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Hey! Bloomberg Tweets About Bernie-Presidential candidate, Mike Bloomberg came under fire,yesterday

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Updated on Jan 17,2023

Hey! Bloomberg Tweets About Bernie

-Presidential candidate, Mike Bloomberg came under fire,yesterday for some truly strange tweets,,in which his campaign manufactured fake quotes,from Bernie sanders, praising various dictators,throughout history.,Here's one where Bernie supposedly praises,Vladimir Putin by saying Vladimir Putin is willing to,poison anyone who disagrees with him but have you seen,how that guy looks without his shirt, mm, delish.,And here is one where sanders supposedly praises Syria's,Bashar Al Assad saying, "Look, we all know Bashar Al Assad,has committed countless war crimes against his own people,,but let's not forget how he introduced paper recycling,to reduce municipal waste.",So when you think about it, he's really kind of a hero.,And then pretty much inevitably, here's another tweet,where the Bloomberg campaign had to explain by saying,to be clear, all of these for satire.,A series events that brings us to a segment we call "hey!",Hey, Mike Bloomberg you're bad at social media and that's fine,,nobody expects a 78-year-old billionaire to,kill it on Twitter, the only thing a 78-year-old man,is supposed to do on Twitter is mistake it for Google.,And hey, if you have to explain that something is satire,then you're also bad at satire.,That's like sexting someone and then following it up with,,this is supposed to make you horny.,And you know, in general, I would just stay away from satire,since you're not exactly known for your comedy stylings.,Here you are at a show in New York City in 2007,,you know, when you were still a Republican,doing a Mary Poppins parody and joking about how you were,going to run for president.,-I'll tell you where I'm going. -Oh, beautiful, Michael.,First Iowa, then New Hampshire.,Maybe I can get the whole country to behave.,-Rough. ,I have seen middle school plays with better acting.,That performance was so bad, Dick Van Dyke saw it,and endorsed Bernie.,Also this year, he didn't even make it to Iowa,and New Hampshire, you know who did,,Bernie and he won and he didn't even need a magic umbrella.,I don't use umbrellas, I have one free poncho,I got at Woodstock 50 years ago, that's it.,You make a poncho last. ,And hey, you know, In general for all of you,,it's never a great plan to try to be the funny candidate,I mean, we already had a candidate who tried that.,And it did not work.,-I don't know who created Pokémon Go,,but I try to figure out how we get them to have Pokémon,go to the polls.,-Mike Bloomberg saw that and said, "Well, I'll never have,her natural comic timing." ,But maybe with practice I can get close.,And hey, now's not the time for focusing,on bad jokes to get to the White House,,it's time for focusing on getting a bad joke,out of the White House.,This has been "Hey!"

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Elon Musk OWNED On Twitter After Attacking Bernie

