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Thicke Girls of TikTok Part 6 | Twerk Twitter | Booty Twerk | Twerk Tiktok | Billie Eilish Twerkingu

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Updated on Jan 27,2023

Thicke Girls of TikTok Part 6 | Twerk Twitter | Booty Twerk | Twerk Tiktok | Billie Eilish Twerking

uh,that's the kind of stuff you watch from,a distance,if you ever wonder why short girls don't,seem to be afraid of anything it's,because we've been doing death defying,stunts just to reach our cabinet since,we stopped growing at 11 years old,holy girl queen boss your,boyfriend's ugly do you want to,be my girlfriend instead,do you ever look at somebody and just,want to the absolute living ,out of them but then at the same time,you just want to give them a cuddle cook,them some dinner make sure that they're,emotionally stable,baby when it comes down to the thighs,they gonna eat up some shorts,i'm sorry,not everybody fits in the bad ,genre it's the genre,if you don't like big girls you,shouldn't be on my page if you scared of,my stomach you should be on my page,good afternoon guys,i came over here to introduce myself,i'm from louisiana,i currently live in mississippi i'm 42,years old and yes i am single,anything else it's none of your, business,unless i want to tell you,i want to know if i showed up to our,date wearing this what would you do,what would you do,uh

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Smacking The Booty Prank!

Smacking The Booty Prank!

do you smack me,what the is wrong with you,did you smack my ass excuse,what are you doing,seriously why are you smacking girl's,ass forever,oh,right there,her eyes i came over here to see what,y'all are arguing like real quick bro,you got to be are you serious right now,you're dressed,why would you do that that's what you,like to do,no what are you talking about,no it was not how it was me it was you i,wasn't even here oh you smacked your,hands bro,relax bro i'm trying to tell you you,smacked your ass i didn't smack her out,why she said that you did it then i,don't know i think i know what why,because you're on the camera jean,so sorry,did you smack my ass i'm not what the, is wrong with you i didn't like,your ass yes you did,it wasn't even,he smacked my ass,yeah cool,whatever,i'm gonna call the cops so i better,watch out yeah yeah i am,yeah what,what the ,why did you do that that wasn't me why,did you slap my ass bro not me come on,girl you know it wasn't me i just saw,you do it right here what guy listen,that guy no it wasn't me bro seriously,listen why would you do that it wasn't,me it was that guy,you're talking about this guy that did,it why you smacked your ass playing what,are you talking about,slap a girl's ass and just make it seem,like it was me man,you smacked the girls ain't got nothing,to do with me,can't be out here bro,listen man i'm not even about this life,listen why are you getting so expensive,aggressive you can't be going around,smacking me,trying to smack me,i can get arrested for the that's,me ask your question you like crangles,huh that's what they're saying you like,your angles of course i like your,english you like your angles right of,course okay so i'm gonna check to see if,my cameraman has a good angle okay,what's that,who did oh the imaginary guy right there,what is wrong with you,are you serious,what did i do bro man bro,are you kidding me are you kidding me,are you serious are you serious are you,serious are you kidding me i didn't,touch you i wanted,smack,you gotta check the tape,crazy happened and i just,did you smacked my ass was him it was,who,i'm a lady you can't do that join me,smack your ass do you want me to dress,your mother excuse me no hate you excuse,me excuse me,i'm calling,bro seriously who could have been,literally no one over here you just,slapped my ass for what i was just,walking i was minding my own business,you're mind your own business and then,slap my ass for what right here,what do you mean right here i promise,you with him,hey you can't be going around slapping,people's ass getting the only with,the blue shirt you're walking walking,away you come back over here come on i,don't even know what you're talking,about right now this lady said that you,smacked your ass and i'm trying to,figure it out bro i'm not going to play,with you better say what you did first,of all but i didn't do nothing i didn't,even know you did it though,you're on camera,you're on camera right now,did you just touch my butt hello you,just touched my ass you lost your rabbit,ass bye excuse me what'd you call me why,would you do that well i got too much,money to slap you you had too much money,in your like what are you talking about,the right kardashian that has no more,money,what the ,did you smack my ass right now i've seen,homie,saw,oh see there's no guy look look there's,no guy look everybody look there's no,guy it was him he was right by me he,watched it he was right behind me the,guy ran behind you right by you and,slapped you cool what guy i have to do,what guy are you guys friends or,something oh i don't even know are you,serious they have cameras here he,smacked my ass to the store get involved,the dude just rambled walking to the,store and then i was in the car see,you're on camera oh ,these pranks dude to get you in,trouble dude i'm a gangster i own all,these this whole block here be careful,what the,whoa you just slap my ass bro bro what,is wrong with you are you serious yo,someone bro what is wrong with you that,was man's bro who,who was that i just saw you slap my ass,bro those names right here what are you,talking about right here yo you just,thought her ass,what are you talking about mom what are,you talking about just slap her out how,about i slap her ass when you slap her,ass and ran off,there's a camera,all right guys so my girlfriend's in the,bathroom trying to figure out an idea to,prank her like to kind of switch it up,anna has this homie he's like huge he'll,scare the i promise you like you're,gonna die you're gonna slap taylor's ass,yeah,it's gonna be honestly we're,so we're doing this prank,so we're doing this right where we're,like slapping hannah's ass his,girlfriend is in on it too but she,doesn't know you so he's gonna slap his,girlfriend's ass the girlfriend's gonna,think you're a stranger okay so,i don't know how much can you take man,just go crazy bro i can take it,oh,what was that then look i don't know,what you're tripping on but i didn't i'm,not tripp

