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Bomani Jones Is One Of The BEST In Sports Media, Here's Whyit is a southern Utopia and you would,hav

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Bomani Jones Is One Of The BEST In Sports Media, Here's Why

it is a southern Utopia and you would,have no idea black people ever existed,in that song so I don't find that,statement necessarily to be ridiculous,that he made I do have this question,though when the professor before uh made,the discussion that you know just this,doesn't affect or someone said this,doesn't affect how Hank Williams Jr does,his job he is absolutely a,representative of the brand in this,example however the problem with,neoconfederacy is that so much of it,popped up if at right around segregation,as you had resistance toward that but,Monty Jones has always been spot on I,really like the shirt I think it's funny,it's like it's just like the Cleveland,Indian shirt like exactly the same as,the Cleveland Indian shirt with just one,small change to his hilarity in pointing,out society's double standards oh he can,go take whatever job he wants but when,you come into the first job and sell the,idea that you are going to be the savior,of hbcus and you are going to raise the,playing field not just for Jackson State,but for everybody else and you're going,to do it because God told you to do it,so then when you leave yeah people are,going to ask questions his analysis of,Dion Sanders have you been keeping up,with the live thing though I just think,the moral part has it's been interesting,because a lot of these guys are just,smart enough to take the money and shut,up this is my question for you Dominique,do you want to be in debt to the Saudis,live golf okay let's ask this question,if he knew what he was doing let's,operate on that assumption that means he,knew he was turning 30 guaranteed,million dollars into nine guaranteed,million dollars who the hell brags about,that the antics of Antonio Brown his,commentary on Dennis Rodman and the,controversy surrounding Serena Williams,at the U.S open Final in 2018 on the,right time Jones discussed Donald,Trump's role in athletes speaking out,and the inner workings of ESPN that was,a thing really about five years ago,where people talked a lot about this,network and people talking about,political things that were not about,sports right and I actually empathize,with the bosses a great deal in this,situation and here's why,people determine how Adept you are at,talking about these things by evaluating,whether or not they agree with what the,thing is that you said right it's not,necessarily about how adroitly you can,navigate the topics and move in and out,of whatever it is you see what I mean,like it's just like whether they think,you should be talking about it is,whether or not they like what it is that,you're talking about and the bosses look,around they're like yo this is a,foolhardy Mission you're never going to,be able to succeed at that right let's,pause here this is to be clear,one thousand percent accurate not,everybody can talk about it and not,everybody can talk about it well because,if you remember in October of 2018,ESPN President Jimmy pitaro said in an,interview like yo we are not talking,about politics and sports it has no,place on the network I don't like it,we're not going to do it then the game,completely changed and to be clear some,voices were really good at it and really,strong at it Bomani Jones being one of,them Michael Smith being one of them,Julie being one of them Pablo tour being,one of them Baba Lee Howard Bryant I,mean the list goes on and on and on some,floundered though because they just,sucked at it completely and some went,back to alt-right networks the point,being Bomani is totally on the money,here,everyone can't talk about it especially,on that Network currently there are 1200,companies whose value are over a billion,dollars the best way to protect the bag,is pulling an MJ and playing the,Republicans buy a sneakers tube Mantra,if there's anything that happened with,Trump I was talking uh to my man Ethan,Strauss about this and Ethan wrote,something,well he was making the point about the,NBA and how they messed up by empowering,players to say how they felt about,things politically right like maybe it,wasn't the best idea because maybe,you're going to hear some things that,you don't want to hear but I was like,Ethan you got to remember this happened,in the height of trump like Trump took,away the idea that you had to know what,you were talking about before talking,about something and being respected or,whatever it is like it became a if this,dude can be president why can't I say,what it is that I feel right like we had,to we we really had to open the door on,oh that's how you feel when the,president of the United States kicks it,in a certain way that's where we wound,up and so maybe that's where we give,LeBron where he throws this like wow,what about sort of thing out there this,was in reference to when the photo of,Jerry Jones was uncovered and published,by The Washington Post from when white,students blocked the doors of a school,to black students entering it I got one,question for you guys before you guys,leave I was wondering why

