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Mayhem News Live Destiny Series: @Bungiehelp Twitter Dramahi this is mayhem News live and this is,th

Mayhem News Live

Updated on Jan 30,2023

Mayhem News Live Destiny Series: @Bungiehelp Twitter Drama

hi this is mayhem News live and this is,the man in black AKA TMM lives and today,we're doing our first installment of,hope to be a mini mini additions to this,we're going to do twitter twitter drama,for bungee helps 20 twitter timeline,today sometime yesterday i'd say around,six o'clock in the afternoon central,time bungee tweeted basically that they,were going to take the servers offline,starting at ten o'clock central time and,going for four hours because you know,well look at the twitter timeline people,have been fussing about people getting,kicked out you know the servers are cray,I policy is Marion Barry FC all this so,okay this'll announcer they're going to,take it down of course you know I think,they could have done it last week but a,lot of things that might be going on may,not be seen unless there's a live event,going on in crucible so that could be a,reason so like I said I've got that got,the time line up now I've got the most,recent tweets in and we're going to look,just for know this is this is a live,tweet okay when you tweet on Twitter,unless you're deeming somebody you know,your tweets are alive to the world,anybody looks at that time line could,see it so there's no privacy issues here,I will not be calling the people's name,or their Twitter thing because you can,see it on the screen you'll be able to,tell what I'm talking about so I'm not,actually going to call anybody out but I,make fun of them so you know this is,supposed to be funny this is supposed to,be funny so let's see what we've got,today so far apparently some guy can't,spell I got banned be a and D before two,weeks why can't I play crucible because,you got banned okay here's the thing,okay first of all if you've got a,hotmail account don't put it in your,twitter name because that's embarrassing,the monocle had to my friend amaan,eclectic,but um what yeah banging first of all,don't put hotmail in your in your,twitter name that's that's pretty,pathetic also if you want to have,somebody pay attention you don't use the,default image which is the egg because,that's going to get you ignored because,almost every spam account never changes,their picture and learn how to spell,band ba mmm eb band anyway and you were,banned for two weeks well when you get,banned they tell you pretty much where,to look to find out what you got banned,for they have been doing a lot of,connection beaming so we've made a rule,if it looks a lot like all three of our,fire team is red barn we back out,because nine times out of ten and I know,I'm not Rihanna we're not reborn I'm,connecting sometimes 300 megabits per,second so I made by moving them now my,wife answers a lot of questions and this,guy was fussing because why don't we do,this in the middle of the night I don't,know about y'all but its middle of the,night somewhere every day any any hour,of the day it's it's daytime somewhere,else so if it may be midnight for you,but it's noon somewhere else by right,now it's 90 3 in the morning well in,Australia it's 90 3 at night is there,exactly 12 hours ahead of us ok so you,can't say well why don't they do it at,night which night who's going to get,screwed so what they do is they do at,the time they do it during the time of,their business hours which there are two,hours behind us so maintenance for them,will start at eight o'clock but it'll be,10 here you know remember that stuff you,learned in elementary school that you,thought you never need well time zones,is,of those okay moving along yeah hello,some people are nice like this guy,what's the shutdown for is it just a,dusting or is there something specific,well if it's something perceived,specific that they're going to shut it,down for there's going to be patch notes,if it's something they literally they're,going to put tell you nine times out of,ten and there's actually people on,Twitter that will say well can I get a,copy of the patch notes beforehand well,nine times out of ten they're not wrote,because they don't know what they're,going to do until they get in there they,have an idea if they don't know what,they're going to do I moving on down I,formally request you do your maintenance,in the early morning to 27 am well who,who's going to get people out the,stupidity is real I'm telling if you,wanna if you're ever bored and you have,anything to do at night get you a bowl,of popcorn whatever your beverage of,choice is share your screen with your,big TV and sit back and watch bungee,helps time mention lot time on the,stupidity is real this guy says iphone a,request to do maintenance in the early,morning to 27 am like a reputable,company from now on well guess what,dumbass where it's 227 to you it's two,to seven in the evening for everybody,else so they're going to stick to what,their working hours is it's not their,fault you're in the UK all right moving,right along why can't you be like other,game developers and actually do,maintenance when 75% of your fan base is,an online playing hmm that's kind of,funny bec

