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MASSIVE CHANGES Hope You Guys Enjoy Them (Check Description) // Escape from Tarkov Newswhat's up guy

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

MASSIVE CHANGES Hope You Guys Enjoy Them (Check Description) // Escape from Tarkov News

what's up guys Nolan here I know we're,coming up on the end of our second week,of the wife but over the last three days,specifically we have both learned about,and seen some of the biggest changes to,the game not from a white day itself,when it comes to loot scabs are spawning,with high tier items as well as a chance,to have Max durability guns or something,close to Max durability no specifics,here and to be honest I'm not going to,be surprised if it's a bug that they are,this Max durability these guys are,supposed to be bums I don't know if they,should be running around with this clean,of guns but it's happening right now,also all AI not just scabs in general,all Ai and weapons that spawn in the,open world will have their ammunition,types nerfed significantly I'm not going,to give specifics on this but just know,between the Nerfs that we saw the other,day to their accuracy and this ammo Nerf,AI are the least deadly that we've seen,possibly ever right now now to be clear,Raiders are going to have good ammo,cultists are going to have good ammo,bosses are going to have good ammo but,all AI in general did see a Nerf to the,ammo that they are using now now will,they still One Tap you from 100 plus,meters oh absolutely but they should,Miss more often because remember they,did have their accuracy Nerf the other,day but when they do hit you it should,hurt less now as long as you're wearing,armor access to Keys is the easiest that,it has ever been with spawn rates,increased new spawns available in filing,cabinets filing cabinets are just,tossing these things out right now also,the fees for these keys were lowered on,the flea market if you need early task,keys or just keys in general then you,need to head to your favorite filing,cabinets and get opening them as soon as,possible it is a massive game changer,for sure practically all high tier,crafts have new crafts locked behind,quests and some need special books to,craft them logical Solutions posted us,yesterday if you need to see these,specifically reminder some of these are,just alternative crafts but if you need,a new craft for a ledx reap IR or VPX,that's something easier you will have to,do these quests now bit of drama today,so Kev xxd apologies because I did mess,the other X there the other day so Kev,xxd who as far as I know is the furthest,along the grind to Light Keeper in any,English speaking Community he is German,but he does speak good English so Kev,xxd apologies I missed one of the X's,the other day who is as far as I know,the furthest along in the grind to Light,Keeper in any English-speaking Community,he is German but he speaks English very,well no joke accidentally got his Kappa,while trying to get through the Light,Keeper and that was today so as far as I,know he's the first that I've seen to,get Kappa many of light Keeper's tasks,are difficult but now you understand how,difficult without spoiling anything,people are accusing Kev of cheating but,that's obviously going to happen with,stuff like this and the person doesn't,stream especially if the person doesn't,stream I don't know if he was a streamer,do you think people would accuse him,more I'm not actually sure I will say I,won't bet my channel on it but I do bet,my understanding of the game that this,guy isn't cheating we have done,everything that we possibly can on our,end to see if this guy is cheating and,because of the accusations I went and,saw and because of the accusations and,because of the amount of the,Acquisitions let's just say we're doing,a bit more than that to check out if he,is legit or not personally I think he is,just very good very dedicated and very,very lucky listen no offense Kev if,you're listening to this I'm sorry man,but you have to agree this game is in a,rough spot for stuff like this right now,and I have to say if something does come,out I'm not actually going to be that,surprised given the circumstances it's,just that we have done everything that,we can as players to check this stuff,out we've played with them enough we've,seen him in the game grinding with us,enough and we've been set back days,because we couldn't find certain items,for tasks or we were getting killed by,cheaters if he's been lying this whole,time then he is very good at it but,moving on that is the end of that,subject I will have a spoiler video for,what we know currently about Light,Keeper soon I will no longer talk,specifics of Light Keeper in normal,videos all videos is pertaining to Light,Keeper and his tasks specifically will,have spoiler warnings on them just know,that he is in the game he is very,difficult and he does in fact work like,other Traders so if you want the fancy,new Trader go get him just you know good,luck because it's actually more,difficult than the Kappa so this is our,new end game content speaking of that I,have a big Theory going that Light,Keeper is the end game content because,he is the end of the game all the,details of which are discussed in the,video that I posted a

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BSG Mentions Me in Twitter - ESCAPE FROM TARKOV 12.12 EFT

