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New Beyonce Pictures LEAKED Twitter GOES CRAZY! (AGING BADLY)oh my god joe,said ain't suck they just


Updated on Jan 29,2023

New Beyonce Pictures LEAKED Twitter GOES CRAZY! (AGING BADLY)

oh my god joe,said ain't suck they just released some,new pictures of beyonce with no makeup,on people talking about she looking,crazy twitter went all the way in on,beyonce,i want to thank you all for tuning in to,jack's jaily,where you get your daily news from your,boy,oh no doubt shaboo before we get all up,into this news,i'ma need y'all to hit that like button,subscribe to the channel,also hit that notification button don't,forget to show me some love because,all i ever do is show y'all some blood,do you understand man,i don't think j ju but we need to start,supporting black businesses,and ain't nobody gonna do for us except,for us so check out these leo t-shirts,and these ronin maskers,you know it's the right thing to do but,let's go ahead and get back into this,news,yeah yeah oh yeah oh my god,joe it says new pics of makeup free,beyonce,leak twitter says b is aging badly,oh my god,why is everybody hating on yonsec y'all,act like she wasn't with destiny's child,in the early 90s,all of her beehive fans y'all super,grimy,she not gonna stay young forever y'all,i'm just saying,beyonce is up there in age she looking,like auntie yancey but that's,okay she got about four kids she been,married forever,what do you all want her to jump i mean,oh my god,ja ja zhao it says beyonce and her,family,are currently enjoying time in the,hamptons and living the luxurious life,and the paparazzi managed to snap a few,pics of the carters on monday,ugh she looks stunned that's not cool,don't say that about beyonce,booboo she need to close her leg she's a,grown woman y'all leave her alone i mean,oh my god jaja joe let's be real y'all,aren't you b look better than a whole,lot of people that's her age,you got people out here that's 40 years,old looking like they 60 years old,you got people out here that's 60 years,old looking better than people that's 40,years old,so if you ask me beyonce is okay with me,i mean,oh my god john joe it says in the last,picture,beyonce face looks different she's still,absolutely gorgeous but she turns 39,years old in a few days,she looks like somebody's grandma that's,if you believe beyonce's been telling,the truth about her,age all these years oh my god,jedi joke the shade is phenomenal,why they be doing her like jazz,because she'd be lying about everything,people didn't want to believe her when,she said that she was pregnant,because her belly folded like a taco i,mean,oh my god and john john,we think beyonce looks great giving her,age and the fact that she's an,active mom of three children,unfortunately,the folks on twitter aren't being kind,to bae,shortly after the picks leak this is,what they're saying about the queen,many on the social media platform as,saying,that beyonce is not aging well as they,expected,beyonce was actually trending on twitter,this morning,after the pictures leaked online oh my,god,y'all gonna have to let me know how,y'all feel about this in the comment,section don't forget to subscribe and,hit that like button also hit that,notification button,leave a comment in the comment section,no jigging see,beyonce you still look good to me it's a,whole lot of haters out there baby,you can't do nothing about that keep on,living your best,life stop eating all that chicken with,that rhyme,but before we go i gotta let y'all know,that i got that cashier jollazone jean,blaz,hit me with a big donation i'mma give,you an even,bigger shout out on the next video you,know it's um,time to go yeah here we go,come on

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Beyonce!? They tried to Cancel.... Beyonce??!! | Black Twitter 46