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Big Booty “STUDS” Matter Too Apparently 😊 | TWITTER THREAD REACTION

Big Booty “STUDS” Matter Too Apparently 😊 | TWITTER THREAD REACTION

yeah you gotta pull enough repetitive my, up yeah with us cuz the,chase try selling drugs well you know I,wonder she can sit up on me,I see she got it oh yeah up straight,another got no video,Eddie look take me prisoner Hey,so look this morning when I woke up my,friend had sent me a text yesterday,night she's actually started soon funny,enough she sent me this trend about some,girls with a big footage stuff matter,and let's meet this it red head like an,open it sweet and the first thing I seen,was this farm not so fat ass to look,before I'm introduced react to the whole,train which you guys I've never had to,be right Dona reaction like this before,so hey let's check it out like this ,I want to see the whole video this just,looking at this holy book God knows man,let me let me not say too much but God,knows if that gets in my,peripherals I'm gonna that up,okay I'm trying to zoom in this screen,so like okay I'd better so like you guys,will probably see it alright so let's go,we got big booty studs matter let's make,this a trellis in the first video wow,just what way wow wow hey gosh she got,some big-ass tires too that's that's,impressive,yeah that's that's beautiful right,though like I see what put that black,was talking about I thought it was weird,triangle a house my what the is,this do saying well I think I can see,where he's coming from,yeah I wanna see the replies guys are,probably doing where this this D,in addition what the was down on,the back of her this is yes two boxes on,and one,this time that's ugly as people,actually who practice sleep well stars,are really out you complaining about,having big booties oops okay there's,some girl under the leader she said,absolutely do without all this ass let,me see if it just really does she's,pretty okay Wow this isn't mean it's fun,isn't it this is he's trying to find the,ass I'm dead we got another start,laughing I have booty mmm I mean that,crazy covering I can't really say it,let's see oh okay,oh wow wow wow that's a boomerang,wow that's a nice looking you see too,close I can't really tell man I can't,really tough to say ask there well he's,just a camera angle and why the is,that someone in the back of the camera,and I didn't in the room just looking at,the camera,that's weird as to say this more, game,she's got a fat ass yeah I think that we,must be announcing it,she got a fat ass wow this is more,focused game Giga almost like a stew,right I don't know how you like it we'll,see you guys gotta like you see pictures,like this when you open it you surprise,let's see I mean if she fit see me in,the gym I paint but Danna that's all I,see Ricky that's just right mmm mmm you,know I'm sunny,Turkey that's fine this is that's a guy,right is that a guy or girl it's a girl,Wow she look like a guy like Faru Faru a,real guy she got a tattoo on the back of,her arm to lose everything making her,new so masculine that's interesting this,thing to say okay young John when is,your next perm,y'all stop playing me do you do look at,it think about it she definitely do it,like that's when it's fun okay that's a,doodle on her app but you gotta do,though ready start a sister I'm trying,to see oh I'm trying to cut away,the top of the egg like from the top of,her buddy away and just look at the,bottom part and boy oh boy you got a bi,path you turn that down,she got a package on her and okay that's,a start and probably with this way you,said no because this is sparta,that's the trick to keep putting us on,game just good to said I would destroy,so this another stud trying to get there,actually the Aston like in the end when,she came to tap it like right here after,you see I can see where that's coming,from,nah I'm getting there that's cute oh,okay she's just looking for that good oh,I see I'm just I'm gonna I'm gonna say,I'm gonna say less less is more that's,that's all you need to know this is two,girls right,oh I mean and pretty decent this guy,said me trying to find out which one has,the cake I'm dead yo you're crazy in the,comments that's where this is dying,let's sit it Oh what doctor same person,Jesus is Lord protect us that's a fat,ass you got dies - oh I'm fine just let,me stay here so wait telling me started,actually do the shape direc or the,essence I see him that's,interesting,she do got her ass,should she do gotta ask,oh no she said let me get him get him,what's the new Sorenson enter she didn't,gotta ask no Cal says I see where could,I coming from now son I need to see a,father our picture that's too close,gangster looking at EGF first of all you,don't want the fat I say I'm dead,weather legacy days like this work this,isn't a sale,yeah I got a little buddy but if still,asked but if still like puts it what,what did she say I got a little booty,but you should still like participate my,face didn't make the cut of any of this,stuff okay she gonna ask let's be honest,let's be very honest talking about my,face didn't make an end she definitely,got ass ooh yeah you definitely ma

