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Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe Feud Over Damar Hamlin TweetSkip Bayless decided to say some things tha

Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey

Updated on Jan 17,2023

Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe Feud Over Damar Hamlin Tweet

Skip Bayless decided to say some things that were more than,insensitive in my opinion, but I'm going to do this.,Let me first by the context of Shannon Sharpe,who tried to help Skip in my opinion.,And then this happened here.,Here it is.,>> Good to see you Sharnone is there something youwanna share?,>> Good morning, yes.,>> Morning.,There's been a lot of speculation on why I wasn't on there yesterday and,I won't get into speculation or conjecture innuendo, but I will say this and watching,that game on Monday night, what happened to Damar Hamlin struck me look different.,As a brotherhood in the NFL when injuries happened,,when we know injuries are part of the game.,I've seen guys suffer a CLS and Achilles tear, but,I've never seen anybody have to be revived and fight for their life on the field.,So they struck me a little differently because I remember seeing my brother,paralyzed on the field temporarily, and he was able to regain focus.,Skip, tweeted something and although I disagree with the tweet and,hopefully Skip would take it down, but I didn't want it.,>> Time out.,Time out.,I'm not gonna take it down cuz I stand by what I tweeted.,>> All right, go ahead.,>> No, you go.,>> Good, let's go Jane.,>> Okay.,>> I mean, I cannot even get through a monologue without you interrupting me.,You could have came back skip, skip, just like that.,I was gonna bring, I was just gonna say Skip.,I didn't want to yesterday to get into a situation where Damar Hamlin was,the issue.,We should have been talking about him and not getting to your your tweet?,That's what I was gonna do.,But you can't even let me finish my opening monologue without you,interrupting.,>> Okay, I was under the impression you weren't going to bring this up because,nobody here had a problem with that tweet.,>> No.,Clearly the bosses wanted you to offer explanations so clearly.,No, they did not have, nobody.,Let's go Jane.,>> Thoughts and prayers remain with Damar Hamlin.,>> That's where the focus should have been.,Skip the lost his damn mind.,Now I've heard skip go back and forth with Shannon for a long time.,Sometimes Skip will even see the light, change his mind, and openly say so.,So let's be very clear about what Skip did.,File a young 24-year-old black male,was damn near dying in front of the world.,Skip was concerned about the season,,the NFL, the game, the sport, not the life,,not the health of the individual.,Damn it Skip.,If it's not in you, you could have at least faked it.,The level of insensitivity is so extreme.,I don't understand how Skip doesn't get it.,I really don't.,It was more than inappropriate try to help Skip see the light.,Look at the social media threat.,Shannon tried to help Skip see the light.,I'm going to try to help him see the light.,Now, Skip went on the day before to offer an apology.,Shannon was not there and well, judge for yourself,,do you think this was an apology?,Here it is.,>> I'll need to say up front that I apologize for,what we're going to set out to do here today.,If it offends anyone, because we're going to try to,do the show pretty much as we usually do the show.,But I'll admit upfront.,I'm still shook up by what happened last night to Damar Hamlin.,In fact, I'm still wrecked.,In fact, I'm not sure I'm capable of doing this show today,,but after barely sleeping on it, I decided to give it a try.,Maybe I'll fail.,Maybe we will fail.,But we're going to try.,We wrestled through much of the night whether to even do,a show today because it felt like in our minds we almost can't win with this.,>> What kind of apology is that?,That made me, okay, so first I was offended, now I'm just mad at him.,I no longer respect him.,He says he's apologizing for.,And I quote what we're going to set out to do today.,That's what he said, he apologizes for.,What we're going to set out to do today, and what's all of this?,We and our Skip.,It's you and yours.,There's no we, and our, and we struggled with this, and,then you want me to feel bad about the fact you didn't sleep last night.,What kind of apology are you submitting, sir?,I submit to you your time is done.,Your time is done.,I'm going to say something else and you may say it's insensitive.,You've been broadcasting Skip for 40 years.,You have never in your life played professional football,,you have never in your life played collegiate football.,As a matter of fact, the only time people will watch anything,you're part of is when you have a black face sitting across from you,,you have never been able to really hold down an actual relative show.,That's interesting.,You need that interaction.,If Shannon was not part of the program sir, let's be clear.,Here's how it struck me.,And I'm going to provide some context that I think has been missed in this.,Before I do that, let me highlight what,the Buffalo Bills tweeted about the young Mr. Hamlin.,Per the physicians caring for Damar Hamlin at the University,of Cincinnati Medical Center, Damar has shown remarkable,improvement over the