Beyonce!? They tried to Cancel.... Beyonce??!! | Black Twitter 46

welcome to another edition of black,twitter the best series on the internet,these are the most entertaining posts,from the past couple of days on social,media and don't mind the outfit change,i'm just curating the most entertainment,for you guys and i feel like i had to do,a little bit more but let's get to it so,beyonce beyonce they trying to cancel,beyonce of all people man do they have,no shame,do they not have any shame so check me,out right here what's going on her apple,recently came out the renaissance out,and because she used the word spazz,they want her to take it out,and she's saying okay cool i'm gonna,take it out our team elise is saying,we're gonna remove that word from the,song now if you guys did not know which,i recently found out a couple months ago,or maybe a month ago because of a,situation with lizzo we're going to go,over that but the word spas s-p-a-z is a,derogatory term for abblius i think i'm,saying the right way oblivious ableist,correct me if i'm wrong or say one or,two i don't i don't know i think i'm,saying the right way but it's for people,that have issues with walking in,wheelchairs have a chronic spasms,i think it's really much more of a slur,in the uk but over here in america,especially with african-american,vernacular,spas just simply means a while out go,crazy and i also think that is in the,dictionary that that's what's past me,while i go crazy so right here flu's,physical or emotional control so when,someone loses emotion control they may,do something that's wild so this,situation right here bothers me you know,i'm straight upset i don't think beyonce,should change these lyrics because one,it's in the dictionary,and two does intent never matter,but um this is what this young lady,right here says she said so beyonce used,to wear spazz and a new song heated it,feels like a slap in the face to me and,the disabled community and the progress,you tried to make with lizzo guess i'll,just keep telling the whole industry to,do better until ableist slurs disappear,from music no,lizzo went and said she took it back she,removed it in her situation that's what,it referred to she took it off her song,even charlemagne got on the breakfast,club said lizzo i don't think you should,have did that because that word is in a,dictionary and i agree no,no,come on you can't police things that way,i understand that you're offended but,you can't go out your way to be offended,to just remove logic just to be offended,because elijah says that this word has,multiple meanings,you feel me if someone just says oh man,you you don't wet your back that's not a,freaking slur,oh man my bad my back is wet,somebody gonna get offended me saying,that no it's not a slur,i'm just using normal language but you,have to go out your way to be offended,by that but if someone with purpose or,trying to offend someone by saying wet,back then i get that i get as offensive,but i guess some people may say people,are using as a term of enduring,their men so why can't people say ,it's not the same thing reason being,because in the dictionary,you know what says,offensive, just take defensive straight up,two sometimes offensive,used by some black people to refer to,themselves or to another black person in,a neutral way so don't try to come and,say spazz is the same as no no no,no no no no no,but beyonce's team said even though they,didn't mean to offend anyone they would,still go ahead and change it i don't,agree with that because that sets a very,dangerous precedence with her being so,powerful i don't like that,that's why roxanna's pale for standing,how you staying i don't like beyonce,doing that because beyonce is a flex on,her ass,but it is what it is let me know what,you think in the comment section below,but i'ma go ahead and move on to the,next story though,let's get to the laughs let's get to the,funny stuff if you guys haven't seen,black twitter's before it's mixed with,some news and some funny let's get to it,definitely you gotta have a girl like me,my she gotta have her nails done,i don't play that i don't play that i do,not play that hold on yo,yeah you should dirty but he had ,though so it really doesn't yeah i'm a, it don't matter like baby don't,come around me if your hair ain't done,oh,don't,hate,that stop,why would i with you if you can't,even do that oh god that's the simplest,thing why would i with you you,can't do it,you got an extra change so i can get,arizona,what,after me and the first thing i look at,in a bro i look at her teeth she,can't be missing no,teeth bro what you're gonna have a ,for real,hey man you gotta have everything good,point at least have what you asking for,man next dorito,oh,look at her bro oh she getting it,auntie what you got going on,what you got going on man check this out,right here bro help me i'm stuck,i need help,stop bro help me i'm stuck,i need help what's the problem what's,the problem here,yeah but what are you looking for inside,there's nothing there we're on the,fourth floor

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White Twitter Calls For Boycott Of Disney Over Beyonce's #BlackIsKing Album Premiere

