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Patrick Mahomes' Fiancée Brittany Matthews 'Attacked' For Spraying Champagnekansas city chiefs quart

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Patrick Mahomes' Fiancée Brittany Matthews 'Attacked' For Spraying Champagne

kansas city chiefs quarterback patrick,mahomes may be winning on the field but,his fiancee brittany matthews is now,getting all the attention off the field,this story shortly after the chief's afc,divisional round win oh that just said i,sound so sports like i knew all the,things there are you moonlighting as uh,against the buffalo bills on sunday,night britney celebrated the huge,victory by spraying champagne all over,the crowd which has left some people,online pretty mad so here's the video,britney shared after the win,okay so we're not entirely sure how the,crowd itself reacted in that moment but,leave it to twitter to go after brittany,calling her out for spraying cold,champagne on fans in the frigid,temperature with others accusing her of,getting alcohol in children's systems,sorry,yeah one twitter user wrote this you're,probably you probably should delete this,video there's nothing cool about,spraying champagne on people who don't,even know it's coming and it's cold and,it's as part owner of a major sports,team you should probably behave as such,not a good look especially with kids,getting sprayed with alcohol right and,in response to all the backlash brittany,took to twitter writing,i just wish i could do what i want,without getting attacked every week,so i don't know what else she's doing,that she's getting attacked for but this,thing in particular i mean,you're you're not at the opera,right you're not at the house this is a,sporting event,someone might spill a beer on you by,accident if someone who is you know if,this is your team,and she's like a big part of that team,and you're celebrating i think that sort,of thing is,yeah i don't know if not expected at,least not like it was a pretty big game,it was a pretty big moment the other,thing is what i would have liked to see,brittany is you take the champagne and,spray it also inside the box on all of,your friends like if you're going to,distribute to the fans sure you know and,then have a chug yourself and at least,make it so you're saying multiple,bottles then like a bottle for the crowd,and sharing for your friends with your,friends listen i think,i think i think people just got outraged,a little more than than we should have,about it i i will say this though if if,i'm somewhere yes and someone sprays,alcohol on me yes unexpectedly right i'm,a little bit like hey now,who is that right but then maybe if it,was in celebration i might not you know,right i might not be as mad i might be,like,this was a good year,this was yeah that was also a football,game didn't one jay-z said what did you,say at football games they throw,batteries yes what'd you say i mean,you're at a sporting event,he says they throw batteries so i need,champagne batteries i'm going with the,champagne right right yeah yeah uh,toenail vasectomy,what's it gonna be well that's yeah,what's it gonna be no no no no,oh no we got a couple good ones here um,yeah uh nelson says geez it's champagne,champagne which is here here's the other,thing what she's sharing this with you,it's probably really expensive right,open your mouth open your mouth get you,know you might not be wanting to pay for,that bottle you got a little taste right,um,there's always a good side to everything,yeah it is a tradition for the players,to spray champagne on each other after a,big win,um yes he says first thing i thought,about was i hope all those people don't,mind getting sprayed on,and then nelson says don't come to,europe sports people spray champagne all,the time in that case i will go to,europe uh we are going to europe free,champagne that's what we're doing i also,just think we all just need to have a,little bit of fun yeah a little fun

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MPGIS: Best Brittnay Matthews Quotes/Moments (SEASON 4)

MPGIS: Best Brittnay Matthews Quotes/Moments (SEASON 4)

