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You're Blind If You Don't Question Brett McMurphy's Motivationso on Friday the latest on the Ohio,St

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Updated on Jan 25,2023

You're Blind If You Don't Question Brett McMurphy's Motivation

so on Friday the latest on the Ohio,State front was they announced that they,expect the that they're gonna finish up,actually today Sunday that they,investigation into Urban Meyer and to,the program is going to be completed an,investigator should have a report of,their findings this upcoming week and so,you would assume that this week would be,the week that we would find out Urban,Meyer's fate whether or not he's fired,or suspended or whatever the punishment,is and so gosh it was so so weird just a,couple hours after that came out Brett,McMurphy post say a column he put,together new findings he is the the,person who quote-unquote broke the story,of the zachsmith Urban Meyer issue and,so Brett McMurphy comes out with the,following this was on watch stadium calm,documents and receipts stadium which is,watch stadium calm has obtained show,zachsmith ordered more than twenty two,hundred dollars in sex toys male apparel,and photography equipment and had the,items delivered him at Ohio State's,Woody Hayes Athletic Center Courtney,Smith and Zack Smith took multiple,photos of is her inside the Ohio State,coaches offices inside the White House,when the Buckeyes visited in 2015 and,also photographed himself in the coaches,offices receiving oral sex and having,sex with an osu staffer but wait there's,more one photo of smith's her taken on,april 20 2015 according to a time stamp,shows smith in his black suit he wore to,the White House event another photo of,Smith's hat includes a White House,bathroom towel featuring the seal of the,President of the United States so I,asked you Brady Quinn you are an expert,on this not the sex toys you are an,expert on this um what does this have to,do with with Urban Meyer's situation at,Ohio State I'm curious I'm just trying,to figure that out,so it doesn't have anything really to do,with it but here's where it could get,here's where it could become involved so,Zack Smith being in the Ohio State,facility hooking up with a co-worker,right who was later on fired there could,be some sort of you know issue there as,far as you know I'm not even sure in,regards to like how L would affect HR,within Ohio State but it could be a,wrongful determination or a termination,if that was the case because if they,found out about it and they were,protecting Zach because he hooked up,with this young woman they're gonna want,to investigate that and figure that out,in regards to the sex toys in the,pictures that's just to try to make him,look like an already worse guy which is,tough to do right now based on all the,information that Bret McMurphy has I,guess and this always goes back to what,I said initially if you're a reporter,your job is to be objective even if,things are as one-sided as they seem you,still have to paint the entire picture,for people that's where he hasn't done,that,he hasn't at all and at no point has he,come back with a counterpoint to his own,argument or his own discussion within,everything he's reported and and so I'm,not again I'm not defending Zach Smith,he should probably go to jail for some,of the stuff that he's done if it all is,true and that's to be found out in a,court of law,but he what he's doing is taking one,side of it and reporting it in a very,twisted calculated way which makes me,think he's got a motive there's,something else going on with all of this,with Bret McMurphy and I know some of,its clickbait some of its to to get him,recognition because look he was he was,let go from ESPN he's been unemployed,just recently got hired by watch which,no one even knows what you know what,that is in regards to their reporting so,he's trying to make a name for them,right now I just don't know if this is,the best way of going about doing it and,the worst thing of all Jonas is think,about the stuff he's bringing out where,little kids are gonna find out about all,stuff like marry Zach Smith he doesn't,need to do it and I don't know why he,feels like it's necessary to bring all,this out even even the affair,with the staffer you could just talk,about that and not talk about or show or,display everything else and there is,some question from Zach Smith's attorney,whether or not he what he found and what,he was able to put out there publicly,was found in a legal manner if it's not,he could be subject to a potential,felony I mean and look well the picture,of him you can tell because it's his,black suit well it could be worse could,be Crocs shut out Brett farm but forget,all that stuff that's all that's all,neither here nor there just the cross,yeah but here's here's the part that,that I find funny so you ask people okay,so what does this have to do with with,what we're talking about and whether,urbanite meyer should be fired well,Urban Meyer should know what's going on,with his assistants oh so Urban Meyer,should carry a box cutter knife on him,and go through the mail to find out,which one of his assistant coaches is,getting a ball gag sent to him that okay,so that's what we're talking abou