White Twitter Calls For Boycott Of Disney Over Beyonce's #BlackIsKing Album Premiere

so,beyonce released her project black is,king,on disney plus and this had been,announced,a while back i heard i believe sometime,either earlier this year or late last,year,that beyonce was going to be dropping an,audio visual,album she chose to title it black is,king and she chose to debut it on disney,plus and it debuted this morning,so i get on twitter and people of no,color,are acting the way that they typically,act when they see something that has,black in the title or when they see,any semblance of black empowerment or,a black artist celebrating blackness and,so i want to talk about,this response and i always do these,responses and show people,how people of no color are responding so,you'll understand their mentality and,why,this system isn't changing see because,we tend to think it's only a handful of,them who,are a vocal minority of people who have,this,racist mentality and this mentality,where,they want to maintain systemic,oppression but the reality of it is is,the majority of them have a vested,interest in this society being,maintained the way that it is,and in order for society to continue the,way that it,is for them to get their quote-unquote,privilege off of your disenfranchisement,two things need to happen number one the,denial of the system needs to happen,and number two there needs to be no,black empowerment,keep in mind that black empowerment and,white supremacy cannot coexist,because they actually need black people,to buy into the notion,that whiteness is better and by and,large black people have bought into the,notion that whiteness is better it,doesn't matter how much they consciously,say that they don't,the way that black people move and,operate the values,the norms that we abide by shows that we,believe that number one whiteness is,better,and number two that the natural order of,things is for whiteness to dominate,blackness rather than the reverse and so,based on beyonce being a highly,influential very big celebrity,one of her magnitude simply putting a,title of her,audio visual album as black as king,that is going to ruffle the feathers of,people of no color based on their,psychology and their vested,interest in black disempowerment but,before i go over some of these tweets,and,some screenshots from youtube because,the trailer is on youtube disney plus,posted something onto twitter notifying,the public that it was available on,disney plus,if you guys don't have a subscription to,disney plus is 6.99 for the subscription,i'm not sure,if they're actually charging more to see,beyonce's audio visual album but,i haven't seen it yet i have seen the,trailer and i've seen a clip,of it on twitter if you guys want me to,watch it and review it,i will absolutely do that i may watch it,anyway,skincare is very important so if you're,looking for products that are safe,natural and effective go to, this is a black,owned business where you can find,all natural handmade lotions body,butters,sugar scrubs bath bombs and more,go to because,handmade,is the best made but from what i've seen,there's a lot of traditional african,spirituality in there,there's a lot of black people in there,however we have to look at the fact and,this is what i was going to say before i,get into it,we have to look at the fact that this is,beyonce and she's releasing this on,disney plus,now we can go into disney's history of,racism if we want to,but the reality of it is is that beyonce,and jay-z,combined they have an a net worth of,income,nearing two billion dollars okay so it,raves the question to me of,why someone who has the means to release,this on their own,would release this on disney plus so,that's my thing when we look at black,empowerment we have to understand what,empowerment,is and one of the biggest indicators of,empowerment,is ownership for your group now we can,sit here and act as if we're all one,people and that we're united as one,people,but the reality is is you have a bunch,of different groups of people who have,self-identified as different races,and they have different economies and,different nations within a nation,and we all know that within this nation,this is a nation that is dominated by,people of color,who have got their dominance and wealth,and power off of oppression of black,people,so it is very important for a group of,people who have the history of,oppression within this country that we,have,to engage in self-ownership so we can't,look at this as fully black,empowered because beyonce is not,releasing this on her,own disney a historically and presently,racist company to a lot of people is,distributing,beyonce's audio visual album so how,empowering is that for a woman who,clearly has the means,to start her own and release this on her,own,to be helping this company make money,off of the black people that it,historically refused to even employ so,we have to look at it from that angle,beyonce has the means to release this on,her own just based off her name,i

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Diane Warren Apologizes To Beyonce After Shady Tweet