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each squad welcome to Episode four,hopefully we're all getting pink dick,well I'll tell you guys thanks for,tuning in if you're new to the channel,and you're trying to get so gangsta,weight you know you have a hard time,gaining weight you're trying to get,thick this series is for you make sure,you subscribe but other than that let's,go straight to the leg and booty workout,I'm gonna have you guys do the hip,thrust again on three sets and there are,moving on to squats leg press I'm gonna,see if you guys could do it with the,purple band to go purple band yeah it'll,be harder but I think you guys can do it,we'll just try it out Africa's ready,all right you got this Africa you got,this all right it's gonna be so much,harder than just the green den alone but,as long as you could do like a good,eight reps,right there okay baby let's see what you,got - you can go up,oh okay you will look at just so,she doesn't fight it,there you go two three down this is way,harder than it looks buzzin four five,get your hip up here y'all,ten,damn sounds good else crazy all right,Michelle how was it babe ten reps,I think yeah I think you cut out of,20-pounder,they've half they're all after she's,done I want you to do five pull-ups just,one set I just want it I just want you,to do one set five,hey you could I'll help you hold it like,this yeah,there you go for look that way there you,go there you go there you go,Pisco y'all better know there's gonna be,your best friend and just get big,dreaming right here the hippest good job,our Africa one set five reps at least,come on you got this one you're going to,even if you need my help,three two more two more two more for,left smile a smile that's it there one,more one more,okay one more oh good job,hey you gotta test it you got to test,the waters now you know how it feels to,do five so your body's gonna adapt,alright Michelle I want you to go first,a one wrap two wraps three wraps a Billa,matter,we've got to test it we got to test the,waters even if you could only only just,try one yeah see you do me five now,yeah do it from there yeah,saw you you got this,- one more one more one more are you see,Nokia No,good all right so just give me just give,me three good reps I don't want you to,tie yourself oh I just want you to be,ready because we're gonna go up to a,play in 25,just give me three good reps don't exert,all your energy that's perfect okay,you're good,all right so you're ready yeah next set,I'll give you like two minute break next,say you're going for a play in twenty,five even if you only do like two reps,one read whatever so pad okay babe so,remember I just want you to do three,good reps because I want you to go for a,personal record which is gonna be 45,pounds on each side but I don't want you,to exert your energy but I want you to,get ready for it so just give me three,good reps you go at least parallel okay,you got this,that should pump you right there the,locust if you don't do this thing you're,letting me down babe just kidding,hello babe,and you should be good all right now,just give me three rear ups,at least 90 pounds okay baby come on,doll though how helped you I'm happy,one,a little lower than the last one,good job with Africa I want her to hit a,PR you know like my her goal is to do 45,talents but she has to at least know how,45-pound feels and the bow is should be,45 talents for at least eight reps later,on so I want it to at least get her feet,wet with 45 talents so we're gonna aim,for one rep at least one good rep just,for her just so she knows how it feels,so once she goes back to 20 pounds it,feels so much lighter and then we're,gonna go up in that so eventually she's,gonna be between a reps ten reps with 45,pounds so it's not a ball how much,weight you do it's if you could do a lot,of reps with that weight so if you're,doing two plates which is 245 on each,side but you only doing one rep someone,that could do that same amount of rep,wait for more reps like 12 reps 15 reps,that's how you build,sighs just one rep at least so look,maybe before you go down take a deep,breath,and as you're going up that's when you,breathe it out but make sure you go at,least parallel you got this,you got this you guys just believe,you're gonna do it get it get even with,it though okay you got this he used to,do two plays there's nothing,Oh see you got it go little lower though,piece of cake,get those knees out when you go down,knees out,I saw you no no no no no no two more,talk to me and there's all you baby you,got to go in with a I got this attitude,he was all your strength he's never used,this amount of strength you're not to,let me sit all right here,okay he got this,you got this ma give me a good one,oh boy lower lower I got you you got,this okay,it's too heavy Maegan Woodin Vellore way,next time,no we're gonna go to twelve twelve,twenty pounds just tenth down two tens,and you're gonna go for 12 reps not,right now right now I'll give you a,break my gosh you did all right,the goal is