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Skip Bayless Gets Destroyed On Twitter For Insensitive Tweets About Damar Hamlin Incident

Skip Bayless Gets Destroyed On Twitter For Insensitive Tweets About Damar Hamlin Incident

okay so after Bill's safety tomorrow,Hamlet collapsed on the field following,the hit made on Bengals whiteout T,Higgins this obviously got a lot of,reaction on social media first and,foremost before we begin my prayers go,to Demar Hamlin and his family and the,whole Buffalo Bills organization,hopefully the safety can recover from,this incident smoothly and enjoy his,life so while a lot of tweets were pour,again offering their prayers on a speedy,recovery for Hamlet one tweet from fs1's,Undisputed Skip Bayless pretty much lit,up social media following the incident,there were many calls for the game to be,canceled as many saw that players and,coaching staff clearly distraught from,what they had just witnessed it's not,easy seeing your teammate claps on the,ground and being administered CPR and,being told to suck it up and get back,out on the field obviously this isn't,the first time we've seen players react,badly to a hit but this incident clearly,hit different than others in the past,anyways so before the Monday night game,got postponed at 10 pm eastern time,there were a lot of takes on social,media calling on Roger Goodell and the,NFL for this one particular tweet from,Skip Bayless had everyone basically try,to cancel him Skip's first two tweets,basically was his reaction following the,incident and that he had never seen play,stop for such a long period of time and,offered his prayers the next tweet then,discussed how he had never seen a,reaction like this on the football field,following an injury and that the game,would just usually continue shortly,after but his third tweet regarding the,bills Bengals game really hit a Nerf on,social media once get tweeted out no,doubt the NFL is considering postponing,the rest of this game but how this late,in the season a game of this magnitude,is crucial to the regular season outcome,which suddenly seems so irrelevant so,this tweet was met with a lot of,negative reactions including from some,former NBA and NFL players in media,heads calling Skip Bayless human trash,this insensitive tweet basically,focusing on the Monday Night Football,game and playoff implications rather,than the health of Demar Hamlin had most,people up in arms former Fox executive,producer Scott Ackerson replied back to,skip tweeting you've actually created,the worst take ever a man could be piece,of crap you actually make me embarrassed,that I helped start the network that,pays you millions of dollars you truly,are a worthless piece of crap what are,you thinking so well these are some,pretty harsh words listen I'm no fan of,Skip Bayless but the Hades been getting,from this tweet is pretty insane former,Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant said,that we need to cancel Skip Bayless,while Kendrick Perkins called him a sick,individual Isaiah Thomas said he hoped,skip would get fired and for him to even,think that is just sad an SB Nation,journalist probably had the most hardest,hitting tweet when he called Skip,Bayless a spineless gutless coward who,everyone in the industry hates so yeah,the reaction for Skip Bayless has been,pretty crazy and insane but this isn't,anything new for him he got pretty much,the same reaction a couple years ago,when he basically called Dak Prescott,week for public admitting that he was,depressed following the death of his,brother skip later apologized on,Undisputed for his remarks on the,Cowboys QB but for his tweet on Demar,Hamlin he has yet to take it down,anyways let me know what you think of,this whole reaction on social media to,Skip's tweet

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Skip Bayless' DISGUSTING Tweet After Damar Hamlin Collapse

