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Why Brandi Love Blocked Me on TwitterAll right. What's going on, guys.,You already see the title.,Yo

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

Why Brandi Love Blocked Me on Twitter

All right. What's going on, guys.,You already see the title.,You know what this is about.,If you follow me on Twitter, you already knew this was coming.,But basically I was trolling on Twitter the other day, as I usually do,,and I threw some real nice bait out there, you know,,just a fat, juicy, worm out there into the Twitter universe.,And I brought in a porn star.,All right.,So before we get into it, I need to provide some context,for the situation or you won't understand what's going on.,So, first of all, Donald tweeted out this message right here.,This is what started it all.,"Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team.","Steph Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn.",So he's withdrawing Steph's invitation to the White House,because it's kind of a tradition in sports that every time a team wins,a championship, they then take a team visit,to the White House and meet the president or whatever, take some pictures.,So, Steph and the rest of the Warriors have already said that,they do not want to visit the White House because they do not support Donald Trump.,And I guess Trump just couldn't handle this information.,I just couldn't believe there are people out there that don't like him.,I don't know.,And he took away their invitation.,And of course, everyone was clowning him on Twitter for doing this.,LeBron roasted them, Kobe, Chris Paul, D-Wade.,The list goes on, like all the athletes- where everyone was just like,,"Dude what are you doing?",Because basically this is what he did. All right.,So let's say me and you were just talking and I was like,,hey, man, I'm having a party this weekend at my house.,You know, you want to come?,And you said to me, Nah, man, I don't think I want to go.,And then instead of responding to that like a normal person,,I was like, You know what?,You aren't invited to my party anyways.,Yeah, I sure showed you what's up.,Now you're not invited.,Like, come on, dude, like that's,something like a little fucking 12 year old kid would do because he got butt hurt.,All right, you're a grown man.,What are you doing?,And so anyways, I took the tweet and I modified it,a little bit, and I used it as bait in order to troll.,So in order to do this, I had to find a victim.,And I wanted it to be a female because, you know, you could have changed,this tweet in a variety of ways, but directing it,towards a female was easily the funniest way to do it.,So I was kind of just hard scoping the time line,,you know, and I was just laying down, got the ghillie suit on.,I was just scoping out, waiting for a tweet.,Whoever, the first girl that I saw to tweet something on my timeline,,That was who I was going to respond to.,It doesn't matter who it was, it could have been anyone, but,it just happened to be a famous porn star.,So I'm sure most of you are familiar with Brandi Love.,You know, if you've ever visited The Hub or maybe you got that premium,Brazzers membership like hey, slide the log in in the DMs first of all.,But you know, you're,probably familiar with her work a little bit. Pretty good work, I must say.,You know, I can't lie.,I respect the work. You know what I'm saying?,It's a shame that she blocked me,because now I just can't look at her video's the same ever again.,I probably can't ever watch another one of your videos.,Like, I just.,I can't view you in the same way, man.,Things have changed. So that's pretty much all the context you need to get into it.,So let's go ahead and get it started.,This right here was my original tweet.,So she said, "Wow, Mississippi State isn't what I expected","and Georgia is more. The things you learn in week four of college football.",So she had like some random college football tweet.,Right.,And I responded to it with, "After careful evaluation,,I would like to officially invite you to sit on my tech.",So I think you can kind of see where I'm going with this one.,Based off the context I provided,,I just needed her to accept this bait, and she definitely did.,So she responded by quoting my tweet,and saying, "A 36 year old feminist gamer.","lol, you sure you have a penis?",So she's taking that from my bio.,I guess I must have upset her because she went to my profile,because she wanted to know who the fuck is talking to her.,She's like, "Who's this dude telling me to sit on his dick?",Let me check them out.,So she's looking at my bio and figuring out who I am,,and I guess she took it seriously, which I don't know why you would.,It seems pretty obvious that it's sarcastic, but I don't know.,We are dealing with a porn star here.,You know,,she's not exactly intelligent, but anyway, she took the bait at this point.,Now I hit her with the real troll.,So I quoted her tweet and I said, "Wow, sitting on,my dick is considered a great honor.","You are hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn.",So obviously you could see that's a parody of Donald Trump's tweet towards,Steph Curry.,I'm not sure if she actually got the joke o

