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Former Oklahoma player CALLS OUT CALEB WILLIAMS on TWITTERwe got some drama on twitter surrounding,t

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we got some drama on twitter surrounding,the oklahoma football team featuring,some former players calling out some,players that have decided to transfer to,other programs plus the latest on the,college football playoff discussions and,just how close we are to potentially,seeing a 12,before we get to today's video make sure,to smash that subscribe button and turn,on those notifications if you're new to,my channel if you're watching this video,odds are you're a college football fan,and odds are you aren't subscribed to my,channel so make sure to join the best,college football community here on,youtube also if you could take a second,and drop a like on this video i would,appreciate it as well it helps the,algorithm of the video and helps share,it with more college football fans all,right we're going to start off with this,twitter drama currently going on between,a few oklahoma players,this all started when nick benito,tweeted out his displeasure with the,players entering the transfer portal and,going to certain schools here's what he,said on twitter just a few days ago some,of these kids talking down on the,coaches all season now they want to join,them at usc a bunch of clowns oklahoma,don't need them now this was tweeted i,believe shortly after mario williams,announced that he'd be transferring to,usc after spending last season with,oklahoma now there are also a lot of,rumors surrounding caleb williams,potentially going to usc as well now,benito wasn't the only one that took to,twitter tulane transferred defensive,tackle jeffrey johnson who recently,joined oklahoma added a quote tweet in,response to benito's tweet he quoted,bill parcells saying losers assemble in,small groups and complain winners,assemble as a team and find ways to win,so although jeffrey johnson wasn't even,at oklahoma last season and he's not,even going to be teammates with nick,benito he's pretty much already calling,out the players that have decided to,transfer to different programs which,seems like a bold move considering one,you're transferring as well and two,you weren't even at the program last,year meanwhile things didn't even stop,there latrell mccutcheon who's currently,in the transfer portal and was at,oklahoma last season also took to,twitter anybody shooting slugs and,taking shots can easily hit my number,and say what they gotta say we'll keep,it pg-13 here mf internet thugs he also,had another tweet but took it down but,thanks to screenshots we got you guys,covered oh and one more thing all you,oklahoma fans can unfollow me with all,this annoying ass crying y'all are doing,i owe y'all nothing so i don't know,necessarily why latrell mccutchen's,coming in with this but clearly he's not,a fan favorite with sooners fans finally,to put it into the twitter saga we had,bob stoops who coached oklahoma for one,game this past season chime in and give,his thoughts he didn't say much but he,did provide us with this emoji so yeah,there's a bunch of unnecessary drama,going down on twitter between all these,players and it just seems pretty,pointless to me nowadays in college,football everyone wants to transfer and,i don't know necessarily why you can,fault them for wanting to leave the,program but i guess this all started,because nick benito had a problem with,mario williams going to usc,because i guess he was talking down,about lincoln riley all season and now,he wants to go back and play for him,that's the only thing that can make any,sort of sense in regards to this whole,debacle but even if that's the case who,really cares um i think this whole thing,is stupid but hey anytime we get twitter,drama featuring players for unnecessary,reasons i think it's fantastic i'm not,certain if there's other players from,oklahoma or players that left oklahoma,that chimed in and gave their thoughts,these are the only ones that i can find,so if there are any other players that,tweeted surrounding this drama let me,know in the comment section down below,if uh if we missed anything our next,topic surrounds the college football,playoff potentially expanding to 12,teams and just where we're currently at,in regards to that potentially happening,acc commissioner jim phillips detailed,his conference's opposition to the,playoff expansion during the call with,the media last week and he had some,pretty interesting comments to the acc,we don't have a college football playoff,problem we have a college football and,collegiate athletics ncaa problem we,don't feel this is the right time to,expand it doesn't foreclose in the,future about having an expanded playoff,phillips went on to say that he's got,overwhelming support from all the,coaches in the acc and said that this,isn't the right time for expansion there,were playoff expansion talks that took,place on the date of the national,championship but things broke down in,their meeting in indianapolis big 12,commissioner bob bolesby and sec,commissioner greg sankey were upset at,the result after months and months of,meetin

