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Twins Fan Reacts to Bob Nightengale Leaking a Fake White Sux Tradeis there a more,iconic baseball re

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Twins Fan Reacts to Bob Nightengale Leaking a Fake White Sux Trade

is there a more,iconic baseball reporter than bob,nightingale,yet again last night he broke news i,think accidentally,or drunkenly or something just he kind,of just,claimed eduardo escobar was headed over,to the white sox,at about what time let's look at it 1209,am,bob nightingale claims that word of,westborough's going to white sox so if,you don't know,bob nightingale baseball reporter for,usa today just a wonderful dude he's,outstanding,he breaks news rarely it's always wrong,remembered off season he claimed,trevor bauer has a deal with the mets,and he didn't he's on the dodgers he's,not a meth,and that's you know that's just what bob,nightingale said every tweet,everyone under it the replies are,outstanding every time,and this dude just either has he's i,love him he's wonderful bob nightingale,is my favorite reporter,i'll pull up the tweet from yesterday,night it is just hilarious he,trolled the hell out of white sox fans,whether accidentally,or on purpose but oh my god all right so,bob nightingale,1209 am last of today i guess eduardo,escobar this is during the diamondbacks,game four for five with a double and,homer and five rbi,and soon on his way from the hashtag d,backs to the hashtag white sucks,is about to end yep but that's the line,that matters,and then of course everyone in the,replies here's me would be done,wait a minute did you just break trade,news within tweet,let's go mike sorry dude boob man he,jinxed it we ain't getting anything,did we even get traded or not,oh this is outstanding and of course,someone the tweet i brought up a minute,ago trevor bauer and the mets have a,deal,just outstanding stuff from bob,nightingale and he okay so,my favorite part of this is he wouldn't,retweet this,1209 last night 12 hours ago he didn't,tweet anything else,until three hours ago today so he just,is completely ignoring it that's his,strategy,bob has just decided he will completely,ignore all this,not speak on it whatsoever it got 1.2,000 likes people saw this this wasn't,just a small thing,and nothing not a single not an ounce he,just he just said it he trolled and just,went on with it,i have no words for that it's it's,hilarious on his part,i don't quite get it and i have a theory,on bob nightingale i think he is,because he's not this stupid right he's,he's got,a lot of followers how many it's 278,000 followers i think he's aware i think,he's self-aware,i think he tweets something stupid like,that at 12 a.m midnight,just you know sprinkling something in,that he wasn't supposed to say or just,that does,isn't correct and then just goes on with,his day,lets twitter do what twitter does goes,off goes what the hell is going on here,and just goes on with his day,i think he knows i think he does it,he'll sometimes like,i'm giving bob a lot of credit here but,i think he'll sometimes just include a,little spelling error in his tweets,because the dude has he'll type,something out and he just hits send,he doesn't proofread for he's got,spelling errors every day,it's outstanding he's he's my favorite,follow on twitter,it's hilarious let's go back on there,and just,random i want to go through some replies,just because twitter trolls are also my,favorite thing in the world,i have slowly turned into one follow me,on twitter at coop carlson,it's outstanding stuff subscribe by the,way but let's go through,his most recent tweet 13 minutes ago the,powerful hashtag astros,who've been the best elephants in mlb,lead all teams with seven all-star,finalists,alright cool thanks bob,you have been struck by the bob bob,nightingale curse outstanding,all right ethan good job the astros have,this is the most common one,on every under every one of his tweets,the astros have no all-star players,confirmed whatever he says,someone will type the opposite and just,confirmed,i i don't know how i don't know how i,still have a job,outstanding beautiful stuff let's just,nl phase one balloting let's see if we,can find the most iconic one,all right all right let's just click on,another random one let's just click,this one and see if there's another,iconic one oh edwardo escobar,yep there it is same dude tommy fam,becomes a stripper confirmed what was,this even about,okay what the all right interesting,stuff,wonderful but anyways that is bob,nightingale just trolled the hell out of,white sox fans who need a hitter,desperately like eduardo escobar so this,was great,as a twins fan i have it's funny,i gotta admit it's the twins suck but if,the white sucks can get trolled little,by,bob nightingale i'm all in whatever man,they're gonna win the division who cares,they're a good team they're very good,but this was great this was a little,high moment for a twins fan this season,which is saying a lot so anyways that's,my bob nightingale store i thought that,was funny i thought it was hilarious i'm,sure,something stupid will happen again with,him tonight because it always does so,subscribe hit like leave a comment do,what you gotta do,anyways see you nex

