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Rob Kardashian Blasts Blac Chyna On Instagram & Twitterdon't oh boy I could have just sent my,eggs h


Updated on Jan 31,2023

Rob Kardashian Blasts Blac Chyna On Instagram & Twitter

don't oh boy I could have just sent my,eggs here and just throw it over ahead,and depart out where I messed up but,anyway let's start over let's try this,together,hey the corner of YouTube is Kevin,without Mikkel as you guys can see,Mikkel is not in this video,listen y'all this cooking show is on,vacation Mikkel wanting to come later,one tonight and I said no I want to get,this video out the way right now so I'm,here to talk about this whole rich white,people problem Fiasco with Robert,Kardashian and blac Chyna but it's more,so on Rob Kardashian part now let me get,this out the way right now if I mess up,with any parts okay McKellar nas will be,here tomorrow night to discuss it,because I'm sure blac chyna will respond,again the other men they mess with blac,Chyna will respond and will be able to,get a whole scoop of where everything,over the past 24 hours I wanted to do,this right now because this is breaking,news I'm recording this video right now,as I talk to my Instagram lot of people,and share on to the 140 mom's day,5-under for the now people will hit 150,all right Justin 150 people that watch,me live right now on Instagram if you're,a first time watch it to the Skorpion,show I hope that you click the subscribe,button today I'm going so a little but,if you go back and look at our previous,videos most of them feature the color,myself and I hope that you enjoy our,Channel,so everybody else please click the like,button and also beauty Contras down,below cos I can't wait to read what you,think about this whole Rob Kardashian,blac chyna PS gonna happen today,basically what happen today is right up,Kardashians and I'm not down he had a,meltdown on Instagram he went in on blac,Chyna he went in or all the stuff that,he bought fire all the people she messed,with all the things he dumped her he,just went off now what I'm going to do,is try to get you all up to speed for,those who had to work after the fourth,of July and I'm sure a lot of your,called out because a lot of your trunk,over,but I know a lot of your hungover your,surfaces with your lying off if you're,smart you have already Requested this, off because you knew he was going,to turn into loved ones a lot of for and,hippie are in the business days to those,that celebrate happy Independence Day,because or happy belated Independence,Day to those and celebrate Independence,Day because for the first time in my 13,years of living I've never seen the,reaction of black people not celebrating,Independence Day and you know I just say,celebration for the states the way you,want to celebrate Independence Day man,you don't want to celebrate you don't,celebrate women leave or the hotdogs and,burgers leave all the brimsley,disorderly the drink means all of that,to be one city and because it because,I'm going to celebrate so let us get to,this Rob Kardashian but then I have my,note I am my nothing to put these notes,in my iPhone because all I want to miss,a thing so and although I come from the,shade room now Rob Kardashian he poses a,video of blac Chyna kissing a man on,that's how to read all the text messages,I want to just get your options part so,Rob Kardashian posted the picture he,posted a video I was left trying to,kissing another man now he says that she,sent this to him yesterday which was the,fourth of July and that she's very rude,and that she's very disrespectful for,him to be doing that and this is after,he done did some stuff for her and all,this and that okay so he pulls that,video then he pulls the text messages of,this guy asking for a show this is the,guy got that black trying shooting a,little weird so blac chyna responding,with her stop it's basically she told,him to get a hobby,then she went on to say that Rob,Kardashian of Jews and her he beats her,and then she says that this is her world,the light will come to light I thought,I'm assuming she meant the truth will,come to light so she's basically saying,that he was an abuser he cheated on her,plenty of times she said this too that,he stood on her plenty of times and he's,big deceiving like Oh China being all,cheating with all these different,minutes but she just keeps letting her,come back and he came sitting here kara,I think that time to be read all these,goddamn text messages honestly I don't,trust that a drink I got shot ball of,this so Rob Kardashian poses,another pic oh I paid $250,000 for our,jewelry,I paid $16,000 in Brent for our part man,for our car I do this with my mom and,he'll just got asking to work with me to,do a show and stuff like this start,getting a little bit you not trying to,turn the air conditioning so forgets now,I'm sorry okay so he's whining about,that and then he was whining about,people wearing the roles that he bought,for China's house people all laid up,anything the same as being dirty and,stuff my dad and then he was like hey I,got more to come,so then what Bob does is he's posting,the pictures of blac chyna with her,chest,dyed with her black dime he got to know,sh

