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Interesting Wrestling Tweet From Bray Wyatt aka Windham6 | WWE News & Discussionhey guys welcome to

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Interesting Wrestling Tweet From Bray Wyatt aka Windham6 | WWE News & Discussion

hey guys welcome to wrestling days and,welcome to this very special video this,is a conversation discussion video we've,been doing more of these on the channel,but um i i found this and i mean this,has just really got me thinking and it,feels like it's the right thing to do,this evening um i think whenever bray,wyndham tweets it's always noteworthy,but there's definitely some stuff in,here that i think is really interesting,that i wanted to kind of discuss with,you guys so first of all i would say the,fact that he is tweeting a bit of a love,letter a reminder if you will about why,he loves wrestling and what wrestling,means to him,i just find that interesting because why,would you do that i mean i feel like you,would do that because you're trying to,reconnect with it it would feel like,maybe there's been a disconnect if,you're having to remind yourself about,something it means that you have somehow,even temporarily stepped away from it,you're having to now remind yourself,about it so that says to me that he,stepped away from wrestling and now he's,reminding himself not about wrestling,but about what wrestling means to him,and so i think that this is really,interesting i think it's really,interesting so i think the fact that,he's sent a tweet out it's not cryptic,he's already said it's not cryptic he's,he's come out and said this isn't,cryptic it is a reminder as to you know,what i love about wrestling what,wrestling means to me so i i kind of i'm,into this,i'm into this i'm really into this,because i looked at it and it made me,think,about,what wrestling means to me and it made,me think about,my relationship with wrestling as well,and i think it's just a moment to,reflect i mean there's so much change,going on in wrestling it's good to think,about what it means to you and you know,what you enjoy about it and he's,actually put it into like a few,paragraphs so we will look at that,because it is really interesting the,other thing that's interesting is,wyndham six he has not signed it bray,wyatt why would he that's his wwe,character um but he's not signed it just,wyndham either he signed it windham six,now that is his twitter handle,his username his twitter name is wyatt,six,but his handle is like windham six,now for me,there's lots of different thoughts as to,what this means i think it means,that he is embodying,six different personas and the six,personas that i think he is embodying i,think,could be the ones on his wikipedia page,because he has actually played six,characters,and and i like the idea that he is now,potentially you know when he left wwe he,will have had offers i'm sure aew came,in for him but i think he knew that he,wanted to go into films,and so i don't know if he was maybe,not done with wrestling but knew that it,was going to be put on hold,and i think that this windham six wyatt,six for me is his way of just being that,vessel,for the six characters that he played,some of these characters won't mean,anything to you because you won't have,seen them they will have happened on,indie scenes or developmental but,they're obviously going to mean stuff to,him and i could be well off on this well,off on this but i've always felt that,wyndham six wyatt six is about him,not about a faction not about a new,wyatt family and there's gonna be six,members i've always felt that it was,about him and as again if you look at,his wikipedia page alex rotunda,axel mulligan bray wyatt,duke rotundo,husky harris and the fiend those are the,six,listed characters on wikipedia or on his,wikipedia page that he has portrayed,throughout his career,so he is the wyndham sixth he is the,wire six he is those,six,characters so i don't know if the y at,six wyndham six,is something that he was cause i believe,he's trademarked it and i don't know if,that's something that he's gonna use for,merch going forward to represent all,these different,characters,or if this is,basically like the pause like this is,where we are that was the end of,everything that's been and so now we're,waiting for the seventh,you know if he was to change this to,wire seven the internet would melt right,because obviously there'd be tons of,theories but my thought would be,we're getting ready for the seventh,character now i just thought it was,really interesting that windham six was,what he signed it i just thought that,was really interesting because clearly,that's not a faction you know there's,not him and five other people sat there,signing this,so that is confirmation to me that he is,windham six he is,wyatt six whatever this refers to it's,him or it's within him so i think it's,really interesting that alone,it was worthy of doing this video,let alone what he actually says which i,also think is really interesting so uh,let's uh have a look at what he says,shall we so on here he says wrestling is,not a love story it's a fairy tale for,masochists a comedy for people who,criticize punchlines it's a fantasy that,most can't understand it's a spectacle,that no one

