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Black Eye on America - What Is Black Twitter?: The Daily ShowOne prominent feature of Twitter that's

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Updated on Jan 13,2023

Black Eye on America - What Is Black Twitter?: The Daily Show

One prominent feature of Twitter that's still there,is one that you may not even have heard of.,Fortunately, Roy Wood Jr. has the lowdown.,♪ ♪,WOOD: You may or may not have heard of Black Twitter,, -but it's huge. -(glass breaking), And if you want to understand it, imagine a barbershop.,I know what you're thinking.,It's a barbershop, I'm a black dude,,we're about to do all the usual stuff.,LeBron James dunked on five crippled kids.,Man, shut your ass up.,Bootleg man, bootleg man.,-♪ ♪ -(whooping),The boy's ain't got no daddy, Marquis!,You got a daddy that love you!,Look, for decades, the black barbershop,has been the epicenter of black cultural discussion,, but the Internet has changed things.,Let me introduce you to Black Twitter.,-Black Twitter is an entire... -WOOD: (stutters),Nah, I think we need somebody more qualified., Let's go with Jamilah Lemieux. Executive, writer,, and, most importantly, black person.,Jamilah, what is Black Twitter?,It's just really an extension of how we communicate,in our neighborhoods, in our barbershops,,in our churches, in our schools. It is our village.,Think of Black Twitter as Harlem., Black folks made it cool, and now white people are trying to move in.,What we do on social media and, of course, we over-index,and use it more than anybody else and we use it on mobile,,which means we have it, you know,,by our side 24 hours a day.,WOOD: That's right-- while we make up just 12%, of the U.S. population,, 25% of American Twitter users are black., And they're three times more likely to post daily on Twitter, than white people. But that's not the only reason, Black Twitter's important., And if anybody can back it up,it's a brother wearing a hoodie and a Kangol, Elon James White.,One of the major parts of-of "Black Twitter",is the ability to force a conversation,that un... otherwise would be ignored.,#OscarsSoWhite made the Oscars more black.,You got Ferguson, Black Lives Matter,,Bring Back Our Girls...,Ferguson, when it first happened--,Mike Brown getting shot-- I knew about that,before it hit the news because I was seeing tweets,from St., uh, St. Louis and Ferguson,that his body hadn't been picked up yet.,Movements that once took weeks to mobilize,can come together in mere hours.,George Zimmerman, I believe,,would not have been arrested or-or tried at all,were it not for Black Twitter.,People love to say, "Oh, if Dr. King had Twitter,he would've got more accomplished.",Would he? How do you know he wouldn't have just been,up all night arguing with trolls?,(imitating woman's voice): Martin, come to bed.,Coretta, I can't. Malcolm X still poppin' off at the mouth.,I'll snatch the bow tie off his ass.,Black Twitter is just as complicated and nuanced,as the black community itself. Like, within Black Twitter,you still have an intellectual Twitter,,you have academics and then you have Hotep Twitter.,Whoa! Everybody don't like to called a Hotep., According to The Root, a Hotep is "a clueless parody, "of Afrocentricity, someone who's loudly, conspicuously,and obnoxiously pro-black," but I think that's a little harsh.,I prefer to call these brothers black enthusiasts.,That's why we got to be black,,do black, shop black, buy black,,date black, smoke blacks.,And, of course, you've got the Beyhive.,-One of them twins ain't even Jay Z's. -(door opens),Who's talking about Beyoncé?,LEMIEUX: No Beyoncé slander, shall survive.,She represents joy, for so many people, particularly black women.,She's on the wall with, Martin, Malcolm, Barack,, Beyoncé.,WOOD: Black Twitter's also the place to keep up, with the latest fashion, music and racial slurs.,Oof!,I have been called,every type of (bleep) on the planet.,"ER?",-"ER." "A?",-"A." -"AH?",-"AH." -"IGZ?",It's types of (bleep) I didn't know existed,until I got called them on Twitter.,Anybody can get it on Black Twitter, even if you're,in the NFL Hall of Fame. just ask Jerry Rice,, who thought it was all good to wear a fried chicken helmet, -in a Popeye's commercial. -LEMIEUX: I don't think, there's ever an excuse for a chicken helmet.,You decide to put on a chicken helmet,,that's between you and your god.,Sometimes people need to be shamed., Black Twitter has no qualms, about calling anybody out.,This is live footage of Jerry Rice,getting drug on Black Twitter.,-(clamoring) -Shame.,(bell rings),Shame.,And it's not just people.,Corporations try to be too cool and they get on,the wrong side of Black Twitter all the time, by doing things like using black slang to sell pancakes.,IHOP is one of those brands that's just done weird,,like, "pancakes on fleek.",Pancake man!,Pancakes on fleek!,It's like, you-you just don't throw "on fleek",behind something and call that, you know,,engaging with the culture.,Here'