Diane Warren Apologizes To Beyonce After Shady Tweet

beyonce's seven studio album renaissance,has finally arrived and the beehive is,buzzing but singer khalis is really,unhappy about the use of one of her,songs on the album so much so that she,called the actions thievery yeah after,the album leaked ahead of its release,police caught wind of the interpolated,use of her 2003 song milkshake on beast,track energy and in a video shared on,instagram police shared a frustration,the reality is okay is that my real beef,is not only with beyonce because at the,end of the day she sampled a record,she's copied me before she's done,something before so many other artists,it's fine i don't care about that the,issue is is that not only do are we,female artists okay black female artists,in an industry that we there's not that,many of us right we've met each other we,know each other we have mutual friends,it's not hard she can contact right ash,nico who's what 20 she's a young white,girl she reached out when she freaking,like it's just common decency right it's,common decency especially because,because as so many of you pointed out as,though i don't know but let me help you,okay,i know what i own and what i don't know,i also know the lies that were told i,also know the things that were stolen,publishing was stolen people were,swindled out of rights it happens all,the time especially back then so it's,not about me being mad about beyonce,everyone's like a sheryl sheep,and i'm talking to the people who are,obsessed and blind just like,like it's so dumb it's so ignorant it's,so ignorant she's one issue because it,was stupid and disrespectful and she,should have at least reached out but the,real issue is the fact that the people,like pharrell and like chad who chad,really is like an amoeba and just he's,spineless it's a miracle he can keep his,neck up but pharrell knows better this,is a direct hit at me he does this stuff,all the time it's very petty very very,very and the reality is that it's,frustrating i have the right to be,frustrated why because no one had the,human decency to call and be like yo,hey would like to use your record which,by the way the reason i'm annoyed is,because i know it was on purpose this is,not like some oh they were in the studio,and no no this was an on purpose direct,hit which is very passive aggressive,it's very petty it's very stupid and i'm,gonna say what i have to say i don't,mince my words,okay so after the official release of,energy khalees doubled down on her,statement in another instagram video,the reality is okay and i said what i,said so still all facts okay but the,reality is that this is more about the,fact that like there's a lot of,hypocrisy and there's a lot of nonsense,so we've got pharrell who did a video uh,sorry an interview,i think last year talking about artists,rights and how people should be able to,rework their deals and artists should be,getting credit for what they've done and,all this stuff where in reality when i,was signed to him i had the same manager,that he had and he has writing credits,on my records okay all my singles,coincidentally and he ever wrote a song,a lyric a day in his life okay and so,yeah that's a problem number two we've,got beyonce who like i said,out of human decency and artistry and,female just all of the stuff she sings,about all its empowerment and stuff i,don't talk about it i am about it okay,so the reality is all of this female,empowerment it only counts if you really,do it if you're really living it and,walking the walk don't just talk the,talk it's real cute and fun to sing all,these girls songs like come on now let's,be real all right and then thirdly,you want to talk about pharrell time oh,cause i'm happy i'd be happy too if i,was stealing all kinds of folks,publishing and writes to songs and all,kinds of stuff,i actually really really wouldn't be,happy because it's evil,i i don't know,i'm just going to pick my mouth up here,and speaking of writing credits,legendary songwriter diane warren is,feeling the heat from beyonce fans after,they interpreted some of her recent,tweets a shading the new album yeah so,diane kicked off a firestorm of tweets,by saying quote how can there be 24,writers on a song the remark was largely,seen as a disc towards beyonce's song,alien superstar which credits over 20,writers okay so diane responded to her,tweet writing this this isn't meant as,shade i'm just curious and a little less,than an hour later diane responded to,her tweet with,okay it's probably samples that add up,the amount of writers yeah the dream on,twitter responded to diane's comments,saying quote,you mean how does our black culture have,so many writers well it started because,we couldn't afford certain things,starting out so we started sampling and,it became an art form a major part of,the black culture hip-hop in america had,that error not happened who knows you,good,yep diane then responded to the critique,saying quote i didn't mean that as an,attack or as disrespect i didn't know,this thank you f

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My Mom, Beyonce, & Twitter!

