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so exactly what you guys wanted,a superb free streaming application,with just pages and pages of tv shows,movies,live tv with a fully working program,guide that you can enjoy on your fire,stick or really any android device now,this application doesn't require no,logins no usernames no passwords the,application was recently updated it has,a massive library of great content and,they've even added in some more live,channels recently so please do take a,moment to hit that like button make sure,you hit that subscribe button so with,all of that being said let's get started,if you're new to the channel and you,want to stay up to date with the latest,tech tutorials the latest fire stick,android and android tv tips and tricks,then please do subscribe and hit the,notification bell it's a small click,from you but it makes a big difference,to me thank you so you start the,application for the first time you can,see it has a very nice clean interface,we have the live tv section at the top,which i will show you in just a second,then scrolling down we have the featured,section,so lots of different things in here lots,of complete seasons lots of different tv,shows,then you've got the different categories,so here we can see the psychological,thrillers,we've got recommended for you section,we have a trending section now the great,thing is without doing any kind of,registration,anything that you do start in this,application it will remember how far,you've got so if you do exit the,application and go back into it you'll,be able to carry on watching exactly,where you left off,now for a quick test if i just tried,this unexplained let's click on that we,can see we can play a season one episode,one but if i click on that and we are,straight into that content,let me just fold that a bit that's,working fine so we can see there was no,advert at the start but you may see some,mid-roll adverts in this application,but that's working great and that really,is a fantastic hd picture,let's back out of that if i scroll down,we can see all the episodes let's click,on that just to show you that it's not,like one episode or one show,we can see here for example we have two,complete seasons,and we can see all of the different,episodes in there,that's working great let's back out that,you've got music section you've got,award-winning tv,binge-worthy tv you've got a massive,documentary section,cooking section,lots of different things here you've got,complete a series section so you really,would find something for everybody in,here and if i just go down into settings,let's click on that,if i go to app info,just to show you that this is the latest,version we have the app version there,anything i recommend you doing here is,if you go over to where it says do not,sell my personal information,click on that just to disable that i,mean as we're not really logging into,the application there's not really much,information they can collect but just to,make sure that nothing is being logged,or tracked i would recommend you tick,that box,okay let's go back,and then we have this new massive live,tv section and in fact here we can just,see the continue watching so just to,confirm that any episode any movie any,tv show that you start once you go back,into the application you'll be able to,continue watching exactly where you left,off we are now starting the live tv,section,so the first thing we see is we have,this fully working program guide so i,can see exactly what's on the abc news,network i can see what's on now what's,coming up next,scroll down,and we can see it's now just building,that program guide,we can see lots of different channels,i'm hoping some of those new channels,that we saw those 14 different channels,have also been added in here so just for,a quick test,let's try this uh damage report let's,click on,that give that a second,and we are straight in there and the,great thing is most of the channels in,here are in glorious high definition,and we see that's working absolutely,fine,okay let's back out for that so we can,see we've got news channels drama,channels uh sports channels i mean just,for a quick test let's try this speed,sport let's click on that,just to show you that it's not one,channel or a couple of channels,everything click on in here is working,it's working straight away it's a good,selection for about 100 different,channels,lots of different categories lots of,different content,i just made that a little bit sweeter,because it has that fully working,program guide so overall guys a great,update to this application it really,does have lots of different tv shows and,movies many with complete seasons and,now we've seen with this latest update,they've added in even more live tv,channels so definitely worth checking,out especially because it doesn't,require any registration,you can just install this application,and go ahead and enjoy all of this free,content now depending on your location,you may already find the roku channel in,your amazon app