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ProFootballDoc Podcast with MLB Columnist Bob Nightengale

ProFootballDoc Podcast with MLB Columnist Bob Nightengale

welcome welcome welcome to a happy 4th,of july independence day edition of the,pro football doc sports injury central,podcast,and our dedicated crew is in studio,today and we have a great guest i mean,if you're talking july 4th you have to,bring up america's pastime baseball and,there's no better baseball authority and,insider than bob nightingale usa today,and bob thank you for coming on i mean,to tell the audience you and i have,never met or chatted yet you were kind,enough you know through twitter and dm,to accept an invitation to come on the,podcast so we really appreciate you,especially for this holiday,yeah my pleasure doctor yeah i heard all,about you when you used to live in san,diego covering the padres back in the,day so still got some san diego roots,there my kids were all born there so,enjoy uh enjoy san diego ties oh thank,you and uh the good stuff you heard,about me is true the bad stuff is all,untrue that's what they usually say,isn't it they all say yep yeah but,that's that's definitely uh that's,definitely it here so since you bring up,padres and just this past weekend you,know this four game dodger padres series,lots of things to discuss there machado,obviously tatis not there yet and even,mookie bets what did you think about,that series in machado and and the whole,situation,well i thought the potters have a better,showing at least they pulled out the,sunday game,uh you know finally when they're after,you know they haven't won the game there,since i think april 25th of last year uh,they're still pitching great they're you,know the offense has been a problem they,got exposed in the dodger series,yeah it was good to see machado back,yeah and and then the first three games,of the series my son watches every game,right you know he's,fan then machado fan and now cronenworth,fan and you know he's a fan of all the,padres but,the padres scored four runs,in the first three really three in,in in almost four games until the ninth,inning they scored four runs and finally,got a win four runs through three in in,almost four games isn't going to cut it,right but that four run ninth really uh,saved him uh we missed it uh we were out,at the lake and we actually went out on,the boat after machado struck out,in the night so we missed the rally but,we're glad to uh glad to see it now as,far as machado goes,i don't know if you've seen bob but at,sports injury central you know we we,have some former baseball docks i,covered baseball back in the day but i,don't have the same,baseball experience as i have in,football i mean i spent a little cup of,coffee with the cubs and with the twins,but not like my head team physician,football experience but,machado clearly has come back quicker,than expected,and that's credit to the padres medical,staff training staff and to machado for,toughing it out,but he's clearly not himself right i,mean okay he played dh thursday missed,friday played saturday and sunday at,third base made a nice play at third,base,but what is he two for 13 with eight,strikeouts,and everyone's pitching him away,and i think the jig is up like instead,of tr weight transfer from the right,foot to the left foot and then rolling,his ankle a little bit which is his,normal swing and i think justin has some,video here you may show,he can't do that he's either got to,spin off his heel or be relatively,flat-footed and i think all teams are,pitching them outside now if you look at,that uh,is that what you've noticed bob or or,what are you thinking just rust for,machado or or is he just i mean manny's,back but it's not mvp manny,no i think it's russ and uh i was very,surprised really stunned that the,pottery is going to put him on the angel,list and now he's got pride he hasn't,been there since 2014,but he missed 10 games uh so they played,a man short all that time you know you,could use the person back then so i,don't know you know what the situation,was okay uh you know do we not have,anybody that's capable of coming off the,bench and helping out are we really you,know keeping our fingers crossed and,thinking come back you know a couple,days early usually teams you know,are more conservative say you know what,we're going to put them on the angel,list right away and we're going to take,our time you better be a hundred percent,uh i saw him in phoenix and uh you know,the first two days he was just you know,generally running across the back i'm,thinking myself this guy isn't close,and uh you know not sending the russian,back but he's you know i don't think,he's a hundred percent uh you know give,him that he's a gamer some guys won't,play unless they're 100 percent he does,but i don't believe it's a hundred,percent yet by any means so machado you,know i thought it was a great boost that,he,dh for the first dodger game obviously,the padres and doctors they really you,know they each needed to win and machado,got a all upper body swinging,double where he slid into second base in,the first inning first at bat and almost

