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Ticket Campound Diary Room- Bob Sturmwelcome to the campound bob you don't,have to do that i want i

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

Ticket Campound Diary Room- Bob Sturm

welcome to the campound bob you don't,have to do that i want i want you to be,here though killer hi killer hey bob hey,bob how's your campound going so far uh,my camp is going very well thank you,back to you,that was a very short answer uh yeah,okay it's gone very well in so many ways,i'm so happy to be back with my fellas,uh we have uh,everything you could ever want we're,watching basketball together we're,broadcasting,we're looking for wildlife,okay so did you would would you like,more i think that's okay okay so bob,what's your favorite part of the camp,now and what are you looking forward to,uh,hmm just you know it's it's super fun to,just kind of feel like you're doing,round tables and,uh just hanging out,i mean i don't know it's all fun right,it's a it's it's,it's a break in the action it's a little,different it's uh it's uh enjoyable uh,now,you don't get as much sleep but that's,okay you know it's uh i don't know,i don't have a specific for you just,because it's all very fun it's uh you're,back with your fellas right sure what,are you looking forward to,our show will be fun,um,food is fun i like that you're doing a,nice job cooking by the way your uh your,breakfast skills are,very much on point yeah but you know,what there's something there i i i feel,like every year we can see a little more,of killer's breakfast game that's all i,get to do at home,why did she uh are you forbidden from,dinner oh yeah,okay,have you ever been or do you want to go,on the gordon nature hike,no,no i,uh gordon uh and and i see the compound,slightly different,and uh the chaotic way he sees it,um is great,he does it very well i i uh tepidly move,around him i try to stay out of his,orbit you know what i'm saying,just uh get away from that gordon orbit,and uh and and stay in the calm seas,that you're more familiar with and,accustomed to,all right,being this far deep into the woods this,year yes so deep,for this year's camp is there anything,that you're afraid of something that,might scare you about being just deep in,the woods,ah,no,um i you know generally chupacabra,scares me uh,but i haven't sensed that that's on our,radar i feel like we're in a safe spot,um,you know i don't think we're gonna run,out of food so i feel good about that um,no i just,i i feel i feel safe especially with uh,with you and raymond uh as a as a,kind of a protective barrier around us,so far you're 24 hours,who have you seen the most and who have,you seen the least,hmm,the most you know donovan's always out,there donovan doesn't hide very well and,so i would say he is probably the most,which is uh comforting,because i like donovan very much,and then um,i mean gordon disappears but,he also is on a lot of shows so,probably norm you know norm's doing his,thing i'm sure he's getting his 2023,draft board ready or something so i i've,seen you know everyone's pretty much out,there so,i wouldn't accuse anyone of isolation,too badly we need each other killer it's,nba draft time he's getting ready yes,yes very important uh,do you have any recommendations or tips,for any listeners thinking about going,compounding themselves,yes my tip is,don't come to someone like me for advice,on these matters because clearly i don't,know anything about anything when it,comes to staying out in the wild like,this right you're not a camper,no,no i'm not i uh i'd like to teach,you know uh my kids to live without,screens and wi-fi and and and food and,comforts but that would have to start,with me taking a real hard look at,myself,and how i live so uh not a survivalist i,uh,um probably a little tougher than like,dan out in the wild but uh it's it's a,short list below me on guys you would,want to take advice for in this type of,setting so far 24 hours into the,campound who do you think has drank the,most interesting,uh the safe answer is corby,without even fully knowing,he probably has right i mean reputations,could be donovan,oh yeah yeah that's a good one donovan,yeah,yeah donovan,donovan might have the biggest,combination of vices of anyone at the,ticket right now he's really start he,might be in a downward spiral so,everybody think a good thought for,donovan we might need to intervene on,him somewhere in this camp,so far,who you who has your early vote for,campound mvp and who has your vote for,lmvp,wow,um lvp would be gordon,because,he just wants to set things on fire like,a little maniac and we might all wake up,and circle by flames at some point late,in the evening right were you there for,the smoke this morning yeah yeah what,were your thoughts on that one,unnecessary unnecessary to,start fires but then again,it's it's built into a scouting report,like we shouldn't be surprised by this,should we uh most valuable player i,would say you kill her,you know you're on your beard alone and,then we had echo and you fixed echo or,you at least,thought you fixed echo you kind of moved,things around a little bit and went away,right yeah okay well seem to be good,giller it's it's always yo