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Bomani Jones HBO Ratings Failure Of Epic Proportion

Bomani Jones HBO Ratings Failure Of Epic Proportion

on average bomani jones is losing 80 of,his lead-in viewership which is coming,from john oliver and uh there is no way,that they can justify on hbo an audience,that did,000 viewers for one episode of the,program,uh and this show which is pretty wild is,uh the first season is ending evidently,on sunday this according to bobby barack,i don't have any idea,and uh what's interesting is remember,when bill simmons had his hbo show back,in 2016,bill simmons love him or hate him got,completely crushed over the number of,people that watched his hbo show,uh any given wednesday were not good but,washington post said bill simmons hbo,shows hit rock bottom,uh the usa today said uh there is uh no,reason to keep basically this show alive,five reasons why bill simmons any given,wednesday tanked said the wrap,awful announcing they said the uh the,show ratings aren't pretty,bill simmons's hbo show,totally destroyed bomani jones's hbo,show both of them doing a sports show,yet other than outkick,virtually no media outlet has even,covered the disaster that is bomani,jones's hbo show ratings so,why do you think that is,why did bill simmons get totally and,completely destroyed for his ratings on,hbo when his show was wildly more,popular and wildly more influential than,bomani jones's,why is it that simmons was held to a,high standard and jones was held to a,low standard it's the same reason bomani,jones has gotten all the shows that he's,ever gotten he got a radio show at espn,nationwide it's the least successful,radio show espn's ever had they had to,cancel him in order to avoid losing more,affiliates no show had ever lost more,affiliates they gave him a daily,television show it was a disaster no one,watched it,then hbo gives them a show,it's also a disaster no one watches it,no one in sports media history has ever,failed more and been rewarded more than,bomani jones and criticized less why is,that,because media is afraid if they,criticize bomani jones they will be,called racist they can tee off on bill,simmons even though he's far more,successful than bomani jones could ever,imagine or dream of being,and they didn't have to worry about any,of the criticism it was a free ride for,usa today for the washington post for,all these different media outlets in new,york times,to absolutely criticize bill simmons but,they won't utter a word about bomani,jones and one of the things that's,fascinating here is i think it's,entirely race based people get mad,because at outkick we apply the same,standards across the board,if you are going to and we wrote about,uh bill simmons's ratings back in the,day at outkick if you're going to,criticize the amount of viewership for,bill simmons then you have to also,criticize the amount of viewership for,romani jones when it's way less than,what bill simmons has produced,almost no one else in media will do this,why because the amount of dishonesty,that exists in the media of unfair,treatment,is legion,it is incredible how many people will,not treat like situations the same,because they are afraid of being called,racist if they criticize bomani jones,disaster of a show

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Advice For Lolo Jones: "Get Off Twitter" - Bomani & Jones, Episode 20

