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One of MLB's top 3Bs already!! Braves' Austin Riley WENT OFF in 2022! (2022 Highlights)and that one


Updated on Jan 14,2023

One of MLB's top 3Bs already!! Braves' Austin Riley WENT OFF in 2022! (2022 Highlights)

and that one is hammered to left and,Riley gives Brumley something to be,proud about Austin Riley's first of the,year,and the lead has been cut in half it's,6-3 on Riley's big blast to left talk,about bringing those hands in looking at,the pitch exit velocity of,107.6 miles per hour the distance 424,feet pitch right down the middle he,brings his hands beautifully in Barrel,through the Zone head never moves,that ball scalding right center field,and deep Soto going back track wall it's,gone into the bullpen,no idea either with that wind the way,it's knocking balls down to Right Center,he hit that right through the win slider,off the plate into the Braves bullpen,I'll give you a little life get the fans,involved,High Fly ball in the first pitch deep,left half going back warding track whoa,It's Gone,that ball was a mile high and about 10,rows up one nothing Atlanta Smiley,serves up a solo Homer well you know 81,first pitch strike rate you know four,out of five or somewhere over the play,and Austin Riley got ready for that,pitch and did not miss it Braves score,first fifth Homer,for Austin Riley,comes through he's on his way to Second,Braves have the lead,foreign,you could see this on the pitch before,that he just didn't have the confidence,in that slider,he had to go to the fastball and Austin,did not miss it and it's good to see,Austin get on top of that fastball,looking back at his old self being,aggressive driving that ball in the gap,that's huge his third hit of the day now,Riley a 2-2 count,Swig and a drive belted left,two-run lead,Sports writers and managers hate leaky,pens,is running out of ink choices as to who,to put in the game and he'll check out,the lineup card again,as there are no options for his relief,Corps right now,I mean Alvarado throws this ball down in,the zone and Austin Riley we've seen him,started look at him see staying tall,dropping the head staying behind it,about 10 12 rows up here's the end of,the story,Harris streaking around third he will,score Ronald's going first to Third and,the Braves are pouring it on it's a 7-2,game the middle is wide open that's a,pitch outside that's a ball down but,what did I say if you're aggressive you,can hit balls out of the zone,and here just getting the job done here,RBI single I love it,blind Drive Right Center Field base hit,gonna get to the wall,Austin Riley comes through drives home,Ramada cunha and makes it three-nothing,Atlanta,play with two strikes Riley does a good,job staying right center the only way,you hit that ball is to stay right,center with your thought and if you end,up pulling it it's because the ball's,inside,the 2-0 pitch,Line Drive in the left field that's a,base hit Dansby broke back to the bag,but that splits the Gap he's going to,score Riley with another two out RBI,against the Lefty and the Braves are,doing it again against an opposing,Bullpen two runs across in the seventh,that makes it 4-1 and Braves countries,loving that in Ohio what a great job got,a hitter's count didn't try to do too,much with this pitch chip probably the,only thing we've seen Dansby do wrong,all week is forgot how many outs there,was on this pitch right here,he said left field deadly is going to,come home we're a game and a half out of,first,now they went to the heater one too many,times fourth one in a row,Austin beautiful day today for him him,and Dansby both,outstanding and,it wasn't the prettiest today and they,had opportunities but again at the end,they're able to push through get a sweep,no better way with the Mets coming in,town and getting a sweep the weekend,before like you said one and a half,and to think five weeks ago they were,ten and a half,Fly ball will hit at 374. that ball is,off the top of the wall Dansby will,score Riley with a double in the Braves,with two outs strike first just amazing,stay on the fastball react to the,curveball that's exactly what Austin did,there man he is playing Pepper with the,wall these last couple of days and that,was a bad location that one that was the,first time that he'd left over the,middle so great job by Austin picking,that pitch he's also hasn't turned a,ball yet so they're going up there being,aggressive seven for seven with strikes,gonna be very careful of Riley,Swing Drive hammered left Center at that,wall it's off the face of the wall,Riley has to hustle into second a bullet,on a 2-0 count,that's middle middle,the only thing wrong with Austin tonight,is he's hitting it just a little too low,yeah,driven toward right,diving try won't be caught ball up,against the wall Acuna will score Riley,around second on his way to third he's,going to have a stand-up triple he goes,the other way and the Braves strike here,in the first inning what a terrific at,bat right there fouling off a lot of,tough pitches even though Hill was quick,pitching him he was still able to foul,some tough pitches off and he got this,fast ball away right across the middle,matter of fact got his hands in like you,said with runners i

