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Elon Musk Trolls Weepy Twitter Libs On FIRST DAY As CEO - SALT FLOWINGthank you,ladies and gentlemen

Benny Johnson

Updated on Jan 15,2023

Elon Musk Trolls Weepy Twitter Libs On FIRST DAY As CEO - SALT FLOWING

thank you,ladies and gentlemen a legend in our,time Elon Musk has officially moved into,Twitter HQ in presumably San Francisco,here is the footage of Elon Musk walking,in to Twitter HQ with a gigantic,sink,s,what a Madman,I can't get over it thank you Jerry for,putting this up ladies and gentlemen,Jerry running the show today go over and,follow Donald's Advocate Devil's,Advocate on Twitter Jerry give me the,exact handle we're gonna start telling,people to follow the Benny team Benny on,Twitter because Twitter is now under new,based management ladies and gentlemen,and breaking banks have started to send,the 13 billion in cash backing Elon,musk's takeover of Twitter Inc breaking,right now signaling the 44 billion,dollar deal on social media company is,on track to close by the end of the week,and Elon Musk has changed his Twitter,bio to Chief twit that is what Elon Musk,is doing he's in charge of starlink he's,in charge of Tesla but certainly the,most consequential and the most,narrative controlling and meme,controlling entity on planet Earth is,Twitter certainly making Elon Musk the,most powerful man in the world he's also,an African-American did you know this so,Libs you should be,cheering from the rooftop but instead a,live look at Twitter headquarters right,now as Elon Musk Moves In,okay I need to give I need to give an,alert I need to give an alert before I,play that clip that is the live clip of,the Twitter Libs as Elon Moves In And as,Elon posts let that sink in here's the,actual tweet it's gone insanely viral uh,Danny pull the numbers for the Tweet man,this is uh This is Wild uh the Tweet is,one of the most viral tweets I've ever,seen uh let's go ahead and see the,actual Elon Musk tweet if we can pop it,up on screen here of Elon moving moving,uh moving in so there's Elon carrying a,sink he says uh entering Twitter HQ let,that sink in,and then he says meeting a lot of cool,people at Twitter today okay all right,Danny day urbina who is also on Twitter,and you should follow him on there he is,a wonderful wonderful producer at Team,Benny uh Danny says it's at 13.8 million,views what we got numbers on there uh,500 000 likes a hundred thousand,retweets yo this is viral Let's Play It,Again Elon Musk walking into Twitter,Rejoice Rejoice the solves is flowing,foreign,carrying a sink into Twitter ladies and,gentlemen Elon Musk is a literal madman,and we love him we're Mad Men on this,show and we are also broadcasting live,on Twitter right now,we hope that,this salty the salt is certainly flowing,and so are the memes over this epic,troll of the leftists at Twitter who,have actually issued a smarmy,pithy full slovenly little screed to,Elon Musk uh Danny can you can you get,me that uh the top line on that,um they issued like a screed to Elon,that you must not fire us and you can't,touch us and you better not ruin this,little Marxist Utopia that's propped up,by capitalism and we want to get our soy,latte enemas every morning for free,I hope Elon Musk fires them all and,especially I hope Elon Musk brings back,our favorite meme makers we're already,starting to see some people make some,appearances uh mad liberals was brought,back uh just last week amazing one of,our favorite memers and the memers are,below you let that sink in,um,the members have uh elon's back and Elon,has the memer's back you see the meme,culture is the backbone of Twitter uh,Twitter is a platform that is really,well designed for the sharing of memes,uh we have obviously had memes go viral,on this platform and they go viral in,such a crazy way right they really like,shoot off like a rocket ship and so we,support meme makers we in fact are gonna,do Meme Maker Monday every single Monday,where we're gonna share all of our,favorite accounts and we encourage you,to go follow them especially now that,Twitter's Under New Management the meme,dream team is coming to elon's defense,and has been because they feel as though,these are now brand new open Green,Pastures on Twitter once more make,Twitter fun again is what we tweeted and,uh,boy it looks like Elon uh got the,message I'm gonna need to go ahead and,move you downstairs into storage BB,that could be some new people coming in,and we need all this space we can get,but there's no space so if you could,just go ahead and pack up your stuff and,move it down there but that would be,terrific okay,excuse me I believe you have my stapler,parag Agarwal who's the current CEO of,Twitter getting Das Boot from Elon Musk,now the richest and most successful,African-American and certainly the most,powerful uh African-American on planet,Earth for sure there were a couple of,other really wonderful pithy tweets that,we thought we would share with you today,there was a great tweet about what Elon,Musk would do as soon as he walks into,Twitter how how would Elon Musk interact,with the first tweets that he meets and,uh this was a suggestion screw you,you're fired,yeah,whoa you're fine,yeah fine,you're firing all right,you could