My Mom, Beyonce, & Twitter!

hey it's me Marlene here's their social,media tip video for this week I had,something kind of funny happened to you,recently that I thought I need to share,this there's a social media chip in here,somewhere last week Beyonce came to town,the queen bee was in Edmonton so of,course I was tweeting about it and,talking to other people in Edmonton that,were so excited for the concert it was,very rainy and very cold so one of the,things going on in Twitter was is this,show gonna happen will the show go on so,there's all this conversation happening,and while i was in this twitter,conversation my mom texted me and it,said so of course I thought this was,hilarious i posted on my Facebook and my,Twitter and a few hours later I came,back to twitter to find that this is,almost the highest reach I've ever,gotten on Twitter let's go to Twitter,i'll show you how you actually find your,Twitter analytics if you go into your,Twitter you can actually see the,analytics under every individual pause,this is my page right now so yeah,there's a lot of beyonce conversation,going on of course you can use gifts,which are hilarious use gifts and,Twitter as much as you can to get their,awesome and so here's this post using,the hashtags that were relevant hashtag,Beyonce hashtag egg w X which is the,head shake for Edmonton weather hashtag,egg a shaker abington and I tagged,formation world tour beyonce's tour,Twitter account so when you're looking,at the tweet there's the reply button,I'm not going to reply to myself,conversation with me and the retweet,button the like button so this this post,so far has 112 likes and then this one,is the button you click for tweet,activity so when you click on tweet,activity it'll pop up and it'll show you,this whole box here here's the tweet,that we posted here's where you can,promote it I don't need to but just in,case you didn't want to promote a tweet,that's where you will go to find it,total impressions I posted this two days,ago and it has seventeen thousand nine,hundred for impressions that's that,means how many people have seen it total,engagements 1754 that's a man people,that,have clicked on it liked it retweeted it,replied to it some people did start,conversations with me because it even if,it was just to say ha that's so funny,your mom's hilarious yeah I know so far,has 112 likes 93 profile clicks that,means that 93 people came to my twitter,account because of seeing this post and,so far 35 retweets good job mom I sent a,screenshot of this to my mom and she's,like she's over the moon she thinks,she's famous so use this to give you,some ideas for how else you can generate,your social media content for example,use current events you don't say concert,another event in your city holiday,things like that something that's in the,news something that's relevant and,what's going on right now and already,has a buzz to it just get involved in it,have a guest contributor in this case,the guest contributor was,unintentionally my mom but it was funny,she did a good job I just tweeted,something that she said and ended up,getting a lot of a lot of reaction and,lastly use jokes maybe it has nothing to,do with your business or products or,services but hey we all love a good,laugh and if all else fails ask your,mother because Mother's know everything,so they have good advice

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Beyonce & Jay-Z Called Out On Twitter For "Problematic" Posing In Tiffany & Co. Diamond Ad

Beyonce & Jay-Z Called Out On Twitter For "Problematic" Posing In Tiffany & Co. Diamond Ad