BSG Mentions Me in Twitter - ESCAPE FROM TARKOV 12.12 EFT

hello guys i came to notice that i was,in the list that escape from tarkov,twitter has uploaded recently,and i was linked,28th,and people are guessing this is uh how,much you donated to the scav case from,the previous event,but i'm not really sure because i only,donated 100 million and 25k rubles,as you can see in my videos,i uploaded those videos like one or two,days ago i was just trying to like help,out the community came to notice that a,lot of people are asking,how much you donated,how what what reward you got,to tell you the truth i only donated a,100 million,and 25k rubles,and i didn't do any uh cultist circle,stuff i didn't drop anything in there um,i didn't get any reward and i heard,top tens didn't get any rewards too,so i'm guessing it's just a,event thing just showing off who won,yup i think it's that,and,more things i can tell you i saw like,everything in my stash,and,as you can see in my previous video i,gave away like whole money i had that,might be the reason why i'm on the list,like if you are rich if you have like,a billion but you don't need 100 million,that's a lo that's still a lot but not a,large portion you know,but if you donated like 100 million even,though you have 100 million that means,you don't need everything you have,so that might be the reason i'm on the,left or and that's another thing i sold,a bunch of stuff sent to fence,a lot of stuff so like my viewers can,grab it,it was a kind of event,you know,if you sell stuff uh expensive stuff,defense,he will resell it to the others like,doubling the price,at the same time i sell it so that was,the event i did that might be one of the,reasons,i sold like several good stuffs uh six,class armors,one tiger,and uh,some fleurs and mvgs,i still don't know why i'm on the list,anyway guys just letting know you,letting know you guys still use,uh telling you guys what you were,curious about,thank you for watching,uh leave a like and comment if you want,more contents like this actually i have,a lot of content going on,i'm preparing 10 men labs uh grading,launcher,this saturday 2 p.m pacific time,it might change a little bit but i'm,gonna do it anyway on around that day i,actually prepared a lot,already sorry about the messy uh stash,uh i only bought eight green launchers,yet,and bought some ammos too,anyway i'm gonna provide these to the,viewers and they're gonna use it to kill,raiders i guess,don't kill each other please anyway,i'm still grinding that,please subscribe so i can reach 10k,someday,thank you i actually forgot to tell you,guys that if you want to join the,10 men labs content you have to be in my,discord also my twitch stream that goes,on saturdays actually every day i always,play games uh every day so,and contents are in weekends so please,do join up in my live streams also in,twitch,they are all in the description,thank you guys see you later again

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What is happening with Twitter? | BSG News | Nov. 16, 2022