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today was a pretty wild day of college,football well actually not college,football but the news of college,football the main topic we're going to,talk about and focus on in today's video,is that kayla williams girlfriend yes,his girlfriend has exposed him and i,know normally when you hear people say,oh this person got exposed it's a rumor,or an opinion not in this case there is,facts and evidence to back it up we're,going to talk all about that and also,there wasn't one but there was two big,transfers and the fan bases some of them,are happy on the other hand some aren't,as always if you're new to the channel,or simply there's a ton of you watching,and you're not subscribed i appreciate,it if you join our family hit that,subscribe button if not that's cool too,and without further ado let's get into,it first things first that happened,earlier today a five-star running back,or former five-star running back that,goes by the name of zach evans he played,for tcu has announced he's committing,and signing with ole miss major and i,mean major pickup for lane kiffin,because both of their running backs if,i'm not mistaken they're going to lose,them in the nfl draft i could be wrong,about that i know snoop connor he's not,on the younger side and the other one is,eely if i'm not mistaken let me know in,the comment section anyways it's really,beside the point any time you can get a,five star recruit coming in it's a good,thing a lot of people don't know too,much about zack evans for the main,reason he played for tcu and he didn't,have an outstanding season it wasn't,nothing terrible or something to be sad,about but it's not like he ran for two,thousand yards when we think of ole miss,the first thing we think of is lane,kiffin and when we think of lane kiffin,the other thing we think of is great,quarterback and great offense i would,like to take it a step farther i don't,just think he's a great coach for,quarterbacks i think he's also running,back friendly here's why it's for that,reason exactly when you think of ole,miss like i just said you think of,quarterback play so that's going to open,up a lot of runs and opportunities for,your running back the teams are going to,be so worried about the passing game,you're running back sure he's not going,to get 30 carries a game but he may get,15 to 20 and it's going to be open lanes,and open holes if i was a running back,for that sole reason right there i would,highly consider going to ole miss let me,ask you a real and reasonable question,would you rather get 13 to maybe 18 20,carriers a game knowing they're only,gonna put five six at the max seven,players in the box or would you rather,go to lsu or somewhere else where you're,going to get 20 25 carries a game but,they're expecting the run and you're,gonna take a beating to me the clear,answer is ole miss you want quality,carries over quantity carries and also,you're gonna get some bubble screens,here and there it's gonna be interesting,to see how he uses i believe his first,five-star running back of all time stay,tuned for that next year moving on with,our recruiting news the former texas a m,quarterback zach calzada who famously,beat alabama and had the game of his,life he'll never play that good again,and i'm not throwing shade it's just,facts look what he's done outside of,that game this isn't me hating on,calzada but if you watched it and you're,an a m fan you know what i'm talking,about only a few hours ago after zach,evans made his announcement he announced,that he's transferring from texas a m to,auburn oh boy oh boy i find it so funny,you see all season long auburn fans were,crying and complaining about how they,don't like beau knicks and they want a,different quarterback and now they're,crying and complaining because they got,zach calzada you really can't please the,auburn fan base especially at the,quarterback position and if you were,watching the videos i posted 2-3 weeks,ago when talking about it i predicted,this was going to happen i said auburn,fans in a couple weeks and next year,they're going to regret hating on beau,nix as much as they did because he's,their best option right now am i saying,beau knicks was the greatest auburn,quarterback of all time and they should,have cherished and walked the grounds he,walked on no absolutely not here's what,i am saying and it's almost a life,lesson sometimes the grass isn't always,greener on the other side last time i,checked you're auburn you're not,oklahoma you're not alabama you're not,clemson you're not ohio state you can't,pick and choose which recruits you want,auburn is already in a tough position,when it comes to recruiting they're,sitting right in between alabama georgia,florida and lsu in my humbled opinion,and i even talked to an auburn fan,earlier today and he said the exact same,thing auburn fans are completely,unreasonable you almost gotta take what,you get and be happy with it auburn's on,the rebuild they're not an established,elite program just quite yet c