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Matt Olson's trade to the Atlanta Braves broke Twitter - Ben Verlander | Flippin Bats

Matt Olson's trade to the Atlanta Braves broke Twitter - Ben Verlander | Flippin Bats

this,is a big one my friends,this,is a massive trade that goes down,yesterday,and man did it break twitter you hear,all the time it broke twitter this one,this is a big deal matt olson,of the oakland days is on the move,to atlanta,matt olson the first baseman,is on the move to the atlanta braves,so,you hear this trade goes down and what,do you immediately think of,freddie freeman,this means the end for freddie freeman,in atlanta,now,i want to talk about matt olson,first i want to talk about this trade,the braves are acquiring a younger,great first baseman now i think freddie,freeman is one of the top first basemen,in baseball well i say one of the first,we'll get to that a little later because,i told you i have my top five list and,we're doing first baseman and third,baseman today so in just a little while,we're gonna see where do i have freddy,freeman ranked on top,first baseman in the league but now you,get matt olson,who's 28 years old,an all-star first baseman,39 home runs last year,111 rbis,and the best defensive first baseman in,baseball,hands down best defensive first baseman,two-time gold glove winner and this guy,is in contention every year for a gold,globe so let's talk about this,now he's signed,and as i talked about off the top of the,show you make this trade and then you,lock him up to a long-term deal,matt olson signs an eight-year deal with,the oakland days so they wrap up their,first basement for years to come so,in the short term do i think right now,that matt olson is on the same level,as freddie freeman do i think he is just,as good no and i'm not going to sit here,and say that but i think he is just a,shade behind and i think he's younger,and now you have him wrapped up for the,future,this is a great pickup and he's a,hometown kid he's from atlanta he said,in his interview clearly emotional i,love these interviews after somebody,gets traded because it's like wait i i,haven't even had time to process this,what i i haven't even been able to think,about what this means but he was able to,say if if i'm gonna go anywhere,i'm glad it's atlanta i'm from there i,grew up rooting for them as playing in,braves uniforms growing up as a kid,but,he's on the move,but it means freddie's time has come to,an end in atlanta and and emotions are,flying high with this i mean that not,only is this a change at first base but,freddie freeman is an atlanta brave and,it seemed like he was going to be that,for life so this is an emotional move an,emotional day for everybody involved,including the gm alex anthopoulos who,ultimately is the one that makes the,move and decides on this so we have his,interview afterwards when he was talking,about this let's check that out,how many prospects you gave up is it,anything beyond that or is it because of,that sure but i you know i can't get,into that so um,you know it's,a tough deal,alex at what point in time did you,lose,you keep saying that this is one of the,toughest deals that you've had to make,it may be obvious because you keep,talking about how many prospects you,gave up is it anything beyond that or is,it because,i mean you can just see,you can feel the emotion you can see the,emotion this is tough you know it got me,to thinking a lot yesterday freddy,freeman,is one of the greatest atlanta braves of,all time,now,he's a little bit older he's 32 wanting,a little longer deal which he will get,somebody will pay him and they will be,getting one of the best first baseman in,baseball,alex anthopolis the gm,had to make a decision,to move on,and it's tough,and,and there's a lot of emotions involved,in this there's a lot going on here,there's players moving freddie freeman,realizing he's getting moved on from,prospects are involved christian posh,christian poche probably the top,prospect in this move uh tweeted this,out immediately as the trade happened,my heart is broken i just found out that,i was traded to the a's i know that's,the way this business works but i want,braves fans to know that i will be,eternally grateful to them,wherever he goes,thank you for so much support for so,much love and for being so special to me,i mean,you kind of lose sight,as a as a fan via the emotions and,what this means to players i mean,christian pasha just yesterday or two,days ago tweeted a picture in the,parking lot with ronald acuna saying,ready to get back going,and now just like this he's uprooted and,going across the country to a team he,knows nothing about to a fan base he,knows nothing about it's scary and you,could feel it in his tweets and his,emotions you could feel it you could,sense it,it was an emotional day especially for,braves fans and this got me to wondering,like i love,this we need to talk about this move and,what it means for the atlanta braves the,atlanta braves for as much as freddie,means to them were able to move on,able to go lock up a younger first,baseman for now eight years,and get a stud at that so it really got,me to thinking and and i don't really,know the answ