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Bob Nightengale on White Sox "unrest", MLB All-Star game snubs | Unfiltered | NBC Sports Chicago

Bob Nightengale on White Sox "unrest", MLB All-Star game snubs | Unfiltered | NBC Sports Chicago

good evening and welcome into unfiltered,here i'm david kaplan ryan mcguffey is,at the controls i'll talk to bob,nightingale the great writer from usa,today in just a moment first here's our,top stories brought to you by four,seasons heating air conditioning,plumbing and electric white socks begin,a crucial eight-game seven-day road trip,they're against the guardians of,cleveland starting tonight double dip,tomorrow they'll conclude the week,before the all-star break with four in,minnesota the nba plans to make the,play-in tournament permanent,and mets first baseman pete alonso will,attempt to three-peat in the home run,derby bob nightingale is as tapped in as,anyone in major league baseball media,here's what he wrote in the usa today no,one has been more disappointing than the,chicago white sox who must take a good,hard look at what went wrong if they,missed the playoffs there have been a,lot of whispers of unrest,clicks and the lack of player leadership,inside the clubhouse tearing apart this,talented team tony larussa a few minutes,ago,was asked for his response to bob's,report,but this way either,either the,whatever the sources were right,other coaches are wrong,so you take your pick,you watch us,you know,you can agree wherever you are the,beauty of this situation,everybody has their own opinion it's,like strategy,so,that's it you're there right,we are wrong,again there is bob's report no one more,disappointing there was tony's response,that leads us to bob nightingale bob you,heard what tony just said and your,report i believe is players in that,clubhouse are telling players on other,teams we don't have great leadership,among our supposed team leaders is that,right,yeah i mean i mean when you work with,their teams,teams that play the white sox often,everybody wants to know what's wrong,with the white sox and you know and they,start saying hey we're in clicks here we,don't have a uh guys going nuts when,things are going wrong guys blame tony,russo guys blame everybody in the,organization,uh but yeah i mean when a team like this,is under achieving as much as the white,sox are people are asking questions and,guys have plenty of friends in the game,they're telling others what's wrong and,then with the white sox and why they're,playing as poorly as they have been,do you believe that because they have a,number of players who are not,well versed in english and spanish and,that some only speak spanish in the,clubhouse,that can become,cliquish because they speak to guys that,speak their language and other guys,speak to guys that speak their language,i'm not saying it's right or wrong just,a fact,yeah i mean that could happen uh in any,clubhouse and baseball for that but i i,think just with the uh you know we're,not hearing about players meetings,players only meetings we're not hearing,about toronto russo you know uh blasting,to the guys uh with all these guys,getting picked off base with an,embarrassing uh eight five triple play,uh you're not seeing guys pulling a,chris sale and you know i'm not saying,have to cut up your uniforms but maybe,bash some stuff in a clubhouse uh that,sort of thing so we're not we're seeing,guys just kind of saying okay it happens,it's early it's early it's not early,anymore it's starting to get late in uh,in a lot of frustration that front,office a ton of frustration,bob i said the other night that i'm not,seeing the same tony larussa that i,watched in st louis for so many years,when he was fighting with dusty baker it,was wildly entertaining but his team,always did all the little things right,gotta hit behind a runner tony's team's,gonna do it gotta make sure you throw to,the right base tony's team's gonna do it,i don't see the same guy do you,yeah your winner uh no i don't and i,think uh you wonder what tony's hiring,me in such a controversial thing you,know was there more of a worry about,okay let me let's have the players,behind my back in the uh and make sure,that i'm not offending people i think in,st louis and oakland he wasn't afraid of,offending people he also had some great,clubhouse leaders whether it's a uh you,know uh dave stewart uh you know don,baler those type of guys in oakland you,know a maguire a pull hole so molina and,st louis roland some guys got to step up,and say hey let's take it upon ourselves,you know we had a uh you know that's,what the front office again so uh,frustrated i mean ken williams the,president of team he should not have to,go downstairs a clubhouse and say guys,what are you doing here uh you have way,too much talent to play like this let's,start pulling together here and uh yeah,everybody's get culpable for this,do you think there's any chance that,tony's at all in trouble or would that,something like that wouldn't happen if,it could happen until after the season,yeah nothing's going to happen during,the season i will never see the word,fire next to tony ruse's name in chicago,ever again i think if they miss the,playoffs then you sit down with

