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'This Week' Web Extra: Bill Kristol Answers Viewer Questions From Facebook, Twitterhi i'm benjamin b

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

'This Week' Web Extra: Bill Kristol Answers Viewer Questions From Facebook, Twitter

hi i'm benjamin bell of this week with,george stephanopoulos and i'm joined,today by bill crystal of the weekly,standard thanks bill for joining us this,morning happy to be here again and,because we believe all politics is,social at this week of course we're,going to put some of the questions that,you submitted on facebook to bill so the,first question comes from leslie jenkins,and she says what is wrong with being a,moderate republican i've been a reagan,republican all my life but i'm looking,for an alternative in the face of a,party that does not want to accept,moderate views,i don't think that's right i think most,look a party is a bunch of politicians,so,if,if the questioner has some republican,she's she likes better than others if,she likes chris christie or scott walker,or pete king or someone she should,support him uh the party is shaped by,who wins the primaries and there are a,lot of conservatives in the country i'm,one of them who are happy to have a,pretty strongly conservative party but,there are plenty of moderate republicans,mitt romney won the nomination in 2012,he wasn't the most conservative guy in,the field john mccain won in 2008 he,wasn't the most conservative guy in the,field so don't give up hope,uh the next question comes from sharon,delvecchio vecchioluba and she asks what,does he think is the most important,thing that the gop needs to do to get,its act together maybe a better,candidate in 2016,candidates matter in politics i don't,think mitt romney is a fine man but was,not a good presidential candidate i'd,say two things a good candidate proven,record of accomplishment um either a,more than one-term governor excuse me or,a senator or congressman who's really,shown legislative leadership,and secondly i would say a positive,conservative reform agenda you do need,to explain to people how you have an,agenda that will help solve the problems,they care about it can't just be,opposing uh the president's agenda and,obamacare and so forth i'm happy to,oppose those the next question comes,from bill borquin and he asks who will,be the republican nominee in 2016.,i could be a very rich man if i knew the,answer to that you could it's hard to,predict republicans typically nominate,the next in line the dole the mccain the,romney i can't believe that will happen,again i do think the party,post tea party post president obama who,upset the next in line in 2008 hillary,clinton post those two events i've got,to think there's more of an appetite,among in the republican party for a,younger candidate i think it'll be a,very big,fight for the nomination and i think,that's good i think that's good for too,long the republicans have tried to kind,of clear the field the establishment's,kind of mobilized behind one or two,candidates and then they end up with a,candidate who turns out not to be a,great general election candidate so let,christie and walker and cruz and rand,paul and paul ryan and many others bobby,jindal fight it out and uh let's see who,wins uh the next question comes from lt,atkinson and she says does he have a,better pick than sarah palin this time,but uh,so what do you you know to to that uh,viewer's question what do you think,about sarah palin's post 2008,career has she sort of stuck to the,track you thought she would has she,disappointed you because you were a big,supporter of hers initially right i was,for taking the gamble of putting around,the ticket i don't think it hurt the,ticket in 2008 i think in fact the best,two weeks of the mccain campaign against,obama 2008 were the two weeks after he,picked sarah pale and then she had a,little bit of a rough patch she was,mishandled i think by the mccain people,i think stepping down as governor of,alaska was a big problem people don't,like to see a candidate a governor or,you know absent some medical reason or,whatever just leave office early and she,had been a good governor incidentally of,alaska until then so um that i think is,something she has to recover from in,terms of being a serious leader in the,party she still has a lot of loyalty she,can still shape the debate she has a,great political touch i think the way,palin would possibly resurrect herself,if that's the right word or rehabilitate,herself i guess it's a better way funny,run for senate in alaska in 2014. i'm,not urging that i'm just saying if i,were,if i were her advisor i would say take,on the incumbent you have to win a,primary then you have to be an incumbent,democrat it's not easy but if she did,that suddenly if she can imagine that,you know sarah palin freshman senator,january 2015 in washington having beaten,an incumbent that would be pretty,interesting,and for the final viewer question comes,from karen webster and she says i wonder,what he thinks about what the gop has,managed to accomplish in in quotes uh so,quickly north carolina i think she's,referring to the tough um,voting law that sort of restricts uh,that cuts down early voting time by one,week eliminates same-day

