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I Took My Sports Betting Account From $500 to $10K In A Monthwhat's good everybody this your boy ric

Rico's Way

Updated on Jan 18,2023

I Took My Sports Betting Account From $500 to $10K In A Month

what's good everybody this your boy rico,and i want to talk about a huge,milestone that i accomplished last night,i took my sports bet in account from,500.,500 to 10 000 in a month man,and i'm gonna talk to y'all about how i,did it,now before i get into all of that i'm,gonna,edit a part in here uh basically,giving you the real time uh i don't want,to just show a screenshot,of my total balance i want to do it in,real time in a video form so y'all know,that it's 100,legit so i'm going to do that right now,here's my account see my name rico,lindsey,legend level one balance of ten thousand,dollars available to withdraw,crazy crazy,man,now that you see that everything is 100,legit because i know a lot of people be,getting on these videos and capping but,you know your boy,do not be capping anything that i say on,here man,is a hundred percent like it's things,that i've accomplished,period point blank man and i love the,transparency because,i want to show everybody that you can do,it too you know i'm saying these are,things that,are not out of your room you know i'm,saying if you follow what i'm telling,y'all to do,you're going to be able to do it now,when,i came across sports ben it was about a,month ago um in my discord,a couple of the homies they already did,sports bets,and we uh got on the conversation and uh,they were doing it so i was like man how,can i get into this,and then they put me on to uh bravado,what not because i can't use draftkings,because i'm in california,so when i first got on it you know of,course like,making money is always going to excite,me i'm a gambler,i enjoy it you know what i'm saying like,you know i don't get out of hand with it,but,i really do enjoy gambling um pretty fun,so i was like cool you know what i'm,saying i'll put some bread on some games,you know what i'm saying,but when i first started doing it i,didn't see the full potential so when i,first started putting money on games,i'm just putting money on games thinking,like oh this team should win,you know what i'm saying it is what it,is um they should beat this team,like this is simple you know what i'm,saying and then those teams was losing,and i was like man what the hell they,like yo reek man,it's not that simple bro you know what,i'm saying you got to worry about,like who's playing that night you got to,worry about their schedule,people are tired you got to worry about,if they're home,or away you know it's a lot of layers,to choosing who's going to win or lose,in sports but and you know i was like,damn,like you know it took me some time,because you know,i was doing parlays i was doing a lot of,stuff and i didn't understand,you know fully the magnitude of parlay,so,you know i was just going heavy and,losing,and the crazy thing was i seen one of,the homies in the group,and i seen that uh they were putting,like a little bit of money up on that,parlays and hitting for something big,i'm like man what the hell like i'm i'm,hustling backwards you know what i'm,saying i'm i'm putting up too much risk,you know what i mean so that's where i,was like okay if i'm going to do this,thing,like i need to treat this like the,market you know what i'm saying and most,of y'all know me,for trading in the stock market you know,what i'm saying so i was like yo,i'm going to take the same type of,approach,and i'm going to apply some rules so i,started my journey,and if you're in my discord you can see,my journey,from you know starting you know i kept,over my i kept a log of all my bits that,i put in,you know and you can see like i was just,taking l's because i was just learning,like learning how to pick,you know when i should go heavy when i,should go light,you know what i'm saying things like,that just fine-tuning my strategy,along the way you know what i'm saying,because,you know i had to get some rules in,place if i was going to do this thing,right i had to get some rules in place,so once i started understanding how to,pick,teams and whatnot you know things,started to get interesting,i started to see myself get some wins i,started this,to see the dubs become more consistent,but,um you know it was one big thing that i,changed you know,because i'm yo when i get into something,i started looking for information,you know just more and more information,and i came across a couple guys that's,been in the game and they was talking,about how,you know you should focus on single bits,and that's what i started doing i,started,you know shying away from all the,parlays and i started focusing on single,bits,so with the single because i mean nine,times out of ten if you think about your,parlay,you know it's usually like one or two,games offer winning you know what i'm,saying,the majority of games like you pretty,much can win you know what i mean,so when i started focusing on singles,you know i started seeing my money gun,come up and i had a little plan with,that but i realized like my plan was a,little bit off because,of the money i was betting but it was,getti