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Black Twitter Has Some Questions for You | 2022 Back That Year Up

Black Twitter Has Some Questions for You | 2022 Back That Year Up

whenever something big happens on,Twitter black Twitter always has a,reaction black Twitter is a thing it's,huge okay huge and huge and and when,black Twitter Goes Ham everybody reacts,so right now ladies and gentlemen I got,somebody that you want to hear from our,next guest please welcome black Twitter,himself Twitter right to see you man,while you're doing gentlemen how you,doing man always blessing of a stress,even if the lord gave me less I know,that's right black Twitter's in the,building,indeed yeah all right well question,number one can you tell the people that,don't understand why we need black,Twitter regular Twitter is always,showing that black people don't,care about like you know white girls,with flat asses trying to twerk you got,people trying to justify the,Insurrection up and down Twitter and you,got clips from that boring ass shoulder,Crown it's a little Drive I don't want,to see it only Crown black people care,about is Crown Roy I heard that and not,Apple either the regular one no no so,you can put your clippers in the bag,it's actually true,condoms when I was younger oh my God,can't even just hit me hit just hit you,know who black Twitter look like what's,the guy what's the god uh from The Wire,the the guy Davis Clayton Clay Davis you,in the goddamn building hey jeez my name,is black Twitter I'm here to talk about,black Twitter I could proceed,we're just giving you upstairs,about the black diaspora on social media,that's right let's get back to the,dashboard if ain't nobody gonna talk,about it we will talk about it you know,uh listen what I want you to do is let,these people know what kind of content,is on black Twitter I mean there's a lot,of different things on black Twitter,there's you know trendy dances of course,there's soul food recipes for the,holidays how to legally avoid paying,debt how to hide money from the,government and of course hilarious clips,of Family Feud hilarious Clips very,funny yes yes very popular now yeah,Steve Harvey great but shout out shout,out to Steve uh now I have a non-black,friend and he joined black Twitter oh,for sure for sure as long as they're,named doesn't end in an ER we're talking,Connor Tucker Tanner Candace Owens,hey you know what man uh you know you,need some white people on black Twitter,right the reason why so you can ask them,questions like uh do white people have,cousins I don't know I just don't know,these are good points you make brother,Kevin and I think that we need people of,all Races on black Twitter which is why,we allow people of all Races got it on,black Twitter but only if they can,answer a couple of qualifying questions,okay do you wash your chicken with soap,do you shower your legs when you shower,I gotta get the legs can you name at,least four members of New Edition yeah,what color is Jesus and is R Kelly,innocent oh come on now the last one,that's not fair that's easy nobody,thinks R Kelly is innocent I know that,but if they say yes he is then I know,they just trying to kiss my ass that's,true that's very true it's the Trap,here's a question for you all who was,the fifth member,of Jodeci, staff member,I want to say Dewan,Casey JoJo Devonte Gavin there's one,more member of you did you say Gavin or,Dalvin you know the one yeah,the fifth member and then there was one,more of Joe,all right big girl big girl cocaine,cocaine God damn,yeah yeah,it was on the tip of my nose I was gonna,say it I was about to say I made a,valuable part in that group success uh,last question Elon Musk pay 44 billion,dollars for Twitter right how much would,you sell black 1500 see that's okay,that's quick that was a quick 1500 come,on you worth more than that don't you,think yeah I'm worth more than that but,I need I need rent money right now I,feel you I feel you all right well black,Twitter everybody black Twitter,hang out,oh,yeah

