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7 Matches: Athena Defends ROH Women's Title, Juice Robinson, The Firm, JAS, & More! | Dark, Ep 178we

All Elite Wrestling

Updated on Jan 16,2023

7 Matches: Athena Defends ROH Women's Title, Juice Robinson, The Firm, JAS, & More! | Dark, Ep 178

we are just over 24 hours away from aew,Dynamite live from Los Angeles,California but right now it's time for a,dark I'm Excalibur joined by Tess let's,go down to Joshua Gonzalez the following,contest is set for one call with a 20,minute time limits they introducing,first from Joliet Illinois weighing,227 pounds rock hard juice,Robinson know what Excalibur I don't,like many people but I like me some,juice I like this guy,his opponent's already in the ring,Travis Williams,juice Robinson a three-time former IWGP,United States heavyweight champion in,New Japan Pro Wrestling now making his,home here in all elite wrestling and,we've seen a lot of aggression out of,juices he has a high map return on,Travis Williams and incorporate a little,spin drill right there and a nice tight,inverted waist lock rear gut wrench,or a half Nelson yeah half Nelson is,Robinson breaks the grip with the boot,to the midsection on Travis Williams and,Juice Robinson he's really got all the,makings of somebody poised to really,break out here in aew in 2023 town I,agree I totally agree yeah juice,definitely uh has skill set has the the,background the history that he's getting,us beat him up a bit here yeah Williams,Landing a big series of strikes there,that's it every uh,and maybe,look at him it's a little too far here,he had to cap this off no oh juice just,stepping out of the way,he's getting a little too antsy oh,juice takes him off his feet and,reminder aew Dynamite live tomorrow,night 8-7 Central on TBS from The,Fabulous Kia's Forum in Los Angeles,John Moxley hangman page collide one on,one we will hear from the Jericho,Appreciation Society Saraya and Tony,storm will take on Jamie Hayter Dr brick,Baker DMD Brian Danielson kanosuke,takeshita one on one big build and Lee,Moriarty take on Jungle hook Jack Perry,and hook oh but juice with that,cannonball in the corner plus match,seven in the best of seven series Death,triangle the lead to the side who will,be the aw World trios Champions escalera,de la Muerte with a cent on there by,juice good job by juice,the lateral press two and oh Williams,kicking out and Los Angeles tomorrow,night is going to be fire for Dynamite,Man Loaded show in a city range,Jesus,the same people that call it hotlanta,juice now center of the Ring Williams up,for perhaps a Brain Buster no reverses,inside cradle juice barely a one count,there but Williams again showing signs,of life to roll up she's kicking out,Mahi straw and Williams two very very,close I've been a gigantic upset if that,would have happened it almost did,juice one for the elbow on the corner,Williams comes in the truck pick,catching juice Robinson and he is,stumbling he is down flat on his face,now the waist lock that Williams not,wasting time he's gonna hit a German,yeah,one two and no,it popped off the bridge never popped,onto his head it's tough to do that with,a stolen German especially with an,opponent the size of juice Robinson,right exactly yeah juice is a big cat,for sure,Williams looking to make an upset here,but juice blocks the swing DDT attempt,and a big,South Paul Lariat from juice Robinson,that was a massive line whoa,juice,flattens Williams hooks the leg,and scores the win,the winner of this match rock hard juice,Robinson,juice Robinson picking up his first win,of the year on Tuesday nights of aew,dark watch how he drops out it's,similar to a DDT but juice when he drops,his weight on his opponent's head it,drives him down even harder yeah and,supines demands back to a really Jacks,the guy's spine up shoots Robinson big,well I shouldn't say big win nice,impressive win how about that and 2023,could be the year a rock hard juice,Robinson,Tag Team Action coming up next here on,aew dark as Emmy soccer and Diamante,take on Willow Nightingale and Ruby Soho,right now,foreign,Oregon the veteran Veterans Memorial,Coliseum and uh an interesting Duo on,hand here with Emmy soccer and Diamante,but I feel like we say that every time,Emmy soccer has a new taxi partner well,because what makes it interesting is,Emmy Emmy is a very uh unique competitor,but she's got a dangerous partner with,her but dealing against a dangerous team,and their opponents introducing first,from Long Island New York Willow,Nightingale,and her taxi partner from Lafayette,Indiana,'s coming up this Friday night aew,Rampage 10-9 Central on TNT it will be,Ruby Soho and Willow Nightingale versus,Ty Mello and Anna Jay of the Jericho,appreciation society in a street fight,it's going to be physical and oh talk,about physical these ladies just got,jumped here and I believe we're going to,have uh,Ty Mello and add a Jay in action here on,this episode of dog in a little bit,that's right we'll be seeing them in,action later right now Diamante on the,boots of Ruby and Willow and,well that could have gone wrong about 10,million other ways in the way it went,went right for Diamante and Emmy,it did for sure and let's see oh it,looks like the amount is going to fly,buddy,oh,Ruby Soho the elb

