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as you guys know i like to torture,myself in bitlife and make things a lot,harder than they have to be,did i have to try and get a billion,followers no but did i yes,well hello everyone it's tanya here and,welcome back to my channel,i have bangs now if you want to go see,the process of getting these bangs go,check out my second channel,right now go subscribe oh my god i feel,like back in the day when logan paul and,jake paul were like,what's up jake paulers this is a video i,had,been trying to complete for such a,long time and it was getting a billion,followers on social media and for the,longest time i had always attempted it,i'd always come,short of like 900 million or 800 million,700 million et cetera and i remember,when the social media came,out that was the first thing i thought,of oh my god like let me get a billion,however,could never do it until royalty update,basically because royalty update made it,so that you don't need any luck of going,viral,as a royal you gain millions of,followers every year and so,i had figured that out and then when i,finally sat down to film it,so many things went wrong i had editing,issues etc and then,all of a sudden a few weeks later i have,bangs and so i'm refilming this,because i have bangs now and if i went,and edited a video,where i didn't have bangs i would have,an identity crisis i wouldn't be able to,tell that that was me,therefore i feel like i'm washed out i,need to turn down my brightness i feel,like that looks better anyways i decided,to refilm this today so i redid it,because it's pretty easy now with,royalty update to get a billion,followers on social media i don't even,have a million,and sometimes i like to live vicariously,through bitlife so,um today i'm showing you guys how i got,1 billion social media followers,and there's no hacks nothing just,dedication and consistency,but before we get into it make sure you,guys go check out my social media and my,second channel everything is linked down,below,i also stream on twitch if you guys want,to check that out as well and yeah i'm,sure i probably put a clip of me,snipping my bangs so make sure you go,watch that on my second channel but yeah,before we get into it i want to give,today's post notification shout out to,lily drake,so thank you for turning on my,notifications with that being said i'm,showing you guys how i got 1 billion,followers in bitlife,billion billion as you guys know i like,to torture myself in bitlife and make,things a lot harder than they have to be,did i have to try and get a billion,followers no but did i yes,i feel like a whole new person with,bangs who am i i don't know i can make,people think i don't have a big forehead,okay so here is my player rosie,hayes so she is in fact the queen of,england,i'm pretty sure whatever country you're,from doesn't really make a difference,on how many followers you're gaining as,long as you're like the top,leader in every country like you're the,highest point of power it goes,rosie queen of england i'll show you,guys how i actually like did it i,obviously didn't want to show every,process because it's such a long tedious,process it took me so long here,are my social media followers i didn't,hit a billion yet because i want to hit,the last part with you guys,but we're going to actually add this up,here closing and reopening the app so as,you can see we have 158 million facebook,followers,297 million instagram followers 130,million tick tock followers 56 million,twitter followers twitter is always the,hardest one like you can never gain,followers on there and youtube,is pretty much the easiest one 344,million i didn't get that lucky with,youtube in this life because i know in,the past when the social media update,came out i actually got to like over 400,million,don't ask me how like i've never been,able to recreate that,so i have before gotten 400 million,subscribers on youtube in bitlife this,time i didn't but,i made it up in all the other ones we're,gonna do the math i'm gonna show you,guys exactly how many followers i'm at,right now by the way my girl rosie is,103 years old,okay so we have 158-472-016,on facebook plus 297.487.488,so that's already 455 million plus 130,9 10 0 6,4. 586 million total plus,56 463,zero plus finally three,four four zero nine three four,seven two so right now i am at,holy i am at 987 million,426 720,followers on bitlife insane and i wanted,to show,like the la the part of me actually,hitting a billion but i'm gonna wait to,do that i'm actually gonna take a,screenshot of this really,quickly and i'm gonna start a new life,and show you the actual process it took,to get there,and i am for the purpose gonna make,myself born in england just to show you,like the exact same way i did it before,so let's go to the united kingdom,and we are going to be born a prince,because the only way in bitlife to be,come king or queen is to actually be,born a prince or princess it won't work,if you marry into it,attributes i just pretty much made,eve