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I Am the Most Blocked Man on Twitter

I Am the Most Blocked Man on Twitter

all right what's going on guys i don't,know how many of you,actually follow me on twitter or even,have a twitter if you don't have a,twitter,i suggest that you make one you're,missing out but for those of you,that do follow me you know that,basically i tweet out,the same type of stuff that i upload on,this channel,except i'm allowed to have a little bit,more freedom with what i say because,i don't have to worry about whether or,not one of my tweets,gets demonetized right so i have a,little bit more,freedom with what i can say but recently,i don't know what it is,but i've just been getting blocked by,like everybody in the community i don't,even know even people,who i've never even tweeted before so i,thought what we could do,is take a little journey through all of,these,altercations actually i don't know,altercation might be a bit of a,strong word to describe it but you know,what i mean let's just go ahead and go,through,some of these and you guys tell me,whether or not,i deserve the block we could play a,little game did i,or did i not deserve the block i,probably won't have time,to go in detail on all of them it would,be like an,hour long video or something but i'll,just pick out a few main ones i guess so,let's start out with the newest edition,i don't know if everyone knows about,this yet but recently,doug censor martin and yanet garcia have,broken up long story short doug chose,call of duty over her and no i am not,trolling,when i say that he said he wants to,focus on his call of duty career,specifically cod champs and,he doesn't have time for and many people,were asking my opinion of this situation,they're like are you gonna make a video,about this or whatever i mean you know,i'm not tmz,i'm not gonna make a video but i mean,we've all seen,what yanet garcia looks like right so i,mean,i'll put a picture up on the screen so,honestly like i,no trolling i'm being dead ass when i,say this,i got nothing but respect for his,decision that is a,true call of duty athlete i mean you,can't be,any more dedicated to the grind than,that right there that is,a true athlete so anyways she made a,little post about it on twitter i can't,even pull up her,original tweet anymore because she,deleted it probably because,she realized it was pretty stupid but it,was like this,facebook meme i guess it was supposed to,be like some sort of roast to word,sensor or something i don't know,who cares regardless,i saw that she was sad so i decided to,get her a little present or a big,present i guess you should say you know,just trying to be a nice guy you know,thoughtful,so as you can see i said to her i got,you a present to make you feel better,you know,pretty nice and i attached a picture of,my present that i got her i'll pull it,up on the screen now,this was the picture i mean i even gift,wrapped it man actually took forever,there was a lot of girth,to cover you know a lot of surface area,on that thing,so like an hour or so after i sent her,this,wonderful gift instead of saying thank,you,she just blocked me i mean she didn't,even open it how,ungrateful can you be you know if you,didn't like my present i mean,you just need to open it and say thank,you like you know it's not a big deal,you don't have to block me,i mean that was just rude some people,just have no,manners man i i just don't understand so,that's pretty much it for the,net situation i don't know like do you,guys think i deserve to get blocked i,don't think so i mean i was just trying,to cheer her up a little bit,you know i saw that she wasn't feeling,so good but uh moving on,uh we're gonna go ahead and pull out a,little throwback,for this one right i've already made a,video about this before so,we're going to try to do a very quick,version of it this time but next up on,the list,is brandy love now that name,might sound familiar to you i'll even,put up a picture on the screen to maybe,help you remember a little bit but i'm,pretty sure everyone knows who this,is you know you've probably seen one or,multiple,of her films before you know she is a,professional,meet rider and i'm not being sarcastic,when i say that you know she's a,a dick connoisseur a sausage specialist,but this happened almost a year ago i,think maybe a little less,and trump had made one of his typical,meme,tweets i guess we can call them where,everyone just like,copies what he says but like changes it,a little bit to like fit different,situations or whatever and they just,like troll with it right,so first i had to set the bait because i,needed her to actually,respond to this first tweet so that i,could hit her with the real tweet right,so,she was saying something about like,college football or something i,responded with,after careful evaluation i would like to,officially invite you to sit on my dick,and it turns out,she did not accept my invitation,a 36 year old feminist,gamer lol you sure you have a penis,well yes brandy i do have a penis i'm,looking at it right now,but this is where i hit her with the,donald