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Impossible 😱 ...$1 to $597,000 on Bovada Blackjack

Impossible 😱 ...$1 to $597,000 on Bovada Blackjack

oh look at that seven of diamonds,ah oh my god stop have to stop,you got two seven of the diamond cnc oh,my god,so now we have to wait and have a chance,to win the big prize of jackal,so do you understand what's going on,here,so sir cmc you have the chance,so yeah you have the chance to win the,big prize or all that you need is,another seven diamonds oh my god,yeah goodbyes,let's go now you have to do it you have,to do it guys let's go,you have to now you have to this is,yours it's yours so,call another sailing now just call,another serial diamond right let's,go hi guys thank you for the assistant,hello cmc well i can see you after seven,of diamonds i'm so glad that you know,that you are eligible to win the big,jackpot promotion if you hit the end you,got the third one you will win the big,prize please allow me a moment to,research some information,okay now this is the time to call the,good wives,all the good,yeah of course now you have to get that,it's just another set of diamonds if you,get two you can get another one it's,easy right,i wish you the best,of the luck i really do,this is something huge cmc you know this,is the biggest thing here,the big price i don't know how much,money is really i don't even know,it's just a lot of money so,you have,you are very lucky right now,i am thank you one more time now you're,ready to continue we should have some,flux again now let's go,let's see now,okay oh look at that this is there in,here you gotta run me too now let's go,guys,i am sitting in a secondary block but,the results last and also eighteen,is,let's see,no way,no way,oh no it's done,this is not true,oh,oh my god this is crazy,i don't see okay,dear house now,let's go,16 and oh too many years everybody one,and this crazy wow,oh my god i'm shaking look at that,guys this is crazy you have the seven of,diamonds in another one no,this is one in a lifetime guys

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No fluff, how I made $400,000 betting on sports part-time & why I write software for bettors

No fluff, how I made $400,000 betting on sports part-time & why I write software for bettors

