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Browns News & Rumors: Brandin Cooks TRADE? Browns DC Interview List + Early Clubhouse Leader?foreign

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Browns News & Rumors: Brandin Cooks TRADE? Browns DC Interview List + Early Clubhouse Leader?

foreign,coming up on today's Cleveland Browns,report we're going to talk about the,latest trade Buzz for the Browns I've,seen a name pop popular on the Twitter,street so we're gonna look at that plus,the initial defensive coordinator,interview list is out there no big deal,I went like four of ten for my targets,on yesterday's show so we'll talk about,that sort of The Latest Buzz and the,popular name right now surfacing for,that vacancy and then the absolute,biggest fraud and crime of the 21st,century against the flag bearer of this,channel happened on Sunday couldn't talk,about it yesterday because Joe Woods,took over the whole show but we'll wrap,up the show with that but let's start by,talking about Brandon Cooks right the,Houston Texans wide receiver who once,again for the seventh time has requested,a trade from the Houston Texans he said,I'm not going into this off season,thinking I want to be a part of a,rebuild and surprise surprise the Texans,who by the way suck at tanking what an,all-time choke job on Sunday against the,Colts Lovey Smith giving it to the,organization going if you're gonna fire,me we're gonna get a Hail Mary on Fourth,and 20 in a two-point conversion to rob,you in the first overall pick but,the Browns be a possible trade,destination right this is why we're,talking about it on today's show because,the Browns have been looking for a wide,receiver and Brandon Cooks could make,some sense right if you look at what his,stats were in 2022 this year they're not,glamorous just under 700 yards and three,touchdowns he was pretty disgruntled,which I'm not gonna pardon because you,are paid to do a job but at the end of,the day Brandon Cooks was also working,with really bad Davis Mills like last,year people were going into this season,thinking Davis Mills he might be it I,never bought into it now we see why and,Kyle Allen just sucks he's just cheeks,like that's a that's a a name that's,gonna be out of league in two seasons,but there is some connection between,Brandon Cooks and DeSean Watson of,course right they played together in,2020 down in H-Town and they were great,1150 yards six touchdowns to Sean Watson,in his six starts with the brown showed,I'm going to extend plays and I'm going,to need speed at receiver to work your,way back to the football right the,Browns desperately need a speedy wide,receiver that was supposed to be Anthony,Schwartz that clearly has not worked,Donovan people's Jones and Amari Cooper,are awesome route Runners great with uh,you know great at the point of attack,great of bringing the football in but,they're not speed demons right they're,not guys when the play sort of broken,down and DeShaun Watson is barely,staying afloat are going to work their,way back to the football and burn their,Corners no so for that Brandon Brandon,Cooks I could see making some sense and,honestly I'm not really opposed to the,idea of trading for Cooks now if there's,going to be a trade you know how I like,to work here we got to look at the,financials because we're not living in,fantasy land right these players have,contracts Brandon Cooks if he was traded,my guess it would be before June 1st so,let's look at the contract details of a,pre- June 1 trade the 2023 dead cap for,Houston is 16 million that's it's a big,number but that's a team that can afford,it they're not looking to get a whole,bunch of free agents and win right now,no they can afford to eat some dead,money to get some draft assets right to,look towards the future so I don't think,the Texans are going to be too,disgruntled by the dead cap hit of 16.2,million now Cooks is base salary for,2023 is 18 million that's what a team,would have to pay up of course you can,rework contracts you can move that money,into signing bonuses into roster bonuses,and lower the cap hit but that's where,it stands right now so here's my trade,idea I've seen some people say well if,Amara Cooper went for a fifth,Cooks is going to go for like a seventh,no the Browns won took full advantage of,the of the Cowboys word got out that,they were gonna cut him so they were,able to get him for cheap,we saw Chase Claypool like I mentioned a,couple videos ago go for a second where,does Cooks go a bit more expensive than,Claypool he's a bit older in his career,but he's also much more proven than,Claypool I think it would basically be a,third round pick with a day three pick,swap in 2024 kind of like the Cooper,element but you're kick in a third which,you don't have a first you have your,second that third is a comp pick from,the quesadofo Mensa uh you know hiring,with Minnesota so for that reason I'll,leave it up to you would you do this,cook straight,giving up a third when you don't have a,first it feels like it's a lot more,valuable than any other third round pick,so sound off in the comments section,below trade or pass very curious what,you guys are thinking on this one now I,go back to the 2023 draft picks for the,Browns let's take a look at them they,have their secon