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this is twitter in 2022

this is twitter in 2022

trigger warning food waiting for my mom,to bring strawberries home and spongebob,is dead i'm shaking strawberries get it,off my twitter i'm gonna have a heart,attack what only on twitter do people,put triggers on food so you're making it,your life's work to comment on every,tweet in existence with a trigger,warning well sad please explain to me,why you put a trigger warning on food,i'm being considerate to those who have,asked to be tagged because it makes them,uncomfortable or may cause trauma how,could you get trauma from food hit with,a cheeseburger i don't know whose side,i'm on here it is kind of stupid because,like listen if you have a trigger,warning for food you're still gonna see,the food online like there's no way to,avoid it what's up boys ladies and,gentlemen we did it 800 000 subscribers,we're only now 200 000 away from the big,one usually i do a q a at the end of the,video where i hit a certain milestone,but the q and a started getting kind of,repetitive i started getting a lot of,the same questions so i'm not probably,gonna do one until i hit one mill and,then i'm gonna do a bigger thing that's,not gonna be a q a it's gonna be a,bigger idea so if you wanna like hear,you know me answer some questions i have,a playlist called milestones where i,answer questions and stuff like that so,yeah anyway today we're back on the,twitterverse i'm sorry i know it's only,been like 12 days since the last one,that i did but i i just i had no video,ideas in the last one of these i made,everybody ratio each other this video,though we're gonna do it again and this,time i will not get ratio mark my words,anyway make sure to check out my shorts,channel top link in the description blah,blah blah i've been posting shorts on,there and without further ado enjoy the,video boys deliberately misgendering a,person should be punishable by five to,ten years in prison,i have anti-police anti-prison for 99 of,sentences but people who misgender are,beyond rehabilitation geez man you ever,think that maybe they're trying uh i,guess she said i guess she said,deliberately still though five to ten,years isn't that a little like maybe,it's just a misdemeanor maybe we can,start there and then if it progresses,then we can maybe make it five to ten,years boys deserve this for everything,they have done to women they should get,off the subreddit twitter a moment and,make a subreddit called reddit moment,honestly i might have to take a look at,that if that's a real thing that exists,i might have to look at it and make a,video on it because it sounds promising,my mama and me no father figure,interesting dude maybe he's just not in,the picture okay not like that,that's not what i meant by not in the,picture i meant like not in that,specific photo you know what i mean,that's that's not what i was trying to,say there baby younger than one dies,from covet and louisiana geez sorry to,hear that one less vote for the hashtag,trumptards of the future covenant geez,man there's stuff on both sides of this,i saw in the last video that i made,about this like twitter stuff there was,people wishing for like random old guys,to die and like random babies like they,do it on both sides why can't we just,stop like wishing death on people is it,really that hard to just like not wish,death on somebody for something that,they just have no part in i'm crying why,people shouldn't experience any emotion,except misery,i can't even lie that's just funny,they're probably joking and if they,aren't honestly it's even funnier a,mother gives her baby to u.s soldiers so,her baby can be evacuated from the,country and save from the t-word she may,never see her child again it's the,beginning of a shonen anime okay listen,i i enjoy anime okay i watch a decent,amount of anime but i would say about 50,of the anime fan base in general is just,it's deplorable this is why people who,watch anime get made fun of it's because,of you black people are oppressed men,are oppressing women see the difference,yet i'm a black woman and i'm not,oppressed can you please stop lumping,everyone into this awful mindset yeah,yeah good for you oh sdf you okay i,don't even understand what the original,point that this person was trying to,make unpopular opinion if you breastfeed,your sons you are training them to be,our words when they grow up you're,basically teaching them that they can,touch a woman's body whenever they want,if you oppose our word stop,breastfeeding boys what they're like,babies i don't understand that they're,even touching like a boob they just are,drinking milk they're they're not at the,conscious level yet where they can,understand what they're actually doing,there's no way that the person who,tweeted us is actually serious i i,refuse to believe that is just such an,outlandish claim adele says new album,will explain her divorce to her young,son mum why do i only see dad on,weekends track five dude imagine having,to like listen to a whole album just to,understand why your mommy an