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Adult Film Star Brandi Love Offers To “Help” Tom Brady

Adult Film Star Brandi Love Offers To “Help” Tom Brady

foreign,I'm Gonna Leave a link in the,description box and in the comment,section,I first first I thought it was just some,Brandy Love,um adult film star Brandi Love being,facetious,but,ah,even if she is,I'm not gonna lie though this oh,I mean I gotta cause Fade to Spade I,said on Antonio Brown when he put out,the picture of,of um himself and Gisele,on there I said on him I thought that,was out of pocket,to be implying that you may have done,something with,another man's woman,especially right now when they're going,through trying times I mean you don't,have to be a Tom Brady fan,just from one man to another I mean it,don't matter whoever you like the person,or not is irrelevant,you don't do that,plus I don't think it's right assuming,Antonio Brown did anything I think it,was just Antonio Brown being the usual,jackass,but,you don't put your business out there,like that I I just think that's very,unmanly and that's clap chasing same,thing here I gotta call Spade of spade,and this is coming from somebody who,occasionally low-keys looks at,the skin flake here and there,you know because I'm not fully married I,don't have any kids,but,Brandy Love,I mean and for the most part it's just,flirty and harmless but even I gotta say,that's out of pocket the man's going,through a divorce right now,I'm pretty sure Giselle would not,appreciate any woman really,trying to holler at who's technically,still her man right now,I have a hard time,I'm thinking she'd appreciate that,I mean granted she may not care at this,point she probably don't if she went out,and got herself a divorce lawyer she,probably don't care at this point but,still I gotta call Spades pay,this is very out of pocket,in my opinion but to be a little,sarcastic a second a second if Tom Brady,was to take,Brandi Love up on her shall we say offer,oh I'm sure she would have no,problem,taking his mind off of his problems,saying if you've ever seen one of her,flicks,you know what I'm saying I don't think I,need to go into graphic detail,anyway,I'm out,oh one last thing that I found out right,before I was wrapping this video up,apparently this isn't for Brandy Love's,first time brushed with an NFL star,maybe not literally but at least in,terms of view,um Packers linebacker,Kamal Martin,apparently deleted his Twitter after a,link got around that he posted of a,movie featuring Brandi Love and court,and fellow adult film star Corey Chase,um which you'll see a picture of both of,them,right here,so apparently,this isn't the first time,Brandi Love has caught the eye of NFL,attention and anyone that follows her,which I'll I only Loosely follow her but,I know enough about her to know she's a,big time College in NFL football fan,so,so who knows,what's going on,um I still think it's in poor taste,right now considering the situation Tom,Brady is going through hey I called it,on Antonio Brown I gotta call it on,I gotta call it on them,on Brandy love as well,but who knows what goes on in that wacky,world of celebrity anyway I'm out for,real

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Yung Gravy Talks About His Leaked Tape