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TIA&TW - Bill Kristol - Commentary on America, Pt. II of II

TIA&TW - Bill Kristol - Commentary on America, Pt. II of II

our guest on this is america in the,world is bill crystal a well-known,political commentator and advisor he's,the co-founder and an editor-at-large of,the political opinion and analysis,website the bulwark,previously he was co-founder and editor,of the weekly standard and,served as a senior staff member in both,the reagan and bush presidential,administrations,we began this conversation on last,week's program and this week we're,picking up where we left off as bill,answers a question i asked,about the 75 million people who voted,for donald trump in 2020. i very much,hold the conservative elites responsible,for this i think you've had many,instances in american history god knows,from world history populist movements,distasteful capitalizing on on on,grievances promoting conspiracy theories,very free and easy with the truth they,get millions tens of millions of,followers they usually kind of top out,though you know there's a limit on how,much they can do how much they can run,things so there's usually an,establishment that says at some point no,joe mccarthy very powerful for three,four years and then finally eisenhower,and others basically say you know no we,can't we just can't go on and then they,have an excuse to go ahead mccarthy,gives them an excuse as it were and they,had a weapon and they uh,they stop him same i'd say with a lot of,other instances in american history here,we've had a conservative elites who've,just never been willing to take any risk,of opposing saying this is too much,whereas in january 6 they said this is,too much on january 7th and a month,later they were justified well we need,to convict him he's out of office and,six months later they were saying well,we don't really get into any internal,fights with other republicans so,we don't really need to take this big,lie stuff on uh forthrightly and you,know if trump's the nominee i hope he,isn't but if he's the nominee in 2024,he's probably better than the,alternative how few of people have,followed liz cheney and saying no this,is unacceptable for me that's the,biggest,story isn't it really i mean that liz,cheney is alone,who would have predicted that i i if you,told me there'd be only 40 people in the,house with liz cheney i would say okay,that's unfortunate i wish there were 140,but you know i can sort of see that,after the last few years but that she's,alone that really,says a lot about where we are,2022 2024,is the question going to be,trump or democracy,i mean i i think it will be to some,degree it a lot depends on,whether trump runs and if he's the,nominee and so forth it also is going to,be because it always is about the,incumbent administration and the people,of power which is a democratic president,joe biden and a democratic congress,right now which is why those of us,who've been so,concerned about trump also have been,pretty concerned that or hopeful that,the byad administration would be,successful and unless because i mean,partly because it's good for the country,to have a successful administration and,parliament at this time in particular,one wants to get those wavering uh,people who thought well gee the,democrats are just you know were,persuaded by some of the rhetoric about,the democrats and let them see you know,what stock market's pretty high,unemployment's pretty low,made some mistakes on on the virus,probably in terms of testing it's a,couple in the boosters but you know i'm,not rolling them out fast enough and so,forth but we're not promoting them,enough but,mixed messaging but basically i,hopefully we're over that and mostly in,two three months people look up and say,okay i may not love the democrats i,might vote for a republican here for,mayor or something but you know it's not,the end of the world that the democrats,governing especially when you have a,trumpy republican party the democrats,need to do more to reach out to those,voters and the main way to reach out to,them is just to govern successfully and,i think ryden's done some good things,but i'm a little worried that you don't,see the kind of uh,don't don't entirely see an,administration that's on a path to sort,of a big success they they're not really,very good at messaging are they,they yeah the democrats i've got to say,now that i've worked with the last,couple of years and i haven't done much,of that for the proceeding 30 years yeah,they are i mean you really they're lousy,yeah could you guys just say i mean we,have literally 3.9,unemployment that was announced this,past week uh which i think is with the,normal i mean in our day you know zero,unemployment in effect was 4.0 percent,because there's always mature between,jobs right so i mean there's basically,no unemployment to speak up in the,country uh the stock market that's if,you're a worker your wages are going up,the stock market if you're an investor,is as high as it's ever been now there,are some problems with inflation supply,chain no one should deny any of those,but at the end of the day the fact that