What is happening with Twitter? | BSG News | Nov. 16, 2022

all right and uh yeah I do have some,news stories a couple links here this,one's a little bit long but uh,so,on Twitter hold on someone shared the,actual email that the article,posted,let me see if I can find it,um,okay here it is I found it,a fork in the road this is a an email,that apparently went out,this morning,um and we're gonna talk about it in this,article this uh Washington Post article,by,uh FaZe and Jeremy Jeremy Merrell,but the actual email is going a fork in,the road uh going forward to build a,breakthrough Twitter 2.0 and succeed in,an increasingly competitive world we,will need to be extremely hardcore this,will mean working long hours at high,intensity,uh only exceptional performance will,constitute a passing grade Twitter will,also be much more engineering driven,design and product management will still,be very important in report to me,uh but those writing great code will,constitute the majority of our team and,have the greatest sway,all of this sounds stupid by the,way,can you imagine if the entirety of a,game's design was run entirely by,programmers,you need design you need project,management you need uh uh uh ux,Specialists like user experience,Specialists you need like all of those,parts are very very important like,one is not more important than the other,like well I mean some of it is because,without it the game's not gonna you know,you can't make a game without,programming but you get what I mean,uh,and even more so with something used,widely by the public,uh at its heart Twitter is a software,and servers company so I think this,makes sense it doesn't Elon it doesn't,if you are sure that you want to be part,of the new Twitter please click yes on,the link below and he's got a forms link,there,anyone who has not done so by 5 PM,eastern time tomorrow that's actually,tomorrow because this was sent out,yesterday we'll receive three months of,severance whatever decision you make,thank you for your efforts to make,Twitter successful,and this is the the article that I,pulled up but I I figured I'd pull off,pull out the actual,um,uh take uh pull out the actual email,um,musk issues ultimatum to staff commit to,hardcore Twitter or take severance,Elon Musk issued an ultimatum to Twitter,employees Wednesday again this is a,um Washington Post by FaZe Sadiq sadiki,and Jeremy B Merrell uh and this was,earlier today,oh apparently this happened last night,because this was originally written,at like four o'clock in the morning last,night what the well,it would have been like 2 A.M for me,either way,um Elon Musk issued an ultimatum to,Twitter employees Wednesday morning,commit to a new hardcore Twitter or,leave the company with severance pay,Twitter is Shifting to an engineer,driven operation one that will need to,be extremely hardcore going forward,according to the midnight email which,was obtained by The Washington Post,employees were asked to click an icon,and respond by Thursday if they wanted,to stay,this will be uh and in the email he said,this will mean working long hours at,high intensity only exceptional,performance will constitute a passing,grade,uh,by mid Wednesday,uh,members of Twitter's trust and safety,team who are responsible for keeping,hate speech and misinformation off the,site we're discussing a mass resignation,according to three Uh current employees,who spoke on the condition of anonymity,for fear of Retribution,the email came just a few hours after,musk tweeted he was tabling Twitter's,blue verified,uh his first major product since taking,over last month as Twitter's owner and,chief executive while the company sorts,out issues with the feature following a,botched rollout botched rollout is an,understatement it's been a ,disaster,uh inside Twitter staffers are using the,additional time to conduct a post-mortem,on the launch trying to understand why,impersonations of high-profile,individuals and Brands spiraled out of,control according to a person with,knowledge of the internal discussions,who spoke on the condition of anonymity,for fear of Retribution,trying to understand why impersonations,of high-profile individuals and Brands,spiraled out of control,I can tell you,for certain that a lot of people,internally at Twitter probably I I don't,know this,first hand because I don't know anybody,at Twitter,but,I can almost guarantee that there are,plenty of people in that uh on that team,that knew that that would happen almost,immediately,I like I knew that it was going,to be abused so many people on Twitter,knew it was going to be abused why this,needs uh postmortem is just,it shouldn't have happened to begin with,of course people are going like have you,been on Twitter before,of course people are going to abuse the, out of that,anyway,continuing,according to people familiar with the,matter who spoke on the condition of,anonymity to describe internal matters,as well as internal and externally,compiled data reviewed by The Washington,Post the new service failed to gain much,traction durin