Advice For Lolo Jones: "Get Off Twitter" - Bomani & Jones, Episode 20

but from here I can tell she needs a,friend not a boyfriend not me a friend,because she's not gonna find a boyfriend,until she finds a friend and tell us,something girl you got to get off the,Twitter it ain't helping Lolo neither,are these people who are telling you,this whole thing is cute,for example BuzzFeed's Kate the topless,described you as quote your funniest BFF,whose career comes before dating that'd,be really cool if you wanted to date,Kate but you don't it it'd be cool if,you didn't want to date what you do you,won't want bad enough to reply to,Terrell Owens tweets to yo hit lolo,jones up on the hey you look he's,unemployed got bad credit,a bunch of kids and he was on dr. Phil,thats who comes out the Woodworks when,you act like this on twitter whose fault,is that,lolo jones fault you know who comes,after that ex-cons usually they don't,have jobs either it can't all be michael,vick lolo you see what I mean a friend,is needed and that friend is right here,let me tell you what your tweets are,really saying ladies tweet me photos of,your Valentine's Day gifts come on you,know you want to brag also this is my,last tweet before I jump caution wind,yeah I gonna get bad about track meet at,LSU these college men sweaty muscles,glistening it wonderful mask my,autograph I'm gonna write my phone,number instead college boys aren't,looking to marry,you know what college boys like to be,right give it a for now you have attack,I bought a dogs when people ask me what,I did on Friday night I can say homie I,had company,gonna have to give that a 7 the test is,how big that dog is like it's a big old,protective dog that's one thing,someone's a little therapy dog you've,heard about the therapy dogs I'm say,they little bitty dogs are a red flag,Lolo got somebody red flash you should,run for the Chinese I just called my,ex-boyfriend 50 times back to back,because let's face it for the next 24,hours,my crazy can't top the law sadness yeah,gonna call this an eight not because the,tweet was crazy she's just joking small,problem that kind of is only funny,to you but because it harkens to crazy,past fellas fellas fellas do you wanna,watch say yes to the dress with me cuz I,had that lined up for date one that's,funny she seems to be confused as to why,she can't get a date it's all right here,that's a 10 don't even joke about that,day what I'm not saying anybody's crazy,I'm just saying I got plenty questions,and you know what this looks like,answers yeah cuz here's the thing with,the armpit I don't want to feel like you,do that stuff for me I want to feel like,you do that stuff for you cuz the day is,gonna come where you don't feel like,doing for me and I ain't about to be,walking around this bad boy with the big,bad wolf just because you don't care no,more no crazy oh very happy shave my,armpits either that is not funny to me,that is funny to you that is funny to yo,girls I thought you were looking for me,I could be wrong but I thought you were,looking for me I'm over here looking,like George the animal Steele but by the,time you call I would have got all that,straight yeah and she said when she said,she hadn't seen anything what else is,included lot of my body parts,someone told lo lo they Usain Bolt broke,up,girlfriend to prepare for the Olympics,to which she replied you saying is this,true in all caps I haven't heard from,you since our date,just wondering all right we got to go we,got to go you'll hear that you hear that,you'll get that beep it you do not hear,that beep it no look she might show up,at my job man let's go let's go,that's right never forget they will show,up at your job I'm here to help Lolo I'm,only here to help,thanks for checking out bomani in Jones,and new episodes every Monday and,Thursday subscribe right here if we get,to 15,000 subscribers will give away one,iPad to get to 25,000 your giveaway

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Bomani Jones ANNIHILATES Will Cain On Racism In America

