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How to Buy Twitter Followers - Best SM Panel for buying Twitter Followers in 2022hi guys the fact th

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

How to Buy Twitter Followers - Best SM Panel for buying Twitter Followers in 2022

hi guys the fact that you're watching,this video means that you want to or are,already taking growing on Twitter,seriously in order to maximize your,potential for growth it's critical that,you know how to buy Twitter followers,and it's one of the most effective ways,to boost your growth and get ahead of,the competition,Twitter is one of the oldest most,established social media platforms,around founded in 2006 Twitter is known,as the central Hub of the internet for,connecting with people and sharing ideas,with the world,why it's important to have real Twitter,followers,as mentioned Twitter Instagram and other,platforms have grabbed the spotlight in,regards to the social media landscape so,it may seem that Twitter is becoming,obsolete however that's not the case at,all as Twitter's 2022 statistics reports,show it's reported that Twitter has 217,million daily active users over 300,million monthly active users and,additionally around 22 to 65 million,Bots,what's the best place to buy Twitter,followers,after endless hours of market research I,finally found the best website to buy,Twitter followers from after doing some,research I came across a post on Reddit,where someone had asked the same,question a few months ago I looked at,the answers and saw a recurring website,pop up called,I went on their website and placed a,test order for some Twitter followers,thank you,and sure enough I received the followers,they offer two separate services for,buying Twitter followers and or,engagement those being nft Twitter,followers and US Twitter followers this,allows social plugs to deliver truly,authentic Twitter followers that matches,your content and builds trust in the,eyes of both new followers and Twitter's,algorithm,for anyone in the nft crypto and web,free space social plug has been the,go-to place for buying Twitter followers,as the followers provided match,perfectly with the niche the buyers in,now with the option of buying US Twitter,followers anyone that wants to grow an,audience in the US can help get a long,lasting boost for skyrocketing their,profile on their website you can find,nft Twitter followers in different size,packages from 100 to 5000 followers and,US Twitter followers packages up to 10K,followers,the price of a follower varies from,package to package but can get as low as,15 cents they also offer a variety of,different services for YouTube Instagram,Discord openc and Reddit the best part,is that you don't even have to make an,account you can place an order,social plugs client portal also makes it,easy to purchase Twitter engagement,together with Twitter followers to,ensure that your profile looks authentic,and trustworthy,as always drop a like or comment if you,enjoyed this video and be sure to hit,the Subscribe button for more content,like this peace,foreign