morning everybody it's dj envy angela,yee charlemagne the guy we are the,breakfast club,now uh if you just joined us angela you,reported something about hove and,beyonce in the rumors you want to break,it down you easy yes jay-z and beyonce,they are doing an ad campaign with,tiffany the famed jewelers and in this,ad we see that beyonce is wearing the 30,million dollar tiffany yellow diamond,necklace that's a stone that only four,other women have worn before at all,period i think they acquired that stone,they said back in like,1877 or something like that so it's,worth 30 million dollars but people were,upset why,i i don't know they they were mad they,said jay-z behind his basket paintings,which is his paintings it's his painting,i bought it it's in my house they said,that's not what basquiat would've look,wanted then they said that well i don't,know that it's jay-z's painting i think,it's tiffany's painting,i don't know whose painting it is yeah,they said they had acquired it which had,been in the possession of a private,collector since the early 80s but either,even still regardless of whose painting,it is it's my painting,why are you upset that you didn't see my,painting that i paid for you i got a lot,of paintings in my house do i have to,put them on instagram for y'all to see,no,no,what are we talking about no you can't,see none of them also um they were mad,about the blood diamonds they said that,uh tiffany be messing with blood,diamonds but allegedly i googled on,tiffany's website they say otherwise did,y'all read that yep i seen that,shouldn't we put that out there for the,people we did,let me read it again real quick it's,just real quick it just says,uh what did this say damn i didn't lost,oh it said we have taken rigorous steps,to assure that conflict diamonds do not,enter our inventory as global leaders in,sustainable luxury tiffany a company is,committed to sourcing natural and,precious materials in an ethical and,sustainable manner so where did the,where did that that story even come from,and tiffany by the way is donating two,million dollars to our scholarship and,internship programs for hbcus oh no i,mean that's good i feel like it should,be more but that's good i mean listen i,know and by the way i'm only saying this,should be more with no knowledge of what,they working with money well we don't,know i don't know and also they you know,people say that hov is trying to take,basketball style he's definitely doing,that the hare miami-dade county dudes,and basquiat that's what jay-z gets his,head styled from but that's neither here,nor there the one thing i fundamentally,disagree with is something we discussed,last hour where they said that you,should elevate luxury black brands i,could have sworn beyonce and jay-z do,that quite often and i could have sworn,just a couple weeks ago didn't beyonce,cause a a black luxury bag to sell out,yeah that was last week though what was,the name of it tell fair health fair,that was last week people forget why are,we such prisoners of the prisoners at,the moment,a couple that does so much for our,community it's crazy they got tiffany to,donate two million dollars they they,invest in our,community why are we mad why not and i,told you guys i was trying to figure out,what the issue was because i wasn't 100,sure,on why it was trending and why people,were upset about it but then i went and,looked at what van lathan wrote and he,posted am i the only one that's mildly,annoyed when they see so and so billion,dollar black celebrity partnering with a,100 year old white brand is it just me,basic guy you spoke to him oh yeah but i,didn't talk about that yesterday but i i,what do we want as black people like and,by the way i want to know what's the,better way like what's wrong with,partnering with with institutions,like i don't get it like we can't have,all these conversations about equity and,ownership and building black capital but,then don't want to do business like why,can't we do business the way everybody,else does business literally everybody,else,it's strange to me and if and if you're,and if you're if your retort to that is,well we should be building up our own,i literally saw this bag that i never,heard of tell fair sell out yes because,beyonce wore it a couple of weeks ago so,what are we talking about i got family,members that ordered it and asked me if,i could get one and i told them they got,ordered online what are we talking about,i don't know hello who's this,hello hey what's your name,hi my name is nikki hey nikki good,morning what's your thoughts on on,everybody talking about jmb,i just think that i can see both sides i,can see how some people can be upset,where you stand for everything that's,flagged black leadership block,entrepreneurship black power however you,partner with some may look as a,predominantly,white institution,but i can see where you partner with,those institutions because you would,like to spread your message to a broader,audience no are you