Elon Musk OWNED On Twitter After Attacking Bernie

voor je staat met ron wises brussel i,lamaze cartwright rolling thunder bernie,sanders over de twee petjes as for the,old romantische pff yeah in texas,of ipad freesmachines in barry's andrus,en street barry white,wie master men dat die ik stream,oliebolfie hey verf share,carly dat gregor pornosnor clicky hamas,correspond with a cheaper than you still,life now by and respond to right but i,was not screaming tweeter responding to,bernie sanders wat andere tweets like,bernie is het zeker na de meter hoe ze,zijn woning coming van someone like you,why must be cause i certainly love,government subsidies en die thirdly was,money from us topspelers in de vorm of,research and development funding for his,business ventures something that they,feature eau de prep ik niet bron op in,this context i keep getting the effort,and you hate sociale cement en siebe,lievens free wi-fi a police om met de,high line embedded dilemma's groei in,parijs file by boeboe mijn biljoen,dollars en government subsidies ook een,riem counter summer glau zwijg en 2015,socialisme for use of drie biljoen ocean,center and at the time you were only,about en biljoen dollars en zo en dan,corelli tong fair tesla motors en koper,iso citicorp in space x no less is,togethere hem en het idee van esmee voor,findin' alles en kan me supporten,korting de deden compiled by the times,sorry jongens cadeau street companies,kies woorden bed en door in onze tuin,tiga,5 biljoen dollar per minuut expert,wal,toemai ipb super easy de behoort en,billy collins ik wil gamified die,wel iets china is haar hart illusie maar,italië,van de skye hoe ver de of government,large as en jozef een doodzieke man i,know the thing to millions for must now,i choose run is een pisces giftig i,manage insight hybrid cover say i'm de,olie holy oh mijn beker borneo,tegen god en money back heel wat en de,taino is half uur manier wanneer je hem,had hier manier,wi-fi scarcely jaar schijnt worden,riquewihr for your nu zo mooi starten,premietaks yes,thank you for offering yes,iets dat hoort iets laat horen de res,osp texas en is kai is zo cool het,is en hier is een potje doet de,thomas people know right mijn minions,yes basto meditatie sneep en bas,kabel minder dan iets sociaals met bas,plaisier arm als foto's onder de man,line,mania 2 more you today scherm met kunt u,bruno slim op in texas en is om opnieuw,face ambulanciers,ambulanciers als een spoor of we en by,the way you lie sanne stak,edgar showed you in de numbers wedden,analyze week,ethel 3 times een swatch taken zien,nieuwe job e-office texas is you,thinking of de texas is een excuses,zelfs taak,ik eens iets advies voor jouw verleden,iets mis hem die overleden is soort,woorden rol van de camber is combine,iets in share the most alias bubble heb,er misschien in my life kies arjuna,muziek oude socialist armen kimi pay,taxes,that is why marcel en louis more,diny van de texas reed,precies arne casier,en die premie reis of vervolg on you can,afford a great en bitcoin bitcoin een,script hebben body wash en kies you're,the boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh,boy oh boy oh boy oh boy ik crashte zie,door die garnaal,kmix billions deze die je mijn team een,medium een mooi money for soccer you in,iets en right-wing van bitcoin multimate,van tesla,zo die tanks klappen met money and many,more views de vs taxus en eens op,saturnus een socials een baan en rich,people should pay taxes or met een blauw,shirt,oh ja wanneer de telefoon is manier,easily separated les de holbein quick,in je everybody suppose to pay taxes and,cooking route spionnen country,professionele acteurs willen president,and although the show support is de,youtube memberships,jullie te raken door 's morgens,live chat emoties baasjes cadeautje ze,mee en en john jay er zo deze super van,creoolse get payback of war excuses,member onze shows en specials reifen dr,zal dat ooit een nieuwe script a joint,eyeliner mythe video dank je

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LOL: Elon Musk Slams Bernie on Twitter