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Can the Cleveland Browns new DC bring out the elite talent on this roster? | Mary Kay Cabot

Can the Cleveland Browns new DC bring out the elite talent on this roster? | Mary Kay Cabot

and they both said something different,right really threw me off but it's,Cuyahoga yeah there you go we'll give,you credit if Anthony says and he's,wrong now he's a weirdo Jason you went,there what's the profession no I went to,Lorraine County Community College okay,but I I I'm with you I said Cuyahoga,yeah with him he says it's different but,I'm a learning County dude so I don't,live in Anderson yeah Mary Kay yes Mary,Kay is at Cuyahoga Cuyahoga she says oh,go right Mary Kay,that's what I was told this is the show,where everyone just beats up on Bowl,adidi wouldn't take the Victory lap but,Mary Kay just actually I think I do say,hog I don't even know,hey Mary Kay I thought it was really,interesting you know Joe Woods gets,fired yesterday I thought that Mike,priefer should get fired as well once,they had the press conference I assumed,he wasn't getting fired but Kevin,stefanski was asked twice in the press,conference about uh my prefer and he,didn't say that he definitely has the,job is does Mike pre is Mike prefer,definitely staying or is there a chance,he's going to be fired today or tomorrow,you know I really think that Kevin,wanted to take care of uh priority,number one and that was to fire Joe,woods and start lining up some,interviews with these defensive,coordinator candidates I don't think he,had those conversations yet with,everybody else and I think it was maybe,still up in the air a little bit but I,think the fact that Mike priefer has,survived to this point is probably a,good sign for him uh so you know I would,have to say that I you know I think,right now he you know Kevin's probably,leaning towards keeping him but I think,those two guys need to put their heads,together and have a conversation all,right so it's not a done deal,what was your big takeaway from,yesterday I mean if you had a takeaway,because we had talked earlier at the,start of the show how all these guys in,in the vein of Belichick are sort of,mastered the art of moving their lips,but not really saying a whole lot what,was your sort of,take away moment or you know if they had,an overlying statement what was it that,that stood out to you,well um if we're talking about from you,know Andrew and Kevin my takeaway there,was that they do understand that they,have to get the right mix of guys in,there on their defense and I think that,means schematically from a talent,standpoint from a you know veteran,versus young guy standpoint and from you,know a leadership standpoint so I think,that they really need to craft that,defense in such a way that they've got,some great leaders I don't know that,they have any great leaders yet on the,defense I know miles has taken over a,much more vocal role but they need more,guys like that some of the young guys,are going to have to step up into those,roles I've covered uh NFL locker rooms,before where you've got three or four,sort of enforcer guys on the defense,like the old school Sheldon Richardson,kind of guys or back in the day you know,the Carl Banks and Pepper Johnson kind,of guys where they sort of you know help,run the program and they you know keep,everybody in check I remember when miles,Garrett had the helmet incident and,Baker Mayfield you know kind of went off,on him on National Television right,after that Sheldon Richardson stepped in,as an old school guy and he really,salvaged that situation he put those two,guys back together as best he could,miles and Baker uh you know he and,Olivier Vernon took Baker aside and said,that's not how we roll here so I think,they need some of those kind of guys I,think they need to be careful of adding,guys to the team that do have behavioral,problems strong personalities are fine,but you have to be very judicious in,adding guys onto the team that aren't,going to buy into the program or that,are going to be speaking out about,things because even when you look back,at Jadeveon Clowney you need that guy to,be you know carrying the banner for your,program and what you're doing and that,just did not happen so I think getting,the right mix as Andrew mentioned,yesterday was my biggest takeaway Mary,Kay I said earlier Jadeveon was probably,the most vocal and not necessarily in a,good way is that fair or wrong,no I think that's right I think I think,that's right because when you have a big,big booming personality like that but,the stuff that's being boomed out isn't,all about you know how we are going to,abide by what Kevin's doing we are going,to abide by what Joe Woods wants uh that,you know that just can't be uh the voice,in the locker room or one of the main,voices in the locker room I mean when,you've got your Pro Bowl guys are the,guys that everybody looks up to so,you've got miles you've got jadavian,you've got Denzel ward those guys have,got to be Rock Solid and if you don't,have that then you've got to go out and,get it you've got to go find those guys,that are going to make sure that there's,complete buy-in with the program and we,started to hear that with