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Brett McMurphy Breaks Down the Trevon Grimes Situation With Zach Smith, OSU | Stadium

Brett McMurphy Breaks Down the Trevon Grimes Situation With Zach Smith, OSU | Stadium

let's start here Brett what led to,Trayvon grunts transferring from Ohio,State to Florida,well according to Trayvon's father,LeBron Grimes and a close friend of the,family Dennis Allen Trayvon Grimes left,Ohio State because he got into a,practice altercation with former,assistant coach Zack Smith in this,altercation during practice Zack Smith,allegedly used the n-word to Trayvon,because of that Trayvon left Ohio State,he called his father in tears he said I,need to get out of here he told his dad,if you didn't fly up here immediately,this is last September that I would,leave tomorrow,LeBron Grimes changed his flight to fly,from Fort Lauderdale to go up to,Columbus and left the next day,he then met with Dennis Allen a longtime,friend of the family's Trayvon and,jaylen Harris who was Trayvon Grymes,roommate at Ohio State during that,meeting Trayvon expressed everything,that had happened at Ohio State he,needed to get out of there then later,that week Trayvon Grimes left Ohio State,and he returned home to Florida in,October 1st of 2017 all right in your,report here you talk about how you had a,chance to ask Trayvon about the practice,altercation once he had moved on to,Florida and his comment to you was I,have no comment on that what did the,others you spoke with who knew about,this situation had to say about this,right I gave Trayvon the opportunity I,went up to Gainesville and talked to him,and he said I have no comment on that,he didn't confirm it he did not deny it,however I had three of his Florida,teammates that have been told directly,by Trayvon that the practice altercation,happened in the alleged racist racial,slur,by Zach Smith was used also the meeting,between LeBron Grimes Dennis Al and,jaylen Harris they all heard Grimes,explain what happened jaylen Harris his,roommate confirmed to both LeBron Grimes,and Dennis Allen that yes this all,happened Trayvon told me this all,happened so oh hi Oh state I will say,they did,that there was any physical altercation,between Zack Smith and Trayvon Grimes,they were they deny that there was any,racial racially charged language used,according to their investigation they,have found no evidence but Trayvon,Grimes tells the different stories a,different story at least according to,his father and close friend Dennis Allen,I know you see on the screen a statement,from Ohio State athletic director Jean,Smith on the alleged incident there,involving Zack Smith and Trayvon Grimes,you also report that a few days after,Trayvon left Ohio State and returned to,Florida Urban Meyer Zack Smith and,several others boarded a plane and they,flew from Columbus to Fort Lauderdale on,October 9th 2017 what was the purpose of,that meeting well again it depends on,whom you ask,Ohio State officials say that they went,down there in support of Trayvon Grimes,and his mother Lea who had some health,issues Jean Smith said that an Ohio,State spokesman said that on behalf of,Urban Meyer,however LeBron Grimes says they went,down there because they wanted to keep,Trayvon quiet they didn't want this they,didn't want the information the news,about the practice altercation and the,racial slur to get out because Trayvon,was from Saint Thomas Aquinas in Fort,Lauderdale that is simply the best high,school as far as producing not only,Division one talent but NFL talent they,currently have 16 players in the NFL,that's double than any other high school,in the country,so the according to LeBron the reason,they went down there was to keep him,quiet and they didn't want this to get,out the other interesting thing about,this trip here as I mentioned October,9th 2017 as you detail in your report,this trip took place during a game week,and they had a bye week the Buckeyes had,a bye week the following week so isn't,that a bit unusual for a head coach and,to take at least one assistant and in it,it appears maybe some players along with,him and spend an entire day away from,game prep yeah yes it is Michael and,Ohio State said that was an off day,for the players I have reached out in,the past few days to several other,Division one coaches and asked them,specifically not not regarding this case,because they don't know anything about,this case but I said how unusual would,it be for a situation where if you had a,player that was that it was transferring,and had a sick family member and you had,an off week the following week how are,you unusual would it be for you to go,down on the monday five days before a,conference road game they played it in,nebraska five days later and totally,disrupt your practice schedule your your,game or your game preparation at least,to go down and visit someone when you,had an off week the next week then every,single coates I talked to said yeah that,that would seem weird if it's not even,if it's not a somebody that's on their,deathbed or life-threatening situation,certainly it could wait seven days and,again that that coincides with what,LeBron said is they had to get down,there immediately to

