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Awakening The FINAL Buddha Fruit... (Roblox Bloxfruit)all right guys it's really sad to say,this but


Updated on Jan 21,2023

Awakening The FINAL Buddha Fruit... (Roblox Bloxfruit)

all right guys it's really sad to say,this but this is the last Awakening on,our channel so far we have done every,single fruit that can be awakened and,we've done it all in this series so last,thing we have left is Buddha I have,already awakened this fruit once so as,you guys can see I look pretty cool and,crazy while it's awakened but there are,still four more Awakenings we haven't,done yet and I'm actually very curious,to see if it gets better than this so,let's go ahead and get right into it but,the first thing is I'm gonna go ahead,and roll a fruit so let's go ahead and,go to this thing over here and let's see,what we get oh my gosh I got it Rex way,it's all yours dude oh my God you gave,me garbage why did you give me like this,stupid smoke fruit bro it's my pleasure,I was in debt too for all the things,you've given me through all these,Awakenings don't talk to me okay buddy,why you have to be so mean you know what,since we're only Mastery one with this,Buddha we gotta go ahead and say hello,to our bestest friend of all Mr ligma,wrecked way don't you dare you're bad I,like my ball all right guys before we,kill ligma we have to change our stats,so these are the perfect stats you want,to use for Buddha but in order to level,up Buddha you have to kill him with the,abilities from Buddha and unfortunately,Buddha doesn't have any good abilities,all you could do is just change and,shift like we just did so we're gonna go,ahead and refund we're gonna go ahead,and put 2450 into melee defense and,blocks fruit so we could kill him with,our ability but we're gonna go ahead and,shift change here and then we're gonna,go ahead and kill Mr ligma we have to,kill him with our ability though let's,go ahead and kill ligma here there we go,we finally killed ligma so as we kill,ligma as you guys can see we're leveling,up our abilities pretty high up so our,Buddha went from Mastery one all the way,up to let's see what master we're going,to Mastery 141 so if we've unlocked the,Buddha leap as well now so now we have,to get to Mastery 200. all right guys,it's time to do a little time skip oh,whoa would you look at that we're,Mastery 208 now the power of editing and,time skipping so the first thing we want,to do is use our abilities on Rex way we,got to go ahead and test it on Rex way,first so let's go ahead and un Ally him,right now you guys can't tell but I'm,pressing all my abilities except for the,Z abilities they can't do anything,without shifting so the first thing you,have to do is shift with z and then we,have the first ability which is impact,it does 2.5 k damage but you're just a,big Target Buddha leap what does this do,oh my God why did you slide me with your,300 pound self bro are you calling me,fat right now yeah you're like a walrus,bro you're built like one well how about,this what if I just fart on you,ah oh my gosh okay so the damage is all,right but Buddha is not really known for,using its abilities but as you guys can,tell we only have four abilities let's,see what it looks like when it's fully,awakened I've only awakened the first,ability which is the Z ability so let's,go ahead and test it out I'll go ahead,and start up the first raid so we go,ahead and talk to the mysterious,scientist we go ahead and click on human,Buddha we buy it for a hundred thousand,then we step on the pad let's go ahead,and get this raid on the road oh my gosh,this raid is about to be insane guys a,Sea Beast wait why is there a sea beast,in the Buddha raid oh that's because I,have some of my fans in here I have a 30,million bounty on my team and he gets to,summon a Seabees to help us kill enemies,so that is pretty crazy you guys could,be in future videos If you guys go ahead,and click the link down in the,description and join the Discord server,okay and we could go to the second,island already this Sea Beast is crazy,we have a CVS helping us with raids and,also guys wait we have four Buddhas the,fourth person is also Buddha which is,pretty crazy I forgot to mention you,could just run in the water with Buddha,you guys probably know this stuff,already but I wanted to complete the,series on a good note we gotta unlock,every single fruit awakened and this is,the last one and probably the most,funnest one because look at how fast,we're destroying everything it's almost,as fast as we destroyed rectory's mom,last night oh what you just hate that,back right now bro no no I have to say,it bro it has to be done dude I'm coming,over to your mom's house later no you,don't know that right no you're telling,me up you called me up and she was like,yo I missed you last night so we're,going to the third island now this is so,fast we still have 11 minutes left and,we are raiding these Maps do look pretty,good though I like the design there's,like a giant boot up there across this,bridge thing and we're just melting,everything so fast and here we are going,to the fourth island technically we,skipped the first Awakening because my Z,ability is already aw