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Bob Nightengale talks 2020 MLB season and who's to blame | SportsTalk Live | NBC Sports Chicago

Bob Nightengale talks 2020 MLB season and who's to blame | SportsTalk Live | NBC Sports Chicago

Bob Nightingale is as good a baseball,reporter as our industry has he writes,for the USA Today alright Bob so this,morning we get reports that there's a,new proposal from MLB to the players,Carl Ravich says what this sounds like,significant concessions toward the,players the players come out and go slow,down not so much what did you think of,it yeah that was some of the odor of,spam from the get-go that was you know,great on their part Union dismiss it's,as a step backwards now I think the big,problem is they're saying you get 75% of,your pay only if there's a postseason,just 50% if there is you know if there's,no postseason at all so that's the thing,if they can say yeah you got Stephanie,at least 75% no matter where there's a,postseason plate or not then I think you,know moving those step the right,direction then then I don't things are,that far apart do you at this very,moment you and I are taping here do you,think we play baseball this year uh 100%,absolutely we'll have we'll have a,season guess the question is how many,games isn't me 48 games is it gonna be,76 78 you know what MLB says or adamant,about the regular season inning,September 27th I don't know why they,can't move it back a few days but,they're terrified of the SAC away of the,virus comes wipes out postseason there,goes a billion dollars so as you look at,this whole thing is one side more,culpable than the other is it I'm always,stick try to stay right in the middle,and I said I can't believe billionaires,and millionaires can't figure this out a,bunch of smart guys is somebody more at,fault here I don't think so knowing that,March 26 agreement it says our front,page black and like if there are no fans,of stands if there travel restrictions,MLB has a right to restructure the,salary proposal later on the agreement,doesn't make mention of it so you know,both sides are standing by that so yeah,it really just comes down to the,postseason know if they may only MLB,wanted to used to a postseason,tournament really and going that way,some kind,gimmick but hey the players want to play,games uh the more games are played there,more money there is for them to make and,the owners say we're not gonna make any,money in regular-season games,now come postseason that's where we make,money Bob I believe that we've needed a,hero someone on either side to come,forward and say okay we've got a global,pandemic going on we've had a lot of,issues in our country we have to come,together and let's figure this out,whether that but it's gotta be someone,with Cassie whether that's an owner,whether that's a player the caliber of a,Mike Trout or somebody like that who has,rings or has you know this reputation of,being a superstar how come we haven't,had one of those I just think when,you're when players speak out there's a,backline a backlash owners haven't seen,them speak out they've been quiet about,it so but yeah if some player came out,you know what like a crowd I'm room he,bets a Max Scherzer and said okay enough,is enough let's play baseball and I,think let make a difference you really,do how long will spring training part to,take it'll be three weeks cap will be,probably at one week for everybody to,gather you know in Chicago's case,everybody at Wrigley Field open may us,Siller and then they'd been three weeks,of spring training and then play so,right now they get a degree made um at,the end of this week you can still have,a season starting July 10th all the way,through September 27th was thrown around,a ton the longer same drags on is sure,that Renner C's is gonna be I had always,believed Bob that if Major League,Baseball had gotten their act together,two months ago and said hey we know,what's going on in the world we want to,be here it would have been an amazing,gesture and it would have put them,center stage to try and reach a younger,demographic how could that not have,gotten done well I think part of the,reason is they don't think they could,have anyway before you know July 4th,weekend that was just impossible,you know but even if anything was done,there's no way you could have games now,not all the stadiums will allow it,so I think they wouldn't cut him on that,thing like we got time we got plenty of,time here it's almost as though hard set,deadlines that's why this thing keeps,dragging on and you know you still got a,few more weeks before you say okay let's,just play 48 games and that's it but I,that's been a big deterrent here just no,hard demo does this format let's assume,it is 76 games 48 whatever the number is,shortened season some people I have read,think that favors a veteran team will,take the cost where Jon Lester would,only have to start 18 to 22 games,so he's fresher he doesn't tire even,though he's 36 years of age other people,feel like take the White Sox this young,team they may not have proven anything,but younger players should be able to,get off to a quicker start what do you,think well I think of benefits to,veteran teams more because a you kn