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Caleb Williams Just Made A LOT of People Mad Because of THIS! (Max Duggan crying)

Caleb Williams Just Made A LOT of People Mad Because of THIS! (Max Duggan crying)

look let's just cut the BS I'm not going,to say that Kayla Williams shouldn't,have said what he said about Max Duggan,but at the end of the day I can tell you,this much he should have kept his mouth,shut,at this point in time college football,is just literally exploding with news,and crap going on all over the country,don't worry I'm not here to talk about,what's going on with Deion Sanders the,transfer portal none of that we're here,to talk about something that has somehow,went under the radar I know a large,majority of you watching this right now,have no idea what I'm talking about let,me ask you a question you know Kayla,Williams right okay I'm sure most of you,said yes and you also know Max Duggan,the quarterback for TCU that has led,them on an amazing Cinderella run yeah,we gotta talk about them and some stuff,that Kayla Williams said to Max Duggan,that a lot of people they're not too,happy about for example check on this,tweet there's no misinterpreting LOL and,yes Max does have passion for his school,you see he stayed after coaching change,and is now in the college football,playoff Max one in the end you got paid,big difference Max represents the,Heisman better than you hashtag Max for,Heisman there's also some tweets like,this floating around and you're probably,also sitting there saying yo Matt wasn't,there crap did Kayla Williams do it's,not necessarily that he did something,and it's more of what he said he pissed,a lot of people off he tried apologizing,for it but many people out there they're,not going for it some people feel like,Williams he's just apologizing because,he was getting a ton of backlash or wait,a minute wait a minute my bad he didn't,even actually know how to think about it,apologize for it so I guess I do go give,him some credit for staining his ground,he doubled down on what he said,controversy or not we got to talk all,about that and also in our topic we got,to talk about in tonight's video is the,Heisman race the Heisman Trophy,finalists have been announced and I'm,going to tell you not some people but me,myself I'm not pissed off but it makes,no sense it's not right we're gonna talk,all about that I don't agree with the,finalists whatsoever all right Matt blah,blah blah shut the crap out of this,intro's already been way too long now,without further Ado let's get into it oh,yeah by the way there's a ton of people,watching this video You're simply not,subscribed if you want to be a part of,one of no no no no no scratch that the,greatest college football community on,this planet on this platform consider,subscribing we would love to have you,here y'all know what I say it's 100 free,to subscribe and you can always unsub,later all right now let's really get,into it,I'm just gonna try to laugh this off I,don't want to scream I don't want to get,amped up the only thing I can do is,laugh about this it's just comical at,this point and it's sad your 2022,Heisman Trophy finalists are Kayla,Williams CJ Stroud Max Duggan which have,no problem with those three guys and,last but not least,here's my problem Stetson doordash,Bennett are you kidding me Stetson,Bennett my immediate reaction of this,and I even tweeted it out there's no way,stretch a minute got named as a Heisman,finalist over hidden hooker there is no,way there's not a single person that can,loot me in my eye and say yeah Stetson,Bennett had a better season this year,than hinden hooker no way to go on top,of that it's not just hinden hooker,there's no way that Stetson Bennett is,better than Blake Corum the running back,for Michigan there's no way that states,and Bennett is better than Bijan,Robinson the running back for Texas and,I could continue to go on and on heck I,even would put Jalen Hyatt in Marvin,Harrison Jr the wide receivers above,Stetson doordash Bennett before I say,anything else let me make this clear for,all my Georgia fans that about to run to,the comment section I think Bennett he,had a good season this year but let's,not try to sit around and act like he,was making game-winning plays left and,right because he wasn't he's due for,about I'd say six eight good plays a,game and that's it he's nothing more on,his best days than a poor man's Johnny,Manziel to be honest I just feel like,they threw him in there because it's,going to get more clicks and Views,because Georgia as we all know they're,the best team in the country and more,times than not who does the Heisman go,to not the most deserving player but the,best quarterback on the best team in the,country this is how it goes let me ask,you a question you think if Georgia,would have lost to Tennessee if they,would have slipped up twice and they,were 10-2 Stetson Bennett he'd be a,Heisman Trophy finalists absolutely not,I'm going to offer you a different,perspective if the roles were reversed,and Tennessee was 12-0 and Georgia was,10-2 Hendon hooker would be a finalist,that's my problem with the Heisman,Trophy it shouldn't be that way I don't,care if the best player