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Bob Sturm and Dan McDowell in #Foxnard

Bob Sturm and Dan McDowell in #Foxnard

the bad radio boys are our guest tonight,as the ticket anchors our coverage,of cowboys camp in Oxnard California Bob,Sturm and Dan McDowell and sunny SoCal,Bob let's start with you first of all a,blue-white scrimmage today I had I'm,assuming you had a chance to see some of,it anything really jump out at you,during the limited scrimmage time at the,practice today you know I mean it's to,me it's a glorified practice Deuce you,know what jumps out is the familiar,names are out there for the most part,pretty good attendance it was good to,see Romo throwing the ball around good,to see des doing DES things and quite a,few of the players were there beyond,that's as far as massive impressions,from the glorified scrimmage I would say,everyone got out there but it appears to,be healthy and boy they're on their way,to having just a fantastic season Dan,McDowell if you could relay to us the,the intensity the environment there are,more than 10,000 fans in Oxnard what was,it like the atmosphere go it feels to me,like Rocky 3 when you know you got,clubber Lang training real hard over,here but then the Cowboys are more like,Rocky was where there's balloons and,bubbles and dancing and it it's really a,weird party kind of feeling right now it,does not feel like a hardcore intense,training camp I thought today was more,camp cupcake ish,I wondered if you're gonna pull the camp,cupcake ish but I threw an issue at the,end ok well it's back to you deuce thank,you thanks dad it seems to me that in,blue-white scrimmage class at least the,first team quarterback would take a snap,or two but we saw plenty of Jameel,showers today and I'm not sure we really,need to get into that let's talk about,Romo Bob the time that you have seen him,in in something resembling serious,practice situations in this camp how's,he look arm strength accuracy all that's,them,um you know I I would say perhaps a,little less Romish to use the ish again,than the normal usually Romo about this,time of a training camp is pretty locked,in pretty sharp I'm not saying he's a,horrendous or anything but you know,missing on some things that he normally,probably wouldn't I don't think we,should read anything into that because,it's very early in August and let's be,honest he did not have a full season,last year and he's gone through some,procedures so I'm sure he can snap right,out of it but he doesn't quite look like,like a Jedi man you know a Jedi Knight,for instance Mike just yet so he's going,to work his way into the season to peak,at Jedi status probably around September,11th Dan the Cowboys of course lost,Kellan more to the broken leg I couldn't,get foals supposedly they're talking,with Cleveland about Josh McCown now the,name Michael Vick is out there as well,even Vick I think on Twitter was talking,about how it's every kid's dreamed to be,a Dallas Cowboy would you have a problem,with them bringing Michael Vick in to be,Tony Romo's backup absolutely not but,the reason Michael Vick's name is out,there is because the Cowboys retweeted,his tweet thereby indicating that they,have some interest as well and then,today they said they have no interest in,Michael Vick so we're certainly planning,a fun little game here are we not we're,just thinking a GoBot OFAC's you wonder,well I'm just gonna say it almost makes,you wonder who's running the Cowboys,Twitter account but no as far as who,makes sense as a backup quarterback Mike,you know honestly you're at a point,where there are so many quarterbacks,employed around the league that you,really have to ask the question as goofy,as the sounds can we find someone out of,work that's better than Jamil showers,and dak Prescott and and what that means,of course is if you bring somebody in,then one of those two guys is not going,to make the team and what that means is,showers showers would not make the team,and to me I kind of think Jamil showers,is a type of guy especially with his,skillset in today's NFL that if the,Cowboys cut him he would be picked up,somewhere else very,useful guy tools II I was looking at his,2015 preseason stuff this morning in,fact and I I like some things now,there's things I don't love but that's,the real question is if you go get an,out-of-work quarterback right now,whoever that might be and there's plenty,of names is he good enough for you to,say goodbye to Jamil showers and are you,any better for doing that or should you,hold on to two very young perhaps,developmental quarterbacks and say you,know we tried veteran backups here the,last several times Romo got hurt and,it's really never paid off Kyle Orton,certainly Brad Johnson I guess kitna a,little bit but but after that even what,they had in here last year with castle,and Whedon and Kellen Moore you know I,think you could make the case that Jamil,showers and dak Prescott can at least,compete with what they've had in here,recently so I can kind of see based on,the first couple pre-seasons that you,might just say let's roll with this as,risky and crazy as t