Bomani Jones ANNIHILATES Will Cain On Racism In America

Confederate flag means something beyond,perhaps completely apart from racism or,its racist history,this is ESPN's will cane you boys all,cap a more Colin Kaepernick and ESPN's,bomani Jones in society we have to be,calm enough rational enough to say could,it be true have you seen ropes like that,painting from garages is that is that,typical the image that I have and I have,seen of what was hanging in my garage is,not a it's not a garage pool could it be,false could it be a misunderstanding,from the evidence that we have it's a,straight-up noose and we didn't and,because of that Molly we undercut,everything we undercut our credibility,and also I believe we undercut,improvement in racial relations so much,wrong here but when bomani Jones called,into his show asking what the biggest,impediment to race relations are human,beings I think we've had this,conversation before bomani have trouble,seeing each other as individuals can't,play it all but that's the gist of his,answer then the mommy says let's try,this if I would ask you in 1865 what is,the greatest impediment to race,relations in America what would you say,what you said the whole thing about,tribalism and everything else,no it was in short Cain's answer really,the impediment to racism is white people,not treating black people as being of,equal levels of humanity exactly but you,can't tell people not to overreact when,you see to think is a news and then,justify people overreacting on the back,end to the idea that it did not go the,way it appeared to that and rebukes that,NASCAR put out a statement that a hate,crime was committed and is mad at them,for doing such you D legitimize what is,actually going on in so many people's,lives what we see everywhere and what we,saw before the race so like if we got a,real problem with something,NASCAR allowing that flag to be what it,was for so long is a much bigger problem,than the mishandling myth I don't get,the feeling that she was charged up,about that I am not the one undercutting,the idea of people's ability to accept,that racism takes place or individual,instances false claims like this,undercut that that is what I'm Cain then,puts himself in a box here let me tell,you,empowers those people racism is what,empowers those people if this had been,real and then the next one is fake they,still gonna jump on the fake one and,ignore the real one and you had fans who,are deciding no this is our space to do,this and they ride around the track,before the race and they fly the banner,overhead and we should applaud NASCAR,for the fact that they for the first,time ever are standing up to those,people instead you're gonna say that,NASCAR failed by investigating but they,believe to be a noose in the garage of,the black driver come on man seems cut,and dry right nope not for McCain,I'm not saying NASCAR failed because,they investigated I'm saying NASCAR,failed because they gave an affirmative,statement before the investigation I,don't think NASCAR's assumptions and,probabilities were fair at all it's just,a thing if they don't put out an,affirmative statement what it barely,looks like in that case is that they are,trying to downplay this what they saw,needed to be treated I think with the,level of urgency that they pursued it,with the only people seem to be mad,about this are people who think that,there's something insulting about the,idea that maybe just maybe after all the,history in this country maybe just maybe,somebody white did something really,ridiculously racist now what I'm about,to play for you all is very important,it's will Cain's white fragility that is,such a broad sweeping indictment of an,entire race of people in this country,that is always a sweeping indictment if,the sweeping indictment of the history,of this country,Tango's further with a Republican way of,debating slipping in something false and,hoping his opponent doesn't catch it,when you say benefit the doubt that is,something that is earned by individuals,Bo I'm gonna I want to respond to what,you said I want to do you're wrong there,what the money does I know you believe,that but in application why people,receive the benefit of the doubt,blanketly as a group of people in the,face of circumstances that nobody else,can ever receive which if you've been,following along taps into the literal,privilege of being white something will,Kane,does not care to see he receives the,idea that somebody could put a noose in,Bubba Wallace stall it's not close to,being out of the realm of possibilities,you seem more bothered by the fact that,somebody got this wrong then you were,with this display of defiance that took,place before the race with the,trying to assert that NASCAR's dares,Kanan gives his last-ditch defense but I,believe the human beings out there that,can be won over that are truly sweat of,persuadable people but if you undercut,the truth consistently you may take a,moment like this and you Scioscia,Cavalier disregard for the truth what,you do is you lose tho

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The Good Liars go to Cleveland to Talk Deshaun Watson | Game Theory with Bomani Jones S2 | HBO

The Good Liars go to Cleveland to Talk Deshaun Watson | Game Theory with Bomani Jones S2 | HBO