Yung Gravy Talks About His Leaked Tape

what about uh the the milf thing is this,that's real like i mean,yeah when did you conquer your first,mill or is this a is that a bit,it's no it's real it's real um,but i'm not i'm not loyal to just milfs,you know and people seem to have,realized that recently,you had a sex tape come out yeah yeah,yeah but what happened there anyway by,the way,what happened there well here we'll get,back to we'll get back to it the milf,thing,i did have i did have to answer your,question uh uh i was rudely interrupted,i i um,i,you brought it up you can't you you,hinted at it you alluded to it,so i um i did have an experience with a,much older woman when i was in high,school um and then again like in college,before any rap stuff and you know just,it felt right and i thought you know i,need to,sort of spread this this knowledge to,the rest of the you know the people,and uh it just it fit well with what i,was rapping about which you know,sometimes there was like food themes and,like you know being,i was gonna say being in the kitchen but,that's not a little bit offensive so you,know just like,i'm always rapping about being with,milfs and you know i got a song called,martha stewart it all kind of just you,know connects so uh,it's not a bit but you know i'm i'm not,i don't discriminate against uh women my,age,got it can i go back to the sex tape,league good are you ready for that yeah,i suppose so this happened last week,yeah man i was uh,it was uh,i believe i'm 98 sure it was this hacker,who hacked my phone you know you guys,know what a sim swap is yeah yeah where,they go pretend that they're you they go,to like your phone carrier and all that,happened to me two years ago and it was,it was this group called chuckling squad,which are like really legendary hackers,like,get everybody and they were trying to,get me for a while they finally did,uh i got my phone back i got everything,back but they got like my icloud,like i bought i mean they basically had,like three hours to do whatever they,wanted with my icloud and all that and,then i summoned my hacker and shout out,to eli i summoned my hacker and he out,hacked them and i got my stuff back but,but uh i figured it was all over and,then just very recently,i saw a tweet that went up and it was it,was,this video i mean it's i think it's,funny it's a hilarious video it's pretty,funny it's a funny video man like they,i mean luckily i don't know if i had,many other ones like saved to icloud i,don't know why that one was but but,i uh,it could have been worse and uh you know,i'm not you know they they they got it,out there when i first saw it i had 150,views,on twitter and i was like,all right i hit up like my lawyer and,everybody was like let's get this taken,down and then,it was a weekend that was the problem,they dropped it on a saturday everyone's,my lawyer was on vacation everybody else,is out of work,so they had two days to do what they,wanted and then come one day it had like,a bunch of re-uploads all of them had a,million views on twitter,and uh everyone just saw me ,throwing back shots while smiling,uh unfortunately some people some people,were disappointed in my dick game,because you know this was about i,remember the moment it was about 30,minutes into clapping cheeks and i'm i'm,you know it's right into the end it was,a good friend of mine we were you know,uh filming it just for you know friend,purposes and and keep it for later and i,got a leg cramp and and people are seem,to think that my dick game is weak now,so so uh it's literally the videos,literally you cramping up is that like,are you telling the truth right now yeah,no the video is literally me hitting,back shots for a second luckily there's,not a whole lot of like like genitalia,exposed,and then uh i,i had the phone with the flash on and i,like laid it down i'm like i basically,laid it down on this pillow to like you,know say forget like, it we're not gonna film this,anymore and it just so happened to land,on the pillow and it was facing me,and i was like it's funny because in the,video i literally like,i'm hitting cheeks and i like,go down to the camera and i was like oh,it's facing me and i was like hey buddy,like i referred to myself,as hey buddy so if you're talking i,literally looked so yeah i looked at,myself oh hey buddy and then i kept,going and i got a leg cramp and it's,like a 20 second video it could be worse,but,that's a lot like that yeah that's a lot,of that happens it's 20. yeah a lot,in 20 seconds talking,cramp,phone down it's like a very wholesome,sex tape it's yeah right it's it's funny,and i i feel bad like for people who,like might feel like differently about,me or scarred in some way but hopefully,overall people are like you know this is,like,it's fitting you know it's on brand it's,just like me you know being myself you,know,everybody yeah,i'll be but but it was an old,one it was a friend and uh,yeah man,it was uh it could be worse beautiful,definitely things could be worse

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Brandi Love Interview (Affairs ,Children,Husband,Married?) All Question Answered