britney matthews mercenary cheerleader,i'm an expert in all of the major facets,of cheerleading being gossiping,about enemies achieving peak,attractiveness and of course,contributing absolutely nothing to the,world around me okay boys and girls i,want to introduce you all to brittany,matthews she just transferred here from,saint teresa's all girls school in,kansas city i didn't transfer,i was expelled do you need help lowering,the self-esteem of somebody who's,already got it worse than you hi there,brittany i'm shay van buren and these,are my friends mackenzie and rachel hi,brittany i like your dress,thanks,i think you look like so visit,cheerleader today to,schedule your first booking with,brittany matthews mercenary cheerleader,oh and i can also do all that other,cheerleading stuff too like flips and,holding up signs and he's a shame,what the going on down there it's,the annual van buren family reunion why,don't you come down and meet everybody,uh,i'd rather go take a who wants some,pull the tampons out of your and,come at me ,maybe you could build the team back up,together,as long as i get to yell and curse at,people she's nothing,she's nothing but a worthless,backstabbing little who has ,me over for the last time and if you ask,me,you should get the away from her,before she you too you right,in the ass,that doesn't sound fun britney's really,pissed off with us right now she might,be dangerous,you know,i think you might be right about that no,no no no see if we had you as our friend,we'd never have to punch anyone in the,face because you could do it for us well,i do like punching people in the face,you know all you had to do was ask i,would have happily punched jenna darebon,in the face for you hey everyone i want,you to meet brittany she's a temporary,honorary van buren cousin,jesus they have an army uh,turns out anything's better than hanging,out with you,and nice wallpaper you ,hold on let me just do my hair,all right let's go dumbfox trisha,mackenzie zales is the lowest form of,life that exists on this planet my,vaginal dryness will be on your hands,brittany on your head say is that,guy dead i don't know let's see,yep he's dead a lube up mckenzie cause,you're about to get real good,ah that's about right,yippie kaye,you stupid ,where are you little blood girl,i want a pump you up and for once i'm,not gonna be the one that's getting, in their butthole just christ,what the is your problem you should,be thrilled you're finally gonna,get your revenge i'll tell you,what my problem is shay,the is this doing in my room,bonjour hand over the video or else your,little french friend gets it uh she's,not my friend,i thought you said you were best friends,oh we brittany is my best friend she's,saying you're best friends she's lying,are you lying,no brittany is just playing one of her,little games you playing a game with me,no also she's not friends she's from,montreal what all right somebody had,better start telling me you know what i,learned today,i'm better than you congratulations to,you you are now the proud owner of a,semi-used leaf oh,he didn't warn me about all the bullet,holes so,we're even now right,almost,now we're even thanks for me,once again we'll see you at the party,stupid ,oh no no are we going to die whatnot,says i'd relax no no i'm too, young i'm too beautiful,i just had my hair colored like,yesterday shut the up none of us,are gonna die because we're gonna make,it to this party and i'm getting,my goddamn revenge,let's dance ,you have a strange way of treating your,friends brittany you're not my friend,shay,i just happen to hate you a little bit,less than mackenzie,hey easy on the ass i'm still a little,sore from last night yeah same here,uh,lovely well now i know what's going to,be on the inside of my nightmares,tonight,bernie matthews mercenary cheerleader,what the do you want what shay what,are you even talking about i,believe it on genetics by the way what,is her password you shea what the, you don't want to tell me no idiot,the password is you shay oh,no numbers huh not too safe,god god damn it cut cezanne will you,lock down your audio engineer, hate you shay,my vaginal dryness will be on your hands,brittany on your hands as long as i get,to yell and curse it i'm still here, brittany you saved me you are,really my best friend get in the ,car okay don't me,don't you ever me,how do you like this you smart ass son,of a