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we're ready to go sneaking out to another sneaking  out with my boyfriend to another state y'all,hey y'all welcome back to my YouTube channel guess  what I'm doing today I woke up in a silly goofy  ,mood and I was like it's the new year let's go do  something let's go live our lives so we're taking  ,a road trip to Oregon I'm like nervous it's super  random but I'm like excited I'm over here like  ,I already have my stuff ready my backpacks  right there my boyfriend's getting his  ,stuff ready too right now and we're literally  about to go okay so what do you got foreign,we never went if you guys didn't know  my place is still freaking leaking and  ,I'm freaking going crazy we have our stinks packed  we're ready we're about to leave but before that,the watches or watches or roaches right here  period period they're like five years old a period  ,we got the packs and jeans and we got Michael Myer  a lot of y'all really like the shirts so thanks  ,should we go yes let's go okay we got  a Red Bull for the way because it's a  ,two hour and a half to get there  so I have a Red Bull in a Jamaica  ,and I got my Tamarindo Tamarindo Hugo it's muy  delicioso we're about to leave we gotta turn  ,off all those lights because yeah I pay bills  now we're gonna turn this off all right  ,just like that we're ready to go speaking  out to another state sneaking out with my  ,boyfriend to another state yeah I haven't even  told my mom y'all like even though I moved out  ,and everything I still gotta tell her like what  the heck but at the same time I don't know if  ,I should tell her because I don't want her to  be like but guess what Mom I am an independent  ,woman I tell myself what to do now he forgot  his freaking shoes y'all we gotta go get him,here they are Boop One Last Goodbye one last look  poop poop let's go let's go it's in 33 right now  ,we're two hours away we're gonna be there at  12 54 y'all what the hell but I'm excited and  ,so let's go take this cute little road trip  two hours and 22 minutes it's a time for real,foreign,oh my God oh my God oh my God  you wanna say hi to this Vlog hi  ,yeah this place is nice it looks  expensive dancing y'all look at this  ,look at the bathroom oh I love this look  at this bed oh I love this I love the back,oh my God look at all those  crows this is the place where  ,we're sleeping at tonight I'm so excited  oh my gosh good morning we just woke up  ,it's 11 40 45. we literally have this hotel  for like 20 minutes left and we try to make  ,the most of it so we are gonna go swimming I  didn't show you guys that yesterday but this  ,place is so bougie it looks so freaking nice like  all the stuff here look at this is I'm pretty sure  ,it's out yeah so we just got here but look what  it says oh it's 11 47 though so I think we're  ,gonna wait just wait a little longer our hotel  wasn't even that expensive it was like 150 right  ,it's like 150 for the night and it's just like  it has abuse bills on view look at this gym  ,should we get some a cute little pump in boyfriend  what do you say ready for the pool and it's open  ,y'all look at this oh and it's a heated pool  y'all why that water Loki look a little murky,my boyfriend's about to jump he  doesn't know how to swim though  ,and he is 14. you know how to swim  but it is a little on the deeper end,we're back in the hotel we took a  shower and we're about to leave but  ,um I just want to keep him on here because I want  to show how cute I look we got the regular white  ,sweatshirt you know some brown pants and  the Huaraches like always we'll be wearing,I mean it's really cold yeah and windy  like my my legs weren't coming off this  ,reminds me exactly like Seattle we're going  to screen door we stay at the poor hotel in  ,in Portland the people were super suiting  for a nice two I got recognized twice one  ,of the girls uh recommended this  place so we're gonna go yeah okay,should we go that way,yeah it is very windy okay we're looking for  another place because it's like a two hour wait  ,that's too long that is too long we're gonna  go somewhere else hopefully we find something  ,close and something good if y'all have any  recommendations please let me know down in  ,the comments all right y'all so we ended up going  to share Sherry's Cheryl's I'm going to show you  ,one of the food here our food's here look at this  it looks so good go to Mimosa doesn't tastes good  ,period does it taste good yeah what is this  French toast it's like a ham sandwich with  ,cheese on top and an egg and also a hash browns  with cheese corn flakes it's kind of strange kind  ,of awkward we'll give you a taste test soon I  got a mango mango lemonade because I'm not 21.,foreign,already it's we literally just been walking around  the city enjoying the views and we went to a  ,couple shops I bought a couple books I bought this  book The Power habit and the Book of overthinking  ,because you know a bit to be overthinking  right now we're going to a Ja