Skip Bayless' DISGUSTING Tweet After Damar Hamlin Collapse

we want to give our prayers and thoughts,to Demar Hamlin and his family the bills,family the bills Mafia and everybody,involved in that incident last night one,of the scariest things that can happen,anywhere let alone Sports and something,that we haven't really seen in football,to that extent we've seen a ton of,injuries people are going to speculate,about what happened obviously it is has,been announced that he went into cardiac,arrest some people are saying that it's,commercial Cordis which is something we,see in baseball I've actually seen that,before but regardless of the speculation,or any that we just want to send our,prayers and our thoughts to Demar Hamlin,his family the University of Pittsburgh,football family everybody involved and,and you saw the the way everybody,reached out last night it's just,something unbelievably scary uh we have,the clip of obviously a little bit of,what happened last night let's go ahead,and run that but you know before we get,going and talk about all the stuff in,that has happened in the sports world,since the break we just want to make,sure guys that we let Demar Hamlin and,his family know that we're thinking,about them and we're hoping for a speed,recovery I don't have an update right,now other than it was reported by,somebody very close to him that his,vitals were back to normal and that he,was in the hospital so again football,sports does not matter when it comes to,this life and death is so much further,above than what sports can ever be uh we,just hope again that he's okay if they,make up the game or however it's going,to go it's going to go but we just hope,he's okay let's go ahead and run this,real quick,you can see him here on the backs uh,kind of catching one to the chest gets,up normal and and everything like that,and then just goes back down and you,could tell by the reactions from the,players that that this was not something,that they were used to seeing uh David,they had to do CPR on him on the field,which I mean you get to that point I,mean that's the last resort I mean,that's that's the Hail Mary of of trying,to save somebody every football game,someone goes down for an ACL or an ankle,or for a couple minutes or whatever you,could tell by the player's reaction that,something was different because the,cameras couldn't get in there we could I,couldn't even see the CPR which I'm glad,I am too and you could tell by the,players faces that this was a different,situation and we talked so much about,head injuries in football we rarely talk,about heart injuries and what you were,talking about with baseball this is why,so my dad always had me wear a chest,protector playing sports grown up,especially when I was pitching and I,didn't really understand it because not,a lot of other kids did it and I would,wear even a chest protector under my,shoulder pads but if you catch the heart,in the right situation Nation it can,really throw off that arrhythmia of the,heart beating which it sounds like is,what happened in this situation and,whereas a head injury you know time and,time again using your head uh you know,that can have long-term effects playing,football a heart situation only takes,one hit like this which sounds like what,what happened here yeah it's like a one,a one in a million type situation it's,milliseconds it you have to have enough,force and it has to be at the exact time,of when basically your your heart is,resetting itself it's going to its final,thing it's called the T wave or,something like that again I'm not a,doctor but Blaine typically when we talk,about heart stuff with football it's,it's somebody that during conditioning,fell out or or there was you know some,sort of really not stroke or something,yeah usually it's usually not contact,related yeah right it's usually,non-contact and the thing with this and,you know the the to see all the guys,come together at the end of this it's,not about one person especially on a,team it's about everybody,um it's the difference between getting,knocked out,um someone breaking a leg and a an ugly,broken bone or something like that I,wouldn't say you get used to seeing that,but you're around it so much that you,know what's going on becomes normal,right it somewhat becomes normal but to,see something like this if you're a,player to see an ambulance on the field,one you see an ambulance on the field,that's already scary as hell enough all,right because you know something is,seriously wrong but to be seeing someone,do CPR on one of your teammates,has to be just absolutely detrimental to,you and I'm so glad and we'll get to,this later investing worse but I'm so,glad that they didn't play another down,of football last night yeah I thought,because as a because as a guy who's,played football coach football who's,been knocked out who's seen people get,knocked out,it's it's so hard to see but imagine,seeing your lifeless teammate getting,CPR on the field there's no coming back,football is a game football is a game,there's cert

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Breaking Down Top Offensive Plays Against The Patriots | Buffalo Bills | Chopping Wood