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Mayhem News Live: @Bungiehelp Twitter Drama Series

Mayhem News Live: @Bungiehelp Twitter Drama Series

hi welcome to million News live this is,the man in black,lives and we're doing another,installment of our at bungie help,Twitter drama report and you know people,ask me you know what my twitter app it's,called tweedle it's twee dl e sometimes,you can't find it in play store so you,can just search it online but anyway as,you know we had iron banner so we're,going to go over the next few days,actually last couple of days as you can,see these tweets are two minutes old and,but um so the big thing is today that,Microsoft an xbox store actually allow,Pete some people to get the the,collectors edition items you got for,getting the collectors edition which was,actually another twenty dollars all,right but you know the problem is is is,the stuff doesn't really help you in the,game it's pretty much crap I mean it's,just oh well I can wear an exotic here,and exotic but it doesn't really help,you the exotics you get from the the,vendor pad the vendor quest are actually,better they do actually have some perks,but you know everybody's asking about,the purge this guy right here says you,know your patch didn't work players are,still getting kicked out well you know,that it picks everything and maybe,you're just maybe your internet scrap um,a lot of people you know you ever,noticed that anybody gets kicked out,they have perfect internet you know,their inner works great and you got,people that compares you know Bungie in,the destiny servers to call of duty,that's like comparing you know a high,school football player to an NFL player,you've got anywhere from twelve players,you know to 16 players actually,accessing the call of duty game,online game 10 minutes at a time,compared to a live world it's totally,different anyway um you know people said,I'm getting booted I'm getting booted,and you know I try to tell people you've,got to reset your router well you know,I've got perfect internet well no your,internet may be perfect may the best in,the world but if your router's cachet,gets bundled up it's going to lag and,it's going to kick you out um let's see,yeah multiple beavers you know which,mean any time they do a patch anytime,they put anything in the game you can,have any issues so you know you just,gotta you can't I mean ok let's look at,it this way now i'm going to go back to,my mentions for a minute and i'm going,to go down here to my tweets ok i posted,this this morning and this is we all got,retweeted a couple of times i said some,people so these people kill me a ,and moan moan a about well it this,isn't face and that is a phase and then,when bunging them trying to fix it,meaning taking the servers offline you,know basically you know they take it,offline to fix it then we get to hear,why are the servers down i have no life,I'm a virgin I don't have a woman in my,life you hate me you hate the UK players, I mean,people I'm telling you people just it,just it's pitiful all right hold on just,a moment SAS stop yeah if y'all I mean,if you watch my shows long enough you,know I have a little boy you know he,gets a little rambunctious the time so,have to kind of you know hey we're going,to go back to bungee sup now I mean you,know could you once release an update,that doesn't screw up the game,and you know you see all people say that,but what are you connecting in well I'm,connected in 15 megabits per second well,that's part of the problem you know you,know and what's this part of the pageant,people will actually get home and my,wife can attest to this they will,actually get on knowing that they're,going to start a rat and start a patch,here pretty soon they will get into the,raid or something big and then ,because they got kicked out if you know,there's going to be patched I'm starting,at the big go farm some materials do,something alright moving on oh let's see,most of these are you know some people,you know simply put out more content,more raids more levels simply get a life,and get a girlfriend that's what you,need um let's see and all of this is a,special promotion you know they didn't,buy they bought something and they can,get the little emblem you know God for,me it they don't get an emblem my life,we lived I mean come on you know now if,you donated to charity you know like,some of the things i could see hey you,know but didn't you guys think well you,just want to brag you know but anyway,let's see i still to the damn River,along see you had to restart the console,for the update to come up yeah that,happens on occasionally um I can't login,and choose my character oh I can but,once I find a match that cruise mode,kicks me out well maybe it realizes that,you suck I'm sorry you're going to hear,me say that a lot because that's pretty,much sperm with the policy I saw a tweet,where the tower bounty odd is missing,I've actually went into the egg to tell,you but I've actually went into the,tower and they're not be anything there,it's called a lag okay it does that on,occasion go back to orbit and shut your,pie hole I mean Jesus