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Tucker: My response to my 'friend' Bill Kristol

Tucker: My response to my 'friend' Bill Kristol

last night at the top of the show we,addressed the removal of civil war,monuments from public places around the,country we made the point that the,sudden outrage over Confederate icons,isn't entirely about slavery horrifying,as slavery is it's also part of a larger,effort on the left to discredit the,founders of this country and the beliefs,they enshrined in law once you believe,that any figure in history who once,owned slaves is inherently illegitimate,and should be erased it's hard to take,our founding documents very seriously,how can you accept a Bill of Rights when,it was written by slave owners well you,can't,which is why so many on the Left don't,and ignore the first and second,amendments among many others that was,the point we're trying to make you may,disagree with it but it didn't seem,crazy or mean-spirited here's the tweet,that bill kristol the former Weekly,Standard editor and Fox contributor sent,minutes later referring to our segment,last night quote they started by,rationalizing Trump they ended by,rationalizing slavery rationalizing,slavery that is not even close to what,we are saying by any interpretation what,an outrageous thing to say but it got,worse just minutes later Cristal,suggested somehow we were anti-semitic,too here's the second tweet quote next,Luther Voltaire and marks were,anti-jewish so why is it a big deal that,the marchers were chanting Jews will not,replace us end quote,okay that is libel but it's also really,stupid and yet Bill Kristol isn't stupid,I know that because I worked for Bill,Kristol for more than five years in the,1990s I knew him well he was a genuinely,smart guy he was a good boss - he was,humane and fair-minded he was the kind,of person I never would have imagined,would write something that nasty and,dishonest about an enemy much less an,old friend what happened well crystal,refused to explain himself today so we,can only guess at that part of the,explanation has to be the moment that,we're living in right now where hysteria,has supplanted rational debate where the,purpose of political argument is no,longer to explain your beliefs but to,highlight what a morally upstanding,person you are what a virtuous guy you,are usually by contrast with your,opponent who is by definition evil it's,childish obviously but for many people,it's pretty tempting even 64 year old,men with Harvard,degrees fall for it apparently but part,of the problem is also the medium twenty,years ago and Bill Kristol had something,to say he had a magazine to say it in he,talked through ideas with his friends,then he spent hours writing a piece that,expressed those ideas precisely there,was thinking involved in the process now,he just goes on Twitter he stays on,Twitter all day every day dashing off,little thoughts and impressions scoring,tiny little points against strangers in,cyberspace keeping obsessive track of,his likes and retweets at an age when he,could be playing with his grandchildren,crystal is glued to social media like a,slot machine junkie in Reno and after a,while of course that distorts you when,you disagree with someone it doesn't,occur to you to pick up the phone and,hash it out you tweet it hoping for,retweets it's depressing as hell crystal,isn't the only one who does this,obviously Washington is littered with,formerly impressive people who now just,shout and preen on social media but I,hate to see it with him I liked Bill,Kristol once and I thought he liked me,what a shame

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Longtime GOP Adviser Bill Kristol Speaks About Voting Accountability