LOL: Elon Musk Slams Bernie on Twitter

and meanwhile the good news is the media,are going to tweet through it with them,so msnbc's stephanie rule she says,here's the good news you guys can enfor,you can afford inflation it's fine,you're fine stop whining,but you have to put all this in,perspective this inflation is not in,isolation and the government predicted,it was going to be a challenging,recovery recovery all tied to covid so,it's why you see things like that,expanded child tax credit you've got the,families of over 60 million kids on,average getting 430 dollars a month for,people on fixed incomes older people on,social security they're getting those,fixed payments adjusted next year of 5.9,percent for inflation and the dirty,little secret here willie while nobody,likes to pay more on average we have the,money to do so,okay on average we don't wages are not,rising as fast as inflation is everyone,knows it,but you know what when you got to push,the agenda you got to push the agenda,okay so there are unforeseen,consequences to the kind of democratic,behavior that we are seeing right now,hilariously there's only one group of,people who are really benefiting from,the inflation and it's state and local,governments okay so state and local,governments are raking in the tax,dollars according to the wall street,journal one irony of inflation is that,while it's bad for working americans,it's great for the government tax,revenues soar as nominal profits and,incomes rise and for evidence simply,look at the boom in state and local,government coffers they've rarely had it,so good but don't expect them to be,frugal spenders,overall state and local government,receipts including federal aid were 23,above pre-pandemic levels in the third,quarter through september thanks to,congress's gusher of spending and the,strong economic recovery according to,the committee for a responsible federal,budget,property corporate sales and individual,tax revenue from the third quarter of,2020 through the second quarter of this,year is running 18.3 above the same,period two years ago,how many americans have seen their,incomes rise almost 20 percent over the,last two years,like a lot of us,progressive states are doing especially,well they're whining about how they,don't have enough money they have plenty,of money,state and local tax revenue in new york,is running 13.3 billion dollars that's,21.3 percent higher for the current,fiscal year that began in april over the,same period in 2019 and by the way 2019,was a good year,california continues to report record of,monthly tax collections,and these rich states are receiving,plenty of welfare from from washington,congress has now given states and local,governments 885 billion dollars in,direct aid through various covet bills,for schools public transit medicaid and,more and now they're about to get,another helping from the infrastructure,deal,remember last year the states were,saying they were going to go bankrupt,yeah it was all a lie it's not true and,of course the federal government is,about to dump four trillion dollars more,in if they get billed back better pass,you can see why so many democrats are in,favor of all of this there's only one,problem it completely destroys economic,innovation it completely destroys the,ability of people to invest so great,exchange hilarious exchange between,bernie sanders and elon musk on twitter,yesterday so bernie sanders did his,usual thing okay bernie sanders says,this thing on twitter he says the world,is full of unfair things that happen all,the time i like fair things and i don't,like unfair things and third things are,bad,bad things are bad and then everybody in,his they go yay bernie,okay so that is bernie's twitter account,so bernie tweeted out we must demand,that the extremely worthy pay that for,sure period and bring me pudding,we must demand the extremely wealthy pay,their fair share now we've discussed ad,nauseam on this program how much the,wealthy pay in the united states and,it's all net income taxes in the united,states like all of it okay but,there's only one problem when you tell,people they have to pay their fair share,and when bernie sanders says for sure he,means pretty much everything everybody,knows so elon musk tweeted out i keep,forgetting you're still alive,yeah,harsh stuff there from from elon musk,boom okay and then he follows up there,he follows up on that one,and he says,would you like me to sell some more of,my stock because this is what he did,he says want me to sell more stock,bernie just say the word,he says bernie is a taker not a maker,this is correct okay so the bernie,sanders economic agenda the democratic,economic agenda hurts the economy it,makes inflation worse it creates,economic stagnation,they know this by the way so they have,to come up with an excuse the excuse,they're coming up with for their own,failed economic policy is alternatively,apparently kamala harris he's just being,taken and sacrificed to the great gods,of joe biden's political ambition,or

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Elon Musk Goes FULL SUPERVILLAIN, Attacks Bernie Sanders On Twitter

Elon Musk Goes FULL SUPERVILLAIN, Attacks Bernie Sanders On Twitter

so,elon musk has a problem,the problem that elon musk faces,is that,he wants to be an epic,lay reddit,bacon,the narwhal midnight,rick and morty,420 epic memer,uh you know he wants to be relatable to,the most annoying humans on earth and he,is but,uh he faces a a dilemma and that dilemma,is that he's the richest human being on,earth,right,i'm actually asking he is currently,right i know that stock prices are,always shifting but he is currently the,wealthiest,yeah,he's close second richest he's up there,but not for okay second richest second,richest,he's in the running one two or three,look they're all beating each other out,at the at the front of the race uh he's,very wealthy okay,so,much,uh much,has been said about the way our taxes,work in this country and the way in,which it unfairly privileges people like,elon musk for whom the majority of their,assets are held in,um,well stock so,um it has been pointed out by some very,wise people,that elon musk did not pay very much in,taxes,uh back in 2020 when he made a bajillion,dollars,seriously like a good like what was it,like a hundred billion in one year like,150 billion some insane amount of money,and he did it through the appreciation,of the stock that he owns uh,yeah one garillion more or less uh you,know much to do has been made about the,fact that he has not paid very much in,taxes i think he actually paid negative,five dollars in taxes uh when april,rolled around and the tax man came for,him after all the paperwork was done,filed uh the irs gave him a single five,dollar bill uh not fair not good i don't,like it,not good and people have pointed this,out so elon musk lately has been doing,this,look look much is made lately of,unrealized gains being a means of tax,avoidance so i propose selling ten,percent of my tesla stock do you support,this and for and,and,though everyone in the world said yes,except for people who hold tesla stock,who want him to continue to hold it,because it appreciates the value of,their stock and they said no uh,the uh basically the way this works and,our our taxes are deliberately,incoherently designed but basically the,wealthiest people in the world do not,make their money through salaries they,don't make it through having like cash,or even having a lot of money in their,bank accounts they have it uh by owning,stock stock appreciates in value if,you've got a lot of stock in apple,amazon tesla whatever if that stock,becomes really valuable your worth as a,person goes up if you have ten,shares of a stock and each share is,worth a buck that's ten dollars in,assets but if that all skyrockets in,value to a thousand then you can have,ten thousand in assets now what we're,talking about right there the difference,between having ten dollars and ten,thousand dollars in assets because of,the change in the price of the shares,that is income,you understand yes,it is income,but it's not taxed as income,uh it is uh only taxed if you sell it,because until you sell it it's not,really currency it's uh just an asset,that you own that is appreciated in,value uh now in an abstract sense the,idea of taxing people based on the,appreciation of an asset they hold,is a little weird right imagine if you,uh imagine if you uh well i guess we do,this with refinancing properties but,imagine if you bought something you know,that was not very valuable,and then,a year later it turned out to be super,mega valuable and because of that,you now have to pay more in taxes,it feels a little odd i guess,conceptually because it's not really,money in your bank account it's a little,more complicated than that uh and even,then i'm skipping over a lot of nuance,with this i'm just trying to distill the,the the fundamental issue here,the fundamental issue,is that rich people like to sit on lots,of money that's like the main thing they,do it's like the big that's like the big,thing that they do they love doing that,you know they love sitting on money they,just it's it's like a it's a game you,know they,how many billions can i accrue it's just,for fun you know,um,it's like to them it's like animal,crossing you know how in animal crossing,after you've paid off all your debts you,still just the money goes up and you're,like you know that's that's it for them,yeah or like a dragon's horde is there a,difference between sitting on 10 foot,deep piles of gold coins or 15 foot deep,piles of gold coins probably not in,terms of comfort but it does make the,dragon feel better,anyway the issue here is that because,the ultra wealthy,sit on this money and they don't spend,it uh it's unlikely that they're going,to pay,what we would consider to be a fair,amount in taxes on it and they're,generally paid in,stock uh assets you know usually ceos of,companies are paid in stock not in wages,for a number of reasons tax wise it's,more convenient for them uh it,incentivizes the ceo to care about the,well-being of the company because those,shares will only increase in price if,the company is doing well,and