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The Future of College football Will Only Have 4 Power Conferences | Realignment | Brett McMurphy

The Future of College football Will Only Have 4 Power Conferences | Realignment | Brett McMurphy

college football columnist,brett mcmurphy action network hq,on twitter at brett underscore mcmurphy,joins us sick of 365 radio 365 sports,with yeah there's a clock,which nice segway there the pac-12,uh could be on the clock as far as uh,their uh how much longer they're going,to be around if,not if but when the big ten grab some,schools and then i think the big 12,comes in and grabs some schools and yeah,i mean i'm joking about that but uh,making fun of the pac-12 but,i think that's very likely i hate that,part of conference realignment but you,know what the acc rated the big east,and the big east football crumbled too,so it's just kind of how things work in,college football these days brett given,everything that's kind of gone on the,last couple weeks you hear a lot of,things about you know some people think,that pac-12 will try to expand um some,people think that it might just stay,where it is but given the fact that the,big ten has given no indication that uh,they you know or every indication that,they would love to expand again and,there are teams that certainly make a,lot of sense for them to do that with,what is a way forward that doesn't,include the pac-12,collapsing to you,the only way forward is that the big ten,does not expand anymore that's the only,way forward because if the big 10 takes,three or four teams from the pac-12,then you're left with,you know six or seventeen,so,even if the pac-12 right now would,expand who are you going to add you can,tell me you can list,whatever mountain west schools you want,you know nothing against smu you can,have smu it doesn't matter if those you,can have those teams and then the big,town still comes calling,oregon washington stanford and cal are,gone,and so then what happens well,you know you know this by now everyone,does arizona schools leave the,utah and colorado they all come to the,big 12. so i think the only way that,pac-12 survives is that the big ten,there's a complete 180,which everything i've been told in the,past two months you know kevin warren,did an interview with hbo sports that,aired last night he was asked,specifically do you foresee your,conference going to 20 schools he didn't,say maybe he didn't say we'll see he,said yes,now will that happen next week next,month next year i don't know but i think,it makes the most sense that if you're,adding usc and ucla in 2024 you bring in,your other new members the same year,because that sets up time wise for the,pac-12 to get out under the current,grant of rights and not have to worry,about signing a new grant of rights that,would extend beyond 2024.,brett you had the report about oregon,and some preliminary discussions with,the big ten to kind of just you know see,how much sense everything makes um is,that you don't i feel like going on,probably at multiple places is this,unique to oregon in any way and how much,are some of the the big power brokers i,guess in this case with oregon most,people point to phil knight how much are,they starting to kind of see the future,and the lack of clarity and making moves,or wanting to make moves as much as,let's say school presidents do,well the thing is it's it's funny you,know well i guess that's kind of how,twitter is nowadays you report something,and then everyone comes out and says no,that's not that's not,so i'm used to that but here's the deal,yes,schools call the big 10 schools call the,sec all the time but that doesn't mean,that they're having discussion it's,one-sided this is both sides morgan had,representatives in chicago meeting with,representatives at the big ten and,basically these are lawyer types they're,going over all the fine details they're,trying to figure out you know money-wise,they are,and i'm sorry this is a play on words,making sure all their ducks are in a row,and this is the first step of the,process,to have oregon go to the big tent the,same thing happened with our texas with,the sec the same thing happened with usc,and to some extent with ucla in the big,ten the only difference is that those,meetings never got out publicly or were,reported,um because those things kind of came out,of nowhere especially ufc ucla,it happened before the moment so that's,that's why i reported it that it is,significant,and again you know oregon it's not,oregon's not the only school they're,going to take but they're they're at the,top of the list well notre dame at the,top of everybody's lift and oregon's,next they want to get that figured out,and then we'll move down,down the totem pole to washington,stanford and count,if in fact and it appears it's based on,what you're saying and what was,discussed is that they're going to add,somebody from the pac-12 whoever it,might be,do you feel like any of those teams if,they don't go to the big ten not,stanford because they don't want to be a,part of the big 12 will oregon or,washington ever look around and realize,that maybe that is their only option,is the big 12 in yes uh if if yeah well,i guess if you're saying that