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so now that the chiefs have finally been,eliminated from playoff contention i can,finally make this beautiful video it's,safe to say that most of america was,waiting for this moment and not because,they dislike patrick mahomes travis,kelsey or even tyreek hill who has been,controversial in the past people want to,see them lose because they can't stand,patrick mahomes wife brittany and his,brother jackson who seem to be one of,the most hated dynamic duos of all time,never in my life have i seen so many,people turn on a professional sports,team due to someone who isn't even down,there on the field playing joe burrow,literally became a living legend,overnight just because he kept the,general public from having to endure,this at the super bowl i mean the amount,of public antics these two were involved,in during the last season was quite,frankly ridiculous and showed their lack,of class and honestly selfishness they,know patrick has the way of the worlds,on his shoulders and it's like they're,sitting at the top of the pile trying to,make him weaken the knees as most of you,probably saw last weekend the chiefs had,a miracle win against the bills to keep,their playoff hopes alive and so with,this being a big deal brittany matthews,who is patrick's wife decided it would,be a good idea to bust out the champagne,in celebration of the win which i would,say is a standard way to celebrate but,instead of dousing herself and her,friends up in the press box she decided,to unload the entire clip on the crowd,down below her and of course jackson,captured the home moments for his,instagram story,oh my god the way she flails her arm,around like that is like something out,of a nightmare needless to say she,immediately caught flack for doing this,and in general i kind of felt neutral,about the whole thing on one hand it was,a big win and she just got really,excited but on the other hand not,everyone down there wants to be sprayed,with alcohol in freezing cold weather by,some rich entitled woman the whole,situation does kinda just scream,pretentious and the fact that they,always take the time to not only record,themselves but also watch the video back,and then decide to post it on their very,own social media accounts is what makes,me think they actually like the,attention that comes with this backlash,and this is where the story really gets,funny to me and it really shows the lack,of self-awareness when it comes to this,family because after the incident people,are obviously saying she needs to start,acting a little more classy i mean she,is with a superstar athlete who has one,of the best reputations in the entire,nfl so obviously most family members,should know how to act accordingly right,well she can't seem to handle the heat,in this kitchen and she sees anyone,being critical of her as being some sort,of big bad bully so she teamed up to,launch an anti-bullying campaign which,is an inherently good thing to do right,but being the narcissist she is she had,to go and make it about herself and her,bright idea was to have this company,make these team britney shirts and then,some of the proceeds would go to some,sort of anti-bullying charity i am,simply blown away by the gusto of this,woman and quite frankly anyone wearing,this shirt deserves to be bullied,themselves the self-victimization in,order to avoid taking responsibility is,downright sad you know if there's one,thing i can't stand it's a person who,never wants to hold themselves,accountable you did some dumb on,camera and then posted it just own up to,it and say my bad i got caught up in the,heat of the moment i apologize to,everyone who was affected and it all,would have been over but instead he just,continued to double down and doubled,down and doubled down and this was,really just the last thing this team,needed to be worrying about during the,playoffs i mean you've seen in the past,how this really affects patrick he seems,pretty annoyed when they bring these,topics up during press conferences and,at the end of the day i will say this,patrick you have the willpower of no,other men in history to continue dealing,with these two without pulling in aaron,rodgers imagine losing like that and,then going home to two clowns making a,tick tock i really do hope these two,learn their lesson this season because,they both took their fair share of elves,while also damaging the general,reputation for this team you know i,really did like the chiefs a few years,back especially with my homes being from,texas i even had a jersey and everything,like that but now i almost always go,against them because i hate to see,entitled people win it just kind of,makes them even bigger monsters in my,book and this whole situation kind of,reminds me of when everyone started,turning on the warriors franchise when,they found success and steph's wife was,being really annoying so maybe patrick,should give steph a phone call but even,nowadays you know steph can be in the,sunken place from time to time let me,k

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The Truth About Patrick Mahomes' Relationship With Brittany

