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Brad Keselowski turns the tables on our own Bob Pockrass | NASCAR RACE HUBI don't know where this gu


Updated on Jan 14,2023

Brad Keselowski turns the tables on our own Bob Pockrass | NASCAR RACE HUB

I don't know where this guy could be Bob,breakroom Bob,they say he's everywhere but I can't,find him I if there's one place where I,can reliably find Bob it's got to be the,library have you guys seen Bob,the mob he's got to be here somewhere,ah here's Bob Brad what's going on so,good to see ya,let's ask some questions oh you got,questions a lot fo I'm in trouble now,how long have you been covering this,sport this sport NASCAR since 92 was my,first Daytona 500 seven everyday Daytona,500 since 92 what makes this work right,to you,you can't predict what's gonna happen,right everybody asks me it asks all of,us what's gonna happen I never know,exactly how you're going to race and I,never know what's gonna come out of your,mouth and I see like that,that's so in those years of covering,this work you certainly have some highs,some lows what was the biggest high for,you I mean if you talk about like events,like going you saw Tony Stewart with,that incredible championship run where,he starts the 2011 yeah we can sound,like I'm not him I'm not a favorite,don't I don't have a shot and then comes,out and wins five five races and what,was after Martinsville saying you know,kind of Taunton to taunt in the field I,feel like I got him back in a corner so,yeah yeah clear I do,Dale jr. 2001 July Daytona is something,that you feel he'll never forget do you,ever find yourself holding back down,store because you're afraid you might,hurt somebody I think that you you might,take the extra time to make sure that,you're doing the right thing or that you,feel like that you're doing like what,you need to do as a journalist so is,Twitter your favorite social media,platform that's your favorite in your,when you hate the most right because it,the great thing about Twitter is that,you get to supply live information but,also bad information gets moved very,quickly on Twitter so that's the biggest,challenge I mean so I don't know do you,like Twitter some days some days some,days final question for Bob alright,what is one question you wish people,would ask you that they never did maybe,they should ask Mike why are you so,serious all the time and I can explain,that you know I think Brad Keselowski's,time is valuable so I'm gonna get to and,I'm gonna ask him the questions he needs,and I'm gonna go on with life you know,we're in a business right and and,sometimes and our time is valuable so I,try to respect that fair enough all,right thanks for taking some time out,for me you're welcome Bob did a good job,next time we'll sit down 60 minutes okay,yeah

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Bob Pockrass explains why the NASCAR family loves Ryan Newman | NASCAR ON FOX

Bob Pockrass explains why the NASCAR family loves Ryan Newman | NASCAR ON FOX

Oh,this race from the mall,why a moving is more than a wreck,he's more than a headlines he's more,than a scary highlight those in the,NASCAR family know Ryan Newman he's the,rocket man how to describe Ryan Newman,think of him as a mix of cheetah and,Bulldog Newman's popularity and,longevity in the sport stemmed from his,no-nonsense approach to racing and,because he is damn fast known as the,Rocket Man for his uncanny ability to,win polls early in his career Newman,captured an astounding 34 polls in his,first four full time seasons at Team,Penske in 2002 he went a season-high six,polls breaking the rookie record set by,hall-of-famer Davey Allison that year he,also joined the L&R tuner as the second,rookie ever to win the all-star race he,beat out Jimmie Johnson for Rookie of,the Year he follow that up by winning,eight Cup Series races in 2003 but seven,races where he failed to finish,including five where he crashed,relegated him to six in the standings,that's right Newman was either winning,races or he was crashing out trying he,never quite recaptured the magic of 2003,while he won the Daytona 500 in 2008 he,has won no more than two races a year,and nine overall in the last 16 seasons,so why did Tony Stewart want him when he,helped form stewart-haas racing in 2009,a white Richard Childress WOM in 2014,and check rash in 2019 easy the two race,is hard he is known as the driver,toughest to get past during the normal,course of the race others might not put,up such a fight in order to have a favor,down the road,Ryan Newman considers it a badge of,honor since that is what he gets paid to,do,passions include the outdoors and that,led him and Krissie Newman to start a,ranch where rescue animals are treated,and Ryan when he is not racing slightly,out working somewhere on the grounds,many in the NASCAR industry have,contributed to the ranch which includes,the yearn Hart family playground that's,specifically designed to accommodate,special needs children so none are left,out during school programs at the,facility that is why his injury suffered,Monday night a serious accident made the,NASCAR family cry his two daughters were,at Daytona for the race hoping their,daddy could get to Victory Lane while,the couple was seperated Krissie Newman,tweeted prior to the finish that she,quote would love to see my girls in,victory lane but always praying for a,safe race unquote many of the prayers,tweeted from people throughout the,NASCAR industry included the faith that,Newman's strong will would lead to a,full recovery,as news that he did not have,life-threatening injuries became public,fans of his at the hospital cheered and,yelled Rocket Man,as they yelled it it seemed like they,had confidence that the Ryan Newman they,have watched for two decades will do,everything he possibly can as fast as he,possibly can to bounce back he's already,walking a testament to his strength and,facing the biggest challenge of his life,for more great nascar on foxh content,subscribe to our channel it's somewhere,right around here