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Brett McMurphy BREAKS DOWN Conference Realignment + Big 12's FUTURE

Brett McMurphy BREAKS DOWN Conference Realignment + Big 12's FUTURE

will the big 12 be able to poach the,pac-12 we ask brett mcmurphy one of,college football's best reporters next,you are listening to kc sports network,the number one podcast network for,today's kansas city sports fans with,former players from your favorite teams,informed perspectives and former,insiders this is the place for you you,can find us wherever you listen to,podcasts or on our youtube channel all,over social media or our morning,newsletter kcsn daily dedicated to your,kansas city chiefs kc sports network is,proudly presented by m prize bank your,partner impossible,all right welcome into another edition,of the fremont podcast i am john kurtz,we have two of the members of three mod,pod with you here today know derek young,today uh but i do have cole man beck,alongside with me former k-state beat,writer for the manhattan mercury and uh,today we have a very special guest is,brett mcmurphy college football insider,with the action network you know him,from a long career throughout the world,of college football a former espn,college football reporter and uh,somebody that's definitely had his,finger on the pulse of conference,realignment did some great reporting,here recently about the schools that the,big ten,is still interested in if they decide to,pursue expansion and so brett welcome to,the podcast we appreciate you uh,stopping by here let me start you with,this you were heavily involved in,conference realignment last time around,the last major wave in 2010 to 2012 that,era,how does this era of conference,realignment going back to last july when,texas and oklahoma left compared to uh,to what it was like back 10 years ago in,terms of craziness rumors etc everything,that comes along with realignment,uh you know i think uh more recently,that a lot of these,movements,are more for survival um specifically,what may happen with the big 12 and the,pac-12,you know certainly,oklahoma and texas going,to the sec usc and ucla,going to the big tent those are,obviously you know,some of the bell cows of college,football,some of the biggest brands around and,so it makes sense why they made those,moves kind of corresponding moves though,um you know specifically the big 12 when,they you know the next year they'll add,the three teams from the american and,byu,it wasn't that long ago you mentioned,that the last round of realignment when,the big 12 had the opportunity to take,all those schools and they had no,interest in them well so what's changed,well you lose ou in texas,and,maybe your standards drop a little bit,you also go out and try to get,uh,you obviously want the best markets you,want the most eyeballs that generate the,most revenue for your meteorites,but i think also,conferences now look at what's the best,football programs that we can get out,there to bring into our conference,going back even a little bit further,when the acc,made their last,realignment moves it came down to,louisville and kentuc excuse me,louisville and connecticut,and you know you can,break it down any way you want the,bottom line is louisville got in because,they were a better football program than,they still are now,and so that's kind of what's changed it,and also these things,you know they used to play out over,several weeks even several months and,now it's,you know mac brown it was the acc media,days he said he was on the golf course,when uh he started getting texts hearing,about usc and ucla and he said by the,time he got off the course it was,already official so,these things move a lot faster than they,have in uh,back in the good old days i guess well i,know a lot of the focus now brett is on,the big ten notre dame obviously feels,like a linchpin here and what's gonna,happen next but as far as we're,concerned here in big 12 country there,has been a lot of infighting between the,big 12 and the pac-12 um certainly on,twitter you know however much you you,value that but i think the the,arguments if you want to call them that,the way this is framed up right now go,like this i mean those that are,reporting in pac-12 country right now,would say,well the pac-12 has,bigger and better brands obviously with,oregon and washington still around they,have the advantage of the pac-12 after,dark time slot which is really valuable,for tv purposes,uh it is clearly in a better position,than the big 12 meanwhile the big 12,would say well we don't we have more,stability right now how are you going to,get oregon and washington to sign a,grant of rights and will that cause,instability within the conference that,would lead to a fracture and say in,arizona,starting to lead a charge of coming to,the big 12 if ultimately those tv,contracts are similar to somebody that's,outside of it because i feel like i've,been living in that world for a long,time how do you view the positions of,the big 12 and the pac-12 right now and,who would you give an upper survival,edge to so to speak,yeah i mean you did a nice job sum it up,i mean basically if you look at,you know,so you