The Truth About Patrick Mahomes' Relationship With Brittany

did you know that nfl quarterback,patrick mahomes and his fiance brittany,matthews have been dating since high,school oh yeah brittany's also a pro,athlete so is there coupling truly a,match made in heaven keep watching to,find out patrick mahomes and britney,matthews started out as friends at white,house high school in whitehouse texas,when he was a sophomore and she was a,junior mahomes gave her a card and rose,on valentine's day taking their,relationship to the next level from then,on i think that's where i just kind of,started getting a crush on him and then,boom we just fell in love,their seemingly normal beginnings are,apparent if you scroll back to 2013 on,mahomes instagram account there are,typical high school posts of the two,before fame like casual dinner dates and,collages wishing matthews a happy 18th,then 21st birthday in a 2013 instagram,post mahomes said this about matthews,love her and tope her 18th is the best,that same year matthews shared a picture,of a cookie cake mahomes used to ask her,to his senior formal dance writing in,the caption cute and simple,patrick mahomes is known as one of the,nfl's highest paid players but his,fiancee brittany matthews is an athlete,in her own right after graduating high,school in 2013 she played college soccer,at the university of texas at tyler the,school was close to home so she was,still able to cheer on mahomes during,his senior high school sports career he,went on to play football at texas tech,and the two had a long-distance,relationship while they both worked to,further their careers the distance grew,more in 2017 once matthews graduated and,went to iceland to play professional,soccer this was the same year mahomes,was drafted by the kansas city chiefs,and life for the couple would change,forever once matthew's team won the,league she returned to the united states,to be with mahomes in kansas city she,became a certified personal trainer and,launched her own fitness and fashion,website called britney lynn fitness,found that my passion was in fitness and,helping others,she also co-owns kc current kansas,city's professional women's soccer club,being in a relationship with someone,like patrick mahomes comes with fans and,critics of everyone around him brittany,matthews was very active on twitter,during super bowl 55 expressing her,anger with referee calls against her,fiance's team while including a poop,emoji as punctuation matthews tweeted,that was bull after one of the calls the,tampa bay buccaneers won super bowl 55,31-9 and after kansas city's loss espn,posted an uncaptioned picture of mahomes,with a blank look on his face during the,game matthews didn't like that either,using emojis to call it corny she faced,backlash again in 2022 when she poured,champagne over kansas city fans some,social media users were quick to shame,her for dumping cold liquid on freezing,fans while others said she was simply,celebrating the chiefs moving on to the,afc finals matthews tweeted i just wish,i could do what i want without getting,attacked every week a week later charlie,hustle clothing co and the mental health,organization red cars teamed up to sell,team brittany t-shirts matthews said she,would match the proceeds from the shirts,and donate it to a campaign to end,bullying,in september 2020 patrick mahomes and,brittany matthews announced that they,were expecting their first child,together in an instagram post of the two,holding a sonogram matthews wrote in the,caption mom and dad taking a small,detour to the wedding she continued to,stay on brand with britney lynn fitness,during the pregnancy by regularly,posting workout videos with her baby,bump she and mahomes also shared their,pictures from an extravagant pregnancy,photo shoot in which she posed in a few,roughly gowns the images were criticized,by some social media users who claimed,the former soccer star's body didn't,look the best in the gowns britney said,on her instagram story well ladies not,trying to look skinny in my maternity,picks i'm very pregnant and not here to,try and make myself not look pregnant,regardless of public perception the,couple were overjoyed when sterling sky,mahomes was born on february 20th 2021,the duel broke the news on you guessed,it instagram with a picture of matthews,wearing a necklace of her daughter's,name and holding the newborn's hand,sterling quickly became a kansas city,chiefs fan and appears regularly on both,her parents social media feeds,patrick mahomes told wolf republic that,he used to be afraid of dogs then as he,explained to the outlet he gave britney,a pitbull named steel for valentine's,day in 2016 and his view of dogs was,forever changed mahomes and matthews,have been obsessed with their pooch ever,since he told wolf republic i hate how,pit bulls get stereotyped as aggressive,any dog can be aggressive it's basically,the way they're raised this is the,sweetest pup ever the couple also,adopted a cane corso named silver in,2019 matthews even created an instagram,

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Patrick Mahomes Girlfriend Brittany Matthews answers questions from FANS about Patrick and her!

Patrick Mahomes Girlfriend Brittany Matthews answers questions from FANS about Patrick and her!

okay so we've never really put like a,number a specific number on how many,kids we want,but um i would say probably around like,four four sounds good,so actually i had a meeting about this,yesterday with our wedding planner we,have a few dates,nailed down but we will be having baby,and 20 21 and then we plan to do wedding,and,all wedding things um 20 22.,okay so we were 16 years old,in high school and our first date was at,olive garden,um we met in high school we have been,together,for eight years i think i am most,excited,um to literally match every out with,outfit with her,but also just to watch patrick be the,best dad in the world to this,sweet little angel yes people can be,very mean,but ultimately you have to have a tough,skin,and be strong and know that those,people's opinions don't matter,and just don't respond or engage with,them at all on social media,this is both of our house um but i will,probably never ever ever do a house tour,of any house that we own um just for,security purposes,and privacy purposes,she is going to be born here in kansas,we get married yes i was very much,surprised,had no idea he did a very good job,actually once i read the pregnancy test,wrong i went out there and i told him,hey i just took a pregnancy test it's,negative we're good to go you know,whatever,and then i had that weird feeling and i,went back in,and when i read it and it was positive i,just started,like started crying and freaking out and,he kind of caught on and came to the,bathroom and then my friends left and we,kind of had our moment and,he was just so sweet and so supportive,and,just so excited about it so you know,things have just been great,ever since i love that it's not too much,of a big city,um and the people here are just the,sweetest and greatest,and most supportive to patrick and i,um it's definitely been insane,crazy all the things i don't know but,ultimately,getting to see him live his dream and do,um ultimately what makes him happy and,what he enjoys every day,has been the greatest i think one of my,favorite dates,was we were in chicago and,it was valentine's and we went to this,really beautiful nice restaurant,in chicago with amazing views um and we,showed up for dinner and there was like,the biggest,bouquet of table and there was this like,huge bouquet of flowers,and i was like oh my gosh like those are,so pretty and he was like,yeah i got those for you and i was like,wait what like i just thought the,restaurant put them down but ultimately,he got them for me and they were so,beautiful,football season we don't get a lot of,time together,um but in off season is where we really,get,most of our quality time spent together,we'll have a nanny and i have already,picked her out,and know who it's going to be i hope,jackson does not live with us but he is,over here,a lot in the life,i ordered new couches and they didn't,match the coffee table so we had to,order a new coffee table,charger charger shoe to be charging us,to charge it 30 bucks,for what this was 6.50 i'll give her 30,dollars though okay give her 30.,who is giving 30 dollars leave it here,i'm done,i don't want it no more,we have to return it,you