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How Black Twitter Changed The World

How Black Twitter Changed The World

think back on your favorite Twitter,moments of the past decade I got these,greased potatoes tomatoes today's,baggage black Twitter where do politics,means black culture and activism come,together online you guessed it black,Twitter black Twitter is Twitter,it's a congregation a community heck I'd,argue that black Twitter is the most,poppin space on the internet but what,kind of legacy has it created now where,can I find someone who's an expert in,all things daddy,professor merited the Klux pretty much a,black Twitter ologist when people try to,juxtapose black Twitter versus let's say,mainstream Twitter or just Twitter the,assumption that they're making is that,white users and the people who created,Twitter are the default and so whatever,white users are doing that is mainstream,or regular Twitter and we know that that,just isn't so black Twitter makes,Twitter what it is it is what drives the,pippi conversations I'd say that black,Twitter has shaped culture on Twitter,the same way that black culture has,shaped American culture for years,the things that happen on black Twitter,and the people who take note of them are,just like so-called culture vultures in,other subsets of culture right people,tend to marginalize black folks and,think what we're doing is gauche or,perhaps out of step with the mainstream,and then all of a sudden imitation,becomes a form of flattery that they use,so they pick up the language they pick,up the an you end oh and we've seen the,same thing happen with jazz rock and,roll hip hop black Twitter creates the,cool starting with language y'all,remember the term,on fleek eyebrows on fleek today's,challenges like the end my feelings,challenge which was started in 2018 by a,dude from Queens named shaggy the,challenge went so far that an FBI,fugitive dances way across the tarmac,after being captured y'all and,live-tweeting black twitter loves a good,live tweeting session scandal totally,made live tweeting a thing and now every,pop in show or movie has a hashtag I,don't think there's anything that can,top it is the day that Yahoo News,tweeted that Donald Trump wanted a,bigger Navy only they got the N and the,B he's mixed up and so black Twitter,took off and created the so called in,word maybe you know we took something,that is a slur that is still very,contested in terms of its use and we had,a field day with the jokes,Clark says that regardless of the,shenanigans black twitter is also a,space for civic engagement what I do,think black Twitter has the ability to,do is to foster in people the same sort,of sense of responsibility that our,black ancestors had when they created,freedom's journal the first newspaper,published by two free black men in the,United States when Ida B Wells created,the red record and documented lynchings,across the country that same spirit is,being witnessed via black Twitter when,someone says I see something that is,wrong and I believe I can do something,about it by using a tool of the media,some of those long doings that Clark,refers to are police violence towards,people of color over the decade black,Twitter has notably disseminated footage,and information about violence against,black and brown bodies like in the cases,of Eric Garner's death by chokehold and,Chandra blades encounter with police,which led to her mysterious death in,jail but Clark says that this activism,on Twitter doesn't just document police,violence and that it also includes,calling for accountability within our,own community we see you hashtag mute,our Kelly voices on black Twitter have,been a catalyst for change,viral hashtags like April rains,oscarssowhite Tirana burps me to kishan,Thompson's black girl magic and who,could ever forget black lives matter,which grew into a global social justice,movement against police brutality and,was created by three black women,hashtags like these shifted the cultural,landscape made the media pay attention,to the ways black people are treated in,this country and changed how we,discussed in justices against our people,both leur and activist feminista Jones,is what one would refer to as a Twitter,og she knows about injustice is faced by,women all too well and in 2014 created a,hashtag ul cases to take a stand against,street harassment tell us the story,behind you okay sis I was actually out,with my son and we were walking and,there was a young woman and she couldn't,be more than 22 23 and she was pushing a,stroller and a man approached her trying,to sell his music and she was polite and,was like I you know no thank you,but he kept following her you could see,she's uncomfortable but she's trying not,to make a scene and he grabs her arm and,I just was like are you okay sis because,I was like I'm tired of us just not,saying anything I went home and it told,the story on Twitter and I just got to,this point I put out a call to action I,was like can we just do something this,summer can if you see someone being,harassed can you just asked if they're,okay on another note,yo

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Hilarious POSTS From Black Twitter (TOP 30 MEMES) | Alonzo Lerone