BOMANI JONES: Cleveland, home of the Cavs, the Guardians,,and a river that occasionally catches on fire.,They also have a football team led by a quarterback,with 30 sexual misconduct allegations.,REPORTER: Deshaun Watson making his home debut, after spending the first 11 games of the season,serving an NFL suspension.,REPORTER 2: More than two dozen women came forward, alleging Watson acted inappropriately,during private massage sessions.,JONES: We sent The Good Liars to Deshaun Watson's first home game,to learn how the Browns Nation was navigating,this highly sensitive situation.,Deshaun Watson is innocent!,Let's go, Deshaun!,He didn't have criminal charges.,-JASON SELVIG: Okay. -So we know it's a money thing.,Oh, so you think the first one that accused him,,she wanted money.,He didn't have criminal charges.,Right. And then, you think the second one--,And it turned into a phenomenon. Right!,He didn't get criminal charges.,And then the third one too, though?,-He didn't get criminal charges. -And the fourth?,-He didn't get criminal charges. -And then--,Oh, wait a second. What about the fifth?,To believe women always,,it's like saying we should believe men always, like,,who are like convicted of murder.,"Oh, I didn't do it.",And if the NFL came out and they said that they thought the women were credible,,would that change your opinion?,They did say he was-- that this was credible.,And then there was the 13th one that came forward.,He didn't get out of all 25.,Fourteenth, the 14th came right after the 13th,,-and soon after that, the 15th and 16th. -Right.,They got no proof. They got nothing on Watson.,All they want is the money!,What if someone that you knew and trusted,accused him of sexual misconduct?,Would you believe them?,Probably not.,I'm a Browns fan, so probably not.,There, something was going wrong with--,-Are you thinking of the 25th? -The 25th or the 26th?,The last one.,Okay, but then there was the 27th.,JONES: Now, of course, given the circumstances,, Browns fans were willing,to listen to alternatives at quarterback.,I just wanna win. I don't give a fuck who the quarterback is.,You don't care what baggage comes with them,-if they're gonna come to the city and win. -No! I don't care.,-It doesn't matter. -I just wanna fucking win.,-I don't care. -You could have Bill Cosby behind center.,Yeah! No, no, no, no, no.,It's a quarterback-hungry league.,So, do you think the massage therapists,understand that it's a quarterback-hungry league?,No, they don't. They don't understand our side of it.,They only understand their side.,-There's two sides to it there. -There is.,There's the women who accused him of sexual misconduct,,then there's Browns fans who just want to win some games.,-Yeah! Two sides to every story. -Yeah.,There's three sides to every story.,I feel like I can't talk about Deshaun Watson,without talking about Roethlisberger.,So, as a Cleveland fan, we used to razz him about that and his history.,Yeah, what'd you say to Ben Roethlisberger,when he was here in town?,We used to call him Rapelisberger.,Do you think that sexual misconduct, sexual assault,,is that something we should joke around about?,Not at all, not at all, not at all.,-No? -It's very serious.,I mean, I think that--,What was the thing you guys were calling Ben Roethlisberger again?,(CHUCKLES) Rapelisberger.,-Rapelisberger, okay. -I mean, here's the thing--,JONES: Thankfully, after being presented with the facts,,some Browns fans were able to audible to reality.,Deshaun Watson, he got a massage.,Oh, my God! What's the big deal? The girl wanted to do it.,Do you think that's what happened?,-He just got a massage? -Yeah, he got a massage.,That's not why people are upset.,-That's not what happened. -What happened?,He got a massage and then he--,they're accusing him of...,-Forcing them to do it? -Yeah.,Well, that's wild.,You should never force anyone to do anything.,But if something happens to him and he's cool with it,,the girl's cool with it, then that's fine.,But they're not. That's the thing.,-They weren't? -They weren't.,Then that's out of pocket.,Do you support Deshaun now?,Um, well, now that we talked about it,,-I'm-- I'm in the middle. -Oh!,-'Cause you never know what's real and what's not. -All right.,JONES: Only time will tell how having an alleged sexual deviant for a quarterback,will affect Browns Nation., But for The Good Liars, it was an enlightening study, of a fanbase that just doesn't care,, as long as they get some mediocre football.,Well, there you have it.,From beautiful Cleveland, Ohio, I think we learned a lot today.,Or maybe we really didn't learn anything.,I feel more confused than when I started.,Just like the fans.,(FANS CHEERING),-He leads the league in allegations. -SPEAKER: What?,-He leads the league in allegations. -SPEAKER: Number one.