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bitlife going too FAR? - controversy on DOGLIFE and bitlife updates

bitlife going too FAR? - controversy on DOGLIFE and bitlife updates

welcome to the vybus channel on the,internets uh we are back again today on,the worst social media platform in,existence but that is a different,discussion yesterday i made videos on,this dog life announcement thing but,since then there have been some comments,and it's gotten a little weird so today,i'm just going to ask you is bitlife,going too far do you agree with what,they're saying in these comments or,literally anything just just comment for,the algos at least so this is the first,one that people are talking about this,first reply here from roy rogers,mcfreely says give us an update that we,actually want so no one wants to be a,dog so right off the bat we have to,analyze this first comment before we get,into the second one because y'all got to,understand what i'm thinking about each,of these comments so uh yeah he's right,uh give us another that we actually want,i would agree with that uh no one wants,to be a dog i would also agree with that,because i didn't really see that being,requested on any built life videos so i,agree with the general message of the,statement but the wording here and the,tone is 100,negative there really is no tact in this,comment whatsoever so i don't like this,comment overall the reply from bitlife,says that's funny because you're doing a,pretty good job of being a b word this,comment also lacks text and it doesn't,even respond to the general message of,that first comment which is basically,why aren't you updating things that we,actually want and asked for so this is a,pretty negative comment as well so both,of these i i can't really say supports,either all right before we move on to,like the next reply from bitlife i just,want to read this one right quick uh you,can tell only white men work at bitlife,because there's no way a black employee,could get away with saying this all,right let's ignore this reply right here,but i just want to say we i don't know,who's writing these tweets okay i i have,no clue we can only judge them by their,actions okay so to make an assumption on,someone's skin color based on a tweet,that they made is by definition racist,so yeah that comment is just ridiculous,and this one says this is just way too,unprofessional and i would agree with,that but like i said we're on twitter,like what do you expect nothing on here,is professional and it's not like,bitlife hasn't talked like this to their,fans before i mean this isn't this isn't,new okay jurassic fuller fan says who,cares it's funny i don't really think,it's funny and i don't think it's not,funny either but it's it's just weird i,don't i'm just reading these things guys,i don't really have an opinion on any of,this i'm just trying to have a good time,anyways moving on to a new little thread,here so this is a new game or an update,i want to know lol bitlife says it's an,new game that's terrible grammar from,bitlife going forward we're going to be,delivering all new built life games in,addition to our usual big updates to,bitlife itself okay see here is a good,interaction we get some info there's no,name calling but there is one funny,thing that i found in this comment they,use this phrase our usual big updates as,if they have usual big update yeah i,don't you guys get what i'm trying to,say but moving on let's find something,else funny i swear bitlife is now like,ea lol and bitlife says because we're,working on more types of bitlife games,we're like ea okay that is 100 a red,herring argument you know exactly what,they're trying to say and here we have,the first time i've ever seen someone,ratio bitlife look at this no because,you ignore your fan base and do whatever,you feel like now this is what i like to,see that is a logical comment if i've,ever seen one bitlife is a privately run,business so yes they can do whatever,they want but just like ea they can do,whatever they want but they'll also get,hate for it if they're literally not,listening to any of the fans adam says,so you can play as a dog yep any of 50,plus breeds which can be bred together,wow that's okay i i mean i'm not going,to say that i hate this dog life idea,it's just you know no one asks for it,and i'm hyped for i just want to play it,you know if it's good then i'm gonna be,happy then also if it's bad i'm gonna be,happy because people are gonna watch,this channel more because controversy,gets views as i say all the time on the,channel i'm just trying to vibe out here,let's find one more funny comments,nobody asked for this at all you didn't,ask for bitlife either but we gave it to,you and you love it that's what we do,this is what i mean by twitter is the,worst social media like there's just,pointless little interactions like this,that are just passive aggressive and,don't do anything for anybody it's just,here to waste your time and make you,think that your opinions matter well,here's something else from bitlife this,is a new game not an update we're,committed to delivering not just new,updates going forward but also new,bitlife gam

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I ruined the new Bitlife Stock Market update