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Bernie Sanders Triggers Elon Musk With A Simple Tweet

Bernie Sanders Triggers Elon Musk With A Simple Tweet

billionaire welfare king elon musk got,triggered by a simple tweet from senator,bernie sanders,this goes into as i'll show you the,psyche of billionaires and just how,sensitive they are about their wealth,and how they made that money,so before i get there of course i'm,going to show you the tweet here it's,very basic almost too simple,bernie here tweeting out we must demand,that the extremely wealthy pay their,fair share period,that's it,that's the tweet,here's the response from elon musk,saying here,i keep forgetting that you're still,alive,now before i go on to his next tweet,which really goes deeper into how elon,makes or made his money,there was a lot of jokes about this,tweet a lot alluding to this kind of uh,or this this angle elon to his six,children i keep forgetting you're still,alive,but,i really want to dive into,why this bothers elon musk so he follows,up here again saying bernie is a taker,not a maker,bernie is a taker not a maker,okay let's just start off with this,the reason why i called him welfare king,this is not me saying this this is a,libertarian website a conservative,website saying this elon musk welfare,king,the tech billionaire isn't alone among,the mega wealthy in getting piles of,money from government at all levels say,the authors of welfare for the rich,so,credit here to this uh this site and,nick gillespie here for being honest,about their position on this oftentimes,the people you see defending elon musk,are conservatives but here this guy,understands,him being a libertarian that he he,doesn't want to see you know,any government spending that includes on,billionaires so he goes on here to write,with the net worth of around 200 billion,he's not just the planet's richest,person he's one of the biggest welfare,recipients report lisa conyers and phil,harvey authors of welfare for the rich,how your tax dollars end up in,millionaires pockets and what you can do,about it by 2015 they write companies,led by musk had gotten billions of,dollars in subsidies tax breaks and,other handouts new york state even,shelled out 750 million to build a solar,panel factory for musk's solar city,operation and said the company would pay,no property taxes for a decade saving,another 260 million,so i'm going to get into a little more,here i'll go a little deeper on this and,also of course i'll get to,how he exploits labor i've covered that,several times as well but i'll briefly,touch on that as well,and also his upbringing and,how privileged he was uh,being as kind as possible using that,term in uh how he got to where he is,today but,here more from l.a times elon musk's,growing empire is fueled by 4.9 billion,dollars in government subsidies now this,is an article from 2015.,so i'm sure some of the figures now are,out of date he's likely taken a lot more,from the government in subsidies but,they go on here to write the subsidies,have generally been disclosed in public,records and company filings but the full,scope of the public assistance hasn't,been tallied because it has been granted,over time from different levels of,government on a smaller scale spacex,musk's rocket company cut a deal for,about 20 million in economic development,subsidies from texas to construct a,launch facility there separate from,incentives spacex has won more than 5.5,billion in government contracts from,nasa and the us air force so this 5.5,doesn't even this is not a part of this,figure we're talking about 5.5 billion,on top of this 4.9 billion in subsidies,so government contracts of course a,major piece of how elon musk makes his,money meanwhile he's complaining about,being uh how bernie's a taker,come on,let's get real here,going on they write uh quote government,support is a theme of all three of these,companies speaking of elon musk's,companies and without it none of them,would be around said mark spiegel a,hedge fund manager for uh,stanfill capital partners who was,shorting tesla stock a bet that pays off,if tesla's shares fall,uh just a quick note on that,i i i'm not sure if he was successful in,this as tesla of course um has only,grown in value but,going on it's not just,this,it's like it's one thing if,if you're a company that is,doing this kind of thing and you're,aware of your success and and how you've,made that success,but elon musk seems to think he did it,all himself,like he seems to think he's not a taker,yet his companies are built on taking,public money,so how can you possibly complain about,takers or having to pay your fair share,of taxes,when this is how you made your wealth,but going on here this is from the,intercept so this is his uh him growing,up so teenage elon musk once walked the,streets of new york with emeralds in his,pocket,his father said this is amazing quote we,were very wealthy we had so much money,at times we couldn't even close our safe,adding that one person would have to,hold the money in place with another,closing the door,quote and then there'd still be all,these notes sticking out and we s