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Caleb Williams announces he is transferring to USC | Twitter Explodes | My Thoughts

Caleb Williams announces he is transferring to USC | Twitter Explodes | My Thoughts

caleb williams is a man of troy,let's go youtube sports is life,welcome back sc fans and especially you,sc haters which i can imagine,there'll be a little bit more hating,going on after today please hit the like,button please,subscribe to support the channel let's,get into it caleb williams is a man of,joy caleb williams has committed to usc,the process took a little bit longer,than we all thought it would but he has,made his choice and his choice is usc he,informed wisconsin that they were not,going to be the place that he was going,to go to i know he had strong ties to,wisconsin um lsu again would have been a,good spot for him with,brian kelly but lincoln riley was the,guy it's a guy he wanted to go play for,at oklahoma and even though he might,have been peeved when lincoln riley left,oklahoma he followed him to sc because,he knows,lincoln riley is one of the best,coaches that can get you ready for the,league for the next level of development,for you to be able to be a pro i mean,once if you've got baker mayfield and,jalen hurts in the nfl right now i,started quarterbacks that is the guy the,premier guy that you want to play for,and once sc got him,you just saw things that started,changing this started changing from,mario williams to latrell mccutchen to,all of the transfers that's been coming,from,austin jones from,stanford is just so many names that,have transferred and just look at all,the decommits from oklahoma,and all the transfers to usc,look at all the future commitments from,malachi nelson it didn't even take long,it didn't even take long,so,sc fans,great day,caleb williams is just a cap on a,wonderful off-season,again i know i preached this in my,previous videos but we have to manage,expectations here yes we got you got,caleb williams,uh,you got a baby of defensive transfers,you got a bevy of offensive transfers,but what we didn't see was a lot of,transfers in the trenches we didn't see,a lot of,defensive linemen and not a lot of,offensive alignment because,watching usc the last couple of years,that authentic line has been horrible so,this year they may win the pac-12,they may even squeak into the playoffs,but,sc fans you cannot go into this next,year thinking that this is a college,playoff team because it is not there,they will be knocking on the doorstep,oregon has taken a step back utah it,will be interesting to see how they play,next year but,uh the,the pac-12 has been put on notice,lincoln riley has put not only the the,pac-12 on notice he's put college,football on notice a lot of oklahoma,fans have been talking trash,about lincoln riley about sc,and,lincoln riley just proved my point from,the previous videos you cannot discount,a superstar coach you cannot discount a,program,getting the right person,to coach their team,alabama was a sleeping giant for years,for years,next saving comes they're,back to international championships just,like that,lsu is a hot bed for,recruits a hot bed for,recruits,nick saban come they're winning,championships,they even won a championship with les,miles,they even won a championship with ed,ogeron,usc is a hotbed of recruits the state of,california is a hotbed of recruits the,first thing that lincoln riley has done,is he's shutting down the state of,california he's keeping all of that,california talent in state that's the,first thing that he's doing it's what,the,florida schools are are trying to do,right now keep those programs like,alabama and georgia from taking your,talent rich recruits that's the first,thing that he's doing he's getting,all of those,five-star four-star recruits out of the,state of california he's keeping them in,state and keeping them at usc,congratulations usc fans congratulations,you did an outstanding job bravo,well done,well done sc fans you were patient,you didn't you didn't let all the haters,get to you,all those oklahoma sooner fans that are,angry at,coach riley right now angry,seeing caleb williams all of their,future recruits going to sc they are,angry they're angry right now but it's a,great day to be a sc fans have a great,day have a great night,we'll talk soon about what sc needs to,do going forward and how they can get,that done thanks youtube thanks sc fans,have a great night,you