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Jennifer Lopez And Maluma Read Thirst Tweets

Jennifer Lopez And Maluma Read Thirst Tweets

oh,it went too far,oh my god who invented this game it's,crazy okay these are getting sick now,i'm sweating heart attack i gotta get,out of here i have kids hi everybody i'm,jennifer lopez and this is my luma baby,and we are on buzzfeed reading thirst,tweets we ready for this you ready,here's the first one i really need to,figure out jennifer lopez's secret to,eternal youth,she is so gorgeous thank you that's nice,that's very sweet yeah that's not so,thirsty that's nice,well you you wanna you wanna we'll keep,going we'll see what happens this is a,real thirst tweet that i'm going to read,right now so maluma is so,valuable so fine i get i get chest pains,every time i see a picture or video of,him chest pain chest pains,next one for me is i want to drink out,of whatever fountain of you j.lo did,cause she's a different kind of fine,that's nice that's nice too i like,thirst tweets i'm into the thirsty let's,read some more,this is much better than that other show,where they do the real mean tweets,maluma could get me to cut off my left,toe for his sexy ass,yes that's very kinky,that's hilarious don't do that j lo,could strangle me with that versace,dress and i'd be fine with it,okay he's into different kinds of things,that i'm into,but okay so maluma is so handsome i need,to find myself amaluma hmm,well i feel like there's a lot of girls,out there who feel that way really maybe,some guys too,yes it's a guy,of course it is of course it is ready,next one if i had j lo's body i'd be,walking around butt ass naked 24 7. i do,i do most of the time they made me put,on a dress today,here's the thing i will let maluma and,jlo ruin my life that is all,that is all that's all you got to say,about that oh my god j-lo in hustlers is,the prime example of big energy,okay,okay,all right,okay i never thought of it that way but,i guess in a way the pole things i don't,know maybe yeah you know yeah maybe yes,it's official i'm just a hole for maluma,oh my god i think we're done with that,that went too far,that was just too far it went too far,oh my god,okay these are getting sick now i want,j.lo to unhinge her jaw,and swallow me whole like an anaconda,from the movie anaconda which she,starred in,people have too much time on their hands,to think and put these things together,okay dear maluma please set up your,appointment to blow my back,out soon,blow my back out yeah blow my blackout,shoe blow my back out this isn't urgent,matter,thanks management,it's so sick this is sick oh my god who,invented these games it's crazy i'm,sweating it's crazy i gotta get out of,here i have kids and this is the last,one i'm done here i gotta get out of,here i'm done too i want j.lo's abs to,punch me in the face,that's a good one,that's funny,okay that was fun thank you buzzfeed for,um having us on thirst tweets don't,forget to go see our movie marry me,please valentine's weekend you're gonna,love it you're gonna have a lot of fun,with it,kisses bye,you