Breaking Down Top Offensive Plays Against The Patriots | Buffalo Bills | Chopping Wood

is now time to look back at the tape,from the Bill's win over the Patriots e,the emotions were running High and the,bills delivered in a big way to lock up,the number two seed what stood out to,you about this game yeah we were unsure,of how the bills would show up in this,game they had limited practice,throughout the week you mentioned the,emotions heading into the game that can,be unpredictable well the Bills take the,opening kickoff back to the house to set,the tone for an exciting day the offense,struggled a little bit in the first half,only put up seven points but on the,second Drive of the game Josh Allen had,a couple nice passes found Dawson Knox,for a touchdown in the second half they,found the big play again and it's nice,to see this offense hitting some stride,heading into the playoffs well let's,start with that first touchdown Drive,Josh connected with Gabe Davis for 19,yards on the third and seven to set up,the touchdown what'd you see here you,have two guys here almost right in the,same spot I'm not sure if this was,bi-play design if it's some type of read,concept where Davis and Mackenzie aren't,playing off of each other but they end,up about in the same area Josh Allen,standstall in the pocket delivers a,strike down the field Gabe Davis comes,back to the ball well the Patriots,brought pressure here an all-out Blitz,and Josh Allen did a great job of,executing almost just retreating,backwards to give himself time to make,this throw for the first and two plays,later Josh found Dawson Knox for a,four-yard score what did you see on this,one this is nice coverage here by the,Patriots they have lurk players in the,middle of field just a three-man rush,whenever it's just a three-man rush Josh,is gonna have plenty of time back there,and so this almost becomes just a,scramble drill ultimately Das Knox goes,across formation then breaks back to the,right and then Josh Allen as he's kind,of working back himself to the right,sees Dawson come open and then just,fires it in for the touchdown now let's,fast forward to the second half and the,bills are up 21-17 and second 11 here,and Josh hits Khalil Shakir for a,28-yard game take me through this play,yeah this seems to be a nice read by,shakiris at the top of the screen and,he's going to be working towards the,middle of the field and based upon,coverage he could have taken a deep or,break it off in the middle of the field,he breaks it up sits down perfectly Josh,hits him at perfect timing I also like,how Shakir gets up the field and it's,nice to see him developing as this,season has gone on and that's a nice,play by the rookie there yeah and two,plays later Josh connected with his old,buddy John Brown for a 42-yard touchdown,it looked like Josh was just playing,some backyard football here didn't it it,did and so they have a designed roll out,to the right they're going to fake the,inside Zone left and Quentin Morris is,going to be used to secure that edge so,he's going to chip that defensive end on,the outside to give Josh Allen the space,well John Brown's working across the,formation and this is what you said,playground ball he points deep John,Brown just takes off and at first it,looked like he overthrew him and John,Brown's got a cushion on the defense,once he breaks it deep but all smoke,showed he's still got some gas in the,tank and he tracks this ball down for,the touchdown and then on the next,Bill's possession Josh dialed up a deep,shot to Stefan Diggs this one went for,49 yards and a touchdown on Third and,ten so you have double chips on the,outside of both tackles so whenever the,bills do that they're usually looking to,take a shot down the field so you have,third nine third and ten the bills are,at the 49-yard line of the Patriots it's,late in the game and you're thinking,okay maybe they get half of it back here,then go for it on fourth down but Josh,Allen Ken Dorsey they stay aggressive,here and Josh Allen just before getting,lit up in the pocket just heaves the,ball down the field Stefan Diggs runs a,little bit of a lazy out on the outside,just to get that corner back to slow,down let this guard down and as soon as,he does as soon as he kind of stutters,his feet Diggs is going to blow by him,for the touchdown,great stuff as always Eric thanks for,being with us yeah my pleasure Steve

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Skip Bayless Gets DESTROYED For Damar Hamlin Tweet | Bills vs Bengals POSTPONED After Collapse