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hey popular people it is time for,another best of video today me and Carla,decided to do the best of the one and,only Brittany Matthews the queen of mean,we asked you guys on Twitter what was,your favorite Brittany Matthews moments,and you guys responded you even sentence,and videos which we'll see later on but,let's get started with number 10 the,moment when Brittany finds out saison,marguerite is preggers you stupid you,can't even speak English you're a,fucking retard god it's me Brittany I,know I said I was an atheist I was wrong,so wrong but I am back and I am out,yours do with me what you want,thank you saison thank you so fucking,much this is the best day of my life I'm,going shopping,my favorite Brittany Matthews moment is,when she gets put in replaced by dr.,Greg converse because it shows that the,queen bitch can be out pitched and then,act like a bitch well the problem that,we're experiencing is that article and,suddenly become overrun by the uprising,of hipsters who are making everything,that's supposed to be cool suddenly and,decidedly uncool and that includes us oh,wow you know what I just heard whine,whine whine I'm not whining and I said,oh I'm sorry do you not want to be here,would you rather be at home with a nice,glass of red wine sitting next to your,pet Weimaraner where you guys wind down,your day by catching up on old episodes,of Mad Men created by Matthew whiner,is that what you'd like no no that's,right you're gonna come in this dog,house you're gonna get bit got it,got it number eight is not actually from,one of our MP GIS episodes but actually,a one-off Britney video we did in,response to a viral email that got sent,around the country this video got so,popular is actually featured on Good,Morning America which means we're on,television guys so we're we're basically,famous now so that happened I'll fuckin,confront the next person I hear about,doing something like that and I don't,give a fuck if you SLR me I will fucking,assault you Oh Brittany I know your,email oh good if this email applies to,you in any way meaning if you are a,little asswipe that stands in the,corners at night or if you're a weird,shit that does weird shit during the day,just following messages for you do not,go to tonight's event number seven comes,from us from season three the moment,when Brittany gets fed up and just beats,the shit out of a guy hi I'm here about,the cher squad nobody gives a fuck about,fucking share this is a cheer squad you,asshole Jesus chant your sign you,fucking bitch sorry the fuck did you,just say okay who do we know that would,be a good fit on the cheer squad,Oh Bailey far hoarse that she was,thinking about trying now what about,these developers yeah that actually,might work,my favorite Brittany Matthews moment is,the one that started it all really you,can ask how to see menage-a-trois it's a,fucking punch word you little bitch,Brittany do you have an extra how do you,say hair tie,why do you say how do you say before,words you clearly know how to say so now,I have returned to my locker to retrieve,my algebra 2 how do you say,book god I want a fucking murder you,oh are you suggesting it how you say min,there's yet to her really you're really,asking us a menage-a-trois it's a,fucking French read you little bitch,you think you can bitch me out I have,that queen of bitch you look a bitch in,the dictionary and you're gonna see my,fucking face in a lazy fucking River,well the joke's on you because guess,who's been giving hand jobs to every,fucking member the actress and I,football team and you know what they had,to say about you not a goddamn thing,because no one gives a fuck about you,Taylor you're goddamn sidekick a fucking,punch line of China Berkowitz's fucked,up life hey Mac Mac Taylor who's there,no one that's right,cuz you're gonna die alone I'll let you,fool pier number fours from season 1 the,epic head-to-head battle between,Brittany and Cameron van Buren I'm,Brittany I didn't smell you there how's,your chlamydia circus huh it's fucking,gone but thanks for asking how's your,fucking condom oh it's looking both ways,I heard you fired in biology and it,smelled like your dad's dick here's your,fourth abortion mystery gotta love those,free punch cards you bitch you fucking,cunt you fucking bitch,cunt bitch cunt bitch just stand here,and watch while this goes on I'm pretty,much try to it through bitch oh fuck off,go fuck yourself,hey I like your dress Thanks kids are,ass,I'm definitely check that place out,thank you everyone who voted and sent in,videos but this next one is gonna be,brought to you by someone very special,who also wanted their vote heard guys,I'm at home taking care of my baby but,in the meantime before I get back to,work,my personal favorite clip next one up is,Brittany yelling at her mom to get the,chair nationals I know Mom I don't know,how much a plane ticket to Daytona Beach,costs well just buy it for me,no not sucking coach what am I an unwed,mother hey Brit boo-boo Oh m