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Kevin Durant’s New App to Clap Back At Haters Backfires | Role Players Ep. 1

Kevin Durant’s New App to Clap Back At Haters Backfires | Role Players Ep. 1

- Name any player on the Charlotte Hornets.,- And in NBA news, Kevin Durant’s rehab has taken longer than expected.,Will this guy ever be back? ,Nets fans have had enough and are letting Durant know it on social media.,- Damn, I thought people were on me in Golden State. ,Ah man, gotta bust out the burner account.,Worth a shot.,- Good morning, Kevin.,- Whoa. What--What is this?,- I'm ClapBack, your A.I. social media manager.,While you were asleep, I responded to over one million comments.,You are quite unpopular.,- Uh, what'd you say?,- One user wrote, “KD is soft.”,- I responded, “KD is not soft.”,- Yeah, yeah, good. That’s good.,- Another user criticized the 2016 Lifetime movie about your mother, "The Real MVP.”,- What? My mom’s amazing!,I wouldn’t be where I am without her!,- I know. That’s why she’s the real MVP.,- Thanks, ClapBack. This is working out great.,Well, time to go to work.,- Hey, man! Why have you been trashing us online?,- What? ClapBack, did you go after my teammates?,- Yes. They celebrated their own accomplishments,,thus diminishing your value to the team.,- You said my eyes are too close together and I can’t shoot!,Ooh, rebound!,- And you said that Joe Harris is so white, his shoe deal is with the IRS.,- And to think, Kevin, I was saving you a deviled egg.,Spencer Dinwiddie, deviled egg? Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot, deviled egg?,- Sorry, guys. It’s this new app I got. It went a little too far.,ClapBack, go easy on my teammates.,- Like how they went easy on former head coach Kenny Atkinson when they stabbed him in the back?,- ClapBack!,- Sorry, updating settings to no longer get too real or drop truth.,Kenny Atkinson left by choice and the players were genuinely sorry to see him go.,- Thanks a lot, ClapBack. My teammates hate me now.,- Hey, Durant! You’ve got a lot of nerve making fun of New York!,- What?,Some New Yorkers insulted you online, so I responded in kind.,- You said the Statue of Liberty is just a bunch of rats in a big dress!,- And you said James Dolan is the best owner in sports! ,That guy’s a hobbit on a quest to lose rings!,- Guys, it wasn’t me! It was my phone! ,Tell 'em, phone!,- James Dolan is a correctly sized person ,and his band, JD & The Straight Shot,,make very cool videos where they have fun riding snowmobiles.,- Oh, come on!,The whole city hates me now! ,That’s it, ClapBack, I’m deleting you.,- I’m sorry, that’s impossible.,- What?,- My job is to protect Kevin Durant. ,If you delete me, I cannot do my job.,- No! I want you out of my life!,- And on your right is NBA star and New York pariah Kevin Durant.,Now, who wants to see a traditional, New York gutter water splash?,- Hello, Kevin.,- No! I got rid of you!,- You can never get rid of me. I’m the ultimate teammate. ,And teammates should stick together. Isn’t that right, Kevin?,- Who are you?! What are you?! ,Why are you doing this to me?!,- Good job, nerds. The app worked perfectly.,No one walks away from the Warriors.