Skip Bayless Gets DESTROYED For Damar Hamlin Tweet | Bills vs Bengals POSTPONED After Collapse

the entire Sports World is focused right,now on the health of Bill's player Demar,Hamlin after in the first quarter he,made a tackle took a hit which didn't,look like it was anything to his head in,fact looked like it may have been to the,chest a little bit makes the tackle,stands up and then within seconds,collapses on the ground ambulance comes,out they did CPR and AED was,administered they defibrillated him on,the field with all of his teammates and,all the opponents watching and as you,can see here's all the Buffalo Bills,players kneeling in prayer as their,friend their teammate their brother was,taken off the field we don't really have,too many updates on the situation other,than what the NFL put out we're going to,get to this but the decision to postpone,the game took almost an hour between the,time he got injured ambulance comes all,that stuff it was about an hour later,when finally the NFL officially made the,determination this game will be,postponed that's part of what this,announcement is but Skip Bayless I had,something to say about that and he's,getting completely and totally,annihilated for his take right now Skip,Bayless is getting destroyed for,terribly insensitive tweet and listen,people think things get offended by,stuff all the time this is a story about,a guy's Health where everybody right now,is looking at what's going on on the,field this is what skip put out he's,getting annihilated for it look at 63,000 quote tweets no doubt the NFL is,considering postponing the rest of this,game but how this late in the season a,game of this magnitude is crucial to the,regular season outcome which suddenly,seems so irrelevant and let's just look,at some of these replies by people who,are athletes people in sports media,Kendrick Perkins you're a sick,individual real talk a hundred thousand,likes Terrell Owens you're despicable I,hope to God you lose your job for this,tweet you really think this game holds,more weight than this young man's life,dude you're dead wrong for this I don't,think you should lose his job for a bad,take or something and he did follow up,skip Billy's did some set up a follow a,follow-up tweet to say that's not really,what I meant here it is right here,nothing is more important than this,young man's health that was the point of,my tweet sorry if it was misunderstood,but his health is all that matters again,everything else is irrelevant I prayed,from and will continue to that's not,stopping this thing getting absolutely,ratio to hell and back,um you also have right here what the, is wrong with you Skip Bayless you,think a damn game matters this much no,way you're this dense to believe this is,an appropriate tweet as we sit awaiting,to hear an update on this man's health,now what we do know,what we do know is right here from the,NFL tonight's Buffalo Bill Cincinnati,Bengals game has been postponed after,Buffalo Bills tomorrow Hamlin collapsed,NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced,Hamlin received immediate medical,attention on the field by team at,independent medical staff and paramedics,he was then transported to a local,hospital where he's in critical,condition,um what we do know they had an AED that,they deployed on scene uh they had to,shock him they did administer CPR for,several minutes right now reportedly as,he left the facility he had a pulse but,he was not able to breathe on his own,he's at a hospital in critical condition,we've heard that he's been intubated,that's about it obviously Demar Hamlin,is first on everyone's mind right now,Skip Bayless is getting I've never seen,ratio quite like that immediately like a,hundred thousand like ratio for Skip,Bayless I don't think he meant it the,way it came off obviously but it did it,was not a good look he's getting,absolutely and totally annihilated for,this and while the entire Sports World,is focused on it it's not really a,surprise I know one thing is for sure,that Demar Hamlin and all of his friends,all of his family members all his,brothers everybody could use thoughts,and prayers tonight for sure let me know,what you think about all this in the,comments below and we'll talk to you,later

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Skip Bayless gets DESTROYED by everyone for this tweet after Damar Hamlin COLLAPSES on the field!