Longtime GOP Adviser Bill Kristol Speaks About Voting Accountability

the field of candidates in this year's,midterm elections does include nearly,300 people who refuse to accept the 2020,presidential election results and in a,last-ditch attempt to keep those,candidates out of office a group of,Republicans is now shelling out some,pretty big money to get the attention of,Voters the Republican accountability,project launching a three million dollar,advertising campaign specifically,targeting candidates who deny President,Biden's win with the spots airing on,conservative news outlets,my name is Bart and I am a republican is,the election denial potentially,dangerous thing for the country and I,think absolutely politics is a you know,not everybody's going to agree with me,that's that's probably a good thing but,when you start talking about questioning,just the foundations of the election and,things like that that is taking things,to an entirely different level and and,that's a true threat to our democratic,system,now over the next week those kind of ads,will Air in Arizona Pennsylvania,Wisconsin and Ohio states that feature,several candidates on the ballot who,have claimed the results or claim that,the 2020 election was somehow stolen or,fraudulent those claims made without,evidence to discuss that ad strategy and,what impact you could handle the midterm,elections we're really lucky to be,joined by Bill Crystal chairman of the,board of Republican accountability,project bill I have read you and watched,you for a number of years during these,fascinating this fascinating era of,politics it's an honor to talk to you,this morning thanks for being with us,do you realistically have a sense that,people's minds can still be changed,regardless of what ad,comes on the TV as they're in their,living room isn't everyone already,picked a team and it's just a matter of,who has the better turnout next Tuesday,well at least some of that but look all,the polls show what six seven eight,percent undecided a lot of those,undecided voters are people who might,agree with the Republicans a little more,on some of the policy issues aren't,happy about inflation Etc but who are,worried about the trumpy Republican,party that's engaged in election denial,laying the groundwork possibly for,election as a subversion in 2024 and,that's who these ads speak to and you,showed one of them these are Republicans,or former Republicans you know when,voters see an ad from the Democratic,party okay Democrats want you to vote,for Democrats that's not a big deal but,if you're a swing voter if you're,someone who's voted Republican in the,past these ads are fellow Republicans or,fellow former Republicans speaking to,you and they're citizens of your state,so I we hope we think in 2020 these,kinds of advice would be pretty,effective we hope you are this time too,and listen for folks who may not know,you are a bona fide Republican and a,bona fide conservative but also a,hardcore never Trouble Never Trumper uh,and you've been extremely vocal of that,over the last few years I'm wondering if,that's a lonely place to be because,there are not many right now who do what,you do for one reason uh or another,well they're a bunch of us it's a nice,it's you know a happy it's a happy few,as they say right and so I think we,think we're doing the right thing and,again just to get back to the ads I,think this is one reason why these could,make a real difference this is not as I,say Democrats it's it's people and,they're not people like me these aren't,many of these people voted for Trump,once or twice or stayed more loyal,Republicans than I'd be able to frankly,in this jumpy Republican party so this,is an attempt to move that key two three,four percent of the electorate and make,a difference and not have election,deniers in key positions especially,Governors and Secretary of State's,offices in some of these key swing,States this is about democracy and what,these people say in these ads often is,something like look I don't agree with,the Democrats on lots of issues I've,almost ever voted Democrat against Liz,Jamie a fellow now fellow never Trumper,said the other day she wasn't sure she's,ever voted for a Democrat but in a state,like Arizona you got about Democratic,for governor and Secretary of State if,you care about the rule of law about,democracy so that's that's the message,here and when you look ahead to to next,week and as who just pointed out,hundreds of people who,believed the last election was stolen or,somehow fraudulent you have men with,guns on the back of trucks in Arizona a,federal judge who didn't have a problem,with that,are you worried at all about what next,Tuesday and the aftermath of the,midterms may bring and what that all,says about the political climate right,now,yes yes yes I'm very worried and I'm,actually worried that more people aren't,worried I hope I mean I think a lot of,State authorities are trying to take,precautions and do the right thing but,this is where the elections in Iowa is,so dangerous it's not like they o

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GOP still “Trump’s Party” says Republican strategist Bill Kristol | Planet America