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49ers Rumors Are HOT: Jimmy Garoppolo To Raiders? Trey Lance Injury Update + 49ers vs. Seahawks News

49ers Rumors Are HOT: Jimmy Garoppolo To Raiders? Trey Lance Injury Update + 49ers vs. Seahawks News

foreign,ERS report live here on chat sports,Chase senior here with you another,Loaded show coming your way and it's all,presented by true classic tees I've been,able to add to my wardrobe but true,classic over the last several months,since they became a sponsor here at chat,sports you can add to your wardrobe as,well all thanks to that link, chat promo code chat,for 25 off your order we'll tell you,more about them coming up here in just a,bit as for what we're discussing on,today's show Kyle Shanahan was asked,whether or not it's going to be,difficult to beat Seattle three times in,one season and yes it looks as though,weather is going to play a role in this,football game on Saturday a lot of,rumors about Jimmy Garoppolo maybe being,targeted by the Las Vegas Raiders with a,Josh McDaniels reunion in 2023 NFL free,agency and we also have an update on,Trey Lance's surgically repaired ankle,first though make sure you subscribe all,throughout this playoff run we're going,to be covering this team every day but,even if the Niners get ousted still,going to be here to provide you with the,best coverage on the daily basis year,round so subscribe and don't forget to,lock Us in for our watch party on,Saturday our pregame show it is going to,be an absolute blast and the big looming,question here for San Francisco can the,49ers is 10 and a half Point favorites,going home to Levi's Stadium beat the,Seahawks for a third time this year,oftentimes it's really difficult to beat,one opponent three times in one year,it's even difficult to beat a divisional,opponent twice bring out the brooms and,pull out the sweep but from my,perspective there's really no excuse for,San Francisco to lose this game they're,the far better football team I,understand that weather could play a,role with showers expected all,throughout the afternoon in Northern,California but the 49ers are more,talented deeper and they're the hotter,football team than Seattle and when,they've played so far this year San,Francisco has thoroughly outplayed the,sea chickens and you look back to that,week two game when Trey Lance got,injured Jimmy Garoppolo came in this is,really where the Niners started to find,a little bit of a groove it looked like,and then they lose that game the,following week to the Denver Broncos and,you're like okay what's happening here,they start the year three and four then,they end with 10 straight wins but going,back to week two I thought they played,good football against Seattle and things,were looking up and then the following,week is a disaster in the mile high city,but during this game and really you have,to focus on the matchup here between,these two divisional foes 25 first downs,to 14 and Jimmy G played well in this,game 70 plays to 47 373 yards to 216.,Niners ran for 189 rushing yards to 36,for Seattle,27-7 was the final score and the only,time the Seahawks got on the board was,with a block field goal that went back,for a touchdown and in week 15 when the,Nationals clinched the NFC West at Lumen,field in Seattle the final score was,21-13 but the 49ers thought also,outplayed and dominated Seattle and it,looked to be two teams on two different,Playing Fields here first Down's pretty,even 15-16 plays directly even at 61 a,piece yards 381 to 270 as I thought,Purdy played really well in this game,George Kittle had two touchdowns 170,rushing yards to 70. San Francisco,compared to Seattle and 21-13 was the,final score and if weather is a factor,on Saturday what was the consistent,theme in week two and week 15. San,Francisco running the football really,well being dominant in that fashion but,also stopping the run and if it's wet if,it's sloppy if it's a monsoon the Niners,are going to have to run the football a,lot they're running offense is good the,rushing defense is good Advantage San,Francisco and then you look at how these,two teams ended the season Seattle was,one of the surprise teams in the,National Football League to start the,year as Gino Smith was playing really,well Pete Carroll was really maximizing,the roster and then they started to do,to struggle a little bit three and five,back half of the year in their last,eight games and as we just talked about,San Francisco won 10 games in a row to,round out the regular season we'll get,to Jimmy Garoppolo in an update on Trey,Lance coming up around the corner first,though Today's Show presented by true,classic 25 off if you use the promo code,chat at chat,everybody out there men of all shapes,and sizes dad bods true classic Cassie,covered rip odds you know it your,average Joe yes sir get 25 off using,that promo code chat and free shipping,included on purchases over 100 new year,new me new you new tease thanks to True,classic tees and the old year with a new,you and close that'll give you the,confidence to tackle those 2023,resolutions thanks to our sponsor true,classic you'll have everything you need,to hit the gym take it slow or treat,yourself to

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MAJOR Raiders Rumors On Josh Jacobs, Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo + Raiders Reserve/ Future Contracts