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assalamualaikum guys and welcome to,another episode,Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have,separated themselves from the royal,family and ever since then there has,been a concerted effort to demonize them,to authorize them the British mainstream,media has of course jumped on the,bandwagon and taken a giant crap on them,why is that because you gotta defend the,institutions that are holding up this,country mate the main figurehead being,the royal family institution of course,and now that Prince Harry is separate,he's not getting the advice he's not,getting the pr treatment that they used,to in fact he's released a new Memoir a,book called spare maybe because he sees,himself as not part of the family as,somebody different but regardless me,whoever's advising him now has really,messed things up for him I mean in his,new book He's admitted that as a,teenager he was taking cocaine remember,that incident when he was dressed up as,a Nazi apparently that was done at the,behestan request of his brother Prince,William so this book of his I don't know,what to believe nowadays apparently it,is so Random apparently he was uh leaked,in Spain and put on the bookshelves and,people bought it and then it got taken,down again and guardian and a few other,papers managed to get a copy it's just,how how does this even happen was he,trolled which most likely he was because,I mean again he's against the royal,family I mean look at Ronaldo look at,what's going on with him yeah and he,just went against the football,establishment here in the UK Prince,Harry is gonna gain the neck mate yeah,but regardless some of the nonsense that,this guy has said in his Memoir I'm,sorry mate but it's very difficult to,defend this guy as a Muslim them of,course or even as a human being and I'm,going to tell you why because indeed he,was part of the invasion of Afghanistan,oh yes where a lot of war crimes took,place so he says he had six missions,which spanned over 10 years where he,kills and he admits 25 people and he,remembers it yeah and he says he neither,feels satisfaction and here's the kicker,nor does he feel embarrassed what kind,of human being what kind of machine what,kind of robot do you have to be to feel,nothing mate yeah no embarrassment,you've been part of an invasion that was,littered with war crimes but anyway he,goes on and talks about the people there,as goodies and baddies you're probably,thinking zishon you're reading too much,into this mate okay let me go further he,describes the people that has chess,pieces dehumanizing them no no you're,still gonna be you know it's open to,interpretation well what about this mate,he goes the Army trained me to authorize,them and they did a really good job,otherwise we can't get on with it mate,otherwise it reminds me of a Black,Mirror episode where these people are,given like lenses or or a device in,which the enemy is seen as zombies or,creatures that you don't even understand,and you kill him and then one of the,guys when he removes the device he,realizes that they're just human beings,but because they're against the,institution or the country or the cause,that he's fighting for of course they're,gonna be the enemy mate the quranly app,subscription cheaper than Netflix,encouraging Quran reading modern,engaging and fun downloaded today,and then he goes on to say he felt no,guilt because of 9 11. then what about,the other scores of countries that have,been affected after 9 11. in fact,there's been loads of 9 11's since does,it make it okay for those people to then,attack us does it make it okay for them,to attack other civilians because of,that anger and if they are now told,dehumanize the Western People yeah treat,them as pieces on a chessboard as,baddies whilst we are the goodies is,that okay there's not a newspaper in,this country that would be okay with,that however you expect to release this,and be seen the same way again I don't,think you just took cocaine as a,teammate I think you're still taking,cocaine and so is the rest of your team,and then he's been told by the security,services this has compromising security,no way you really think people are gonna,be like yo no problem Harry mate forget,even forget me passes the cocaine,I'm not saying that that's a good thing,but what I'm saying is there are people,that can't handle this sort of stuff,they've lost a lot of people they've,lost family members in this war on,terror anyways it will be interesting to,see how the news deals with this boy oh,boy oh boy let's leave it there guys,until next time,foreign

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Koil Talks About Buddha & Rockstar RP Tweet | Nopixel 3.0