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Blac Chyna Speaks On 6ix9ine Backlash + Kanye West Locked Out Of Twitter After Peeing On Grammy

Blac Chyna Speaks On 6ix9ine Backlash + Kanye West Locked Out Of Twitter After Peeing On Grammy

so earlier this week it was reported,that ray j filed for divorce from,princess,love and the shade room actually posted,that allegedly she found out about her,divorce,online he stopped by here at power 106.,so we had to ask him this is what he,said,well social media right now is saying,that she found out through social media,is that true,i i don't i don't know you know i don't,know,i don't know i haven't really been,tapping into the social media like that,um but what i do know is that um things,are working out,and um i think that we're all taking,each other serious,and we're all listening to each other,trying to figure out the next play but,again i love,princess i love my babies and i think,that,over time you know this thing will this,thing will work itself out it will,for sure yeah i've been through more so,yeah,i've been through divorce ray j so it'll,it'll play out you just got to let the,time go and you have two beautiful,children like you said it's all about,them,and as long as you guys keep that first,you'll be all right it'll play out,now for the full interview go ahead and,check it out it'll be here on youtube or,you can check it out at,manana it's sad man dealing with,something like first of all a divorce is,already nasty obviously,uh but dealing with it publicly that can,get pretty crazy,so i just i wish both of them the best,man like try to remain calm because,there's gonna be some nasty things that,will get reported,but you could always like melissa said,come back here tomorrow we got the full,interview ray j got all the details,now someone else dealing with a divorce,this 2020 is offset and cardi b,he actually broke his silence on social,media after the news broke,that she was filing for divorce he,simply posted a picture of himself with,the caption saying grind don't stop he's,on the phone his shoes are off,it's a good picture but everybody went,in like oh my god he's posting he act,he's acting like he doesn't care,but he really does care and it's like,guys cardi posted as well,she posted some beautiful flowers that,lisso sent her it's not a big,deal they have to keep uh see la fiesta,the party keeps going they have to keep,working they have to keep you know,making their money,but i hate 20 20. not for sure yeah and,i know you said it's not a big deal but,no but it is a big deal we're talking,about another divorce and then this one,is probably,way more high profile than ray j's uh,and prince's love like i mean still,hurts the same but this is they're gonna,continue the business don't stop so they,have to continue like businesses,it's running operational offset is going,to pose him chilling with his shoes off,dope cardi's going to try to keep it,pushing but then these are humans so,we wish you the best especially cardi b,like i i, with cardi like bella khalees,that's my sister i hate to have to be,her,but you know we wish you the best once,again it's gonna get ugly guys,so let's just try to keep it uh try to,keep it professional,now someone else who's posting is kanye,and he's posting a lot like too much to,the point where twitter,had to kind of cancel his his account,for like 12,hours he was seen peeing on his grammy,he posted some contracts on there how,many did you say teddy there was like 10,10 contracts listen he did a lot now,you're probably like how do we know well,rick fox actually tweeted my friend,kanye west wants you all to know,that he was locked out of his twitter,for 12 hours he's on timeout from,twitter i appreciate rick fox making an,appearance,into season 20 20. uh of life it was,dope it was random as hell,thank you for the breaking news now,kanye you're talking some real stuff,here,and you and we we're all on board,because even hit boy who doesn't rock,with kanye,shared his contract situation so i think,kanye's got a good message it's just,getting diluted,because he's posting it on twitter you,know on twitter it's usually to say,things like,doja cat she was like chief keef is the,hardest rapper of all time,those are the kind of things you put on,twitter for these serious things i mean,taking it to twitter maybe that's why,they're not taking them seriously maybe,kanye's oni fans like uh,like cardi and that's that's where he,releases it wow,no i don't go crazy i'm not ready for,that,what do you think about doja cat saying,that chief keef is the hardest rapper of,i mean i'm not even mad at it listen,sosa's been doing this he was 16. he's,one of the hardest cats out the music,matches,but i will i will say if i had to pick,the hardest rapper in the game,it's gucci mane big goo okay gucci what,about the baby,i know he kind of just got here but he,has proven time and time,that he's like don't mess with me don't,come for me i don't care if i'm at the,store i don't care if i'm in the,just they will both slap the at you,right i love,when the music when the music and the,persona match like,the same person because gucci and baby,they'll go ahead and set five if they,have to d