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so as you can see i have nothing posted,right now i have zero followers and i,have one following which is madison beer,because,she's the only girl at sim four oh and,zendaya what am i doing,i forgot about zendaya oh my god,hey what's up guys so today's videos,will be very similar to a video i posted,a month ago which is the instagram video,where i bought fake followers but in,this video i'm gonna be buying twitter,followers to hopefully get twitter,famous but not also that i'm also gonna,buy twitter retweets for a tweet that,i'm gonna post to see whether or not i,could get people to visit my account or,to add on to the retweets to see if,it'll show up on other people's feeds,and maybe freaking get trending i don't,even know i don't know how this is gonna,work i don't even know how much,everything's gonna cost,i haven't seen that much videos on this,so i'm hoping i'm allowed to post this,if not then yolo in 2020 okay guys so,let's start off with my twitter profile,i put not jason creates,because i don't want people to notice,that it's me i don't even know when i,put,not creates i only remember putting not,jason crates uh who cares i have a,picture of myself,looking good looking good i don't even,know how i took that photo here's my,header it's from my instagram which you,can follow me at jason creates i had to,plug that in somehow,my bio says slide into my dms please,straightforward right and it also says,subscribe to jason creates he's cute so,i don't know who runs this account but,like he or she must be,freaking sexy maybe before we buy,anything i should tweet something out,and i wanted to tweet on this video,about these people talking,about the coronavirus if i get corona i,get corona,at the end of the day i'm not gonna let,it stop me from partying okay so i just,commented on the video,and i said i hope you hust up your pinky,toes against the table because these,guys are freaking,i don't get what goes on in their brains,so since i'm gonna be buying retweets,for this tweet i thought it would be a,good idea to tweet another tweet to see,if i could get retweets for that tweet,i don't even know what i just said but i,hope it made sense so i'm just gonna,tweet this out i like girls that like,taco bell unless you like me that's fine,too that should be fine,my twitter account is looking pretty,fire so now we're going to find,a website where we can buy twitter,followers okay so this one it's an ad,but it says,as 1252 reviews i can't buy anything on,here okay let's get out of there that,looks too legit i need a place where i,could buy things that look super sketchy,like right here buy,twitter followers with paypal it has a 5,rating with 200 votes,so it doesn't look super sketchy what,was my name again not creates,is it gonna find it,oh i did i found it okay let's see how,much it cost for a thousand,twitter followers 44.91 cents,so we might have to cut the budget a,little because 44 dollars that doesn't,sound like a lot but it's a lot so i'm,gonna be buying 500 followers i guess,i'm not gonna be twitter famous i,thought i'd be able to buy five thousand,or ten thousand twitter followers for a,reasonable price but forty four dollars,for one thousand how much would ten,thousand be two hundred,sixty nine dollars okay,so we'll just buy 500 is that okay i,hope that's okay it's just a test,anyways right so i already added it to,the cart but i want to read some,information about this website so right,here,what are twitter followers fast delivery,oh yeah wait it says the delivery right,or the 15 hours,so i'm probably gonna go to sleep and,then wake up and then refilm is tomorrow,no risk of decrease you receive social,metrics or products are going to,permanent on your i already found the,grammar error what the heck you are,going to permanent am i reading this,wrong what are advantages of buying,followers on twitter we have two types,of twitter followers one of them is real,twitter followers and the other one is,realistic looking wait there's two did i,skip that oh i did skip that so there's,regular twitter followers and real,so how much would real be it's the same,price come on i add this to the card,instead so i'm gonna read reviews i did,this for instagram too and the reviews,on there were super weird,so i want to see if there's anything,sketchy on here are there any discount,coupons other than the green box i'll,hook up a couple of my buddies thank,y'all what a good friend quick question,what would i do with 10k followers that,i just got,lol need some advice folks what dude,this guy is loki flexing he bought 10,000 followers why would you do that,there's 200 ratings why is there only,this much reviews i think i'm gonna get,robbed here guys,so i think i'm gonna buy a thousand,retweets and 500 followers oh this,product,is temporarily unavailable so i had to,find another website for twitter,retweets okay so since i can't buy,twitter retweets on this website i'm,gonna have to buy it on this website,that i j

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THIS Grows Twitter Followings 10x Faster