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Clay Travis: Atlanta Braves Represent Heart Of Anti-Woke Sports

Clay Travis: Atlanta Braves Represent Heart Of Anti-Woke Sports

the Brave's nickname is under Fire as is,the tomahawk chant and what I would say,is this,I give credit to Governor Brian Kemp and,to Herschel Walker for speaking out,because the Braves went to visit the,White House and the White House was,upset about the Braves moniker and the,tomahawk shop and everything else I,think the Braves this is my advice I,wish I own the Atlanta Braves no big no,big surprise there I wish I owned a pro,sports franchise all right if I did I,would lean hard in the wake of Major,League Baseball pulling the All-Star,Game out of Atlanta I would lean as,aggressively as I could into the Atlanta,Braves representing the anti-woke,universe of uh Major League Baseball,franchises and professional sports,franchises in general because the Braves,fan base overwhelmingly is the,Southeastern Conference and there's no,region of the country that rejects and,repudiates woke Sports more than the,southeastern United States woke Sports,ain't going to be popular here okay,and so the Braves I think should bring,back the tomahawk champ and chant in an,aggressive way they should talk to the,Seminole tribe down in Florida this is a,big deal just listen Okay a lot of,Braves people are big out kick fans and,I appreciate all of you okay I I,sometimes am troubled because Solutions,seem quite simple and then people don't,follow them all right so the etymology,of the tomahawk chant is that it,basically became popular right around,the time that Deion Sanders began to,play for the Atlanta Braves all right,I'm gonna talk about Dion here in a,second in a moment uh but,to me in the same way that the Florida,State uh Seminoles the university they,went to the Seminole tribe and they said,hey we are honoring your tribe they are,so uh uh,indefatible and I didn't pronounce that,word but undefeated all right they are,unvanquished they are if you study the,Seminole tribe's history Brave refusing,to surrender a tribe okay,that's what the Florida State University,wants their athletic programs to embody,is that same fighting spirit and that,refusal to surrender the unvanquished,aspect of the seminals so they went to,the Florida State Seminoles and they,said hey,we want to honor you will you give us,your blessing to continue to use the,seminal moniker and the Seminole tribe,said yes we consider it to be an honor,that you are the Florida State Seminoles,why don't the Atlanta Braves go to the,same tribe,and say to them look the reason we do,the tomahawk chop is to a large degree,connected to Dion Sanders who played at,Florida State and then became an Atlanta,Brave and an Atlanta Falcon and what he,represented for the Braves was the,tomahawk chant really started in Earnest,right around that same time I think it's,directly connected personally because I,used to go to Braves games in the 80s,and I don't recall anybody ever doing,the tomahawk chant it really started in,like the 90s,get the Seminole tribe to sign off on,the idea of the tomahawk job and bring,it back in Earnest it's one of the,coolest Trends in sports when they start,that drum and everybody starts doing the,tomahawk chop and they sell the foam,tomahawks and everything else it is an,emblem of Honor that they are uh using,there as the Atlanta Braves moniker so,get the Seminoles to sign off on this,and use it to bring back the tomahawk,chop and tie it all into Deion Sanders,that seems like a perfect solution for,this situation when inevitably left-wing,losers like Joe Biden and kjp and,everybody inside of that white house has,an issue with the Braves moniker and,with the tomahawk go and do what the,Seminoles did uh uh Florida State,Seminoles with the Seminole tribe seems,like a natural fit particularly because,the Braves are the South's team and then,you continue as the anti-woke franchise,and this to me would rally even more of,the Braves fan base around this idea so,Joe Biden's an idiot his White House,might well have added even more votes to,Herschel Walker against Reverend Warnock,and to Brian Kemp against Stacey Abrams,because both Kemp and Herschel came out,and said no don't change anything about,the Braves I think Stacy Abrams is going,to get whipped uh by uh by Brian Kemp so,badly that she's going to have to resign,and I also think that Herschel Walker is,going to end up whipping uh Senator,Warnock in that battle as well and we're,gonna have two big wins in the state of,Georgia that could be connected directly,towards this overall uh towards this,overall scenario right where the Braves,being demanded that they changed their,name which is default the position of,the Democrat Party whether Abrams and,Warnock believe in it or not and both,Kemp and Herschel use it to bludgeon,those two uh in this campaign and help,to ensure that the Georgia and governors,and Senate races comes back in their,favor so that would be my thoughts in,general uh and that would be my advice,to the Atlanta Braves about how to,handle this issue going forward do the,same thing that Florida state did