GOP still “Trump’s Party” says Republican strategist Bill Kristol | Planet America

first of all bill crystal welcome back,to the program great to see you there,great to see you again,reportedly donald trump this weekend is,going to declare himself to be the,presumptive republican presidential,nominee for 2024.,uh mitt romney no friend of donald trump,says if he runs he gets the nomination,do you agree,it's a long way off and and politics has,a way of surprising one,but i do think the big story of the last,three months and here here in the us has,been that trump has not faded,uh you would have thought he might after,losing you would have thought he might,after january 6,and the assault on the capital and then,he was impeached for that,uh but it's amazing the the hold he,still has on about three quarters of the,republican party so,for now at least i'm afraid it's trump's,party what is making that,such an indelible uh hold still on on on,republicans is it simply down to 74 and,a bit million voters,or is it is there some kind of,willingness uh amongst those in power to,keep him at the top of the party,i mean some of both one can't discount,74 million voters,he they they did pretty well in the 2020,elections even even though the,trump lost they they picked up house,seats the senate's 50 50.,so if you're a republican you feel that,the trump years were kind of,rocky he's a little crazy you know it,was a little bit they could do without,some of the excitement but they don't,feel like a party,in retreat they feel like a party that's,poised to probably pick up the house,after,in the 2022 midterm elections with a,decent chance,to win the presidency back in 2024 maybe,they wouldn't most of them probably,wouldn't prefer trump himself but,someone who's a sort of slightly,kinder more disciplined uh version of,trump but,i i do think people like me who are,anti-trump and my friends and especially,the liberal media frankly,all kind of assume oh those republicans,they're in terrible disarray look at the,fights they're having,it doesn't feel that way to them they're,looking at the biden administration,figuring there'll be plenty of,opportunities to attack the biden,administration,they just need to kind of hold it,together and what that means for them,is of keeping trump and his supporters,on board,keeping trump's skeptical types kind of,on board by signaling that they're not,going to be,go quite as far as trump and just trying,to kind of hold the,hold that band together so there's been,no repudiation of trump for people like,me who were anti-trump that was the,thing we were,looking for and hoping for a clear,repudiation,of trump and trumpism and that hasn't,happened,the notion of trumpism uh is is,interesting the extent to which that,now exists whether trump runs or not and,that,uh kind of trump 2.0 are going to be,lining up in 2024 or,indeed in the primaries next year for,the for the midterms is,has the party fundamentally changed or,does it snap back if,if trump is uh you know indicted on tax,fraud or uh you know is in trouble in,fulton county or something,yeah i don't think it snaps back i think,it what some people thought it might,after november third,some people more people thought it might,after january 6.,the failure to snap back those two times,tells me it's pretty deeply embedded,the habits of trumpism if you want to,call them that the appeal of the,demagoguery the nativism,the uh you know playing on sort of,anxieties and resentments,against liberalism of all levels of all,kinds and,and exaggerating the threat from the,left and so forth that's now,pretty deep i think four years of trump,as president,hammering away at it has made it deeper,and an awful lot of politicians have,now you know uh followed that path to,victory in primaries and,some in general elections and so they're,sort of that's that's kind of their,brand you know it's not just trump's,brand anymore it's become much more,unfortunately from my point of view the,republican brand,is this a workable realignment for the,republican party the voters they are,appealing to,now and those that they have uh have,alienated,does it get you to majorities in in the,house does it get you to the presidency,again,i think medium long term it's a losing,hand because the republicans are betting,on,shrinking percentage of the electorate,but short term,you know they didn't do so badly in 2020,and if,biden makes some mistakes or just for,reasons beyond his control we get a,recession or something goes wrong in,foreign policy,it's not out of the question that trump,himself or trump 2.0,could win in 2024. i think there's too,much liberal overconfidence in a sense,having defeated trump in 2020 that,somehow,the whole thing is is untenable i i wish,it were,but i'm not so sure it is bill there is,of course a a scenario that democrats,are hoping for they know that midterms,for first-term presidents don't,necessarily work out too well but,they also know that once we're through,this pandemic,the economy could come roaring back in,in 2022 in a way that,could be very bad f

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Bill Kristol Continues Streak Of Being Wrong About Everything