Koil Talks About Buddha & Rockstar RP Tweet | Nopixel 3.0

and yeah I did see uh Buddha's uh,uh uh Twitter post,uh it was good it was nice to hear,uh he he replied to me finally so that,was nice but he only just got his phone,back that's why you know obviously he,couldn't reply but um,it's nice that he can you know type on a,phone and like that um,uh you know see him active uh in some,way I guess uh we're in my Bugatti you,actually get a force here so you can,throw them in because you guys are the,only ones but uh hopefully he takes the,slow man like uh he should have he,shouldn't be stressing out over anything,at all right now,he shouldn't need anything so he needs,to chill the out,well let's go with Rockstar's RP tweet I,mean it's everything in that tweet that,Rockstar said is pretty much what I've,been preaching the entire time,okay and that's why I when G2 did that,shitty out of death sponsorship,I called him out and called him ,um and I I'm at the point where if,anybody on This Server does anything,like that again I'm Banning them for my,server I don't give a who it is,honestly,I ain't trying to like help uh people,that don't give a about the entire,Community not just theirs you know what,I mean,but I had to brain bleed okay uh his,body started to go numb like I think it,was his left side his his face and arms,uh and some of his chest,uh,uh and then went to hospital found out,he had a brain bleed that he did a,surgery and he needs to go back there uh,for scans in the future to make sure,everything's going fine but from what,they've said uh they're on the way,they're on the wait,from what they've said um,wrong call out he's just believing me,for everything Randy dad asked me the,wrong call out you know I use it,so he's gonna go back there they said,from what he said on he made a Twitter,post you can go uh follow him on Twitter,for updates but,um from what they've said uh or he said,everything's going as expected so far,and you know,that's that's the you know what we're,hoping will be the continuance uh and,he's just gonna chill for a bit which is,very understandable,uh and you know just get back get back,on his feet so,yeah I think everyone's very happy that,uh you know uh it's going this well so,far that's for sure dude's been through,way too much stress uh to have,to deal with like this,so he only just got his phone back today,so he he was I I assume he wasn't,allowed to do for those last couple,of days so,I can imagine that was some scary ,to go through dude,am I gonna jump on purple anytime soon I,think we gotta release a public server,soon and get is purple the old one,we're gonna delete one of them and make,a new server very soon very very soon

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Musk: US Government Asked Twitter to Suspend 250k Accounts; TSA Extends Vax Requirement to Enter US

Musk: US Government Asked Twitter to Suspend 250k Accounts; TSA Extends Vax Requirement to Enter US

welcome to NTD news today I'm Kevin,Hogan let's take a look at our top,stories the house spoke the house,Speaker vote sees a continued deadlock,members are set to reconvene today to,try again what's the reason for the,resistance and what are the negotiations,focused on,proof of vaccination still required for,foreign visitors the U.S continues to be,one of the only countries not offering,alternatives to vaccines when entering,the country,the first batch of Twitter files in the,new year is out showing that the federal,government asked Twitter to remove a,whopping 250 000 accounts,evidence now suggests that the U.S,Secretary of Transportation and,Southwest Airlines had Advanced,knowledge of potential transportation,and computer problems with Airlines this,before the company's operational,breakdown over the holidays,the director of the Mexican prison that,just had a riot is fired gunmen attacked,the prison and killed inmates and guards,leadership of the house remains in limbo,after Republican leader Kevin McCarthy,failed to win after three votes in the,race for house Speaker the house is set,to reconvene right about now to try to,resolve the deadlock among internal,opponents as Representative Bob good of,Virginia's Fifth District we spoke with,a congressman on his position for that,we need to move past Kev McCarthy he,doesn't have the votes he's not going to,have the votes he's got some 20 or so,that are hard-nosed against him I think,you may see someone else emerge today in,the fourth ballot the first ballot that,we have afternoon today or perhaps on,the fifth ballot I think you're going to,see more individuals members of Congress,willing to vote against Kevin McCarthy,he's part of the problem he's not part,of the solution past history is the best,indicator of what future performance,will be he has contributed to how we got,to 32 000 excuse me 32 trillion dollars,in national debt he has contributed the,fact that Congress has a 20 approval,rating 80 the country thinks we're on,the wrong track we can't do what we've,always done done and expect we're going,to get a different result,on the first day of the new Congress,McCarthy failed to secure the 218 votes,needed for house Speaker he is facing,critics in his own party who want to,change in the way the house operates,McCarthy has insisted that he won't step,down until he gets the necessary support,to win the vote the house will remain,adjourned until a speaker is elected,other Republicans who voted against,McCarthy include Representatives Andy,Biggs Lauren bobert and Matt Gates we,get some analysis on the reason for the,opposition and the negotiations taking,place,joining us now is Lee Smith columnist,and author of the plot against the,president he's also the host of over the,Target on Epic TV it's a pleasure having,you on for discussion Lee,thanks great to be here as always,how is GOP leader Kevin McCarthy only,received 202 votes of the 218 needed to,become speaker in the house for the,third vote what are the main reasons for,the opposition of McCarthy becoming,speaker among Republicans,well my sense of it is speaking with,some some former Congressional officials,including some investigators up there a,lot of people are concerned they want,power to go into these different,investigations and they look at the,rules that Kevin McCarthy submitted,um uh at the beginning of this week and,they're not satisfied they see that,McCarthy's uh has not uh granted enough,power to committee chairs,um for them to be able to investigate,different things the Biden,Administration has been doing and stuff,that law enforcement authorities have,been doing targeting Republican voters,the Republican base and so Republican,representatives are Keen to make sure,that they do have enough as much power,as possible to hold accountable the,people who have been hunting their base,for the last two years so some of these,investigations are part of the hold up,what can you tell us about the,negotiations that are happening here the,people who went out there in the,beginning they said uh we're not going,to vote for McCarthy they can't walk it,back without getting major concessions,so they have to figure out a way the uh,you know the Republicans have to figure,out a way to be able to use,um be able to use this Congress which,they lead as is an instrument to you,know not only to investigate not only to,go after the Biden Administration But to,answer to the needs of the people the,men and women the Americans who put them,in Congress the House GOP has been very,vocal about their priorities in that,regard now in the third vote,representative Jim Jordan got 20 votes,himself voted for McCarthy how do we,make sense of this,well you know uh I'm told that I'm told,that representative Jordan does not want,the job you know he will be chairman of,house Judiciary which is a very very,important going into this Congress but,you know there are a lot there's a lot,of people especially in the freedom,freedom caucus wh