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BREAKING: Elon Musk STOPS Paying Rent at San Fran HQ, Moving Twitter OUT of California-Here's PROOF

BREAKING: Elon Musk STOPS Paying Rent at San Fran HQ, Moving Twitter OUT of California-Here's PROOF

so,um I mean to be totally Frank,um,almost every conspiracy theory that,people had about Twitter turned out to,be true,so,like if is there a conspiracy theory,about Twitter that didn't turn out to be,true so far they've all turned out to be,true and if not more true than people,thought,yo what's up guys it's your boy Benny,Elon Musk did not take any days off,during Christmas Elon Musk was making,moves in fact I know a Twitter employee,personally who was fired two days before,Christmas on December 23rd so whoa Elon,Musk has stopped paying rent that's,right Elon Musk is closing his Seattle,offices and has stopped paying rent on,his San Francisco office absolutely wild,and we know why Elon Musk is doing this,because he hates the woke mind virus,Elon Musk hates woke policies that,destroy companies and so why have your,companies inside of sunken places like,Seattle and San Francisco that have been,destroyed by the woke mind virus he said,as much on a podcast with the Babylon B,and on some of those problems but the,problem of wokeness specifically you,mentioned that's like a mind virus and,it's destructive and why do you think,wokeness is so destructive,I'm interested in your opinions too,um,but you know like I mean generally I,think we should be,aiming for,like a positive,society and uh,you know that it should be okay to,you know be humorous uh like you know,like we should we should like like,wokeness basically wants to make comedy,illegal,which is not cool we've experienced a,little bit of that I mean so Chappelle,like what the flower bed I mean can I,shut down Chappelle come on man,so Elon Musk hates wokeness he's,obviously friends with Dave Chappelle,who's on it he,was brought on stage with,though in San Francisco people lost,their mind there they hate Elon Musk,because Elon Musk is destroying these,places and exposing them Seattle office,as musk continues to slash accompany,Twitter closes Seattle office as musk,continues to slash company Twitter,closes Seattle office as musk continues,to slash company Twitter has been,cutting costs directing CEO Elon Musk,recently announced at an auction of,office equipment decor and other items,from San Francisco headquarters so Elon,Musk is auctioning off the trappings of,these woke goblins Twitter's closing,down at Seattle office social media,company is reportedly facing eviction,from Seattle Century Tower because the,tech giant has stopped paying rent,Twitter's been and the location since,2014 accommodates 200 employees this,article is amazing listen to this,Twitter has been cutting costs per Elon,Musk the company was going to lose three,billion dollars this year yikes New York,Times Reporter that Twitter Cut Security,in Jan tutorial services at the Seattle,Office and left some employees have to,bring their own toilet paper to the,office,so when they say that you're working for,a shitty leftist company this is what,they mean according to Zoe Schiffer,managing editor at the tech news Outlet,platformer employees at the Seattle,office have been told to work remotely,Seattle Times reported that 208 Seattle,workers were laid off in November and,moskus as as cut the company's Workforce,7 500 person company Workforce in half,New York Times reported that must 44,billion acquisition of the company the,workforce is down 75 and Twitter seems,to be running great seems to be running,great Twitter's also considering closing,it's San Francisco headquarters this is,amazing Twitter sued for not paying rent,in San Francisco headquarters since Elon,must take over,so he's gonna move out of San Francisco,this is the play right don't pay rent,get evicted Twitter is being sued by a,landlord for ducking out of rent,downtown San Francisco where the,platform reportedly went through heavy,cost cutting under Elon Musk the company,owes 136 000 in unpaid rent Columbia,Property Trust Twitter's freeloading was,reported early last month by the New,York Times which wrote that musk and his,advisor hope to negotiate the terms of,the lease agreements after Mass layoff,downsizing has already begun also,remember how toxic the employees were,here inside of San Francisco why would,you want to staff yourself with people,like this project Veritas uncovering,what Twitter employees had to say about,Elon Musk and their business model this,is in the previous regime these people,have already been now we don't make,profit so it's going to say ideology,which is what led us to not being,profitable the rest of us who have been,here,believe in something that's good for the,planet and not just to,people free speech,yeah we want something that's good for,the plan this was a guy who's high,ranking Twitter executive we didn't want,to give people free speech we want,something that's good for that planet,this guy also said that Elon Musk has,Asperger's and now the Elon Musk has,fired that uh and kicked him out,on his ass and hopefully he's in an,unemployment line or a bread line,somewhere they're gonna downsize baby,Elon Musk ha