hey what's up youtube my name is alex,and i graduated from stanford in,mathematics and computer science i'm a,i'm a data guy i'm a software guy but,there are two things that i really love,the first is,betting on sports and beating the,sportsbooks and the second one is pretty,related but it's writing software to,help myself bet on sports and beat the,sportsbooks um i think why i've always,been so fascinated by sports betting is,unlike other forms of gambling like,slots or roulette in sports betting you,can actually have a mathematical profit,margin over the sports book and win in,the long term and that's what these,videos are going to be about we are,going to talk about becoming a more data,driven a more mathematical and most,importantly a more profitable sports,bettor so there won't be any fancy,graphics no fluff no bs i'm not a movie,producer but,i hope you watch until the end of this,video because we are going to talk about,key concepts to making money in sports,betting,now me personally i have profited over,four hundred thousand dollars since,regulated sports betting came to the,united states in 2018 i've never done it,full-time and i would never even,consider doing it full-time and in this,video i'll try to weave in my experience,to share show and prove to you,everything that i am saying,now,very briefly before we dive in i want to,make very clear i'm not saying that,sports betting in the us or canada is,easy because it's absolutely not i have,spent thousands of hours building models,to help myself bet on sports writing,software to identify line discrepancies,and profitable betting opportunities it,is not easy and sports betting is never,going to be a game for the impatient,those who want to get rich quick um and,even the slow to be a great sports,bettor you have to be fast disciplined,and also mathematical um and that's kind,of what we're going to talk about so,before we dive in we can take a look,very briefly at one of my sportsbook,accounts um draftkings just to see you,know before i started odds jam how,seriously i was betting,so here we can see an example of what,one of my many many sportsbook um,accounts looks like so this is my,draftkings and there are nights between,sportsbooks i've had over fifty thousand,dollars but spread across you know 35,plus bets all on bets that are,mathematically profitable so you'll see,wins and losses here nobody wins every,time it's all about finding odds in your,favor so that you win in the long run,right it's kind of like investing you,won't win every day as a profitable,better you obviously won't win every bet,but over the course of the long run you,will make money,and for me it's a pretty incredible,feeling to know i have a mathematical,profit margin in every bet that i place,um sit back and ultimately watch games,and let the math work itself out to make,me money so yeah pretty crazy account,the last thing i'll say before we dive,in is that if you like this content,please like please subscribe please,share that's really the only way i know,that this content is actually valuable,to other people um,just aside from hearing myself talk i'll,also leave my email in the description,and please do not hesitate to reach out,with any questions so concept one,this is the most important concept in,sports betting and it is the realization,that sports is a financial market just,like the stock market my background is i,worked as a quantitative trader on wall,street and i understand this may sound,very weird to some people but in sports,betting it is not about sports it is not,about picking winners it is about,identifying inefficiencies and odds on,u.s and canadian canadian sports books,in taking advantage of them and there,are a lot of inefficiencies on u.s and,canadian sportsbooks,now when i say financial market there,are two important parts to that the,first is that sportsbook odds are not,static and second they are determined by,supply and demand and things can move,quickly just like the you know price of,gamestop stock can go from 160 one,minute to 200 the next minute in sports,betting it's exactly the same if kevin,durant gets injured maybe the nets in,tonight's game go from minus 200 odds to,minus 120 odds in a matter of minutes um,the nets are less likely to win and,that's reflected in the odds at the same,time maybe kyrie irving is expected to,have the ball more in his over 30 points,goes from -110 odds to -210 odds um,again odds are constantly constantly,changing across bookmakers as new,information is absorbed into the market,and bettors place bets,supply and demand so yeah that's concept,one sports betting is a financial market,like all others,and this is really important to,understand because unlike other markets,the sports betting market is very,inefficient you have hundreds of,bookmakers in this global ecosystem,largely setting odds independently,firing a bunch of algorithms trying to,balance supply and demand on both sides,and update their odds and this yields a,l

