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Buster Olney - Giants Could Lose Correa To Yankeesnot before we get the Insight on exactly,what is g

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

Buster Olney - Giants Could Lose Correa To Yankees

not before we get the Insight on exactly,what is going on as the winter meetings,continue down in San Diego and the great,Buster only of ESPN hops on to talk it,all out Buster busy week glad to have,you what's going on man,yeah he was a crazy week uh of moves and,there's still some big moves to happen,but man when you look at the total tab,that teams have uh run up with these,contracts with players pretty amazing,and it really tells you the sports in a,good place yeah I mean we want to get to,that on a bunch of fronts it's really,been breathtaking everyone getting paid,till they're 40. but we want to hop,right to what is big and in the moment,what's the Carlos Correa Market what's,the likelihood of giants What's the,timing,so from what I understand,um the Giants haven't really gotten too,deeply into the Correa conversations yet,in terms of dollars you know they met,with Korea uh down in San Diego you know,Scott Boris represents them they you,know had teams going through his suite,um you know they're the teams that we've,talked about so much are the Cubs you,know the twins at Carlos last year they,want him back the Red Sox in theory,would have a you know a spot for a,shortstop the team I'm watching at the,moment the Yankees because I'm,definitely picking up a lot of Vibes,there that yeah they signed Aaron judge,that 360 million dollar deal but they're,working on something big and I wish I,could tell you exactly what that was but,I mean Carlos Correa let's face it that,would be among the available free agents,that would be the biggest way to go and,we know that uh halftime run or the,Yankees owner you know met twice with,with judge in Tampa spoke with him to,finish the deal the other day and he,essentially in so many words you know,told him that they were going to do,everything they could to win this is,total speculation on my part I don't,have have that confirmed but I just know,they're working on something big and,maybe it's Carlos that would be a gut,punch number two a second gun punch for,the Giants to miss out on Judge and,Koran have them both land with the,Yankees how desperate are the Giants,feeling in terms of not only getting,Correa but potentially Landing somebody,else near the top of the free agent list,yeah I I when you know I've had,conversations with folks uh you know in,the last 48 hours about that with the,Giants and I didn't get a you know sense,of desperation per se,um in fact I had a sense more of a sense,of because the conversation one of them,was about Aaron judge it was more of a,sense of resignation I can tell you that,even when the Giants plan to make this,run and they were talking about it,internally in the middle of the summer,they thought it was a long shot,um and you know I really think it came,down to whether or not the Yankees came,out from behind their bunker with a,white flag with judge and said okay,you're right we're wrong we'll give you,whatever you want if the if the Giants,had separated themselves say you know,they were 360 and the Yankees had,offered 250 280. I I think judge would,have gone to the Giants but when I got,back the other day was they really,enjoyed the meeting with judge last week,they thought he was Earnest and I I,absolutely knowing him too I I think he,was but I think where the numbers fell,were the Yankees if the if the Giants,were to actually have a shot I think,they would have had to offer him 450,million north of that they would have,had to separate themselves in a big way,in order to coax and uh you know coax,him out of out of New York Buster only,with us here on whether and dibs you use,the word resignation in talking with the,Giants uh here here's my question Buster,I'm I I would I would think they know,this but they they've talked for so long,about having the finances to get in the,game with any conversation wanting to,adjust their philosophy to really be a,factor at the top of the market because,they've said that publicly and because,they were boring in 500 and,disappointing last year do you also get,the sense when you talk to him I'm,scared of the word resignation because,do you think that they understand that,if they simply come home from this off,season with Mitch hey vinegar they're,looking at a livid fan base,and and I would agree with you,um I would say this you know and I,and I you know directly but I you know,my conversation would would have would,probably be around hey look what you,know look who's Landing the elite,players in this market the players that,you know can be the face of the,franchise the Yankees is offering spring,training was 213 and a half they,increased that by 70 percent uh you know,the the Philadelphia Phillies offered,Trey Turner 300 million dollars the,Padres,shocked the baseball world by offering,Bogarts three times what the Red Sox,offered him in the spring so I think if,I had a you know sat down for lunch with,Faron I'd say boy the one thing that's,pretty clear this winter if you're gonna,sign one of those face the