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Man who 'predicted' Musk's Twitter move reacts to news | The Benny Report on Newsmax

Man who 'predicted' Musk's Twitter move reacts to news | The Benny Report on Newsmax

this week the new ceo of twitter he's,not actually a new ceo we call him matt,because it pisses off the left bought,nearly 10,shares in twitter elon musk the man of,the hour the champion who could crusade,his way into a new,dawn of free speech for all of us online,we're very very much in favor of this,move and we love it because the left is,freaking out,big tech corporate censorship has,destroyed this nation and destroyed our,ability to speak freely in this land,it's even landed a number of people in,twitter jail including but not limited,to the babylon b charlie kirk and,alex larusso the man who joins us right,now alex larusso is a man who predicted,that,elon musk would be doing this and buying,twitter and we're proud to have him on,the show alex how are you doing,great how are you doing benny,good nostradamus here alex,tweeted or posted,in,2020,right that 2020 was the first twitter,and then,by twitter and deleting it,did you know this are you friends with,elon musk can you can you reveal us on,the show now,so i'm not friends with elon musk i'm,not sure if i predicted it or may have,influenced it who knows i might be,giving myself too much credit uh however,i did post that on a variety of,platforms first on parlor in 2020 then,on getter and then on truth social,so while i'm suspended from twitter,someone actually,took a screenshot of it and it went,viral on twitter,and it got over ten thousand retweets so,i believe that uh it got a lot of,traction and uh who knows it might have,influenced dion's decision,influence the influencers what do you,think about this move,i think it's genius so,uh barring any uh,legislation i think this was the only,solution to solve big tech censorship,was to overthrow twitter's leadership,so paul singer kind of tried to do this,originally but he didn't go all in and,he as promised,no part of the deal,he would not influence any policy,decisions um while on the board uh and i,i believe they had three board seats so,they didn't influence any policy and,that was part of the deal they had with,twitter um so i read elon musk's deal,that he has and and the only um,limitations i believe on the board uh it,says that he can't purchase over 14,of uh the stake in twitter while he's on,the board and 90 days after so there's,no limitations on uh any policy,decisions it looks like and it's our it,looks like he's already getting traction,on the edit button,so i mean that that's been a long time,coming,so can you rewind the clock before you,made your prediction about elon musk,purchasing a large portion of twitter,which he has done and as you said it,seems like the site is already making,improvements certainly people are,running scared and even people at,twitter are resigning in disgrace and,fear,you yourself were a victim of censorship,you yourself were a victim of,de-platforming for absolutely no,justifiable reason many people watching,right now would think well okay is this,a normal thing what did you do why did,this happen what was it like tell people,yeah so,my experience and i'm not alone in this,i got an email stating that i was,suspended for violating twitter's rules,which they have many of and it was very,vague,and i was given the option to appeal,i tried to appeal and,they said no,after review we we found that you,violated our rules and didn't go any,further,so and i think that's one of the issues,that elon should take on as well is,when people are suspended or,any action is taken against them i think,they should be,told exactly what they did wrong,um and,i think the policies should be cleaned,up a lot um so in the sense of,banning someone i think permanent,suspension should only be limited to,people that break the law or use the,service,for bad,and i know that's open to,determination what bad actually is but,you can tell if a user is using the,platform for ill-intent and trying to be,a troll or uh like scamming people,but i only posted news and political,content and,the last tweet i made was a meme,of joe biden and uh xi jinping saying,that he like he was supporting him for,president so i assume that got me,suspended uh they said that that was not,true but that was the last last thing i,posted 20 minutes before i was suspended,uh so yeah they should they should,definitely uh iron out their policies,more,you do social media publishing for a,living uh alex,have you ever met a conservative that,works at twitter,um so i haven't met one personally i did,did uh come across one online and then,it turns out he left the company because,i saw an article about it like it was,him with a make america great again hat,on election day at twitter um and i,actually talked to him a bit like around,the time i was suspended like yeah i,left twitter a couple months ago so i,don't think it's a welcoming environment,for conservatives so it might have been,one of the reasons he got out,twitter does serve as the de facto town,square and it does seem as though if,it's completely taken over by activist,leftists t

