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OUR FIRST WEDDING!!!Bingo Blitz decided to do something,really special they wanted to give,Bianca th


Updated on Jan 28,2023


Bingo Blitz decided to do something,really special they wanted to give,Bianca the wedding of her dreams,and they thought well,they thought right now okay right now,here in National joined by her son Alan,and her account manager Damien please be,upstanding for the beautiful bride be,open,oh wait it's questions time I'm gonna,interview you oh,why did you decide to get married,especially today and as a part of the,Bingo Blitz Cruise well today is Mark's,the actual thought fifth year of us,being together but with the Bingo butts,you guys are family to me too so why not,you guys join the party and we all be a,family together you know what I mean,what's up blitzes,we are so excited to have you all here,at this a little overwhelming I'm trying,not to cry because baby got my face on,blue blue you can't mess it up girl I'm,petrified because number one they don't,even know we're gonna be in front of,hundreds of people I'm like oh snap,my son is the reason why we're actually,together my son was like Mommy he's,perfect for you you know he's the,opposite he's fun and he was just like I,like her I like him for you so it was,his approval that made me say okay,we did promise you that there is a big,surprise in store this afternoon so we,have the lovely VIP Bingo Blitzer Bianca,and her fiance Reginald who have already,scheduled their marriage ceremony a,couple of times but each time something,has gone wrong and made it impossible to,hold the event Bingo Blitz decided to do,something really special they wanted to,give Bianca the wedding of her dreams,and they thought they thought,whereabouts and they said Nassau and,they thought when and they thought right,now okay right now here in Nassau it's,time to welcome Reginald Woody the groom,to the stage everybody giving up foreign,we have got some of the anchors family,on Zoom okay they will be able to give,us a wave okay,but I think it is time for the main,event joined by her son Alan and her,account manager Damien please be,upstanding for the beautiful bride,Bianca,foreign,Bulls to be a lawfully wedded wife I do,all right you dance Faithfully promise,in the presence of these witnesses to,take Reginald Woody to be a lawfully,wedded husband of course yes I do,by the power vested in me as a marriage,officer in the Commonwealth of the,Bahamas but now officially pronounce you,as husband and wife,all right,one two three,I feel to finally be married,how does it feel to finally be married,a beautiful bride it really was so fun,it was such a surprise and I don't know,I was thrilled to be there really when I,saw my dad,because I wish he was here but he was,still here you know what I mean it was,really good to see them I'm glad they,were part of the part of this this is,something big in my life

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TheShyPhoenix Plays Bingo Blitz ~ Part 1

TheShyPhoenix Plays Bingo Blitz ~ Part 1

y yo,sí,no,o no,y el laden,ay tony wang,be one,y sí,fiftyone,g-force y ser pospuestos ping ground,pero no,verdadero,bueno,rebbie,wow,pitt off,bou sexy sexy,hoy se vende,en fort y one,auster ni four,visser chin,petri,/ fort,itunes,/ five,y el orden,o se exhiban,gift y nine,hoy sexy one,gift y se ven,el sexto y five,enterate,austria,y fetiche,y five,ay haití pnh,en ford y four,en turín one,entrar y saben,gifford,before y nine,pichén,g-force y sex,auster ni one bingo,jim furyk,dice ti,bien,en trípoli,dice ti fire and over,2,y,amor,no,no creas,petri,actualidad,waiting el futuro,final,by night thing,dj,acción y sexy,/ ford,si fort y sex,en terminar,haití,jon jay,h,give it y sex,efe,i,/ archivó,y fortín,fifty,ah,y ford,cause brifor,g-force y se ven,auserd y work,el zúrich,en ferry,pitt 6,hay sexting,no existe,no sé si saben,i,no,give it is sexy,/ fort,y sexy,el futuro,beatriz,difícil,shifter,fiftyone,el sexto four,e,entre 6,hay sexting,give it in line,en zúrich,actual igual,city fire,gift y,2,igual,enter y fire,aus extintores,si fetiche o menos,el sexto,o sexy sexy,y,actualidad,sexualidad,jon jay,efe,hoy se está igual,rifai,round over,9,bissex,igual,el full y four,entrar y fire,quise ver,y fortín,gift y,diferente,o se vende,aus ex de fort,at one in four,o sexy saben,entrar y sexy,auxerre sorin,mazzoni,en ser igual,si fetiche o,cliff y nine,fifty,o se extrae,auserd y work,en teoría saben,y ford y seven,liberty four,hoy sexto y five niño,en haití,a juani,y yo,fitch,ahora,bien,por qué