I ruined the new Bitlife Stock Market update

hey there friends how's it going today we are  playing some bit life a new update came out  ,that'll finally let me live my childhood dream I  remember when I was a three-year-old and I begged  ,my parents to allow me to become a crypto bro well  now I can do it so first name Satoshi after the  ,people who invented Bitcoin or the person said  Toshi I am a jokey that's a great name okay as  ,pale as can be because he never leaves the house  why are you looking at me I just make fun of him  ,not me thank you I can't make his eyes dollar  signs that's disappointing all right well I  ,still made him terrifying we're ready to go oh my  God it looks like someone's threatening that baby  ,because it has his name Satoshi I'm a joki and  then the gun I actually gave him a specialty of  ,crime that's his special ability I don't think  we'll need it but I figured it would be handy  ,just in case you know I might get involved with  some casual fraud what is this new button you  ,can just pray now okay just have a little prayer  what the hell it came up that I'm suffering from  ,mumps and then I went to the doctor and he's like  no you don't you don't have anything you're fine  ,okay well I guess I'll just go on with my life  while playing in the neighborhood your friend  ,Samuel tells you to fake a fall on your neighbor's  driveway because then you can sue them for lots of  ,money what will you do that's a great idea  to start off in crypto I think to fall but  ,it only hurts a lot and I didn't get any money  damn I really thought that would work is there  ,any club for crypto in school it probably gets  sued what's closest to crypto then ah gambling  ,board games Club join the club what does this road  sign mean I'm trying to get my driver's license  ,um people asking for money ahead I'm definitely  taking a detour okay we're gonna have to find a  ,job now to get money to make more money with  that original money but I only need little  ,money because when I take little money and put  it in crypto I make big money and then I put big  ,money in I make huge money then I'm millionaire  that's my plan excellent I got a job as a porn  ,set janitor great I'll have a little pray make  your wish I can actually pick something well  ,of course it's wealth wait what I have to watch  an ad to pray okay I just became an atheist are  ,you sure you want to curse the bit like that yes  what okay this is abuse of power what just you  ,just took away all my assets and yeah I meant  that like as an ass and assets because I look  ,at my looks I got nothing to go with now that's  all I had in life my Bitcoin aspirations and my  ,ass I called the bitlife devs money grubbing  dingbat I mean look I play a lot of bit life  ,but he's kinda got a point like I was just trying  to pray and now Samuel has made you his enemy what  ,are you a bit life Dev or something Samuel I'm  depressed all right can I pray again then I'm  ,gonna curse them again I'm doubling down I drew  a picture of the bit life Debs and ripped it to  ,shreds while cursing them I felt like Satoshi  I'm a joke he was doing so well but now all of  ,a sudden he's 19 a porn said janitor and depressed  and my mother is constipated this just isn't fair  ,why does everything bad happen to I am a jokey  and now Garrett has unfriended me insult him one  ,last time you're just as bad as the bit life devs  oh great now I have welts on my body I've been  ,cursed I've broken out in the hives I'm just gonna  die aren't I okay well I have 10 grand from  ,cleaning up porn sets so I may as well oh wait  wait hold on my parents gifted me this piano I  ,can sell it and invest it in crypto yes take the  offer my parents are gonna be so pissed but Mom  ,piano coins gonna be the next big thing okay  it's time to take my ass set and invest them  ,well invest them okay so I'm gonna ask Mom just in  case what she thinks I've heard now is the time to  ,invest in stocks no Mom I'm investing in coins  all right crypto currency I really don't like  ,his parents what's Dad gonna say consumer sector  I don't even know what that means I'm investing  ,in crypto well it took my ass and I was like oh  maybe I should go into bum coin but but um I think  ,cake coin also works and what about some hump coin  I'm going all in on hump coin I'm buying 22 home  ,coins come on I'm suffering from anxiety I want  it I just put all my money into hump coin yes 16  ,return your enemy Samuel started a rumor that you  have a warrant out for your arrest on kidnapping  ,charges that's pretty extreme I'm gonna allow I'm  a jokey to start a rumor about him to see what he  ,comes up with you start a rumor that your enemy  is addicted to oh nose candy okay I thought you  ,were just gonna say candy I was like like that's  not a great comeback but yeah that's that's pretty  ,good yeah he has a serious drug problem oh great  I can finally boost my health a free Zumba class  ,yeah bounce it whoa look at that it was one inch  from Death a

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Living for 1000 Years in Bitlife