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Twitter - Bsg#62

Twitter - Bsg#62

I just hate life hello pineapples,welcome back in this new blitz 50 games,video I'm on the map game and randomly,subscribers of my game so oh yeah I hope,I can get this gear or something gaspari,09 yeah don't forget your picture love,the cleanness ode to my god clean is,real the cleanest real guys okay I'm,just going to wait for my kids so I can,go a chance I need some pants or,something else my god my mic was on,another night by my martinville sorry,okay sorry for that voice quality my,foolish wasn't of I meant my mic was not,on a good place yeah my guess is so bad,oh man I can't stand it oh my god oh I,thought it was someone behind me yeah I,was scared okay accepted oh my god ok,let's go John so for scrapping again,yeah I stood a KFC has skipper then I,think he was my friendlist but he,removed me because I clean him there's,someone behind me it's a horse,horse six or seven I think it's adamant,I don't care let's go a child,I remotes dang game I think i'm going to,get back stat any moment oh my god yeah,I knew freaking for that oh my volume is,so low oh my god he is going to run,forever,the are you going to maine law like,that last hit was not legitimate hey I,don't know how I got the losses still oh,no it's creep then if he's in going in,the creation oh he's not keep it in what,the is he Oh Lord Lord two diamonds,nice oh my god suffer scrapper haha I,want to fight him in that match not now,push power I know I'm not come to,message I guess we got like several,minutes wolf dama oh my god I'm below,give me the boots okay i don't think,we're going to make it oh my god stop,yes,ok let's debuff the guy uh oh my god I,think he scopes react house my aim is,bad,you see oh no I'm de ahi kill me sorry,well teach you guys i hope you i see you,in the next game bye guys hello,pineapples welcome back in this new,plates of our games game this is a,second game and what could have a going,also not or palette and I'm think I'm,going astronauts or dim ah stuff okay,let's do this I suffer scrubs a kanima,game is he is he a my game again no,neither dings him many people have that,same skin so jess very big it's not him,so or it isn't hmm I don't know let's,hope not okay and finally we're on the,map tour and I love this map it's so,unused like no one uses map place map,Amin sorry so yeah,I'm just going to jump yeah girls I,stick you yes I gotta still sought now,he's ok I got some decent arm off,Arsenal and East weapon Oh me no no no,don't I just hate life oh my god the,back step is real and the back step is,real ok guys I see you in the next game,bye guys I so come back in the New ok,I'm going,spela gist it will be fun okay let's do,this yeah I didn't use this but it oh,yes Spence nice man and I ok I got,Sloan's slow da he's AFK i think ok,nevermind but oh man he said one HP in a,tunnel why is she going to fight to HP,you're crazy man you're crazy life ok,let's get this guy i was golden chest,plate then I'm really stacked I guess,the squid thing Lord get Gumbo's think,it's like almost no knockback like all,the and he's come to run forever oh,oh my god it's going to be a long game,if they Dima something else he didn't,hit him instead choosing,nacho sauce they're choosing the bus,because I know yes good thing I think of,something cuz i will probably die what,the yeah the true thing then oh my,god oh my god oh man I scared uh he,scared off me back let's clean them,freakin creeper,okay let's clean and go on 10hp 6hp,freaking know mops I hate you thanks for,the boost got it on my god hot like,necro isn't it still be oh my god how,much damage does that bow wait what,he's going to fight 12hp well you almost,erect me enough mind cuz i reckon first,Oh mine too cold nipples nice was it a,baked or something okay let's heal up a,bit yeah let's go a child shall we and,as many a few guys already have seen I,got Twitter so if you want to follow me,please follow me I post some random,things some Dutch thing so Manglish so,yeah it's slaven and i can interact with,you guys hey what the is he going,to do I thought he's come to run forever,but no yeah he will not make a jump that,um something interesting maybe that's,bush oh my god I can we can I my sword,nice nice nice so yeah guys follow me on,twitter i got the 22 followers I think,or something I want more I like Twitter,I liked it a lot oh no why I chose,by stone sword if I oh it doesn't know,craft into AB so stupid now not going to,make I saw it son how to lazy to find,across the field well we got some speed,and gold Apple so yeah I think we're,going to win this guy's do wins 1 plus,game right yeah torrent no it wasn't,Orin I don't have mine let's troll alone,scalar whatever next you know poof,you're guarding oh my god t.t,almost come on you can do this no I'm,almost dying no no no I don't want to,die oh my god poof aah easy easy,flawless oh my god ok guys thanks for,watching please give a like subscribe,but see you guys next time bye guys,Oh

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Chris Bumstead Reacts to Thirst Tweets and TikToks | Gymshark