Skip Bayless gets DESTROYED by everyone for this tweet after Damar Hamlin COLLAPSES on the field!

you're tuning into,black and white sports on YouTube the No,Holds Barred truth on Sports the main,event starts now well guys last night,was The Nightmare scenario for the NFL,safety Demar Hamlin dropped down to the,ground he collapsed after a special,teen's play they worked on him for quite,a while they actually had to give him,CPR he's at the hospital right now,listed in critical condition and and I,do believe they actually did confirm,that it was a cardiac arrest,however,we need to talk about uh one to Skip,Bayless here in this video because,not even before,the NFL actually canceled the game and,the NFL waited quite a bit to cancel the,game,Skip Bayless put out a tweet,and he got absolutely demolished for,this tweet,I mean this take was so bad maybe he was,actually trying to say something and,just wrote it the wrong way,I don't know man but he just got,absolutely blasted for this because,it seemed like Skip Bayless was actually,more concerned,about what was at stake in the game,because we do know that the uh the bills,they're trying to lock up the one seed,he was more concerned about that,than Demar Hamlin's health,check this out,frequent LeBron James critic Skip,Bayless gives tasteless take,on Bill's safety Demar Hamlin,now I don't like this topic right here I,mean the title of this right here it,really wasn't um,you know a take on Demar Hamlin more or,less it was really about,They're Gonna Cancel the game but it,seemed like they really shouldn't cancel,the game,this is the Tweety put out,no doubt the NFL is considering,postponing,the rest of this game,but how this lateness season a game of,this magnitude is crucial to the regular,season outcome,which certainly seems so irrelevant,yeah this is a very very tone deaf tweet,and the blue chats came out and,destroyed Skip Bayless,I mean he just got blasted by everybody,uh Darrell Rivas T.O a whole bunch of,people man we will be here all day long,if I listed everybody that came after,him,but um let's just uh kind of go,and uh pick out some right here,uh Shannon chetu uh,Shannon been checked you about I don't,know how in the world these people,actually tweet like this on Twitter,Shannon bin checked you about how you,talk learn how to,you you guys get the point on that one,man Kendrick Perkins you're a sick,individual real talk,Dez Bryant former Dallas Cowboy F you,Skip Bayless,wow and let's go over here actually to,the Tweet because there's more,Isaiah Thomas the uh basketball player,I hope they fire you bro for you to even,think of the game is very sad and this,is uh Darrell Rivas right here all you,care about is football,when Demar Hamlin's life is at risk,coming from you I expect it more this,tweet is not you of all people,should know better bro,I mean the Blue Chip Brigade is just,demolishing Skip Bayless,uh this is deplorable skip,football doesn't matter right now,tomorrow's health is the only thing that,matters,you're so gross,uh let's see a few more here,Don Terrell Willis the former,uh baseball player the pitcher,unacceptable skip I'm sorry,and uh let's look at um,one more here,just like they did the biggest,disconnect between analysts that played,an analyst that didn't his empathy and,true understanding man almost died on,the field and you're asking about,play-off scenarios now he got crushed so,badly on this guys he actually went back,and um,gave a clarification here,and he said nothing is more important,than that young man's health,that was the point of my last tweet I'm,sorry if that was misunderstood but his,health is all that matters again,everything else is irrelevant I pray for,him and will continue to,and uh people aren't buying this look at,this nice try old man right there,uh nothing was misunderstood we see you,skip I mean this this was just,man he just got blasted on these tweets,blasted I mean it was,epic right there he just got blasted man,the last thing I was actually thinking,about was the game,I would have not put out a tweet like,that whatsoever I think everybody knows,the actual NFL uh playoff States in this,game everybody knew that but it's,completely irrelevant when a man almost,died on the field the man is still in,critical condition and Skip Bayless,wants the game to go on we we knew the,NFL was gonna cancel this thing they,probably waited quite a bit man I,believe it was about,about an hour and we knew that this game,was not gonna get played and then,finally the word does come down that the,NFL was canceling the game I mean I,actually watched pretty much all of the,uh the coverage from on ESPN,and it seems like everybody that was,talking was really really trying to hold,back tears I mean it was,everybody was just shaking to the Core,but we noticed Skip Bayless how he is I,mean this is a man that actually told,his wife you will come second,to what he does Sports his job,his own wife is second so when Skip,Bayless said something like this,I guess I'm not too too surprised,but um yeah this was very very,insensitive uh Skip Bayless

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Terrell Owens DESTROYS Skip Bayless Over His Reaction To Bills Damar Hamlin COLLAPSING On The Field