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Rob Kardashian and Tyga CLAP BACK at Blac Chyna's Child Support Claim

Rob Kardashian and Tyga CLAP BACK at Blac Chyna's Child Support Claim

rob kardashian and tyga clap back at,blac chyna after she claims she gets,zero child support from them it doesn't,stop on wednesday the model who has,children with both rob and tyga fired,off a series of tweets suggesting she,doesn't get any help financially when it,comes to raising her kids,of course she shares a nine-year-old son,king with the rapper and five-year-old,daughter dream with the reality star,your tomato,tomato,no tomato,china claims quote yesterday i had to,give up three of my cars my reasons my,morals beliefs being a single mother no,support i'm a mama single no support,child support,that tweet was reposted to a popular,instagram account where both tyga and,rob gave their two cents,in simple terms they say they're already,doing their parts as dads rob writes,quote i pay 37k a year for my daughter's,school i handle every single medical,expense i pay for all her,extracurricular activities i have my,daughter from tuesday to saturday why,would i pay child support lol,and tyga he echoed all that commenting i,pay 40k a year for my son's school and,he lives with me monday through saturday,why would i pay child support lol,and get this tyga followed up by asking,rob a question how you pay 3k less let,me know the plug with a laughing emoji,of course back in 2016 the 35 year old,arthur george founder and china starred,in their own keeping up with the,kardashians spin-off series rob in china,why do you care,so what are you trying to read who do,you think i'm texting what do you think,i'm doing but he's largely stayed out of,the limelight over the years opting to,focus on his mental and physical health,and his daughter,robert's good yeah he's working out and,eating good and so,he's on a good path right now but in a,recent interview with variety rob's,sisters courtney kim and chloe revealed,that while rob won't be on the famous,family's new reality series every week,he will make a few cameos,over the last year,we have seen such transformations from,all of us,this is day one oh my god are you dying,are you dying,and in the meantime fans are hoping to,catch more of rob on social media,earlier this month the fam shared a,sneak peek into his batman themed,birthday party complete with a,personalized batman cake and in true,kardashian fashion the karjenners gushed,over how much he means to them kim,noting that words can't describe how,special rob is chloe adding that he's,the best brother in the world while,their mom kris jenner praised her son,for growing into the most beautiful soul,the best father ever the most amazing,brother uncle grandson and friend,you

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Blac Chyna Gets DRAGGED On Twitter By Tyga & Rob Kardashian| BUT She Says She’s Being EXTORTED

Blac Chyna Gets DRAGGED On Twitter By Tyga & Rob Kardashian| BUT She Says She’s Being EXTORTED