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Yes, I'm Defending Beyonce

Yes, I'm Defending Beyonce

on the cultural front here in the united,states we have a very sad story about of,course the queen bae beyonce now um i am,not a beyonce fan i think that she is an,immensely talented singer who has,subjugated her singing to,kind of warbling three note,mantras over and over in incoherent,fashion over a heavy beat so i think,like if you watch her in dream girls,very talented actress,very talented singer and she has not,taken advantage of nearly any of that,she has decided instead to become a,leading political figure which is what,we do with all of our cultural figures,these days well now she's run into a,hitch and it's very very sad so we've,been told that her new album renaissance,is a revelation it's the most important,album to come out since beethoven it's,it's just it's super super important,okay well there are a few problems with,this one it turns out that the sales for,this new album are actually pretty soft,so the media and a lot of sort of queen,bee fans are very very excited about,about beyonce,but,not as many people are,according to showbiz 411 beyonce is not,having a great time right now her,renaissance album was released thursday,night and has not been a wild success,indeed the album has faced a lot of,criticism the bigger news is beyonce has,not turned the lemons from renaissance,into lemonade that was the title for the,last album in 2016 it sold 650 000,copies in its debut week renaissance is,not going to come near that number,apparently she's experiencing about a 60,decline in sales she's going to sell,between 275 000 and 315 000 copies now,listen these are still enormous numbers,but they're not remotely what the,numbers were in 2016. so what exactly is,the is the biggest controversy,surrounding beyonce now well here's the,problem with being woke when you are as,woke as f,what you end up doing is making yourself,subject to the ever-changing rules of,the language police so what happened,here well beyonce apparently in one of,her songs uses the word spazz,she says that she says that somebody is,spazzing out,okay well this expression is now termed,ableist,so like so many other terms that were,sort of common parlance in the 1990s,that have fallen out of fashion,the the spaz right you remember when you,were in high school and there and people,would say that other people were spazzes,or spazzing out or whatever and this was,a taken as a slur for people who had,down syndrome or people who had some,sort of,mental disability,okay so it's fallen out of fashion i,think that's fine that is falling out of,fashion but beyonce has violated the,rules and now she's going to have to,apologize and she's going to have to go,back and change the lyric now i just got,to point out here beyonce exists in an r,and b space in which the lyrics for the,songs are absolutely horrific and vile,on a regular basis,if the thing in r b and rap that you're,taking the most serious exception to is,the word spaz i would recommend that you,read the lyrics of like the leading rap,songs in america,they're just they're egregious i mean,you're talking about,horrible treatment of women you're,talking about glorification of violence,you're talking about open drug use,you're talking about people shooting,each other and what really is freaking,out the media these days is the fact,that beyonce used the word spazz in one,of her songs,now again is that a word that we should,all be using no in the same way that the,word which was used frequently in,the 1990s,is not something that people now say and,i think for good reason again making fun,using terms that were originally created,as actual,terms,in in the medical dictionary right,mentally used to be a term that,was used in medicine and then that,became a euphemism for,by the way this has happened throughout,the history of language and it's,worthwhile noting it the term that,we used today that was actually,originally used as a medical term of,diagnosis for people who had a mental,disability,and then people started calling each,other that and then the medical,the medical professionals were like well,you can't use that term anymore it's,become a slur so you know we'll say that,people are mentally and then,people started using that as a slur,and and then they said well we can't do,that anymore so instead what we're going,to say is disabled mentally and then,they said people started using that as,well so the tendency is that human,beings are mean and nasty and what they,tend to do is they pick up terms that,describe people who are not functioning,normally,and then they use those as slurs on,other people,okay so all of that is to say that,language routinely morphs and somebody,sort of gets left behind because they're,using terms that were perfectly,appropriate in 1990 or at least we're in,common parliaments in 19 maybe if they,weren't appropriate they were in common,parliaments in 1990 that if they're,using those terms now out of time then,now we have to like beat them with a,club i gotta say i'm i'm no

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Francs-maçons, Stargate, Beyoncé… pourquoi l'Égypte ancienne est partout ?

Francs-maçons, Stargate, Beyoncé… pourquoi l'Égypte ancienne est partout ?