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Parent Teacher Conference | MPGIS S3 | Episode 20

Parent Teacher Conference | MPGIS S3 | Episode 20

Previously on The Most Popular Girls in School,We need a plan to fuck with the hipsters!,Light their cars on fire!,What would you do if Jenna lit your car on fire?,I'd punch her in the face.,She'll just report us into the school and we'll all have one of those four hour parent,teacher conference things.,I think it's time they learn who they're messing with.,What the fuck?,That's it!,I don't know Mom, they won't tell me what it's about. I'm supposed to have a parent,,and we're supposed to have a meeting, and that's all I know. What? Yes, I do think it's,probably about the fact that my fucking car got blown up Mom! You know that you were supposed,to be here in five fucking minutes, right! I don't want to be the only kid here whose,Mom was just too busy to show up to the goddamn Parent-Teacher Conference-,Brittnay?,What?!,I'm here.,Well Jesus Mom, why are you letting me waste my goddamn minutes?! Come on.,Look, Frank, it's very simple, all you need to do is get the paperwork together by Friday,,get Bruce to sign them, then I can just roll them up and shove them up your ass, you fucking,helpless piece of dogshit! Stop making me hold your hand on this deal, Frank, we're,not in junior high and you're not going to finger me at the lunch tables!,Mom...Mom...Momma!,Mackenzie, can't you see Mommy's on an important business call?,Yes, Mom, but we're here. We need to go inside.,What's this meeting about again? Did you and your friends rip another girl's arm off? Sorry,,Frank, I gotta go. I think my daughter's been playing tug of war with her friends' limbs,again...What? That's my fucking daughter, Frank! You keep your fucking jokes to yourself!,Come on, honey, let's go.,What, um, what did he say?,Wow, things have not changed a bit since I went to this school.,Oh yeah Mom, what was it like when you were here?,Ah, best six years of my life. Let's just say, when your mom was in high school, she,really got around!,Oh you mean you had classes all over campus?,Yup! One time I had a third period in the science lab and then I had a fourth period,geometry class in the math building!,Ahhhh!!!,Ahhhh!!! Can you believe that shit?,Wow Mom, you've really lived a life.,Ah Trisha, the stories I could tell you.,Alright, everybody, I'm glad you could all make it. Now, we all know why we're here-,Mr. McNeely, I for one find it offensive and irresponsible that you have called a meeting,simply because my daughter is dating an African American man.,Mrs. Cappelletti, that's not at all why we're here.,Well, I should hope not! Come along, Trisha.,Mrs. Cappelletti, you have to stay.,Oh, okay.,Alright, now, like I was saying, we're here today because-,We're here because your daughter and her gang of street toughs have broken my daughter's,nose!,Well maybe your daughter wouldn't have gotten her nose broken if she hadn't lit my fucking,car on fire!,Now sweetie, there's no need to use that kind of language right now.,Really, Mom? Did your fucking car get lit on fire?!,Honey, your father and I already bought you a new car.,You bought me a Nissan Leaf Mom! A fucking Leaf! Every time I go up a big hill, it sounds,like goddamn Judith Dinsmore in PE class.,You guys go ahead! I'm gonna sit this one out!,A fucking Leaf Mom!,Alright, alright, everybody, it looks like... it's getting hot in herre! But instead of,taking off all of your clothes, how about we introduce ourselves? I'm Mr. McNeely, and,all of the students around here call me Mr. Mack.,No, no we don't.,Nope, nobody does that.,Ok, well, they could start. Moving on!,I suppose I'll go first. Afternoon ladies, my name is Pamela Darabond. I am Jenna's mother,and of course, the wife of our esteemed Senator, Darren Darabond. The senator wishes he could,be here, but as is the case when you're a United States Congressman, duty calls.,Mom. Mom. Mom!,Oh. I'm Mackenzie's mom. What's the wi-fi password in here?,Oh actually, Mrs. Zales we don't have wi-fi here. This is a public school.,A public school where? Pyongyang? Am I right?,Ok! Moving on, Mrs. Matthews?,Good afternoon, everybody. I'm Veronica Matthews and I am the mother of this little princess,right here and frankly, I just can't imagine her having anything to do with this whole,situation. Why I remember when she was three years old, she was still wetting the bed but-,Mom! No!,What? No, honey, this is a good story-,I said no!,No, but this is a funny-,I don't care!,But you were-,I said no! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!,Ooookkkayyy...Mrs. Cappelletti, why don't you introduce yourself?,Hi, everybody, I'm Trish Cappelletti, not to be confused with Trisha Cappelletti. No,relation.,Oh no you didn't!,I'm joking! You guys believed it! Ah, you must feel real dumb! Real dumb. She's my daughter.,We're definitely related.,She came out of my vagina.,Yeah I did!,And lastly, uh, Shay, where are your parents?,Oh, well, um, um, my mom couldn't make it.,Ha!,She had a big business meeting.,Squeezits!,Ok, well, I suppose we're all here, then. Why don't we-,I hope I'