Chris Bumstead Reacts to Thirst Tweets and TikToks | Gymshark

I don't even know what to say about some,of these These are hilarious apparently,I'm just daddy now oh my God what's,going on guys Chris Bumstead dreamshark,athlete and today I'm going to be going,over some funny tweets and tick tocks,from you guys all right so I haven't,seen these at all yet I'm gonna be going,over and just seeing what's said I just,want sebum to crumpled me up like a,piece of paper and throw me is,that too much to ask for that is a,little bit much to ask for and I don't,know what kind of you're into but,being crumpled into and thrown around,I don't know that's not what I'm into so,you might have to find someone else,Chris bump said it's just a different,animal man wow I'm trying to be my own,Beast let alone a different animal so,thanks Sam if you ever need motivation,just look at daddy sebum working out,apparently I'm just daddy now so my role,model girl makeup was my dad so if you,guys want to call me daddy and that's,your motivation I'll take it just as,long as there's no like weird,enunciations of daddy where you're just,looking at me in the wrong way but,appreciate the love I believe aliens,haven't attacked us yet they're waiting,for the moment where they can steal sea,bumps so they can clone Perfection,that's a scary news right there maybe,they're waiting for me to reach,Perfection to steal me to clone me,hopefully they pick someone out of me,because I kind of like this world if you,don't have sebum jeans don't look at me,from a girl too so I'm sorry but you,might be lonely your whole life if,you're waiting for that because I'm,locked in and no one else has my jeans,so apologies for that in advance Chris, Bumstead,that is that's my name my middle name is,now if you didn't know I'm,replacing it legally it's done the day,I'm built like Chris bum said the day,it's over for you hoes I don't know what,it means by over but that's kind of,scary I don't know if you're coming,after them in what way but if you're a,bit like me one day then I'm just,worried that I'm gonna be losing the,Olympia so hopefully the hoes are safe,and I'm safe on the Olympia stage hope,sebum is having a wonderful day thank,you Lindsay it's always a beautiful day,I have lifters I think we can all,collectively agree on our obsession with,Chris Bumstead Hearts monster crying,Emoji or something thanks Cody I,appreciate your obsession for some,reason the only obsessions I have are,from other men so I've just accepted,that men are obsessed with me and women,don't really care as much but I,appreciate the love nonetheless that,moment when you have a push day and,daddy sebum posts a new vid about chest,day two,I tell people all the time I'm watching,your guys workouts when I know you're,doing chess that day I'm uploading my,chest workout just for you guys daddy,sebum how's your back Chris bump said so,is me inspiration,that's my interpretation of Spanish I'm,assuming I have no idea what language,that is but,Mercy that's French very wrong language,but it's the only other one I know just,want to look like Daddy sebum I mean if,I am your daddy then that means maybe we,share some genes and usually you grow up,to look like your father so maybe one,day you will look like Daddy sibo,alright guys so that's a wrap on the,tweets now we're going to be moving on,to the funny tick tocks these are always,funny so it should get interesting,like sunny,I've seen a few of these These are,hilarious just getting nervous when I,come by this is my thing too when I come,up to people sometimes I don't want to,ask how many sets you have left because,I'll be like they recognize me I'm like,how many sets do you have left like I'm,done and they'll just leave and I feel,bad so try not to make you guys nervous,I heard they checking for me no one,checking on me,him editing me with my arm around him,that's golden right there oh wow a woman,in this one,I got some love from a girl there,apparently if you leave your girlfriend,for me she won't be upset so anyone,looking for an out in the relationship I,got your back,I love that people are so comfortable,choking that like men is what they're in,love with right now and some other Jack,dude is thinking about on their mind all,day,this is the secret right here of why,when I walk down the beach I'm seeing,everyone staring at me hopefully you,never catch me on a nude beach I don't,even want to know what's gonna happen,all right so that was the last one I,think I gotta get more on Twitter and,Tick Tock because these are absolutely,hilarious the combination of funny and,gratitude that I have that you guys are,like using me as inspiration it's just,it's really awesome hopefully you guys,enjoy this video and I'll catch you in,the next one,foreign

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Aubrey Plaza Reads Thirst Tweets