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The Browns waive DB Jermaine Whitehead over threatening Twitter comments | Get Up

The Browns waive DB Jermaine Whitehead over threatening Twitter comments | Get Up

one of the guys that you probably saw,getting terrible coverage getting blown,out of the water was Jermaine whitehead,and he responded to criticism on Twitter,while still in uniform in the locker,room with a series of profanity lace and,threatening tweets his account was,suspended the first tweet in the series,of many and response tspn college,football analyst Dustin Fox second tweet,we're gonna show you was response to,another account in which white had,threatened to kill the user he used,racial slurs we say all that to say at,the time they condemned the social media,posts and they said this matter will be,further addressed internally they have,since moved on from Whitehead they have,he's been released that was what I meant,when I said there was news just in the,last half-hour they've released,Whitehead and look there's there's two,separate pieces of this I want to talk,about the team and the game and all of,that but when you see him going off on,social media after a game you had an,interesting thought yeah I mean I just,felt like the what a soft move right,like he responded to a tweet from,someone that talked about the blown,coverage it was blown coverage it was,awful they didn't tackle and they looked,terrible he admitted that he had an,awful game but for you to lose it I,would like for you to peruse the Twitter,timelines or Instagram timelines of any,woman that is on television it has the,unmitigated gall to do things like pick,one side versus another in a game and,see the kind of things that we have to,deal with and the kind of things people,say to us you got fired because you,couldn't handle someone saying what was,quite obvious that your coverage sucked,and it is such an incredibly soft move,grow woman up now that's right there's a,period new paragraph,now let's spin it to what this means,about the team because you had Odell,Beckham who apparently coming off the,field said I can't get a ball thrown to,me he's tried to hold it together all,year long is this an indication or in,any way do we think this is a team right,now Pat that is falling apart at the,scenes yeah I think that's an indication,of a peek inside the locker room yes,Odell Beckham has handled this,incredibly professional yeah I think,that is something that should be taken,away from this Browns disaster that has,been this year that more people should,talk about Odell Beckham is handled not,being a target not being a threat and,being on a losing team that stinks in a,very mature manner but this type of,situation was whitehead there's,obviously a lot of frustrations inside,the locker room and there should be you,go back week after week there's terrible,decisions being made by your head coach,when you're head coach is not putting,you in positions to win games you can,get frustrated because in high school,football,whenever the head coach speaks you go oh,that guy knows football better than I do,I'm gonna listen to it in college same,type of thing but in the NFL,you're more so peers we all have good,football IQs we're all getting paid a,lot of money to do this and whenever the,guy that's sitting at the top of the,tower when the man that is making all,the decisions for the offense he's just,doing it in a terrible fashion week in,week out you would think at some point,everybody's gonna explode,a couple people on Twitter got the raw,end of it they're from Whitehead but I,would assume the rest of the team is,starting to do it and this is when they,say that the head coach is lost the,locker absolutely and you know what I,agree with everything you said right,there I will say this the Browns finally,did something right get rid of that guy,off your team I mean there's there's no,place for that it's ridiculous now with,that being said there's other moves that,need to be made for example and Freddie,kitchens it and you know he says he's,not gonna get fired,you're right you're not gonna get fired,right now but at the end of the year oh,yes you are,we're so glad you're watching ESPN on,YouTube for more sports and analysis,download the ESPN app and for live,streaming sports and premium content,make sure you subscribe to ESPN plus,we'll see you there

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Deshaun Watson: "I'm looking forward to the future of the organization" | Press Conference