hey what's up my little tattletails,listen blac chyna is back in the news,and this time it's because rob,kardashian and tigger are slammed,dunking on her and i know a lot of,people are like,but yo how the hell y'all literally five,five and a clapping hands with a known,abuser allegedly right an extorter and,definitely a known person that released,revenge material online about her yo,let's get into this mess because you,know what i feel like pulling out some,receipts today and let's sit there and,drag rock park kardashian and sugar too,because loki chyna said all this message,because y'all trying to extort me and,y'all i think she actually has a good,point let's get into the best but before,we do hit that like subscribe button,this youtube baby you know how it works,help your girl grow listen we're going,to start a katissa show her face fun but,here's the thing and i got a saying this,is an unpopular opinion,blac chyna is a goddamn idiot and not,for the reasons you think here's the,thing that makes me so mad about the,tyga and the rob kardashian see,everybody's thinking about child support,the way people that earn under a million,dollars a year actually the way people,that earn under 10 million dollars a,year think about child support right,what does a child need this and that how,much is schooling okay you split this,eyes with that,when you enter into the type of wealth,that rob tiger and blac chyna has the,game changes and they knew this the,reason why blac chyna was bragging about,she doesn't pay child support even,though they pay for schooling and,medical expenses and stuff is when you,date someone marry somebody of that,income level in the state of california,it's not about what you pay for it's,about whether the child is living in the,same standard of living if daddy got a,mansion the child got to live in,something too,it's weird that you know and again,they're exploiting the fact that most,people that are working class,don't actually realize this,does blac chyna get child support,absolutely not but she knows like robin,tyga knows that if she wanted to get,child support even if the children are,only there for two days a week,she could get child support she kept,because there is a standard of living,now it doesn't matter whether you think,she deserves it or whether they think,she deserves it the state of california,thinks she deserves it the women that,have kids with rob kardashians with,tigers also had that at this point it,doesn't matter if the child lives with,their full time the father pays for,school pays for this pays for that and,guess what he still also pays a portion,of his income so that his child can live,in the same level of comfort that he,lives in,while the child is with the other parent,that is why people are happy to split,custody again i know everybody's looking,at this from a working-class standpoint,but the fact that she is allowed child,support the and she is whether y'all,think she deserves it or not the fact,that she denies herself and her children,that and she goes on twitter to brag and,then tyga and rob kardashian both duncan,her because in their minds she deserves,nothing and what's more sad in society's,eyes a blac chyna,doesn't deserve it right a blac chyna,doesn't deserve child support a blac,chyna doesn't deserve to be protected,rob literally,got a case against her with the lapd,right,literally texted death threats said he,was gonna hire a hitman release revenge,porn,and literally dragged her name all up,and down the streets and the kardashians,got into court and fought for rob and,rob this is a member of the coding boys,who proudly brags about his drug abuse,literally,the kardashians fought hard for rob to,get full custody saying china was the,unfit mother captain kim kardashian,right,but kim kardashian deserves everything,and here's the thing i'm not pitting,blac chyna against kim they are both,mothers they both deserve everything but,ask yourself why there's been a,narrative that's been allowed to develop,about blac chyna what she deserves how,kim kardashian is a billionaire and,guess what she's going to get child,support for those kids and she's going,gonna get spousal support because they,haven't taken it off the table and,they're going to fight for it in court,right,again ask yourself why is blac chyna,being dunked on and you guys are,smacking hands and big upping a known,abuser,again anybody that releases revenge,board to me is an abuser we want to talk,about instagram posts but yet kim,kardashian is deserving of so much,protection actually yourself white blac,chyna isn't but let's also get into the,latest thing of this person you're,smacking hands with rob kardashian and,what he's up to get this blac chyna is,going to testify that rob kardashian the,father year y'all smacking hands was,saying she don't deserve anything ask,yourself why women of her saying caliber,deserve more but when it comes to women,that look like blac chyna all of a,sudden we're literally counti

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Future Tweets About His Break Up With Blac Chyna