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you are nothing but Immortal and I am a,god oh god what,all right,oh man you know we're down on the,mountain dead on the mountain dead on,the mountain dead on the mountain then,on the mountain then on the mountain,down on the mountain are you still dead,I mean are you still dead oh my God oh,my God,holy this is sick Tony you're a ,crappy is this all Scrappy,I just killed seven in the hole dude,with a grenade oh my god,well I always just got caught,sorry,I forgot six million six million six,million six million I got it all back I,got it all back,I'm down to the South Side chilling,enjoying this beautiful weather Panthers,damn you know that's a huge no no,hands up right now, working on it I'm telling,him not to hey I'm talking to my boy,Larry guys,get off the phone again,you're gonna Point your gun at me Marty,no but Tyler,My Heart Belongs to You,um my is community property,yeah,yeah do you like it yeah looking like,like Angelina Jolene play Vibes you know,Tomb Raider no my eyes are up here like,3600,my phone,guys I'm gonna do something really dumb,way don't push yourself it works yeah,don't push me hold on I'll be I'll just,be back here,run I'm getting off Lando you're,supposed to wait for him to pull the car,out then pull up then say something then,I shoot,KFC you here boy,see KFC where you at,KFC,KFC where you at buddy,KFC,oh my God it disappeared,oh my God he's actually good,CFC,KFC oh my God where is he oh he's,actually good,oh my God oh my God I can't even see,where you at buddy,oh are they wrong there's no shot,that growing wheat on our property like,there's just no what the is what,the ,okay I'm destroying all of this wait,Buddha no way hold on I'll put it come,on don't destroy yeah hold on one sec,what the are you guys doing Wayne,Uh uh dispatch 6 23 out to 10 38 in,front of Legion Square Bank hey turn,that engine off man doesn't have,vehicle uh some fancy I don't know what,the it is Supra Supra what is going,on my man I am not the driver what I'm,not the driver just so you know you in,America brother you're gonna drive for,me man,yeah catch you guys right all right all,right campaign you two guys you two guys,good KSI Riley would you send me to kill,myself,I said take care of yourself oh oh all,right yeah take care of yourself too,guys good seeing you guys Jesus Christ,what the Jesus,I don't want to stick around just,because I know it oh my God what the,hell I keep trying to keep driving,please keep driving just drive just,drive just drive just drive lady just,drive I'll give you two hundred thousand,dollars just drive just drive,lady there's someone on my truck there's,someone on my truck,just leave just leave the evil get shot,leaving what the hell is happening guys,I'll give you 250 000 I don't give a, about you guys just leave get the, out of here thank you,oh no shot ad,holy bruh,I ain't got a fanboy dude but I ,love you bro today is just the interview,this is great news buddy welcome aboard,make sure you stretch can I just get two,seconds to myself,yes I'm just stand over here I feel like,here at work really well in the creative,director Department,say I want a coffee,xuc ordered he messaged me he goes yo I,ordered 800 a pizza at the house okay,this is me again yo I got another food,order coming in I'm like okay message me,again yo I got another food order on my,ex you got to stop ordering food right,please stop and it was like there's some,leftovers but it was like not too bad,right and then Ludwig walks through the,door with like 30 pieces and a bunch,more food I'm like oh my God I just see,you now there's at least 20 pizzas,sitting on the counter in the kitchen,right now,who's this oh it's Smith,run Miss,oh my God he's being shot from,everywhere,who's this,look they're pushing his ass bro,oh my God there's another one,laughs,it's black people bro let's just,pull up and pretend I crashed here oh,well that's not really pretending I,guess,hold that the matter whoa,hey what's up X I don't know it's like,risking our lives out here in this bank,for some cash and this guy takes a phone,no it is,all the boys meet up at the Vinewood,bowl for a fall and everybody's on the,stage and the whole city can hear me,who's the family,okay what the ,uh here's the deal we're gonna be,setting up a meeting with uh all gang,leaders and I'm not even like 24 to 48,hours,cry whatever I'm a businessman,okay every business is in the city a,million and a half in profits we make,we're making lots of money still you've,been sending your money up to cybers uh,no Mr Lindberg told us to stop doing,that to send to him directly what what,oh my God wait wait wait wait wait wait,wait what yeah he emailed me like a few,months ago and said stop you don't have,to pay service anymore you pay me,directly except something and I think we,got a pretty good uh report so I was,gonna see if I could just ask you a few,questions about something yeah what's up,well listen I got Intel from someone uh,can I ask how are your noodles made in,your