Living for 1000 Years in Bitlife

so I've always avoided play bit life on,Android and for a good reason,okay number one its weight behind,compared to the iPhone version I mean,really that's it okay I paid a lot of,money to get my iPad it was literally,basically just so I could play a bit,life on on the channel for you guys for,you scrubs out there hi by the way it's,so rude of me not to say hi and a lot of,you scrubs out there that have Android,phone only because not everyone can,afford a frickin iPhone you know I,totally get it I personally prefer,Android but unfortunately the bit life,that's on Android is just not not nearly,as good okay it's far it's behind in,updates and it apparently could have,some bugs so you'll see what I mean it,further out of this episode in bit,life's defense they were actually iOS,developers you know and then I guess,they hires the people that did Android,so they've been you know literally the,entire time catching up to the iPhone,version or the iOS version a bit life,and you know people don't understand,that so they get really really,frustrated apparently they did a,catch-up update on September 21st,Android bita since we're overhauling at,our development of our app to bring you,faster updates again a lot of people,been complaining about that so of course,they wanted to do that expect a lot more,content in the weeks ahead this is the,catch-up update number one then this is,the list of stuff they added apparently,adding this book the game entirely and,so for the first time I'm gonna be,playing the Android version because,apparently you can wait till like a,thousand years old the dog Oh master,tweeted me this today my bit life is,severely broken help,oh my God look at 1950 seven years old,that's old school right there I've,always wanted to know what happens when,you live it's a freaking like way pass,to what you're supposed to live I think,the most that you could do it before it,was broken was like 200 years old so,what's gonna happen where we live up to,a thousand if we can 340 for like oh my,god people will never reviews didn't,have a very good things to say about I,don't think my mom kept on Aging in,eighty to the point where she is,thirteen hundred years old she has a job,I can't make any money,now I love bit life and I love the,developers they've been super nice to me,I mean I'm even on the ads a bit life,which is like really crazy to me but but,you guys have to understand that,developing for Android and developing,for iPhones or iOS is probably a lot,different and I'm sure they're trying,their hardest I'm sure there's a small,team but yeah you just let's play this,okay it's not the game's fault it's it's,the bluestacks fault oh my god that's,lag the main you still others showing up,come on oh oh now it's doing you facts,of life your father sits you down east,ways that are two secrets to pit life,that you need to understand the cool,thing about the Android version is they,actually do add new things that the iOS,like this that's just a new update on,the iOS which I doubt it I don't think,I've ever seen anything quite like this,ISO this this stuff is completely new I,even even the font is like different so,like there are differences between the,two versions I feel like also that the,bit life on Android looks like more,crisp if that makes any sense I can't,stand that word crisp alright I hate,that word but like I don't know how to,explain it just looks better I guess on,the Android to me this is the birds and,the bees I know I don't get it your,father sighs he says you really need to,pay attention because your bit life,depends on it,maybe I just haven't seen this because,III have not new to the game maybe I,don't know this just keeps me I don't,get it oh you're just gonna keep saying,the same thing alright oh my god you're,right you're afraid clearance is how,sitting down to dine did dinner but the,food looks kind of disgusting what will,you do slip it to the dog alright I know,this kind of doesn't run the best so,it's running a little better now but I,just want to see how long will we,actually live I'm starting to realize I,could do anything if I set my mind to it,oh I can't wait to see what kind of cool,videos have been recorded on the,camcorder I found it my mom's underwear,drawer oh sweet to the water grocery,store a few friends one of them slightly,sips a snicker candy bar into her pocket,she doesn't even says it's the thigh,finger discount,are you guys know my story of stealing,from Walmart okay I actually never told,this story before but I accidentally,stole like a candy bar from,I store before I because I put it like I,had it in my hand and I don't know if,anyone's ever done this but I had the,candy part in my hand and I was walking,around the store for a while and I,decided like I was holding it for a,while without like thinking about it and,I decided okay I'm not gonna get,anything because I forgot I was holding,the candy bar I literally walked out of,the store and then I'm like I got a few,steps out I