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Stanley Animations - Body Slammed For Booty W/ @devontetheone [reaction]

Stanley Animations - Body Slammed For Booty W/ @devontetheone [reaction]

look at this dude,everybody welcome back to another video,hey man if you haven't already done so,make sure you are subscribed to the,Channel smash the like button click that,Bell while you're at it so you can be a,part of the post no to Gang family best,family on YouTube and that's no kid and,that's hands down,hey man we are we are we are here for my,boy Stanley animations body slam from,booty with Demonte the one,we gonna do less talking more reacting,let's Dive Right into this video Let's,Go,as soon as my feet so much has happened,the ground he wraps his arm around my,waist lifts me off the ground as if I,was the shorty like why are you sweeping,me off my feet,and be like that sometimes,I'm not saying all women are evil but,what else could inspire a guy to I,wouldn't say all women are evil but,women can be evil look at his best,friend and break his ribs two attendants,and violate him by throwing four,thousand dollars in his,far continuously adding pieces to their,character like Mr Potato Head are,literally toying with their personality,like what happened to the days where we,were all cool with each other when a,girl was around we played games sit on,the green electric box vibe to music The,Black Eyed Peas that part man I miss,those days it used to be my favorite,band and now it's just a designated bag,of peas in the freezer I used to soothe,my black eye after my homie just punched,me for the sake of looking strong in,front of a girl I don't even know what,is that even supposed to accomplish,because to me it doesn't make sense but,up here I beat him because in school I,got my girlfriend took using this exact,same method I quite literally got body,slim for booty back when I was in school,we had a field day with all I've never,had my girlfriend taking but that's,gotta be tough bro classes and you guys,know in high school I was a cent bro so,if that happened in Heist bro for me and,my girlfriend was stuck in high school,type-ish bro I'll I'll bro I would been,crying bro I was a simple High School,bro if I could go back in time and talk,to myself in high school bro I would I,would give myself a bit a big pep talk,bro I was a sin bro I remember crying,because a girl canceled a date on me in,high school bro I was crying bro,now,just saying how field day works right,the teacher scores you outside you run,around chasing balls like Lori Harvey,and after eight hours they give you a,Glizzy on gluten-free bread with milk,made from Mark rober's YouTube channel,to cool you down from a sun that's hot,enough to roast a human being and on,Tuesday the teachers set up multiple,stations where you can do outdoor,activities you have soccer football,basketball jump rope hula hoops,ironically all the girls that turned,into exotic dancers were really good at,hula hooping I don't know what the,correlation is I just know personally I,will never be purchasing the hula hoop,that part I have a little you know I'm,saying we were together for a month and,a half at this point which in school,time that's like four months of dope,time because if you see a girlfriend in,school way more than you do dating an,adult life yeah like the first month I,go to the soccer station and as I'm,playing soccer I realize the only cup I,will ever win is from Mario Kart playing,soccer is like writing in cursive but,with your feet and while everyone was,writing poems I got I was pretty good in,soccer I played soccer I think for nine,years growing up I started playing,soccer at the age of like,four and then I played probably up until,I hit middle school with their legs I,was writing in Times New Roman and just,like the Romans they had me phone,station uh the American one and I was,doing the American one apparently being,taller than 98 of everyone in the United,States means that you'd be a pretty good,wide receiver so I'm on the field going,crazy my girlfriend is on the sideline,cheering for me heavy and all the guys,see this but I didn't got my boy Devonte,right there you know for the fact that,guys get plus 20 ignorance when within a,15 foot radius of another woman so one,guy his name is Von he's defending me on,the field and he gets hot that I'm,making him look stupid hey bro chill out,this ain't a real game huh sound like,someone too scared to guard me who's,scared I stayed locking up like a,sheriff okay we're gonna see the QB,hikes the ball and I got broad out there,playing twister LeapFrog Connect Four,it's looking like a family game night,out there he cannot guard me at all and,I can tell that this shred body built,doodoo nugget was getting dude,that's like a tongue like a tongue-tied,words do do nugget so,focused on winning to stop disrespecting,him but oh man,he got me back good on one of the final,plays of the football game the QB tells,us to go long and at this point I've,been a five-star recruit all day I've,literally had this team on my back since,we got here so the fatigue started,getting me not to mention the laboratory,milk and the gluten-free Gl