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Caleb Williams Tweet creates FIRESTORM

Caleb Williams Tweet creates FIRESTORM

if you tweet we talk about it sorry,caleb williams cue the intro,alright guys i'm here to talk about not,just a single caleb williams tweet but,some context what went behind this tweet,before we even get into that i have to,show you guys something this is,ridiculous definitely at arkansas,baseball game raccoon running through,the stands go hogs if this isn't,arkansas i don't know what it is and i,can say that because i lived in arkansas,for a while along with alabama this is,one of the funniest things i've seen in,a long time on twitter,my god people but either way let's move,into caleb,caleb williams and what he tweeted all,right let's move into today's topic and,show you guys the tweet that caleb,williams put out that has basically the,entire social media and twitter and,facebook and everybody that's in a,firestorm right now what i'm gonna get,what i'm gonna do is actually give you,my initial face value to the tweet and,how i'd react to it and then go into a,little bit of context and show you what,caleb williams was actually reacting to,because most people aren't given any,context to what he was actually talking,about whether that will change your mind,or not most likely not but i'll at least,deep dive a little bit more for you guys,so that being said caleb williams,decides to tweet out about the 24 7,sports article written about him which,i'm about to show after this so,indeed lol can't win with the internet,but these sites like 24 7 that need,attention and activity aren't helping it,so what they do is paint a bad image to,get more clicks like if you're going to,be doing that stop writing about me and,i don't need or want the attention,thanks kissy heart emoji i love the,kissy heart emoji at the end,clearly you're not wanting attention,right so initial initial face value of,this tweet is going to be this,you're clearly wanting attention,otherwise you wouldn't be tweeting out,something like this with capital letters,and emojis crying and throwing out,hearts and talking about 24 7.,because i don't know if caleb williams,knows this but 24 7 on three,s-i bleacher report espn cbs sports,their job is to talk about you as an,athlete you as a college football player,you have people designed that are,literally their sole job is to talk,about oklahoma football you already know,this everybody knows this usc football,whatever it may be so when you talk,about things like this the initial thing,they're going to do is find a way to a,grill you into the ground or b be,positive about it look not every 24 7,article written is going to be negative,but when you cast a negative light,you will receive that negative light in,return and that's just kind of what,happens here look you followed lincoln,from oklahoma to usc i'm not saying that,was a bad thing or an incorrect decision,i don't cast judgment upon you for that,because i'm not a football player i,don't know how i'd react to that lincoln,riley catches a lot of heat from,oklahoma fans we all know this for,leaving and going to uh to the usc,trojans for the way he did it right,that's what most people say and he even,kind of admitted it without admitting it,in that apology letter so we know that,much now most oklahoma fans i talked to,and i talked to a lot of them,actually appreciated caleb williams for,what he did and they actually have no,ill will feelings towards him whatsoever,so,i feel like this is kind of a shot of,him trying to,make sure that his image is staying,clean and not being cast upon like,basically lincoln was leaving oklahoma,to usc and i don't think he realizes,that's not the case at all like,all of us fans that read these 24 7,articles an author we we formulate our,own opinion me as a youtuber talking,about this,i formulate my own opinion right that's,the whole point of starting a youtube,channel you you give your honest opinion,that's what it should be,whether it's positive or negative but,what we're not going to do is sit here,and pamper somebody because they don't,want the attention but when you sign an,nile deal for hundreds of thousands or,millions of dollars,what are they paying you for they're,paying you not just for the influence,they're paying you for the attention you,create because that attention creates,dollars for them and you sign that,contract saying you would provide that,attention,so that's the context i'm really wanting,to talk about here because you talk,about not wanting attention well without,without that attention you wouldn't,signing an iowa deal you wouldn't be at,usc most likely without that attention i,wouldn't say not at usc but i'll say you,won't have the lucrative nil deals you,would have without the attention we all,know that when you went to oklahoma and,you wanted to be a star quarterback did,you not think there wouldn't be any,attention when you go to usc left,oklahoma knowing lincoln riley was,torched leaving oklahoma to go to usc,did you think there was really no,attention behind that come on now,i mean no don't treat fan