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Mayhem News Live :@BungieHelp Twitter Drama Series

Mayhem News Live :@BungieHelp Twitter Drama Series

ah this is mayhem news live and this is,our Twitter drama series and today is a,big day the reason why is because as you,know rise of iron comes out sep tember,the 20th and in it as with any dlc,there's always going to be a several,maintenances before him well today is a,big one today is an 8 hour maintenance,on destiny of course this like I said,this is our bungee helped Twitter Drama,Series not just Twitter period but,anyway well people are of course you,know you know this is their timeline is,filled with this doesn't work that,doesn't work why can't I do this well,this is lag end oh and my favorite one,please fix your effing servers yeah that,was that's a big one you know or why,can't we do this why can't we do that,well when Bungie reads those tweets they,literally take have to take the server's,all night for you that don't know about,bungee and what what actually destiny,servers our destiny servers are a live,world basically a live universe there,are millions of people playing at one,time you can literally walk by somebody,else that's playing in their own game,the only thing that's separate is when,you go into a mission you're on your own,server you know and you're basically in,your own your own game server but,basically what happens is is everybody's,there in live world so basically when,they go to fix something they can't just,say well you know we're going to work on,this while you're playing and that,doesn't work so and of course they get a,lot of flack from the UK because well,you know they're going to do their work,during their business hours which is,over here,it's nighttime its primetime playtime,for UK well of course people most people,in the UK think that the like the people,in the Renaissance they think the world,revolves around them so they think,they're being picked on no they're just,doing they're just doing their work,during their business hours ok just like,weird two hours ahead of where bungee is,and then as you go across the country,it's three hours and so on and so forth,you know like if it's eight o'clock if,it's eight o'clock here drummer drummer,is that a word drama excuse me and I'm,going to refresh bungees Tomlin because,it's pretty busy right now well that,one's in Arabic so not going to read,that one but anyway um and a lot of,people are still not being able to see,the pre order of rise vine of course,some of them are some of the people I've,talked to found out well you know I,forgot I had and transfer this or and,put this over here you know because a,lot of the ones are transferred from 360,because 360 no longer they get,maintenance but they no longer get any,updates or content that's ps3 so if,you're not on ps4 or ps3 xbox one you,don't get anything so we're a lot of,these people are saying what I'm trying,to pray router it's not allowed me to,purchase the bundle I have all the other,deal sees and you know a lot of times,you'd like I had to do my other game,stop now I could have switched it and,went back to xbox because it popped up,on there but since I'd already,pre-ordered it to gamestop you know I,don't you know so if I do have an extra,code we probably might do a giveaway or,something let's see and you know you got,people talking about you know the this,guy's pretty respectful he just says you,know hey it's eight hours from 4pm UK is,12am you know and then he lists a thing,where somebody can look at the world,clock if you don't know that your,smartphone has,world clock I feel bad for you and of,course you got the people oh my god,another made its well you've been,filling their time behind what this is,broken and this doesn't work what do you,expect and you know there's times where,in you know they call it maintenance but,what they're really most of what they're,doing is implementing the rise of iron,stuff you know putting it into the,system that's how that's why I'm let,your own ps4 you don't have a big duck,download you know because something has,four players have to deal with the whole,damn game every time they do an update,and of course you get that you always,get this guy okay you always get the guy,well what's the newest patch about well,guess what you're going to find out like,everybody else when they post the notes,on the app by the way if you do not know,a bungee has a destiny amp it lists all,of their patch notes it tells you,exactly what they done and it's usually,within 20 minutes of the patch so you,know use your head download the app or,you could just go to bungee calm budget,on it and read it yeah a lot of people,are understanding you know raza Viron,comes in 12 days this is what they're,doing you know they're getting things,ready for Roz of iron and then there's,the people that I'm having weasel errors,well I've already talked to this Danny,darf TK I've already told him you know a,weasel era is a local server or local,network issue something on your server,if you're getting a weasel something on,your network is not meshing with the,bungee server if you play