THIS Grows Twitter Followings 10x Faster

you just posted another tweet to your,nfc twitter account to sit back and once,again watch it get zero engagement,whilst everyone else on your timeline,seems to be flying and it feels like,this growing of following malarkey is,gonna take forever but it doesn't have,to be this way so in this video i'm,going to show you what the fastest,growing accounts in the space do to,turbo charge their growth and then i'm,going to give you something they're not,doing that's only for the brave but when,i tested it for myself my tweet got 800,more reach than normal so let's get,stuck in by looking at a very,fast-growing twitter account who does,this amazingly well to start let's look,at these tweets from mattie and how many,likes comments and retweets they have,compared to these tweets which have way,less so why do some of his tweets do,better than others well it's all down to,three things in particular the first one,breaks the mould and the whole entire,point of twitter twitter was built so,that people could quickly throw up,opinions and news in 280 characters but,this created a problem very hard to,build value with lightweight content so,to get around this the fastest growing,accounts in the space don't just tweet a,sentence they tweet a book look at this,this is one of those really high,performing tweets matty put out there's,like 26 tweets that form part of it to,do this for yourself when you tweet push,the plus button and it allows you to,write another tweet as part of a thread,and a thread is the term for this but,the reason these threads often perform,so well is simply because of what works,in content marketing and that is quality,over quantity now don't get me wrong the,fastest growing accounts in the space,also interact with the platform 250,times a day which is crazy but the first,thing to think about if you really want,to grow your account and get more reach,and comments and likes is how much,quality information can i present in a,tweet that my audience would find,interesting and useful i'll leave some,links to some awesome threads for you to,check out below which segues us on,nicely to the second thing that really,makes an account pop and it's often,something that stops people from posting,content so when someone reads something,they are not sitting there going come on,hotshot prove to me how smart you are,with your tweet they literally give,zeros about your brain capacity what,they are doing is saying go on make me,feel smart and across every platform,ever the content that achieves this,always does better than the content,where the creator is attempting to make,themselves look like a genius so you do,not have to be the brainiest expert on a,topic to post tweets what you have to be,is the person who writes threads in a,way that is super easy to understand and,allows the reader to come away feeling,like they are the smart ones and it's,what a lot of these giant accounts who,grow like crazy are very good at they,break everything down to a level anyone,could understand and write in a,conversational tone that's super easy to,follow the next thing is very powerful,and it's the first mistake you as a,thread writer will fall into so let me,explain it by telling you the punch line,to a joke and then telling you the joke,okay here's the punch line i don't know,but the flag is a big plus and the joke,is what's the best thing about,switzerland it doesn't work does it it,loses all him,i just got it you lose all the impact of,a joke when you lead with the punch line,and the same is true for writing,anything and this is why you should not,lead with your main point in your thread,but unpack the story and then reveal it,later on or the final piece of the,puzzle of a section i'll give you an,example in a second when you do this,well it means a reader will progress,further down your tweets and it gives,twitter the signs to want to show more,people your content,so this is how not to do it i've written,a thread where i give you the punchline,first it reads these are the top five,mistakes that stop nft artists making,sales number one they sell too much in,their tweets whatever you do don't sell,the second you come on twitter people,hate it and it will probably have the,opposite effect can you see what,happened there when someone leads with,the point you don't actually need any of,the information that comes after so the,reader loses attention because it gets,boring think about when you watch a,murder mystery film if they started it,by pointing out who the murderer was and,then said okay let's see how they did it,it's gonna be a dull watch you really,won't care about the end part of the fun,of the story is that the viewers are,active in always trying to work out what,might happen whilst trying to find,meaning in every part of it so you,rewrite it like this and this is a super,basic example by the way for any writers,out there no need to troll me in the,comments i'm aware it's not,dickens-esque these are the top four,mistakes that sto

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I Bought 10,000 Instagram Followers for $82, and this is what happened...

I Bought 10,000 Instagram Followers for $82, and this is what happened...