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Atlanta Braves Twitter

Atlanta Braves Twitter

hi my name is Jennifer Cole person or,organization that I'm going to talk,about they use social media very heavily,is the Alanta Braves the lender Braves,not only used Twitter which you can see,right now but they also use Facebook as,well as we all may know if you live in,the south to southeast region is what,you call a braised country and they do a,lot to promote that's everybody and get,everybody involved with the team what's,going on and also given play-by-play,Imani coming games the one that used,very well in their main focus as you can,see here is Twitter if you're not even,by a computer screen to look at ESPN or,if you're not at home to actually watch,the game or at the game this is the next,best option if you have a sweater to go,and follow them at Braves and you can,get a play-by-play about what it's going,to the game you can also get before they,even start you can get a starting lineup,and know who is playing you can know the,bed in order and everything as you go,now you can see where throughout the,game today they actually did a very good,job of updating people about what was,going on even putting Braves win 7 1 and,tell you what you ms was here you miss,haywards home run and they also have a,link where you can go and watch the home,run right there if you were to click,here for instance,this will take you straight to the page,and the video we're just a hayward home,run is and by simply just going right,here you can see here and listen and,watch this 2012 Jack,for this my any club,flyball well hit toward left that goes,for us and at the track that was going,to go Jason Heyward with an opposite,field over right there was a great,example of how they use this social,media to promote the team and get people,involved you didn't even have to be at,the game or see it on TV but if you will,just follow them on Twitter you can get,these quick videos throughout the game,another thing as you go now they let you,know how every run was scored as well at,the beginning of the day before the game,even started they even post it up the,starting lineup which is right here this,give you an idea of who's going to be,playing so you can know what to look for,to throughout the game another thing,that they do is they actually shout out,other people on their Twitter pages so,that you can go follow them as well such,as right here you can go follow Braves,radio net which is another good way to,know about what's going on the Braves if,you driving in the car you consider,radio another thing these are from gains,from the other day where you can see,what was actually going on throughout,the game throughout the entire time this,is a great way for fans to state,involvement know what's going on um,another great example was actually at,the very top of this page but um right,here they tell you something's going on,with the MLB with Major League Baseball,overall and tell you different ways you,can get involved a team different prizes,you can win as well and as we all know,Monica retired from the news and they,also come since congratulations to her,as well also using her Twitter page so,that if you want to go follow her now,you know you can follow her it the,brand's use this a lot and they get a,lot of good response from their,followers because most followers go and,retweet them you can click on so many of,these tweets and see how many times,they've been retweeted for instance,right here you can click here and then,show you show you right now they have,been retweeted 294 times and this is 19,favors just by getting those 200,in 94 retweets that was able to spread,the word even more about the Atlanta,Braves so that is a very good thing when,it comes to what you need to do or how,you can work Twitter how companies can,benefit from Twitter especially if they,have a strong following because,followers are going to do their best to,make sure that they retweet their,favorite company their favorite team,their favorite star so that everybody,else can get involved just like they are,so twitter has become a major of major,tool in allowing teams like the Atlanta,Braves stars movies everything to get,the name out and to let people know who,they are and what they are as an,organization thank you

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How The Braves Extend Their Stars To CHEAP Contracts