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Interview with FOX Sports' Bob Pockrass

Interview with FOX Sports' Bob Pockrass

all right and this week we're going to,be interviewing bob pocrest bob is a,reporter for fox sports but before we,get to the interview i want to give a,quick shout out,to our great sponsor today's interview,is sponsored by peak auto,save seven dollars on peak 10x,antifreeze and coolant from september,22nd to november 30th get your rebate,today at,bob great to have you uh how's your,how's your week been so far,de-stressing from talladega yeah it's,been good it's been good i was joking,with some people that,uh that if there was a headline for,talladega for most people would be,talladega bites,right you know because it uh it seemed,to bite a lot of people uh especially a,lot of the playoff drivers,for sure i just want to go ahead and get,jumped straight to the chase i know that,everyone that follows you knows that,you've got your you've got the pulse on,the silly season,news and everything that's been going,around but talking about you,and hearing about uh your employment,history,i know back a couple years ago espn,uh ended up leaving espn he had like a,little bob pacquiao's,style silly season there could you could,you talk a little bit about getting in,with fox sports and did you have any,other type of options or how was it,feeling having your own type of silly,season,uh well you know it's never comfortable,right but i think if you're in the,journalism world you're you're always in,you're most time you're in silly season,except uh you know in the few,lucky spots like what you had at espn,when you actually have a contract so,um you know the contract uh ended and,they,weren't uh they weren't going to keep,having a motorsports writer and,and it's you know it was great to have,you know a lot of talks with a lot of,people,about you know what potentially what i,could do both in racing,and some outsider racing and uh you know,it's just great that,fox uh you know fox i think saw value in,what i do on social and and what uh,you know and the info i could provide so,you know fox is all about,you know especially you got all the race,broadcasts you got the race hub,all these shows and they,you know and i was able to add something,i think to them just uh just,having somebody who's talking to people,all the time you know you the the pit,reporters are certainly busy,on certain things that they're focused,on uh,but you know but maybe they're not,talking to as many people,all day every day like i am because,just because of the nature of the work,that i'm doing and so,i just was able to come in and be a,resource for everybody,you know and uh as much as i uh tweet,and everything like that i'm,you know also you know texting people uh,texting other fox reporters and you know,we're talking about what we're hearing,and,and we're able to you know i'm just able,to be a good resource,uh for them so i've heard from,many people i'm an aspiring journalist i,currently write for speedway digest,and from people who work in the media,i've heard how dedicated you are,to the sport you're always one of the,first people in the garage,area so first off i want to thanks for,your dedication for providing the,latest news and everything in the media,center and,always being the first one there but we,had a wild weekend at talladega this,week,double yellow line rule has been a big,talk what's your take on the double,yellow line rule do we keep it do we,lose it what's going on,i i don't really like it but i can't say,i have a great alternative for it,um you know,i would almost say at the last two laps,and then green white checker to maybe,throw it away and not have it,uh i know some people say well you can't,have some rules for the start and for,the finish,but you know i you know the rules change,in football a little bit right after,the two-minute warning or you know in,the last minute of the game and i think,i think potentially you could do that,here you know the argument is is that,they,wreck um and the fact is that they're,wrecking anyway,right so i guess the question is we just,don't know how bad the wrecks are and,this rule was made 20 years ago so it's,really hard to predict,how bad those wrecks would be if this,rule was you know just eliminated for,for the last few laps um you know i kind,of would like to see it,maybe test it in some of the other,series first and if it goes well,potentially use that for cup now i don't,think nascar is going to go that way,and uh you know i think nascar is in a,tough spot because they you know,they're sitting there trying to make,judgment calls and,you know look i think they at least the,at least at least you can say on sundays,that they,set the precedent early with joey logano,and they kind of kept that,through through most through the race,now,if you had asked me after the race if,they made no penalties at all,if they just said hey you know it's last,lap you know,yeah maybe to benedict you know denny,hammond was trying to get away from a,crash,uh chase elliot was trying to avoid a,crash uh we don't f