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Season Of The Lost Known Issues - Bungie Help Tweets | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Season Of The Lost Known Issues - Bungie Help Tweets | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

yesterday bungie created a huge twitter,thread acknowledging several issues,players may encounter,let's jump right in,players who have full inventories will,not earn season of the lost seasonal,currency this currency will not be sent,to the postmaster either so make sure,you have a free space in your inventory,before jumping into any content,if you're unable to complete step 4 of,wayfinder's voyage you'll need to,abandon and reacquire the quest in order,to progress,when attempting to play mission cocoon,some players are encountering error code,urchin,this is due to a full quest inventory,complete or discard a bounty to create,space and try again,also in mission cocoon pc players may,crash,there is no solution mentioned for this,issue,pc players may experience issues,launching the game due to a missing,unknown file,this also has no solution provided,wearing a piece of faction armor or,armor ornament while opening the armor,synthesis menu screen will cause the,game to crash,remove the faction armor before opening,the menu to avoid this,rewards for the astral alignment,activity are extremely delayed between,opening the final reward chest and,receiving them,joining an in-progress astral alignment,will prevent activity completion,if players pick up the atlas skus before,picking up the tracing the star's quest,or pick up the atlas skus on another,character,progress will not be granted on the,quest,there is no solution for this issue,the lucidity witch queen dlc pre-order,emblem does not appear on the,collections page,the ascendant ballast one seasonal,challenge isn't accurately tracking,wayfinding runes picked up in the,shattered realm,the workaround for this issue is for,players to pick up the water wheel rune,first so the challenge can be completed,this week,bungie friends lists don't update,automatically when a bungee friend,request is accepted,some attempts to import friends lists,from other platforms error out there's,currently no solution for this issue,players who have pending bungie friend,requests will see the individual pending,request notifications,every single time they log,in on controller mapping charged melee,to an input then changing the button,layout will not remove the mapped,charged melee,players will need to reset the custom,layout or clear the mapping,manually lucky pants exotic hunter armor,cannot have its elemental affinity,changed,the withering heat artifact mod has no,description in the game,when this mod is equipped causing damage,with the solar ability weakens champions,for a short duration,the sweet spot triumph is not,progressing when killing wyverns with,precision damage,barriers surrounding the scorch cannons,in the fallen walker public event repel,anything near them this prevents heroic,completions of the event,players may be blocked from entering the,door to the vault of glass after,completing the first encounter,players who are unable to pass through,the door will need to go to orbit and,rejoin their fire team in the raid in,order to pass through the door and,collect their rewards,if you encounter any issues that bungie,didn't cover in their series of tweets,you can create a post on the bungie help,forums to get assistance,and that covers all of the tweets that,they sent out about some of the more,glaring issues that they've been dealing,with since,season of the lost launched,thank you so much for watching if you,found this video helpful please consider,liking subscribing commenting sharing it,with a friend even,see you in the next one

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How To Get Tweets into A Discord Server Using Tweetshift (Easy 2022 Guide)

How To Get Tweets into A Discord Server Using Tweetshift (Easy 2022 Guide)