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so your eyes don't deceive you we did do,a video on this earlier today but,youtube decided to ghost it for,literally no reason so i've been,thinking and i wanted to put out a new,video,that talked about what bray wyatt only,tweeted,but also,a theory,that could show us that bray is heading,back to the wwe we discussed the name,change on twitter as windham has changed,his name to the circle emoji life is a,circle which was the story he was,telling,in wwe so a lot of people already,assuming that could be a sign but for me,it's actually this picture of course he,tweeted out but if you become the,machine you don't have to feel at all,with the hashtag what if and of course,this picture now obviously what if is a,series on disney plus it's marvel,universe reanimated and completely out,there if things were different with this,picture whether it was drawn by bray or,it was concept art by another artist,this is 100 i think inspiration from,that but what story is bray telling with,this because i don't think this is a,character i don't think this is wwe's,replacement for the fiend if bray was to,return,i think it's more,a distraction,bray wyatt has spoke about the machine a,lot before the machine,is,wwe the machine is the thing that,controls everything,and we know that the machine has control,over the fiend it owns the copyright it,owns the intellectual property of the,fiend character now there was a lot of,reports and rumors that the fiend was,gonna be leaving wwe bray was gonna hang,up the mask and debut a new character,maybe an evolved version of the fiend,but when you take a look at this tweet,saying i do think it's true who you,makes a beast of himself gets rid of,most of the pain of being a man,makes me wonder what bray wyatt is,planning he's all these tweets that he,put out there,add up to one thing,him becoming a machine is that a sign of,him,becoming part of wwe,and actually instead of arguing and,actually just falling into place and,doing what the machine wants him to do,that final tweet to be sentient,makes me think again this is a,distraction we're all looking at the,definition of sentient and trying to,apply it to a bray wyatt situation,but what if he just means,to be seen to be heard to be,acknowledged and loved and to do that,the easiest way would be a wrestling,return,is this,a sign of bray wyatt falling back into,the wwe spider web,and,i i i hope so,that would be really really cool to see,bray come back whether it says him or,the fiend or as something new,could be very very fun right now let me,know though your thoughts because it's,an interesting theory in the comments,section down below i do apologize the,other video had to be deleted off the,channel if you didn't miss anything,that's not in this video um it was,simply the fact that youtube ghosted it,so it sent out some notifications to,some people not to other people which,was annoying but then in search results,and stuff it wasn't coming up it didn't,send the link to discord etc youtube,screw tube,make sure you like this one share this,one with your friends so they can find,it and have their say let me know your,thoughts down below subscribe to the,channel if you're new and i'll see you,as always next time,peace

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Every Firefly Fun House episode