Hilarious POSTS From Black Twitter (TOP 30 MEMES) | Alonzo Lerone

all right so I'm doing this video at,nobody's request by the way so if you,guys want me to do a video or switch it,up a little bit let me know in the,comment section all right but this video,is about black Twitter if you know you,know but before I begin to talk about,that this video is sponsored by upside,all right if you guys missed my last few,videos of me talking about upside,because I not only said it once I said,it twice you're in luck because I'm,gonna tell you guys again upside is an,incredible app for anyone who buys gas,groceries or dimes out with every,purchase I'm earning cash back thanks to,upside as you guys know I personally use,upside when I purchase gas because gas,prices are still high and I'll be seeing,seven cents even 21 cents cash back per,gallon what I do is I log into my,account I see gas stations nearby with,the most savings I claim the offer I,check in at the business this when I get,there and I pay with my credit card and,soon after I get paid on top of that I,can even get cash back on things I,purchase in that store you can cash out,anytime to your bank account PayPal or,an e-gift card for Amazon and other,brands so make sure you download the,free upside app and use code Alonzo to,get five dollars or more cash back on,your first purchase of ten dollars or,more all right link is in the,description and do not forget upside,users are earning more than a million,dollars every week and they have a 4.8,star rating in the App Store all right,make sure you guys download that today,so let's get to these hilarious,post on black Twitter this better be,hilarious when she give when she give,damn this is the first one I haven't,read right when she gave you that fake,number at the club that night and,thought she'd never see you again y'all,I did why is Hillary looking like that,and what was this even man I've never,seen Hillary or Ben what's his name I've,never seen Hillary or Ben don't what is,his name then I didn't Billy I've been,uh y'all I don't even know our,president's name can't cheat on your,girl with those big ass Galaxy phones,she like who the is Mia reading,over your shoulder from the third floor,I don't that's not even that funny I,don't even understand how that had 7 275,likes all right that's number one and,number two this was tweeted in 2014.,y'all 2014 was a different world on,Twitter y'all and it's 3 A.M but you're,trying to squeeze in one more episode,all right that was me he's somewhere in,a bar telling people he did a Beyonce,and the bartender is telling him he's,had enough drinks and I guarantee you he,has that picture still in his wallet,creases and all and you're at the party,and see you're right Chuck and vodka,y'all gotta stop that I know a few,people that do that I don't understand I,have a friend that did that and I don't,and I wasn't in the car I'm just saying,how is it that you gonna Chuck vodka or,any kind of liquor and having about five,people in your possession at that same,time,make it make sense yo the Airbnb,we're staying at is so nice the,neighbors thought we were robbing the,place and called the cops first of all I,didn't know it was the Airbnb is that,how you spell it and I just realized the,cops are in the picture too small yeah,sex is cool but have you ever had garlic,bread Dia Banks tweeted that I've been,on Twitter like since 2007 or 2008 and,I've never seen DMX tweet that what was,on his mind at the well clearly garlic,bread but still when you finish an exam,and your friends are arguing whether the,answer was 75 or 80 but what you got was,negative four my ex just posted happy,one year anniversary to her new guy nine,months after we broke up when your,friend suddenly decides to become a DJ,and asks you to like their page on,Facebook this happened to me this dude,that I was friends in high school with,we didn't go to the same high school,that's how much of a friend we were we,were,but all I'm saying is why did I stop,being friends with him and I'll stop,being friends with them because,the way he talks to me in front of,people are totally different from the,way he talked to me when it was just us,two and it took me about 20 times to,realize like hold up this ain't right so,I'm just saying this fast forward years,later which was probably last year he,asked me to promote his candle business,you think I forgot when you find a,flaming Emoji series that already has,four or five seasons an hour and a,healthy 22 Episodes per season I,got the only one I said this before I,don't understand y'all first off this,isn't the funniest tweet okay so I don't,understand how this got on the list of,hilarious posts in the history of black,people the history of black people,Twitter all I'm saying is that how come,Vampire Diaries had like 45 episodes a,season and now shows are having 10 no,more than 12. even reality shows have,more than that,How come every time I see a pic of a,fine thick girl doing something find,that,a fine thick girl doing something she,ain't never really do