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The O'SHOW #395 | Bob Nightengale (Presented by Mayweather Boxing + Fitness) #mlb #baseball #podcast

The O'SHOW #395 | Bob Nightengale (Presented by Mayweather Boxing + Fitness) #mlb #baseball #podcast

welcome back to the podcast guys episode,395 of the o show presented by,mayweather boxing and fitness in,scottsdale arizona you got two weeks to,sign up for a membership the grand,opening in just two weeks here in the,heart of scottsdale arizona learn the,training regimens from floyd money,mayweather himself again just two weeks,away we're also brought to you by bet,online dot a g get a 50 bonus just for,signing up on the web website bet online,dot a g the number one,gambling marketplace right now online we,had a special guest in studio today and,episode 395 we've been uh trying to,schedule this for a few months now bob,but we we have finally gotten it done,bob nightingale in the house my pleasure,jack glad to be here and again you're,from arizona correct went to school here,and uh lived here four years as a kid,and that was the air force so we moved,everywhere yeah,did you have a baseball team growing up,that way you know being from all over,the place it was the yankees just,because my grandparents lived in jersey,and they were yankee games a lot,so i followed yankees even when they,were terrible,well welcome to the studio,robin what fan are you of baseball wise,diamondbacks i'm sorry,26 championships short,yeah well the infield was in that i'll,say that mariano rivera threw a perfect,picture-perfect cutter to luis gonzalez,and he got enough of it to bloop it over,derek jeter's head yeah that was a wild,world series in the uh well it's funny,because people forget maybe you too jack,that i mean the dynamics could have,swept that series but remember that,closer kim just kept popping up game,after game it's like wow you've seen the,classics over and over again i was only,like two years old when it happened but,yeah tino martinez the game tying,homerun running game four jeter the mr,november moment brochures the home run,in game five,and then yankees up three two go back to,phoenix and it just falls apart yeah i,mean game six was what i think fifteen,to zero,and then uh yeah shelling and johnson i,mean people forget johnson came back got,zero days rest to help on the bullpen,were you there for that series yeah yeah,are you covering it yeah the yankee the,yankee stain was that was awesome too in,arizona but yankee stadium was just,george rocking,come back throws out the first pitch,yeah picture perfect strike right down,the middle yeah yeah oh my god from the,mound too,yeah that was impressive yeah i remember,when he was a uh,owner of the texas rangers and he kind,of knew he's gonna become president or,at least run for president and uh he,came over and and shook some reporters,hands hey i'm george bush uh i'm with,the rangers but just,no ego at all at least it was a baseball,owner that's awesome,so what was your favorite moment from,that series thing because there's again,games,one and two in phoenix had a lot going,on but those three games in new york,obviously is what people,at least yankee fans remember from that,experience obviously game seven's the,the epicenter of that series but what do,you remember most from covering that,series given that the diamondbacks were,what three years in winning their first,and only world series yeah it was the,greatest expansion team of all time and,they won from a,jump with a jerry colangelo spending,money saying hey i want to compete uh i,know it's almost a bandwagon town yeah,and it worked uh yeah i remember the,most used those three games at yankee,stadium as far as the comebacks and the,stadium there was the old stadium back,then that thing was actually a rocket,you could feel it shake people people,were so excited and there's nothing like,post season back east i don't care if,it's you know new york philadelphia or,boston it's just a different vibe yeah,it was i mean obviously exciting when,that ball drops in left center field and,they win the world series you can just,see in the video like the place erupts,but it just was not the same,type of feel as it would be for like an,actual big,baseball sports s town because new york,and boston i think are like the two top,passionate cultures when it comes to,sports overall,yeah and i'll throw philadelphia in,there too but yeah i mean philadelphia,is rough though yeah but it's like you,know it's life or death almost in those,cities where if the dynamics had lost it,would have been you know okay we had a,great year you know let's go go,jump into bars and stuff like that in in,old town where in new york it hit them,hard because i think they too knew that,it was the end of the dynasty oh yeah,unfortunately and then they go back in,oh three what,yeah,that was like that's those three games,in new york i was saying that are just,like,will forever be in french in history for,the yankees because that stadium like,you just said you were there was rocking,yeah i'm going back to new york for the,you know the 9 11 20-year anniversary,uh,in two weeks so going back for that and,people in the mets fans always remember,the piazza home run yes fi