Every Firefly Fun House episode

>> >> Did you miss me?,So how I have missed you, but,I knew that we would be back together some day.,I saw it in my dreams.,This is the Firefly Fun House.,>> >> And my name is Bray Wyatt.,>> >> We're gonna have so much fun here.,This is my special place and all my fireflies can feel safe here., And I cannot wait to show you all what I've learned., And I want to introduce,you to some very special friends,that I met along the way.,>> ,>> Yeah, I'm Mercy, the Buzzard.,>> Hi, I'm Abby, the Witch.,>> You are going to love them.,Now, I used to be a very bad man.,>> ,>> Okay, I deserve that.,But trust me, I have been barbarically punished for all my wrong doings.,>> >> And that part of me is dead now.,However, I do keep a reminder so,that not even in my weakest moment will I ever,turn into that pathetic slob loser ever again.,See?,>> ,>> ,Just getting,started,here.,And remember Fireflies, I'll always light the way.,And all you have to do is let me in., I'll see you next week.,>> ,>> As you can see, I love to paint.,Painting is a way for me to express my suppressed feelings.,And when you're expressing yourself,, no one can ever truly hurt you., >> What's up, Bray?,Are you painting over there, dude?,>> Hey, its Rambling Rabbit.,I sure am Rambling Rabbit.,Would you like to see?, Well?,>> Hey, this is no time for games.,>> Yowie wowie.,You better run Rambling Rabbit, Abby the Witch is awake., >> Woah, I'm out of here., >> What did I tell you about,fooling around in the Fun House?,You didn't learn your lesson from last time, did you?,You were a very bad boy.,>> Whoa, take it easy, Abby.,That's all in the past.,Besides, I'm really sorry for what I did.,I mean, all of you forgive me, right?,>> >> Fine,,just keep it down when I'm trying to get my beauty rest.,>> That's Abby the Witch,,she is a bit of a sociopath.,>> >> Hey,,is sociopath like the word of the day or something?,>> You know what Rambling Rabbit, I think you're right.,Sociopath is the word of the day.,Sociopath, S-O-C-I-O-P-A-T-H., Sociopath., >> ,>> Well, I think that's all the time we,have for today.,But remember my Fireflies, as always I'll light the way.,And all you have to do is let me in.,See you.,>> >> Bye, thank you.,>> >> Hello,,and welcome to the Firefly Fun House.,. >> ,>> Now today, It's going to be a really,,really fun day.,Hey, what's going on over there?,>> >> ,>> Hey, Mercy the Buzzard,,what you got there?,>> It's nothing.,>> Come on Hermano, we're all friends here.,Show us what's in the box.,>> Back off man.,I said it was nothing.,>> What are you trying to hide, Mercy?,>> None of your damn business, Abby.,Now go to sleep you old hag.,>> All right, all right, all right.,Everybody calm down.,Let's just see what all the fuss is about Mercy.,Let me see right- >> ,>> Okay, yeah.,>> Yowee wowee,,is this Rambling Rabbit?, What have you done?, >> I despise Rambling Rabbit., He was trying to force me to adhere to his Bohemian worldview and,ideologies, you know what I mean?,>> >> Mercy., >> It's perfectly okay to express yourself,anyway you want to, whether it's painting a painting,, flying a kite, or ribbing Rambling Rabbit to shreds., The point is you can be forgiven.,No matter what, just like I was.,>> >> In fact,,I think you should be rewarded., >> Are you saying what I think you're,saying?,>> I think I am.,Picnic time.,Hey everybody., Now remember, my fireflies, I will always light the way.,And all you have to do is let me in.,Bye.,Hey there, I'm over here.,>> >> No, silly, not there.,Yowie wowie, you found me., >> ,>> And I'm sure glad you did,,because this week, I have a secret.,>> >> Shh.,>> You woke me up for this?,It better be good.,>> Yeah, let's hurry it up.,I got stuff to do.,>> Come on., >> It's almost time for,me to show the world what I've really been working.,But, I can't do it alone, no.,I'm gonna need the help of all my fireflies.,So, who's with me?,>> ,>> That just warms my soul.,But don't worry.,There's still a lot of darkness in this old noggin.,But this time it's different.,This time I learned how to harness it, how to control it., So what do you say?,Do you wanna see my secret?,>> Let me in, let me in.,Little star, how I wonder what you are.,Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky.,Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are., >> Let me in.,>> ,>> Hi, did you enjoy my little secret?,>> Yes. >> ,I know you would.,>> >> I like to call him Finn.,But don't you worry, he's here to protect us.,>> >> The truth is, people say and,do horrible things.,>> Aah.,>> Sometimes I find it hard to find my confidence.,Sometimes I find it hard to be brave.,>> >> Especially when I'm all alone.,But when I do this.,I can be anything that I want to be.,>> What are you talking about?,You just don't wanna be seen how much a sicko you are.,>> I'm not a sicko, Abby.,You know that.,>> What are you, a doctor then?,>> Uh-huh, the diagnosis is in.,Just as I suspected, Abby the witch, you're a bully.,>> Why won't you let me rest.,>> I'll