all right everyone this is daiqual for,the win we are back with another video,this is twitter twitter is a cesspool of,filth and villainy and humanity it is,terrible but is also very very,functional if you're trying to get,certain types of information say for,example tweets from video game,developers or from public figures like,politicians or if you just want to catch,up on the latest you know sports chat or,whatever,so,i love and hate twitter but i mostly use,it like you utilitarian social media i,don't check it all the time some people,do,now,this,is ifttt and if you've watched some,previous videos of mine you know how i,have set up ifttt to get tweets into,discord discord is also something that i,love and i use on a regular basis,so an ifttt,web hook into discord,kind of looks like this where it says,you know blah blah someone bungee,tweeted bungie help tweeted this it,embeds the link,and if you want to set it up there's a,whole bunch of nonsense you gotta go,through,so you would click on the edit channel,and,i'm not this isn't how to on this but,i'm just going to show you the various,things you have to click on web hook,you'd say view web hook you click the,web hook you'd be like okay this is this,you'd copy the url link,then you would have to go over into,ifttt this website,right,and,if i just click my applets,and then i click on one of the um,one of the,different applets that i had let's see,here,destiny of the game for the youtube,discord the cola kansas discord then i,would have to click okay i'm going to,um,edit the applet here it's been a long,time since i've done this so i'm going,to click,view activity check now,edit the title oh i got to go over,settings so if i click settings on the,applet right,the settings will be a new tweet by a,specific user which would have been the,um,the bungee help twitter account then you,have to make this web request and then,you would have to copy and paste the url,of the web hook and then you'd have to,do all this stuff post method,application json then you'd have to know,json code,and type this in,which is really really complicated if,you're a person who doesn't know,much about computers or if you're a,person who is comfortable with certain,things but not others,so we're just going to say yeah ifttt,screw that i'm going to get that out,here,let me introduce you to tweetshift now,tweetshift is a much better utility but,it's only used for tweets,um so there is a couple of things i,wanted to do,in my um,youtube discord that i could not do when,i was setting up ifttt or at least i,didn't know how to do them,and one of them was to use a specific,role mention,when i,uh was going to post a tweet,or that sort of thing so right here i,want to role mention or mention the at,the person who tweeted in the discord,and that just never really worked,so now with tweet shift i've been using,this for a while in my clan discord,so if we come over here click on the,clan discord we see that it formats the,tweets this way destiny 2 tweet shift,bot,and then it gives you a little snip of,the tweet here's the link and it also,embeds the url content,to make it look nice and pretty and if,it's an image or whatever it'll embed,some of that stuff too you can just,check this out as i'm scrolling up,through here,all the contents there right,now destiny is a really specific good,example of where you would want role,mentions right,uh oh one of the things that tweet chip,does very nicely that did not happen,with ifttt is it imports the profile,picture of the person making the tweet,into the body,of uh the post that it makes into your,discord,so one things that destiny does that's,kind of crazy to me and it just makes me,go ugh,is it has like 83 different twitter,accounts okay so if you want all the,information it's really hard to get that,but if i wanted to say filter out,certain types of information and ping,people with that,then,usually creators go one of two ways they,go the incessant i'm gonna ping at,everyone every single time i do anything,in my discord which results in people,just going yeah i'm just going to turn,off notifications for this this discord,and eventually you're dead to them and,they leave your discord right,um or you they go the route of not doing,notifications at all,but let's say that i wanted you know,we have the destiny the game account,here we've got the destiny bungie,careers account here we've got the,actual bungie account here,and there's also a bungee help account,and there's a bungee foundation account,all these are different twitter accounts,right,let's say that you wanted to know,um,just,bungee help tweets like a support issue,is there something wrong with the game,i'd like the ability to give people,a role,so that if they wanted that like push,notification to their phone they just,have to opt into the role and then they,get a push notification and if they,didn't want to opt into the role they,wouldn't get a push notification right,or let's say that you were a dev

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The Dead Drop Podcast: Episode 002 (SF6, Cyberpunk, Destiny 2 and more!)

The Dead Drop Podcast: Episode 002 (SF6, Cyberpunk, Destiny 2 and more!)