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Dropping the Hammer No. 3: Get to know Bob Pockrass

Dropping the Hammer No. 3: Get to know Bob Pockrass

hey there i'm daniel mcfadden and i have,a pocky full of sunshine,pocky it's a nickname for fox sports,nascar reporter bob pogress,if you're familiar with nascar you're,more than likely familiar with bob,if you're new to nascar you'll want to,get brushed up quick,bob pockets has been a nascar reporter,since 1991,prior to fox sports he worked at espn,and,sporting news where i met him in 2014 as,an intern,we've shared many media centers he's,usually the first one in that media,center and he's definitely last one out,and if you ever wondered whether a track,has lights,bob is the person you ask and then you,ask again,and again and again the 2021 nascar,season,is going to be a very big deal there's,lots of new stuff,lots of new tracks new drivers with new,teams and there's lots of questions to,be had about all that new stuff,so i thought it would be important to,give you guys the opportunity to find,out a little bit more,about one of the hardest working guys in,the,nascar media corps so without further,ado let's,get to the interview my interview starts,with,me finding out some very very shocking,news,about bob's movie watching habits so,here we go my interview with,bob parker's and the pressure's on,because this is one of your first ones,yeah no you're my first legitimate like,interview because the danish horrors one,was from,you know a month ago i don't know if you,you get to watch that yet or not,i should have but i had that's what i,watched the first one where you,told me you didn't know what you were,doing,i didn't i still don't i'm making this,up as i go,as henry as the scholar henry jones jr,would uh say i see do you know who that,is do you even know who i'm referring to,i don't i'm not too familiar with him i,don't think,indiana jones oh you know,we don't have a clue on that,i don't think i've ever watched any of,the movies like all the way through,in one sitting what you know,i mean you have to remember you know,different ages you know,it came out in 1981 yeah,okay so i was 12. okay what,what movies are you into then i would be,into comedies and,um more,thriller type stuff and you know i mean,like,you know jay and bob type stuff jane,silent bob,yeah okay that's you know all right,that's news to me,okay you know that would probably be,more high speed than indiana jones,yeah i was a big kevin smith fan bob,welcome to dropping the hammer you're my,first official,guest um trying to get in the hammer,dropping the hammer you know all right,days of thunder,days of thunder yeah that's how i,learned mine some of my first nascar,knowledge came from days of thunder,still in indiana at the time that that,movie came out in 1990,uh i graduated college 91 and i didn't,know a whole lot about nascar,um at that time and i watched that movie,and it uh,and i was like people,they don't they wouldn't really be that,happy for a guy who just wrecked a bunch,of,a bunch of cars like a year or two,earlier would they,uh after one like i i that's yeah i was,like you know,really all right so but um yeah so,that's my,but that was uh that was my kind my,introduction okay,this is what nascar's all about but i,was pretty skeptical,after watching i was like some of that,stuff's got to be embellished,well that was the cynical that was a,cynical reporter in me,at the age of 20 or 20 20 20 22 years,the cynical reporter already at 20.,yeah so what's your what was the first,race you,attended the nascar race or first time,you went to a track for an ascot race,i mean i know it's at the 92 dayton 500,okay um i don't know if i was at any of,the preliminary races,of that week i don't i don't remember,but you know what,and going back and looking at files i,was i saw my stories from the 92 daytona,500.,like this is so that would be the first,i was i was writing about guys not,being good teammates with each other so,some story lines,uh yeah some story lines uh continue so,so what was the,the 500 was that something you,volunteered for were you assigned it or,was like okay,i guess i'll do the 500. well so when i,worked for daytona newspaper i worked in,the deland bureau which is about 20,miles west of daytona,and really you know you know,they would just do it with a few,reporters and maybe a couple of,freelancers but obviously coming from,indianapolis and having covered,uh you know worked indianapolis 500 for,three years,for various uh media outlets,as a college student you know i want to,cover the daytona 500. i was like you,know there's a big event,this is our paper you know we should,have our reporters there,and so you know they're like yeah you,can,as long as you don't uh as long as you,don't neglect any of your duties,um in the bureau and uh you can cover uh,what you can out,at the racetrack so what what are,when when you think about i guess that,speed weeks what are some like the the,images that like flash into your mind,like what stands out to you later i mean,i think,i think what just stands out is just the,the massive size of the facility and,w