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your husband has been kidnapped and is,being held for ransom,we're just gonna do nothing,hey lixie bears welcome back to my,channel if you're new here i post,sims and bitlife content almost every,single day of the week and today's no,different because today,we are back with a bit life challenge,now,this bit life challenge is kind of,similar to the wheel spin challenge i,did a lot of the same,types of options but i left it up to,twitter to decide my challenge,so the first question i asked was where,should we live and,majority of you guys said europe so that,is where we're going to be at i then,asked,for god mode settings and i gave a bunch,of percentages and,majority said that they should be set,from 100 to 80,so you are looking out for me appreciate,it i need to have a medical law or,dental degree,i have to own an exotic pet i need,20 children 20,children i have to get married five,times which is,super fun and i need a hundred million,dollars,i need to own a castle obviously to host,my 20 children and i can only use crime,because apparently you guys hate me,twitter doesn't apparently know that i,suck at,crime related stuff in bitlife i can't,do it i'm not,good at it i failed miserably at,escaping prison,so today is going to be interesting but,i purposely started filming this,at 11 42 a.m,because there is a high noon train,robbery option,so we're gonna be trying for that to,hopefully get us to,somewhere close to 100 million because,without that,i don't know how we're gonna do it so,we also have to have five kids and get a,medical degree,which makes this very interesting i'm,not sure how it's gonna be done,i might have to pause this challenge and,come back at 4 20 to see if we can get,more money that way for her life this is,probably gonna be the hardest challenge,i've ever attempted,because i absolutely hate the crime,i hate crime okay i'm gonna go to,germany because apparently,germany has free education so,hopefully that's true we're gonna leave,our name and appearance all the same,but we get to boost everything up to,somewhere between,80 and 90. so i'm just going to kind of,scroll up,wherever it lands is kind of where we're,keeping it so we have,our attributes all set leave our,appearance as it is our name is ida,which is kind of cute so let's go ahead,and start our life,we were a female we were,we have a single mom we don't know who,our dad is but this is our mom,she's a junior translator at swift,counseling so that's kind of cool,we're gonna need all the help we can get,why did i do female why did i do female,why did i do female because now i have,to have 20 kids as a female,i should have done a male i should have,done a male it's too late it's already,been decided,oh our mom just got married,um i i love the new six month update,thing,but we're not doing that for this,challenge no that's gonna take way too,long to get through this,um yeah we'll take loki of course ooh,tell my mom about our step dad i feel,like they're always evil,we become friends with her we're in,private school now perfect so we need to,study harder because we need,a medical degree or a law degree,should we be a lawyer like a crime,fighting lawyer,well we wouldn't fight crime we would be,the criminal oh we'll be best friends,how fun we should probably like take,spend time with our cat because loki,kind of hates us,low-key low-key kind of how the heck am,i going to get all this money,i can't even work and i don't want to do,crime now,because if i do crime now,my brain can't even process talking and,doing that at the same time,we've got glasses because if i get sent,to prison then i won't get into school,so,i am going to have to wait until,we get into password driving test and we,got a car,sweet let's sell it,we'll sell it for way more nobody wanted,to buy it that's unfortunate for me,all right let's apply for biology,apply to university free public,education see,i was smart doing that i was super smart,okay let's sell the car,good deal um and we need to study it,super duper hard because there's,absolutely no way,that this is going to work out i need to,get married so,1.2 million we'll go for 80 plus,he's got high money he's kind of ugly,his smarts are super low let's go on a,date with harry,okay if he's dying then we need to get,married this year we're pregnant with,his baby,surely he'll accept our marriage,proposal now i look at restaurant,accepted our marriage proposal there we,go,okay time for a wedding no honeymoon,because we can't afford it drive through,wedding trap we'll do it,3.8 million and oh my good god we have,3.8 million dollars we also have 10,girls,grandchildren one two three children,oh he died oh how unfortunate find his,funeral,let's cremate him uh we'll bury his,ashes and we inherited at 3.8 million,and we have a baby named tom so far so,good,let's go ahead and find another lover,dating app i,think that this is kind of criminal,marrying goldman 91 money's really high,he's got one child because two of them,have died an