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She RUINED His NFL Career

She RUINED His NFL Career

well congrats to the cincinnati bengals,and congrats to the united states of,america because they have knocked out,the kansas city chiefs just yesterday,and the twitter world and i suppose the,world in general is pretty ecstatic,about it you might be questioning why,there are so many kansas city chief,haters out in the world and it doesn't,really have to do with many of the,players on the team although maybe,someone like tyreek hill maybe some,people aren't super fans of but,rather it has to do with patrick mahomes,family if you weren't aware his fiance,britney matthews and his younger brother,jackson are essentially the peanut,gallery of the kansas city chiefs when,the chiefs win they act extremely,annoying the younger brother is involved,in a lot of random tick tock dances that,are very out of place and to be quite,honest pretty annoying for some of it of,his age,and his fiance is not much better just,last week when they won she wisely,decided to pop open a bottle of,champagne and spray the entire crowd,below her in freezing cold weather if,you don't believe me check this out,so yeah that's not exactly the best look,that you want i mean i don't know if i'm,patrick mahomes i don't know how i'm,dealing with that you know congrats to,this man for not only being amazing,quarterback but having amazing willpower,imagine becoming one of the best in your,entire field at such a young age just to,come home and deal with your brother and,your wife just essentially acting a fool,i'm not sure if mahomes himself knows,this but a lot of people are just,turning on him and really rooting for,joey b joey burroughs uh in like the,blink of an eye mainly because of his,family if i'm him i don't know how i,feel about this i'm feeling some type of,way i don't know if i'm talking about,her or whatever but it just goes to show,like the true character of a person it's,easy to be a sore winner and act like,you're you know the biggest fan on earth,when you're winning but when your team's,losing are you really gonna still act,the same way i'm really hoping that this,time next year if the chiefs are still,you know making it this far into the,playoffs or even the super bowl that,their shenanigans are pretty much put to,rest i'm not saying you can't do tick,tocks i'm not saying you can't celebrate,but the way you do things shouldn't be,described as entitled and super annoying,and it's not just me there's a lot of,people like i said pretty much in the us,a majority of people have become,overnight bengals fans simply because,they do not want to see these two people,back on the field i feel like a lot of,people would not watch the super bowl or,would supremely hate the super bowl if,the cameras ended up showing mahomes,wife or his younger brother now i,personally don't mind mahomes i think,he's honestly a fine guy i think he's a,great quarterback but his family i mean,like i'm on board with the us here man i,just i can't get on board with that,britney matthews his fiance has also,been involved in like another not,scandal but she has decided to form this,anti-bullying group which is basically,spreading her name team brittany i just,you can't make this stuff up people you,really can't i'm pretty sure there's,going to be more updates on that so i'm,not going to cover that part of the,story too much but i wanted to showcase,basically why britney matthews is so,hated in the nfl and i guess in the,twitter world as well if you enjoyed,this video go ahead leave a like,subscribe if you're new and definitely,leave comments in the comment section,down below what you think about mahomes,his family and uh are you a fan of them,or not also also let me know who you got,in the super bowl this year i'm,definitely curious to know and i'll see,you in the next one thanks for watching,peace

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