Brandi Love Interview (Affairs ,Children,Husband,Married?) All Question Answered

hello everybody and if y'all don't know,her y'all have been living under a,serious serious rock it is beautiful the,amazing Brandi loved one of our favorite,honey's to bring back on and we've been,shooting with you a lot recently it's,it's an interesting script we have going,on and we won't give too much into it,but we already shot half of it which is,already out so talk to me about what it,was the last time well without you guys,if you haven't seen the trailer my god,you've got to get on that it's insane,it's a very futuristic concept there's,really nothing it's a hybrid of a,concept like the game where your mind,gets to go somewhere and and you feel,it's so real that you experience,everything that is happening but then,you wake up sort of speak but completely,clean computer future and of course the,ultimate sex game yeah it's completely,surrounded around the whole concept is,digging as deep as you can possibly dig,into your sexual desires so it's all,virtual reality based it is it is,virtual reality but the way it's shot,and the way the script reads is it's you,get caught up it's deep it's a really,good storyline,yeah the script I when I say yesterday I,was like I reread the script not,realizing it was the half of it from,yesterday half of it from today and it,reads like a book you know it really you,would capture it into what the storyline,is gonna do and I have not seen the,scene but I've seen the trailer and it,looked awesome like it looked so, cool yeah it shot incredibly,well I'm excited to be a part of it so,if if that technology was actually out,in existing today you as a performer in,the industry do you think that,eventually the realism of virtual,reality and being a personal sex fantasy,filling type of idea can come to,fruition do you think that's possible do,you think it'll ever go that way,um god that's such a great you think it,would take away from you all in in the,real life of performing to now would,papers are that's that's you will have,to wait and see but technology is,becoming I mean every day we wake up and,there's something new alright yeah even,in adult entertainment we've gone to VR,and you can you can have your own,fleshlight while you're watching a girl,VR and feel like you can feel as much as,possible like you are in that situation,and and working on this new feature with,you guys it kind of shows what could,happen if we go even farther than what,we have today so do I think it's,possible I do do I do I necessarily,think it's a it be a good thing for,people I don't because watching what's,happened with social media and the way,people already have lost the ability to,communicate what the happens if we,forget how to actually a physical,contact as well so it's a little,disconcerting it's a hot concept but,then when you really dig into it what,could happen to us if that becomes real,I don't know it's a little unnerving,that's a really good point that I,actually didn't even think about would,be the disconnection of your right,social media has made us less,communicative so if we start having tons,of virtual reality sex are we going,where users get to have that connection,with another human on a very chemical,basis that would be my concern and would,you get really selfish with it because,you've been having your own personal,fantasy fulfilled to every you know,dream you could imagine well that's just,it and if you're and if you're actually,fulfilling all of these with this,virtual person whom you're controlling,how do you ever have a real relationship,and deal with the emotions and the,realness of that person not your fantasy,so that now I have never seen the VR,poor and I know that this is new I don't,even really I understand the concept of,it because I haven't seen I guess I,don't have you watched any of it have,you filmed anything I have filmed some,and I have watched them and the first,time I shot if it was so different that,I didn't I didn't really get it and then,they turned the cameras and showed me,and I was like,I mean you you literally the way it shot,the technology is so cool that you feel,like the person sitting on your lap or,is literally it is so intense,interesting and then I guess when you,add the toys and do it or the flesh,lights that are personalized are getting,the next best thing to your 80% of the,way there,you're like - the flesh you you have the, like you have the ass like you,have this girl in your face yeah that's,crazy this is pretty crazy now,do you is is going the VR way something,that you would promote to your fans to,get a closer sense of being with Brandi,love or do you think that that,ultimately kind of disconnects because,they get you on a much false or sense I,think at this point it it brings your,real fan base to that next step um you,know you're not gonna show up at their,door at least I don't know your door,your favorite sorry guys sorry we're not,performing for over here I think,it does take you to that next class what,would it be like if I actually h

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Javi Mac Talks About His Experience Filming Lena Paul, Brandi Love and Karma RX at AVN | Disruptors

Javi Mac Talks About His Experience Filming Lena Paul, Brandi Love and Karma RX at AVN | Disruptors