in this one we're gonna become instagram,famous and we're gonna buy,some followers we're gonna get 10 000,followers by the end of this episode,and uh everyone's gonna know us we're,gonna be famous,so what we're gonna do is we're gonna,test out what buying,followers does to an account uh see if,it's actually gonna help your account or,what it's gonna,do i already think that when you buy,followers well i pretty much know this,but when you buy followers,they're not gonna engage they're gonna,be bots they're gonna be fake it's gonna,do nothing but harm your account,um it won't harm your account too much,it's just gonna make it so that your,engagement rate,drops and then people are gonna see that,your followers aren't active and uh you,they're probably gonna be able to tell,that you,bought followers which is not a good,look i don't think that instagram will,actually harm,the account a lot on the algorithm side,but that's just because you can,literally put in anyone's username,and uh get these fake followers sent,but that being said they do take into,account they send some of your content,to some of your followers to see how it,performs before sending it out to more,people,so if you're getting a bad engagement,rate off of that content,it could actually harm your reach of,your content,so what i did was i went ahead and make,made a fake,instagram account or just a new,instagram account i guess um it's pretty,bad,um i'll show the process of me making it,on the screen right now i went with a,super basic bio,a super basic name it's travel niched,and i only posted about,three pictures so the account is not,really how you want to optimize it,but i didn't put much effort into this,because we're pretty much just gonna,trash,the account with fake followers anyways,and the plan is to go,online look for a service that sells,followers,buy some followers uh wait for them to,come in on the account,and then assess if i have crazy,engagement if i have no engagement at,all,the quality of the followers if they,look real if they look fake,and just overall see what it does to the,account,let's go ahead and pull up the account,right now ig travel games i have these,three posts,i went ahead and followed 62 people i,don't really know why i did that,to be honest maybe to see if any would,follow me back but i have zero followers,right now only three posts i did post a,story as well,uh so this is the account so let's go,ahead and buy some followers and become,famous for this account,five followers instagram cheap and fast,we got,buzzing likes uh i'm sure these these,all are super,sketchy i was kind of looking at these a,little bit before um as you can see here,yeah you pretty much just buy followers,and they give you the followers can i,buy,ten thousand no i buy ten thousand here,no ten thousand for sixty bucks,high quality cheapest place in the world,ninety day guarantee instant exposure,yes i want to become a famous i'm going,to earn money that's everything i want,in life let's frickin do it,i went deep into the google search and,uh the google search results and i found,this,by followers great we got a ten thousand,dollar deal only ninety two dollars,that's,unbelievable i'm gonna be famous for,ninety two dollars,quantity i only want one of these why,are you trying to give me two what is,this,one update update cart,one of these 92 dollars proceed to check,out let's do it,yeah so look you could literally just,put in anyone's url at all you know,maybe give me your url i'll put you in,here,we'll get you famous so that's why i,think instagram kind of has to be,leaning on this kind of stuff,add 200 extra 50 off heck no i'm not,doing that,i can pay with bitcoin dude it's not,traceable that's,lit orders are completed within 24 hours,usually one or two that's what i want i,want fast followers i want fast fame,all right let's go ahead and place this,order okay so i put that order through,and now i'm sitting here,refreshing this page until i see all my,followers in the fame come,in um i don't know how long this is,gonna take,i did notice though something super,weird is uh,someone actually removed me as a,follower like you can go in and remove,followers,and make them not follow you and someone,did that they were still sketched out by,my page because i didn't put,very much effort into it they removed me,as a follower so that's kind of,kind of strange but then this guy yeah,this guy right here he liked my photo,so i got my first like on my photo from,this guy right here so i appreciate this,guy,liking my photo that i totally didn't,just grab from someone else,but yeah i'm literally just gonna sit,here and refresh this until,uh the followers actually come in and,then we'll assess when that happens so,i'll check back in when that happens,okay so it's now the next,day i waited a whole day these took,forever to actually come in,we have about 500 followers now i'm,watching them literally just trickle,in as you can see here all the fo

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100,000 Real Twitter Followers In 1 Hour | How To Increase Twitter Followers