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welcome back to court Cutters Ally where,we're on a never-ending pursuit to save,you money on your cable bill,in today's video we have what many of,you have been asking for an outstanding,free streaming application loaded with,movies and TV shows plus over a thousand,live TV channels including dozens in,Spanish and other languages as well,this application requires no logins no,usernames or passwords they don't even,ask you for your email address the best,part is this application is completely,free with little or no ads it's 100,legal and 100 legit there is really,something for everybody in this one in,case you missed it I said over a,thousand live TV channels and a whole,lot more alright I have a lot to show,you so if you're ready to learn about,this amazing recently updated premium,streaming application that you can,install on your Amazon Fire stick or,Android TV streaming device grab your,remotes and let's go if you're new to,cord cutters I lie where we try to help,you save money on your cable bill please,click that subscribe button and hit the,notification Bell doing this will make,sure you don't miss out on any new,videos as they come out and it helps to,support the channel alright so the name,of this recently updated application is,the Roku Channel but don't let the name,scare you away this isn't your mother's,Roku before taking a good long look at,this app I didn't have my hopes up too,high either however I was blown away by,all the free content they've stuffed,into this application and I think you,will be too,before showing you how to install the,Roku channel on your Amazon Fire stick,I'll give you a tour around the app,basically on the left here you have the,home and you have the different,categories of things that you can go to,the live TV section it has a bunch of,different categories of live tv that you,can scroll through but the best part I,like is up here at the top you can click,on live TV channel guide this is a fully,uh loaded electronic programming guide,or EPG that shows you all the different,channels that you have available and,this list is long I mean you can just,scroll through here you have several,local NBC channels,I'm just scrolling through you have,weather you have I mean just just tons,and tons of live TV channels again the,EPG loads up,pretty much uh as you move along,you just pick a channel that you want to,watch you click on it,and it plays all in very high quality HD,if you want to change the channel you,can just move up or down,you move to the left it brings back the,EPG,again let me just go through these this,list rather quickly here I'm not going,to show you all thousand plus channels,but as you go through here you see,different categories it's just loaded,with tons and tons of live channels,all sorts of categories,I'm going to go back out to the,categories menu so you can see a little,bit easier,how much stuff is available,we have a bunch of trending now channels,um,to scroll through some of these,recommended for you recommended for you,this is going to remember some of the,popular stuff that you've watched and uh,and put that on that list for you,entertainment drama reality a bunch of,westerns comedy documentaries TV dramas,scrolling down you have news,lots of sports content here 35 Plus,channels,move down you have science fiction,family friends black movies and TVs,action,classic TV some of this stuff is awesome,lots of music channels music video,channels I mean just just tons tons of,content here,a whole bunch of Spanish channels as,well,really good selection of Spanish,channels,um some family stuff some sitcoms,British TV as I said lots of,international content as well,just look through all of these different,categories of things and again back to,the EPG you can go ahead and click on,that and,just go to whatever Channel you're,looking for,again I'm going to go up to the top here,I'll show you,as you see here it tops out at,1172 starts at 100 so basically you have,a 1085 channels that you can select from,all live TV channels,um with this EPG,going back now to this menu on the left,you have a kids and family section here,where you can select from a whole bunch,of on-demand movies and TV shows for,kids and the family broken down into age,groups which is kind of nice so you can,just go ahead and scroll through and see,all the stuff that you might want to,pick out and watch for the family A,bunch of holiday specials holiday movies,Christmas is around the corner,lots of stuff in there then you have,categories of on-demand as well,uh season streamings lots of,um Christmas type movies and TV shows,and things that are available here,more Spanish content,plenty of stuff here to watch,in Spanish,music westerns all these different,genres action comedies horror romance,Thrillers home news dramas crime Sports,reality Adventure just it goes on and on,and on,of course you can search for anything,you want it's got a dynamic search,function way better than some of the,other ones I did

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How to watch the WORLD CUP on TV & Streaming 🏆

How to watch the WORLD CUP on TV & Streaming 🏆

for all my American viewers out there,I'll get you set on how to watch whether,that be on TV or streaming in both,English and Spanish language coverage so,let's start in English language TV all,64 games in the upcoming World Cup will,be available on either fox or FS1 most,cable satellite and streaming platforms,do carry these channels but it never,hurts to check whether or not a certain,provider does carry Fox after all it is,an over-the-air Channel now that being,said Fox as I just mentioned is a free,and over-the-air channel meaning all you,need to do to get access to Fox is use a,an antenna which can be accessed for,just 25 bucks off of Amazon give or take,the same thing applies to Telemundo for,the Spanish language TV coverage at the,upcoming World Cup all 64 games in,Spanish language coverage will be,available in either Telemundo or,universo now as I just mentioned,Telemundo like Fox as they free and,over-the-air channel and in total there,will be 61 games that will be available,on free and