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Buster Olney Joins Armen and Levack

Buster Olney Joins Armen and Levack

let's do it my favorite time of the week,where we talked to Buster Olney of ESPN,I 104 5 2 team 104 5 2 team comp thanks,to mohawk army-navy and Buster we're,even more excited to talked about this,week than normal just because we're so,stinking tired about how the NFL is,messin up and all these idiots off the,field who are making bad decisions and,you have actually well chronicled how,Major League Baseball needs to be taking,notes and watching how the NFL has,handled this decision,what will Major League Baseball do long,term should we expect any changes or,orientations after what's going on in,the NFL I hope so,baseball's history is that it often X to,slow that it's often reactive and here's,an opportunity for them to be,progressive to be proactive and right,now they could seize the high ground if,Major League Baseball came out and,announced look if you have an incident,with your you know partner with your,child where you're accused of hitting,them then you're not going to take the,field and to be honest I don't know why,they don't just grab that stance because,let's just play it out for a moment,let's say and I know but seal it came,out last week and he talked about how,well it's a good thing we haven't had,that issue in front of us,that's really naive in my opinion,because you guys know that I mean the,domestic violence is something that,happens in every demographic every walk,of life it's possible that it pops up,and baseball is no idea if tonight a,star on a team that's contending for the,playoffs wind up in one of these,situations and you know one thing we do,know is that if that did happen then the,answer of well we're talking to the,Union about it is not going to be,tenable and they will get so much,pressure and so much reaction will,happen so quickly because of what's,having the NFL that's why I think,baseball you know needs to act and come,out and say this is what our policy is,because anything short of that it's,going to be incredibly damaging to the,sport they have an opportunity to get,ahead of this luster let's talk about on,the field because we can actually do,that with baseball a little bit great,news for the for the Mets coming out of,this kid Jacob degrom and AL Rookie of,the Year candidate,he goes out and strikes out 8 to start a,game yeah that was impressive and I love,what Terry Collins said after the game,the most impressive start of the game,that he's ever seen and you know his,performance to me is just one more,reason for Mets ownership to step up and,invest more money in this team for 2015,because you have degrom and you have,Zack wheeler and you have Noah,syndergaard and oh by the way that Matt,Harvey guy will be back next year as,well you know the improvement at Travis,d'Arnaud you know Lucas Duda this is a,team of great promise in the Atlanta,Braves are coming down and that's why,the Mets need to you know to invest in,their own product and I really hope they,do and you know Jacob Doubront aground,next year would be I think going of the,season would be a reason for real hope,for them I'm speaking of hope that's,what the Mets fans sleep with live with,breathe with eat with it's so much hope,with this young rotation that you just,pointed out is there a chance that,they're one of the best in baseball next,year Buster I don't know if they'll,mature that quickly but if they were in,the upper third you know I think I think,that's a reasonable expectation that,they would be that good I mean the,talent certainly there when you talk to,people with other teams and you you know,get a get feedback on different pitchers,I'm sure that they'll look at the the,Mets as being one of the top 10,rotations next year Harmon in Novak 104,5 to team 104 5 to team calm Buster,Olney with us every Thursday at 5:15,thanks to mohawk army-navy Buster you,said something a little while ago that's,just been ringing through my ears that,Tanaka's elbow is a ticking time bomb is,there anything he can do when he goes,out on Sunday as we're hearing you will,that puts that that nightmare to bed and,we can go all right he's going to be ok,you know not really the hard thing about,this but I do think it's the right,decision for the Yankees to send him out,there to get some information that to me,is what this is about now that they're,basically out of contention because uh,he's gonna go out and as George already,said to us before Sunday night game when,they played the Orioles the other day uh,if he and you know he's going out there,he's gonna throw all of his pitch,and he's going to be a game speed and if,he's good to go and he comes through,that he's fine in his last two starts,then the Yankees can pencil him in for,the start of 2015 and feel good about it,on the other hand if he goes out there,is any kind of discomfort then he's,going to have Tommy John surgery and at,least you get that information you know,going into the offseason and they need,as much information as possible because,besides the shortstop question the,sta