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So Much to Talk About: Bob Nightengale (USA Today MLB Writer)

So Much to Talk About: Bob Nightengale (USA Today MLB Writer)

so,greetings greetings greetings welcome to,so much to talk about my name is nabate,isles it's always a pleasure to share,facts and viewpoints on the world of,sports this week is no different before,i introduce my,esteemed guests i want to make sure to,let you know that you can check out past,episodes of so much to talk about,on my youtube channel which is n is no s,is the sam eyes in indigo world,nsi world the youtube channel has past,interviews,with um many uh wonderful individuals,that are cut,either covering the game or playing a,game or,or or just a fan of the game i have,musicians that are fans of sports and,everything so,so you can definitely check out the uh,the wonderful people that i've been able,to interview throughout my,time here of having so much to talk,about for 14 years so,now i want to introduce this gentleman,who,is one of the major voices in baseball,journalism,and this man has done a lot he's uh he's,a senior writer for,usa today he's also served with many,different publications like the sporting,news,he's been on msnbc often also los,angeles times kansas city star,and i mean a lot that he has done also,he's also,a major league network insider as well,as the bbwa which is,the baseball writers association of,america,arizona chapter chairman and a hall of,fame voter as well,it is my pleasure to introduce the great,mr bob nightingale on so much to talk,about how are you sir,doing well well thanks for having me oh,my pleasure my pleasure and,how how are you your family dealing with,this uh pandemic and you're in phoenix,arizona you're in one of the hot spots,so um how are you keeping you,you and your family safe and everything,yeah just,a uh this was a safe spot for a while,and tell you what when it opened up,early,about half of california came on over to,party during memorial day weekend it was,like,i think that might have i think that,contributed to it and uh people weren't,saying,people weren't wearing masks you know,it's supposed to be um you know,115 hertz ceasing 16 degrees during the,weekend,but the hot weather is it's not killing,the virus we have a schedule,60 game season but what's the plan that,major league baseball is implementing,the nba has something clear why not,baseball,well they have a plan it's over 100 page,you know safety and protocol,remember one time a couple months ago,they're talking about a bubble,themselves in,arizona you use that feeling the dynmax,play,in the spring training sites obviously,the pandemic,has come here it would not have worked,so,that would but you talked about having,you know using arizona,texas that went away so now what the,players wanted and and they'll be as,well,let's just have it in every ballpark,only certain people get into a ballpark,restricted to the press box no scouts,very few people out in that clubhouse,you know just a manager and,a couple trainers besides the players,obviously social distancing,so we'll see how it works i mean this is,our best chance,and they've been very encouraged in the,fact that since uh players returned for,spring training,they only had 13 positive tests so zero,percent that's encouraging yes no,absolutely yeah because,overall um through june 9th i've seen,that 1.8,of the 3748 total tests,have been positive which is very yeah,that is encouraging it's better,better than than what is going on in the,raid in this country,yeah and then you know that 1.8 percent,that even include people coming from all,the different you know,regions of the country uh different,countries and so,uh so the fact now they're kind of in,together,uh you know social distancing wearing,masks and everything else,in toronto i mean canadian law is much,more strict,and those past two negative tests before,they get bored of plane,and now they have to stay at the uh,hotel is connected to the uh,sky dome there uh or you can't play,if you're caught outside that hotel,where they practice,it's a 750 thousand dollar fine so i,don't think anybody's gonna be leaving,that bubble,yeah yeah that that is for sure that is,for sure here on so much to talk about,with the great,baseball writer from usa today mr bob,nightingale one of the best in the in,the in the business for sure,and bob now uh there are players that,are opting out,the major name is buster posey,three-time world series champ future,hall of famer,i mean really he has nothing really to,prove,like and also the giants are not looking,to contend especially in the short,season of 60 games,but mike trout has expressed that he's,not sure,and because he has a pregnant his wife,is pregnant,now baseball already the popularity of,baseball has,already been suffering especially,through the the,uh through the tension between the,owners and the players,how important is it for mike trout to,play since he's,by far the most popular player in the,game,yeah tremendous pressure on him to play,no one has more pressure on him than,mike trout,you know his wife is uh pregnant and uh,due with her first baby,in august he

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USA Today's Bob Nightengale on when lockout ends, possible White Sox moves | NBC Sports Chicago