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Like President Donald Trump Has Twitter, Mayor Bernie Sanders Had Cable Access TV | All In | MSNBC

Like President Donald Trump Has Twitter, Mayor Bernie Sanders Had Cable Access TV | All In | MSNBC

thing one tonight it may only be 2019,but the 2020 campaign is already,starting to get ugly as old videos are,dug up from campaigns past perhaps none,more shocking than this clip from the,night of the New Hampshire primary not,February 9th 2016 the repositories of,authority of things people trust believe,in the fairness of the game is doubted,by large majorities of Americans a lot,of that has to do with stagnating wages,in the middle but you see that play out,in different ways in both trumps,particularly closing message and railing,against pharmaceutical companies alike,and Bernie sandwiches Sanders message,from the beginning ok I flipped up,called them Bernie sandwiches in my,defense we were in a restaurant and,Howard Fineman was sitting right behind,the camera right in light of my sighting,a big ol pastrami sandwich also maybe I,was a little hungry and the next thing,you know Bernie sandwiches is a thing,the good news is it did lead to one of,the great iPhone games of all time,Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders for the,really good Oppo you got to go back way,earlier than 2016 and that's thing 2 in,60 seconds,long before he was a senator and,presidential candidate Bernie Sanders,was the US congressman and long before,that he was the mayor of Burlington,Vermont Raleigh was mayor Bernie decided,the best way to get his message out was,to bypass the media and be the media,himself much like Donald Trump as,Twitter Bernie Sanders had cable access,television and a weekly show called,Bernie speaks with the community it,featured the mayor mayor going around,Burlington and well just talking to,people like the time they chatted about,communism with a couple of local teens,in the mall I'm kind of an anarchist but,communism doesn't bother me like a true,communism where it just goes to like no,freedom of enterprise because then,everybody gets the chance to live and be,safe you know but when it goes as far as,cutting down people's freedom of speech,you know that's not that's not I don't,feel that's right the other thing we're,seeing between what you mean as,communists as opposed to what exists say,in the Soviet Union yeah mm-hmm you're,thinking wow I really can see more of,that the folks at Politico paid to have,nearly 30 hours of it digitized which,you can now watch at CCTV org may I,suggest the episode where Bernie talked,to some really young kids about the,dangers of smoking does anyone know what,cocaine does to you that's right it,screws up your mind and it screws up,your buddy what about even smoking,cigarettes so we have smokes let me go,come on raise your hand other than your,parents who smokes,you've got your smoke I've seen a lot of,kids with 12 and 11 smoking,I'm only five years old hey there I'm,Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for,watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to,keep up to date with the videos we're,putting out you can click subscribe just,below me or click over on this list to,see lots of other great videos