I hope You're crazy And you Find us,brush d&g The One That You have to find,out What's the word with you Think about,the best in the wettest impressed I love,you pay for love you for uniform and,meaningful for the house of persian gulf,of and gone away vnevent receipt of,result of the bonus Ok sau doi Santa,Kawaii girls's evantra monsegur myt Navy,and more from play Running Man wanna,tell me what you want to drive nâng,Viber tay lên append query,Ừ thì con EVN EVN crazy If you'd like to,drink and wanting to simulate the family,happy birthday Yoona jingga kartika have,enough to think you like you our life,much weakens Vitamin A school live and,the call regina spektor weed Everyday,silvanus with the weather testament nè,Right now Right now nào của Asian tube,bore and help you make the Dragon Nest,Hair master of any parts,em ở mạng ship Of The planet of the,Faith and weather in now think they,could i have I Have Is Forecast widget,and What Make It is difficult One Touch,Me and refined and play eg John Cena,want to format it and Gentlemen and the,way that relate product image writer and,Surprise mới lên Hậu luôn là nhưng sao,China Is Better Baby no no no personal,privacy karicare now I Know I'm Atlas of,work is a lot of people don't want and,Grow rich à,ở dưới áp suất like to have một ly Coca,the weather like tomorrow the experts to,your Fast and Compact and single best,invention that for My Shoulders the,first and Trying to get your turn a man,like you man

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BRANDI LOVE SAID WHAT?!? | Black Ops Cold War

BRANDI LOVE SAID WHAT?!? | Black Ops Cold War

all right let's go down the list name,wash rubber mediterranean normality,he's already called us out bro word word,word a maggot,oh,baby let's go,angola central africa,oh repel all right i'm back,domination the repel skeets,no way you saw that why is this person's,name okay,that person's name is okay,this person's sitting at the front like,the middle rock top peak,yeah yeah literally about to get killed,by mufasa out here there's somebody far,out dudes,somebody's behind me now they're,spawning behind,i'm trying to open up the game,does that happen to anyone here has,anybody tried to download genji impact,on their pc,no wow,man this guy's doing doing circles,around this rock,all right dude oh my gosh,i was another one snapping i killed one,the other one killed me they just pumped,on me as soon as i traveled to require,mass outside at home at all times,honestly that should have stayed like,that especially,italy was one of the war spots for coven,early on,especially if you're downloading,something that's pretty,see a childish goat my name is that,man's name is childish goat okay i'm,going to the dunes over here i'm going,to kill this jaw wall real quick,i gotta hit him once here yeah,and then i just hit him with one burst,that was funny bro,i was wondering who was going to kill,this person uh they're coming up through,the canyons,let's be somebody,oh somebody just saved my eyes,on the butt childish guys one shot oh my,god normality canyon yeah coming up to,be outside,oh man i was on a bracket,yo this dude that was talking mad ,just popped off on me,dude i've been killing he's the one,talking yeah mad i'm ,him up too,see ya see ya oh,i got brandy sniped out there matt got,you never mind not brandy,he was talking too brandy nice,oh brandy love what the ,what the somebody's a bunch of, horny con players,i'm gonna go into it never mind,somebody's on the dunes i'm on the flank,behind the,canyons,what's happening,what's happening,and then i pop the shotgun trash,terrible,let me see it you're gonna come straight,into the lobby,big big swinging like let me find out,dude,you're not even humble bro you just came,in talking smack,down all right let's just hold back,a rocket launcher interesting,yo if we can't take beaten let's just,run around and see yeah,i'm going through the dunes right now,right on me,excuse me bad vibes i would never be,good,and they're like way out there,let's kill one they're,all right let's hold it i'm coming up,i'm coming up i'm trying to really,throw,we should take a blasted,yeah i'm saying but like you guys like,said like,minor back to them and now they're,like getting all angry and ,full try hard mode now this is funny how,that works out,dude one shot that bounce was,oh my god that was the luckiest bounce,i've ever seen,yeah hold b nice,dude,hey but remember normality we suck bro i,do,that that's true just dropped a quick 44,in,2022 it's okay i got 43 and 23 bro,oh my gosh,that's what you get for being rude,you