How The Braves Extend Their Stars To CHEAP Contracts

man it is crazy what the Atlanta Braves,are doing right now it came down last,night they signed Sean Murphy to a,six-year 73 million dollar contract,extension,it's John Murphy is one of the best,catchers in in the game this is,definitely well deserved uh but some,fans probably think he could have gotten,more money on the free agent Market the,story here from this extension that will,get him through 2028 I believe and,there's a club option after these six,years for 15 million dollars,the story is or the question how do the,Braves keep doing this how do they keep,giving extensions to these players and,getting these players to sign these,extensions like it's one thing to be,offering these extensions to players but,how,do these do how do they get these,players to keep signing these deals,like since 2019 Atlanta has signed the,following players to seven plus year,extensions,and there's some common themes and I'll,get to them,Ozzy albis in 2019 seven years 35,million dollars five million aav,Ronald Acuna Jr eight years a hundred,million dollars 12 and a half aav,Matt Olson eight years 168 million,dollars 21 million dollar aav,ustin Reilly 10 years 212 million,dollars 21.2 aav,Michael Harris rookie of the year eight,years 72 million dollars,nine million dollar aav,Spencer Strider seven years 92 million,dollars,13.14 aav and then Sean Murphy obviously,seven years uh,eight eighty eight million dollars uh,12.57,million aav I believe it's six years 73,though but the second year it's the club,option,uh which adds on that extra 15 but I,mean look at all of those names these,are not like,you know middle of the road names oh,okay he's a solid player you know no,Ronald Acuna Jr a hundred million,dollars that's it,he's one of the best outfielders in the,game he's one of the best players in the,game Matt Olson less than 200 less than,170 million dollars that's one of the,best first baseman in the game Sean,Murphy less than 90 million dollars,that's one of the best catchers in,baseball that's a top three catcher in,the game,Michael Harris he looks like he has a,bright future Austin Reilly he's one of,the best young third baseman in baseball,and they got him for,it's over 200 million dollars but it's,not as much as Manny for 300 which is my,that's might be what Austin Reilly uh,could have gotten in free agency if he,got there,so how are they getting these deals done,one I think Atlanta they're a contender,right these players their approach for,these contract extensions and Atlanta is,like we're a contender you see the,players around here around you in this,lineup,we're going to be contending for a World,Series every year this these guys aren't,going anywhere so your best chance to,win here consistently in Major League,Baseball it's right here in Atlanta and,I think that can get the player to sign,uh part of it that's part of how they,can get them to sign another one the,Braves they get these players before,coming close to free agency you look at,Ozzie Albee's that was his third year,still had three more years after that,pre-arbitration player you look at Acuna,pre-arbitration player it was his second,year in the league you look at Matt,Olson he still had some time to go he,hadn't played a game with the Braves yet,you look at Austin Riley he's only 25,years old that's when they got him uh,Michael Harris he was a rookie Spencer,Strider he was a rookie this past season,when they got those extensions done so,they're a long way away from free agency,and you look at the guys that are,rookies like Harris and Strider they're,making you know league minimum at the,start of these Seasons uh and so they're,like oh wow nine million dollars a year,for Michael Harris he's like yeah give,me that I'll take that Spencer Strider,you can give me 13 million,13 plus million dollars a year,when I'm making less than a million,dollars in my first year yeah I'll take,that that's how they do it for these,rookies and these pre-arbitration,players it's like oh you can give me the,money now,uh that's I don't know what's going to,happen into the future I don't know,what's going to happen years down the,road or what's going to happen next,season what if I get hurt that can hurt,my free agent value,you're giving me this big contract right,now I'm gonna take it I'm going to take,that guarantee so that's part of how the,Braves get these players to sign these,big extensions you know the security is,greater than the potential for these,players that are signing these deals I,think I mean when you get them young,they're far away from free agency,and security is a big thing,you know tomorrow or next year or the,year after that for these players that's,not guaranteed right you could miss the,entire 2024 season Spencer Strider could,if he gets hurt at the end of next,season or something or the middle of the,Season or if he has to get Tommy John,like it's not guaranteed so,they're signing these extensions and,they're like I'm on a contender,this is a lot of money for a

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Cardinals vs. Braves Game Highlights (7/5/22) | MLB Highlights