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James O'Keefe shreds the "Twitter's a private company" argument | The Benny Report on Newsmax

James O'Keefe shreds the "Twitter's a private company" argument | The Benny Report on Newsmax

big tech and the corporate media are all,too powerful our next guest knows that,all too well he's been permanently,banned from twitter for exposing the,mainstream media and their corruption,but he's not backing down joining us now,is founder of project veritas james,o'keefe james do you miss twitter,um,in some ways,i think twitter our videos trended on,twitter without me being on twitter,which is extraordinary and it goes back,to my hypotheses that content is king,so you know this facebook story actually,trended uh one of the top trends these,two whistleblowers inside facebook that,leak these vaccine hesitancy documents,so there's an army of people,distributing by proxy benny you,obviously are at perpetual war with some,of the largest institutions in the,country,many on the left would merely say of,course squealing with glee that you're,off the sites would say oh,well they're a private company they can,do whatever they want um so can you,please expound on that what would be,your response,either a private company well i'm a,private company and i can't do whatever,i want,you're a private company you can't do,whatever you can't lie i mean you can't,there's the basic laws of,non-contradiction or perjury you can't,perjure yourself under oath that's a,federal felony to lie under oath in,congress in fact uh congressman one of,the congressmen sent the letter to the,department of justice,alleging perjury after we exposed some,things there are there are a number of,things you can't do if you're a private,organization but the whistleblower put,it to me thus he said that facebook,has more power than the united states,supreme court,because they have the power to control,dialogue and what's remarkable the,documents benny again i'm going to go,back to the statement as part of this,tier 2 classifier quote,comments that include potentially or,actually true facts,may be demoted,so this is like something out of the,fictional 1984 and i understand that,that comparison has become a cliche but,if facebook is saying that even if what,you're saying is true it can still be,demoted,it's a pretty extraordinary admission,maybe more extraordinary is the fact,that they want to keep that private from,you they don't want you to know that,they're doing this so i would say that,even if you're a private company you,shouldn't lie to your stakeholders your,stockholders and your users that,deception to your audience is unethical,and immoral,and,is anathema to the behavior,of a media organization that claims that,they're not journalists,but they're publishers well if you're a,publisher and you're behaving this way,it's just totally,anathema to what we should stand for and,what the public square should stand for,and it's so shocking and if you don't,solve this problem you can't you can't,solve any problem james o'keefe thank,you so much for joining us thank you ben,you just watched newsmax tv america's,fastest growing cable news channel now,in more than 70 million homes you can,get newsmax tv on your cable system or,check your cable guide and if your,system doesn't carry newsmax call them,tell them you want newsmax tv because,we're real news for real people

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Being Free From An Evil Conscience!

Being Free From An Evil Conscience!