Deshaun Watson: "I'm looking forward to the future of the organization" | Press Conference

did you get everything done you,accomplished you would hope to you know,did it meet your expectations I'm kind,of how we're doing,um of course you know I didn't meet the,expectations of course we wanted to try,to you know find our way into the,playoffs and have extended games and,opportunity to you know clinch the,division all these different things but,as far as just you know,uh being able to play football again get,out there you know knock some rust off,you know have some UPS have some Downs,um have some in-betweens and kind of,really get the the feel of how we want,to operate as an offense and what we,want to you know look forward to as a,Cleveland Brown I definitely did that so,um you know I'm excited I'm I'm,definitely I'm looking forward to this,future uh for the Cleveland Browns and,the organization and this team and I,know there's going to be some changes,but at the same time you know I'm always,here for improvement and just trying to,get better now I usually look back on it,was the layoff harder or was it more,than you even thought that it was going,to be uh yeah it's always the the layoff,you know anything that you do it can be,from you know anything personal to any,activities to work you know just having,that layoff is definitely tough because,you don't get the full effect you don't,get the the emotions the mood swings the,diversity the all that different stuff,that you can kind of mentally think of,but it's different when you're kind of,you know living it and going through it,full speed,the game yesterday you mentioned about,sitting down with Kevin and and talking,some things out and you know maybe you,know pointing out some changes that you,you may look at in the offense well,you have some specifics in mind that you,want to you want to address with him,um no not right now honestly uh that's,something I think me and Kevin,personally should talk about you know,just between us instead of putting it,out there,um but you know we're going to sit down,and you know met with them today we're,going to have a man-to-man conversation,uh nothing negative or anything like,that but just what can we do to be you,know better offensively and as a team,you know because you know my my next,step in in taking this you know team and,taking that leadership role is really,stepping out there and really taking,this whole locker room under my wings,and uh you know I'm looking forward to,that you know this year was kind of,tough with the you know being in the,building being outside the building you,know all the different changes and all,the unknowns but you know going into you,know this 2023 season and having a you,know pretty clear view of what what we,can look forward to I think I can have,the opportunity and that's the role I,want to make sure I challenge myself and,take over been here for a while,your choice of a number of places but,now that you have to lay the land and,you understand,City the team how do you feel about the,choice that you made I'm very happy with,my with my choice I'm very,um,I love being here I love being in,Cleveland my family loves coming up here,to Cleveland I love this locker room I,love the players I love the the culture,stuff they made it a lot easier for me,to transition and come in and be the,person I need to be so I'm looking,forward to the improvements I'm looking,forward to what the the future holds for,us and I'm excited to be a Cleveland,Brown and I want the best for this city,I want the best for this organization,and everyone in this locker room so like,I said before you know the ultimate goal,is to try to get to that Super Bowl and,that's what we got to continue to push,for and we got to hold ourselves to a,higher standard I got to hold myself to,a higher Center as a player as a as a,person and as a you know as a teammate,and as a leader so you know that's what,we're going into 2023 thinking of and I,want to continue to have those standards,very very high and you know everyone got,to hold me to that Center also,um you know being able to you know relax,a little bit decompress,um and then you know once ever all that,you know pretty much you know kind of,settle down then get back to work,um you know watching the tape watching,the film uh mastering this offense like,I said before Mission uh meeting with,Kevin and AVP and Drew and being able to,figure out what we need to do better,um and then mastering those before we,come back for OTS in the showing,yesterday you said that it's unfair to,expect you to uh to meet those,expectations what you did 2019 and 2012,today so my question is so what should,people expect,from you next year uh well first I know,I don't think I don't remember me saying,I it was unfair I never said anything,about that whatever expectations people,hold for me it's always it's always Fair,people have their own opinions people,have their expectations I said for,myself I wasn't going to come in,thinking that you know I'm the best,quarterback and I'm just going to walk,in an

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BREAKING: Browns Fire DC Joe Woods + 10 Replacements Ft. Brian Flores & Jim Schwartz | Browns News