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Alexa Bliss is in control, not Uncle Howdy: WWE Raw Talk, Jan. 9, 2023

Alexa Bliss is in control, not Uncle Howdy: WWE Raw Talk, Jan. 9, 2023

I'm joined by Alexa Bliss, and Alexa I think we're all,collectively still scratching our heads over what happened earlier on tonight.,You're in the arena.,Uncle Howdy shows up, there's some sort of awkward stare off.,Can you explain what happened?,>> Yeah, Uncle Howdy comes out here and tries to scare me.,It's a nice try, but I embrace my demons, and,I revel in what I am and I am not afraid of him.,My focus is on Bianca in the Raw Women's Championship because I am the one in,control here, not him, me.,>> I am standing by with both Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander, and,I know tonight's Tag Team Turmoil match didn't quite work out the way you wanted.,But I do wanna talk about something else that might peak your interest.,And that's a conversation that took place earlier on tonight between both MVP and,Bobby.,>> Whoa, whoa Byron, I'm sorry to cut you off.,But let me make something very clear.,We're here to talk about Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander, and,only Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander.,So if you don't have a question about what we did tonight, about us reuniting,,about that Tag Team Gauntlet, this interview is over.,>> Very well, how did it feel to be reunited tonight on RAW?,>> It felt great.,Did you hear that crowd out there?,Did you hear them?,They know what me and Sheldon are capable of.,Just gonna take a little time to find that championship sync,,Yyou know what I mean, to coordinate.,>> Coordinate. >> With the gear,,we gotta get our moves back in sync.,>> But we gotta coordinate, say it with us, Byron, say it with us.,>> Coordinate.,>> Coordinate.,You didn't coordinate with that sync.,>> You didn't coordinate.,>> You tried.,>> All right.,>> Well, on that note, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin will attempt to,coordinate and find their championship sync.,>> Austin Theory,,how are you feeling after Bobby Lashley ruined your moment there tonight?,>> How do I feel about a man that was suspended?,>> He's actually not suspended anymore.,I don't know if you heard when you were lying on the floor, but,he's been reinstated.,>> You know what, this all makes sense.,I'm gonna go to the Royal Rumble, I'm gonna win the Royal Rumble and,then I'm gonna go headline WrestleMania.,But first I got a roadblock in the way, and that roadblock is Bobby Lashley.,And Bobby Lashley seems to forget what happened at Survivor Series,,I not only beat him but I beat Seth freaking Rollins as well.,So if Bobby wants to come down to the ring and think, just think for,a second that he's in there with a kid, then he's lost his damn mind, because me,,I am the now and I am the forever, and I am the United States Champion.,I am Mister all day Austin Theory.

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Bray Wyatt changes his name on Twitter and gets cryptic | Top Story