USA Today's Bob Nightengale on when lockout ends, possible White Sox moves | NBC Sports Chicago

going through this,ugly lockout,i was starving for some hot stove news,famished,well thank you,bob nightingale thank you for giving us,a little nicholas castellanos to the,white sox rumor,i needed that hey everyone it's chuck,arfine welcome to the white sox talk,podcast brought to you by wintrust,and fresh off nearly breaking twitter,for all of his breaking news at the cba,negotiations in jupiter florida usa,today's bob neingal is back on the,podcast to talk about the lockout and,the biggest mistake the players and,owners made this week,after we,thought they were on the verge of a deal,he's going to provide a lot of context,and what is likely happening behind the,scenes,how much money the players and owners,are going to lose in april,without baseball what it's going to take,for the dam to break in negotiations and,when,plus why he thinks free agents,are going to be in a tough spot after,the lockout and why he could see someone,like nicolas cassiano's or,nicholas castianos himself possibly,ending up with the white sox,so it's bob nightingale on the lockout,on the white sox and,also,why he thinks they need another starting,pitcher,it's coming your way all right bob,nightingale is with me,bob here's a question i wasn't really,thinking i'd ever ask somebody what was,it like covering a 16-hour negotiation,unless you got my legs underneath me for,uh spring training walking around i mean,it was uh you're staying behind a gate,watching like okay who goes from one,side to the other i think it was 13,times where they crossed and you're,waiting to see okay how long is this,session,you know and what started then uh you,know late morning you know afternoon,then evening the lights are off you know,you can't even see your notes,uh some people or you know,one,veteran writer who had done a lot of,these things for associate press he was,breaking it was going to go up to at,least 10 in the morning or two in the,next afternoon at least it stopped at 2,30.,were you aware that you were becoming a,national hero on twitter while this was,going on,i was and i still don't understand it,and i haven't uh stopped to really ask,but yeah i know people are going crazy,and really just about you know a couple,of things like i think so many people,got caught up in the fact they finally,agreed on a 12-team playoff format and,not 14. so i think you know it wasn't,like,it wasn't like i was negotiating it so,yeah a little silly,yeah you had a tweet that you said there,will be a 12 team postseason pool,and the owners have agreed to have,similar luxury tax penalties as the last,cba so when you tweeted that everyone's,thinking well here we go,a deal is going to be coming together,you had like,over 1600 retweets over 5000 likes when,you got that information is that what,you were feeling that okay,this might be the damn breaking between,the two sides,i mean you know just because the way,everybody was talking about the playoff,thing i was surprised that uh people,thought it was the last piece i always,thought it was a luxury tax you know it,was it still is but just okay they,dropped that they do this,uh where my uh optimism came was just,the fact that it meant for 16.5 hours,it's like okay what are they doing this,for the union had said hold on uh they,were pessimistic really pessimistic in,the afternoon where to the point where i,think they're ready for their own press,conference say okay it's not going to,happen you know money deadline is not,going to work and then just about they,kept waiting rob manfred stopped by the,reporters just for a second we're still,working at it uh just a lot of optimism,and even you know on the mlb side you,know the network has been pretty their,own mlb network has been pretty quiet,all you know every day since the lockout,they were standing out there until you,know 2 30 and ready to go live,so they thought they had something,uh espn negotiated from 14 teams to 12,the tv contract so a lot of people said,okay here we go,you've covered the game a long time,how would you describe the situation,we're in right now i mean everyone,outside of,the players the owners so basically,all the fans are going,what the heck is going on here,well that's the trouble i mean you have,you know executives uh scouts players,like what are we what are we fighting,for again it's not you know it's not a,salary cap it's not asking going from,six years to five for free agency you're,changing the uh salary arbitration,it's you know a small thing and i think,the tough part for uh baseball you know,rob manford is you gotta have 23 of the,30 owners,you know agreeing on this thing and so,i think the biggest problem was the,dodgers the dodgers had a 205 million,dollar payroll last year there's two,guys in negotiating committee from the,nl west,and you know,outside the padres you know where 75,million dollars behind the dodgers,everybody else about 150 million dollars,less so i was like wait a minute now we,don't want to raise that luxury tax and,give the d

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Bob Nightengale digs into 1st half of White Sox' season, possible "unrest" in clubhouse