100,000 Real Twitter Followers In 1 Hour | How To Increase Twitter Followers

and so you can see where we get more 10,000 followers hey what's going on guys,welcome back to my channel my name is,eugene and i'm social media expert with,11 years of experience and today i will,show you how can get hundred thousand,real followers on twitter in one hour,just follow my steps and you will know,how to get really many new followers on,twitter quickly okay guys let's go let's,open a twitter app i'm already creating,an account just for testing as you can,see right now i have a zero followers,okay guys let's try to get a first,thousand followers,just open any browser and open a, texter,social,booster,then open a social booster official,website i will leave a link in opinion,comment and this is the best ass-man,panel ever i'm using a social boost or,more than three years and i never had,any problems okay guys let's open it,twitter followers as you can see also,you can increase retweets and getting,hashtag into the trends okay click,followers and right here we have really,much options you can order real,followers fake followers followers from,united states only just up to you uh for,example i will order followers from,united states,i will order a thousand and just enter a,link to your profile twitter,dot,com,slash,and afterwards layers just enter your,username my username is big boy love,pizza okay,big,boy,love pizza,perfect uh i also can check a package,that'll start time is three hours,quality it's real users in speed 2000,per day it's very fast for real users,also you can check our last two reviews,best s mem panel ever yeah guys it's,true okay click order just enter your,email make sure you leave your real mail,because you need to confirm your mail,address after we create the first order,okay,if i mean,pasting,twitter,followers, yeah it's my uh email for,testing click continue and as you can,see right here is security cut by fast,printing fastprint is the most safest,payment system ever and if you will face,any problem you can just take some fast,spring support and to refund your money,just in one click but i never had any,problems with social booster okay guys i,will leave my credit card details and,click a pay our order has been,successfully created perfect guys also,we get a 10 percent discount for all,twitter services for next two hours ok,we can check order info yeah,let's check a twitter as you can see,right now i have zero followers and guys,let's wait a few hours i will back to,you when you finally get a thousand,followers,okay guys i was waiting about 40 minutes,let's open twitter,profile,and so you can see where we get more 10,000 followers just in 40 minutes guys oh,my god let's check a followers yes you,can see we get more 10 000 real,followers in 14 minutes as you can see,social booster is really working,yeah guys that's crazy i will leave a,link to social booster below in if you,need comment thumbs up if you like this,video subscribe to my channel and also,follow me on instagram i will leave a,link in the opinion comment thank you,for watching see you in the next video,bye,do,foreign,you

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as we can see we get more 10 000,followers absolutely for free just in,five minutes guys oh my God that's crazy,hey what's going on guys welcome back to,my channel my name is Eugene and I'm,social media expert with 11 years of,experience and today I will show you how,you can get 10 000 real followers on,Twitter absolutely for free just in a 10,minutes just follow my steps guys and,you will know how to get really many,Royal followers on Twitter quickly okay,guys let's go I tried really many ways,to increase followers on Twitter for,free but most of which just doesn't work,in also most websites that's selling,Twitter followers is a scam but right,now we'll show you the best way ever how,can it really menu real followers on,Twitter absolutely for free just follow,my steps guys let's open a Twitter I,already have an account for testing as,you can see right now has just 171,followers guys yeah let's open endnotes,and right now guys I will show you a,secret hack how can get a 30 bucks on,the best SM panel ever just use this,link only using this link you will get a,30 bucks bonus let's open this link,and enter your email,Twitter,promo at proton that's me and password,and click sign up,yeah guys we're successfully creating,account on a social booster as you can,see using social booster recording,encourage Instagram followers YouTube,subscribers Tick Tock followers and of,course add with our followers yeah it's,right here guys I'm using social booster,for more than 3 years and I never had,any problems let's just click at the,right corner right here and as you can,see we really get a 30 bucks bonus guys,oh my God it's really working yeah guys,let's open it Twitter,it's right here as you can see using,social booster can encourage followers,retweets also you can get your hashtag,into the trends but let's start with,followers at this step you can choose,the package you can order real followers,fake followers followers from United,States only just up to you for example I,will order,um yeah followers from United States and,I will order a 500 yeah just enter a,username,add,forming,love pizza,you can check a package that will start,time is three hours but usually it's,instant,um also speed 2000 per day yeah it's not,so fast because it's a real followers if,you will order fake followers speed will,be about 20 000 per day also we can,check the last reviews best smile ever,the I guess that's true okay as you can,see I have 500 real followers from,United States will because just 30 bucks,click order yeah guys order has been,created also we get a 10 percent,discount for all Twitter services for,next few hours right now guys we need,just up to wait,um about 30 minutes I will wake you when,you finally get a 500 neural followers,okay guys I was waiting about five,minutes let's open it Twitter and check,for updates and as you can see we get,more 10 000 followers absolutely for,free just in five minutes guys oh my God,that's crazy we get a really natural,followers as you can see social booster,is really working yeah guys we get a lot,of followers,oh my God guys more than thousand,followers just in five minutes I will,leave it into social booster Below in a,peanut comment thumbs up if you like,this video subscribe to my channel and,also follow me on Instagram I will link,an Infinity comment thank you for,watching see you next video bye

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How we got 5000 Twitter Followers in less than 48 HOURS ORGANICALLY....