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Forget the Power 5, it's the Big 2 and everybody else - Brett McMurphy | The Paul Finebaum Show

Forget the Power 5, it's the Big 2 and everybody else - Brett McMurphy | The Paul Finebaum Show

well the good old days of expansion,taking several uh months or even years,to to happen is gone we're everything's,instant today and certainly uh,usc and ucla um i heard you you talking,about comparing this to oh you in texas,i agree with you this is this is much,larger than ou in texas this is,um you're going cross country you're,getting the la market,um it's certainly not that there was any,doubt paul but now it's it's so obvious,there's a big two and everybody else,forget the power five it's the big two,and everybody else,and now everybody's scrambling to get in,that big two and,um multiple sources i talked to,yesterday said look the big ten's not,going to stop at 16.,and other people i talked to said if you,think the sec is just going to stand pat,while the big 10 makes all these moves,you're sadly mistaken so,it'll be fascinating to see where this,leaves but,but i remember in destin at the sec,spring meetings when i when i talked to,you there,i talked to one source and at that time,there was thoughts that the sec would,have a playoff,sec only playoff and i said well if you,guys kind of expand and have your own,playoff,it almost kind of be like the nfl versus,the afl uh the old days and this person,said you're wrong i go what do you mean,and,they said it would be the nfl versus,the usfl,so i reminded that person at that quote,yesterday,and then they said okay well,us in the big ten or the nfl and,everybody else is the xfl so,um you know this is huge for the future,of college athletics and you know where,it where it ends up nobody knows,brad let's let's just let's try to look,at what's realistic out there and,we know we know what happened yesterday,let me start with oregon and washington,i'll work my way across the country,because,there are a lot there's there's,conflicting stories out there that they,want out uh there's a story out today,that says big ten says hold on a second,and we have other uh fish to fry what's,your take on those two right now,well certainly,they are two of the biggest brands that,are out there that are not currently in,the big ten,or sec,and so that that would be a possibility,again in the past you would think no way,there's a conference you know east of,the rocky mountains is not going to add,oregon or washington but the big 10 show,that's that anything's possible so does,the big ten try to now get,um,you know two more teams out west to help,usc and ucla with travel and all those,logistical matters,i think it's a possibility and the fact,that they say they want to stay in the,pac-12 of course they do everyone's,going to say that until they leave the,next day,um you know and make no mistake you know,it's obvious but usc ucla left because,they're going to make,at least double maybe triple what they,would have in meteorites deals by going,to the big ten so i know you know no,offense to the action network but if,somebody came to me and said we're going,to triple your salary,you know would you listen to us i'd say,yeah absolutely and that's what these,schools are doing because they know,what's on the horizon with nil pay for,play with players and they've got to go,where they can make the most money okay,let's move across the country uh and i,think this this is where the dominoes,start to fall give us the lay of the,land on notre dame right now,multiple people i talked to,again this is nothing i report i'll tell,you what i'm hearing it's not that i,would report it it's back,but they they strongly strongly believe,notre dame will will end up in the big,tent,and it's basically you know everything,that that made notre dame attract for,notre dame as an independent is slowly,falling away its own network deal more,money than the conferences,access to the playoffs,those things we don't know what's going,to happen with the playoff but those,things are slowly falling away,and if if the big ten could get notre,dame that would obviously be huge,for that conference they've wanted notre,dame for a long time the biggest unknown,is and i've various people have given me,different answers is what exactly is the,buyout with the acc we know the grant of,rights goes through 2036,but notre dame's only a member,in every you know in the non-football,sport so how much does that grant a,rights really impact notre dame,um,and then what would they pay to leave as,a,quasi football member even though,they're not a football member,i would guess that whatever they're,going to pay to leave because they are,not a full member they would make that,up in one or two years in the big ten so,is that a consideration i know long time,um supporters of notre dame people that,have been there forever say they will,you know i would joke that the world,will end first before notre dame joins a,conference well,i may have to revisit that prediction,because i,i tend to side with those people and i,think notre dame will join a conference,um would be you know you know the sec as,well as anyone paul does the sec make a,run at notre dame u