Bill Kristol Continues Streak Of Being Wrong About Everything

bill kristol is gonna continue his,streak of being wrong about everything,here he goes on MSNBC to express this,delusional theory about Trump in the GOP,my new nickname for him is delusional,Bill Kristol so delusional bill take it,away and I think people start to look up,in November December January Republicans,and say well the election didn't work,out too well the second half of the,first term looks as chaotic maybe more,chaotic than the first half of the first,term especially some of the people who,are viewed as kind of guardrails on,Donald Trump start to leave and I think,at that point you do and then if he just,if they're a couple of bums the malla,report the economy doesn't you know it,doesn't stay as strong as it has been I,think you get real questioning going,forward about do we want to tie,ourselves to Donald Trump is one thing,in the first two years to sort of defend,trumpet what's the choice he's not going,anywhere you're up for reelection it's,too complicated to try to distance,yourself they think and so they don't,but going forward it's do you want to,read nominate him do you want him to,carry the banner of the party forward at,that point I think some of those who've,been putting up with Trump start to say,well wait a second I'm not sure this is,the way to go in 30 seconds or less do,you think a part of nikki Haley would be,receptive to meeting with Bill Kristol,and hearing you out I think she'd be,happy to have lunch but maybe just,coffee knocking out a full lunch you,know it did a very secret place in a,very dark basement somewhere there in,New York I'll let you recommend the,place to me Brian and well I'll see your,and I think people will look it we'll,have to raise the question do they want,to read accommodate Donald Trump in 2020,we'll see of course what happens and,over the next year but I personally try,to like lay the groundwork for a primary,challenge I don't know then the key ally,or someone else will pick up the mantle,but it's been done before and as I say I,think I think this election Tuesday will,be an important one where people start,looking forward after Tuesday and asking,do we want him do we want an additional,four years the Donald Trump defining the,Republican Party yes they do,I don't know why mainstream media gives,this crank a platform he's been wrong,about everything he's ever said,and he still give him a platform and,treated like it's a totally reasonable,idea that's totally practical and might,happen,bill kristol is out there saying well I,mean come on must be serious now do we,does do the Republicans really want to,hitch themselves to the Trump brand for,another four years is that what they,really want I mean come on obviously if,we run a primary against them the,primary win what planet do you live on,not only is our is the Republican Party,the party of Trump they're proudly,they're a part of the party a Trump dude,he's the one that's doing all these,rallies around the country packing the,place out, controlling the narrative this,idea that like are we sure that we want,to go in this direction is that are we,sure about that yes that ship has sailed,it sailed a long time ago it sailed in,2016 and it ain't coming back,son and in fact in many ways what's,hilarious is he actually agrees with the,policy vision of Donald Trump but he,just doesn't like to mean tweets and,it's like the mean tweets a part,and parcel of the brand that,run-of-the-mill Republicans absolutely,love because you know what they hate the,establishment even though Trump is,serving the establishment let's be clear,because he is doing that economically,and otherwise they love that he shits on,the establishment all day long and they,make Trump makes them feel empowered so,this idea of like Oh obviously we should,do a primary and do we really want to be,attached to his brand yes they do how do,you not see that god he's it's like no,amount of evidence gets into his ,thick head he's been wrong about,everything look at his predictions on,the Iraq war this guy's a war criminal,by the way you should be in prison but,the the other point is okay so he's,super delusional if he really thinks a,Republican primary would knock off Trump,I mean that is super delusional but he,might actually believe it and it looks,like he does but then the other thing is,this actually can be weaponized by the,Democrats to for their own ends here if,you can convince some establishment,Republican to run as an independent in,2020,Oh that'll help the Democrat and,massively let's say they throw and this,isn't going to happen but,just will use his name because this was,what they were considering last time,around MIT Romney Romney's gonna be a,senator from Utah so he's not gonna do,this again but let's say they threw out,Mitt Romney there in 2020 and had him,run as an independent and you had Donald,Trump as the Republican and whoever as,the Democrat irrelevant for the for the,purposes of this conversation,yes Mitt Romney ran establishment,Republi