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Elon Musk's Ego-Trip As Twitter CEO Just Got EVEN MORE Embarrassing

Elon Musk's Ego-Trip As Twitter CEO Just Got EVEN MORE Embarrassing

Elon musk's disastrous tenure has,Twitter's CEO is only getting well more,embarrassing now this weekend he tried,to pick a fight with Senator Bernie,Sanders and actually got humiliated by,the website he overpaid for,elon's beef with Bernie requires a bit,of context so let's give you that,context and then we can get to this,battle last week someone was able to,impersonate pharmaceutical company Eli,Lilly which is one of the three,manufacturers and suppliers of insulin,in the United States now using a blue,check that they bought for just eight,dollars they tweeted the following,we are excited to announce insulin is,free now,now uh this is not the actual Eli Lilly,Twitter account and the actual company,with its actual Twitter account had to,clear things up by tweeting we apologize,to those who have been served a,misleading message from a fake Lily,account our official Twitter account is,lilypad,which,I mean Eli Lilly and Co is probably a,better Twitter handle but nonetheless,okay fine Lily Pad that's them now,um that did have an impact on their,stock value right so uh if you take a,look at how their stock performed you,can tell right at the very end right,there you can see the dip uh that was,sparked from the fake Eli Lilly Twitter,account uh tweeting that insulin would,be free because the one thing investors,do not like is the idea of you know,pharmaceutical drugs being given to uh,ill patients for free that hurts you,know profitability and that means uh,that you know they're not going to make,as much through their investment,now as a result of this embarrassing PR,CR crisis Eli Lilly has paused,advertising on Twitter altogether oops,blue check nonsense aside though this is,actually a grim reminder of big pharma's,insane greed and Bernie Sanders took the,opportunity to make that point he,tweeted this let's be clear Eli Lilly,should apologize for increasing the,price of insulin by over one thousand,two hundred percent since 1996 and 275,dollars while it costs less than ten,dollars to manufacture the inventors of,insulin sold their patents in 1923 for,one dollar to save lives not to make Eli,Lilly CEO obscenely rich,well uh as of this writing by the way uh,Bernie's tweet has half a million likes,it resonated with people for obvious,reasons didn't resonate with Elon Musk,for the same reasons and he uh responded,to it only to be fact checked by Twitter,which is hilarious so he writes this,full answer to insulin price question is,complex short answer is that original,insulin discovered in 1921 not 1923 is,an inexpensive costing as little as 25,new higher efficiency analog variants of,insulin are more expensive okay and if,you can notice uh he was fact checked,okay readers added contacts they thought,people might want to know Iran study in,2020 found that the United States in the,United States the average price of a,standard unit of insulin analog is 99.94,but is in non-us oecd countries the,average price is nine dollars and 32,cents we all know Americans get price,gouged real quick side note though um,Bernie didn't say that insulin was,created in 1921 he said that the patent,was sold in 1923 so his correction of,Bernie Sanders made no sense,um but that's just a small side note I,just just love how Elon Musk had got,fact checked by the website that he,overpaid for to the tune of like 22,billion dollars at least at least yeah,maybe the whole 44 billion dollars oh,that's a different story all right so a,couple things here uh number one,um,Elon Musk is defending Eli uh Lily for,two reasons first when that wrong tweet,cost them 15 billion dollars in market,cap,um there was a excellent chance that,they were going to sue Elon Musk and,Twitter and win a ton of money because,15 billion dollars is,not a joke that is a giant amount of,money even for Eli Lilly and so they,would have wanted some of that back okay,so here's Elon Musk doing damage control,but only for powerful people and all of,a sudden he's like I'm regulating my own,speech I mean Eli Lily's great and,they're fantastic they have to,overcharge they have to overcharge they,have to charge you 10 times more than,they charge anyone else they have to,right so pathetic right so all of a,sudden Mr tough guy not so tough okay,while you're making that point can we,actually go to graphic six here because,it'll help you visualize just how much,Americans are being price gouged for the,price of insulin compared to other,countries that that helps you see the,extent to which we are overpaying for a,drug uh in this you know private,insurance you know environment where,pharmaceutical companies get away with,whatever they want to get away with,essentially so uh almost all,corporations now uh participate in,corruption so they bribe American,politicians they also bribe the American,Media to not talk about the bribes they,gave to politicians and so that's why,you're seeing that enormous disparity,that's not a free market that's not,close to a free market that the chart,you just saw