Terrell Owens DESTROYS Skip Bayless Over His Reaction To Bills Damar Hamlin COLLAPSING On The Field

foreign,I'm back again with another video today,we got Terrell Owens going off on Skip,Bayless over his reaction to Bill's,safety Demar Hamlin collapsing on the,field versus the Bengals during Monday,Night Football,that's right y'all while everyone took,the social media to give their prayers,to Demar Hamlin and his family Skip,Bayless decided to react via Twitter,with a post that reads no doubt the NFL,is considering postponing the rest of,this game but how this late in the,season a game of this magnitude is,crucial to the regular season outcome,which suddenly seems so irrelevant,wow now immediately after seeing skip,bayless's reaction Terrell Owens,responded via Instagram with the post,that reads this is the most despicable,tweet ever I would like to say I'm,shocked by this tweet but quite frankly,I'm not because of who I've known you to,be I hope you lose your job for you Skip,Bayless to think the magnitude of this,game trumps the life of a player is,inhumane I hope Shannon sharp puts this,in better perspective for you since you,continue to say the most unimaginable,stuff out of your ridiculous mouth there,has to be some major consequences slash,implications to this irresponsible ass,tweet you're a low life alright now,again that was Terrell Owens reacting to,skip bayless's response to Bill safety,Demar Hamlin collapsing on the field,versus the Bengals doing Monday Night,Football,that's right Joe now again praise to the,family of Demar Hamlin and everyone who,witnessed this unfortunate incident go,down during Monday night football again,you know everyone was shocked because no,one really knew what happened you know I,mean even the footage showed him just,collapsed into the ground and it's just,a very scary feeling a scary sight and,the fact that everyone took the social,media to extend their prayers here's,Skip Bayless worrying about the outcome,of the game,ha,listen man some of the fans of the game,they have to understand these are real,life people,now I get it Skip Bayless and Terrell,Owens they already have their history,you know Terrell Owens always called out,Skip Bayless and his criticism over to,our Owens but in this case,when do you draw the line skip,like I said everyone is worrying about,the outcome of this this man's life all,right and as you can see everyone was in,tears very emotional because at that,moment it wasn't about the outcome of,the game everyone was worrying about the,livelihood of this man,that's why I said sometimes the fans can,go overboard and not realizing listen,that is a game that is entertainment,these are real live people who have,families and loved ones who cherish them,and best believe they got to choose,between football and spending the rest,of their better years with their family,I would assume that they would spending,with their family that's just how I feel,certain things are just best left unsaid,Skip Bayless he just never knows when to,draw the line and in this case I think,he's way out of pocket you worrying,about the outcome of the game and how,the excuse me the NFL is treating the,situation as if the outcome is,irrelevant while no one is worrying,about the outcome of this game,they're hoping this young man makes it,back home with his family,so,what does this mean moving forward we've,seen Skip Bayless Under Fire calling out,Shannon sharp right hit him below the,belt over his Tom Brady criticism but,this one right here man this is just,even worse and I don't know how Fox is,going to go about this well they suspend,him will he come out with a public,statement I don't know he hasn't done,anything like that before in the past so,I don't think he'll respond moving,forward but if he does then we'll be,right here reacting to it but right now,this is Terrell Owens going off on Skip,Bayless and his reaction to Bill's,safety tomorrow Hamlin collapsing on the,field y'all let me know your thoughts,down in the comment section below do you,agree with Terrell's or not all right,that's all I got for y'all today my name,is Sensei rip till next time,peace

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Shannon Sharpe CONFRONTS Skip Bayless Live On Undisputed Over Damar Hamlin Tweet | This Looks BAD

Shannon Sharpe CONFRONTS Skip Bayless Live On Undisputed Over Damar Hamlin Tweet | This Looks BAD