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Buster Olney Joins Armen and Levack

Buster Olney Joins Armen and Levack

ESPN's buster only thanks to all-star,whining spirits with Armand in the vac,and Buster yesterday Joe Girardi goes to,the bullpen and uses Dillon Betances and,Andrew Miller's significant time when,the Yankees were once up by 11 runs do,you understand that move yesterday no,not at all and it was shocking to watch,it as it played out and I give credit to,David Cone and Michael K and John,Flaherty on the Yankees broadcast,because you know they're not in a BB,position because they work for the team,but you could hear and their voices -,that their reaction was like what the,the fact that Dellin Betances is getting,up in the bullpen and beginning to throw,when the Yankees were head by 7 runs and,he came into the game when there had by,six runs yes sir runners on base but,still a huge lead and then Andrew Miller,came in and pitched when they were head,by five runs in the ninth inning you,know at some point you think during the,whole process someone might be saying in,the dugout you know what we don't like,the fact that the leads are roading but,we've got two or three other guys down,there who've been pretty good for us,this year,you know maybe Adam Warren would be a,guy that day for example that they could,have turned to in that situation to,stabilize in the late innings and try to,work to avoid to use Betances and Miller,Betances thrown more pitches than any,other relief pitcher in the American,League his use has been heavy Andrew,Miller's use has been heavy and they're,now beginning a stretcher I believe they,have only one more off day after today,for the rest of the season they need,those two guys they're going to need,them a lot they've got to play the Blue,Jays seven times in a span of 10 days,they need those guys to be relatively,fresh and they're going to need them in,the postseason and so - the idea that,you're bringing up those two guys when,you're head by five or seven runs no,matter how anxious you might feel that,there needs to be some self-discipline,so you're not doing that Buster's is it,too strong to say that Joe Girardi is,taking a strength this team in the,bullpen and he and he's turning it into,a weakness,well it hasn't happened but that's what,happens when you run the risk of that,and we've seen examples that in the past,where you know for two years Johnny,Venters of the Atlanta Braves was,arguably the best reliever in baseball,with this nasty two seam fastball that,went straight downhill and the Braves,basically pounded on him like you know,like a nag they used them all the time,and he wanted a breaking apart and you,know he was right near the list of guys,who pitched the most in baseball and one,of the guys in the bullpen along with,America Flaherty the same thing he was,great but they used them all the time,and both those guys you know Venters,doesn't pitch in the big leagues in,three years and O'Flaherty you know has,been in and out of rosters because of,injuries and recent seasons and to me,you got to protect a guy like Dellin,Betances and the idea that you would use,him in situations when he certainly,could turn to other people it doesn't,bode well for you in 2015 but beyond,because he's such an unusual weapon,yes beans Buster only with Armen and,Levac thanks to all-star wine and,spirits Buster is there something,specifically we can point to and say,maybe Girardi hasn't had as much,experience with this and the big leagues,with Mariano Rivera being that go-to guy,and the 8th and definitely the 9th,inning for so stinkin long did that,maybe cloud judgment or not give him,experience and in cases like this where,he's making decisions that aren't,writing for this you know I'm saying is,that a stretch well you know,theoretically when he took over as,manager the Yankees the strength of job,you know being a former catcher who has,worked with pitchers his entire life was,that this is something he's going to be,good at um and I I think there have been,times in the past when he has been good,at it but for whatever reason this year,and maybe it's because the Yankees have,made the postseason last couple years uh,it seemed like that he's pushing the,issue up much more than I would have,expected and you guys remembered you,know during Joe Tory's tenure uh it was,there were a lot of good things that Joe,did and to me he was a really important,figure and the fact that in that time,when the Yankees won four championships,in five years and played in the World,Series five times but without a doubt,he's we,his manager was how he would run through,relievers and it's like their pelts on a,wall someplace for him you know Scott,Proctor and Paul Quantrill Steve Carr,say and tanyon Sturtze and he would just,go to the same guys over and over and,over again and I don't know if you know,if that you know is just Joe's anxiety,or if it's Girardi's anxiety now but it,needs to stop,from the Yankees organization point of,view because you have these two guys who,are if they're if they're kept healthy,and they're relatively r