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ESPN Guest Loses It Live On Air; Drops Insane Take

ESPN Guest Loses It Live On Air; Drops Insane Take

people down here love hank williams,let's revisit this gem of a moment on,espn shall we and what people down here,don't like are people like dave zirin,making idiotic statements about country,music songs that hank williams has,written i've respected dave for a long,time but i think the statement he made,today is the single stupidest i've ever,heard in the history of this program it,was the answer he gave monday morning on,fox and friends that may have cost him,that job when he compared president,obama to hitler you mean when john,boehner played golf with president obama,oh yeah,what did you not like about it come on,come on it'd be like hitler playing golf,with netanyahu thus it prompted a,discussion on espn previously,xiron made some fair points about how,williams should have never had the,opportunity in the first place citing,his support for the confederacy not to,mention a song titled if the south would,have won which zirin referenced,specifically well just it's a slap in,the face to country music because it's a,stereotype about country music that,everybody who's involved in it believes,in the confederate flag believes in,oppressing people and believes in the,idea that comparing different,this would be fine bomb for the next 30,seconds or so cutting off siren and not,allowing him to speak then bomani jones,weighed in there's actually a large,african-american population in the south,too paul you might want to think about,them as you talk about this no kidding,the problem with the song the south,should if the south would have won is,that there's not a single mention of,black people anywhere in the entire song,when you listen to it it is a southern,utopia and you would have no idea black,people ever existed in that song so i,don't find that statement necessarily to,be ridiculous that he made he is,absolutely a representative of the brand,in this example and he has attached,himself very publicly to some politics,that a lot of people find expensive and,that a lot of people find to be extreme,and just because a lot of people in,alabama might be on the same side of,those politics does not mean that they,are any less extreme or extreme or,offensive to some people and when you,call the president of the united states,quote the enemy and that is a part that,hank williams jr never fell back from,then we do have a problem bomani makes,his points concise and sound one would,seem to think hmm,pretty reasonable right to paul feinbaum,absolutely not and this is where it,takes a really,really far right turn courtesy of,feinbaum himself first of all my parents,are from new york i happen to be jewish,i lost relatives in the holocaust so i,don't need dave zirin or bomani jones,lecturing me on my background in my,culture,i happened to go to a concert a couple,weeks ago that that raised three million,dollars for people in this state who,lost everything in a tornado and darius,rucker was there he happens to be an,african-american you know that bomani,and i'm just sick and tired of people,from elsewhere whether they're in,charlotte or anywhere else making fun of,people down here look at jones's face,after paul's,hey there was a black man at a thing i,went to bomani you know him after this,error jones would write on his website i,made a series of facial expressions that,make any further explanation unnecessary,sorry but i can't play off crazy i have,an attuned ear for crazy because crazy,scares me i stay on guard for crazy so i,heard crazy and reacted as i typically,do,as if i just heard something crazy these,are good people they're not racist,they're not bigots they just happen to,like country music,excuse excuse me excuse me excuse me,excuse me excuse me,paul you are you are not any more,southern than me i born in atlanta i,grew up in texas i don't feel the need,to prove that i haven't made any jokes,about anybody from alabama my mother has,lived in alabama for the last 15 years,no no i'm talking about that song which,doesn't have a single mention of any,black people in it and it's cast as a,utopia which is part of this,neo-confederate thing that hate williams,has had going for a while the problem,with neo-confederacy is that so much of,it popped up if right around segregation,as you had a resistance toward that but,nobody is insulting the people in,alabama i'm talking specifically about,hank williams jr and please do not,misrepresent me as saying anything bad,about my mother's friends just a quick,interjection from myself i think what,paul feinbaum is doing is very very,wrong i personally think it's a losing,argument to pivot and then make yourself,the victim instead as we witnessed he,dug himself a deeper hole huffpo wrote,fine bomb went completely off topic,perhaps illustrating how personally so,many people around the country have,taken williams's firing at the time,feinbaum brought up the fact that his,parents are from new york and he has,relatives who died in the holocaust both,jones and zirin pointed out that fine,bomb's

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Bomani Jones TV Ratings Are Embarrassing AGAIN