BREAKING: Browns Fire DC Joe Woods + 10 Replacements Ft. Brian Flores & Jim Schwartz | Browns News

foreign,well the news we've all sort of been,waiting for and all expecting is here,the Browns have relieved which is always,such a funny way to say fired Joe Woods,of his duties and we are off and running,on Black Monday welcome into the,Cleveland Browns report by chat sports,and on today's show I'm gonna run,through some Joe Woods early,Replacements because I think you could,see a hiring as soon as next week so,with Joe Woods out we're going to run,through a list of names to watch for but,first before we bid Joe buds uh Joe,Woods do whatever here's what Kevin,stefanski said about the firing I'd like,to thank Joe for his hard work and,dedication in his three seasons as our,defensive coordinator I will always have,the utmost respect for Joe the person,and the coach unfortunately we didn't,perform up to our standards enough this,season and we all share in that,responsibility we all wish Joe and his,family the best in the future like I,said at the top of the show we all saw,this coming I don't think I have to harp,too much on it we don't need to look at,the stats we know this defense was,underwhelming was disappointing in fact,before I even started filming my,co-worker Giants now host Marshall Green,was like Brown's defense top five fraud,to the NFL season this year because I,talked about them a ton coming into the,year and they were awful so let's run,into some Joe Woods Replacements now,starting with,Brian Flores the current linebacker,slash defensive assistant uh you know,senior advisor coach for Mike Tomlin in,Pittsburgh and who knows maybe he Haslam,kidnapped Brian Flores on the way home,from Pittsburgh yesterday so like I said,he's the Steelers assistant uh defensive,assistant and linebackers coach this,year of course he was the Dolphins head,coach for the three previous seasons in,which he accumulated 25 and 24 and 25,record now I do want to note this he ran,a 3-4 defense in Miami which is not what,the Browns have run under Joe Woods in,the last three seasons right that was a,4-3 defense so you would see a change,made there and,anytime you bring on a new defensive,coordinator it can always be a bit,intimidating of my brain is so used to,4-3 I don't know if I can go to three,four more than half the teams in the,league I think run 3-4 it's been growing,pretty much year by year and it allows,for more athleticism on the field and,more speed which this defense sort of,desperately needs uh now the dolphins,with Brian Flores they got better and,better as he got there right,um and yards allowed just from his first,season in 2019 they were nearly dead,last in the NFL by the time he was,unexpectedly fired they were top half,okay not just yards though there's a lot,of ways to measure a defense what about,points allowed right he comes in they're,dead lasting points allowed in one off,season he gets them from 20 in 2019 to,2020 from 32nd to six in points allowed,okay and then probably the stat we are,all looking forward to the most the one,we want to know the most about rushing,cards right how is the run defense under,uh Brian Flores and here it is run,defense under Brian Flores 27th in year,one and he gets them all the way up to,14th and that's definitely going to be,the first question that Kevin stefanski,Andrew Berry and Jimmy and D Haslam when,they do these DC interviews is how would,you fix our run defense because that was,the Achilles heel of this team so the,way I'm going to work throughout all,these uh replacement options is we're,going to sort of a thumbs up thumbs down,system so kind of gladiator style right,now right in the middle here when it,comes to Joe uh George when it comes to,Brian Flores,Chuck Norris thumbs up baby like I would,love to see Brian Flores on the brown,sidelino up in the Press Box next season,I think he would be a fantastic hire for,Cleveland and I would be doing,cartwheels if they were able to bring on,a bell check disciple a four-time Super,Bowl winner in someone who's so,meticulous and just so attention,detail-oriented where he is going to,comb through every single bit of film,and not miss a single thing that was the,backbone of his Dolphins team and,honestly the only reason he really got,fired was because he couldn't figure out,the quarterback position didn't really,believe In Tua and here's the good news,you do not have to worry about that in,Cleveland uh Brian Flores just focus on,the 11 on defense now I want to ask this,question to you though we're going to,get into more Replacements but first who,is your top defensive coordinator,candidate is it Brian Flores is it,someone else we're going to talk about,on today's show let me know in the,comment section below,so next possible replacement here Jim,Schwartz this is a name that's been,getting a lot of Twitter attention a lot,of Buzz the last couple of days and,somewhat out of nowhere because Jim,Schwartz has been in kind of half,retirement he's a defensive assistant in,like senior defensive assistant in,Tennessee he's been that ro

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The Point After: Jim Donovan recaps the Cleveland Browns disappointing 2022-23 season