Cardinals vs. Braves Game Highlights (7/5/22) | MLB Highlights

intention to get back on the mound he,really struggled his last time out let's,see if he can turn things around here in,game two that's an excellent way to,start as brendan donovan rolls out our,ground ball out birdie for out number,one well here's what i like about ian,right now yes he's struggled in the last,month but we couldn't even get any,graphics in he took the mounds so,quickly and pitched he wanted to be out,there started out with that strike this,is the first time i've really seen him,struggle had a really rough june highest,era in june,smoked into left field but rosario is,there and yepez is out,number two welshman adding to a 422 on,base percentage as nolan renato stands,in,coronado hits it softly through the,right side and a base hit a broken bat,single for arenado goldie to third,and runners at the corners they had that,exaggerated shift on for paul,goldschmidt running and then arenado at,the plate the broken bat first and third,with two down now it's nolan gorman,gorman good numbers with two outs and,runners in scoring position and gorman,hits it down the right field line and,fair,scoring it is goldschmidt orenado to,third and all this being done with two,outs,in rbi two out single nolan gorman,brings in his 19th and the cardinals,have an early lead andre polante,sixth career start 24th appearance of,the year he's two and three era just,over two and his last start was two runs,in a career-high seven innings against,miami in a 4-3 loss,drilled toward right field that's going,to get down for a lead-off hit so acuna,has his,second hit of the series he scored a run,last night and he represents the tying,run so the tying run is 90 feet away for,the braves matt olson had a couple of,hits and drove in two runs last night,tie game,matt olson has his third rbi hit of the,series 1-1 as acuna comes home still one,man out riley over four last night so,he's due vallante comes set his 2-2,pitch,breaking ball fly ball hit high in the,air toward right capo back to the wall,and it's gone,and opposite field home run for austin,riley,for riley it is home run number 21 rbis,49 and 50.,and it's three to one braves,zuna does go to third but now two out,and it's up to william contreras if the,brains aren't to add to their lead,drill to right if he keeps that fair,we're in business that ball is gone a,line drive homer contreras with an,ambush,the braves have played in five in the,first inning and palante is shell,shocked in atlanta,one two pitch coming ripped hard and,caught snow cone style by matt olsen a,rocket off the bat over a hundred miles,an hour and edmond is robbed by matt,olsen and a couple of two out hits,cardinals now threatening with yepez,coming up,on the ground ought to be out of the,inning,the peg to first is in time here's,swanson and the o2 pitch swung on and,missed in a strikeout of dansby swanson,here's an 02,swing and a miss and back-to-back,strikeouts for andre polante in a 1-2-3,second inning we'll see if he settles in,nolan arenado singled in the saint louis,first inning a 3-2 pitch strike him out,marinado out in front ian anderson got,him with a change up and there is his,first strikeout,two two-way,kansas ball is lifted toward left center,field who wants it harris and rosario,and michael makes the play,he and eddie playing together for the,second game andy and anderson his first,perfect inning,and now william contreras up to the,plate he hit a two run homer and the,pitch is hit high in the air out to,right field,connor cable,under it to make the catch,and a good arm throw that back in,quickly into the infield ozuna's staying,put phil goslin who had a base hit the,other way his last timeout,good pitch by palante,gets strikeout his third of the night,and we move to the fourth,braves on top here at truist park dylan,carlson up to the plate,light and caught riley in the right,place at the right time next year that,might be a hit but,next year isn't here one out,the partnership carry talking about the,shift which will not be allowed next,year,we think,and if that's the case,you will see some batting averages go up,high fly ball had him off stride rosario,backs up and he's got that,and ian anderson gets through the fourth,inning with a four run lead two down but,the braves have a runner third and matt,olsen looking to drive in a run,shot the other way olson has another hit,this one is going to ricochet off the,wall matt olsen hustling into second a,two strike two out run scoring hit for,olson who now has 32 doubles and the,braves get a big head on run austin,reilly is your hitter a two run homer,and a third inning single so he's two,for two,lined over third that's headed for the,corner,riley will chase home olson he's three,for three austin riley now just needs,the triple to hit for the cycle and the,braves head on it's a 7-1 score,one-two pitch tipped into the mid strike,three good fastball ian on the tack with,four straight fastballs right there gold,schmidt who singled and scored the,cardinal

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Mariners Should COPY This SNEAKY Braves Tactic...