Future Tweets About His Break Up With Blac Chyna

single and focusing on what makes me,happy that is a baby mother tweet he's,single and he's focusing that's two,things you can be future is a shady as a,mob wife the minute a woman will break,up with it because that's the first,thing they post single and focusing on,what makes me happy in life what makes,you happy future is blac Chyna's fat ass,God is definitely blessing everybody,except like she's dumb like why would,you date future why would you think the,damon basically he's trying to say is um,i don't know what this is talking about,she got that tattoo cuz she wanted to,what are you gonna do about that tattoo,no blacks matter what are you gonna do,sensation back to the future no future,past in future right here on it on a,tattoo they'll be fired,i just want to take this time to say,sorry the black China,I just want who I try to leave us alone,lifetime if you really want a real ,that God is a blessing come be a part of,my stable we need to be saved from China,if you don't want your rapper to be all,in the video dancing in some Gucci clip, we probably cooking my mom's see,this is how you get killed and some,Gucci flip-flop don't come on in,Gucci flip-flops don't know socks,don't forget air force once you probably,use my mom's Oh Bobby like one of my,like future wives I don't trust these,hos these always on our mind so you fire,cooker Marco just Gucci flip-flops do,not come on because if you muggers,and Gucci flip-flops or out won't get,shot yes some Gucci flip-flops,I'm just so rich even my feet is rich I,ain't gonna front I definitely want to,pay a Gucci flip-flops why so I could go,back home Scott what's done then what,you're still gonna you're still gonna,die prematurely I do a lot of things,now there you go Gucci flip-flops I,could agree with those you know I get my,toes done like they been some Gucci,flip-flops in my Gucci flip-flops,that's what you make it babe what are,you trying to say is um he doing drugs,and some Gucci flip-flops and some Gucci,flip-flops he did all of this yeah he,only need some Gucci flip lousy popping,pills I want some Gucci for your flops,um percocet if he had on some Nike,flip-flops like everybody else you can't,smash another guy's chick ain't like,polos flip-flops,that's why she's busting nothing nothing,I'm having way too much fun but these, getting mad thirsty my fadeaway,game is crazy,fadeaway game I guess Steph Curry in,future have a lot in common,the girls are thirsty he's shaking them,up he's falling back on them I'd know,how to change my number I'm getting away,from you I'm fading away I got are you,gonna find me I don't know you're gonna,get backstage when I showed him your,picture you got blac chyna tattoo on,your name and then you tweet this young,guy don't let this big thing and her,name is blac Chyna or nobody it look,like you don't want nobody like stop,you're drunk,like let's future freebandz like you see,whatever to Sierra there was a life,ruiner with the known fact that,everybody who date's here losses in life,we lost bailout forever,thanks to Sierra she took your fade away,all the way to Seattle,Russell Wilson took your pension is not,even what is life about you just wasn't,wrong anyways like I like cheese good,your fadeaway game is trash your,fadeaway game is actually top tyronn lue,trying to guard Allen Iverson,you

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Kanye West Exposes Khloe Kardashian For Ruining Blac Chyna

