of what's,going on with the black ops 3 story,probably has to do with the sort of mind,control the Russian implantations the,experiments all that sort of stuff,that's tied in with the black ops story,but i have a feeling that's really,eluding the project mkultra this is,something to where the conspiracy,theorists among you are probably more,familiar with the rest of you are,probably a little bit confused about,I'll leave a look at keep the Wikipedia,link down there in the description but,the TLDR f project MKULTRA is that it,was a sort of mind control program run,by the CIA and started in the late 50s,and continued until the very early 70s,they shut it down they kind of goal was,that they heard rumors that the Soviets,were invested they were investing all,these resources and psy ops and mind,control and that the Koreans were,experimenting on our POWs to learn how,to control their minds and brainwash,them and you know all these other like,oh the Vietnamese were doing counter,brainwashing techniques and this was a,time where we were very actively locked,in the cold war with the Soviet Union or,anything any technological advance that,they had going on we had the mirror we,had to keep up we had to kind of push,forward with kind of same kind of thing,with them anything we built they tried,to copy and even if we hear a rumor of,it we just throw like millions of,dollars of research money into it so,this was a project of completely illegal,some of these experiments were done on,volunteers and some of them were done on,unsuspecting US and Canadian citizens,completely illegally and the project,eventually got shut down the goals which,you can read about on Wikipedia are 17,parts long they're very some of what,you're very vague but I'm trying tldr,that too,they were trying to find substances with,which they could either mind control,somebody cause people to be disoriented,cause people to age faster or slower um,something that they could intoxicate,people almost

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