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The Power of Black Twitter (feat. Michael Harriot) - Beyond the Scenes | The Daily Show

The Power of Black Twitter (feat. Michael Harriot) - Beyond the Scenes | The Daily Show

hey welcome to beyond the scenes the,podcast that goes deeper into segments,and topics that originally aired on The,Daily Show with Trevor Noah look this,this is what you got to think of this,podcast is all right this podcast is,like a full stack of pancakes drizzled,with maple syrup you just can't have one,you know you'd be a brunch and then you,order an extra plate for the table so,you can share it with all your friends,that's what we are now I'm Roy with Jr,and we're here to talk about a piece,that I did in 2017 called black guy on,America on black Twitter,wrote a clip for decades the black,barbershop has been the epicenter of,black cultural discussion but the,internet has changed things let me,introduce you to Black Twitter black,Twitter is an entire I think we need,somebody more qualified let's go with,Jamila Lemieux executive writer and most,importantly black person Jamila what is,black Twitter it's just really an,extension of how we communicate in our,neighborhoods and our barber shops and,our churches and our schools it is our,village think of black Twitter as Harlem,black folks made it cool and now white,people trying to move in what we do on,social media and of course we over index,and we use it more than anybody else and,we use it on mobile which means we have,it you know by our side 24 hours a day,that's right while we make up just 12,percent of the U.S population 25 of,American Twitter users are black and,they're three times more likely to post,daily on Twitter than white people today,I'm joined by fellow FAMU alumni and,associate professor in media studies at,Northeastern University Madam Meredith D,Clark welcome to be on the scenes how,you doing today I'm doing well thank you,for having me well thank you thank you,for being here also joining us is a,brother who is a writer at the Grio and,he does a lot of hard work on the ground,and he also starts up a lot of mess on,Twitter and you know every now and then,have them folks mad he dropped knowledge,and then he'll pivot right into having a,mad and stance him as if it's anybody,who knows about engaging with black,Twitter it's the homie Michael Harry,Michael how you doing man I'm great man,thanks for having me man I appreciate,you all for being here now let's go,ahead and be real about this we know,what type of show we on we know what,type of audience The Daily Show is,that's part of why we did the black,Twitter piece at the time when,conversations around Blackness were,starting to you know really permeate you,know on social media a lot more so,Meredith for our listeners who don't,know can you define what black Twitter,is and explain the origins of it,absolutely so I tell people there's no,special Knack there's not a separate,platform there's not a special portal,that you can go to to get to Black,Twitter uh this club Illuminati you know,there's there's no secret handshake that,will get you into black Twitter but,there are two ways of thinking about it,the short version uh that I tell people,black Twitter is black people on Twitter,being black on Twitter like being our,black selves having a good time doing,what we do the long answer is that black,Twitter is a series of black communities,of folks who are linked together talking,about things that are of concern to our,various communities and I really stress,that plural idea of community so,everything from racial Justice which,we've seen a lot of conversations about,um to what it's like to be on the dating,market today we got a lot of,conversations about relationships so,every single way that people can come,together and be connected uh from Greek,life and HBCU life to just being black,living in a certain part of the country,or a certain part of the world that is,black Twitter,also food is a lot of food critique,definitely on black Twitter struggle,plates if you post a plate of food you,know you might break your Grandmama's,heart because black Twitter pulls no,punches none mayor Keisha could tell us,okay,okay I mean I'm not wrong,it's interesting because you know there,can be days on Twitter where it is,something as simple as I can't believe,you put mayonnaise on a hot dog and the,next day it's should you spend 200 on a,first date and then the next day it's,free Brittany Griner,and all three of those conversations,happen with the same level of ferocity,and engagement and God bless your soul,if you ever find yourself on the wrong,side of some of that stuff we call that,getting ratioed we'll break that down,you know on another podcast but you know,this piece was set the piece that we did,it was we decided to set it in a barber,shop because we felt like the barbershop,you know in a sense for Black Culture is,one of the many public squares that we,have within the black community and so,you know you know for Michael you know,how is black Twitter a part of a history,of community spaces and Publications for,black people together and share their,stories well you know in a sense it is,like the barbershop you