Bray Wyatt changes his name on Twitter and gets cryptic | Top Story

bray wyatt he changes his name on,twitter and gets very cryptic about it,posting circles,drawings sketches what's on his mind who,knows we're gonna jump into that pat,mcafee is in talks with amazon for an,nfl deal roman reigns is still,headlining wrestlemania backlash,vince mcmahon has his own one billion,dollar bill,and more updates on aew's video game,coming for consoles later this year,hopefully fingers crossed we're going to,jump into that and more in today's,edition of the top story smash that like,button,right now,watch out watch out watch out when i say,watch you say out,watch out,watch out,yeah,what's up everyone welcome to the top,story here on sports keto wrestling i'm,jose g we got jeremy bennett here we're,about to talk about the toughest and,hottest headlines of the day kevin,mckellen will be joining us here in just,a short bit he's having some technical,difficulties but not always guys thank,you for joining us we appreciate you we,love you and you can show us the love by,smashing and slamming that like button,so do that right now i see 166 of you,right now watching live so go ahead and,slam that like button engage with the,show fire off your thumbs up your love,emojis your anger emojis your laugh,emojis the more engagement we get with,you for from you that means a lot more,people get to watch it so go ahead and,do that right now sharing your favorite,wrestling group if you're watching on,facebook and if you're watching us on,the good old youtubes thank you so much,we're on our way to 29 000 subscribers,subscribe to our youtube channel by,smashing that notification bill so you,never miss whenever we drop brand new,content yesterday we had a an amazing,420 episode and you had quite the,eventful evening didn't you jeremy,yeah uh,jesus last minute i i found a,seventh row ticket for snoop dogg,uh for 120 bucks i was like well,i guess that's my sign it was uh uh not,gonna get any better than that ro g g by,the way row g for a snoop dogg concert,it's like it was meant for you to be,there that's all i can say about that,and it was meant for you to be there i'm,glad you had an awesome time we got the,watch out army in in in watching us,right now in the chat so we appreciate,all of you thank you for tuning in all,right let's jump into our top story,today our big big lead story and that,has to do with bray wyatt now bray,wyatt's been known,for,you know just being cryptic in general,ever since he left wwe a little bit over,a year ago uh we've had several updates,on bray wyatt he's been working in,hollywood in the movie studio on the,warner media uh warner brothers uh movie,lot he's been doing stuff outside of,wrestling he was recently at wrestlecon,and we really didn't hear anything of,him no new updates until today where he,changes his name to a circle,and he adds some,outlandish and and,somewhat cult-like,sketches right jeremy what's going on,here,uh i i don't know what's going on with,that sketch uh,that there's a lot going on in that,thing,um yeah he posted a few,a few tweets here uh,this uh this morning and uh he says i do,think it's true that,he who makes a beast of himself gets rid,of the pain of being a man,but,but if you become the machine you don't,have to feel at all,to be sentient um what does that even,mean what does that mean jeremy i i it's,probably something to do with this new,movie i'm guessing but i have no idea,that was that was my first thought like,this has to do something with this movie,something cryptic where,um it ties into either a character of a,movie or something relating to his movie,that was my initial thought i could be,100 wrong on that but it's just been,very interesting the response from,people uh that's been seeing all his,texts and this cryptic tweet yeah i yeah,i don't know it's weird i mean obviously,every time he talks people are like he's,coming back well no he hasn't come back,yet and and we really had zero news,uh from wrestlemania weekend about his,wrestle con appearance so there wasn't,really much to report on apparently,there i was kind of i was kind of,surprised i didn't see much uh really,pop out from that,from that weekend of course it was a,busy weekend for all of us involved so,maybe i did miss something but i i don't,i don't remember coming across anything,though,yeah i know and just to kind of show you,guys what we're talking about these,cryptic tweets you guys can see right,here he changed his profile picture not,not quite exactly sure what that might,be,uh right over here and then uh as you,guys can see a screen name now is a red,ring circle uh and then if you scroll,down you can start seeing the these,cryptic tweets you got to be sent in but,if you become the machine you don't have,to feel at all what if,uh so i mean look at that drawing that's,is kind of disturbing very,uh future demonic culturalistic type of,drawing i don't know it's very surreal,uh,it's i don't know it's it's weird it's,very weird how he does this and we got,kevin back finally hop