The Point After: Jim Donovan recaps the Cleveland Browns disappointing 2022-23 season

foreign,after the final point after of the,Season Jason Lloyd from the athletic,joins us along with Mary Kay Cabot the,Browns beat writer for,Mary Kay cabin I'll begin with you you,broke the judevian clowning story last,week and turned this city upside down,do you take responsibility for that,wow that's a lot to handle there on my,plate right now I don't know if I'm,ready for that,um well I mean it was a big story but I,think that jadavian was a symptom of,some things that have gone on on this,defense this season I think it helps,inform uh you know just what was going,wrong on that side of the ball I think,there were a lot of issues over there,both on the field and off the field and,they're looking for some new energy from,a new coordinator all right I want to,stay with the Clowney and give you a,shot at it too Jason and that is this,incident in the Ravens game happened in,the first Ravens game okay the one over,in Baltimore when he said hey I don't,want to play first and second donno come,in check with me on third down I might,come in and play that I might feel like,it how was this allowed to go on I I,don't know and that's it's that's the,frustrating part I think is the the,discipline issues that really they've,had all year in the Clowney thing I,think Mary Kay is dead on it's a symptom,of a larger problem you look at the,delpit benching of of one play Miles,being benched for a series Perry on,Winfrey was disciplined you've got,Clowney going off doing his own thing,you know the locker room I I think it's,fair to say was damaged Jimmy wouldn't,you say like that and that's two years,in a row you know there was the baker,issue last year and there was Damage,Done opj obj you had guys pretty much,quitting the team last year and leaving,early you have that again this year with,judevian basically saying you know what,I'm good I don't need to be here for the,last game he knew what he was doing when,he told Mary Kay that he knew they were,going to send him home yeah Mary Kay,let's go to what happened last night and,of course the news comes out today about,Joe Woods being out as the defensive,coordinator are you surprised at all,no I mean I think we all knew it was,coming I think there there may have been,some slight chance that uh he could save,himself over these last few games but it,would have been a situation where uh if,anything they would have brought in,someone at such as a an associate head,coach slash defense to uh still get a,new pair of eyes in there sort of a new,philosophy and a new energy there were,too many guys that just were not only,unhappy and disgruntled on that side of,the ball but too many of them,underperformed there were a lot of,really talented players on defense this,season that just did not live up to,their potential in any way and I think,they want this new coordinator to bring,in a new style of play and unlock those,guys all right I would agree with her,they did underperform all right is that,Joe's fault or are these guys just did,we over evaluate them I mean there was a,bust in coverage yesterday that killed,them on the touchdown pass to George,Pickens and it keeps happening I do,think there's Talent on this defense I,do think some of the guys maybe we,overestimated a little bit what they're,capable of and you know we heard John,Johnson talk about it today about,sometimes you just need to simplify,things and just let us put our cleats on,and go play and and they perform better,when there wasn't so much thinking,involved when there wasn't so much reads,it's just sort of read and react and and,go make a play and I think that's where,they really thrived and I think that's,where they're hoping uh really to get,back to because you know I agree with,Mary Kay I think he lost the locker room,a while ago and it was really the,Buffalo game where I left Detroit,and and thought this is it he can't come,back they've they've lost faith in his,schemes okay Mary Kay today today Sean,Watson in a very revealing session with,members of the media basically came out,and said listen next year I'm going to,take over the team as far as the leader,is concerned it's a little dicey this,year because of my situation but I'm,ready to kind of take it over,how does that sit with the players like,how does miles Garrett feel about this,guy coming in saying I got it from here,well I think he's mostly talking about,the offensive side of the ball and I,don't think Miles will have any problem,with that whatsoever I think he loves,the idea that DeSean wants to take over,as uh the leader of the team especially,on that side of the ball and this time,he won't have an 11 game interruption in,that leadership and in that voice so uh,I I think Miles has been waiting for,something like this uh you know someone,who not only has the leadership ability,but also the Elite Talent the elite,skill set to go with it so I think it,will be welcome he spoke today like a,player with an awful lot of power for a,guy that he does h

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Steelers get SLAMMED on Twitter for CPR celebration after sack days after Damar Hamlin collapsed!