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things are getting really interesting,not just with kayla williams in oklahoma,we got to talk about that and the rumors,going on but they're getting interesting,when an oklahoma player who has called,out kayla williams and some of his,teammates and according to the oklahoma,player himself he's not calling him out,he's telling the truth i don't know if,oklahoma likes to be in the drama if,they enjoy it or what it is but for the,past what is it five six months they've,been in it non-stop they've been the,talk of college football and it hasn't,been for good things we got a lot of,stuff to talk about and a lot of,interesting topics to get into as always,if you're new to the channel i'd,appreciate if you join our family hit,that subscribe button and leave a like,for more really helps out the channel,and it also motivates me whenever we,gain new subscribers and without further,ado let's get into it,before we get into the juicy stuff and,the real drama i want to bring this up,even to this day on twitter there's,almost a thousand tweets a day talking,about kayla williams and what's he going,to do today there wasn't a major or a,huge update on all that but his dad did,say this his dad was interviewed and,here's what he said the nfl not the nil,is the guiding light of what the family,is doing does that give us any hardcore,evidence or real information not really,i'm still sticking with my gut and what,i've said from day one he's going to,lincoln riley and usc especially with,that quote if nil money isn't the,biggest factor then usc probably is your,best bet considering they have lincoln,riley but however for my oklahoma fans,there's a new rumor going around and,i'll just read it off to you a lot of,these teams and a lot of these die hard,fans you can join a message board of a,team and this is a rumor going on that,somebody said on the board before i read,this offline make this clear take it,with a grain of salt the chances of this,being true i don't know i just don't,think it's too high and you can do what,you want with this information basically,to sum this message up caleb williams,family is negotiating and trying to get,ownership of loves which is in oklahoma,if you don't know what love's is i,believe i'm not too sure but it is a gas,station so i guess i want ownership of,something like that like i said you can,believe what you want but the chances of,that being true is almost slim to none,here's my argument even if that was true,how in the heck would this random person,know about it last but not least before,we get a move on i want to read off one,more i stumbled across i actually,believe one of you tagged it to me or,sent it to me on twitter or instagram,but anyways and i want to clarify this,as an oklahoma fan he said quote unquote,my dream scenario is kayla williams goes,to ucla and tears yes tears is achilles,first day of practice he followed that,up by saying we get dart referring to,the transfer quarterback who wins,heisman and tebow goes 4-8 my immediate,reaction to that response and to that,comment was nothing i don't even know,what to say about stuff like that i like,to troll and i like to joke just as much,as the next person but what goes on in,your mind for you to think that number,one and number two to type it out i,understand dark humor and i've laughed,at some messed up stuff in my life i'm,gonna admit it come on now we all have,but that right there that just crosses,the line i don't even know how you could,begin to think that's funny let's just,get a move on with this video and talk,about the oklahoma player who goes by,the name of nick benito calling out i,guess kayla williams and his former,teammates if you're not familiar with,benito he was a linebacker for oklahoma,and he just entered the nfl draft,technically he's listed as a linebacker,but he can also play defensive end and i,do think in the nfl he'll play more,defensive end but that's a different,conversation for a different day we all,know what happened with lincoln riley in,oklahoma he pulled a kevin durant and he,backstabbed the program he didn't only,just take a couple of defensive,offensive coordinators he also took some,recruits and former players it seems,like that happened forever ago but it,only happened a couple months ago and,right when it seemed like everybody was,accepting it and it started to die down,bonito brought the conversation back up,a few days ago on the 15th of january so,really four days ago he tweeted this out,and it's starting to get popular now,quote unquote some of these kids talking,down on the coaches all season now they,want to join them at usc bunch of clowns,oh you don't need them that tweet,somewhat not somewhat it did catch a lot,of people off guard and by surprise if,you notice in that tweet he didn't call,out lincoln riley and he didn't call by,on oklahoma's program he was calling out,the oklahoma players that were leaving,oklahoma i'm sure most of you comprehend,it but he's basically saying a bunch of,th