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MLB is sending a message with Joe Kelly suspension – Buster Olney | Get Up

MLB is sending a message with Joe Kelly suspension – Buster Olney | Get Up

dodgers reliever joe kelly suspended,eight,games for his role in the bench clearing,incident in houston,on tuesday night kelly is appealing the,suspension,dodgers manager dave roberts also handed,a one one-game,suspension which he served yesterday,injured,met starter marcus strowman replied to a,tweet about this,speaking i think for a lot of people,around the sport when he said make zero,sense ken the candy's talking about is,ken rosenthal,he said he wasn't even thrown out of the,game mlb,siding with protecting a team that,openly and knowingly cheated their way,to a world series,he doesn't deserve to be suspended at,all hoping he wins his appeal,looking forward to seeing you back out,there jk,holy smoke i think everyone was,extremely surprised when this happened,yesterday here's buster olney and,jessica mendoza and buster,i'll start with you what do we know,about what went into baseball's thinking,in suspending joe kelly eight games,yeah and greeny this was an enormous,suspension within the context of a,60-game season it's equivalent of a,21-game suspension in a 162-game season,relievers in these type of instances,typically get two to five,games and last night the dodgers were,absolutely,out of their minds angry about this they,thought it was unfair because kelly,didn't actually hit either alex bregman,or carlos correa they were upset with,the fact that dave roberts got a game,and dusty baker didn't despite the fact,that baker,was yelling at kelly during the course,that inning but i think from major,league baseball's perspective if we look,back at all the sign stealing stuff,dating back 2017 the biggest mistake,that rob manford made,back during the apple watch situation,yankees red sox he didn't come down with,the hammer of discipline,that altered behavior this was designed,to alter behavior,they're sending the message look we're,not going to stand by as everybody takes,shots at the astros yeah,fascinating i have so many questions,here jessica let me just quickly come to,you though as as big picture as i can,what was your reaction to the suspension,i i was blown away and the buster's,point major league baseball said they,wanted to make a statement they wanted,to let teams know this is not,going to be okay clearly they did but,when you look at what happened you look,at joe kelly,and the fact of how wild he is i think,it was more of the expressions things,like that you knew there was going to be,a suspension,but eight games eight games greeny as,buster mentioned,21 games is the equivalent of that i,mean this is something that i feel like,is,way too strong especially knowing this,is why people are so mad,that none of the astros players who,cheated,were punished for this but yet you have,a pitcher in joe kelly who really has,now,been the superhero for so many players,that were frustrated with the astros,and now he's getting suspended eight,games okay i have a bunch of questions,for you here jessica the first one i,will preface by saying i understand,this is a very difficult question to,answer but watching it and,with your lifelong knowledge of the game,did you think as you just,mentioned that joe kelly has a tendency,to be wild did you think he was throwing,at those guys,i think there was intent for sure to at,least,make a statement i don't know if he,meant to go 96 at alex bregman's head,to be honest what i did see that showed,that there was intent beyond just his,facial expressions that we saw joe kelly,make,were the three pick-offs to bregman once,he got onto first base,i know that doesn't seem to be as is the,clear but he threw down there and there,was no chance of him stealing he was,like,eight feet off the back greeny and he,threw down right at his ribs three,consecutive times,then you knew there was something there,was something behind,all of this i do believe joe kelly is,wild i believe that he would not,intend to throw that hard at bregman's,head,but when it came down to cray when it,came down to others i feel like there,was an intent,to make a statement yeah two thoughts,first i've i've been in tv for 30 years,i've never in my life have we put up a,picture of a guy just sticking his,tongue out at an entire team before so,that,it's quite a remarkable moment that we,have in the history of this or any sport,the second thought i have buster is i,agree again i can't get inside kelly's,head,but i thought he was throwing at him and,that is an extraordinarily dangerous act,i'm just trying to take the other side,of this for the purpose of someone,taking the other side,that it is an extraordinarily dangerous,act whether someone is a cheater or not,whether they cheated into winning a,world series or not the punishment for,that should not be,the ramifications of a 96 mile an hour,fastball hitting you in the head which,could have happened,in this situation buster so i'm i'm,trying to play the other side of this,thing and,from that perspective i think i see it,yeah and i can tell you this that folks,with other team