Bob Nightengale digs into 1st half of White Sox' season, possible "unrest" in clubhouse

Bob Nightingale is as tapped in as,anyone in Major League Baseball media,here's what he wrote In The USA Today no,one has been more disappointing than the,Chicago White Sox who must take a good,hard look at what went wrong if they,missed the playoffs there have been a,lot of Whispers of unrest clicks and the,lack of player leadership inside the,clubhouse tearing apart this talented,team Tony larussa a few minutes ago was,asked for his response to Bob's report,but this way either either the,the wherever the sources were all right,other coasters in our room,so you take your pick,you watch us,you know you can agree wherever you are,the beauty of this situation,everybody has their own opinion just,like strategy so,that's it either they're right or we are,wrong,again there is Bob's,report no one more disappointing there,was Tony's response that leads us to Bob,Nightingale Bob you heard what Tony just,said and your report I believe is,players in that Clubhouse are telling,players on other teams we don't have,great leadership among our supposed team,leaders is that right,the White Sox often everybody wants to,know what's wrong with the White Sox and,you know and they start saying hey we,were in clicks here we don't have a uh,guys going nuts when things are going,wrong guys blame Tony Larusso guys play,blame everybody in the organization uh,but yeah I mean when a team like this is,underachieving as much as the White Sox,are people are asking questions and guys,have plenty of friends in the game,they're telling others what's wrong in,there with the White Sox and why they're,playing this poorly as they happen do,you believe that because they have a,number of players who are not,well-versed in English and Spanish and,that some only speak Spanish in the,clubhouse that can become cliquish,because they speak to guys that speak,their language and other guys speak to,guys that speak their language I'm not,saying it's right or wrong just a fact,yeah I mean that can happen in any,Clubhouse in baseball for that but I I,think just with the uh you know we're,not hearing about players meetings,players only in meetings we're not,hearing about twin Russo you know uh,blasting to the guys uh with all these,guys getting picked off base with an,embarrassing uh eight five triple play,uh you're not seeing guys pulling a,Chris Sale and you know I'm not saying,you have to cut up your uniforms but,maybe bash some uh stuff in a clubhouse,uh that sort of thing so we're not we're,seeing guys just kind of saying okay it,happens it's early it's early it's not,early anymore it's starting to get late,in uh in a lot of frustration that front,office a ton of frustration,Bob I said the other night that I'm not,seeing the same Tony larussa that I,watched in St Louis for so many years,when he was fighting with Dusty Baker it,was wildly entertaining but his team,always did all the little things right,gotta hit behind a runner Tony's team's,gonna do it got to make sure you throw,to the right base Tony's team's gonna do,it I don't see the same guy do you,yeah you wonder uh no I don't and I,think a uh you know you wonder what,Tony's hiring me in such a controversial,thing you know was there more of a worry,about okay let me let's have the players,behind my back in the uh and make sure,that I'm not offending people I think in,St Louis and Oakland he wasn't afraid of,offending people he also had some great,Clubhouse leaders whether it's a uh you,know a Dave Stewart uh you know Don,Baylor those type of guys in Oakland you,know a Maguire a pool hole some Molina,in St Louis Roland some guy's got to,step up and say hey let's take it upon,ourselves you know we had a uh you know,that's what the front office again so uh,frustrated I mean Ken Williams the,president team he should not have to go,downstairs a clubhouse and say guys what,are you doing here uh yeah way too much,talent to play like this let's start,pulling together here and uh you know,everybody's cup kit uh culpable for this,do you think there's any chance that,Tony's at all in trouble or would that,something like that wouldn't happen if,it could happen until after the season,yeah nothing's going to happen during,the season we'll never see the word fire,next to Tony Russo's name in Chicago,ever again I think if they miss a,playoffs then you sit down with them in,the off season and say we may need a,different voice here yeah you're part of,the organization you can be in the front,office Special Assistant Ambassador you,know for the rest of your life but we,may have to make a change here uh,Something's Gonna Have to happen if they,miss on the playoffs too much money's,been invested this to me uh it's an,emotional thing too and a lot of,frustration pouring out uh like I said I,mean when you have a president a team,going down not actually the last time,Ken Williams have done this go down and,say guys you better wake up here it's,embarrassing what's going on let's start,pulling together,last thing do you th

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