Mariners Should COPY This SNEAKY Braves Tactic...

it is no secret to anybody that follows,the MLB relatively closely that Braves,GM Alex anthopolis is a genius somehow,year end and year out he finds young,talented players within his system that,are able to produce and signs them to,very team-friendly contracts contracts,that I would dream of for my Seattle,Mariners it all started back in 2019,where the Braves signed Ronald Lacuna Jr,and Ozzie albies to contracts that made,me scratch my head if I'm being honest,with you a Cooney Junior coming off his,rookie of the year season signed an,eight-year 100 million dollar contract,that's just a 12 and a half million,dollar annual average for a player that,in 2019 was an mvp5 who hit 41 home runs,and stole 37 bags and drove in 101 RBIs,and led the league and runs scored at,127. with a season like that under his,belt in the first year of his contract,you could already tell that this,eight-year 100 million dollar deal was,really cheap for a player of Acuna,Junior's standards now obviously Acuna,Jr hasn't really been the same player,since he tore his ACL and there's still,yet to be seen of how he's going to,recover off of that but at this rate,this 12 and a half million dollar annual,average is a steal for a player of his,caliber Ozzy Albe's the other player,mentioned signed a seven year 35 million,dollar contract coming off of an,All-Star year and in that 2019 year,where he signed this contract he won the,Silver Slugger at the second base,position getting offensive production,out of a second baseman in the MLB today,is almost harder than finding a,four-leaf clover it seems at least for,teams like the Mariners five million,annual average for a player like Ozzie,albis again is a steal now I look to see,what Jerry depoto has done with certain,players within our system to try and,adopt the Alex anthopolis tactic to try,and compare what this contract is to,someone in our system and the closest,thing I really could find is what we,signed JP Crawford for it was five years,51 million dollars so it is double the,amount of money but it is at a more,Premier position at shortstop as opposed,to second base we took JP Crawford and,signed him out of his arbitration years,essentially and that's what the Braves,did with the Cooney Jr and Ozzy albies,hey 80 of you guys aren't subscribed,that are watching consider subscribing,if you guys like the content this last,season Austin Riley saw a massive,extension for a 10-year 212 million,dollar contract to play third base for,the Braves for the entirety of his,career I would compare this contract to,what Julio had got obviously at its base,level it's a 12-year 209 million dollar,contract but it's really not that simple,because the maximum amount it can grow,to is 470 and I'm not going to want to,go into the details on that but Austin,Reilly was a really good player for the,Braves in 2021 and then they extended in,this contract in 2022. he's going into,his Prime and Julio Rodriguez to me is a,player that the Mariners have had their,eyes on to lock up very early on they,see the potential just like the Braves,saw and Austin Riley and they locked,them up to 10 plus year contracts both,within the same season but now let's,take a deeper look at Austin Riley's,contract obviously like I said it's a,10-year 212 million dollar contract he,signed in August of this past season and,it's a 21.2 million dollar annual,average 21.2 million dollars seems like,a steal at this point with how the free,agency has gone this past season I'm,scared to see what Raphael Devers might,get in free agency next year but getting,a player like Austin Riley at 21 million,dollars a year is a job well done by,Alex anthopolis especially for the,entirety of his career now with these,examples being in the past I want to,take a look at some current examples,that I want to compare the Braves have,done for what I think the Mariners,should do now the deal that got the ball,rolling for me thinking about this and,why I want Jerry depoto to take this,tactic from Alex and topless was the,Sean Murphy signing I tweeted about it,on Twitter go follow us over there at,Mojo Mariner Sean Murphy was traded from,the Oakland Athletics to the Atlanta,Braves his off season and he's already,signed a six-year 73 million dollar,contract extension with them they have,bought out his arbitration years he's,going to be a free agent at the age of,35. they've even got a club option at,the end of this in 2029 and it's a 12.1,million dollar annual average Sean,Murphy had a 120 Ops Plus in 2022 he's,got a career 114 Ops plus obviously he's,a plus plus Defender there at the,catching position he had 18 home runs,and 66 RBIs in Oakland I can't imagine,how much his level of production is,going to increase by being in a lineup,surround by players that can one get on,base and two protect behind him and,drive him in in that lineup so what does,this mean for the Seattle Mariners well,it means extend Cal Raleigh it means,take Cal Raleigh and make him a mariner,for six t

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Padres vs. Braves Game Highlights (5/14/22) | MLB Highlights