Aubrey Plaza Reads Thirst Tweets

hi my name is aubry plaza and i am here,with buzzfeed to read your thirst tweets,i'm just gonna say right now that i,think probably 90 of these are gonna be,people telling me they want me to run,them over with a car or like stomp on,their face or something let's do it,if aubrey plaza actually reads thirst,tweets i will be burying myself alive,um i'm doing it so i hope that you're,gonna bury yourself alive miss aubry,plaza are you free on thursday because i,am free on thursday so if you want to go,out on thursday when i am free that,would be great because i am free on,thursday and thursdays when i'm free i,i'm not free on thursday i'm free on,never day,i wish aubry plaza and matthew gray,goobler were my birth parents actually,no i wish i was in a throuple with them,i think you,need to decide if you want to be in a,throuple with your parents and that's,something that you should talk to your,therapist about and i don't know who,matthew gray gubler is i've never heard,of that person in my life aubry plaza,reading thirst tweets let's bring back,her drinking milk trowel her nose,because that was,h-o-t all capitals hot,exclamation point exclamation point,exclamation point first of all i was,snorting milk through my nose i wasn't,drinking it through my nose and i don't,have any milk right now so i'm not gonna,do that aubrey plaza if you are,listening please let me take you out on,a date i am a good company i swear i'm,not a sweaty person i will let you be,mean,oh that's enticing that's,really um,yeah perfect threesome question mark me,aubry plaza and a tub of peanut butter,that makes,me feel weird i'm sorry for being,thirsty on maine i'm just a huge simp,for aubry plaza what is simp why does,everyone say simp what is this i don't,understand simp is the grossest word,i've ever heard though i don't like,saying it or reading it like this tweet,if you would suck aubry plaza's big toe,and if you don't like this tweet let me,know so i can block you that i like that,is just nasty and,i'm into it,i'm watching anger goes west and i just,want to say that i would like both aubry,plaza and elizabeth olsen to curb stomp,me okay this is what i'm talking about i,knew that most of these tweets were,gonna be about stomping on your face or,crushing you with high heels or running,you over with a car aubry plaza is so,daddy she can fix all my daddy issues i,don't know that's just ironic i feel,like i have daddy issues and i feel like,i want my daddy to,fix my daddy issues but i'll be your,daddy i'd put myself on a spit roast for,aubry plaza,thank you so much chris and stewart and,aubrey plaza step on my face challenge,what is it about stepping on your face,people twitter why do you want me to,step on your face how did we get to this,point in,the world aubry plaza hot sex gorgeous,good acting hilarious funny amazing,person charitable busy with the two s's,bussy bussy amazing sexy pretty cute,emily the criminal that was a bot i,think that was a bot and that was not a,real person i would walk into traffic,for aubry plaza i would sacrifice my,firstborn for aubry plaza i would let,aubry plaza kill me if she wanted to,god i would do anything just to smell,her hair,aubry plaza is a goddess and no other,human woman will ever live up to her,standard again thank you so much the,feminine urge to get railed by aubry,plaza,get railed why do you guys want me to,rail you because i could,aubrey plaza could choke me to death and,i'd still be like,nice the violence in these tweets i have,nightmares about this people want me to,be mean to them i don't what did i do to,deserve this i'm a nice person i know,everyone has a crush on aubry plaza but,i would actually let her stab me again,with the stabbing and the stomping and,the chomping it's like a weird thing,where it's like i hear i hear this so,much that i don't i want to stab you i,want to stab you and i would i would let,jesus,sick you were all sick sick little,babies and you all need to be stabbed,and stomped on i would let aubry plaza,poke my eyeball out with a fork and step,on my throat with boots with nails on,them and if it pleased her well you know,what it does please me,petition for aubry plaza to plow me i,support your petition and i don't know,if i if we're gonna get there but if we,do you're welcome aubry plaza i am,simply just a hole for you,i,and i'm simply just a,i'm a person i'm a human being what do,you want me to do to your holes be more,specific what do you want me to do to,your holes twitter because i will anyway,i'm looking forward to more,people wanting me to stab them,and um throw them into oncoming traffic,i asked for this and,i deserve this check out my movie emily,the criminal it's coming out in theaters,you can sit in the theater and imagine,me stabbing your holes and railing you,with my goddamn talent,sick,the thing is that i want to be dominated,that's the thing that y'all are missing,is that i want to be slapped around and,choked and,stabbed but,whatever

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Nikita is now on Twitter and BSG focuses on Optimization | Tarkov Lights News

Nikita is now on Twitter and BSG focuses on Optimization | Tarkov Lights News

hi everyone welcome to tarkov lights the,news of tarkov today's stories include,nikita finally has a twitter account,updates about battle state game,development and more,nikita the ceo of battlestate games set,up a twitter account with the handle at,nick gene byrne the same handle he uses,on his instagram and soundcloud on,reddit he goes by train fender not,really sure what the significance is on,that maybe he likes fender amps because,he's a musician i don't know previously,he did not have a twitter account but it,seems like he wants to communicate game,updates and other miscellaneous thoughts,his most recent tweet was about the,benefits of working from home including,no dress code and being able to react to,problems right away,in recent podcasts we have seen him in,his home office,in general it looks like the studio will,be working from home for the foreseeable,future,nikita let it be known on his twitter,account that the holiday relaxation is,over and it's back to developing the,game saying this and i quote we just had,so-called holidays i know that some of,us get rest and that's cool but it's,time to work at full gonna work on tech,debt for the nearest time fixes,optimizations technical tasks end quote,it looks like they are coming back from,christmas which they celebrate on,january 7th as we know server,performance has been a constant problem,since the launch of 12.12,the twitch drops along with loads of new,content popularized the game to an,extent or an estimated 700 000 people,played over the course of two weeks bsg,and nikita were hoping for a few weeks,of vacation after the launch of 12.12,but unfortunately game issues kept a lot,of them working over the holidays,technical debt has been plaguing bsg,along with server stability for years,the upgrade to unity 2019 which happened,in 12.11.7,has not noticeably changed the game but,i think that is due to the technical,debt mentioned in this tweet many,features related to unity 2019 have not,been implemented yet in other news the,scav case in your hideout could be worth,millions using moonshine i have,personally been getting military,corrugated tubes intel folders and more,out of them on a daily basis in the past,couple days i have received over four,military tubes totaling millions of,rubles while it is very expensive to get,the scav case it seems like it may be,worth it more than ever to upgrade on an,upcoming video we'll be talking about,scav case versus bitcoin farm which one,is worth it if you had a pick,that's it for today don't forget to,subscribe for more news and lore content,and swing by our discord if you'd like,to join our thriving community,we appreciate you watching and wish you,good luck on your raids have a great day,you