How we got 5000 Twitter Followers in less than 48 HOURS ORGANICALLY....

everyone's talking about nfts,non-fungible tokens garyvee is talking,about nfts logan paul has this crypto,punk necklace now he's talking about,crypto punks eric i'm telling you that,right now our sister youtube channel,eric sue he owns a crypto punk and a,cool cat but this video is not about,what are nfts this video is about how we,launched our nft project betty's and got,5 000 followers on twitter in 48 hours,with no ads you wanna know how we did,that stick around before we jump into it,make sure that you are subscribed down,below and smash that like button if you,want more tutorial content about twitter,vote with your thumbs hit that like,button because if you don't vote,we won't make more videos like this,we'll make other videos and you'll have,missed the boat so make sure,don't wait you know don't fomo it's,trying to rhyme it couldn't rhyme it so,i was thinking we should do an nft,project and i asked our designer monica,if she had any art and she sent me this,beautiful lady here with the cigarette,etc so i wrote this tweet i said nft,matic drop betty's 10 000 unique female,avatars mint is next week put in your,eath wallet to win and 2209 already,owned relates to a past tweet we,launched a project called crypto bucks,and in order to launch that project i,did a similar tweet it was just like nft,matic drop put in your wallet down below,retweet that's all i said and we got 2,000 retweets on that then i posted this,betty and we got another,700 retweets 900 likes over a thousand,wallets put in,after that came out i realized maybe,we should make our own twitter account,so i took this image of the bettys and,made a twitter account so you can see,our twitter account here then i posted a,couple tweets and you can see how this,evolved so nft matic drop betty's ten,thousand unique female avatars mint is,next week so i took the exact one i,posted on my channel and we got 400,replies then i posted this one nft matic,drop put in your eat wallet for a free,nft 3500 already owned retweet and we,got 300 replies then i said nft matic,drop 10 000 will be minted 3 500 already,owned everyone who replies will get a,free nft post your eth wallet and follow,to win,and this one blew up you can see this,has 6.4 thousand comments,5 000 likes and 4 000 retweets no ads on,a brand new twitter account this account,had no followers like zero followers,then we woke up,the next day within 48 hours and we were,pushing 5 000 followers on the account,that caused some people to reach out,like kabir who was following the lazy,lions and also liked us from our youtube,channel reached out to run the betty's,nft project and the rest is history,we're about to airdrop these betties,we've got a developer everything's,coming together now thanks to a couple,tweets on twitter where else would you,tweet if you want to know this strategy,in detail by the way i would look at,twitter 10k because we actually have a,case study of betty's plus other ways,that we've grown twitter accounts now,this is the third twitter account that,we've grown in a very short period of,time to over three thousand four 000,subs this is something that we're,getting very very good at so if you want,to see that process i would check out,,here's some questions for you what do,you think about betty's if you love them,i want to do a giveaway so comment your,ethereum wallet down below and we'll,give away a betty to one of the lucky,people share this video and like this,video and leave your ethereum wallet,down below for your chance to win a,betty if you want to grow on twitter,check this out this video is brought to,you by twitter 10k get your first 10 000,followers and make your first thousand,dollars on twitter by following this,step-by-step process check it out at,,thanks for watching the video be sure to,smash that like button encourage this,type of content on youtube subscribe for,more videos like this and i'll talk to,you soon thanks for watching i'm alex,berman