Padres vs. Braves Game Highlights (5/14/22) | MLB Highlights

hopefully charlie will be amazing,remember fellas this was the time of,year last year where he turned his,season round i would imagine that's one,of the forward keys for game two success,yeah definitely charlie morton has to,make pitches against this lineup these,guys are scrappy they put the ball in,play in the braves they have to come,through in the clutch,and profile was one for five last night,morton eight pitches seven strikes goes,back to work,and paints the inside corner two looking,strikeouts one on a curveball one,on a blistering fastball two outs well,sean mcnair the 30 year old and he has,to have that two-seam success it's been,excellent in his starts and set the pace,to me that's important for him to,consistently make it uncomfortable for,these hitters,that is on the outside corner he got a,call there wow,first strikeout of the day for sean,manaya and demerit does not like it at,all and you can see why that's been,patient 23 walks 262 average,high fly ball deep to right field arcing,toward the wall that one is gone for,matt olson,and this game starts with a bang it's,one to nothing atlanta,did he ever need that and the braves,strike first,it's one nothing,how about that it's formitimi,and the braves have the early lead today,at truest part,yeah manaya looks like he knew it,head goes down the only question did,olson hit it over the bricks and he did,how about olson 11 of his 15 rbis versus,left hand pitchers,charlie morton was perfect in the first,the braves have given him a one-nothing,lead 2-2 pitch from charlie and a swing,and a miss hosmer,is down on strikes after a three-hit,night last night luke point two for five,last night had a double and also struck,out three times and the payoff,steve,right three call,96 knee high on the black strikeout,number four for charlie morton braves up,one nothing heading to the bottom of the,second inning travis dardo set the lead,off,swinging a miss and elevates there,strikes him out on the 92 mile an hour,fastball that's a third k for mania,strike recall right on that outside edge,well placed,and that is three straight strikeouts,for mania for it all,he's got it going on right now,trent grisham the batter he had a big,hit last night a three-run double that's,nine rbis for grisham now,that curveball is as good as it's been,in his career with braves peter rolling,in this sequence but we'll see he's not,and a swing and a miss charlie morton,six strikeouts down goes san diego in,the third the braves maintain their lead,contreras heredia and demerit are coming,up well he succeeds here nick by walking,to lead off the third inning here's,guillermo heredia getting the start in,center for the braves today hitting 121,with a couple of homers,elevates and he chases,strikeout number five for sean manaya is,out number one of the third inning you,know interrupting the other muscles as,we see,travis continued to be a hot hitter for,the braves ko far throws behind,contreras is back at second standing and,the braves have a threat two on one out,matt olson coming up,takes the 2-2 for strike three nicely,done he dots that outside corner,and that's six strikeouts for mania two,down in the inning,ozzie put it in play his first time up,but grounded out to third no real shift,for him on the infield,out down the line there's a base hit,contreras will score,here comes demerit to third wash throws,up the stop sign throw back to third and,he dives in safely,big hit for ozzy albies he guides it,down the right field line for a,two-nothing lead,swing and a miss and ozuna strikes out,but another run for atlanta the braves,take a two-nothing lead morton already,has a new season high in strikeouts,we'll see what adjustments the padres,try to make against him from morton to,profar and that was tipped and caught,didn't go to the curve ball that time,pro far got 95,and,is struck out number seven he's down 02,here and morton struck him out charlie,morton is dazzling eight strikeouts for,the braves right-hander two and two on,darneau who struck out swinging his only,other time off,as a swing of the miss here fort darno,and that's eight strikeouts for mania,second time darno that struck out so,both starters racking up the k's here,today a 1-2 pitch,and a swing of the miss banaya's got,nine of them now,nine strikeouts,elevates and he chases and strikes out,that's 10ks for mania and myers gets,full that almost was a strike but it's,ball four so two down and meyers still,at first base they're in a shift on the,right side and trent grisham coming up,here for the padres,line to right center field and that ball,is going to get down and roll to the,track and the wall,myers is headed around third base he is,headed plateward no throw and the padres,are on the board that had to feel,comfortable and setting him in good,position to hit this in the gap will,meyer's speed on first base easily,scores,with 10 strikeouts in this game see so,many guys trying to step out and,change his rhythm he just gets it and,fi

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