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Brett McMurphy Interview: Why the College Football Playoff Isn't Expanding & What It Means for CFB

Brett McMurphy Interview: Why the College Football Playoff Isn't Expanding & What It Means for CFB

it is our pleasure to be joined by a man,that is the college football insider for,the action network he also happens to be,an oklahoma state alum but that's fine,it's fine he is brett mcmurphy brett,what's going on man,my sister's an ou grad so if,we can continue the conversation by,giving that info i'd love it,that is perfect,yeah that's that's important information,that we definitely needed to know okay,i y you've been you've been following,this for a long time but,after lots and lots of meetings between,the leaders in college football,the college football playoff is not,expanding or at least not expanding,until 2026 i guess my question to start,things off brett is,why not,um,let's see,11,responsible adults,could not come to a conclusion,that all 11 responsible adults,believe is the right thing to do and,that is expand the playoffs,and there are various reasons for that,part of that is because the sec,expanding part of that is you have new,commissioners,but it basically boils down to,you know,they have become divided the 11,folks i'm talking about the 10,commissioners plus notre dame 80 jack,swarbrick,in the past when there were,disagreements between the commissioners,going back when jim delaney and mike,sliver were ahead of the big ten in the,sec they would work things out you know,everybody wouldn't get what they wanted,but ultimately they would come to a,conclusion,that would be for the most part in the,best interest of college football we're,at a point now,where everybody,and i understand why they're doing,what's best for their conference,if you're commissioner the mac you're,doing what's best for the mac if you're,a commissioner of the sec or the big 12,you're doing what's best for those,conferences that's what you're supposed,to do that's what the president hired,you to do,however regarding the college football,playoff,i'd say that i don't know 90 95 maybe,that's low,people involved,in college athletics believe the,playoffs should be expanded we can,debate whether it should be eight twelve,heck michael each one 64 teams maybe one,day,with that being said,they can't come to an agreement on how,to do that and now we have to wait,another four years,with this 14 playoffs to finish out and,then there's no guarantee they're going,to come to an agreement,when that contract expires on what the,new playoff would look would look like,so i may have went a little bit longer,than you wanted but it's,to make it,as simple as possible they,11 very,smart people cannot come to an agreement,on something that everybody agrees needs,to happen,and,as a college football fan as a reporter,it sucks,and that's i could use a lot of other,words but we'll keep this family friend,friendly but it sucks and it's it's a,joke it's a disgrace that this has,happened but hey that's college football,uh the one thing i've wanted to know,throughout this is,you know what is,what are the network's role in the,expansion talk because obviously,you know espn has has total control over,under the current,um under the current contract now,if they play this contract all the way,out,and bring it up to to bid i mean you,know there's been talk about some other,networks wanting to be able to get in,and and be a part of it if it does,expand and be able to broadcast some of,those games do you have you heard if,espn is okay with that or are they,pressuring to get this thing done and,expanded to where they'll still have,exclusive rights how has that whole,thing been working out,yeah i don't think the the issue is they,they haven't even got to that point yet,that's what's i think so frustrating,for everyone that wants this to happen,is you know look if you,if you read it there's a 12-year,contract we have four years left of a 14,playoff if you decide before this 12,team play excuse me the 12-year contract,is up,that you want to,extend it renew it tweak it change it,then you have to have an 11 and a 11-0,unanimous,um vote by everyone involved to do that,so and then part of that is espn then,would be able to have i guess,exclusive negotiating rights on whatever,that new format is if you want to run,the new deal out twelve more years two,years six years whatever,however ralph russo of ap and other,reporters have mentioned,that if they did decide to do that which,obviously they have,they they shut the door on that that,espn would be open to letting multiple,networks bid,be part of the bidding process if a,playoff started before this current,12-year deal was up,so yeah they haven't even got to that,point and the other frustrating thing is,the,many consultants that work for the,different conferences have estimated,that a 12-team playoff would bring in an,additional,450 million dollars in additional,revenue,that's the difference financially,between a 14 playoff and a 12 team,playoff,and for once,which is shocking in college football,money,did not matter money did not run the day,rule the day because if so you would,have thought they would have got,something done