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Bob Sturm on the Stars Bench October 2008

Bob Sturm on the Stars Bench October 2008

and welcome back to dallas stars hockey,i'm ralph strand just 21 nashville,through 20 minutes dallas stars season,ticket holder yes he's a season ticket,holder Bob Stern from sports radio 1310,the ticket has a little special spot,this season on Dallas Stars calm go to,the multimedia section of the website,and you will find Bob Sturm TV or,something like that Bob had the chance,of a lifetime the other night and he,relays it now to all the other Dallas,Stars fans you know a lot of people talk,about having the best seat in the house,at the arena I don't mean to brag but I,think I have the best spot in the house,because for reasons I can't quite,comprehend I've been invited to watch,the game on the bench honorary coach I,don't know the fact is it should be,awesome i'm very excited so let's see,what happens tonight,it is so blinding chaotic fast on the,ice level and that's everything from the,puck the passes the line changes guys up,and down the ice this sport is so,ridiculously fast and that's on that's,why you got to see it at ice level once,in your life even if it's just watching,a practice just to appreciate what these,guys are capable it's really impressive,how in a preseason game you get the,impression these two teams are locked up,in a seven-game series in May tearing,each other's bodies apart on the name of,the symbol on the front of their,sweaters it's really something pretty,cool then the line changes it's fast,it's furious it's a chaotic as they come,to the bench they're all barking at each,other obviously what's really cool,though is the sound and hearing the,chirping between the two teams hearing,the guys trying to kind of get the,emotion up hearing the coaching tactics,hearing the players say coach where do,you want me on this what did I do that,right what's also real cool is here in,the referees come over and explain,things they're getting barked at from,everybody on the bench and yet the,referees generally keep their composure,and try to calmly explain why they just,made that call Madonna with the keep at,the left point to rub it out,straightaway Richards top of the right,circle moves in in front they score,deflected by Brunnstrom and the stars,have taken a 2-1 lead,first of all Stephane Robidas I'll talk,about a gamer for like the millionth,time something happened to his nose,didn't miss a shift their cleaning blood,off him and he's going right back out,there and someone need to tell him it's,just preseason game there's been,pleasantries all night there's been,get-togethers there's been handshakes,and a lot of fights alright that's it,for the night unbelievable experience,obviously from the intensity from the,anger from the speed from just the way,thanks for going on these guys are,chomping at the bit and obviously,experience that I got tonight very few,people get this chance it's not lost on,me I'm still trying to process all that,went on around me as an honorary,assistant coach I don't think I screwed,up things too badly and let me tell you,something I've seen a lot of things in,my life that was pretty awesome these,guys they're not faking it for the,preseason and we also did what we did,not think it was possible to do get fops,term in a jacket and tie go to Dallas,Stars calm to see more Nashville two,stars 1 through 20 minutes we'll come,back to Music City in a little bit

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Chris Cornell - Patience (Official Video)

Chris Cornell - Patience (Official Video)

♪ (synthesizer humming) ♪,♪ ♪,♪ (static pulsing) ♪,♪ ♪,♪ (guitar strumming) ♪,♪ ♪,♪ Shed a tear 'cause I'm missing you ♪,♪ I'm still all right to smile ♪,♪ Girl, I think about you every day now ♪,♪ Was a time when I wasn't sure ♪,♪ You set my mind at ease ♪,♪ There ain't no doubt you're in my heart now ♪,♪ Said woman, take it slow, it'll work itself out fine ♪,♪ All we need is just a little patience ♪,♪ Said sugar, make it slow, we will come together fine ♪,♪ All we need is just a little patience ♪,♪ I sit here on the stairs ♪,♪ I'd rather be alone ♪,♪ If I can't have you right now, I'll wait, dear ♪,♪ Sometimes, I get so tense ♪,♪ I can't speed up the time ♪,♪ But you know, love, there's one more thing to consider ♪,♪ Said woman, take it slow and things will be just fine ♪,♪ If you and I just use a little patience ♪,♪ Said sugar, take the time ♪,♪ 'Cause the lights are shining bright ♪,♪ You and I got what it takes to make it ♪,♪ Oh ♪,♪ ♪,♪ I've been walking the streets at night ♪,♪ Just trying to get it right ♪,♪ Hard to see with so many around ♪,♪ You know I don't like being stuck in the crowd ♪,♪ Streets don't change, but maybe the names ♪,♪ You know I ain't got time for the game ♪,♪ 'Cause I need you ♪,♪ Yeah, I need you ♪,♪ ♪,♪ Said woman, take it slow, it'll work itself out fine ♪,♪ All we need is just a little patience ♪,♪ Said sugar, make it slow, we will come together fine ♪,♪ All we need is just a little patience ♪,♪ ♪