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You Kids Don't Know: Jimmie Johnson | NASCAR ON FOX

You Kids Don't Know: Jimmie Johnson | NASCAR ON FOX

they say nice guys finish last whoever,they are they never met jimmy johnson,jimmy johnson is a nice guy who has,finished first again and again and again,and year after year after year,maybe we should modify that he is a nice,guy with incredible car control who,finished first and won championships,again and again year after year,seven titles in all and if you pay,attention to racing you will see him,compete at indianapolis in an indy car,and might wonder why would he even do it,why risk his reputation in the,indianapolis 500 at age 46.,in his first 15 indycar races he had,just one top 10 finish so why face the,possibility of not being great in the,sport's most historic race,back to back again for jimmy johnson,hear me program,amazingly enough you got it,if you have to ask then you don't know,jimmy johnson and i'm here to explain to,you what you don't know about the driver,who has had a hall of fame career in,nascar and continues to pursue greatness,in other forms of racing,he's doing it because jimmy johnson has,embraced challenges his entire life,just coming to nascar was a challenge,for a driver whose roots came in,off-road vehicles,he didn't excel in what is now known as,the xfinity series and he still landed,one of the best rides in the sport when,rick hendrick added a team for him a,move that surprised many but turned out,as one of the most brilliant hires ever,made by a car owner a lot of people,forget why jimmy johnson got hired and,that was because jeff gordon saw his,incredible car control,at darlington one day and you know and i,think you know when you,really step back and look at it and see,where jimmy came from on the off-road,side and throwing all those trucks and,buggies and things around i think that,people,really underestimate the car control,that that jimmy johnson had which was,what allowed him to drive the things,that that chad tried to create and put,under him and survive that chad person,harvick talks about is chad canals,johnson combined his car control with an,intensity that was unmatched and canals,the crew chief for all of johnson's,championships and all but two of his 83,victories built and set up cars to take,advantage of those talents,his tenacity one thing i've always said,about jimmy that is just absolutely true,he's the best race car driver i've ever,seen right like he,he does such an exceptional job of being,able to find a way to get past somebody,whoever that is in front of him he's not,always the best when he's leading he's,not always the best in qualifying he's,not always the best in practice,none of that but if you put jimmy 25th,in the grid he very consistently finds,his way up into the top ten and can run,there and pass past cars consistently,when other folks just can't do it and,that's a that's a pretty amazing talent,that he's been able to continue to have,all throughout his career that tenacity,showed in the 2005 coca-cola 600 when,johnson fell down a lap early in the,race raced his way back to the lead lap,and eventually back to the lead by the,checkered flag,it showed in 2006 when he rallied from,146 points down over the final five,races to capture his first career cup,title he needed it in 2010 when he,entered the final race 15 points behind,denny hamlin and used a second place,finish his best ever finish at homestead,to win his fifth consecutive crown the,championship is going to go to jimmy,johnson and if you don't think he's,going to be one of the greatest think,again,but where did all that tenacity come,from it came from a young age where,johnson hated to lose,it also came from energy he built with,his teams especially a canal's team of,crew members who were young and,confident and brash,they were the new kids on the block and,they had fun on the track and off the,track they were relentless,one of the reasons they were so,relentless was because of just how nice,a guy johnson was to them they didn't,want to fail him he worked too hard,they worked hard too,but hard work doesn't always equal,results,johnson was a master of communication,when delivering feedback of what he felt,the car was doing and what he needed to,go fast that was one thing i was blown,away by early on when i started to sit,in meetings and and listen to him talk,is you know i'd be sitting here in the,corner and i'm like you know i feel this,sensation and i want to explain it but i,have this really long-winded answer that,ultimately is just way too complicated,for anyone to understand and then it's,jimmy's turn and he's like you know,hey this is this is that exact sensation,that i'm feeling in that that uh,you know what i'm looking or what i'm,feeling in the car and he can just put,it in such simple terms and then it,makes sense to everyone and i'm like all,right you need to go first every week,and then i just need to say,you know,that because uh it was amazing and that,that was something that really blew me,away and then there was johnson's,incredible talent plus the never give up,attitude it f