Steelers get SLAMMED on Twitter for CPR celebration after sack days after Damar Hamlin collapsed!

you're tuning into,black and white sports on YouTube the No,Holds Barred truth on Sports the main,event starts now well guys this is the,last week of the NFL season and games,are actually going on right now I was,actually just watching uh my Dallas,Cowboys completely wet the bed against,Washington but I had to stop watching,that game to actually make a video here,about the Pittsburgh Steelers now,everyone knows what happened to Demar,Hamlin on Monday Night Football he,collapsed his heart stopped and they,actually had to conduct CPR on him and,they brought him to the hospital he is,still in the hospital,well guys,I believe that things are probably going,to be changing a little bit when it,comes to the NFL,I wouldn't even be surprised you know if,certain rules are changed so a situation,that uh happened with Demar Hamlin,doesn't happen again,but the Steelers,they actually got a sack on DeShaun,Watson now this would be a non-story in,any other week,I like sat dances I like celebrations I,really really do,but the Steelers they actually decided,to actually do the CPR,chest pump to celebrate the sack,and they immediately got slammed by,Twitter,here we go guys,Twitter users sound off on Steelers for,a parent,CPR celebration,now I know that players you know when,they make a bit play they're caught up,in a moment they probably wouldn't,really thinking and connecting you know,CPR Demar Hamlin they probably weren't,even thinking of that,but let's read this guys the Pittsburgh,Steelers have caught some heat from,Twitter users for how they celebrated a,sack,against the Cleveland Browns,half the second Browns quarterback,DeSean Watson Alex High Smith was laying,on the field a teammate came over to him,to help him up but before that he,appeared to pretend to perform chest,compression on Highsmith,and we do have uh the clip right here,let's go ahead and play it only six,seconds,yeah he did about three chest,compressions right there,and uh boy Twitter came out,to put it on the Pittsburgh Steelers,here,um it was a fleeting moment but it,caught the eye of some Twitter users who,noted that less than a week earlier CPR,had saved the life of Buffalo Bills,safety Demar Hamlin,and let's go over some of these uh uh,comments on Twitter,you can see here did a Steelers player,just do CPR,in a bit Play Celebration,yeah he did a Steelers player just,celebrated with a CPR celebration and,this is a a gif right here,and it's the the Yates one right there,uh still a CPR celebration didn't go,over well uh with the fans so we,actually got more right here let me just,go ahead and click on that,and see uh more of the,the tweets are right there wow still is,with the CPR celebration was kind of,effed up the distillers defense really,just do a CPR celebration how dense can,you be,Steelers with the CPR celebration after,the sack,uh,big oof use your brain NFL Twitter,did a Steelers player just do CPR in a,bit Play Celebration,what the hell was that CPR celebration,from that Steelers player,uh it took one week till a CPR uh silly,from the Steelers,did you see the CPR celly in the,Steelers game,uh who the on the Steelers just CPR,the teammate after the last sack of,Watson,what the actual dick moved man,locked that up,at coach Tomlin,uh let's go back over here I don't I,don't think anything happened,no flag or anything like that because,it's not illegal,but you know considering what happened,this caught the eye that pretty much,everybody on Twitter like I said before,any other wheat this would have been a,non-story,it would have been a non-story,uh let's see here here to see everyone,complaining about the Steelers doing a,CPR celebration,uh yo I can't be the only one who saw,that Steelers uh CPR celebration,poor taste especially after the events,of uh last week,uh still is doing CPR celebration on,that sack real classy fellas,Steelers players doing a CPR skit,bit distasteful,no way I just saw the Steelers do the,CPR celebration with crying emojis right,there,uh Steelers did window says uh the,Steelers went on to beat Cleveland by a,score of 28-14,while the Steelers went on went into the,day with a Chance of making the,postseason with the winning losses from,New England and Miami that's not how it,panned out,while the Patriots lost to Buffalo Bills,35-23 I was actually predicting a bigger,win,uh for the bills but they still won by,12. the Dolphins managed to hold off the,New York Jets 11-6,that outcome eliminated to Steelers from,playoff contention,so even with the wind the Steelers they,lose and boy they're getting hammered by,the people on Twitter it caught the eye,of a whole bunch of people,I'm wondering if the no fund leak which,is the NFL is gonna probably say you,know what if you do a CPR celebration,from now on and this wouldn't surprise,me probably won't surprise you guys,that they'll get a flag for,unsportsmanlike conduct,but this is this season not against the,rules but in the off season trust me I,do believe there will be some changes,and you

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