welcome to the dead drop your secret,cache of game news delivered safely and,securely to your podcast player,i'm matt bliss your interpreter of the,games industry your profit of playable,material your professor of time,preservation,we have releases of bounds today,complete with bugs teasers and,everything in between,let's not muck around here are the news,stories that you need to know,a countdown timer on the capcom website,was a mystery until the 21st of february,when a teaser trailer for the new,installment in the street fighter series,was announced,following the completion of the capcom,pro tour fighting game exhibition the,teaser soon had the gaming world,thirsting for the shirtless sandaled ryu,analysis of the teaser was overshadowed,by interesting sentiments such as alana,pierce tweeting find you a man who,looked like he swallowed a bus,in a resident evil village lady,dimitrescu-like admiration comments have,mentioned ryu's appearance as a new look,for the series as an introduction for,what is to come unfortunately fans have,also taken shots at the new series's,logo which is a departure from the motif,of its previous titles which some say is,quite boring critics have posited that,it is remarkably similar to a stock logo,available for purchase on the adobe,website,after comparing the images i can see why,they would be concerned about potential,marketing and copyright issues but the,proof will be in the pudding when more,information arrives for the game in,summer of this,year assassin's creed fans will be,excited to see that the most recent game,valhalla will be receiving accessibility,updates that will improve the game for,players who wish to improve their gaming,experience,notorious for its lack of accessibility,this is a welcome change to the series,as it adds the easier saga difficulty,mode enemies won't scale with the player,inflict less damage and react slowly in,this easier mode players will also be,able to alter the damage taken given the,healing the adrenaline gain and enemy,health with improvements to stealth on,the way in anticipation of the release,of their dawn of ragnarok expansion it's,important to remember that their next,title will be a live service game and,that all of these changes to the current,game will be good practice for,maintaining assassin's creed infinite,when it releases,i think in this case a little bit of,goodwill can go a long way we must,remember of course that game,accessibility is an ongoing and growing,conversation and must be considered by,developers to enable all audiences to,experience them the difficulty,discussion is rearing its head again,with the release of eldon ring this week,but remember they are options to enrich,and don't detract from the game,reports indicate the guardians of the,galaxy game released by square enix and,developed by artist montreal in 2021 has,not performed to the initial,expectations of the publisher the game,reviewed strongly fostered strong public,sentiment and was even nominated in the,game awards last year for best action,adventure best score of music innovation,in accessibility and took home the,trophy for best narrative game despite,this the studio will be looking to,further promote sales to improve the,outlook for this year while i haven't,played guardians of the galaxy myself,i've heard great things about the story,from many who played it and have heard,jan ochoa of giant bomb fame claiming it,as the game that helped him through 2021,with its theme of friendship,for a game with a great soundtrack and,powerful themes like that i'd recommend,it too,any game of part of the discourse will,know of cyberpunk 2077's turbulent,launch in late 2020.,game had been hyped for years before,releasing only to find bugs graphical,errors and issues with the console,releases some even citing the game is,unplayable cd projekt red released patch,1.5 a few days ago to improve the game,and it has brought cyberpunk back into,the conversation,the patch notes have detailed aspects of,improvements such as a version for xbox,series x and s,ray tracing improvements and additional,appearance and apartment options,however players have noticed a large,amount of changes that were not,indicated by the notes and hidden,through the game fans are working hard,to assemble the hidden update list which,includes clothing mods weapon balancing,nerves to critical damage and even to,perks and progression these adjustments,have changed the way the game feels and,could go a long way to improving,sentiment from players cd projekt red,have suffered greatly from the release,of cyberpunk 2077 from hack of their,studio that stole game source code and,employee information to a lawsuit from,investors in the studio that claimed,they were defrauded with the release,sony even pulled the game from their,digital store at the time of release and,refunds were given where asked all this,considered they still turned a profit,and continue to support the game which,tells this reporter that the

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Facing A Modder In ToO @BungieHelp

Facing A Modder In ToO @BungieHelp

it's right now,if he Peaks again I'll try mr. milk,the only way we can possibly win this is,my captain's even then we've probably,got no chance,is that him that, these right here so all your,talking no coordinate he's pushing up,now in this,this is it's smash,together smashing yeah,he's satellite five surfaces,around our 10-second go down takes,damage of five seconds what you mean so,place after the full receiver the world,after the zone to end this quick,in excess killer smashing,Alpha Team win,are you recording is Ola,I've been recording it for a while the,team is behind,donut we're to bungee,oh wait you killed him oh yeah,the Bible team,us,gross Hamada oh my god,the team is behind,one guy,Marty down he's hit misses him,he's robbed you,Yeah right just go smashed,I mean it could be worse he could be a,plate dancer maybe our Goulding well,I have no mo special if he was holding,on now property works yo I could pop,hammers on him as he runs on the corner,heavy ammo available this could be the,round we win,yeah guys specialty,I was going to say try keep distance,from them,you got it nice,Oh God you know,yeah,a silver,I'm not risking a million in, that yeah marry Assad he'll smash,us,now,in Ex he's in the little special box,he's pushing up pushing up he's pushing,up run,that's a shaming I'm surprised we're,holding up this long against ,mothers,this is much boys Guardian last charm, round great what is grenades are,even facing me is please grenade,all that remains,Oh

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Bungie dont care about the Players @bungiehelp