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Jackson Wang Reads Thirst Tweets

Jackson Wang Reads Thirst Tweets

oh it's getting hot here hey this is,jackson when i'm here with buzzfeed to,go through my first tweets,first one let's go jackson when reading,thirst tweets when,when what when i'm here at buzzfeed,jackson wang's back view is making me,drool well i guess uh your drool for the,rest of her life,i want a boyfriend know you want jackson,wayne i'm here i'm available i know,jackson wang has a boyfriend would treat,you like you're some,magnificent endangered species that,needs to be treasured,thank you no thoughts had empty only,jackson wearing dancing in a wet white,t-shirt later down the road at magic man,album the music video probably we're not,expecting a white t-shirt there would be,no t-shirt jackson win is the biggest,tease i'm mad when he is going to sweep,me off my dirty ass,now it's getting out of here,imagine getting married waking up in the,morning with a man in your bed that,ain't jackson wang could never be me is,the air con on is it really look if that,jackson went was hot before obviously,but his new music video has me on my,knees no hesitation i don't know how to,react to that but i love it face card,body card bootie card thick thighs card,vocal cords,talent card you name it he got,everything undefeated thank you,compliment thank you see i'm i'm i'm,looking for something that that goes,beyond extreme and these comments are,just too nice watch stan listen to,jackson wang song music video and good,lord that was hot as thank you,again i'm expecting something more crazy,oh,now i know it gets crazier,down the road oh sh okay wait just watch,jackson wayne's latest music video that,was so,hot choreography was excellent big fan,of the orgy content first of all it's,not orgy concept i mean you can well,everybody has its own opinion jackson,went owns this ,i love it i'm sure the best way to eat,chocolate is to have it off jackson,wang's abs um,inspired maybe for the next music video,jackson wing is so god damn thick step,on me you know what i want to meet the,people who wrote these and want to,answer them in front of them,talking to them i'll let jackson went,throw me down the stairs and i'll thank,him for even touching me no come here,i'll hug you jackson wang meaty thighs,can choke me any day every day,first thing i saw on tick tock this,morning was jackson wang and of course,that so horny i'm gonna call out of work,no still go to work but you can meet me,at night i wish i was eating jackson,wang's whole booty hoe right now,yo i literally want to meet them in,person what is going on yo anyways i,didn't say it in a while but jackson,when i'm trying to eat your ass,especially after this album no eat it,before,with all due respect i would drag my,what the hell is vulva oh oh go with all,due respect i would drag my vulva,ellipse across 130 degree concrete right,now for jackson wang to spit in my mouth,baby don't do that i'm done i would love,to meet them in person and hear them,saying this in my face can we do that,can we do that next time for buzzfeed,can we,no yeah bring them in and tell them,exactly what they wrote in my face and,i'll give them a hug it was crazy and uh,thank you buzzfeed for having me my,album is called magic man it's coming,later,in the year and uh my single blow,has been released i hope you like it and,tell me what you think about it