over-the-air TV however when,we get to The Knockout stages all of the,games in The Knockout stages from the,round of 16 all the way to the final are,available on free and over-the-air,television however not all those games,are available on Fox of course there are,only two games that will not be,available on Fox that will be on FS1 for,my TV launchers out there the reason,that is is that there's two NFL games on,a Sunday December 4th when there are two,knockout ch games so Fox will be showing,us NFL coverage and letting FS1,broadcast the World Cup,so let's talk about English language,streaming as we all know streaming plays,a major role for the American audience,when it comes to watching soccer and,that is applicable here at the World Cup,streaming platforms like fubotv YouTube,TV Hulu Plus live TV and more carry both,Fox and FS1 so they are great Atlas in,order to watch all the games of the,World Cup however some of the more cost,efficient providers may not carry Fox as,I just mentioned is an over-the-air,channel so they may Channel May struggle,to get the rights to broadcast Fox to,its subscribers so as you're maybe,subscribing to a new streaming platform,it never hurts to check the channel,lineup to make sure both Fox and FS1 are,out there,someone that is free however is Tubi,which is fox's dedicated streaming,platform like I just said 2B is free,however it does not broadcast the games,as they happen instead 2B will have the,on-demand recordings of games pretty,much after the final whistle which is,pretty beneficial if you consider that,kickoffs on the East Coast are happening,at 5am and 8 A.M and on the west coast,well that's 2 A.M and 5 a.m so is,anybody really going to be waking up to,watch those games if it does not include,the US hard to say maybe the Die Hard,fans will however if you're just like a,an average soccer fan you want to watch,the games after you wake up well 2B will,have the on-demand recordings of each,game at the World Cup however let's say,you do have a cable or satellite,subscription to but you uh are away from,your TV let's say you're at work at the,gym somewhere else just not at your TV,the Fox Sports app is a streaming,service that it does not free it does,require a cable satellite or streaming,platform like fubotv that you have to,input your subscription information into,the fox Sports app however it does allow,you to watch all the games all 64 games,at the world cup from any smart device,whether it be TV phone laptop you name,it so let's talk about Spanish language,streaming and this is one of the best,things that is available for American,soccer fans at the World Cup everything,for the Spanish language coverage when,it comes to streaming is available,through peacock and all 64 games that,the World Cup will be available in,Spanish language coverage via peacock,and again that's just 4.99 and many,soccer fans in the United States already,have a peacock subscription due to the,fact that there are exclusive Premier,League games so that means you'll be,able to watch each game at the World Cup,for no additional charge assuming that,you already have peacock of course plus,there is a 24 7 World Cup channel that,will be showing News highlights uh old,games previous recorded games that will,be available through peacock again that,is just Spanish language so something to,keep in mind if you're only trying to,get that English language coverage for,more information about when the games,are where you can find them what channel,specific games are on head over to World,Soccer talk the World Cup Hub there has,information on each team each each group,and it has of course the streaming,schedules and TV schedules for you to,keep an eye on and download and of,course there's also a bracket laser can,try out and plan out hyping the World,Cup will unfold and as you're doing that,and getting ready for the World Cup I,hope you all enjoy your football,foreign

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if you are looking for ultimate team,coins i have the place for you head on,over to where you can,purchase coins,for as little as 45 a mil i did not,stutter link is in the description use,code gs for five percent off,what is going on everybody welcome to a,video where we are going to show you how,you can watch nfl games,for free on your tablet on your phone on,your computer whichever device you have,available,so you can go on ahead and support your,favorite team now,uh me being a 49ers fan living in north,carolina that's clearly not my local,games and,i don't want to watch the damn panthers,every sunday so i figured,you know i had directv sunday package,and it's expensive it's definitely,expensive then i found the way where i,can just wash them for free canceled,uh my uh my package so now i can watch,my 49ers and,you know not have to pay so if you can,watch it for free why not right,so first and foremost though um whatever,browser you have you know some people,use internet explorer safari whatever i,use google chrome,so we're going to open up google chrome,one thing that you want to have,is you want to have an ad blocker and,that blocker is going to go on ahead and,prevent a lot of,pop-ups from coming up and it's very,very frustrating you try to click stuff,and a lot of things,are coming up now you can't really stop,this on mobile,but on your desktop if you're able to,download the extension get it it's just,going to prevent a lot of things from,popping up and it's going to save you,a big headache because it's very very,very very frustrating whenever you're,trying to watch yourself a game and that,comes up,or you're just trying