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Michelle's SPOOKIEST Halloween Yet! | Bingo Blitz

Michelle's SPOOKIEST Halloween Yet! | Bingo Blitz

hey hi guys oh my gosh I just came home,from trick-or-treating just look at the,hall this year,uh hey dude you know what ghost don't,shower oh why because it dampens their,Spirit,you know why it goes through to stand up,why they just get food,oh my God I'm exhausted yeah it's cause,all the sugar,dude zip it I'm eating for two now God,and I'm not like that tired I'm just,like,foreign,stupid,oh my God yes I'm still being a champion,oh my God I can I can talk I can talk,yay I love the sound of my voice did I,just say that and I'm like not in a,weird way just in a like um where was I,I was about to announce the arrival of,bingo blitz's sepulchiest thing yet it's,coming soon so keep your eyes and ears,open and did you check out these awesome,decorations I mean you guys,I've made these amazing DIY videos just,for you guys so don't miss out if you,want to make these cute guys click here,if you want to make those link right,there and this,is right there believe me if I didn't,you can do it too come on click it click,it just click it

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Glitt3rVix3n Plays Bingo Blitz - Episode 4

Glitt3rVix3n Plays Bingo Blitz - Episode 4

donde mucha gente,revis,aitor y,gift y ford,fin,gift for y seven,en fort y one,hay sexting,víctor team,he visto,sí sí,jeff eastin i'm,en tory tree,hauché 20 y four,hay twenty three,difícil,en taiwán,en torito,igual,hay 36,twenty nine,en tories ix,event y five,austin,y,ay amigo,viteri,vigo six,brown de over,no,bueno,no,difícil,ay tuenti,hoy se ven títul,fifty six,torii line,a un six tiguan,de fortín,viteri,sí,jim shift y se den,hay twenty ford,live título,twenty one,hay 23,en tories,gift y ford,hoy se ven tiguan,víctor team,au six degrees,sí sí,i,el tory five,fifty,ah,hay sexting,nine,en fort y four,hayek team,round over,y,en juego,donde mucha observación,aun si este tri,eleven,el pot y file,y ford,hoy se ven títul,hay twenty seven,ay tú en ti tú,en thor y one,twenty three,de existir,twenty five,d'atri,si se ven,dyn nine,aun sixty nine,gift y ford,sí,hoy se ven five,hoy se ven ti,twenty nine,viste,en torito,hey fifty six,en fortitude,de fortín,bingo austin,bingo y sixty five,ay sixteen,ai twenty one,wolf,en tories y c's,en el foso,y,y,bueno,tenía muchas matemáticas,de esa forma,ahora,no,fifty,hoy se 22,en tories se ven,be eleven,ay seventeen,aun sixty nine,be one,hoy se ven ti,en thor y nine,y sixty,aitor y,ay ekin,y ford y él,hoy se ven títul,bill six,ay tú en ti tú,twenty three,hoy se 26,el mentor y fort,gift for y seven,en fort y one,de actitud,en tories y c's,en fort y four,si está duro,aun sixty triste,hay twenty seven,y ford,el round over,y,i,o no,feliz,yo,hay sexting,au sixty six,ay nine,aitor y,y tú,give the six,sixty files,outs se 23,y ford y él,d'atri,hay 36,difícil,en fort y tree,hay twenty ford,biden,l,aun si este tri,sixty 3,hoy sé institute,el mentor y fort,en tour y five,fifty five,y five,ay ekin,en fort y one,ausente four,bill él,before the night,en thor y nine,sixtyseven round,y,o no,ahora,9,hauché 20 four,y sixty,y ford,en thor y three,hay twenty three,james stein,si fort y six,y aún sigue igual,aun sixty 3,en taiwán,hey fifty six,al twenty five,en thor y one,a,e is,y tú,hoy se extiende,víctor team,hay sexting,jim city seven,fifty five,sixty four,au sixty six,hay twenty seven,hoy se ventila ground over,todos,bien