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potato,you need to get in the ball buddy I'm,sorry now candy you actually fit inside,of this Pokemon I don't I don't really,know if he can it doesn't it kind of,just looks like a turtle at this point,he's an Evie Turtle,that's actually really cute what's,cracking guys and welcome to my favorite,place on all of the internet my,subreddit plenty of beautiful things,happen here things that are completely,unexpected and yet still catered to me,and I really don't find anything else,here than anywhere else on the internet,really it's kind of like my own little,special happy place we have over a,hundred and something as booty slappers,now we're growing feeling great and we,got a PO box unboxing that's gonna be,happening you know another two weeks,here if you guys want to send me stuff,oh I have a PO Box letters fan art,whatever have you I appreciate it all,but for now let's just see see what we,got a little bit scared not gonna lie,well at least she's good at fighting is,that supposed to be a quick attack,because she's just beating the crap out,of the poor sovel uh waiting for her,reward there you go I got some ice cream,he's got got a stick of cheese on her,face,anyway when she evolved I gave her some,ice cream but she just slapped on the,floor so I decided to play some football,since it'd be a good distraction I mean,it's a buddy that plays soccer it'd,probably be good and then what the,um wait the Hypno is I don't like where,this is going,I I like where this is going out here,you know I also never really thought,about it but does she have like Pockets,inside does she does she have a hoodie,does the bunny have like a a hoodie and,a white Pokemon using attacks on humans,is probably something that would be more,commonplace and something that I would,be definitely afraid of one of them,being like pyro blast to the face and,completely incinerating me and the other,one would be like hypnotized that would,also be equally terrifying I'm not sure,which one I would be more afraid of okay,here's Gardevoir with charm oh and she's,just being cute there draining kiss,super effective oh okay uh attract wait,what's going on here and then Destiny,Bond I don't like these attacks that are,going with here is she using them on a,Pokemon or is she using them for evil I,never really thought about that what if,what if Garden Wars are evil never,really thought about that huh my big sis,is a succubus man no way well how about,we go and see her right now then we're,fine,it was true so you're friends with,harito yes don't you look tasty you uh,yes I'll go pour the tea I that woman,does not look anything like the other,boy,I was one so played looking at the other,one like horns come out of here what bad,genetics did that other kid get what,I'll defeat you with the power of,friendship,and with this gun I found let's go,I'm pretty sure the gun's gonna be a,little bit more effective there but yeah,we'll call that friendship sure,friendship Curtin let's go so here we,had a question posed over here of choose,your vampire and that's one from a 3D,film I see there and of course the,famous off-brand lady Demetris q and I I,I don't really know that it definitely,kind of looks like Rosaria from Genji,but I know it's not,but this is just not fair here okay look,at the comparison look at freaking sake,she is just like the chibi form over,there where you could have put her in,like the best light and then you have,other top left vampire girl from like,come on dude she looks so hot in that,one that's not even fair but I'd still,pick top right when I saw the title my,wife is NTR proof I just had to read,yeah I I read that one before she does,beat on the guy and then vanilla lovers,being like hmm yes,I mean yeah my life is anti-r-proof,until of course you know a guy that can,draw decides to NTR the NTR proof wife,in his own fan fiction just to prove a,point wait link do you have protection,The Shield's right there but anyway okay,he's looking up to us options go rook's,protection is now ready to roll yeah and,then Memphis Graces oh God,you try to resurrect him in the middle,dude he's just looking kind of like oh,no you don't even see the wait he's been,used two times two times man that's,gotta be weird for link you know he's,got his dead fish maybe kind of love or,could have been potential lover there,always overlooking him while he's doing,his thing with his new girlfriend she,doesn't really kind of fade away it's,just kind of always there ready to give,him you know resurrect him which is,pretty good but still like I I don't,know it's strange handcrafted special,snake wine is healthy,um it's traditional medicine wines,soaked by myself in Asia it's believed,snake wine can reinvigorate the body is,this is seems like some sort of,beldophene bath water thing here uh give,me one give me one sir okay yeah these,people are actually buying it and she's,thinking of money they're Medusa with,her snacks so she does like a little,shower okay shampoo bath out here and,

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