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Buster Olney on The Next Round

Buster Olney on The Next Round

hey we absolutely love our next guest it,has been a couple years since we've had,him on regularly but he is uh always,always a favorite of your guys and here,he is again espn's buster olney rejoins,us on the, hotline welcome back,buster how are you,thanks for having me guys great to see,you again and covert is stupid right now,we got interrupted by that you know,yeah among many things that interrupted,our visits with you so uh we're glad to,have those back i'll just jump right in,when we announced you were coming on we,had a ton of listeners that wanted us to,ask you a question i'll work those in,when lance and jim don't have one um do,the yankees have the starting pitching,necessary to win a world series that,from pete earlier,i think they're going to need to upgrade,before the trade deadline um the one,thing is i feel like they have a better,margin for error for a couple of reasons,uh one the focus of their front office,was on upgrading the defense,and the difference has been tangible,since last year they were 29th in the,big leagues out of 30 teams and,defensive run saved last year but this,year with isaiah kinder philipe,shortstop josh donaldson to third base,clever torres at second anthony rizzo uh,now established at first base they're in,the top three in defense in defensive,run saved it's a massive difference,it'll help the pitching their bullpen is,excellent but i do think before we get,to july 31st they're going to have to,add a starter how impressed have you,been with the met start without jacob,degrom and when will he come back,i,am incredibly impressed you know i was,talking with wayne kirby their first,base coach recently and he said you know,i knew that this group would gel i just,didn't think it would happen this fast,you know it's not only buckshow walter,is getting a lot of credit for this but,we also got to give credit as buck told,me,to steve cohen billy eppler uh you know,the team owner who's spending so much,money uh the new general manager in,terms of picking the right guys matt,scherzer eduardo escobar starling martay,mark cannon,uh not only have helped the the depth on,that team but also the,uh i think the club culture,the grom was tested a couple weeks ago,they found uh,a lot of evidence of healing when they,did that examination they're going to,examine in another week or two and at,that point he may be able to pick up a,baseball when we talked to buck,showalter last weekend uh he indicated,you know sometime in early july mid july,might be a reasonable time frame for him,if he doesn't have setbacks,some braves fans who watch us and listen,to us are concerned about charlie martin,already charlie morton already are you,concerned about charlie morton or do you,think he will eventually get back to his,usual self,i am concerned about charlie um,you know father time is undefeated and,he's an older pitcher and,watching him uh at the beginning of the,season you kind of wonder now i will say,um you know,watch that series his last start against,the mats in his last start on the local,broadcast network here and ron darling,who knows far more about pitching than i,do talked about an adjustment he felt,like charlie made with his curveball,right in the middle of that start the,other day uh it added spin to his,curveball it seemed like he found,something in the midst of that lost,start against the mets you hope he,builds on it you know he's one of those,guys you root for,buster only is with us from espn at,buster he has a buster underscore espn,on twitter it's where you follow him and,he is on the, hotline bobby,wanted me to ask,uh would the cubs rebuild in their farm,system how far away do you feel like,they are from being a contender again,two years,i think this year we've got them on,sunday baseball this week against the,dodgers i think it's pretty clear that,this is going to be a a a sell season so,in other words in mid-season when a,wilson contreras or catcher uh if they,have movable pieces wade miley if he,becomes healthy kyle hendricks they'll,they'll turn over their roster a little,bit more but they do now have a couple,of pieces and places uh pieces in place,and,uh they have a ton of financial,flexibility this is the most important,factor though that division is so,forgiving right the nationally central,the bar isn't high like it is say in the,nationally west or in the american,league east which is why i think the,cubs return to relevance will be a lot,sooner than they would be for some teams,in other divisions buster you mentioned,the dodgers two parts here will they,make a run at resigning trey turner in,the second part since winning an mvp in,2019 what has happened to cody,bellinger's swing,so on trey turner i think the dodgers,will try,everybody in baseball expects that he's,going to leave um you know he's an east,coast guy,uh the the perception of him is that he,wants to play in the east coast some,team i've kind of this is total,speculation on