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The Infamous 2012 Clint Bowyer-Jeff Gordon Fight in Phoenix | NASCAR ON FOX

The Infamous 2012 Clint Bowyer-Jeff Gordon Fight in Phoenix | NASCAR ON FOX

when it comes to racing,most nascar drivers generate highlights,on four wheels,but some have delivered memorable,moments at the track when motoring on,two feet,carl edwards after wreck at talladega in,2009,ran to the finish line i love ricky,bobby from talladega nights,gone once ran to his wrecked race car at,kansas he knows every lag counts,dale earnhardt jr and brad keselowski,had a memorable race during a red flag,a race to the port-a-potty during the,2012 daytona 500.,hey where is that best friend on two,feet came later in the 2012 season,at phoenix the driver not one you'd,expect,at least not at the time clint boyer,having just seen his slim championship,hopes ruined thanks to the front bumper,of jeff gordon,a mad boyer climbed out of his wrecked,race car on pit road,and looked up at the video board,he saw his crew having at it with,borden's crew at gordon's hauler,and that was enough to put foyer into a,full sprint he ran hard,and i should know that's me in that blue,jacket,trying to keep up granted i had radios,and headphones that i needed to make,sure i didn't lose,and come on who was i to think that,boyer would sprint to try to throw some,haymakers at gordon,racers remember every time they've been,wronged well before phoenix,gordon and boyer had tangled especially,in april at martinsville,where they had contact as part of an,overtime restart,aj almandinger shot through and now,they're going to have to line things up,custom and hendrick teammate jimmy,johnson a chance at the victory,then in the phoenix race they had,contact again with gordon,ending up hitting the wall gordon fell a,couple laps down,and as he limped around the track he,decided he had to take care of business,in other words take care of boyer sure,enough,gordon waited on boyer and turned him,into the wall ending both their days as,well as that of joey logano,as gordon got out of his mangled car at,his hauler boyer's crew tried to get to,him,but he was quickly hustled out of harm's,way the crews continued to push and,shove amid the mayhem,the crews converged again as boyer was,stopped by a nascar official at the,entrance of the gordon hauler,it makes us all look like a bunch of uh,you know,it's pretty embarrassing for a four-time,champion and,and you know what i consider uh one of,the best this sport's ever seen to act,like that it was just,it's completely ridiculous i've just had,it you know,clint's run into me numerous times,wrecked me and uh he got into me on the,back straight away and,pretty much ruined our day and you know,i,uh i had it fed up with it and got him,back,it was one of the rare times that gordon,got called out as a driver,i spent a whole week being bashed by a,half a dozen drivers about racing hard,at texas and how i'm out of control and,have a death wish,and i see like that that's,that's that's all you can call that and,these guys just tried to kill each other,you race hard and i get called for,racing hard,and and called with a death wish and i,see like that and it just pisses me off,truthfully gordon should be glad that,boyer had that infamous sprint,because the incident is a little bit of,a stain on gordon's legacy,and the funny part of boyer's run is,more etched in people's memories,rather than the on-track incident itself,you know clint needed to be dealt with,but that wasn't the right way to go,about it,gordon had the support of team owner,rick hendrick remember that contact,in martinsville that was an afternoon,where the team hoped to earn its 200th,victory,martinsville holds the greatest and,saddest time in hendrick's heart,the track where hendrick would go to,races as a kid as well as the site of,the team's first victory,but it's also the place where in 2004 a,hendrick plane crashed in route to the,race,killing 10 people including hendrick's,son hendricks brother,and his brother's two daughters and we,were all,wanting to win more than anything more,than any championship,the 200th win at martinsville meant so,much to all of us,because we lost so much there and,that was taken away from us it took me a,week or so to get over it just because,we had it in our grasp,and that's just emotions that we carry,nobody else so,emotions nascar fans love to see them,and gordon's actions epitomized an,inherent philosophy in nascar there is a,little bit of cowboy justice that is,acceptable the same way that a pitcher,throws a beanball,as part of the unwritten baseball code,but also knows it will result in a,suspension,a driver can't get pushed around and,must defend himself or herself,nascar fined gordon 100 000 and docked,in 25 points,you know i just wish foxy let's have a,little fun obviously gordon and boy are,made up,you can see them weekly in the fox,sports booth having fun calling nascar,races,and calling each other out from time to,time we're going to call this a draw,and i hope that's the end of this they,even tore up some rental cars racing,each other on the daytona road course,but the story of how they made up is one