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Brett McMurphy Discusses His Reporting and the Future of Ohio State Football | Stadium

Brett McMurphy Discusses His Reporting and the Future of Ohio State Football | Stadium

for more on the development stemming,from all of his reporting we bring in,now the man who has really broken this,entire story from start to finish,college football reporter Bret McMurphy,Fred thanks for joining us it's great to,have you on I want to start with the,beginning with that 2009 report which,was the first part of the story,that you broke when you started and he,started to find out about this and you,decided to publish where did you think,the story might end up did you have any,idea that it could get to this point I,had no way of expecting it to get to,this matter when I initially looked into,it it was because I had received a tip,that there was some domestic violence,issues in Zach's Mis past dating back to,his days at the University of Florida so,I looked into that I did a public,records request I was then given the,arrest report from Gainesville I didn't,notice that nobody had ever reported,that at the University of Florida that,covered that school then I found out,about the protection order that was,granted against Zach Smith in Courtney,Smith's favor three days before the,start of Big Ten media days so at that,point that's all I knew I reported that,story then I reported the 2015 incident,later Monday an hour after I reported,that Zach Smith was fired and then,Tuesday of course at Big Ten media days,Urban says he has no knowledge of the,report actually says who would create,such a story well I would create that,story and then the PAL Police reported,what I'd reported later Tuesday fast,forward I had the chance to talk to,Courtney and get all the information the,T has documents tech text messages,photos emails etc and then now here we,are when it looks like that Urban Meyer,has coached his last game at Ohio State,and I really believe this if Urban Meyer,would have answered the question,differently Tuesday at Big Ten media,days,about his knowledge of 2015 as in Zach,was never convicted you know I take,responsibility for keeping them on staff,domestic violence is important we will,do better in that in that area he could,have said a million things he said the,one thing that ended up costing him his,job,and that is I have no knowledge of 2015,yeah that was gonna be my next question,is if he had not explicitly denied that,where do you think that we would be now,now another thing that I want to ask you,about in terms of what if is you know,there were these recent updates in his,contract,if those hadn't come in with the,responsibility to report and the the,title nine clauses that got inserted in,his most recent contract do you think he,would have been placed on administrative,leave,if those clauses weren't interested into,his most recent contract,you know Kristin I don't think that had,that impact to the administrative leave,I think they did that because basically,they're looking at it as we may have to,have a interim coach this year and we,need to get him with the team,immediately so let's put urban on,administrative leave while our lawyers,look at this and decide what we're going,to do the flip side is if they let him,continue coaching the team and then,whenever their investigation ends,whether it's tomorrow next week next,month then at that point you have to,remove your coats from the team it would,impact the season a lot more it's easier,to have an interim coach take the reins,now and have urban rejoin the team as,opposed to vice-versa I don't think it,impacted that decision on administrative,leave however you bring up a great point,and obviously if he with the clauses in,his contract it specifies if he knows of,any domestic violence allegations again,it doesn't have to be an arrest it,doesn't have to be a conviction if he,knows of any allegations he's required,in the in the clause in his contract to,report it to his superior and if he did,it doesn't it's a fireable offense which,means he's fired with cos and doesn't,get paid off I think ultimately what,happens is they will reach some type of,settlement because what Urban Meyer is,meant to that team and that program and,I think they may I don't know how,they'll phrase it as far as fired,dismissed walked away resigned but I,don't think he'll coach again it's just,technically how are they going to what's,the terminology going to be when Ohio,State reaches that decision I do want to,ask you I certainly want to ask you more,about that and where Ohio State goes,from here but I want to ask you one,thing that really,to me was the vetting process for you,you know when we conducted the interview,with Courtney we had our own way of,trying to verify what she was saying but,for you I imagine through each of these,reports every line that you wrote you,had to double and triple check and call,for comment what was this whole vetting,process like as you've released each of,these reports,I mean basically since I was reporting,it on my own you know if I had to make,sure everything was rock-solid you know,there to my closest friends I confide it,in and had them look