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Exclusive! Caleb Williams Speaks About Josh Duggar and The Case On Twitter!

Exclusive! Caleb Williams Speaks About Josh Duggar and The Case On Twitter!

hello everyone welcome to or welcome,back to my channel tough topic my name,is brittany i hope everyone is having a,wonderful day if you are a subscriber,please turn your notification bell on if,you're not go ahead and hit that,subscribe button and give this video a,thumbs up as well,so do you all remember during josh,duggar's trial the defense was posting,blame on a boy named caleb williams who,happened to be a family friend of the,duggars well he is now speaking out in a,series of tweets days before josh's,sentencing,before i get into those tweets i do want,to give you a little bit of a backstory,of who he is and why josh is pointing,the finger at him,so caleb williams was around the family,since about 2015 and even sparked,romance rumors with janna,so basically they were spotted out to,dinner with the family back in 2017 on,the show counting on,caleb went on several miss mission trips,which is how he was linked to the,duggars but in 2018 caleb was in his own,bundle of trouble with the law when he,was arrested for aggravated s a in,illinois his bill was set at 50 000,and his mother posted his bond after,caleb only spent one night behind bars,in 2020 he was sentenced to 62 days in,logan county and 18 months probation so,during his time that he was out waiting,for his trial he was employed at,wholesale motor,in 2019 which is where josh sold cars,and caleb shared um in an alleged email,that he was asked to run the back ends,of some of their social media to help,josh sell cars,during trial josh claimed that caleb was,working at the lot on the days between,may 8 and may 11th,which was when all of that craziness,disgustingness went down,caleb did of course deny those claims so,a twitter user asked caleb if any of,them reached out and apologized or,expressed regret over this tactic they,called it a tactic and caleb he actually,replied saying if you're referring to,josh anna or jim bob,no,he states yes i knew and i know the,duggars yes i was very close to many,members of the family there is still,periodic contact it was painful to be,accused by josh anna and other members,of the family as well as some of their,friends of outlandish claims,he also states that my heart goes out to,anna i've told her i'm praying for her,she is in a gut-wrenching position that,i do not envy,my personal opinion she has been,convinced that i did it the saddest part,of this,is to hear sitting in the courtroom and,seeing a mountain of evidence to the,contrary and seemingly ignoring it i,knew josh was being investigated for it,for almost a year and,a year and a half and kept the secret my,understanding is they did not even share,it with most of their kids,if they hadn't tried to frame me i,probably wouldn't have said anything i,love josh like a brother,and he also said i thought he had,reformed he needs therapy and help the,absolute lack of responsibility and,constant blame tactics sealed my opinion,that he was not framed they were telling,people in their circles that i did it so,here's my takeaway on this,um,of course we know that there's some,truth to every story and,i'm sure there is a lot of truth to,caleb's story because of you know it it,came out that josh did it,however,this person has been in his own bundle,of trouble of things that he's done he's,been you know locked up he's been,accused of things that you can look up,on your own that i'd rather not get into,just because this is more so about what,he's stating,about josh um,so,this man said he already knew about the,investigation however the,um jim bob and michelle were denying it,when it happened so,he actually kept quiet so i do believe,that he looked up to josh like a brother,because he didn't say anything i mean,this really didn't get out of what was,happening until josh was arrested at the,end of april,so,i would love to know you guys's opinion,um in the comments below of how you feel,do you think that um,caleb is just trying to clear his name,or do you think he's just trying to be,messy,so let me know in the comments below i,certainly do appreciate you guys,supporting my channel and i appreciate,you listening and watching and please,stay tuned i will be back for more bye,for now