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Brandi Love doesn't approve of BLM

Brandi Love doesn't approve of BLM

all right what's going on everybody,today is going to be my first of,hopefully many i guess you could call,them,commentary videos i guess i guess that's,what they're labeled under,but today's stories are going to be,about well,we got two stories today karina kopp,and brandy love very very very,interesting subjects,i like both both of their own let's say,work one more than the other but i'm,still a fan of both,but we'll start off the video i guess,talking about karina,this is all happening on twitter by the,way if you don't have twitter get a,twitter,get a twitter instantly it's the best,thing out there but at the same time,it's the worst thing out there,but anyway let's get into it so if you,don't know what's happening i'll throw,some screenshots up,but karina says something on twitter,about,having an x or something like that and,then alex,fazed apps replied along the lines of,well,when you've dated almost every guy in la,that happens,and you know i thought this was a pretty,interesting and a very,funny subject to go over,and so as you know when she posts that,a lot of she got alex got some backlash,by um some simps i guess we can say,and i that's really going to be the,subject of the story is um,karina's simps because she's unfortunate,unfortunately she's she's got a lot,she's got a lot of sims,so after alex sub tweets that she,responds with oh yeah, shame me harder daddy,and when he responds of that the sims,the sims are,fearing for the her their queen they,don't like to see their queen and,despair and and anger they don't like to,see her hurt,so you know the sims come out the sims,come out in full attack mode,throw some screenshots up of some sims,that i found,found around yeah this this one this is,one of my favorite ones,i don't i don't understand what it goes,through people's heads,when they post like this but you,know what it happens it really does,happen,unfortunately it happens but it does,so then karina goes on and she she,shares the dms,and it looks like alex got played,i really i really thought alex had her,but he he was out he's out here,retracting going oh it was just a joke i,thought it was funny,i'll delete it if you want to like no, you can't do that,you made a stance once you make a stance,you can't just go back on it and,no that's not how this works alex you,got to do better than that,so that's you know disappointed i still,think he he got the final straw we can't,let these,women think they win if you know i'm,saying so that's really all in karina,about how she's got,she's got a lot of sims unfortunately,but,what's she going to do that's the world,we live in now the next story,brandy love this this is a good one i,really like this story so,if you don't know what's happening i,don't know how you wouldn't know what's,happening,we've got black lives matter movements,protests,riots all this going on it's very touchy,subject for a lot of people and i,understand,so someone tweeted at brandylove they,were asking do you support,blm and once again i'll put some,screenshots up they asking,do you support a blm and you know,considering,her um type of work and who she,works with you'd think she'd say yeah,she'd be like you know what i ,love blm,i love that bbc too but apparently not,she's not a huge fan of blm so she ended,up replying with,no just straight up no,which was a little a little shocking if,i may say,because from her former lines of work,i think she'd be all for blm but,you know apparently i was wrong and a,lot of other people thought differently,as well,so you can only imagine what the replies,to this tweet must be uh unfortunately,youtube doesn't allow that,i can't throw any up unfortunately but,just think to yourself,what does she like that involves bbc,or blm just think to yourself because,you go on twitter you'll find it but,unfortunately i just i can't throw it up,i just can't but you think that someone,from that background would,just be all for blm but she's for the,bbc,we know that much at least but that's,really it for,today's video i just thought those were,two funny subjects besides,blm and all that stuff happening in the,riots it's not a lot happening,not a lot to talk about so there's just,those two those two funny subjects that,i thought,you know maybe we could talk about it,for a little bit be funny to go over,which i i enjoyed it was it was nice but,yeah that's all for the video,if you liked it like comment and,subscribe and yeah i'll see you later

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