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Talking Cowboys draft, front office, team building with Bob Sturm

Talking Cowboys draft, front office, team building with Bob Sturm

hello world and welcome to my room uh,this is jeff cavanaugh alongside a guy,named bob a guy named bob bob sturm that,would be uh 96 7 and 13 10 the ticket or,is that backwards do you do 13 10 and 96,7 fm uh yeah we're really trying to lean,into the am we think that's up and,coming,we feel like uh that's where what we're,gonna build around is uh amp radio so,we're really looking forward to that i'm,sorry about just bob i didn't know it,was formally going to be on the screen,this is very big time,my bad,i kind of support it i like it a lot as,you can tell bob is here out of the,kindness of his heart not for,self-promotion because he didn't even,put his own last name so,it's sturm if you're looking for his,last name there you go you can find his,work freaking everywhere uh here this is,the joy of being unemployed for me is,that i'm allowed to do things that i,wasn't allowed to do when i was employed,because you know contracts and rules and,stuff i like it so it's exciting to be,able to talk football with one of the,minds in uh well not even just dfw the,world that i respect and doesn't do it,the way that so many people do it where,it's all hot takey and disgusting and,it's just like hey what about actual,sports analysis so welcome here's bob,actual sports analysis oh that's uh,that's that's so nice of you and i'm,very interested in your journey of,course we've talked about this on and,off and,actually never on the air we've never,actually been on the air before together,i don't even know are we on the air now,that's i guess it's all just uh,technically no we're you know we're,somewhere in the ether together and it's,not a golf course and uh i i support you,and your journey and i've always liked,the way you do things so uh let's party,all right so yeah we're not live out of,respect to the fact that the ticket is,live and that would be rude to be uh,sure,while the tickets on the air here we go,um no but this will pop up on my youtube,channel when i'm done uploading it so,i guess we'll mention brian,schottenheimer and like topical things,of the day that everybody is asking,about but i can do that later uh,i am more interested in i guess two,different things okay well i have you,one is how you're doing with the draft,and all the branches that come off of,that tree right now,and number two,is,this is,the most frustrated slash angry i've,seen the cowboys fan base at least on,twitter after a football season,and so when you look at their front,office like what of the things that,people are super mad about do you think,are actually legitimate things,and,what is just people love to be angry,about sports,boy there's a lot there um i you know,let's start with the second one and then,remind me to circle back to the draft,and we can do that in in just a bit for,sure,um,you know it's,it feels like a culmination of a lot of,things in the sense that,um yeah these are times where,everybody's online and everybody has a,podium and everybody has to you know,come in hot and uh and feel like uh you,know that if you're not raging against,some machine then you're probably not,doing it right,i get it it's the time and and also it's,been a long journey in the desert for,cowboys fans and so,those two things probably have helped,things percolate just a little bit um,at the same time i think mavericks fans,are wildly frustrated right now and they,have one of the best players in the,world and their their team is on an,upward climb and it's largely many of,the same humans so,so you know it's just,i don't know i for me,sports are fun man i wake up every day,and i look forward to learning about,something i didn't know about or,somebody i didn't know about or some,match up i i recently made a list i,don't know if you know who uh uh is it,maria maria condo is uh but uh but she,is,uh,boy this is this is the first time,murray condo is being mentioned on the,jeff kavanaugh show i'm positive but uh,but she specializes jeff,in uh helping people unclutter their,life and like get organized which i can,tell from your bookshelf you're a very,organized man,it's fairly cluttered but i am yeah i'm,not organized i like what you have back,there at least so you at least,understand where the camera's pointed,but the point the point to all of it is,we all jump up our lives with clutter,and she wants you to kind of go through,your possessions and figure out what,brings you joy and so i have kind of,stolen that as a list of athletes that,bring me joy and they're not the best,player on my favorite team because,that's,that's cheating anybody can just list,their favorite teams and then say oh,well aaron rodgers brings me joy or you,know whatever uh you know,luka doncic brings me no no i'm talking,about unaffiliated,athletes that are just out there that,you say,i bought league pass,it's uh it's thursday night where's john,morant tonight because he brings me joy,he makes i was gonna say john marant,yeah yeah he's a great one uh fernando,tatis is is a great one connor