Kanye West Exposes Khloe Kardashian For Ruining Blac Chyna

um i love that you and kim and the kids,are so supportive of kanye why is that,so,important to you,yeah of course he'll always be family,is it chloe's turn to get exposed by,kanye kanye recently went off on chloe,on ig and though we're not sure whether,he did so because he really has a,problem with her or because chloe,recently gave a green light to kim and,pete's romance but either way the tea is,hot,but it's not just kanye who has,something to say about chloe as you,probably know chloe is involved in a,legal battle with rob's ex-girlfriend,blac chyna and this situation recently,took a very surprising turn and just,when we thought things couldn't get any,messier chyna's mom tokyo tony joined,the conversation and drop some major,bombshells about chloe and her sisters,so let's get into it,chloe recently took to ig to share some,pics from a girl's day with her,three-year-old daughter true and,four-year-old niece chicago but as you,can see chloe just couldn't resist,slapping a filter on the photos with the,girls so as soon as kanye took notice of,the photos he publicly called out chloe,in an ig post saying these pics are too,groan looking for my little girl,and though fans have been dragging kanye,lately for his instagram rants many of,them agreed with him on this one and,slammed chloe for being a bad influence,on chicago chloe distorts her face on,the regular so i could see her,normalizing this behavior one fan said,it's definitely weird and she knows how,kanye feels about his kid on the socials,so why post,don't they have group chats however some,fans accused kanye of being bitter and,said he only went after chloe because,she recently gushed about the flowers,she received from kim's boyfriend pete,davidson for valentine's day but see,those pictures with chicago are not the,only reason chloe is catching heat right,now on friday february 18th page six,broke the news that rob kardashian,decided to drop his lawsuit against blac,chyna claiming he wants them to have a,healthier co-parenting relationship,however chyna's mom tokyo thought robb's,latest move was super shady so she took,to ig and exposed some shocking things,about rob chloe and the rest of the,karjenner women commenting on his,decision to drop his lawsuit against,china rob told page six my love for,dream far outweighs my desire to proceed,with my claims against her mother in a,public trial now that the court has,ruled that there is sufficient evidence,to warrant a jury trial on my claim for,assault for our daughter's sake i am,dismissing the action and focusing on my,co-parenting relationship with china,but see rob's decision to drop his,lawsuit against china comes shortly,after a judge denied karjenner's request,to have the trial by jury postponed,chris chloe kim and kylie filed a motion,earlier this year,asking for the trial to be delayed and,argued that they are quote too busy,writing billion dollar companies and,that getting deposed is an unwarranted,annoyance,however their plan didn't work and,according to court documents obtained by,e a judge ruled that china will be,permitted to question all four,individuals despite their objection to,the trial court that they are too busy,running billion dollar companies to,comply with china's subpoenas,china's attorney lin siani later told,page six that she was very pleased that,chyna will be able to question kim chloe,chris and kylie because the trial court,agreed that they are not above the law,according to siani each of the,kardashian women is supposed to sit down,for a two hour deposition and the trial,is scheduled for april,and that's exactly why fans think rob,only drops his lawsuit against china,because he's hoping china would do the,same and the karjenner women won't have,to testify in court see fans are,speculating that rob and the kardashians,are trying to gaslight chyna because,they're scared she might spill some of,their secrets,after all if rob was really doing this,for dream then why did he wait so long,to drop the lawsuit,he really can't say it's for his,daughter because this has been going on,for years one fan said if it was really,for her then he would have dropped the,trial years ago his sisters didn't want,to testify so they threw in the towel,one fan added and another one wrote,that's because he didn't have anything,on her all that she knows about him and,all his family would have been more,damaging chyna's lawyer shared a similar,message in a statement to e-news and,said robb only dropped his lawsuit,because he falsely accused china of,attacking him and he was scared the,truth would come out in court,chyna was finally about to have her day,in accord at a february 23rd jury trial,in los angeles superior court where she,was prepared to prove with evidence that,robb's claims that she physically,attacked and assaulted him was a,malicious lie cyani said,instead rob dropped his case on the eve,of trial not because he suddenly wanted,to drop the case for the sake of his,daughter but because he k

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Blac Chyna's Tape Dry As Heck|Gets Roasted On Black Twitter