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You Kids Don't Know: Brad Keselowski | NASCAR ON FOX

You Kids Don't Know: Brad Keselowski | NASCAR ON FOX

looking back at brad keselowski's 2012,season you can see he ran out of fuel,while dominating at charlotte he,couldn't out muscle jimmy johnson at,texas and he drove for a manufacturer,that had decided to exit the sport,following the season even need the help,of rival kyle bush for a push to win at,talladega,now you know why you can see keslowski,holding a huge glass of beer following,his title that year he surely deserved,it,you kids know he won the championship,you kids know he couldn't handle that,big beer afterward what you kids don't,know it is a story of perseverance from,before that season through that season,and since that season keselowski can,look back 10 years ago to the good times,but he doesn't i don't really like to,look in the rearview mirror that much,i just have always found that looking,forward is the best way to be just how,much forward will keslowski have to look,to envision another title he didn't even,make the playoffs this year in his first,season as a driver and co-owner at roush,fenway keslowski racing that's right rfk,racing the k for keselowski as in brad,keselowski the 2012 cup champion left,team penske after last season because he,won more control over how the race team,he drives for goes about getting better,so we invested in an organization that,he knows has the historical pedigree to,run well but it needs to acquire better,resources and find better ways to,maximize those resources,he knows just how important a good team,and good resources can be,he can look at that 2012 team penske,squad to know,for the second time will go to victory,lane in talladega he clicked with crew,chief paul wolfe who guided kislovski to,the 2010 xfinity series title that was a,year koslowski pulled double duty as a,rookie in the cup series it was a rookie,season that didn't go as planned,wolfe took over as kazlowski's cup crew,chief in 2011.,just two years in the cup series,together they both scored a cup,championship ring well i know it was a,watershed moment for me um you know i,don't know i had any serious,expectations of what it would mean for,me,but i knew personally what it would mean,for me if i didn't externally and,personally i knew for me it was internal,validation and,something i could build off the rest of,my career validation was important to,keselowski who has experienced the,career he wished his father could have,enjoyed his family were racers they're,based in the midwest and primarily,participated in the arca series where,his dad was the 1989 arca champion,they also competed as a family team in,the nascar camping world truck series,kozlowski grew up at the racetrack,knowing if his family team won a race,the celebration would be stopping for a,meal at the big boy on the way home if,they did have a good day at the track,they would drive by with no sit down,meal,all keselowski knew about in life was,scratching and clawing and racing to be,able to get to the next race and to put,food on the table he had firsthand,knowledge of the grind including his,parents team going bankrupt and while he,had dreams of winning the championship,the reality was that his early career,was more dream than accomplishment,doing the best he could with an,underfunded team in the xfinity series,in 2007 keselowski got his big break,when ted musgrave was suspended for,rough driving,koslowski won the poll at memphis and,led 62 laps in a fill-in role,that led to an xfinity ride at jr,motorsports where he could shine it led,to periodic cup starts including a,dramatic win at talladega in 2009,he eventually landed a cup ride at team,penske to replace david stremi,he struggled in his first year in cup,finishing 25th in the standings with,just two top tens but he and wolfe,clicked just as well in cup as they did,in x xfinity and keslovsky knew he had,something special going into the 2012,season i remember feeling like,as a whole there was just tremendous,focus on delivering results,a lot of energy a lot of drive across,the entire team all facets,very much refused to lose kind of,approach,a lot of hunger,brian blaney who started driving for,keselowski's truck team in 2012 knew,about that hunger he could see it in,keselowski and he even had a little,inside information on just how hungry,just how bad keslowski wanted it,gosh he works hard i mean he's he was an,incredibly hard worker and,you know that's something that you know,my dad,tells a story of it was i think it was,it was either 2011 yeah it was 2011. it,was the chase race in 2011 where they,were tandem all the time and brad called,that up wanting to tandem with them all,race just out of the blue,mid-week and then dad got to the,racetrack and brad called him over to,his bus and brad had all this film lined,up ready to go for he and dad to watch,and dad told me that story and you know,just it shows how prepared brad is if,luck is when preparation meets,opportunity keslovsky didn't have it all,in 2011. he won three times and finished,fifth in the standings he's one of tho