to get to the game,and just a lot of things are going to be,coming up in your way,and telling you hey you have to purchase,a membership in order to do this or,all these other wild things are going to,come up and trust me if something,is coming up telling you you need to,input any information any credit card,information any debit card information,any payment,don't do it this is 100 free so the,website we're going to go to is called, we're going to select that,we're going to hit enter and then you,come to this website right here now this,website isn't just nfl you see it is,mba nhl mlb cricket you know multiple,sports even ufc,when that stuff comes up so um but you,know today we're talking about nfl,and how you can go on ahead and uh get,these games for free so,as of now you take a look at the bottom,right today is football sunday it is,september 15th,and my 49ers are playing the saints and,surprisingly enough,we're actually winning which i did not,see happening because things are really,good and we're really,really really really injured so uh you,get to this site right here,and you are going to take a look at all,the games they have,available you know they show you all the,games that are done,all the games that are in progress and,are live so let's just say,we want to go ahead and we want to watch,the 49ers game right so we're going to,click on,the 49ers game and then you're going to,have a slew of options of different,websites,that are casting the game you go down,here and all these,are options of where you can go ahead,and potentially,watch the game now i always 100,usually just go for the top two buff,streams and top streamer,i usually don't go with too many other,sites the only time i really do,is when i'm trying to get on my phone,because on your phone is a little,different,you don't have um you don't have an ad,blocker really so you got a lot of,things popping up getting in your way,which we're going to show you how to get,it on your phone as well,but for me the first two are always,money pretty much,99.9 of the time i don't go to any other,but,you know some have different qualities,you know you just want to find the right,for you let's say you don't have,the best connection which i've been in,that scenario,i'll go ahead and i'll just click a,random one and sometimes that will show,up better,than the first two but like i said for,99 of the time,the first two are the ones you really,really really want to see so,um you just click on buff stream here,and then there's just a little play,button here now without ad block,without ad you know let's just show you,guys how it's going to pee,without adblock right let's just turn,these off here,on this website and let's refresh,already bam this comes up this wasn't,here before because adblock prevented it,from coming up,this on the bottom right wasn't here,because adblock prevented it from coming,up,you see the difference ad block makes,this is why if you're on your computer,you want to download it as an extension,it is just going to,save you a major headache and not only,here on any other websites you know,whether you go to youtube or twitch now,me personally,if i go to youtube even though i'm kind,of watching nfl games for free right how,contradictory is to this but i'm a,content creator myself so i white list,y

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How I Watch EVERY Live NFL Game Without Cable THE SMART WAY (2022)

How I Watch EVERY Live NFL Game Without Cable THE SMART WAY (2022)

today's video is going to be a little,bit different okay guys because we've,got a serious problem one i know almost,each and every one of you struggle with,every single year how do i watch,football i simply want to watch football,okay let's google it i mean look at this,why does it have to be so complicated,nbc sports sunday ticket fox of course i,could just sign up for satellite tv for,like 70 plus bucks a month then i could,add a sports package with a hefty price,tag of like 300 bucks,no stop because i'd be stuck with pain,for live tv that i don't even use for,eight months out of the year but i want,to watch football but i don't want,satellite too i mean we live in a,digital age netflix hulu prime i'm good,bro no i will not conform to paying for,an over excessive service just for,football not for me but still i want to,watch football,wait no there's another option sports,fans one that i discovered last year one,that guarantees i can watch every game i,want without the fear of blackouts or,channel surfing one that breaks the,shackles of conformity one that,harnesses the awesome power of the,internet and its name is nfl game pass,right so you're telling me that there's,a service that allows me to watch any,game i want with red zone nfl total,access condensed replays and nfl,original content like hard knocks and,even more and you're telling me that i,can finally pay for just football that's,unbelievably cheaper than paying for,satellite year-round yet this is it,this is the answer this is what i've,been looking for oh wait except for one,thing one major heartbreaking,earth-shattering thing you can watch all,the games you want,but not live,but hang on let me finish there's a way,around this a way that will lead us to,the promised land of watching live games,using the nfl game pass in combination,with this vital tool a virtual private,network or vpn for short okay i lost,some of you guys i can tell just wait,what is a vpn well in layman's terms,it's a legitimate service that allows,your internet connection to appear like,it's coming from anywhere in the world,you see certain apps and services