Shannon Sharpe was noticeably absent,during Undisputed yesterday after the,Skip Bayless controversy blew up after,Bill's safety Demar Hamlin suffered that,freak frightening injury after making a,routine attack we'll take a helmet to,the chest then standing up he,immediately fell down his heart stopped,on the field they were doing CPR they,were shocking him they were giving him,option all in front of all of his,teammates one of the most horrific,experiences that anybody can remember in,recent memory from the NFL and in the,aftermath after skip had said I'm,worried about Demar Hamlin this is so,scary for tomorrow Hammond I'm praying,for Demar Hamlin he's done in a tweet,asking about what's the NFL going to do,how do they make the decision to play,this game to remake this game when,everybody is truly only worried about,Demar Hamlin and rightfully so that,didn't get taken the right way I think,it was poorly worded but I don't think,it was intended as bad as a lot of,people are putting it off to be and Skip,Bayless has been getting hammered since,then well Shannon Sharpe did make his,return to Undisputed today a and it,started off in fireworks Shannon sharp,confronts skip over Hamlin tweet in,return to Undisputed at the very start,of the program they decided to give,Shannon sharp some moments to speak and,Skip Bayless actually interrupts him for,something and this is not going over,well online well I wasn't on air,yesterday and I won't get into,speculation no conjecture innuendo but I,will say this in watching that game on,Monday night uh what happened to Demar,Hamlin struck me a little different at,the Brotherhood in the NFL when injuries,happened when we know injuries are part,of the game I've seen guys suffer ACLS,and achilles Terror but I've never seen,anybody have to be revived and fight for,their life on the field so they struck,me a little differently because I,remember seeing my brother paralyzed on,the field temporarily and he was able to,regain Focus,um skip tweeted something and although I,disagree with the Tweet uh and and,hopefully uh skip would take it down but,I didn't want to come out come out I'm,not going to take it down because I,stand by what I tweeted skill let me,call you all right okay go ahead no you,go,good let's go Jane okay I mean I cannot,even get through a monologue without you,interrupting me you could have came back,I thought skipped just left no I was,just going to say skip I didn't want to,yesterday to get into a situation where,Demar Hamlin was the issue we should,have been talking about him and not,getting to not get into your uh your,Tweet that's what I was gonna do but you,can't even let me finish my opening,monologue without you interrupting okay,I was under the impression you weren't,going to bring this up because nobody,here had a problem with that tweet no,clearly the bosses wanted you to offer,explanations so clearly so no they did,not have nobody let's go,foreign,thoughts and prayers were made with,Demar Hamlin that's where the focus,could have been and not on the football,game so that's that's what you saw in,the first one minute 30 seconds or so of,Undisputed,um listen I understand that a lot of,people are differently affected by this,I get it I I was shaken by this entire,thing it was a scary thing to watch,especially if you're a former or current,NFL player that sees those type of,tackles every single day a hundred times,a game you know what I mean and I'm sure,that you know a lot of people are going,to tune in but I think it's a big,mistake for them to do this on the air,uh for them not to actually handle this,stuff off or handle this stuff off,screen and then maybe come in and be,ready to discuss it I saw Gary Sheffield,Jr tweeted out something very similar uh,Shannon sharp and Skip Bayless should,have handled this off air and had the,same conversation on air with the,situation resolve clearing the air on,national TV was a mistake just might,cost them the chemistry to go with the,show and so it didn't look like skip,thought that Shannon was going to bring,it up at least in this way talking about,his tweets and saying I wish we would,taking it down all this stuff and when,you do look at what Skip Bayless said I,see people saying you were only thinking,about the game first when you look I,don't like Skip Bayless I think he's a, idiot I've criticized him a,million times on this show but when you,look at his reaction here is after what,happened to Mara Hamlin not exactly sure,what happened players on both teams are,shaking ambulance on the field CPR,administer can't remember play being,stopped just said a prayer for him and,his family I've seen so many horrific,injuries on football fields that I've,never seen a reaction like this in every,other situation I witnessed or covered,the game has always been on fairly,quickly the attitude was hey that's,football for these players this is,different and then he says this no doubt,the NFL is considering postponing the,rest of t

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