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hey what's up guys how's it going making,another plane explained today back in,the 500 Zone streets,um,looks like the pool's filled up I tried,to record a little bit earlier but the,pool died pretty quickly but it looks,like we have a,some five and six hanging games now so,should be good to go,as always just gonna talk through um my,decisions and try and play,as best I can obviously we're in,Anonymous pool so no real reads,um so we'll just have to use stack size,and bed sizing,um,to try and make adjustments against our,opponents,pretty standard spot three value Earth,Wind,and defending on pairs blind respond to,the three bet,so pretty bad board for us against,one-third I would consider continuing to,everybody on top plot just uh it's gonna,fold,okay flopping gutter on the right just,gonna call not gonna be doing too much,raising on this texture because it's,quite bad for us obviously,and if we Face a check I think this is,the type of hand that,wants to start betting,um one of your blocks again it's pretty,interesting,I'm still gonna call,and I'll fold the river blocking his,books,foreign,you know we can make it straight and,get a street of value against some,you know two pair top pair that might,play that way um then also we'll have,the opportunity to block Rivers,um,he text to us against the Min Rays I'll,defend Ace nine here easy fold on the,clock,uh we Face a check back,I'm actually tempted to buff this one,I've blocked Queen nine I block Ace,Queen we're gonna need some Bluffs on,four Club run out so if we only left the,turn with hands I have a club in them,then when the rivers are club we just,won't have any Buffs and so it's nice to,use,um,straight drop for that basically because,we have Equity against his continuing,range you know if he has a set or two,pair or something um,or even one pair we have Equity against,that and then,we'll have a plot from the fourth Club,comes in so we see a limb I am going to,ISO but there are some players in this,pool who play Limp craze strategy from,under the gun so,um we'll know quickly,if uh,if we should continue limping or not uh,pretty good flow sorry if we should,continue ice swing wide against limps or,not,um,call which is perfect get a good board,just gonna start with a small bed,and I think,I'm just gonna Barrel my head has so,much equity,and he can float the flow with tons of,over cards that we benefit from getting,fold on the turn,obviously getting raised is not ideal,but our hand is too strong to fold,straight flush,obviously just folding against a bit if,he checks I will buff this is super,weird I don't really understand his,sizing but,um kind of block her lip ups and,can't call so I'm not gonna do anything,okay it's Jack easy Culver's three bit,flopped on pair always a good start,okay it's a very small bet like a fifth,part not gonna play,any raises in this spot,I think if you want to build a small,raising range you can but prefer to,simplify and just play Pure call with,everything here,so there's the king Jack,Queen 10 Park tens Ace 10. so not an,ideal turn,uh kind of a weird turn size,actually sorry I suppose,so Diamond should be much better for me,so you should,be a little concerned on this River,I think facing Jam here it's gonna be,tough for him to have enough Buffs,knees to both hands like,pocket sixes with the diamond,maybe some 10x,I think I'm kind of holding it yet I'm,calling some stronger hands,okay start with a small bit,actually gonna check back on this turn,kind of block all the hands that we want,him to call us with and unblock all the,nutted hands like clubs and straights so,let me check and buff catch river,worked out well,all right defend the queen 10.,not an ideal flop men's one-third can,consider floating,this big bit,the fold,against check that's awesome,um really good board for us now so I'm,just going to start with lots of small,bits,again you can use some big sizes here as,well if you want to split your range,mine's actually pretty good for me,because I'll be buffing with a ton of 9x,on the turn and I have lots of strong,hands in this line so get over a bit,here just targeting his ace high King,High,Deuces 3x 4X type stuff,let me take it down,okay it's everything he's jack of,diamonds taking it down sevens,small three bets this guy's probably a,weaker player,um not gonna do much folding to a three,bit this small um this hand obviously is,gonna call,so not a terrible thought,expecting to see in bed like half pot,because,I think a lot of weaker players will,just end up clicking that,button post Club a bit smaller my hand's,an easy call obviously,pretty good turn he's going to want to,slow down with a lot of his over pairs,he has less jackets now Etc,and on the right with this Jack we've,got some on the clock gonna check back,turn,make a full house on the river okay,facing their small bit just gonna call,the sevens hope this guy's just like,doing something silly with these kingy,screen tips so,oh,so I make the nuts unless he has a jack,

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DGF SHOW l 2022-23 NFL Wild Card Weekend Picks & Predictions l Best Bets Handicapper Expert 1/14/23

DGF SHOW l 2022-23 NFL Wild Card Weekend Picks & Predictions l Best Bets Handicapper Expert 1/14/23