Bomani Jones TV Ratings Are Embarrassing AGAIN

one of my favorite things to do on this,channel is kick a social justice warrior,while he's down,well,let me pause here for just one second,social justice warriors identify as a,number of genders i must use proper,pronouns when addressing them so let me,correct myself and say one of my,favorite things to do here on the,channel is kick a social justice warrior,while he she they it them are down,it gives me pleasure to pour salt in,their open wound,i am generally a nice person i'm easy to,get along with i don't like to see,people fail for the most part,i was watching something on youtube,earlier today it was,it was something about breadlines in new,york city,and these were not all homeless people,in the breadline either many of the,people in line had full-time jobs they,can't afford to eat because inflation is,through the roof,most of us can empathize with people in,that situation but then you look at the,flip side of it,and realize that the city of new york,continues to elect social justice,warriors so they're essentially getting,what they voted for,i have absolutely no sympathy for,members of the woke media the sun shines,brighter when a member of the woke media,fails and the sun is shining extra,bright today because the biggest failure,in the woke media has failed again,bomani jones,bomani jones the man classified as the,huge embarrassing failure bomani jones,the man who is living proof that equity,does not work bomani jones the male,version of jemele hill bomani jones the,face of a man destined for lifelong,virginity,this dude is a loser i try not,to call people losers it's a strong term,to use but what other adjective could i,use to describe bomani jones has this,man ever won at anything in life,casinos across the country they will,comp bomani jones any day of the week,this guy loses everything give,him a free room free food free manny,petty along with a nice ass squeeze from,big chester he will lose thousands of,dollars in the casino,last week,we talked about the big premiere of the,monty jones on hbo,now i'm not going to go into the list of,his media failures again today if you,want to know how many times bomani jones,has failed in the last five six years,check out the video i posted last week,and by the way,i just found this out today,did you know this loser is an,emmy award winner,yeah i didn't know that either i had to,look it up to verify it the only places,that list bomani jones as an emmy award,winner or his own websites i looked up,the emmy awards i couldn't find his name,on the list which means,bonnie jones is either lying about it or,i just didn't care enough to look that,deeply into it either way any award or,not,bomani jones is a loser,last week,we talked about the big premiere of game,theory with bomani jones on hbo a show,which should be titled but monty jones,is a huge embarrassing failure the,premiere episode last week had last week,tonight with john oliver as its lead in,you are not going to get a better lead,in on hbo than john oliver even with a,strong lead in,the premier episode of this garbage drew,a measly 153 thousand viewers he lost,something like 70 of the audience that,john oliver just handed over to him,episode 2 of garbage time aired this,past sunday there was,there's a big problem though a lot of,concern going into episode two,john oliver was off on sunday there,wouldn't be a strong lead-in for woke,professor jones but have no fear i am,bamani jones i have a solution to this,problem,what does hbo and decide to do,they move knuckle into john,oliver's time slot instead of hbo just,playing a rerun of john oliver which,would have drawn hundreds of thousands,of more viewers than bomani jones they,replaced john oliver with garbage time,i guess the thinking was we will trick,our audience they'll tune in expecting,to see john oliver and they'll stick,around for bomani jones instead who,wouldn't want to watch this guy,americans love watching a disastrous,failure unfold in real time,well,hbo was wrong again,americans we do tend to watch negativity,we do enjoy watching a good disaster,turn on the news every night it's,nothing but negative stories apparently,america is not entertained by watching,bomani jones fail again i guess we've,already seen this story too many times,what were the ratings for episode two,on just just think about it give me a,guess i'll give you a few seconds to,think about it last week he drew 153 000,television shows that premiere they,typically experience a 10 maybe 20 drop,in viewership for the second episode,with that being the case do you think,bomani jones drew 120 000,a hundred thousand,it can't be lower than a hundred,thousand right i mean you could put,jackie mahomes on television doing his,little fufu dancing and 100 000 people,would tune in to get a good laugh,do you want to know how many people,watched bomani jones sunday night on hbo,yeah,i do too i would love to know but i,don't why,because ratings analysts only provide,ratings for the top 150 shows o