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Black Twitter's Reaction to the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Black Twitter's Reaction to the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Today on September 8th.,2000.,Today on September 8th, 2022, queen Elizabeth.,The second.,Passed away.,And since she's passed, there's been a lot of debate and,arguments and back and forth.,Happening on Twitter.,As people more than the Queen's death and as many celebrated.,So today, what I wanted to talk about is a few things.,Why are people celebrating her death and some of the ethical and moral questions?,Around this type of behavior after someone passes away.,But before we dive into that, if you're new here, make sure,you subscribe to the channel.,I am working on doing daily videos.,Coming back to YouTube, talking about a wide range of subjects.,I've been doing some more in-depth deep dive, video essays, but I,want to try to do daily and do smaller kind of commentary videos.,About things going on or things that interest me, I'm really fascinated in,human behavior as well as morality.,So that's what we're talking about today.,And for all of you who are subscribers, welcome back, uh, those of you who haven't,noticed, or you haven't been around.,Um, testing out this kind of voice over type video.,Let me know down in the comments.,If it's something you like, you hate, I'm just looking for feedback.,So I know what direction to take the channel.,All right.,But getting back to queen Elizabeth death.,So today we're seeing a lot of tweets like this.,Where this one from a woman named Rachel says I'm really enjoying unfollowing.,All the people who seem to be delighting in a woman's death and,her families and nation's pain.,This isn't the time to prove how far left you are.,And something that you'll notice as we dive a little,bit deeper into this topic is.,This is kind of an ignorant tweet.,There are so many of us who don't experience what others have experienced.,So we think that people are just being cruel or they're trolling.,And what we really need to be asking is why it's really easy to,reduce this down to people just being terrible, awful evil people.,Right.,But I believe we need to take a step back and ask ourselves, why,are people reacting this way?,Why are their people.,Celebrating something as tragic as a death, right.,When we look at it like that, when we do a little bit of research and we,start asking the right questions, We start to uncover things that we never,knew because they never affected us.,And that's kind of a larger problem as a whole, as we often think,If something isn't happening to us, then it must not be affecting other people.,And when I was actually researching this very video, I,literally saw somebody say this.,They said, what the queen did, did not affect me or my family, which means.,Uh, this was a white person.,They said it did not affect me.,So I don't mind.,Right.,So there's, it's none of my business.,And that that just kind of sums up.,It's kind of individualistic, just how separated we are as a world.,Right.,It's not affecting me.,So what's the big deal.,And that is just kind of a nasty way to live.,So earlier.,And it probably still is trending black.,Twitter was trending.,And at the time that I took this screenshot right here,,it had over 441,000 tweets.,And I guarantee because there was a few hours ago, I,guarantee by now it's probably.,Even much more.,Right.,So why is black.,Twitter trending.,Well, it's probably because of this.,Or this.,Or this.,Or this.,But meanwhile with sweet C tweets, like the one we started this video off,with about Woman on following people.,Or there's this tweet right here from someone named Brigitte Gabriel saying,president Trump and queen Elizabeth.,The second, we're very close.,Pray for both families during this time of grieving.,And then this is a tweet that really caught my eye because it said making fun,of queen Elizabeth death is pure massage Nate at his finest when Betty White died.,People wouldn't dare make a joke about something so tragic.,So why is this any different?,And first off, let's just discuss how that doesn't make sense.,He says it's misogynistic, but he says people weren't doing the same thing.,To Betty White.,So if Betty White was a man that would make sense based on the way.,He started this, but he's, he ended in a much different way, so it's kind of,nonsensical, but I think this reply.,To this man's Tweed.,Makes a lot of sense and it helps kind of explain a few things.,So this guy do, he said, When Betty White occupied my country for 200,years, pillaged, our resources sent half of our men to die in war.,And the other half to die in sugarcane plantations.,Cut off the thumbs of traditional artists.,And let the Bengals starve to death, all laugh at her death too.,So this is what I was talking about when we're saying, just because,something doesn't affect us doesn't mean it's not affecting other people.,Some of us have the privilege to see things through rose,,clever colored glasses.,For example, we'll see this with policing.,If you.,Uh, or a white person, you get to see the police as, you know, saviors and helpful.,And that doesn't m