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Game On Bob Sturm Feature

Game On Bob Sturm Feature

1226 let's get things going we Bob Sturm,has spent most of his life talking,sports from a very early age I was,obsessed with sports his first half was,in sync and that's put a bunch of scores,and facts in my head that have made me a,decent living I suppose that's what a,normal coach would do and he shares that,knowledge with the listener CIO as the,co-host of Bob and Dan radio a sports,talk show that airs on Katie ck the,ticket in dallas texas understands that,part of their guys study sports a lot,all day you know I try not to be a,know-it-all but at the same time you're,trying to know it all so we'll discuss,Golden State and Cleveland the NBA,Finals and where we are next on the,ticket Bob's sports knowledge was first,tested in the early 90s when sports talk,was in its infancy we interrupt our,regular scheduled at this time in order,to bring you this exclusive sports,program from the flame sports network as,a college sophomore he pioneered liberty,university's first sports talk broadcast,supports radial really didn't exist so,the professor's didn't necessarily know,what I was talking about he was really,crazy back then they were trying to,figure out how to broadcast it I don't,know if this sounds possible but in,demoss hall there was one speaker and,I'm not lying one speaker and that was,how the radio station broadcasts you're,listening to sports the station,broadcasted around the clock with one,hour each night allotted for Bob to talk,sports,is your host Bob Stern good evening,sports fans Wednesday night just that,time again I'm talking to Matt,Hildebrand or Robbie Justino or whoever,the athletes were on campus at the time,I'd have him on the show and we we do,sports talk and that was how it was born,Bob Stern back here on c91 sports talk,i'm here with Matt Hildebrandt point,guard for the flames and Matt flames,that tough game Monday night toss a,quick overview on that game we came out,you know we're a little bit flat it was,an amazing opportunity because you kind,of felt like I'll pioneer if you will,for a format that was just being born,but on campus you I was sports talk I,but let's keep in perspective of the,last 10 games the flames of 19 for me it,allowed me to kind of get my at-bats if,you will at a small level where not,everyone here's your mistakes we're back,here at see how its pork stock and we'd,be silly to talk about the NHL though,that's what we love we do I think if,you're going to fail which we all are at,first you should do it in a real small,audience so no one can hear so that was,me and that one speaker those one,speaker broadcasts led to a job at the,local radio station in Lynchburg,Virginia and that quickly bounced Bob to,Dallas a lot of its LeBron and love,again where he's been since 1998 and,broadcasting to millions of speakers,wide open shots and wide open,opportunity and then those people make,those show we talk about sports but,we'll also talk about a movie or a TV,show or will goof on each other or,whatever the whatever is Bob's way of,simply giving back and it began with a,mission trip to an orphanage in,Guatemala,what we did the first time is spent you,know three and a half days at an,orphanage and we took shoes and pizza,and whatever you know we just had a,great time I think I've been there ten,times now and each time I come back and,I talked about it on the radio show we,have a lot of causes we do you know we,do some things over the course of time I,probably at first wasn't courageous,enough to talk about on the air but once,I got the courage start talking about it,I realized so many people out there have,a heart for charity or four causes or,four missions or whatever and then,regardless of their belief system they,want to help but Bob felt he could still,do more and that's when he and his wife,Sally traveled to an orphanage in,Honduras with plans to adopt it was a,big undertaking but it's one that we,wouldn't change it for the world our,little guy as much a part of our family,as anyone else in our house our little,family of five is thrilled to death that,we have little Justin the little guy,who's now getting pretty big you lint,dream on do what he does I didn't,realize the whole purpose of having this,job just to further causes that are way,bigger than a baseball game or a,basketball game or wide-open threes or,dump overall it's been quite an amazing,ride and when I was at that liberty,station with one speaker I never,imagined it would be this and doused,it's awesome,you

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Dalton & OB | Jason Howell | A&M Hoops Talk | Bob Sturm: TA Rewind (12/22)