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Buster Olney Joins Armen & Levack

Buster Olney Joins Armen & Levack

Buster only thinks the Buffalo Wild,Wings with Armand in the vaca 104 5 the,team every Thursday at 5:15 the best of,Buster at 6:30 Buster should CC Sabathia,be in the bullpen you know I don't think,you should be because I think they have,to ride out his performance I mean if,there was no money attached let's face,it he would not and this wouldn't even,be discussed he would not be in the,rotation but there is money it's and,that's a reality they're dealing with,and they also have to worry about the,innings limits for Adam Warren for,Michael Pineda as he comes back and they,knew at some point they were going to,start to pull the raids on those guys a,little bit so I think that that fact,makes this decision easier on what to do,with cc,but hey you know if contract the,contract wasn't an issue then he would,be in the bullpen and the Yankees would,be free and clear they're gonna have to,ride it out to see if they can get,something out of him going forward this,seems to be the second year in a row,where the Yankees are driven by a,veteran last year was Derek Jeter this,year CC Sabathia where they have to make,decisions that might not be the best X's,and O's so to speak but there are other,factors involved that's dictating these,decisions for the Yankees last year was,they were deferring to Derek's stature,in this situation the bottom line and it,was same as as what we talked about the,beginning of spring training with Alex,Rodriguez when you know acquires this,much money and you're talking about a,guy making twenty five million dollars,this year 25 million dollars next year,and unless he has a shoulder in Treece,cut a vesting option for another 25,million in 2017 and so you have to,figure out a way to keep that guy as a,productive member and I don't know if,you guys agree with me but I do think,that when you watch him pitch look he's,not good he's got a knee and it's five,and a half but it's not like he's either,given up eight runs in five innings I'm,competitive I do think that Joe Girardi,needs to make an adjustment with how,he's using him he has to start looking,for that exit ramp when they get you,know through 15 to 18 hitters in games,because time and again we've seen Joe,leave him in the,game a third time through the order and,she gets hit around and when you look at,it statistics it's pretty clear that you,know the longer you go on in a game from,0 to 15 pitches you know 16 to 30 31 to,45 its performance goes down and Girardi,has to acknowledge that reality without,a make decision now speaking of the the,Yankees and you know the the elderly,players Beltran goes down there they're,not sure how long he's out for the fan,base is crying out for Erin judge to,step up you know not sure when that's,going to happen but you know have you,had any experience with him and what's,your take on on the young outfielder,Erin judge I saw him at Spring Training,and manatee impressive I mean physically,there's no doubt about it he reminds you,of Giancarlo Stanton because he just he,has that stature and his swing is,actually really similar to standing,where it looks like he's just kind of,overwhelmed the baseball and you feel,good about the chances that down the,road he's gonna help the Yankees I think,one of the issues of the Yankees,probably are going to be kicking around,about Erin judge is and they worry about,service time stuff less than other teams,do but do you put them in the big league,knowing that you're Kobe Ellsbury's,return is probably right around the,corner yeah or do you just kind of you,know bring up a utility guy right make,do with it without necessarily another,outfielder or you know call up a,different outfielder and just wait for,judge to develop more I know that a lot,of times when you get big players like,that they have a difficult time,initially in the big leagues they strike,out a lot you guys saw it with Joey,Gallo with the Rangers where yeah it's a,monstrous home run but hitters are,opposing pitchers really found,weaknesses in its swing right away and,I'm sure that that's part of the,conversation Yankee to be having if they,thought about calling him up monster,only thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings with,Armand in Novak and 104 5-2 team ESPN,Radio Buster you wrote about an idea,that you had where the the Yankees might,have some arms the Cubs should be,looking at I you know it's interesting a,lot of it depends on sort of how they,view Adam Warren and how they you Nathan,baldie and how they view louis Severino,is one of the top prospects if the,eighties feel like they have starting,pitching depth enough where they would,feel comfortable and moving either of,all the or Warren,you know what the Cubs out are out there,right now looking for starting pitching,and they're looking for young,controllable starters and this is,theoretical on my part but if the AG's,are you know looking for a particular,position player or help at a particular,position the Cubs are uniquely in a,position to help them with that and,theor