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Queen Elizabeth II & Black Twitter

Queen Elizabeth II & Black Twitter

know what time it is,what is going on y'all welcome to,another king reese video,let me tell you something if you are not,on twitter today,i don't know why you're not i don't know,why you're not on twitter i i'm,literally trying to figure out how to do,this video let me wake up tomorrow and,my youtube account is still standing but,black twitter is going,in,black twitter is going in oh my gosh so,you already know the news the queen has,passed away queen elizabeth the second,the longest living,monarch um over,britain or whatever it is this week girl,she reigned for what 70,plus years um she died at 96 today on,september 8 2022,considering all the controversy and all,the things has been going on especially,with,meghan markle and the colonialism of the,british empire over the last,like what centuries like girl i don't,even know how you said it but like you,know how the british monarchy was,participating in slave trade and,colonizing,several like countries and stuff like,girl black folks have kind of taken this,moment as,like with some black i'm not gonna say,all black folks there's some black folks,like oh my god you know death is a,terrible thing that uh,i've always been one of the folks that,you know,when you do wrong while you are alive,people can criticize you when you are,dead dead like that's just the nature of,things like the criticism does not stop,after you pass away like you don't get,your your stuff forgiven and all the,other stuff that's why i don't believe,in certain things that's why i don't,consider myself religious that's why i'm,an atheist i just don't like girl you,gonna get this work,and you know,i think we're,a lot of us unfortunately are,conditioned to have sympathy for this,older white lady who smiled and who had,grace and also you know disney and,everybody else making the monarchy look,so beautiful with oh everybody can be a,princess a queen a king and all this,other stuff and it's just like these,folks have caused harm to black and,brown folks around the world,like i'm reading an article back in um,from,who's the guardian back in 2010 the,queen requested a poverty grant to help,her palaces but was refused but was,refused because government ministers,feared it would cause a public relations,backlash it was reported today now this,was in february 24 2010 in an effort to,cut the royal,household soaring electricity and gas,bill senior aide wrote to the department,for culture media and sport in 2004 to,ask if the queen would be eligible for a,handout from a,60 you know meal pounds or whatever it,is energy saving fun like this is,this there are so many articles there's,so much stuff if you're one of those,people who are like confused and trying,to figure out why is everybody's you,know quote-unquote celebrating and why,is everybody laughing at it you need to,be doing your research you need to be,figuring out like why like don't come on,and be mad at folks for laughing do your,research like this this is the purpose,of me doing this video i'm not gonna,like i don't i don't have the,infrastructure or the resource to do a,whole series about the british monarchy,but i will tell you there's a show on,netflix called uh what is it called,explain it's one of my favorite shows on,netflix one of my favorite shows period,um where they did an episode about the,british monarchy and they just explained,they do a couple of things talking about,a lot of stuff but the british monarchy,is um you know like responsible for a,lot of death a lot of harm a lot of like,injustices across the world um and,this woman was a participant in that she,was like she was the head of state like,she was the one like benefiting from all,of this like this is not your disney,story of princesses and princess and,stuff you know doing all these good,things this is not the diaries um the,princess diaries this is not that like i,know we've been conditioned like there's,consuming the media we think that these,folks have not caused harm but we have,to also look at who's been producing and,putting out this content uh why people,have been putting out and this is from,their eyes they don't see the injustices,that have you know been occurred by the,british monarchy they're telling it from,their perspective they're not telling,from ours like we don't show the same we,don't share the same identities and,stuff we don't share the same,experiences so yes the british,government has been you know extremely,the british monarchy has been extremely,harmful to black and brown folks there's,just so much like so much information,about it for those who are asking the,questions and stuff now i don't know,i've been kicking,the tweets have been like the tweets,have been rolling out like girl,especially from jason lee back well,jason lee hasn't tweeted anything but,you know jason lee a couple of months,ago back was seven months ago saying,that the queen you know she had,she kicked the bucket and come to find,out that story was not accurate it was,somebody else wh

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