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Ro Khanna Heaps Praise On Neocon Bill Kristol

Ro Khanna Heaps Praise On Neocon Bill Kristol

all right so um let's talk a little bit,about this thing that happened with ro,connor the other day now let me just say,up front everybody knows i like rokhana,i think he's one of the best congress,people that we have,um i think his voting record is one of,the best as well,every now and then he does something,that i really don't like but the,majority of the time he votes,the way i would vote if i was there so,this isn't an attempt to,besmirch anybody anybody or cancel,anybody or whatever,this is just to talk about what i think,is an important issue which is,free discourse open dialogue what's,reasonable what's not reasonable,and all that so ro khanna,did some sort of interview or,conversation or discussion with,uh with bill crystal and so let me go,ahead and show you,what he said about that bill crystal is,one of the most,thoughtful voices in defending,liberalism and democratic institutions,in our country learned a lot in our,conversation about shaping,also an inclusive narrative around,american patriotism,so,i uh saw that and my response was,he's a war criminal and i say that,because he's a war criminal,he was one of the top people at the,project for a new american century,which is a neocon think tank which were,effectively the architects of the iraq,war,i know who bill crystal is you know who,bill crystal is,he's got a long history his main issue,what he's made his main issue is,um regime change and imperialism and,spreading democracy around the world by,sometimes overthrowing democratic,countries iraq's not democratic to be,clear but overthrowing democratic,countries and putting into place,um us-backed puppet dictators that's who,bill crystal is,uh now the reason why all of a sudden,he's allowed in these liberal circles,is because he's also anti-trump what,people don't understand,is the reasons he doesn't like trump he,doesn't like trump because of,the lack of a filter and the potty mouth,and the inability to be polite and civil,the inability to put the veneer over the,grossness,of american empire that's why he doesn't,like trump he doesn't like trump because,every now and then trump used to say,i'll protect social security medicare,and i won't outsource your jobs,now by the way he did outsource your,jobs but he used to say these,pseudo-populous things and bill crystal,was offended and appalled by that,and he's offended and appalled when,trump used to pretend like he was in,favor of ending wars,that's why bill crystal didn't like,trump it had nothing to do with,you know real intelligent good reasons,to hate trump like the fact that he was,a servant of wall street he destroyed,the consumer financial protection bureau,um all of the things about trump,that you should have an issue with are,things that bill crystal actually liked,about trump,but since he's so critical against trump,and now he's on liberal networks all of,a sudden he's allowed in these liberal,circles,so i want to be clear about something my,issue,is not at all that ro khanna decided to,speak to bill crystal,or have a conversation or discussion or,a podcast with bill crystal,i'm of the opinion you should talk to,whoever you want to talk to,and don't talk to whoever you don't want,to talk to you do what you want it's a,free country,you do what you want and i'll support,your decision,on that front my issue is it is,not factual and not accurate,how he's being described he's not a,thoughtful voice in defending liberalism,and democratic institutions,he's a person who absolutely obliterated,a foreign country that did not attack us,he is partly responsible for the,destruction,of iraq a thought leader,in this illegal and offensive war,against a country that didn't attack us,which led to hundreds of thousands of,innocent civilians,being killed and torture happening,even the management of the war,post-overthrowing saddam was,incredibly destructive they fired,everybody who was a baathist,basically the entire government was,immediately let go which led to,increased tensions among,the sunni and shia in the region because,saddam was sunni and iraq,is barely but majority i think he's like,sixty percent shia sam was sunni,and they overthrew him they got rid of,all the baathists and then they brought,in,you know effectively a shia leader and,led to increased sectarian tensions and,the us is,greatly responsible for that so,everything about this guy he's not a,protector of democratic institutions,he's the exact opposite he's an,imperialist neoconservative thug a thug,that's what he is and so my issue is not,that rokana talked to him you're allowed,to talk to him my issue is,you're describing him as a thoughtful,voice in defending liberalism and,democratic institutions,in other words you are helping to,whitewash his record,and clean the iraqi blood off his hands,and,that in my opinion is unforgivable and,then,so bill crystal uh also tweeted,i'm back in the office after stimulating,lunch with rokhana and see he's tweeted,about it which is fine,but not with some o