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so we got some breaking news oh my god,oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god,literally by the way i am literally,stood in a tesco car park,there are people everywhere bray wyatt,has broke the wrestling world,not just with a tweet,on his twitter bio he's updated it it,did say beginning game kid it's what you,do but he's now updated it to add the,initials,vkm,vincent,kennedy,mcmahon now we've heard loads of reports,about how the relationship between bray,and vince was very toxic matt hardy has,been very vocal about that on his,podcast,but,obviously bray wyatt's taking some kind,of inspiration here from vince to be,able to you know to,use a quote that vince said to him i,mean the whole vibe that a lot of people,got from those kind of comments was that,bray was almost looking up to vince as,almost like a father figure now again,would you then take inspiration from,that person of course you would does,that mean he's going back not,necessarily,but,that's not all he's done at the same,time on twitter,i told you he broke the internet right,he tweeted out i will place on his,shoulder the key to the house of david,what he opens no one can shut and what,he shuts,no one can open,clearly this is a biblical verse it's,isaiah 22 22 but look at the picture,that he attached with it it's almost,like a man standing there with his head,off there's someone else at the bottom,seems to be some dead bodies and stuff,all laying around it kind of does look,like the bones and stuff we saw,on the raw promo this week,interesting,now of course we saw a lock in those,promos this is why a lot of people are,getting excited because obviously that,tweet does reference a key,and obviously we've been talking about,this before there's knocks on the door,is this let me in let him out whatever,it might be is edge and bray wyatt,coming to wwe together i don't know,but bray wyatt's tweet didn't do much to,answer that question,i honestly,everything fits doesn't it everything,including bray's,personal cryptic tweets,my god,oh my god my heart can't take much i,know what you guys are feeling i talk to,you on discord i read you all your,youtube comments i know you're feeling,the same,we want this to be bray we're not sure,if it is bray we kind of feel like it,might be a disappointment if it's not,personally i don't i think edge will,surpass expectations even if it's just a,rain in our superstar we've had some fun,with this but,nonetheless come on it would be nice to,see wyndham back wouldn't it let me know,your thoughts in the comments below like,the video share the video subscribe to,the channel if you're new and i've got a,really old lady looking at me so i'll,see you next time,peace

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Bray Wyatt aka Windham Tweets Teasing A Return To Wrestling!!! Wrestling News

Bray Wyatt aka Windham Tweets Teasing A Return To Wrestling!!! Wrestling News

hey guys welcome to this quick little,video i wanted to talk about the bray,wyatt wyndham tweets uh you might have,heard of them you might not uh basically,three tweets uh that are quite,interesting i'll quickly read them first,one says everything good that's ever,happened to me first came a period of,horrible suffering i never asked why i,just wait for the rough part to end i,was chosen for whatever reason and i've,got,to do uh it doesn't hurt anymore it,burns i'm ready now so very much that,says to me him being released was rough,he went through a period of suffering um,and uh he's come through that now it,doesn't hurt him anymore so he says he's,ready now so that's what the first tweet,says to me next one says i'm tired of,watching,tired of hearing irrelevant clowns,speculate how i'll be perceived i feel,like that's a reference to dave meltzer,and wrestling observer who i think said,he was like the worst wrestler um,of the other year and that the fiend was,the worst gimmick and all that kind of,stuff,um whenever and wherever i decide to,return i'll remind everyone why they,know my name again and again believe in,me,i found it i wonder if what he's found,is his passion for wrestling again his,desire to return to the ring again,again that's what i get from that and,then the final tweet says patience,it's almost time so again very much just,reinforcing uh and telling his fans i'm,ready to return i believe he's talking,about returning to wrestling and it's,almost time now his profile picture has,changed and his name has changed as well,his profile picture is i believe a,firefly the faces the fiends it's,scratched out though and his name is,wyatt six,i,do not not a single fiber in my body,believe that he will be at hell in a,cell i give it a 0.0000001,chance right,i just do not see it happening,mainly because he got released vince,decided that he would rather save the,money than give the money to bray and,pay like his wages so why would that,change now,i just don't nothing has changed so i,don't know why he would bring him back,now i know everyone,all the bray wyatt fans are hoping,keeping their fingers crossed wanting uh,him to return but um i just don't i just,don't think he will i really don't think,he will i don't think there's been no,rumors that he's gonna return to,wrestling this is the first that we've,heard about it,if he was gonna return i really don't,think that they would tease it this way,um i think that they would just bring,him in and it would be a big surprise or,they would announce it in advance i,don't think they would do these little,teasers so i really am not expecting him,to be at wwe the other thing as well as,people are saying but he's got the wyatt,name in his username and he's got the,fiend mask in his profile picture,but my counter to that is they're,different so the fiend mask is scratched,out it's not just a fiend mask it's,upside down it's painted bright red it's,scratched out,um you know that you can actually use,copyrighted material if you change it,and uh it's called fair use so you know,you can use copyrighted things he has,taken the fiend mask which is owned by,wwe he's turned it i believe upside down,painted it red scratched it out i feel,like he's changed it enough,whereby if they took him to court he,could argue that he's changed it enough,and it falls under fair use,so i don't see that as being an,indicator of oh my god he's using the,fiend mask he's got to be coming back to,wwe i really really don't see that the,other thing as well the wyatt six,that screams to me that he is about to,unleash his sixth creation i really,think he's about to unleash whatever the,next,version or of him and his vehicle his,story,i believe he's about to unleash that i,could be wrong on that but that's just,what the that's just what it says to me,is that we're about to go into this new,chapter this new phase the wire six,phase um i don't know that you can get,anything from that i don't think he's,gonna be going by the name of wyatt six,i just think that this is the working,title of this next project which i think,is the return to the ring and is gonna,be uh his next creation i think that him,using wire is fine again he's not,calling himself bray wyatt he's calling,himself wyatt six i think this is a,working,title i don't expect him to use this,name for long i think he'll use it until,he returns when he returns he'll come,back as you know whatever the the,emperor or whatever whatever his new,name is gonna be it won't be the fiend,but um you know he'll call himself,whatever his next creation is and uh and,then this y at six will go as i said i,think this is his working title and,again people are like hopefully you,can't use that wwe own wyatt,it's a bit tricky again because they own,bray wyatt,they don't own wire six,so,again you know are they going to take,him to court for calling his twitter,name wyatt six i mean i know i really,don't think they are i really don't,think they are um because i ju