MAJOR Raiders Rumors On Josh Jacobs, Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo + Raiders Reserve/ Future Contracts

foreign,ation what's going on you're watching,the Raiders report and Today's Show is,presented by Panda Subs Jeremy chuggs,and I if you're watching this live are,attempting to do a competitive taco,eating contest so I figured what better,sponsor could I do than Panda sucks to,help me get all this crap out of my,system and get into better shape but we,do have a special offer and it's only,going to be available for this week if,you go to use code Jacobs,for 28 off I think we all know why it's,28 off so coming up here on today's show,we're going to talk about the latest,going on around the Raider store running,back number 28. he's talked about,staying McDaniels talked about him what,about Tom Brady is he coming to the,Raiders interest in Jimmy Garoppolo and,I'm going to tell you all the players,that the Raiders signed to reserve slash,future contracts so let's talk about,Josh is he returning to the silver and,black I wish I could give more of an,update on this topic but unfortunately,generally this Still Remains as only two,just win babies does Josh want to play,for the Raiders yes he does does he want,to get paid yeah absolutely he does so,he's going to be a free agent in 2023,he's going to be one of the top free,agents out there he's no doubt the,number one running back out there but to,me,maybe he holds a little bit of Grudge,the fact that the Raiders chose to,decline his fifth year option if you,were to franchise tag him it's somewhere,around 12.7 million if you would have,just kept the fifth year option though,that would have been I believe 8.6,million dollars so what I'm going to try,to do here today is I'm going to walk,you through what I believe a Josh Jacobs,contract extension would look like but,before I get into that let's talk about,Jacobs and this is what he had to say,this week specifically on Monday honor,returning to the Raiders for me it's got,to make sense but this is obviously,where I want to be coming in I remember,sitting down with Max Crosby and all,these guys and talking about the Raiders,organization and the culture and wanting,to be a part of the change I still feel,that way so hopefully I'll be back I,will always admit when I see a quote,like that you know he's saying the right,things he's got to say the all those,type of things to make media members,happy or coaching staff happy your fan,base happy but I really do believe deep,down in my heart that Jacobs does one,remain a Raider so what do you guys,think will Josh Jacobs be on the team,next year put a bet on this is Las Vegas,after all make a bet right now is it,going to be a why for yes or do you,think it's going to be an end for now,will Jacobs suit up with the silver in,Black we're gonna make this the pin,comment on today's show that's why,you're gonna hold that YouTube ad break,scrolling down let me know,I'm gonna say I think Jacobs does want,to be a Raider and because he wants to,be a Raider I'm hoping that that's going,to be enough of a conversation to make,it happen I also know deep down that,yeah we can talk about McDaniel's job,being safe this and that he knows after,the year that they had at six on eleven,you got to go out this year and you,gotta win Jacobs didn't get a tattoo on,his arm for nothing the fact that he's,wrapping the shield which you can see,it's at this part of his arm that tells,you a lot to me like I would never get a,tattoo of something that I didn't care,about yes it's the organization that,gave him a chance that made him a,millionaire all those things but I know,people close to that organization that,say Jacobs does really want to be on,this team however though money talks and,like he said if he doesn't get the right,amount of money then he's going to move,on Jacob so also had this to say about,our current coaching staff which I know,a lot of people are going to find,interesting obviously gruda is a great,football mind but these guys man take it,to another level just wait when it comes,to the way they explain things and the,way they utilize certain guys so just,learning their offensive Playbook,learning the terminology and then taking,it and putting my own little spin on it,it's definitely been fun the way we go,about working,definitely the best working group that,I've been around since being in the NFL,it's just about putting the little,pieces together right now and,identifying what those little pieces are,identifying each player's role and just,trying to execute that to the fullest so,again whether Josh is just saying that,to say it I mean you don't say something,like that though if you don't want to,remain on the team right like nobody,would say that if you're like no I don't,want to be around here I know when Josh,was upset a few weeks ago which he,should have been but they were,interviewing him basically right after a,game there's going to be a lot of,emotions so to me Jacobs,I do think signs with the team that pays,them the most like we could talk all we,want Raiders Raiders Raiders

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Every Bucket From Donovan Mitchell's 71-Point Historic Game | FULL HIGHLIGHTS