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You Kids Don't Know: Tony Stewart | NASCAR ON FOX

You Kids Don't Know: Tony Stewart | NASCAR ON FOX

tony stewart already had a nickname,before he won his first nascar race,people called him smoke long before he,raced stock cars and it wasn't always a,term of endearment he earned the moniker,because he would smoke the rear tires in,a sprint car the green flag would drop,you could see smoke coming off a tire,throughout the race there was tony,hammering the gas and looking for grip,simple as that,not much about tony stewart is simple,you kids know him for his championships,and his zfg persona,we're here to tell you some things you,kids don't know like first did you know,that his first championship came,20 years ago,even those who follow nascar might find,it hard to believe my how time flies,since he won that first title in 2002.,he had a second title in 2005 and,another in 2011 book ending the string,of five consecutive championships won by,jimmy johnson,if you feel old that we are doing a you,kids don't know on tony stewart that's,understandable,but he hasn't run a cup race since 2016.,that's more than five years and he won,just two races in his last four years as,a cup driver so for all you new fans,over the last 10 years who didn't see,tony stewart's greatness on the,racetrack here's a little history lesson,he was on the racetrack who he is you,know really really great racer really,fiery competitive and you know doesn't,take any any crap from anybody really so,i think what the fans saw is what tony,stewart truly was um you know a great,competitor and,you know someone you really don't want,to you know have a run in with on the,racetrack because he's going to be the,first one to make sure you're not making,it to the next lap and i like that about,tony i always enjoyed watching him and,getting to know him personally was very,special also now before you think he was,just one of those jerks at all times on,the racetrack stewart actually was one,of those drivers who wouldn't put up,much of a fight if the opposing driver,had a faster car,as long as he gave it back in return he,was good with that type of racing and it,certainly helped him in 2011 when he,rallied from the back a couple of times,at homestead to win the championship,race and capture the title,that championship run started with,stewart telling reporters at the start,of the chase that he didn't consider,himself much of a contender he didn't,consider himself as someone having a,shot at the crown but he opened the,chase with back-to-back wins he could,smell the championship as he battled,carl edwards down to the wire you're,eight points back of carl leverage with,three to go man that we have a,championship battle in the making he,better be worried that's all i gotta say,he ain't gonna have an easy three weeks,he just made it happen some would,consider it the most epic rally in,championship triumph of all time not,only did he turn a mediocre season into,a great one by beating one of the best,drivers in the series he earned a,championship as a co-owner just three,years after leaving joe gibbs racing,that departure was unprecedented in how,it happened gene haas gave stewart half,of his cup team as long as stewart would,have his people primarily run the,operations which elevated the status of,the organization to a place where,results were required and racers wanted,to work there,but let's go back to the beginning this,kid from rushville indiana was known for,winning races,maybe it was the incentive of having,terry queen as a sponsor and his bonus,for winning a race free ice cream he was,supposed to be the next open wheel star,and challenge all of aj foyt's records,but at the time that series was,floundering amid a nasty split of car,owners that resulted in two rival series,nascar was where it was at and tony,stewart could thrive both in earning,trophies and big checks in stock cars,he won in his 25th career cup start at,richmond,three years later he earned his first,cup title he started the season strong,with wins at the high speed atlanta,track and then the short track at,richmond but nearly all fell apart in,the summer until he earned a win when it,possibly mattered most,after a frustrating 12th place finish at,indianapolis he punched a photographer,resulting in fines from nascar as well,as his sponsor the following week amid,speculation that his nascar career was,in jeopardy he won at watkins glenn,faulting from 7th to fourth in points,and sparking the run to the championship,he always had that ability to just jump,in anything adapt immediately and and go,fast in it whether it was a a,sprint car stock car indycar whatever it,was and i think that's just that's what,made tony great right as harvick,explained it stewart wasn't the driver,who was going to do a bunch of studying,prior to a race,he got in and drove,and it worked in 10 of his cup seasons,stewart won at least three cup races,he's he's unique he's definitely,not the not the role model for uh the,most dedication of putting in the most,time of work and and um you know being,able to,analyze practice

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