welcome to the don't get food show with,big green eggs NFL World Cup weekend,let's go with them all right boys and,girls Wild Card Weekend is here cannot,wait it's gonna be a juicy juicy weekend,coming off a me and big Reed coming off,a five in one week just completely tore,it up the sports books got torn a new,one and we're gonna keep that momentum,rolling cannot wait big Reed there's a,lot of good games on the docket and,before we get into the games we just got,done watching the national championship,game held here in Los Angeles at Sofi,Stadium,TCU just got a good old spanking by,Georgia,65-7 bigory that was I mean a doozy of a,game biggest margin of Victory by a team,in the call college football,championships just not even a game I,mean I know this is an NFL video so,we'll keep it pretty close but what are,your thoughts big re on that on that ass,whooping I mean I was I really didn't,watch any of it got home at halftime,uh-huh it was already over by then so I,really didn't watch the third 38-7 yeah,you know it's over then,yeah I mean that was you know 38 7 38 7,at halftime I mean you already knew the,game was done 65-7 to end the game,um yeah I mean honestly this is what I,expected I you know I I called Georgia,to cover and we both said we liked the,over if we're gonna take it,um just look you can't you know George,is another Beast right these you know,TCU going up against some of these other,teams I mean yeah they I think everybody,got fooled by that Michigan they put up,a good amount of points on Michigan and,everybody got fooled and we didn't get,fooled and I hope the viewers didn't get,fooled there that they weren't going to,do that to Georgia and Georgia really,showed TCU who's daddy for sure that's,really who it is I mean that they really,got spanked um and this is gonna hurt,them in the future too like there's a,reason why these schools are not in the,championship play out in the playoffs,and Championship conversation you're in,Europe they just cannot compete with,these sec teams they just can't yeah I,feel bad for you know Alabama Alabama,should have been here this would have,been a way better game than you know TCU,so disappointing but um you know it was,a good end I guess for Georgia,back-to-back national championships,congrats to Georgia and um you know I'm,sure they're going to be the favorite,you know yeah going into next season,stenson's leaving that's a big time that,is big but the you know they'll fill,them in honestly not too worried so,that'll be good but um you know that's,kind of bad on the college football,championships let's get into a quick,recap Big Reed,last week you know we'll go down of the,games quickly you know Chiefs beat the,Raiders as expected nothing to discuss,the Jaguars Jaguars and Tennessee,Jaguars won 20-16 big read what was your,thoughts on that game that was a really,good game I mean Derrick Henry had a big,game I mean uh it pretty much did that,pick six won them the game the fumble,return yeah fumble return whichever it,was and,uh that uh that was a close game closer,than I thought yeah yeah I mean Jags,that was one of them that was my walk of,the week I took Tennessee and they came,through and honestly Jackson lost that,game clear as day I mean they got a,lucky football football fumble return,dabs you know two fumbles in that game,can't win games and they're doing that I,mean the defense played well Henry,played well he actually played pretty,good that's the sad part about it is he,led them through but you know the fumble,return and that was the difference but,congrats the Jacksonville Jaguars,they're in the playoffs for the first,time you know what 17 I think yeah and,with the Blake Bortles era but um you,know congrats to them and shashai Khan,shout out to shed Khan congrats to the,owner of the Jags,um Steelers 28-14 versus the Browns you,picked the Steelers another winning,season under Mike Tomlin 16 straight,years impressive that's impressive and,before you know before we get into some,of the other games real quickly big re,you came back from your European,Excursion and you went 3-0 last week,bigory so shout outs to Big Reed going,3-0,um like what was it like you just got,refreshed on the on the vacation yeah,and you go on vacation more I mean we,might have to send you out you know,every other week with the dgf budget bro,yeah I mean you're gonna start going 3-0,when you get back I'm sending you every,other week yeah seriously I mean Amy,Vegas is the next stop maybe I mean,wherever you want to go if you're going,to come back and you're gonna go a clean,sweep 3-0 we're sending you on and we'll,give you the per diem for sure hell yeah,you know so whatever you want bigory but,3-0 bigory is back refresh you must have,had a really good time on that trip,agreed yeah yeah I mean you you,definitely something you know you're,walking a little bit taller now you know,and so three and oh so you know whatever,it was you know you got to have more of,that big reef we need t

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Overbets at Bovada $500NLz - AIvers2 Play & Explain