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Saying YES to BitLife

Saying YES to BitLife

a retired judge asked him on a date even,though his last name is sweat sweaty,died hello friends today we are back in,the bit life world where I haven't been,in a while who's been a lot of good,updates and I'm ready today I'm gonna be,doing something special a challenge if,you will I watched my friend Lauren do,an episode of bit life where she said no,to everything and became a literal,walking zombie cool I thoroughly enjoyed,the experience and I want to do it too,but this time I'm gonna say yes to,everything,I'll have Lauren's video linked down,below please go check it out let's begin,so my name is Robin banks I was born in,Oklahoma City I was an accidental,pregnancy,my father is Matthew he's a retired,hairdresser he's 66 her mother's Carla,banks a flight attendant 36 and I have,an older sister named Betsy who's 12,she's much older than me we have a,family dog named Jax so I think I was,born a little later than they like ever,wanted to have kids I'm like a what you,call an oopsie,you know let's just do an agent up so,we're gonna say yes to everything,everything that happens we're gonna say,yes I have the flu can I go to the,doctor,no it's give me an option I'm gonna go,just so I don't die from the flu because,that would be extremely unfortunate hey,great well anytime your big sister Betsy,wants to take you fishing will you go,with her yes I will not that I would,have said no but we're saying yes no he,died at the age of nine after being,attacked by a lion what is going on in,Oklahoma City my big sister Betsy moved,out oh my god why do I looks and my,happiness so bad am i unhappy because of,my looks,oh that's relatable a bully ago this is,behind you in class has been cutting,bits of your hair off every day I guess,we have three options huh because we,could do all three of the things,so let's Duke it out we lunged at the,bully lacerated her foot and you ripped,her eyeball my big sister Betsy married,Benjamin Thompson a 24 year old mail,carrier how old is she what six but,she's so much older than me will you,join social media yes driving license,will you take your test,yes what does this road sign mean des,marker pull-up skirt now that you passed,your driving test your parents want,you a five year old green volkswagen,passat how do you say that I don't know,cars how will you react I will accept it,gratefully they bought me a car we got,money can I like ask you no I'm just,gonna jump in and ask for some money,that's what I'm talking about thanks dad,what about you mom thanks mom what about,you Betsey Betsey really came out here I,graduated whoop apply to university okay,what do we want to go into ah let's do,like nursing how will I pay for the,program ask my parents they agreed your,father passed away,dad no tendus funeral I graduated what,will you do now,Wow I guess there's two options I could,seek higher education I guess I'll seek,higher education sure nursing school,asked my mom to pay they're paying for,everything this is amazing graduated,let's look for a job okay so we went to,nursing school so I guess we can be a,nurse about this Oh baby we are nurse,they're doing pretty good okay our looks,are really bad can I take a minute to,try to help a girl out go to the gym,ringworm that's why I don't guard at the,gym marijuana's a prostitute offers you,some weed what will you do sure I have,to say yes you've been sent from your,position,what's your failing a drug test it was a,setup,I will insult my streets stay classy,cool I guess I'll try to find another,job where this one pays more dang it how,about this one,dang it how about this one dang it how,about this one dang it yes,we got another drop okay great I have,anxiety great and depression let's get,some plastic surgery it's not the answer,get Botox okay we're 31 we've never been,on a date we've never been on a date can,we go on a date please this guy you,rejected me new plan what if we went on,the dating app can I get someone with,like some money he's crazy but he's a,banker that's going Zeon,I am just so unhappy what can I do,can I go to the doctor go to a,psychiatrist,what is happening go to the gym again,and then after that let's go to the,salon that'll always make you feel,better go get your nails done get a man,oh okay a manicure and then ready to go,back to the spa we're gonna get,ourselves two extensions yeah that's fun,and my depression is gone maybe I should,buy,house I have a 23 year old car I should,probably get a new car let's get a brick,ranch-style house in great condition,let's apply for a mortgage beautiful no,more anxiety you change up your living,situation and things change,theone might be crazy but he might be,crazy for me lucious your supervisor at,compass Hospital is sponsoring a,team-building activity by taking the,team to watch a play will you go yes,look how happy I am can I just try to,gamble my money,I'll stand I hate you do it again,hit me suck on that we're gonna leave,the casino before I do something,dangerous ah he proposed acce