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Lang Buddha & Al Saab Talk about Current State of Leanbois

Lang Buddha & Al Saab Talk about Current State of Leanbois

yeah what's going on Ling yeah what do,you what do you want,why are you crying what's going on I,need to kill no TT boys you know I want,to be like Aang but I'm in a gang with,nobody around me come back come back,lang they're there all right I'm here,for you buddy I'm here now everything,will be okay all right you got me now,okay what are you talking about all,right listen you know things are,happening in my life my schedules like,on your back and you know what business,what do we do together lately nothing,maybe for how long would you say mom I,like a week probably I don't know lost,count,no but think about it right you have,bodies out here do you have green boys,in Fargo's when they're pushing Clark on,streams controlling territory patrolling,there who knows right especially man and,then we cannot say that we are again,then right then what are we, it we're family what do you want to,do you want a hold on Perth,I like lean Street you want to hold that, down fight the ball down Main,Street invest our money into a ,weed the second okay and how do we know,something maan,today man I am broke I got no cash,you're broke,Tony's broke mine benzene is correct,connect my second now you never heard,this alright this stays between me a new,month alright ok they told me in,confidence he wants me to turn my money,I swear to hear my man,but I tell you because I'm piece of ,alright ok alright well you can trust me,my lips just give us a surprise you stop,moving down the street you know,pituitary yeah me I can do that I,can do that here's the thing though,you know what me with cocaine I don't,like touching that after what,happened with Otto on Joe so I,can consume it but just you know too,much around me this is what I mean look,at me boys no more man we can't even,okay but do you want to sit there and, push down the streets or do you,want somebody else to do it for you no,we should sit we should push it instead,Morris takes people into territory man,look at my girls it was pity doesn't his,boys man they have to go and live for,Mun right but the three of us can't get,the job done,don't you think we should probably get,more people involved it if you want this,to become a girl I think about it mine,the big blood man no unless something,happens where the forepersons roar and,active situation changes right which,might be soon who knows but assuming,that sticks with me on 20 where around,working an operation together we ,easily top five most powerful blue man,he's a demon,hmm how about told you about the ,I'm working on your baby ,well I'm a link you document okay that,has everything that I've been working,out for about two and a half months,right now okay with Eddie attached to,Turner shop that's been my main focus,and I need your boys help so that was my,plan I don't like to be indulged into,the drug game too much you know I'm not,that kind of person,Lange that's me never you know I've,never actually done that she before in,the past I've always been like about,chopping cars you know moving product,from point A to point B and racing,that's been my thing I've never done,like you know hold down territory and,push drugs so but so what do you claim,territory in the bonus neighborhood man,and cremate on a street street it's my,home that's why this will be turned to,say I'm trying to say if you boys when I,do that I'll support you and help you,but I just don't have you know interest,in it that makes any sense like I got,your back I'll help you if you need some,I'll do it for you we got the past,because the past week or so things have,been brought together yeah I'm sure what,I'm saying is you see the mothers out,here the my girls the green boys on,another they have courage they,coordinated do business together man,so you wanna do that is what it's only,you wanna touch it if no I'm saying if,we want to cream lid boys click first,sinner to our gang and get in on this,don't worry - man,now if the city want to help you know,for example you know these groups they,have forgotten man all right pass the,past three months you're taking that,thing and throw it out the window and do,we plan to no but I am like that chips,on the table and sit over you know if,you want to be involved in the gang ,that is coming up in the city man the,gang all right I'm trying to save,very if you want to be another gang,should matter that we need to act as a,gang man right and I don't disagree now,if you don't want to be involved and,it's fine but not if the gang you,know some crazy happen on we can't,let it be like oh I wish you were,against we give me in from that gang, away now not involved in more,you get what I'm saying I get exactly,what you're saying so you want to be on,am I getting one as a gang that holds up,her house the purpose a reason and a,rougher color if you boys want to do it,man,I want to know what do you and Tony want,to do because they've not you know there,I say it we might just need to part ways,you start doing our own thing man,because as mu