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Bingo Blitz - Sapporo Adventures #bingoblitz #huyphan

Bingo Blitz - Sapporo Adventures #bingoblitz #huyphan

hello,so,i seventeen,g47,g53,n37,and 42,g48,i21,g59,b11,i24,m36,oh 62,g46,oh 64.,b10,i19,bingo bingo,in 39.,i-25,round over

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Women Form Lifelong Friendship After Meeting In Bingo Blitz Chatroom

Women Form Lifelong Friendship After Meeting In Bingo Blitz Chatroom

you know cultivating lifelong,friendships is so incredibly important,having people who are there for you,through thick and thin and these,friendships can come about when you,least expect it and sometimes in the,most unexpected ways like my next guest,Bridget and Linda so welcome to you both,thank you for having us so Bridget how,did you and when to meet,well I used to live up in Connecticut,and I would play Bingo,with my friends and after a while I,moved to Alabama and I decided to look,up some Bingo ABS on online and,I found this app called Bingo Blitz and,it looked fun so I went and I joined it,and it had a chat in it where I met,Linda and Linda tell us a little more,about your friendship with Bridget well,my friendship with Bridget has been,really special and we found out we had a,lot in common including our love for,Bingo Blitz,and uh being thousands of miles apart,from one another we would have never met,if it hadn't been for the app okay so,how did you two finally meet in person,four years ago I moved to Florida,so she came to visit me and we had the,most wonderful visit I would have never,met her if it hadn't been Bingo Blitz,that is amazing yeah so how was it to,finally meet your friend after all that,time it was amazing it's so surreal yeah,I got out of my truck and I just started,crying as she was coming up running out,of the house so what do you like most,about the game I really love the chat,rooms it gives you the opportunity to,socialize while playing bingo online,which is really fun I also loved,Graphics especially the cute little,character blitzy,Bridget and I even took selfies with,blitzy when she came to visit well,that's so great look since you both love,the game why don't we just see who can,get Bingo first so if you're ready to,play let's just go grab your phones and,make sure you shout out Bingo whenever,you win what they're talking about is,that Bingo Blitz has a community with,over a million active Bingo Players,every single day,and the app offers the classic game of,bingo with additional features like,power ups and mini games it's got great,graphics which you can see and the game,is high action and it's packed with,Innovative features and mega prizes and,it has a unique chat room that allows,you to meet people from around the world,just like these two did make new friends,and you can also send gifts and,collection items to your friends to help,them progress in the game it really is a,lot of fun because there's something new,every day and there's so many levels you,don't ever get bored I'm watching to see,how you're doing,don't worry it's just National,Television which is,no fights between the two of you all,right nice job nice job and look for,being great Sports Bingo Blitz is giving,each of you an e-gift card for a hundred,dollars,thank you and for the rest of you try,the free to play social bingo game just,go to the app store or Google play and,download Bingo Blitz today and once you,do you'll get a special welcome bonus,and maybe you'll get a new lifelong,friend look I want to thank all of my,guests for being here today and thanks,to Bridget and Wenda for sharing your,friendship with us

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TheShyPhoenix Plays Bingo Blitz ~ Part 5