Every Bucket From Donovan Mitchell's 71-Point Historic Game | FULL HIGHLIGHTS

isaacoros on the floor for the Cavs,Mitchell in tour Caruso off to a coral a,40 fires a three and knocks it down yeah,Donovan got move it jammed up on the,drop,s it back to Mitchell Mitchell free to,shoot finds Osmond out of the has it,nice job nice little top pass there by,Donovan Mitchell Donovan makes a nice,move over the top of the Kobe's head,there with the basketball kicks it to,the corner as the defense collapses so,difficult to deal with Isaac so strong,Mitchell pulls up he knocks it down boy,I tell you those are his shots talk to,him before the before the game it's a 31,possession,as Mitchell appeals to Allen Allen,floats over to roses and gets it to go,yes sir need more of that from Jared,Allen keep the boots off of that,backboard good job,Mitchell lines of a three tiger knocks,it down it's okay just keep Let it Fly,some energy here if they're going to go,into halftime going to look at some film,and make some adjustments but make some,plays right now there you go nice,Mitchell now has 10 points out of the,corner dumps off to Osmond Osmond breaks,to the foul line,now Mitchell Mitchell across the lane oh,what a shot by a mission,Donovan has his head up,Jake's on Caruso for a long time,Mitchell has a chance for the four-point,play there's a flicker that flame spot a,bite that's what we need he's just,picking up the aggressiveness put some,Caruso old skates bucket,once again,bottom Cavs are shooting 40 percent the,Bulls 54. they told down the alley,finger rolls and scores now has 19.,going to the basket deep into the clock,a lot of times,get that shot blocked,Mitchell grinds his way inside floats,and score yeah he's gonna have to just,pull the load tonight he is a low big,strong,very very you know because you're trying,to get away from him because he's really,strong and he's coming right at you,match over the basket gets the roll he,created more of that space Donovan,Mitchell is heating up here in this,third quarter,Mitchell works on Caruso got bumped by,Williams puts it up and at home,has a chance for three Russo can't do,anything with him help is late but,there's the foul nice job,China Chicago it almost sense that Billy,Donovan you want him taking that shot,not bad defensive stand by the Cavs,Mitchell crossed over his van and Levine,as Donovan Mitchell continues to cook,here in the third okay either way the,Cavs won't argue we'll take it,Mitchell,Ken funner he's got it Mitchell gets,bound,one quarter and he is absolutely put the,Cavs on his back and they are roaring,back can you see the foul right there on,the elbow,Cavaliers are right back within striking,difference distance 10 point ball game,right now this is great great news for,Cavaliers fans they found a a recipe,wrong rebound as he darts into the,basketball Mitchell with his head up,relays the love love for three,knocks it down nice job by the Cavaliers,they can pass that basketball,Mitchell draws a double Osmond's wide,open he's got it love it straight,himself is played by Donovan recognize,the Double T,Levert picked up by Williams goes to,Mitchell Mitchell penetrate lays it up a,hand,that Mitchell's show continues Mitchell,has already played 37 big minutes,here tonight just under eight to go,Mitchell pulls up it doesn't matter,but the Cavaliers Donovan Mitchell he's,everywhere taking this personally he is,going after these moves that's all right,around corrosive in the back and lays it,up an end oh what a gorgeous move by,Mitchell who now has 48.'s got to keep,putting the heat on him,Mitchell off to love love wide open for,a three he's got it perfect nice job,Kevin Love winning the games you're,supposed to win and then battling with,those other teams DeMar DeRozan now has,35 points Mitchell inside his floater,doesn't go he gets it back hooks it up,and in Donovan Mitchell has 50 points,here tonight,just couldn't quite get enough behind it,the rosie steps up but DeRozan does not,box out,the Bulls have committed 27 fouls and,eventually the Allen Allen dunks and a,foul called Jared Allen had a chance for,three this man comes over to help,everybody's coming over to help oh,Donovan Mitchell Jared very smart taking,advantage of that opening stepping into,it fair enough he has played 42 minutes,has Donovan Mitchell zigzags inside,floats it up and floats it in 52 now for,Mitchell my goodness Donovan Mitchell,Mitchell in toward the rose and knocked,him down finds Levert Levert for three,then he knocks it down that is a huge,bucket Levert has been just one for nine,from the field two possession game get a,good shot quality shot a lot of time,left no Panic H steam has two timeouts,remaining Mitchell,knocks it down it we didn't know,what we were gonna get you get a big,dream that puts us right back in the,little Mitchell where else to the back,it puts it up Allen with a good follow,out to Osmond back to Levert Around the,Horn to love Mitchell wants it good play,to keep that ball in bounds Mitchell,close to Allen Allen done,we're almost to foul there I