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bitlife part.2 (twitter is bad)

bitlife part.2 (twitter is bad)

um,holy crap,all right so,if you didn't see last video I said that,I was gonna do the influencer challenge,let's get started,foreign,foreign,no no not making that one,what,is,wait,and that's what you do,um that was uh,foreign,man,you can't buy any,oh this one's bad,um,yay,yay,foreign,foreign,that's,I mean I know Travis Scott and Steve,Carly not too much,I just heard of them before and also,Floyd Mayweather,foreign,yeah boy,no I'm just gonna go off that,foreign,just like I said,yay I got it,um,foreign,that's cool,my Twitter account is going to blow up,now I bet,hey I'm gonna return the insult read it,if you want but that I mean yeah,hmm,he means cat everyone,definitely he that he definitely means,cat,um,um,Tim Burton,um,no not insult them,about to get a million,I got a thousand dollars,it's not that much actually,we'll make the post,um,Facebook,celebrity,um I guess 50 Cent,whose life is only like that's different,troll,hmm,I think that's Karma you know I really,think that's,for doing that,um,try to bug that's called,that's stupid,why can't I prop it off of a book,stupid,I guess,no don't don't do that rude I just want,to control them,Hillary Clinton,um,wow,would it be called a former president I,think it would,like to my post,who's magic magician,oh there goes my Millie,post a uh gaming video,oh I got 800 dollars,what the freak was that,meme meme right now,oh come on,it's always heroic huh,um,go here,Instagram post to a million so,that is,Instagram the post,no I'm not gonna buy any I need,challenge video sure,boom a million followers on Instagram,now Tick Tock is the closest so that,hmm,on Twitter,I have no idea who any of these people,are,oh come on,I'm about to have 2 million on YouTube,that's good,social justice,foreign,likes,promoted,oh he he's uh he's the worst,it's a horse,motivation for people like that,probably gotta wait a year until I hit a,million,I was right,Instagram,flight is celebrity,Tim Burton because why not,why isn't there an option for Slim Jim,why why can't I post,I want to see if slim jim can,comment on my video,which they probably will,not food,speaker,I'm just gonna block them,I'm not depressed anymore,I know I got a perfect idea,don't do it,don't do it,can get someone else to,my mother gotta kill my mother so I can,get more money so I can be more famous,you know,cool I've changed it so I don't look,sauce,um,you mean King,foreign,and gotta get with Twitter more he,didn't even reach a million in 15,minutes,motivational quote,constipation,oh,no I'm not risking going to jail,good life,yes,right time to work on the Facebook video,oh I didn't this one this was harder,than I thought it was,Christian Bale,oh cool they followed me yeah,oh heck yeah,Facebook,um,Challenge video,I guess,how does Facebook work,I mean no not Facebook Twitter,and Instagram,I know Tick Tock and YouTube and,Facebook but not Twitter or is Instagram,have Facebook,what I see my dad and my mom doing stuff,on it again,no,social media,888 million dollars,family photo,I mean it's just me and my dad because,all my pets died,how old is my father,74. how old is am I oh yeah,39.,all right Twitter,um Tom Brady,I'm cool,40 years old nothing happened man my,life is falling apart in this game not,family post because it's just me and my,father,um come on,come on,foreign,get copyrighted when they said that,you got blue Lamborghini,foreign,crap,um,you should have done that you should not,have done that,disembowel,apologize,oh cool I got a billion dollars,Man YouTube and Instagram let's just,make a post,so I can,even,6 million,Twitter what are you doing,Jackie Chan who's that,I recognize his name though,I guess,come on uh give me a break give me a,break give me a break or stop it get,some help,yeah,it's not really good,um,crap I didn't mean to do that go fix it,I can't,maintenance on it now okay,bye Twitter please,I don't want to die because I did this,much work,um,I guess I won't,Twitter,you're stupid,oh that that kind that's kind of,is that trying to sound like Michael,Jackson,no not house flipper challenge what's,this,enjoying the life team,how do you do that,how do you do that,how how in the world did he do that,how do I do it how do I do it how do I,do it,I'm about to get 7 million,subscribers on YouTube,before I get a million followers on,Twitter,how how do you screw this up so badly,um well this kind of sounds like Giga,Chad so,reply she doesn't care,please,well through her,oh my God,um let's make a regular tweet,all of the memes,Jesus Christ,out of here,I can't do it,oh my God,Mark Zuckerberg,heck yeah,okay,make a post about that vlog,they don't care about the International,Space Station,God no one cares,I'm blocking you,I'm tempted to just delete it and then,try again see if this was a bug,down behind me some followers,foreign,just need a million more,God I don't care I don't I really don't,every year we're just going to pose for,you I'm about to get 10 million,subscribers on YouTube before I can get,two million followers on Tw