TheShyPhoenix Plays Bingo Blitz ~ Part 5

más,claro,martín,si frei,viteri,five,visualizar,y pisaban,aus ex timón,16,ah,efectividad,fort y nine,y,eidson y one,igual,a los éxitos,usted bribón,puse al depor,rifai,niño y fifty,y sexo,o no,ausentes text,no sé si tú,use este país,total,clifford,round over,y,pero no,y,no,feliz,no,actual y touring,toril,por ippon,standing,en por igual,e,pues existen,vicente sanz,en haití,a permitir,infiniti x,me puse al depor,knight,y twelve,su magnitud,16,al sexting,aus everyone,el tri tri,y city 3,hauché state,me interesaban,alto,por qué,five,ah,16,round over,pero no,y,no,for sex,y zinc,report,puse al depor,nuestra orina hay,en boliche,es una nissan,aus extinta,give it to live,y fortín,el sol y por,haití,hiciste,no sé si tú,before,vi five,víttori,al sexting,hauché stewart,por igual,con steve four,en haití,y forestal,round over,no,más,redil,no,estuvo mejor,miren,viteri,ay haití,en por five,aus stewart,pisaban,y yo,y poizner,wolf,el sporting,e,en teoría,av 666,sexuales,piscis,y difícil,extraordinaria,16,el tri,entrar y fort,es bonito,y ford age,16,o sea unity,use este país,round over,o no,no,hauché abrió one,unisex,y tren,y fortín,ay por el ay',o se han destruido,efectivo,binay,efe,hay sexting,3,en fury,standing,pitt,o se hable,y fortín,bonifaz,o sea united,de orizaba,al voley,e,fifty five,entro nítido,austin daye,con éxito,wolf,round over,ah,y

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TheShyPhoenix Plays Bingo Blitz ~ Part 2

TheShyPhoenix Plays Bingo Blitz ~ Part 2

bueno,the world,actúan y se ven,acción y ford,en forex,efe,fifty fire,auster nifaz,el aperitivo,/ fort,y auserd in one,y fortín,rifai,/ five,el ave,pitcher,y yo,a un sheriff o,o se vende,fifty,winfrey,austin ai,en 0 igual,o sexy sexy,y ford y sex,azul weiss pingo,6,si feet y se ven,y ford y nine,before,si furia,al final,actual igual,señor,round,bueno,ready,no,if it is sexy,y auserd igual,h,gift y,el jefe títere,o servicio,6,en haití,dice,vivaz,y fortín,y sexy,enter y sexy,de hecho ni se ven,jon jay,a terry,au sexy sexy,dj,axxion y five,adsuar y ford,el fortí,/ fort,efe,así,if this event,hay sexting,igual,el futurista,o se vende,al niño,round,y,sí,no no,reding,claro,en tories ix,el torito,víctor team,y desigual,physics,ay haití,en fortify,y yo,de circuito,aun sixtyseven,biden,sixty fire,twenty one,igual,aun si este tri,finlay 265,si se ven,jim city se den,hay sexting,i,en thor y one,el tri,hay tu inquietud,au sixty nine,gift y three,gift y ford,gifford,vengo gift for y se ven amigos,sin voz,fifty six,twenty ford,i,no no,ahora,ay haití,be eleven,twelve,y ford y six,y yo,de por ti tú,aitor y,hay sexting,en fortify,en thor y three,el tory four,dif título,before the night,twenty nine,en fort y four,hay 36,igual,sixty one,d'atri,hay twenty seven,ay tuenti,h 23,y ford,before yale,si se ven,hay 23 amigos,en fort y tree,en fort y,y six,sin él,au sixty nine,round over,ah,3,i,bueno,marilyn,claro,si four y six,hay en ti,en fort y one,au sixty six,y por ahí,hay twenty seven,ay seventeen,el g20 ford,nine,si este foro,twelve,el torito,hoy sixtina y,out sixty five,11 20 y one,hoy se 26,fortín,en fort y while,igual,fifty five,y listo,hay 36,tuenti,en fortitude,11 23 hoy se ven ti,antigua amigo bien,round over,no lo sé,2

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