Dalton & OB | Jason Howell | A&M Hoops Talk | Bob Sturm: TA Rewind (12/22)

all right everybody Welcome to the tech,sags rewind holiday edition thanks to,our new sponsor not really sponsor,texags not the rewind little Shiner box,Merry Christmas,happy Hanukkah,all right I have no idea what we did on,the rewind today I hosted the show but I,didn't decide what's on the rewind so,we're just gonna sit here by the fire,and hang out y'all enjoy I'll save mine,for later Obi you you I don't know that,we have one,um,because we change what we do every year,you know,um in fact we just put up a Christmas,tree just like two days ago there you go,I I'll say this I'm a fan of that,there's people that put up Christmas,stuff way too early well we've not had a,Christmas tree since I guess,2000 and uh,17.,we had the first year when Buck was a,puppy and he pulled it down,and he pulled down the Christmas tree,and everything on it so we just didn't,have one and then uh the other day I,almost said y'all miss having a,Christmas tree so I went up and bought,one we came down and uh put it up and,bucks now an old dog so he doesn't do,that silliness anymore he knows so I'm,trying to think if we have an actual we,used to do uh you know tamales in a,Mexican house but uh,even our man said well it's just the,three of us should I get to Mazda now,don't worry about it so man I would have,a hard time saying no if someone offered,do should we get them,yeah I get a lot of Mexican food you do,uh and then uh you rub it in my face a,lot of times anytime Irma cooks,something good you you always want to,come up here and tell me the next day,and I'm like well oh well I'll try to,remember to bring some,um and then you know a lot of times we,go down to the Rio Grande Valley but,Gwen's back from uh school and he said I,just don't feel like chilling out uh,traveling I want to stay at home and see,his old high school buddies and so we're,just not doing anything sometimes I,guess we don't have one sometimes it's,good to do nothing it's good to and,especially with this weather that's,coming in the next couple of days I,don't think people are going to want to,get out and do a whole I think that,we're going to uh,uh probably have a subdued Christmas,until we become grandparents so I say,hey queen go out and get somebody,pregnant well Quinn maybe not but let's,wait Quinn let's get through college you,uh you put in the models my man tell me,all tell us all where you went,well I I started the day off at uh,Mansfield at Lake Ridge High School we,really wanted to get some eyes on Riley,and Kennedy uh late edition,um you know a guy that uh a m,really jumped on in December and that,thing just took off like a rocket I mean,it went from hey we're interested to all,right sign him up and in a matter of a,couple weeks and um it what a great kid,this is the first time I've had a chance,to like really talk to him and meet his,family great family,um checked in on his official visit to a,m at six three and a half you know,around 210 pounds so he's skinny but,he's he's got a real lean frame you're,talking about a kid that high jumped six,eight last spring uh while uh earning,basket I think he earned a basketball,scholarship was first team all district,in the in a district that includes,Duncanville DeSoto and Lancaster that,you know when it comes to basketball,it's just like football they put out a,ton of players and uh it's highly,competitive and then this year he just,went off on the football field and um,leso quickly emerged as one of the top,pass rushers and Edge threats uh you,know and in a and a really Stout,District saw his recruitment take off in,November uh but yeah that that was first,stop and then uh second stop I had to go,see uh Jayvon Thomas South Oak,Cliff back to back,two times coach coach too time Todd out,there and uh with their back-to-back,state championships see uh JT Thomas and,uh you know there's if there was one uh,signee that uh there there was some,mystery around in the uh DFW area it was,it was Jayvon and uh you know wanted to,see him put pen to paper and,you know it was it was a great day uh I,think uh a m a m should be uh pretty,excited about what's coming their way,Logan Tuesday afternoon read Arena uh,not the prettiest side of things for the,Aggies,no it was a,I don't even know if if disappointment,is is what how you can describe it um,they are the are struggling to say the,least and,in this game against Watford I mean it's,a what a five-point loss uh hardly score,60 points,uh Wofford just controlled the game they,controlled the pace of the game uh they,controlled the shot selection both on,offense and defense,um,it was,the,it was disappointing to see especially,going into the holidays and,they are lost they don't have a leader,right now they don't have a go-to guy,they have no consistency both on offense,and defense it's a struggle Logan do you,think some of that is because I mean I,watch the games and I just don't see,feel like the coaching staff has a feel,for what the rotation should be right,now and it just feels li

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Elon Musk and Twitter: What Does it Mean?