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Caleb Williams on USC's football resurgence & expectations for Trojans this season | CFB on FOX

Caleb Williams on USC's football resurgence & expectations for Trojans this season | CFB on FOX

Caleb Williams has helped leading the,Resurgence of USC football and in the,middle of the Heisman discussion here's,my power player of the week,so a year ago you're in Norman Oklahoma,now you're in the City of Angels Los,Angeles a pretty Stark difference what,has life been like for you out here it's,it's been different to say the least,waking up every day in a 75 at least,outside and sunny and then being here,with Coach Riley and and kind of trying,to help bring back USC it's been it's,been a journey but it's been more than,fun I've been around everybody,um on this on this mission that we're on,right now you guys got off to just an,incredible start clicking on all,cylinders then Oregon State where it's,not always going to be easy and you,dealt with adversity you had the two,minute drill at the end of the game to,win your defense came up with big stops,what did you learn about your team in,those moments I wouldn't say that I,necessarily learned anything it just,kind of reinforced we went through a,tough summer a tough spring all the,workouts all the all the hard work extra,work in the moment you kind of you kind,of felt it all the fight the grit the,determination to to want to in in the,will to you know want to win and it,showed on on Saturday oh want to switch,topics just to nil and you've been,really a Trailblazer in my opinion just,the way you've approached this you have,a great team around you but your,approach has been different to a lot of,other athletes what advice would you,give young athletes in regards to nil,and want to be in your position one day,whatever the sport is in regards to nil,and how you balance that with your,performance and your respective sport,one way that I balance it is I have a,group of,people my dad included that that are,tremendous they help me out I don't deal,I told them I'm not going to deal with,much that's not what I'm here to do yeah,I get all the headlines but the people,behind behind the scenes do a lot for me,and so I always give them credit,um but the way that I do it I focus on,ball I wouldn't have the whole nil thing,or the Trailblazer thing for nil if I,wasn't focusing on ball I'm focused on,winning games and so that's where my,focus is when I have the opportunity to,to get some of those nio things I I tend,to try and you know include a couple of,my teammates or get everybody something,or anything that I can to make sure that,we're together because at the end of the,day I'm here to win ball games it's got,to be pretty cool when you give the,whole team Beats by Dre and all they get,pretty excited that's awesome hey we,gotta get this on on camera here so,fingernail polish this is your thing can,you give us a little back story of of,where this started from it started I'd,say now three years ago it was my last,year of high school my mom does Nails I,just started off there and she's done it,for my whole life and I never got my,nails done by my mom and suffered like,getting my hands done not getting my,nails painted,um and so it's kind of always been,around me and then,nobody else does it I like to kind of do,new things I don't really care what,people have to say about it but I love,it man you just whatever it feels so,every week it changes every week based,on all right man oh there's nothing,wrong I get I get manicures,this is my this is this is where all the,all the the gold comes I was gonna say,this this this hand right here this arm,is going to take you a lot of places so,you got to keep it looking good so off,to a great start what are the,expectations at this point in the season,for for you and the team I'm not putting,any big expectations just because that's,just unneeded pressure or anything like,that you need to think about you know,going 1-0 every week and if we go 1-0,every week,um,if you do the math it turns out pretty,well so,um not putting any expectations I don't,really have any but every week every,Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday and,Saturday we focus on going 1-0 and then,you have your 24-hour grace period and,then you start that Trend back over,every single week so I'm focused on,going 1-0 this week,um and and can't wait to get out there,with you guys want to know baby I want,to know heard it from him let's go Fox,college football is powered by Ram,trucks built to serve,hey thanks for watching if you enjoy,that clip make sure you click subscribe,somewhere down here from game highlights,to exclusive interviews and rankings,we've got everything you need as a,college football fan right here college,football on Fox

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