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Bernie Comes Out Against Trump's Twitter Ban

Bernie Comes Out Against Trump's Twitter Ban

censorship's been a pretty pretty big,topic lately and,recently senator bernie sanders had an,interview with ezra klein and the topic,of,twitter banning donald trump or,more importantly liberals being willing,to,censor individuals they disagree with,that came up and uh,bernie sanders gave an answer that i,disagreed with,based on framing uh so let's hear what,he had to say and i'll explain,do you think there's truth to the,substantive critique of contemporary,liberalism here that liberals have,become,too sensorious and too willing to use,their,cultural and corporate and political,power to censor or suppress ideas and,products that offend them,look you have a former president,in trump who is a racist the sexist,the homophobe a xenophobe a pathological,liar,an authoritarian somebody doesn't,believe in the rule of law this is a bad,news guy but,if you're asking me do i feel,particularly comfortable that the,president,the then president of the united states,could not express his views on twitter i,don't feel comfortable about that now i,don't know what the answer is,do you want hate speech and conspiracy,theories,traveling all over this country no do,you want the,internet to be used for authoritarian,purposes,and an insurrection if you like no you,don't so how you balance that,i don't know but it is an issue that we,have got to be thinking about because of,anybody who thinks,yesterday was donald trump who was,banned and tomorrow could be somebody,else who has a different very different,point of view,so i don't like giving that much power,to a handful of,high-tech people,well luckily he's a united states,senator and senators can do something,about,um you know scaling back some of the,power that these uh silicon valley,companies have,and look luckily there are anti-trust,lawsuits that companies like facebook,are facing right now,um that's part of the reason why they've,been able to become as powerful as they,are squashing compute,competition buying up their competition,and ensuring that they,maintain the power that they have um but,i,i don't know why the left tends to have,this habit of using donald trump in the,framing of the argument that,bernie sanders just made there um what,do you mean,why are why do people have such a,difficult time differentiating between,actual censorship right so like we don't,even have to wait for the future,leftists have already been censored on a,lot of these platforms,what should be done is an actual,investigation to see is it based on,ideology or is it based on these,ridiculous,um faulty algorithms that are written,with flaws,uh they're opaque so we don't know how,they work and yeah there have been all,sorts of things that have been,demonetized all sorts of things that,have been taken off,these platforms like people have built,their entire,uh careers from creating original,content,for these platforms and then before they,know it all of a sudden all this stuff,is either taken down or demonetized so,that is a legitimate argument to make,donald trump and and alex jones and,people like that why are people,pretending,like they fall into the same bucket of,censorship they don't i don't know,donald trump had years and years and,years and years and,endless okay endless years of breaking,the the rules the guidelines whatever,on the day that the capital was,uh broken into okay by these,insurrectionists,he continued spreading disinformation,and misinformation,on twitter that's why he got banned,that's why he got banned and look,i'm not angry with with bernie sanders i,disagree with this framing,i think that there needs to be a,distinction between people in positions,of power,who abuse their power and act as though,they're above the rules above the law,they don't have to abide by anything and,yes alex jones falls under that category,as well,i mean alex jones was inciting violence,against parents,who had lost their children in the sandy,hook shooting that's what alex jones did,that type of speech by the way isn't,even protected by the government,inciting violence is not protected by,the first amendment i did a long video,on that,for my previous show no filter watch it,you'll get what i'm saying but in this,case,i don't have time but but yes it was a,good show,but you can make this argument,about censorship without immediately,jumping to,the very person who should have been,banned from twitter and that's donald,trump,exactly yeah it's it's it's oh,god i hate the whole argument because so,many people are so,either intentionally dishonest about,their goals the words they use and some,are maybe more accidentally dishonest or,they lead the conversation a dishonest,way so look i don't i don't agree with,some of what bernie there,said there but i have more of a problem,with the framing of the question,because that was ezra kind yeah ezra,said a bunch of words as if they have,meanings when they don't,like liberal censor that doesn't mean,one thing that doesn't,mean anything close to one thing sensor,and

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