are,subject to a thing called geo,restrictions for example netflix has,movies and shows that you can only watch,in certain parts of the world so right,now there's some dude in the uk watching,your favorite show that you don't,currently have access to in the states,but with the vpn we can change that and,there lies the answer by using a vpn we,can bounce our signal from other parts,of the world to grant us access to the,nfl game pass to allow us to watch live,games but director we sure this is legit,quick google search completely legal we,did it guys this is the answer this is,what i personally have been using for,the last two years and i felt it was,finally time to share this method this,is an awesome way to navigate the nfl,season and one that i plan to use for,the foreseeable future and it is super,simple to set out guys here's a quick,rundown step one choose a vpn provider,now there's a few vpn providers to,choose from after trying a few of them,out myself i recently found,expressvpn to be my unquestioned,preference to put it simple it's the,fastest connection like by a lot and you,want fast speeds when you're watching,live games trust me it also allows you,to install it in a number of different,devices i personally have it on my phone,and fire stick so i can watch the games,on my phone and tv now be sure to check,out the link in the description if you,want to use expressvpn like me i was,able to secure us some special deals for,the bolt fam it's super cheap ranging,from like eight bucks a month to 13,bucks a month depending on your,subscription now step two install your,vpn and fire it up once you signed up go,ahead and launch your vpn it'll look,something like this just connect to a,country outside of the states i like to,use singapore or the uk and you're good,to go but make sure it's connected,before you go to this next part sign up,for nfl game pass this is simple enough,make an account an nfl game pass you can,use your location somewhere else if you,want to go the extra mile once you're,signed up you're going to want to choose,your subscription i always go with pro,p.s don't let the price tag scare you,yet more on that in a minute next you're,going to enter your information and,create an account now like i said don't,worry about the one-year deal it'll try,to make it look like that's the only,option but if you click down here on,modify you can change it to weekly which,i personally prefer lastly gonna set up,your payment method bing bang boom,you're good to go now last few notes,before we wrap this thing up make sure,that you fire up your vpn before trying,to watch the live games otherwise it's,not going to work and remember i do this,all the time you can fire up the vpn on,the big screen too using something like,a chromecast or a fire stick i,personally use it on a fire stick myself,you can download expressvpn a

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how my crush saw my eggplant at school,so this story does get really insane but,before i do make sure you guys leave,like and subscribe if you guys haven't,already seriously it means a lot when,you guys do and let's just get straight,into the story yo what is going on you,guys my name is bubba and welcome back,to another insane story so this story,funny enough takes place back when i was,in middle school you see back when i was,in middle school i'm not gonna lie i,wasn't the most greatest looking kid,like i know i had like a really weird,pubic stash and honestly i was just a,brown boy growing up i think that's like,the best way to explain it really but,anyways i remember one day this specific,day was a special day because the day,before i remember my teacher told us all,in class tomorrow will be sports day so,make sure you guys wear your team's,jerseys and it was basically sports day,now if you guys know what sports day is,sports day is basically where a bunch of,kids basically go to school have fun,play games and do sports or stuff,relating to sports for example like,track and field kicking a soccer ball so,many different things if you guys do,have sports day comment down below what,was your favorite thing about sports day,for me was probably skipping class and,not actually doing any homework because,homework sucks anyways going with the,story sports day came around and it was,finally the day i remember i woke up and,i was actually like really really lazy,this day i think it was because i was,playing black ops 2 zombies for like i,don't know all night basically and i,slept at like 5am and i woke up at like,7 30 just to get ready for school yeah,my mom was not happy about that but i,remember waking up and i was super,exhausted like i was tired of the tired,you guys have no idea how exhausted i,was but i still got up for school,because it was sports day i'm not gonna,miss out on a day where i could,literally just do nothing in school so i,remember i got up and i was walking to,my closet and i remember i was going,through my clothing i got my t-shirt my,pants that i needed my socks i always,wear socks feet are weird and i remember,i looked for the one final thing and,that was my underwear now i remember,when i was looking for it i couldn't,find any clean underwear before anyone,says anything no i'm not gonna wear,dirty underwear you seriously who do you,think i am one of those e girls on,twitch that sells them oh by the way i'm,live on twitch as we speak by the way i,forgot to mention that anyways when i,realized i had no clean underwear i,remember i was panicking but then i,remember that honestly there was one,thing i could do and guys don't ever do,this but