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what's up Sports Wars it's Jeremy coming,to you with another video and today wow,this Zach Smith story kit keeps getting,crazier and crazier by the day and for,the record I at this particular moment,in time based on the information we have,I think Urban Meyer's should keep his,job and I think he will keep his job but,I definitely think he should simply for,the fact of urban college football's,better with Urban Meyer and I don't,think Urban Meyer was could directly,involved but he could have been he could,have been but as someone that's not a,fan of Urban Meyer or Ohio State I still,think the guy should keep his job but,we'll see there's a lot going on and,there may be information that I don't,even know about at this particular,moment in time but holy crap this story,is insane like this is crazy so I'm,gonna read the headline for you this is,on USA Today former Ohio State assistant,Zach Smith's that sit lewd photo from,the White House fire to Ohio State,assistant football coach Zach Smith sent,a picture of his penis from a White,House bathroom among other locales and,hath more than $2,000 worth of erotic,toys apparel photo equipment sent to his,office at the school in 2015 according,to a published report Friday night,my goodness Stadium reported that Smith,citing photos it had obtained sent a,photo from April 20th 2015 the same date,of Ohio State's White House visit after,winning the 2014 national title where,his penis could be seen alongside a tile,said seal of the President of the United,States Cory Smith the ex-wife of Zach,Smith also told state him that she that,he took multiple photos of his penis,Insecta Ohio State coach's office and he,photographed himself in the coach's,office receiving oral sex,having sex with an osu staffer holy crap,man she's like what the hell this story,gets crazier and crazier whoo my,goodness um I uh what do you say to that,what do you say to that I mean if you go,back and look at all the stuff I mean I,truly believe at this particular point,in time with all the information that,we've received from what has happened,with Zach Smith since he was an,assistant at Florida under Urban Meyer,so many things there's clearly Urban,Meyer was aware of these I don't it's,almost a fact at this point Urban Meyer,knew about a lot of this stuff I'm not,saying he knew specifically about dude,taking a picture of his junk at the,White House but Urban Meyer had to know,about a lot of these things the domestic,violence the assaults the accusations,all of this he had to know about it um,now again I don't know all of the rules,and regulations in terms of him having,to report specific instances but I think,that he has to report a lot of these,things to the NCAA so he may he may end,up losing his job I I don't I think,they're gonna try to find a workaround I,mean look outside of Saban Urban Meyer's,the most powerful coach in college,football and Ohio State might be I'd,have to look at recent you know,information and data but Ohio State is,among if not like I think Texas is,probably the most valuable University,but Ohio State is right there I think,Alabama is like third or fourth I think,Ohio State might be second I mean I,always state is a a memo stalking like,Dallas Cowboys level I put Texas,Longhorns there's like the Dallas,Cowboys level but then Ohio State is,like Pittsburgh Steelers or something,you know what I mean it's a mega,University in Ohio and Urban Meyer is a,mega Coach it's gonna take a lot for,this guy to fall and this might be,enough I don't want him to go I hope he,stays at Ohio State I think college,football is better with this guy but if,he did things,and he's found guilty of actually,knowing about sexual assault and not,reporting it and leaving this guy on,staff that's that's the Nazi fireable,offense it makes you question like what,does Exmouth have on Urban Meyer if this,is all true and Urban Meyer was aware of,all of this what does X myth have on him,it seems like he's probably got to have,something on him because his ex-miss not,like a great coach,he's just an assistant coach I think he,was a wide receiver coach it's not like,this guy is a commodity at the,university he's not a very well he like,he's a fine coach I guess but he's,nothing great and for Urban Meyer to put,up with all of this all of this and put,in his his career his all-time great,career on the line while this guy is,doing all this stuff something's not,adding up right there so again I hope he,stays I hope every Meyer doesn't get,fired but maybe maybe as more,information comes out maybe this is,gonna be enough to take him down let's,hope not at least for me for me as a fan,of college football and as a person that,respects the hell out of Urban Meyer as,a football coach we'll see you guys have,a great date that's more information,comes out we will talk about it whoo,have a great day

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