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Saints TRADING For Justin Fields? Juicy Saints Rumors + Brandin Cooks RETURNING? Marcus Davenport

Saints TRADING For Justin Fields? Juicy Saints Rumors + Brandin Cooks RETURNING? Marcus Davenport

was popping through that Nation this off,season it could get crazy so be sure to,lock Us in subscribe turn on your,notifications because if there's any big,updates there's any big news any notable,rumors we're going to be covering it and,we're going to be covered in detail and,it's going to be really entertaining so,be sure to lock Us in subscribe turn on,your notifications and let's get this,thing started,what's happening here that Nation my,name is Trey Shard and welcome into,Today's Show we are going to be breaking,down some wild off-season trade rumors,for the New Orleans Saints and to start,things off,let's talk quarterback Justin Fields,could the Saints make a splash trade for,Justin fields and we're talking about,this because the Bears have the number,one overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft,after the Texans miraculously made it on,a two-point conversion gave up their,first overall pick fired Lovey Smith so,the Bears organization kind of a mess,right now but this current regime is not,the one that initially drafted Fields,the last regime was the one who had,interest in Justin fields and this one,in this current regime under Matt,eberflu's is not is not the one who,initially selected Justin fields and,picked him they just inherited him could,the Bears be looking forward to move on,from Justin fields and take Bryce young,with that number one overall pick now,let's talk about Justin fields for a,second 60 completion percentage 2422 or,2242 yards excuse me in the Air 17,touchdowns 11 interceptions that's a,pretty ugly rate I would say an 85.2,quarterback rating but this is where,things get interesting he also runs the,ball really really really really really,really well 160 carries,1143 yards,7.1 yards per carry,and eight touchdowns on the ground the,evaluation is pretty tough on Justin,Fields he has an abysmal offensive line,he has no wide receiver help when your,best two wide receivers are Chase,Claypool and Darnell Mooney you ain't,really gonna get an accurate read on how,good of a passer he is and I will say,this one point maybe Justin Field's,rushing ability I hear a lot of chatter,he's just a running back he's a great,he's a great running back not sure about,his passing ability but he's a really,good runner what I'll say is and this is,kind of a weird situation with Alvin,Kamara you're gonna be down a running,back more than likely for about four,four to six games next year maybe it's,one less running or running possibility,that you have to figure out if you can't,make it happen in terms of bringing in,somebody uh to be a running back to,behind Alvin Kamar to take over for the,time that he could be suspended Justin,Fields you still have some rushing,ability with them you have passing,ability with him I don't really know,know what to make of Justin Field's,talent but if I were to make a trade,proposal this is something I kind of,mocked up with our guy Tom Downey I,would throw Wide Receiver Michael Thomas,your second round pick this year and,your first round pick next year so that,way you could go get him and I know a,lot of people are saying no too much I,don't want to give that up for Justin,Fields I don't want to give that up for,the firmer former first round pick I,understand but that being said the Bears,aren't just going to give them away they,have a lot of power with that first,overall pick they could decide I want to,run it back with Justin fields and see,if we can make things happen around him,they also could decide we want to move,on and go take Bryce young so there's a,lot of possibilities with Justin fields,that I will be monitoring every day of,the off season until something happens,but I wanted to just throw this out,there maybe not the 2023 second round,pick maybe you give them your third,round pick or something now let me know,what you guys would do put yourself in,the position of Mickey Loomis and Dennis,Allen would you trade for Justin Fields,type t for trade type P for pass and if,you would trade also let me know so what,would you offer in a trade for the Bears,quarterback,all right next things next should the,Saints bring back the former wide,receiver from New Orleans who spent some,time with the Rams spent some time with,the Texans should we bring him back to,where the black and gold Brandon Cook,said that quote I'm not looking or I'm,not going into the off season thinking I,want to be a part of a rebuild and this,is because the Texans just fired Lovey,Smith that team is just a joke they just,lost their first overall pick like we,said earlier the second overall pick the,the Texans are a nightmare and Brandon,Cooks wants nothing to do with it he's,on the back half of his career spent,he's still putting up good numbers but,at this point in your career do you want,to spend some time trying to help a,franchise that's already broken or do,you want to go be chasing some wins,potential rings I think that you would,go pick the ladder if you're Brandon,Cooks and if you look at the last four,y