Mes chers camarades, bien le bonjour ! Je vais commencer cet épisode par une phrase que j'ai dû dire mille  ,fois, mais le Moyen Âge, l’Histoire, les vikings,  l’Égypte antique n’ont pas fini de nous faire  ,rêver. Et justement j'ai envie qu'on en parle un petit peu de ce rêve ! Donc aujourd'hui on va pas aborder l’histoire ou le passé,  ,mais plutôt la façon dont on a de se la représenter et de la fantasmer !,Et pour visiter ce pays des rêves,  il faut se rendre en Belgique,  ,au Domaine et Musée royal de Mariemont,  qui propose une exposition autour de notre  ,rapport à l’Antiquité égyptienne : « Égypte,  éternelle passion ». Du 24 Septembre au 16 Avril,  ,un parcours vraiment original va retracer 2.000 ans de passion pour l’Égypte ancienne,  ,ses monuments, ses hiéroglyphes, ses pharaons et  ses momies… Le tout autour d'une centaine d’objets  ,et d'ornements d’inspiration égyptienne,  depuis les premiers temps de domination  ,romaine en Égypte jusqu’à aujourd’hui. Et il y a même des bibelots, parce que cette expo, elle parle de nous !,Et bien sûr, elle n’est pas là par hasard, puisque le Musée Royal de Mariemont abrite,depuis le début du 20e siècle une collection égyptienne. Ce qui prouve bien que ça fait quand même très longtemps ,qu'il y a cet attachement à cette Égypte qu'on a rêvé, fantasmé… et qu’on est pas prêts d'oublier !,Tout commence par la collection de Raoul Warocqué,  un héritier d’une riche dynastie industrielle qui  ,s’affirme comme philanthrope et collectionneur  passionné. Dans les dernières années du 19e  ,siècle, il amasse au domaine de Mariemont des  antiquités de Gaule, de Chine, de Méditerranée  ,et d’Égypte. En 1888 par exemple, il obtient un  exemplaire de la "Description de l’Égypte", une,œuvre monumentale en 23 volumes, qui est le résultat  de l’Expédition d’Égypte de Bonaparte, durant  ,laquelle des dizaines de scientifiques amassèrent  quantité de relevés, de dessins et de notes.  ,C'était la plus grande œuvre imprimée de son époque, pionnière de l’égyptologie,  ,et elle se retrouve aujourd’hui à côté des autographes  de Jean-François Champollion, Napoléon Bonaparte,  ,Diderot ou encore Beethoven, bien à l’abri  dans la section des manuscrits de Mariemont.,C'est une section qui est ouverte uniquement aux chercheurs, ou lors de certains évènements, comme la Nuit  ,des Musées ou les Journées du Patrimoine. Mais ne vous inquiétez pas : il y a mille autres,choses à découvrir, puisque le propriétaire avait une véritable fièvre acheteuse !,Dans les années qui suivent, il est le  mécène de plusieurs campagnes de fouilles  ,archéologiques : mais la plupart du temps, il doit acheter lui-même des bronzes et des dizaines  ,de récipients en albâtre, des vases, des scarabées,  des statues de divinités, des figures en faïence,  ,des têtes de souverains ptolémaïques et des  quantités de monnaie. On trouve même un  ,uraeus, ce serpent des couronnes des pharaons,  et une statue du dieu Horus enfant ! Même après  ,la mort de Warocqué en 1915, l’État belge, à qui  il a légué son musée, poursuit les achats pour le  ,rendre vraiment représentatif de toute l'Égypte !  Miroirs, reliefs, stèles et fragments de papyrus  ,ne cessent de grossir la collection, la plus  grande de Wallonie et la deuxième de Belgique !  ,Tout ça permet de faire des ponts entre  l’Antiquité et notre monde contemporain : c’est  ,même devenu la spécialité du musée, avec des  expositions comme "Mémoires d’Orient" en 2010,  ,"Du Nil à Alexandrie" en 2013, ou encore "Les  dieux égyptiens dans la culture geek" en 2016.,Alors si je me déplace jusqu'en Belgique, ici c'est pour profiter de l'exposition “Egypte, éternelle passion”.,Mais avant de rentrer dans le vif du sujet, je voulais quand même vous faire un ,petit top 5 de mes coups de cœur perso, dans les collections permanentes du musée, parce que les œuvres égyptiennes qu'il y a ici, elles  ,valent vraiment le détour, et vous pourrez les voir nulle part ailleurs !,Numéro 1 : le buste de la reine ptolémaïque. La  reine monumentale était autrefois accompagnée  ,d’un homme. Mais qui était-ce ? Ça, on sait moins ! Est-ce que c'est Cléopâtre VII, “la” Cléopâtre qu’on connaît tous,  ,avec son Marc Antoine chéri, celui qui l’a accompagné dans la mort en 31 avant notre ère ? Ou  ,alors plutôt de Cléopâtre II ou III, voire la déesse Isis elle-même ? Ça, c'est un mystère ! ,Numéro 2, toujours dans le rayon déesses : l’égide  d’Hathor. Cette protection de buste est décorée  ,d’une tête surmontée de cornes enserrant le  disque solaire : c’est l’attribut traditionnel de  ,la déesse Hathor. Très finement gravé, on y voit  même la célèbre triade : Osiris, Isis, et Horus. ,Numéro 3 : ce coffret à reliques  multicolore, avec son grand faucon,  ,qui a des couleurs folles. Tout autour on peut voir des scènes avec les dieux  ,Osiris, souverain du royaume des morts,  et Anubis, lié à la momification. Il y a  ,même les 4 enfants d’Horus, qui protègent  chacun une partie des viscères du défunt. ,Numér

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