i ended up going commando now,if you guys don't know what commando is,basically going commando is a certain,thing that most kids shouldn't be doing,in middle school and a lot of kids,shouldn't be doing in general the only,time you do this if you're home alone or,you just have nothing better to do hell,i'm usually naked when i'm home alone,but going on the basic way to say what,is going commando is basically not wear,underwear going out and not wearing,underwear at all that is the definition,of going commando and i ended up doing,it i remember i put on my gym shorts and,i'm not gonna lie my gym shorts were,like one of those gym shorts where it's,like really easy to not see through but,you know like it it's it's obvious i'm,making shapes and it was pretty hard to,hide my enormous eggplant so uh yeah,that that wasn't fun but honestly i,ended up going to school anyway me being,the lazy person i was i just ended up,getting up going to school when i got,there i remember all of us were just,kind of hanging out in classrooms,getting ready for sports day i remember,sitting down and seeing my crush and i,remember looking at her while she was,looking at me it was kind of awkward,interaction thank god she didn't look,down at my massive eggplant because that,would have been a bad idea but honestly,the story does get worse so let me,explain i remember getting up part way,through sports day and we all ended up,going outside to the field we're all,basically like doing these basic things,like running and all this stuff and,doing all these things but honestly me i,didn't participate in many sports,because one i was tired as hell and two,i'm not gonna run when i don't have any,tidy whities on bro because if i do then,everyone in my school is gonna see,something massive just going side to,side and yes i am talking about my,eggplant okay guys don't don't be weird,so most of sports day i remember i ended,up just sitting down at the bleachers,with my friends or friends as we would,call it they're mostly just people that,help me with my homework i end up just,sitting down and just talking to all,them about sports day how fun it was and,all this stuff and me sitting down not,many people would look between my legs,which is a good thing and then i,remember the one thing that i hat

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in this video we're going to take a look,at three really great free apps for,sports fans that you can install on your,fire stick,whatever you're into from baseball to,soccer from fishing to poker let's go,and take a look at these top three apps,for sports,if you're shopping from amazon whatever,it may be from a new fire stick to even,a bag of dog biscuits did you know that,by going to amazon through my personal,referral links helps to support,everything that i do here on my youtube,channel my referral links provide a,small commission at no extra cost to you,and every little helps,you can find my amazon referral links in,the description down below thank you for,your support,before we get started let me know in the,comments section down below what your,favorite apps are for streaming live,sports,if you love sports of any type there are,plenty of apps and streaming services,that offer top-notch viewing but these,come with top-notch prices,to get the big games and pay-per-view,events we all know it's going to cost,you and you're not going to get these,types of streams from legitimate apps,for free,but there are a few sports apps that are,completely free and legal that show a,wide variety of sports and sports,highlights that even the most hardcore,sports fans may find enjoyable,all of these apps are available from the,amazon app store so i'm going to be,showing you them using my fire tv stick,4k max,however if you can't get these apps from,the amazon app store or you want to,install them on your android devices,i'll show you how to install them from,my website at the end of this video,let's jump into this top three list of,completely free apps for sports starting,off with sports tribal,sports tribal is a new sports app where,you can watch the sports you love or,discover something new,from motocross to mma,snow sports to world poker,extreme sports women's sports college,and lacrosse there is something for,everyone,the home screen of the sports tribal app,highlights what's on offer with showing,you what's on now and next on your,selected live channel,what's popular,new channels,and highlights from motorsports us,sports and college sports,action sports gaming and more,the on now section highlights what's,showing right now on all of the live,channels,but if you want to plan your viewing and,see what's coming up the tv guide is a,really great addition,at a glance you can see all channels and,future scheduling information,there's plenty of sports content to,choose from including action from pac-12,billiards,poker,adventure sports,extreme sports,skiing fishing,horse and country,lacrosse,motorsports,mav tv,strongman championships,channel fight,hard knocks,and sports grind,currently sports tribal can only be,watched by anyone in the uk,or anyone with a uk ip address but is,hoping to launch in other territories as,soon as possible,i recommend using nordvpn to change your,ip address,you can find links to nordvpn in the,description down below,pluto tv is a fantastic free app with,over 100 live tv channels that includes,a really great sports section,you can watch for free without,registering or signing up to anything,sports channels include coverage and,highlights from cbs sports,fox sports,nfl channel,baseball,soccer,pga tour,ball riding,fight