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once again bray wyatt has broken the,internet simply tweeting out the words,two,more days two more days till his 90-day,non-compete clause with wwe is expiring,uh hold on a moment though because i,know a lot of you straight up are saying,aw rampage,it's being recorded at the time i'm,recording this video,after dynamite he cannot legally be,there live,however they could definitely do a,vignette of some sort definitely,advertise it the day of rampage though,because you need to you can't just put,that out there on a product that doesn't,get the viewership to debut someone like,bray bray also tweeted out it makes me,happy to see my brother do something,that makes him happy he inspires me to,create and create i shall obviously with,a youtube link to taylor rotunda's,youtube account which is of course bo,dallas now bray there confirming that,he's creating something we're assuming,therefore it's become some kind of new,character which would be cool,what that character is we don't know it,could be a fiend like character it could,be something completely and utterly,different,time will tell however bo taylor rotunda,has made youtube videos before,something interesting when you then,watch taylor rotunda's most recent,youtube video is what he says,called the monster mash,so you can make it and join me on,halloween when i sit down and tell you a,real scary story on my youtube channel,now we've been wondering if bray could,do something for halloween,maybe he does,on his brother's youtube channel i mean,if you're taylor rotunda and you're,gonna do something spooky on halloween,uh it would be kind of cool if your,brother who was the fiend was involved,in that in some way,i mean that would be cool and for,brayton that actually promote this video,that seems very very interesting,definitely subscribe to taylor rotunda,without a doubt the video content's,great but nonetheless if bray could be,there sunday that would be unmissable,right we know that there's apparently,the hashtag cult of windham which we,believe to be a podcast starting up soon,if that's starting up that could drop,around halloween time it might drop in,two days on the official date of his,release i really don't think rampage is,a likely option i really don't i think,with it being pre-taped and stuff i,really don't see it,but not anything is possible if you,missed it we did upload a video earlier,on today it was like a tribute thank you,video saying goodbye to bray wyatt as we,look for went to forward to windham,rising so that was always a cool video,so if you haven't yet check that out,really fun video to make but let me know,your thoughts as you always do in the,comments down below like the video share,the video and if you are new to the,channel hit the subscribe button of,course check out taylor thunder's,youtube channel just literally search,for taylor rotunda you'll find it very,quickly,i'll see you as always next time,peace

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