Bungie dont care about the Players @bungiehelp

hi Nick what's the game called it's,called uh fortnite it's free ,bully uh the legend what is happening,YouTube y'all know me even fully let me,turn this off,and let me get right on into this man,bungee has been up and I'm,talking about this Takes the Cake Man I,know they don't give a about their,fans I know they don't give a about,the gamers it's all about money with,them and they try to hide it behind,Activision and now we're seeing that it,really was Bungie with how much their,prices are and ,but I I digress on it that's a whole,different video for a holder for the,topic I mean you can just Google why,people are uh uh canceling,what is that called next year,whatever the the expand the major,expansion gonna be next year people are,canceling that left and right,because they're going up on the prices,but if you've been living under a rock,and you don't know,Bungie has been down and I say down I,mean they have disabled all third party,apps which I.E the API you know what I'm,saying they have disabled that and,you're thinking yourself like man that's,not a big problem the it's not man,like a lot of people oh,God damn it a lot of people were able to,pull up,you know dim up until Friday Friday is,when the popped off right and of,course I don't understand for the life,of me these they've,dropped dungeons they've dropped raids,they've dropped DLC I don't understand,why,everything goes to every time dude,and it burns my it burns my,blood beyond belief that these ,have not gotten this down this is,the only game I know that does this,besides you know a newer game like,outriders when it first dropped and ,was up but they're not new to,this but anyways,Friday the the new Dungeon Drop and,it was just a dungeon not a raid and,everything with this people was,getting the the bowl and going back and,no they didn't have it was just, up so they disabled the the aid,the third party after they said it was,something with the code with that now,mind you fully is a D1 player and I've,been watching their Twitter feed because,I saved a lot of for today because,I wanna I haven't been able to mend Max,I didn't start doing Pinnacles until,Friday the new season dropped Tuesday,you feel me so fully was like hey man I,gotta work,I just grind it out when the The Dungeon,Drop I'll run through that we'll be,good no the ,dropped on Friday and everything went to, so I couldn't min max not to,mention like I say I'm a D1 player bro,y'all y'all anybody who ever followed,the channel you can type in Destiny I've,been with this since launch of D1,year one you feel me and people were,trying to say oh these people complain,and they're not they're not D1 vets bull, when you get used to a, convenience,that doesn't sit up here and take away,the fact of where you come from I'm used,to the you know I'm saying the,Dem I have been back to the tower more,times over this weekend my since,the existence of this game and I'm not,joking I'm not joking I have left raids,I have left dungeons just to go get ,and bring it back man and it's,embarrassing as hear me you know,what I'm saying and this is the thing,this is how I know bunches don't give a, yo this happened on Friday, they said hey we off on the,weekend y'all and you're like,you're thinking to yourself all these, got families they have off days,too covet happen,everybody was working from home they,could have did something from the house,bro how often do they have these drops,like raid drops dungeon drops hell the,first you know one month is heavy,grinding and Destiny and then everything,else there is to do like for the,past two months in Destiny nobody's been,doing on this game and,you're telling me the week that their,new season drop and you're,telling me they're like middle finger to,the fans,oh my God bro and then I'm like,okay man you know I'm I'm reasonable I,said okay Monday roll around they'll get,to it they said it's gonna be down time,all right you know what I'm saying I had,a couple patients to see I said hey I'm,gonna get home do some Destiny ,oh these said we're not,gonna have nothing done until later on,this week and I'm like the ,you're telling me,this is how,I am speechless beyond belief bro like I,I am so speechless because the scum,sucking bastards dude this scum sucking,bat these These are the worst of,the worst,you're telling me I don't give a ,about your family y'all ain't been,doing for the past few months,because Destiny has been dead you're,telling me your first week when you drop,a brand new dungeon you know what I'm,saying we're not this doesn't nothing,like this is gonna happen for the rest,of the season nothing,so until uh what is it called,uh ,February whenever this new dropped,water it's it it's nothing else new it's,really gonna drop these little Doctor,Who that nothing is going to,drop you hear me you're telling me you,couldn't forego put in some extra,overtime be like hey man we gonna get,this for the people we gonna work,Non-Stop and get it back out to the,people nah these ar

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