channel,boxing,bellator mma,pro wrestling,impact,kickboxing,bn sports extra,real madrid tv,uefa champions league,mav tv,outdoor sports,and poker,as well as live tv channels pluto tv has,an excellent on-demand section where you,can catch up on sporting action,highlights,documentaries and movies,pluto tv is available worldwide but not,all channels and content are available,in all locations,i use nordvpn connected to a server in,the united states to change my location,and view more content,you can find links to nordvpn in the,description down below,cloud tv is a live tv app that offers 60,free live channels with a decent sports,section,you can watch for free without a vpn and,without registering or signing up to,anything,this app features free streams from the,impact channel,bien sports extra,unbeaten,hard knocks,sports grid,fight,and the hunt channel,and even caters to enthusiasts of,outdoor sports,cycling and lacrosse,you can even catch up with the past 14,days of programming on demand all for,free,i hope that you enjoy taking a look at,these apps,if you're still watching let me know,that you made it this far into the video,by typing sports in the comment section,down below,if you can't get any of these apps from,the amazon app store or you want to,install them on your android device you,can install them from my website using,the downloader app which you can get,from the amazon app store or by going to,fire,and selecting the downloads option from,the menu,if you are using the downloader app you,will need to give permission for,downloader to install apps,go into your fire stick settings my fire,tv,developer options,install unknown apps and click on,downloader to turn th

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Hi guys! In this video I'm going to be running you  through how you can broadcast a sports event on  ,your WordPress website. But before we continue, make  sure you like, comment, and subscribe to our channel  ,to stay up to date with all our latest content. So  whether you choose to broadcast a football, soccer,  ,or basketball match all the way from little  league to huge championships WpStream is  ,the plugin for you. So make sure you install  and activate it on your WordPress website  ,and that is what we're using for video streaming.  If you also want to monetize your live streams and  ,your on-demand videos, get the WooCommerce plugin  as well. Then let's go to WpStream credentials  ,and you can either sign in if you already have  an account or you can register with a new one.  ,Once registered, it will take you to your WpStream dashboard where you'll find your free  ,trial package and you can also confirm  your email address for an extra 5  ,GB of streaming data. Don't forget to  do that. So let's go back and enter our details,  ,save changes, and we are connected then. Let's  create a channel. So go to 'channels' and you can  ,either 'create a free channel' or a 'pay-per-view  channel'. I'm creating a free channel in this video  ,but if you're interested in a pay-per-view  channel, check out one of our other videos.,You can add your title, any images, and publish.  Once published, I also want to record this live  ,stream and convert it into a on demand video. So  I will click on 'settings' and 'record live stream'  ,Then I will start my live event. While loading  let me talk to you about OBS studio. It's a free  ,pro tool that you can use to broadcast live  events. So go to 'settings' , 'stream' and here you  ,will find a 'server' and 'stream key' that you  enter from WpStream. Click on 'go live  ,with external broadcaster' and here is your  'server' and 'stream key'. Simply copy/paste them  ,into the respective fields like so and  click on 'ok'. Now you can start streaming,and go back and click on view channel and this  will take you straight to your live stream.  ,Here it is. That is how you can  broadcast your sports events. You  ,can also go full screen with this, you can go  picture-in-picture, and skip through different  ,tabs. You can watch it anywhere.  Once you are happy with your broadcast  ,and want it to end, go back to OBS studio and click on 'stop streaming'.  ,If you go back to your page, you'll see that the  live stream would have ended and this message will  ,appear. That's how you know it's over. And that's  how you broadcast. Now, I have recorded this live  ,stream so I'll go to WpStream media management  and here's where I find my recording. I can either  ,download this, create a free video on demand, or a  pay-per-view video on demand. I'm doing the latter.  ,I will enter my title, make sure under product  data it's on 'video on demand' and also assign a  ,'price'. You can add some other details as well  and then once you're happy, click on publish.,To access this video, click  on this permalink over here,and as you can see you are not yet able to watch  it. As a viewer, they will only be able to  ,watch your 'video on demand' if they actually  purchase it. Once they proceed to check out  ,and are done purchasing this video, here is the  link to the live stream. If they click on it  ,they will be taken to the VOD and now they  can actually watch it. Let's click on play...  ,and here it is. So with VODs, you can skip  forward, go back, you can also go full  ,screen, and picture in picture like with the  live stream, and you can also pause and play.,So that is how you can go live and also create  a video on demand from your live stream and  ,monetize it. I hope that you've enjoyed this  video and see you soon with another one. Bye!,

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