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10,000 Twitter Followers in ONLY 5 Months | Everything I learned

10,000 Twitter Followers in ONLY 5 Months | Everything I learned

hey friends andy here so i was able to,go from just 100 followers in,great start so i was able to go from,just 100 followers on twitter in,january of this year to over 10 000,followers,just five months later in fact going,into my fifth month,on twitter i was able to hit over 5,million impressions,164 000 profile visits and over 5 000,new followers in a single,month i've also started making money on,twitter i did that without following all,the cheap tricks and bad advice that,gets repeated over and over,twitter's reach and potential is pretty,amazing so if you are building a brand,online or want to build an audience,online you definitely need to take it,seriously i've had lots of people on,twitter message me,asking me how i did this how'd you do it,andy well,in this video i will tell you exactly,what i did to grow on twitter and how,you can get to your first 1 000,followers,as quickly as possible twitter is all,about getting those likes you know what,else loves likes the youtube algorithm,please give that like button a quick,click it helps out a ton and cost you,nothing,in exchange for doing that i will give,you some super valuable twitter tips,let's get started the very first thing i,did on twitter and the very first thing,you should do is usually figure out what,your niche,is you need to come up with a concept,for your twitter account,going into twitter directionless without,any idea of what you're gonna be talking,about is a big,newbie mistake i personally think it is,super hard to grow,online anywhere but also on twitter if,you talk about,everything so instead of talking about,everything just focus on a few things or,even,one thing for example i talk about money,investing and youtube on my twitter,account i will talk about other things,too occasionally but they are usually,related to one of those topics,when you have a set niche people know,why they are following you and,exactly what to expect for example if,you follow me on youtube for my money,and finance content and i started,posting makeup tutorials you wouldn't,keep following me or maybe you would,i don't know the second thing you need,to do is make a list of other accounts,in,your niche or in niches that are similar,to yours,find small accounts medium size accounts,and large accounts,these are the people you are going to,engage with on a regular basis,the more frequently you can reply to,tweets from other accounts especially,large accounts the more,chances you have of new people finding,you it's like free advertising,just put yourself out there but you,cannot just post any reply they need to,be very solid and valuable replies,don't just repeat what the person said,in different words add to it in a,meaningful way i can't tell you how many,times i post a tweet on twitter and,someone replies with basically the same,exact tweet,just rephrased that doesn't actually add,anything to,anyone when you reply it needs to be,valuable it needs to have some actual,substance to it if you can make a great,comment they could retweet you or other,people could see your comment and like,it,if the original tweet you're replying to,takes off and you have a great reply,way more eyes will see your tweet and,your account the third thing you need to,do is be interesting,provide value and be authentic what,makes you unique,what skills do you have what have you,accomplished in life what are you,super knowledgeable about you need to,lean into the things that will make you,different that will let you provide,interesting and unique value to people,who follow you if you just tweet,inspirational quotes one-liner,platitudes that sound like fortune,cookies or status updates it will be,very tough to succeed on twitter the,more actual real,value you can provide the more people,will gravitate towards you what that,looked like for me was i started sharing,how much money i was making in the side,the behind the scenes into building this,youtube channel,valuable insights into stocks crypto,investing in general,anyone could hop onto twitter and say,you should start a youtube channel,but very few people hop on twitter and,say you should start a youtube channel,here is a step-by-step breakdown of how,you should do it some key,insight some key tips and tricks some,behind the scenes,info on it when you go above and beyond,with content and you are authentic,and you're not lying and you're not,putting on a front i think people will,naturally gravitate towards you and want,to follow you and want to be a part of,your twitter community,which brings me to number four which is,join a community,so this one is actually twofold you,should join a solid community but you,should also join a few engagement groups,what is an engagement group andy well,let me tell you an engagement group is a,group,of other twitter accounts usually not,too much different in size from you,and usually in the same niche or a,complimentary niche,every day you can post one to a few of,your tweets in there and everyone will,like them

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