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Inside Singapore’s SECRET Underground Food Court (even locals don’t know)

Inside Singapore’s SECRET Underground Food Court (even locals don’t know)

all right the food court is actually,already in frame guess where,to ground food Court even a lot of the,locals don't know partly because it's,still relatively new and also because,it's quite well hidden I mean I wouldn't,expect the food court at this location I,found it through a tick tock video my,wife found it and she showed it to me so,here's a YouTube video all right the,food court is actually already in frame,guess where I'll give you three seconds,okay three seconds is up let me take you,there,all right so we're here the secret food,court is actually below this beautiful,temple with the tooth Relic Temple it's,one of my favorite temples in Singapore,but not many people know that they're,the food court below here so you're,gonna have to ignore the entrance go,here,okay we're here this is the entrance and,it's not just the location that's quite,unique the inside is also pretty,interesting let me show you,pretty cool right so here's what's,unique about this food court number one,they actually provide free food,specifically free fruits but,unfortunately they are already gone I,assume they run out pretty quickly and,the menu changes daily and they're the,suggested donation amount for each dish,I think it's all vegetarian stalls but,it also includes Western and best of all,it's air-conditioned pretty well okay,let's get some food so I get there,around five stars okay I wonder how this,works I assume this is the mixed rice,star hello uh can I have the khalify and,this one uh broccoli do you have some,protein tofu,okay this one,all right check this out that's my first,meal look at this beautiful plate of all,veg noodles this is so cool like being,able to dine inside the temple I'll be,trying to vegetarian Western Star later,so stay tuned let's start from this so I,got the broccoli cauliflower spicy tofu,Curry vegetables and I think this is I,think it's fried tofu skin I think I'll,just try the beef one first,foreign,Curry over it so it's very flavorful,quite spicy I would be feeling very,healthy,let me try to you Bob,I think that's a must-have it makes the,dish much more fun it was the added,great crispy texture look at how the,broccoli leaves are shining too,I think that's oyster sauce but without,the oyster because it's vegetarian,cook perfectly super crunchy,lastly the spicy tofu well I can tell,the deep fried the outside so it should,be slightly crispy and I think they put,some sweet spicy sauce over it and this,that looks like meat should be soybean,as expected sweet spicy,also sour as well,overall very satisfied already very fun,and I like how it's too crowded it's 11,45,not full at all and it's early condition,and you get to listen to this I don't,know if you hear it it's Buddha Buddha,music it's very relaxing very Zen also,located right in middle of Chinatown,Kuwait location it was very easy to,finish,it's just too good okay let's go for,round two but before going to the second,star I need to collect something special,at TOA payoh,so I came to TOA payoh to receive my,delicious products from Miyazaki Japan,for those of you who don't know Miyazaki,Miyazaki is famous for its world famous,Miyazaki beef charcoal grilled chicken,fish just a lot of delicious food I went,to Miyazaki once it's an absolutely,beautiful place I feel like it's a,hidden spot not many singaporeans know,about so I'm going to take the film uh,cook delicious miyadaki food later but,for now let's go back to the secret food,court,okay next I'm trying the Western Star,which is there I think it's called,unfortunately the noodles are sold out,so many different every day someday,there's our there are laksa tomato,truffle Pasta Bolognese today is tomato,pasta kind of the Tomato set,oh you can add on cheese here and chili,flakes and what's also koi is that you,can get free water even in a double bag,that's pretty cool,all right round two the Western Star,this is a good deal five dollars for uh,the set of pasta mushroom soup and salad,so today was a tomato pasta so I got,that it's pretty simple but I see oh wow,I see a lot of mushrooms actually,looks plump and good and what's,interesting is that you can add on,cheese and I believe this is real cheese,now rear parmesan cheese so everything,they make from the kitchen should be,vegetarian but you can add on these,non-veg cheese for free and of course I,added plenty of red chili,flavor is good and for five dollars this,is like three USB right deal,the equipment I would like the noodles a,bit more firm but it's not soggy at all,still nice,okay that's the mushroom,so plump wait aroma and oh wow look at,what I found that's probably fake meat,yeah all right so chewy bouncy probably,made from soybean it's surprisingly,pretty nice I'm a real meat type of guy,but this is nice the raw veggies are so,crispy and fresh too,next up the mushroom soup,oh that's good,well the mushroom flavor is so strong,overall I feel like it's a great,combination for the price and again for,the ambience I just love this place