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hey everybody it's love in Newtown and,today I'm doing another draw my bit life,but this time I'm gonna try to get this,character famous we're off to a really,good start because xulima so far is,really really pretty right out of the,gate she's like the prettiest baby that,I've ever seen randomly-generated,just like her big sister though she's,not very smart so maybe we can work on,that or maybe she won't need it I start,eating her up and she gets sick almost,right away but luckily the doctors here,seem pretty good because they clear it,up with no problems,her parents produce another beautiful,but stupid little baby so now she has a,little brother named Rahul and they also,get her a dog named fluffy who looks,really cute in the icon and has very,very good stats,Salima seems to be getting prettier and,Dumber every single year which is a,little concerning she's getting,dangerously low on the smarts category,she only gets to a 14% on her smarts,before she is graduating from high,school she's only 14 years old so,apparently she could already go to,university I decided that considering we,just want to get her famous I don't,think she really needs to go though,unfortunately she's also too young to,get any like acting or modeling jobs yet,and she turns 15 her father tragically,passes away of cancer which is really,really bad for her happiness though she,needs a cute boy named mustapha Basara,and going out with him brings her,happiness back up to a 50% I mean to be,fair they are a very good match they're,both beautiful but dumb as a rock though,I do think that it's surprising her,happiness could bounce back in the same,year so quickly the very next year it's,time for her to take her driving test,and she manages to pass it with ease,which makes me think that maybe they,should make the questions harder if your,character is more stupid I feel like,that is actually like a good mechanic I,don't know while waiting for a job to,open up that can get her famous I,decided to make her an ice cream scooper,to make a little money and then the very,next year I'm looking through the jaws,and I see something that might just work,that's right she's gonna be a foot model,that's where you have to start off when,you're entering the modeling career so,she puts down her ice cream scoopers and,takes out her foot feet she takes out,her feet hopefully there's lots of,difference,socks and sandals companies that are,waiting for a good pair of feet to sell,them because she really needs to succeed,in this job in order to get promoted in,order to become famous you cannot become,a famous foot model you have to go all,the way through the ranks to eventually,a runway model which I believe is the,top choice I send her to the gym to make,sure that her feet are in shape and then,Mustafa dies at 20 because a bomb,detonates around him and it kills him,which is horrific it made me remember,that she's living in a war zone which is,really sad because we were just having a,fun time being a foot model and now the,boyfriend she's had since she was 15 is,dead she ends up meeting someone new,nadir who's five years older than her,and also very handsome but it only,cheers her up a certain degree she's,still extremely sad which is quite,understandable because who could have,predicted such a terrible thing,I decided she should just throw herself,into her work she's going through such a,hard time so I have her go to the salon,and work harder at her job hoping that,she can be promoted from a foot model I,also had her join social media because,that's a really important part of her,becoming famous though apparently she's,bad at it because she keeps getting zero,likes over and over which is yeah that's,not gonna help her get famous at all she,finally gets that hand promotion she was,looking for so her modeling portfolio is,expanding a bit and also dear proposes,to her which I decided to accept because,their relationship is really good she,must have been one heck of a hand model,because in only two years she manages to,be promoted again to catalog model which,is a really big deal because there's,only two more stages so she's getting,really close to the final stage at which,point she might become a supermodel,someone insults her mother which cannot,stand because this is the only parent,she has left she ends up losing an eye,to this Rando and the police don't even,catch her which really sucks as if that,doesn't mess with our modeling career,enough she's also pregnant right now,which is really interesting though I,guess there's a maternity section in,most cat,so maybe this will just open up new jobs,for her apparently she did great because,the very next year she is promoted to a,lingerie model and she has a son who I,named buckles he's a bit more,well-rounded than we were which is good,because with smarts as low as we had,it's been a struggle to even get it to,30% we vaccinate our boy and in a couple,years of self-improvement she gets to,runway model now this is the final s

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