Elon Musk and Twitter: What Does it Mean?

- This video is brought to you by BetterHelp.,(upbeat lofi music),What's up, guys?,Michael here to talk about the website,that has irreparably damaged every nook and cranny,of my fragile brain, Twitter.,And while we're on the topic of things,that are objectively bad for me that I can't look away from,,let's also talk about Elon Musk.,Because along with solving the energy crisis,,building colonies on Mars and naming a baby X,,he has decided to use some of his fortune,to purchase the aforementioned hellsite,Now it's not uncommon for rich people,to buy outrageous things.,So naturally, the internet responded to this purchase,in a totally rational way.,Nah, just kidding, everyone lost their minds.,And enough Twitter users,straight-up deleted their accounts in protest,,such that some folks were wondering if Elon,had already started to wield his powers,to drain their followers.,Others retreated to Instagram, a part of Meta,,which is owned by this guy.,So, were people right to freak out about Musk's Twitter bid?,Can he use the platform for some type of evil?,Or is the internet always in need of its main antagonist,,and Musk just happens to fit the bill?,And should we not be using products owned by dudes,who might be bad?,Does any of this really matter?,Let's find out in this Wisecrack edition:,Will Elon Ruin Twitter?,And a quick note before we get into it,,buying one of the major tech platforms,isn't like buying a new couch.,Transactions on this scale involve board members,and stocks and lawyers and lots and lots of money,,which all take lots of time.,So at the time of this recording Elon Musk,does not officially own Twitter,,and the deal could still fall through.,And if it does, merely consider this a thought experiment.,But before we dive in,,we wanna thank BetterHelp,who's sponsoring this video,in honor of mental health awareness month.,That's right, May is a month dedicated to raising awareness,,providing support, and fighting the stigma,against mental health struggles.,This year's theme is together for mental health,which encourages people to share personal stories,and helps them making everyone feel empowered,to prioritize their mental health.,So here, I'll go first,,I grew up in a family,that wasn't really open about mental health and emotions,,so it wasn't until much later in life,that I was able to reach out to a therapist.,And once I did, I realized,that I'd been depressed for a lot of years,,but finally being in therapy and opening up,and having someone tell me that what I was feeling was okay,and that there was ways to approach this,was really a life changing situation.,So I, for one, wouldn't be where I am today without therapy.,And I really encourage anyone,who's feeling that type of way,to seek it out for themselves.,Now, another goal of mental health awareness month,is to improve access to mental health services,,which has been one of BetterHelp's goals from the start,regardless of your location.,This customized therapy platform allows you to communicate,with your therapist through your choice,of video, phone, and/or live chat sessions.,So if you're not in the mood to be on video, no problem.,Plus, BetterHelp offers unlimited messaging,so you can contact your therapist anytime,and as often as you like.,Because BetterHelp's network has over 20,000 therapists,from a variety of backgrounds,,it's easy to find one whose expertise,suits your unique needs,,but it's easy and free to change therapists,if you don't hit it off.,Once you sign up for BetterHelp,and fill out a detailed questionnaire,,you can start communicating,with your therapist within 48 hours.,It's not a crisis line and it's not self-help.,It's professional therapy done confidentially,and securely online.,Plus it's more affordable,than traditional in person therapy.,HSA benefits are accepted and financial aid is available.,So if you're struggling with your mental health,,try BetterHelp today,,or if someone you know is really going through it,,try suggesting BetterHelp to them.,Visit,to join the over 2 million people already taking charge,of their mental health,with the help of an experienced professional.,And when you go to,,you'll get 10% off your first month.,That's better,And now back to the show.,Now, before we figure out,if the Musk-buys-Twitter outrage is warranted,,we need to take a brief detour through the analog era.,Because while old-timey rich men,didn't know the difference,between a Dogecoin and a Bennifer,,they did know the power of owning the means of cultural,and journalistic production.,For more on this, see the quaint indie film, "Citizen Kane.",Dudes like William Randolph Hearst,,the inspiration for "Citizen Kane,",used the newspapers they owned to push their own agendas.,This allowed them to do things,like garner national support for a war,,Hearst was partial to the Spanish-American variety,,or simply to seek revenge against their indu

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