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Audience boos at Dave Chappelle's show after Elon Musk appears

Audience boos at Dave Chappelle's show after Elon Musk appears

Dave Chappelle.,This is at a,comedy arena in San Francisco.,Comedian Dave Chappelle,brought out,Elon Musk on stage,and Musk was booed for several m,We'll get your response to watch,but I don't want to hear,they are going to make some nois,for the richest man in the world,Eli,It is,way,we're expecting this lawyer.,I couldn't hear Dave there.,Okay. But what? Okay.,He has time to go to a Dave,Chappelle show.,He's, like, running Twitter. Tes,Not there enough, but. Sorry, I ,What do you make?,And is it booze?,I'm sure some people were happy ,but it sounds like mostly booze ,And that was in Silicon Valley.,That's his hometown.,Yeah.,I mean, I think, you know, in a ,it's like the power.,I mean, we're talking about Joe ,not caring that much about Twitt,I mean, that actually,is the power of Twitter to chang,how Elon Musk is seen very, very,And I think you know, he's been ,essentially a lot of right wing ,And so when he shows up at in,San Francisco at a comedy show,,tough reception.,Well, not even just right wing p,What he tweeted over the weekend,which is the latest thing,that he's been under fire for,,which, you know,,when you talk to,some of the people around this,,they think this is distracting,when he tweets,the things that we've been talki,about for weeks on the show.,But the thing about falsely,saying his pronouns,were, prosecute Foushee.,And now all these lawmakers,have been criticizing that as we,And Mark Kelly calling him out. ,Well, that's what I mean,,Scott Kelly,Andrews, of misinformation,and the dangers of,what Twitter can do,is it can incite people,to towards violence, and it can',It can also incite people toward,to it, can it,,to do,good things right,it can encourage people to do,good things,,but it can incite people to viol,and it can give up misinformatio,But that is a, you know,,public sentiment.,You know,,that's not just people tweeting.,That's people saying,voting with their mouths going, ,Yeah.,I mean,,it can definitely incite people ,booing, apparently.,And in this case and I mean,,and I think right.,More broadly, it's,you know,,I think you had people,managing the platform,who were very worried,about the things,that you just talked about,,particularly after January six.,Ban Donald Trump from the platfo,ban that,sort of a spectrum of people on ,because I think of their concern,about violence.,And Musk is pulling,it is saying, you guys, you went,trying to pull it back.,There is,I think there's a reasonable arg,going on about free speech.,But Musk is,separately just totally torching,brand for lots of people who lik,I know we have to go,,but let me just say this.,I think we can sit here in Ameri,and because we're we're privileg,when it comes to free speech,and we can criticize Twitter and,oh, I shouldn't do this,,I shouldn't do that.,But if it goes away,,it does have real world conseque,For people who are in countries,without free speech and who use ,So glad you said that.,Who use it to get the word out,about the,mistreatment of women,and and LGBTQ community and so o,So it's important to us.,But we're as Americans,,we're like free speech,,you know, what do we do?,Take it off?,Because we have other outlets.,But some people,back to that free speech debate,and so here for it, I,think people misunderstand,how it applies to a company like

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