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How Washington’s Football Team Went from Racial Slur to the “Commanders” | The Daily Show

How Washington’s Football Team Went from Racial Slur to the “Commanders” | The Daily Show

hey i'm roy wood jr welcome to beyond,the scenes the podcast that goes a,little deeper into topics and segments,that air originally on the daily show,with trevor noah today,we are discussing a hot topic you know,that super bowl is coming up we are,discussing racist sports team names,especially the ones that are,appropriating native,culture so,you know the washington football team,changed their name to something,different so we're gonna break that down,today i have two guests to help me do,that the first one this brother is a,friend this brother is a friend and i've,been a fan of his work for a long long,time he's a sports journalist he has a,show coming to hbo a little later this,spring that's going to focus on the,intersection of sports and race and,gender and politics and economics the,show is called game theory his name is,bull money jones bo how you doing today,brother oh good man how are you you got,a little energy in your tank to talk,racism i know you've been talking a lot,of black,racism it got cracking on february 1.,it's going to be a doozy,also joining us today is the founder and,executive director of illuminative it's,a non-profit organization that is,focused on increasing native and,indigenous visibility all across the,spectrum not just sports but also,entertainment politics all of that she,is a citizen of pawnee crystal echo hawk,crystal echo hawk i said it right the,first time i was doubting myself crystal,how are you doing today i'm good i'm,good i'm glad to be here with you guys,thanks thank you so let's just dive,right in crystal i'd love to start with,you you know the washington football,team they changed their name to the,commanders,um you know what what is your feeling,let's let's just start right here the,day that you found out,that the washington football team had,decided to just drop the original name,and go hey give us a couple years we'll,figure it out but for now we won't carry,that name anymore what were your,thoughts and feelings on that i mean it,was really emotional you know i mean,you know everybody kind of,remembers back like dan snyder saying,never you know print that capital,letters underscore this is never,happening,um and you know this has been a fight,that's been happening for decades i mean,starting back in the early 60s right,suzanne harjo really was one of the,first person to really put this forward,about you know the team dropping this,dictionary to find racial slurs so that,gives you a sense of the arc of how how,long and how many generations have been,fighting this you know vicious battle i,mean we were told by pollsters going,back into 2017 and 2018 you will never,win this mascot battle ever americans,aren't behind native peoples on this and,so to see this moment fast forward to,july 2020 in the announcement it was it,was incredibly emotional for for so many,native peoples across this country when,we talk about allyship you know and that,announcement from,you know washington football team owner,dan snyder came you know on the back,side of the black lives matter movement,uh bomani how much do you feel like,that movement and i don't want to say,help but in terms of just,collectively as a country we just all,just put our foot down and just went yo,we're not taking this and matter of fact,here's a couple other things that need,to change matter of fact cleveland,indians y'all change y'all too,can we talk a little bit uh bro just,about what are some of the ways you know,and chris i'd love to get an answer from,you after bo on ways that,black people can be supportive of causes,like this or the ways that one group is,able to draft off of another well the,way i think it helped on this one that i,think was interesting when washington,made the decision to do this and it was,the same thing i felt about the state,flag in mississippi we weren't even,really talking about that right like you,know like it just it out of nowhere the,washington football team just popped up,it was like you know what time for a,change we're like really after all this,kicking and screaming and his,footstopping and everything else you,just popped up and just decided you were,gonna do it and i think that something,that happened with those names with,regard to this was,a big part of the refusal to change,these names to me it has always been,about white people just not letting,nobody tell them what to do because it's,not as though the washington football,team changed the name and a single,solitary person who ever said i'll never,watch them again but they changed the,name not a single one of them stopped,right they got all kinds of the reason,not to watch that sorry football team,but every time somebody swears up and,down they ain't never gonna go back,ain't gonna do anything else with one of,these teams they change the name and the,people stay right like there's nothing,to be lost there's no money to be lost,they just don't like being told what to,do we've seen this come up in all these,different ways and

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