Overbets at Bovada $500NLz - AIvers2 Play & Explain

definitely not folding to this half,puppet so he's basically wrapping hand,like you know fours five six of sevens,some of those are gonna bet the flop,though um,so he might be more likely to have,just garbage um,i mean,um is jack going to three bet in these,positions and the size down one big line,uh just because he's a little bit short,uh pretty bad flop i think this one we,need to be quite passive on and again,normally don't flat but when they've,been raised especially when i have a,fish the big blind always know about the,same but yeah like my opponent's gonna,have sevens tens sorry like all the sets,here,uh and i'm not gonna have them i'll have,10 sometimes but i might have the other,one so i need to be very careful um once,he checks back i actually think,um you know we have our range advantage,again because we have all the over pairs,still i'm going to use a very polarizing,size here basically saying hey like i,have,pocket jacks or ace 10 or better,basically,i'm going to fall here but don't love it,um so just using a big size and i think,my hand makes sense,we'll get him to fold some east canyon,something sweet potentially,and we still have a gut shot and two,over,i think now like this player's too,likely to be,just betting like random 7x or 6x so the,more merged he is the worse it is,just folding the turn,i would call a lot of bad hands there,but i think i need a bit better improve,ability you know ace queen would be a,better call for instance,um because i still beat all this buffs,but then i have equity against like,these pairs,um so this one's a bit different i think,like we have pocket jacks we have pocket,nines we have queen 10 suited so we can,do more wedding,um again like not a thrilling situation,but,checking kind of sucks too so i'd rather,just bet,uh and then when we pick up zero equity,i'm just gonna check,with barrel obviously on a heart,um i don't mind blocking here on the,right allows us to value that force and,straight,and,now i will go,bigger,um,over betting here not in love with it,but,you know we can have all the repairs,still,i don't expect that to happen a lot like,maybe i should just give up but,feels so weak just to check,and lose,like,i gotta be pretty careful with my,overpairs even if i decide to bet bob um,definitely will be checking some on the,turn,and then once he checks back like all my,old repairs obviously not in the spot so,a big size could even just jam there if,i wanted to,maybe that's better maybe my sizing is,amazing but,um,yeah i want to put hands like,you know pocket 10 some 9x,seven pocket sevens like those types of,hands,i think i should have jammed the s5,actually,he sort of called his hand so i think i,saved money but,i think it's just a better size,anyway he's getting pretty bad,take it down,good enough to call,all right,start with the bet,also check this one,uh so normally i would float this but,against a huge size,i would face a raise um can't go,anywhere with two overs factor flush,drop,and very bad turn for our range so just,folding i expect him to be barreling a,lot,his size is very interesting but can't,do anything with this one,against memories and this,open-ended i don't think this is one of,the ones i want to check rates though,um i think on the turn i want to mainly,use the block size,um could also use some over best because,we have so many strong hands here,and then i will about the river and we,can value that like very thinning spot,um like he has a lot of high carb hands,and just call a lot of base eyes etc,so,i think this is going to work very well,small bit on the right,take it down,keep going for a few more minutes before,calling it i think wait for like one or,two more interesting spots,try and stack one more guy hopefully,all right,same hand both tables,on the right,all right a little something again,checking a lot multi-way up position,pretty,not so great turn i think i'm still,gonna stab here though like i have,equity against some portion of the range,um,either of them would have better sorry,this player would have better jack on,the flop i might bet all of his asex in,the club too he's flatting in position,against 2.5x which is like kind of a,fish indicator so his range might be way,too wide and the big blind range here is,going to be super wide as well so expect,like,this to generate a lot of folds,when he tanks it that long on the turn i,don't think he has an ace anymore like,first of all i think sometimes he bets,that on the turn and then secondly,when he tanks forever,uh,i think he more likely has some sort of,king high hand,just folding here against the 3x,i could maybe through that very low,frequency,checking a lot multi-way,and just going to try and show down this,hand,definitely not folding to this half,puppet so he's basically wrapping hand,like you know fours five six of the,sevens some of those are gonna bet the,flop though um,so he might be more likely to have,just garbage um,i mean,i don't think he has a jack but,i'm not going

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"People want to deny numbers, they deny what they’re watching" | Scoop Talks #3 /w Gary Sheffield Jr

"People want to deny numbers, they deny what they’re watching" | Scoop Talks #3 /w Gary Sheffield Jr