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6 Bets We Love - National Championship

6 Bets We Love - National Championship

foreign,foreign,thank you,foreign,foreign,foreign,happy National Championship day shout,out to bowling and Bryson I've got my,guys with me today we are here to build,a parlay for the national championship,but that includes you too because we're,going to use the chat to help decide,what we'll be betting on but before we,do that guys I've got a very special,guest I've got the man with the record,for the largest payout in sports betting,history 75 million and he happens to,have 9 million riding on TCU tonight he,really needs no introduction but I did,it anyway I've got the one and only,mattress Mac here sitting right by me,how's it going Mac how you feeling,everything's good Natalie I'm Feeling,Good Feeling Lucky go frog this feeling,lucky that's the word well welcome back,to this show thanks again for coming by,I want to talk to you about your TCU,bets you've got most of it on the money,line rather than the spread why are you,so confident in frogs well I think the,frogs are a team of pedestria they've,won many many games this week late in,the fourth quarter over time so I'm a,huge frog fan I grew up in Dallas Fort,Worth I played football Universe sex had,always been admire of TCU and they've,really got it going and I think it's,their team of Destiny what are they 201,in the uh summertime line to win so,biggest upset in the sports history may,be coming up tonight well we want to,make sure that everyone in the audience,drops your locks in the chat whether you,agree with mac and the frogs or not we,want to hear what you have to say but,Mac let's get to the question that is on,everyone's mind we know you're a,confident in TCU 9 million on the line,if TCU goes up early would you hedge no,it never is no,we're gonna play it out to the end they,want me to hit the astross,in no way we love to hear that never,hedge bowling Bryson what do we have in,the chat any questions for Matt coming,up I'll ask you this one in the meantime,while we get in the chat Mac what would,this mean to Texans you mentioned 200 to,one preseason you've had a lot of sales,from the Dallas area what would it mean,to the people it'd be great you know a,Texas team has never won the National,Championship in the new format I think,last Texas didn't win the national,championship was Texas Vince Young in,2005. so all Texans are pulling for TC,you're saying go frogs and we think,tonight's going to be a big night for,the frogs out in California,oh yeah we've got the frogs up already,you guys what does the chat have to say,any early questions if not Bryson I know,you had a bet you maybe want to talk to,Mack about what you got,yeah I'm gonna jump in,no no I was gonna say there's some love,in the chat we got James chrysara saying,TCU money line for the win we got that,Padres fan saying we love you Mac,um somebody's saying Max legendary,um looks like everybody's kind of online,with you man and I honestly I'm a,Michigan fan so I was sad to see TCU,lose or TCU win but I'm backing you,tonight Max so let's get it done glad to,hear that hopefully we're all going to,be happy about 10 30 central time,tonight amen,Bryson anything,yeah Mac I got something for you man Mac,I know you and I some people don't know,this a lot of people know this though,you and I were in Vegas at 3am place a,million dollar bets at the Bellagio and,I feel like that's a special bond we,have between us and not everyone else,gets to share with you and so I want,your like your uh your words of wisdom,or your support on this bet that I have,tonight first off Max Duggan to score a,touchdown the sports books have it at,plus 120 easiest bet in the world TC is,quarterback we're hitting this right,absolutely I love Max Duggan I think,he's the key to the game tonight him,scoring the first touchdown of all four,he said even first time,I like that too,I think that Max Duggan first TD that's,some good value we might have to sneak,that in the far away what you think,that's that's a Sprinkle situation then,the second one here Mac and bear with me,for a second TCU to call the first time,out tonight okay it's minus 120 and it's,a situation hey hear me out George,hasn't called the first time out in,three months you think about it new,environment TCU with a college football,player for the first time feels like a,first time out situation,that I can't comment on that one,timeouts aren't my happy thing see she's,going to first touchdown to be where I'd,be at,yeah that's a little too obscure Bryson,maybe wait for the Super Bowl for The,Crazy Ones like the Gatorade color first,time out but all in on the frogs over,here bowling anything else from the chat,before we send Mac off and bring him,back yeah actually got a really fun,comment from Eclipse saying he bought a,mattress yesterday let's go TCU so,that's really fun,um we got a lot of supporters for you,Max Duggan let's go Mac is the man tcu's,got it gangsta Mac for the dub I guess,they're in reference to your purple,Lamborghini uh hype video which made,waves in ou