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Gym Fix? Lightkeeper Intel Found & More// Escape from Tarkov News

Gym Fix? Lightkeeper Intel Found & More// Escape from Tarkov News

super last second edition here shout out,to sellus TV on Twitter although this,was four hours ago I should have seen,this but I am just seeing it now my,apologies there looks to be a fix to the,severe muscle pain for the gym if you,have severe muscle pain and it says less,than a day left just work out and then,go into a raid with your PMC apparently,you're gonna notice that the dbf is,going to be gone and then you can go,back to working out again if this is,true I will confirm it tomorrow I'm also,going to test it with mild and see if,there's any differences but yeah this,might be the fix it might have ended up,being bugged in which case it may only,be a day before you can reset for the,gym now again I'm going to mention in,this video because it's the last second,edition but know that this might be the,fix it looks like people are confirming,this on Twitter right now but you need,to be absolutely certain that it has,been a full day since you got the debuff,that is the key here it seems to be a,bug with the text showing up if this is,the case so make sure it's been a day,and then go work out again do a raid,should be good what's up guys Nolan here,with a bit of a catch update also there,is some stuff that we might learn about,the gym later today but I won't be able,to make a video about it in full detail,Tale the real world is starting to catch,up to me here since I've been sitting in,this cave covering escape from tarkov,essentially no joke 24 7 for the last,straight month so I'm not gonna be able,to do a video if it does show up but I,will talk about it tomorrow reminder to,follow me on Twitter and join the,Discord for stuff that I can't get a,video out on quickly anyway there does,seem to be something to using the gym,only until you get mild pain since I've,gotten reports from people seeing the,mild pain disappear after 24 hours while,the saphir for sure can stick around,much longer than that the reports are,all over the place while I myself just,built the gym yesterday and I decided to,go mild as well in case anybody is,wondering what you do is you wait until,you hear a guy starting to huff and puff,and then you just hit Escape when you go,and you look at your details in the,health screen it should show mild,there's discussions and info floating,around about the likelihood of it being,bugged especially for people with severe,where some people can see that it says,less than a day left for much more than,a day now it is possible it's bugged but,what's also possible is it kind of,scales with your strength and endurance,levels meaning it changes as they do,we're not certain either way and of,course yeah it could totally be so,report what you can really appreciate it,yesterday BSG put a change in place so,that you can actually profit from,putting High keys on the flea market so,if you have a duplicate or you don't,plan on running that location for,farming then pay attention to the fee,required to place it on the flea market,and you'll notice it will give you a lot,more room to make money now reminder,Santa is still spawning so watch out for,him we are now past our first week into,the wipe and people are still grinding,through their 40s and into the 50s now,there has been let's just say a number,of signs pointing to Light Keeper,including this one here which seems a,bit obvious and might be a really good,Photoshop especially since they don't,seem to know what task it's for and they,seem to be able to pick it up so they,must have a task connected to it this,could be a troll this could be another,bug task or it could be something that,everyone missed not sure yet but if that,isn't a troll if that isn't a Photoshop,that is definitely something I'm going,to keep an eye on the only thing I do,know or at least I'm pretty sure about,is people are getting up into the levels,that many players don't reach in the,span of a wipe those are those mid 40s,to 50s and there is no sign of Light,Keeper so if if it is level locked there,might be a significant portion of the,community that is just not going to be,able to do like keeper again that's,speculation we're going to get into that,now but first I did want to mention I'll,have a poll up on my Twitter it's going,to be linked in the description asking,what level you usually get to by mid,wipe not the end of the wipe mid wipe to,see if maybe this is reasonable to have,a Trader at these levels I would fully,assume that BSG went and found those,numbers before they did something like,that so I'm assuming it's going to end,up being okay but just shits and gigs,let's just see what the poll says but in,case it's not level locked it's possible,that there is going to be an event that,unlocks Light Keeper all at once for,everyone and this is so that everyone,can take part as well Nikita has said,something along the lines of wanting to,do an event for the release of Light,Keeper in the past which has put us down,some windy roads to let's just say for,you know speculation and theories an

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