assistant,a lot of that LV is where you can place,Wagers for games every place everywhere,baseball basketball football MMA,Cricket maybe,presidential betting odds maybe it's all,One Stop Shop Bovada LV it's where you,can place those wages I'm Brandon Scooby,Robinson looking at me on the other side,of the screen is,Gary Sheffield Jr brother what's going,on,scoop what's up I know you want to talk,that little top five that we were,discussing on Twitter I'm ready Twitter,gets us in trouble a lot so the other,day I think it was hoop Central had uh,tweeted out your Laker or not even Laker,it was your top five all time and I said,Michael magic Kobe,Shack,and Kareem,and you said I think you said no LeBron,yeah I I said how is there not LeBron,James in your top five and I replied and,said well well geez Louise I feel like I,am being quizzed before they tell me,whether I'm going to the Gates of Hell,or Heaven,yeah,LeBron James is polarizing I mean it's,just what it is LeBron James has been a,polarizing figure because the second,LeBron got here it was like is this dude,better than Michael he they didn't say,is he better than Kobe they didn't say,is he better than magic it was and even,though I think we both can agree LeBron,is probably most like Magic Johnson but,nobody compared on the magic they,compared him to Michael because we we,had an idea that this guy is supposed to,be the next Michael Jordan well people,don't like those type of expectations as,much as they say they do they don't,because they like to see you start from,humble beginnings which of course LeBron,did in his personal life but he didn't,in his professional life in professional,life this dude showed up to Cleveland,and he was the man he averaged 19 points,a game at 18 years old,in year two,he was immediately contributing to,winning immediately,he turned Cleveland into a 50-some win,team by year two and three,and that's how good LeBron James was so,in my estimation I don't try to get into,the counts of how many titles did this,guy win how many titles did that guy win,and try to compare him in that way,because it's so unfair and there's too,many factors involved but when I look at,LeBron James,I feel like you can think that Michael,Jordan's a better player and maybe a,Kobe Bryant but I can't see three four,five players being better than LeBron at,this point okay so if you had to pick,your top five players of all time in the,NBA,in your opinion no particular order who,are they,in my mind and,I can't exactly say like this guy's,better than that guy but I can't have,Kobe Bryant LeBron and Michael Jordan,outside of my top five I just can't do,that I've always felt like watching,those guys play basketball on film,I'm not watching a player that there's,really been better than that I've never,seen better than this when I watched,Kobe Bryant score 81 on Toronto I never,felt like there were five or six guys in,the league in the history of the game,that could do that I felt like I was,watching a once in a generation type,player and that's why I have to put Kobe,Bryant in my top five LeBron James I,would probably put Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,he's got to be in my top five,and in my mind the most dominant player,in the history of the game Shaquille,O'Neal Shaq was probably the best player,in he's probably the best player in the,history of the world,when he was in his prime with Kobe by,his side the issue for Co the issue for,Shaq was that Shaq didn't have the same,work ethic of course nobody had the same,work ethic maybe as maybe LeBron James,did but Shaq was partying he was hanging,out he was having a good time and even,he'll tell you I didn't take this that,serious,and it cost him in terms of longevity as,soon as he got traded to Miami he he,showed up he wouldn't bow down to Kobe,Bryant and let him take the reins and,he's like this is D Wade's team,partially that was a little slide at,Kobe but at the same time Shaq was not,Shaq anymore and he should have been,So based on what he did with the Lakers,I've got to say Shaq is in my top five,so that's gotta be it so you've got Kobe,LeBron Michael Kareem and Shaq but no,magic no Magic Johnson why,well,for Magic Johnson I felt like,in terms of what he was working with,with his rosters,it doesn't take away from the greatness,that Magic Johnson was because he was,still Elite and he was Elite at multiple,different positions he wasn't just this,past first point guard he was also,playing Center in the NBA Finals with,success so I can't say it's anything he,couldn't do on the floor,it's more so,a point guard that's not a score,I don't know if I can give them the edge,because your teammates have so much to,do with what you're doing in terms of,success in terms of scoring in terms of,Defending and Magic Johnson to me is an,an all-time great player but and of,course we're talking about a guy I would,rank sixth or seventh all time so this,it's not like I'm throwing them into the,top 30. but,am I going to look at a guy who is a,30-poin

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Sean Hannity And Rep. Boebert Clash Over Speaker Vote | The View