Blac Chyna's Tape Dry As Heck|Gets Roasted On Black Twitter

I mean quite frankly you know I I really,don't know what the fuss is about,and I wasn't really gonna talk about,this but you know you know me man I keep,a very close pulls on black Twitter and,black Twitter was roasting this out,of black China and talking about how,trash her head game was a matter of fact,the whole video the whole situation is,trash garbage despicable waste of your,time you know you're gonna watch that, and you're gonna have to meditate,for 20 minutes for that two minute piece,of trash cuz you're gonna lose a lot of,frequency and elevation but but let's,get into the topic so last night before,I decided to step out once again you,know as most of you guys know you can,follow me on Twitter at Sol o TV 84 damn,right I'm plugging myself and anybody,was going in on China so for some reason,I can't find the tape I can't find the,tape I find the tape and everybody was,talking about it's worse than the Kim K,tape and I'm like no there's no way that,it could be worse than the Kim K tape I,mean the Kim K tape is hella bad for,those who haven't seen it imagine and,they give the seven feet and ten inches,tall and he can't dunk,that's basically the Kim K T you know I,mean short he got all that ass but she,don't know how to throw her back you,know I'm same so the Kim K tape I was,like nah I can't be worse than the Kim K,tape sure enough play the tape and trash,let's let's read this article real quick,man black cha,Inez not the only one who blew it with,her sex tape performance her,ex-boyfriends lazy attitude is just as,much to blame according to sex expert,the head doctor China's been slammed,online since the video which Michi leet,was critics calling her effort,uninspired and boring that's an unfair,review though if you asked Miss,pressure aka the head doctor and we did,she's pointing the finger at me chief,for lack of effort pressure who presents,workshops with her company legendary,oral says good fellatio takes two people,that is and meet she didn't hold up his,end the good dog graded BC and Michi and,it ain't gone review for either of them,look listen it was trash it was garbage,I mean like I said the fact is I've seen,better amateur porn in that you,know I mean I mean it's just you know,III really don't I it's a waste of time,people if you haven't seen the tape,you're not missing out you're not being,don't watch it don't waste your time you,were just gonna lose a few brain cells,you know I mean the dude did do the,thunderstruck move where he was going,ham at the end you know I'm saying but,blac Chyna can't take it now I'm saying,but I think everybody had this,perception because blac Chyna is a,stripper and she's good on the dance,pole that she would um have these,amazing moves you know what I mean but,anyway don't don't watch the tape man,it's a waste of time it's it's,disappointing you know the Kim K but,listen the Kim K tape what's the worst,to me because Kim K meant all that ass,short he didn't know how to throw back,anyway follow me on Instagram Twitter,snapchat at Sol TV 84-piece

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Blac Chyna Breaks Down Before Giving Birth & Posts Cryptic Message About Rob?

Blac Chyna Breaks Down Before Giving Birth & Posts Cryptic Message About Rob?

for some reason I'm so scared love you I,just cannot get this c-section like off,of my mind,China's pregnancy may have seemed like a,total party mannequin challenge and all,but in a never-before-seen clip she,reveals a side of her you may not have,seen coming and by different sides of,things I mean the actual giving birth,part the tears and the fears and a,little 8 pound baby coming out of her,hoo-ha oh the joy of giving birth all,right so I can't really talk seeing that,I'm a guy but in a new clip from,Sunday's Robin China's baby special we,see what really went down just minutes,before China was gifted with her,brand-new daughter and she expressed her,biggest fears about what was about to go,down take a look I just want my baby to,be healthy have all her toes you having,a brief on her own don't worry look how,pretty you look all right where girl,although China's worries were totally,valid fast forward to a few hours and,one healthy baby later the fears and,tears quickly faded we were all lucky,enough to witness an overload of baby,spam via the couple's social media,accounts but China also reveals in,another clip that the baby overload is,due to not being able to publicize her,first pregnancy with Tyga's Sun King,this is so surreal to me if my first,pregnancy I didn't do an attorney sheet,I didn't have a baby shower acting too,high like your presidency is just not a,good feeling,so now with this baby it's really,important everybody that supported me,share this moment and the drama doesn't,stop there but are you really surprised,at this point things seem to have been,going all fine and dandy for over a,month into being proud parents but a,cryptic Instagram post via China's,social media may suggest otherwise just,yesterday the reality star posted a,screenshot of her phone's notepad with,the text saying quote I have some things,I want to get off my chest about how I,truly feel about Rob well China you've,definitely got our attention now the,message comes just two days after China,declared her love for Rob via a sweet,photo collage making us all think that,things were going smoothly until now she,also surprised Rob with a new Range,Rover just one night before the cryptic,post so girl has some splainin to do I,predict that it's all just for,promotions for season 2 of Rob and Chyna,but time will tell so I'll cover her,snapchat you guys take her Instagram and,in the meantime I want to hear all of,your thoughts on the newest clips from,Rob and Chyna down in the comment,section below also tune in on Sunday,night to see even more where that came,from after that you guys can quick right,here to check out 13 Disney shows that,totally ruled our childhood on a,brand-new episode of throwback thanks,for hanging here with me on clever news,I'm rounded Adams and happy Friday

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