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ESPN’s Buster Olney on the Risk Giving Up Too Much in a Trade for Juan Soto | The Rich Eisen Show

ESPN’s Buster Olney on the Risk Giving Up Too Much in a Trade for Juan Soto | The Rich Eisen Show

what about the idea that you rent soto,for two years right like so what what's,his contract situation and how that,might affect,the prospect hall that the nationals are,asking for or eventually might have to,settle for buster yeah,and look he's under team control for the,rest of this year and for the next two,years be before he come becomes a free,agent and that actually,makes him attractive to just about every,team you know it's not like he's already,locked into some 500 million dollar,contract now,and that makes him accessible if you're,the padres i don't think they would be,acquiring him even worrying about the,next contract i i don't think the,cardinals would be worrying about that,you know typically st louis when they,acquire a player,uh you know matt holliday mark maguire,uh paul goldschmidt you know they like,the player to come into st louis get,comfortable and then they work out some,sort of an extension,um,here's the thing too is that when you're,talking about a player like juan soto,if and when he does get traded it'll be,the most significant young player traded,since babe ruth he's 23 years old he's,on a trajectory to be an inner circle,hall of famer this is like trading for,willie mays in 1955 like trading for,henry aaron in 1958 like trading for,mike trout in 2014.,that's how good this guy is and if you,look at the history of these massive you,know prospect young player for superstar,tight deals whether it's baseball or,basketball you can talk about cream that,tools you bar to the lakers,uh you know it deals in baseball you,know vita blue,uh tom seaver they always work out for,the team that acquires the superstar,because you can't replicate the type of,production a guy like juan soda is going,to give you but if you're a team that's,like you said the padres and cardinals,or whomever that acquires soto with the,the sense of well we have two plus years,of contractual control and that's all,we're going to basically get him for so,hey nationals we're not going to give,you 15 of our top prospects based on,that concept,where,when do we check in with scott boris to,see if that's okay with him you know,like honestly,yeah and that's that's a great question,uh he of course represents soto yes i,don't think the padres are worried about,that i i think that they're only at the,moment concerned about acquiring for,this year for the next two years i think,the cardinals have an eye on that i,think the dodgers would be the one team,among the three,that might be concerned and i i don't,know you know how earnest the dodgers,are in their pursuit part of me wonders,if they're uh you know driving the price,up for the padres the division rival,because i you know knowing andrew,threeman friedman through the years the,head of baseball operations for the,dodgers i don't think he likes the idea,of paying twice,for a superstar level player the deal,that he made for mookie betts he,basically alex verdugo's it turned out,is the only major league regular that he,gave up,and then he signed mookie to that deal,that had a lot of deferred money if,you're taking on juan soto not only is,it gonna cost you you know the four or,five uh big time young player prospects,but it also is going to cost you,eventually a contract that starts with,the number five juan soto is likely to,be the first player to get a 500 million,dollar contract

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ESPN’s Buster Olney: Angels Have ZERO Intention of Trading Shohei Ohtani. Yet. | The Rich Eisen Show