Sean Hannity And Rep. Boebert Clash Over Speaker Vote | The View

welcome to the view listen we want to,start by telling everyone who may be,impacted by this bomb Cyclone that is,slamming into California right now do,whatever you need to do to stay safe,they are not fooling around a state of,emergency has been declared so listen to,everything that officials are advising,because they're letting they want you to,know this could be very dangerous for a,lot of people,that being said what can be even more,dangerous for a lot of people is this,Kevin McCarthy,I like it,who is hoping that the seventh time is a,charm today,so far he has lost six rounds of votes,to become speaker of the house and he is,making,Promises of concessions I mean he's,promising his children he said I you,know I'll give you a heart valve if you,need whatever you need make me the one,and far-right opponents like Lauren,bovard who took her arguments from the,house floor to Hannity last night it's a,whole thing take a look who is your,final choice of speaker and if you can't,get more than let's say 30 votes will,you follow your own advice uh that you,were asking Donald Trump in withdrawal,there are certainly names that are being,floated around and hey maybe I should,nominate president Donald J Trump,tomorrow but Sean I I did watch your,show last it's a game show like we're,going to pick on this Motion,Picture Jim Jordan one day Donald's the,other day Trump the next day Kevin,McCarthy does not have 218 votes Kevin,McCarthy and you have 20. I,I asked you a very specific question If,by Friday,well not Sean I will not withdraw,laughs,ah okay,so it kind of sounds like she's not,budging so I I got what I'm gonna ask,you what is the big boohoo to Sean,Hannity Fox News and the right wing,media created Lauren that's right,they've featured her on air they've,turned her into the star so now she's,weaponizing that power and it honestly,kind of reminded me of when Hannity,before January 6th had people on his,Airwaves spreading election lies waving,affidavits of alleged voter fraud and,then after January 16 we need to stop,with these election Lies We need to you,know not be spreading that anymore you,created this you own it that's the,reason the house the house Republican,conference is in chaos right now and we,can't get a governing majority my,prediction remains Kevin McCarthy is,giving them the kitchen sink he's given,them a kidney anything that he can I,don't see how he can pull it off I just,don't see how he can there are five who,are so intractable he's not going to,move them so it's gonna get to a point,and this is where I would love to see,Democrats and Republicans come together,why not have some rokana a very,Progressive member of the left has said,he'd be willing to support someone like,a Mike Gallagher a Fred Upton somebody,who's a moderate Republican if there's,some agreements they're actually going,to move bills that help them but this,caucus is going to screw with them,anyway but if there's enough Democratic,votes they don't need the far right you,know this my mother used to say don't,spit up in the air it comes back in your,face yeah you know so just to put a,button on what you just said that they,have been bolstering and putting these,this Lauren bobrit she makes kellyanne,Conway look like Henry Kissinger,she is another motor mouth who doesn't,stop talking did you want you have to,watch the interview thing yeah 10,minutes of hilarity watch it no it's,it's I I think what's very sad is that,this is not good for the Republican,party and Kevin McCarthy should see that,at this point he's letting his own,ambition for power take over reason,because he has offered them this thing,called motion to vacate which means he,can easily be removed as speaker if he,gets speaker by one of the crazy Fringe,Looney far right people that are,opposing him so if you give away all,your power as Speaker what good is it to,have the position and I so why does he,want it it is a really nice balcony that,you get though it's a great thank you,maybe it's the office that he already,moved into why does he want the Paw job,if something were to happen it's a very,powerful position but if he hasn't,really got the power because they're,going to throw a whammy in it what's the,point that's that's what doesn't make,sense to me and it's blind listen nobody,wants this job nobody wants this job but,no but they don't want him yeah that is,the problem that is the problem and it,just you know one would think somebody,would say to him Kevin,no it's not gonna happen let us find,somebody else who can get this done,because at some point we are going to,have to make a decision and better to,make a smart decision than the decision,you're making because once you give all,your power away that means if it turns,out that they're even too crazy for you,there's nothing you can do about it this,is a ripe opportunity for as as Alyssa,was saying for Democrats to step up,because we talked about it here the,popcorn and how we were joking about the,memes and like enjoyin

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