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Bill Kristol Can't Stop Being Smug, Wrong & An Establishment Shill

Bill Kristol Can't Stop Being Smug, Wrong & An Establishment Shill

hey you want to know another here's the,thing that I always bothered me the,people who were right about the Iraq war,meaning we shouldn't have gone into it,people like Phil Donahue people like,that,you never see those guys on TV anymore,ever the guys who are wrong about it you,see on TV all the time the guys were,wrong about the Iraq war they just never,went away Bill Kristol is one of those,guys who's Bill Kristol he's this guy,that's Bill Kristol and look I just want,to show you some of the stuff he tweeted,out again this is more establishment,guys not getting understanding anything,about anything yet they can't keep him,off TV because he's rich so bill kristol,says I know we have to adjust to Trump,and to the populism and the vulgarity we,have to stop being out of touch we can't,go back etc etc etc for the record a few,things I believe to be as true today as,they were yesterday number one free,trade is good for the US and the world,just keep ignoring it just keep ignoring,it keep saying the same thing it doesn't,bad that that free trade is good number,two the world order of the past 70 years,has been good for us and the world,maintaining it will require more,leadership not less he meaning headon,wants to have more Wars that's what Bill,Kristol means by that and he doesn't,care if the people are former against,them we already have video about it,about him saying it doesn't matter if,the people are against the war you have,to do what's right but by the way Bill,Kristol is known on this show a smiley,McGill kill and by the way always me,being wrong means you never have to say,you're sorry for being for being wrong,and Bill Kristol has never gotten,anything right which is why he's such a,sought out TV pundit so his entire,career of political analysis discredits,itself and when Bill Kristol is not,grinning he has that look on his face,like my dog gives me when he left his, in the corner that's Bill Kristol,Afghanistan Iraq Russia Syria Libya,North Korea Iran name a country and,smiley Mikkel kill wants to go to war,with it,so and then he goes on and he says so,back to his tweet number three the war,in Iraq was right and necessary and we,won it what a closer man what he saved,that colt for last this is the guys that,these guys these guys gets listened to,we get the Morning Joe come on tell,everybody your great thoughts but you,could be drunk and be smarter than these,people,you could go on Morning Joe drunk and be,smarter than these about kidding that's,a diaper Billy because you couldn't be,wronger than this we won the Iraq war,look how we fixed all that stuff we won,the Iraq war or spent trillions of,dollars with nothing to show for it,nothing except more war trillions of,dollars hundreds of thousands of dead,people,weak ordered torture we did war crimes,an illegal war of aggression and we won,it what did we win what do we win in,Iraq we gave control of Iraq to Iran the,people we were really against this guy,and I'm done this you know how much I by,the way the Iraq war was was was right,by the way it was right and necessary,and we want it and by the way the earth,is 6,000 years old and climate change is,a hoax these are the people we did what,the Iraq war was right and it was we did,win it and that's why remember that,remember how right it was,remember how we want it remember how,right it was he must have seen that same,WMD proof that Rick Santorum had yeah he,was a Word document,yeah yes,so again this is just this isn't ten,years ago this isn't five minutes this,is right now these these are the guys,saying this stuff right now this this,guy and my way you can't turn off that,you can't turn on the TV without seeing,this guy please bill kristol come on and,be unbelievably wrong again but if they,stopped bringing on people cuz they were,wrong they no one would be going on,those shows because they're all wrong,they were all wrong and they're gonna,continue to be wrong and that's and you,wonder why people get their news from,YouTube

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