ESPN’s Buster Olney: Angels Have ZERO Intention of Trading Shohei Ohtani. Yet. | The Rich Eisen Show

was there a moment over the last three,days that shohei otani was really open,on the market the angels put him out,there did that happen buster for real,no,i know,in the last uh in the last two hours,they've seen you know a headline,breaking no tony's off the mark he was,never really on the market,a lot of teams this time of year will,tell other teams look if you guys wanna,you know give us an offer let us know so,much of that is about gathering,information for the winter time uh you,know artie moreno the owner of the,angels is hyper aggressive he's,absolutely attracted to stardom which is,why,he you know uh went over the head of his,general manager and signed josh hamilton,did the same thing with albert pujols,did the same thing with anthony rendon,the idea that he's going to give up the,shiniest object in baseball,uh a year and a half from free agency i,i,there was no way that was going to,happen,folks within the angels organization,acknowledge that now the reason why you,gather information now is they are,barreling toward that moment when they,will seriously have to consider trading,them because there's a lot of indication,that uh ohtani,uh might be ready to move on like he you,know i mean the angels,have obviously been an incredible,disappointment this year uh last year,every other year otani's been there,almost every year that mike trout has,been there,and,and the conversation within baseball,circles is you know what ohtani's going,to be ready to jump to another team and,if that's the case if the angels i,assume early in the off season will make,him a big offer if he says no then yeah,then you do have to begin to in earnest,talk about trading them well where might,otani be interested buster and there's a,city so nice they named it twice um that,i'm thinking of,you know but um so what do you what do,you what are you thinking because he did,sign with the angels when the rest of,the free world was trying to get him um,and the concept was he kind of likes how,there's no 24 7 365 sports talk radio,and 15 newspapers coming at him what's,his,what's his uh his wants do you think on,that that's exactly right uh i was,talking with the general manager,yesterday who was uh going back over his,notes from the time that ohtani was,available and the message that the teams,got after he picked the angels was look,he just doesn't want to have all the,hoopla and be the number one guy he can,go to the angels he could just focus on,baseball mike trout can be the headliner,and and he can just do his thing,well,you know that clearly has to change now,because he is the brightest object in,baseball you know he's a one of a kind,no one's ever done what he's done as a,two-way player,and you wonder if he's moved that beyond,that part of his career uh where he is,ready to be the headliner um i i've,wondered about the mets because billy,eppler was the most important person the,former general manager of the angels to,lure ohtani he had developed a really,great relationship with him to lure,ohtani to the angels well billy epler's,moved on to the mets who are now owned,by the richest owner in baseball uh and,you would assume that when ohtani,becomes a free agent after the 2023,season,that steve cohen and the mets may take a,run at him uh you wonder about the,mariners uh who you know they they,signed each row in the past uh if otani,wants to stay on the west coast that,would be an interesting place and of,course the dodgers even though uh you,know there would be a lot more attention,in theory media attention playing with,the dodgers he'd be surrounded by mookie,bets and other star players you wouldn't,have to shoulder that entire burden,so it's going to be interesting to see,what what he decides uh how he begins to,steer this process if he begins to steer,this process process and what arty um,you know decides to do in terms of when,to to pull the plug i don't know if the,mets go and get him or he's interested,in the mets george steinbrenner might,come back from the dead just to say over,my dead body and then go back to the,grave,buster,i gotta tell you it's one of my great,things that i'm really excited about you,and i have never seen in our lifetimes,that moment when the mets at full super,power strength and the yankees at full,super power strength have gone after the,same guy it's almost like they politely,have deferred to the other team in,various moments in their respective,histories but at some point whether it's,otani whether it's soto and free agency,we are destined to have a full-blown uh,mets versus yankee showdown for a player,heck maybe it'll happen this winter for,her and judge,no,gosh he's so awesome and so locked in,buster there's no question about that uh,in the couple minutes i i have left with,you here you know here on the program,with all due respect to soto you know um,and and everyone else we on this program,you know talk so much about,um so many star players in baseball,nothing moves a needle like ohtani,nothing,not

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