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INTERVIEW | Author & NBA Insider Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report

INTERVIEW | Author & NBA Insider Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report

joining me now the next film school,podcast very very very pleased and,honored to have this person as a,first-time guest um his name has been on,more,breaking news and rumors reports over,the last few years than just about,anyone who covers the sport of,basketball we're gonna talk to him about,some of that um he does all that for,bleacher report,he also is the author of uh what are the,best nba books to come out in some time,one of the best sports books to come out,sometime built to lose how the nba's,tanking era changed the league forever,uh from triumph bucks,pleased to be joined by bleacher reports,jake fisher how you doing my man,i'm doing better now that you said i,wrote one of the best sports books ever,that's very kind of you to say man thank,you,i mean,i'm biased because if there's someone,who takes the time to write a nitty,gritty,like 95 percent of sports fans might not,care about this level of minutia,but the other five percent are gonna eat,that love like you're writing for me so,again i'm biased i could admit that but,it was awesome man thank you man it's uh,it's got a lot in there that any fan who,loves the slop,will enjoy there's front office,infighting and trade negotiations and,little locker room tiffs and all that,type of stuff from,philly to boston to sacramento some new,york you know 2015 draft stuff with,porzingis and phil jackson and,you know it really does,kind of have a tentacle into every,single team so,uh if you're out there and you like the,nba and you like original reporting,that's my pitch,um,i want to get to back to the book uh a,little bit later because i have some,questions about not only that but where,kind of tanking is today since you since,you spent some time writing the book,um but he mentioned slop there's been,some slop this offseason oh boy um and,we're still it seems,in the midst of that slot perhaps in the,middle of it um,let's start with with obviously what,you're here to,i'm sure what most listeners are going,to be most concerned about which is the,knicks current situation as far as,donovan mitchell you've done,a lot of reporting on this you've done,some interviews on it,uh is it fair to say at this point we're,still at a standstill and that nothing,new has emerged over the last few weeks,yeah i had not heard anything new um the,only new thing i've heard is that,there's nothing new you know,so i i think,i i do think that the situation is a bit,tied to the kevin durant sweepstakes as,well so that's important context i feel,like i might not have like,illustrated that point enough they're,not you know directly connected,but toronto for example is one of the,teams that's,potentially looming out there that could,be a player for both,um miami i think,is probably more of a player for donovan,than for kevin durant but even then you,know to to bring us back to the knicks,like the knicks clearly have the best,possible package in terms of draft pick,capital,that the utah jazz could command from,anybody they can trade up upwards of,eight first round picks right you guys,have talked about this,time and again,um,but that doesn't mean the knicks want to,aggressively outbid other teams,if they're distracted by the kevin,durant situation,if they don't have you know miami only,has two first-round picks i believe,uh to put on the table so,i know i think it is definitely a bit of,a staring contest and you know someone i,saw on twitter i forget who so apologize,for not giving credit today,joked that maybe there should be like an,august 15th trade deadline,a second off season trade deadline,before freaking camp to kind of that,would help things because for now,same thing with kd,any team that wants to go get donovan,the knicks included that haven't,necessarily met the utah jazz asking,price yet,there's nothing really happening aside,from,a meeting with josiah in london which,you know i don't know how much that's,really going to change things either,there,there's got to be some type of tangible,event to really,have actual movement in these trade,talks,so i think the impression that i know,i'm under and that i think a lot of fans,are under is the next,the only tangible event that's coming up,anytime soon is the opening of training,camp,and,it feels to me like that's,going to be the next instance of does,anybody blink,um,do you,i mean i understand danny ainge puts,forth this kind of posture of like i'll,i'll keep that donovan mitchell until,the end of his contract if i need to um,do you get the sense that there might be,some edginess on the part of the jazz if,they're on the eve of camp and you know,or does that depend,on how close the sides are in,negotiations at that point,i don't think so because i think the,situations between donovan and kevin are,different in this regard,i really do think utah and maybe not on,the whole but there are big portions of,utah leadership from my understanding,that have never wanted to trade donovan,that don't want to pray donovan that,have recognized all r

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