how do we worship God in spirit and in,truth,a very important truth and a very,important matter we have to talk about,and see what the Bible has to say,four requirements that I found in God's,word,when we approach God,how do we approach him thank you again,for being with me I pray the Lord will,really bless you,enrich your life,establish your hearts in him in his word,and I pray that God will use this really,to put within all of us,a True Heart,that will worship Him blessed Holy,Father we come in Jesus name,and Lord I pray you'll touch each one of,us by our Holy Spirit,open our eyes that we might behold,wondrous things,out of your work today,strengthen us Lord in you,in Jesus precious and holy name,amen amen we give you all the praise and,God's people said a mighty amen all,right number one,well first let's go to Hebrews 10.,you remember I shared from the Gospel of,John in chapter 4 where the Lord said to,the woman at the well,the hour comes,when true worshipers will worship the,father in spirit and Truth,because that's what is God God is,looking for that's what he seeks,so how do we worship God in spirit and,truth I share the first two requirements,yesterday number one with a true heart,we have to come to God with a True Heart,in Hebrews 10 22 let us draw near,Talks Of course in about worship too,with a True Heart,so we talked about the yesterday,and full Assurance of faith,and we talked about that too how to have,a heart full of Faith David had to come,to the place to accept that what God,says is true in psalm 119. so,people cannot Worship the Lord,if their heart is not loyal that's what,a True Heart means,and if they question the Bible they,can't worship God,so to have a loyal heart like Mary,Magdalene Mary Magdalene was at the,cross what kept her at that cross when,all others well most of them were gone,and had forsaken the Lord,the only two we know about besides,Mary's mom is John and Mary Magdalene,there were others but we don't know the,names but the Bible mentions clearly,Mary Magdalene at the cross was she,there because of the Lord's theology no,was she there because of his Doctrine no,was she was she there because of his,miracles no it's because she was loyal,to him,so much so that she said at the tomb,when she came,on that Sunday morning and she thought,he was the garnish she said give him to,me I'll carry him I'll take care of him,that's loyalty to the end,and that's what we all need to be loyal,to the Lord,that is what we need to worship Him,a true heart and secondly a True Heart,full of Faith full of faith we talked,about this now number three number three,let's let's finish reading this amazing,verse,sprinkled from an evil conscience,this this one verse gives us all four,number one A True Heart number two full,Assurance of Faith number three sprinkle,for medieval conscience and number four,our bodies washed with pure water so you,can't approach God and draw near without,these four things are mentioned right,here in this verse,so I want to talk about what does it,mean to have our hearts sprinkled from,an evil conscience,all right,Paul tells us in Romans,that we are justified by faith,so let's go to Romans,and let's look at chapter five because,everything here,is answered in the Bible the Bible,answers the Bible,so Romans 5 9 much more than being now,justified by his blood we shall be saved,from wrath through him,so as a result now there's no,condemnation,there's no more guilt we don't have a,guilty conscience anymore,that's why he starts in Romans 8,and verse 1 there is therefore now no,condemnation,to them which are in Christ Jesus who,walk after the flesh but after the,spirit so it's impossible to worship god,with a guilty mind with a guilty,conscience,so Peter said we have now to sprinkle,our hearts from an evil conscience,meaning a mind that is not free yet from,guilt and condemnation,okay very important,so when Hebrews write about when Hebrews,mentions this that we be free from that,evil conscience let us draw near with a,True Heart in full Assurance of Faith,having our hearts sprinkled from an evil,conscience and by the way Peter does,mention that to him in his epistle and I,meant to just mention that okay,so to be free from Evil conscience is to,have peace with God through,justification,I've said this before I'll say it again,the book of Romans,is divided into four four parts,number one talks about justification,that's from chapter one till chapter,five,then in chapter six and seven he talks,about sanctification,in chapter eight he talks about,glorification and then the last thing he,talks about in that amazing book is our,duty as Believers to the Lord,so,justification means free from the,penalty of sin,ctification means free from the power of,sin when we begin to live,growing into righteousness,so at justification God declares us,righteous when we say Jesus Come into my,heart at that moment we're declared,righteous that's justification now,there's peace with God,and then we have to gro

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Here Is What I Actually Think Of Andrew Tate

Here Is What I Actually Think Of Andrew Tate

so I have a lot of younger listeners who,are big fans of Android who really enjoy,Andrew Tate now the big news over the,course of the last couple of weeks is,that Andrew Tate for those who don't,know,Andrew Tate is a um he is a online very,online guy who um was a lightweight,kickboxing champion I believe and he's,become big in the so-called manosphere,he was banned from YouTube I believe he,was banned from from Twitter and he was,banned from these things because he was,a self-described misogynist right,somebody who believes that that men are,superior to women in pretty much every,possible way well over the last couple,of weeks he got in a an online fight,with Greta thundberg in which he was,tweeting at her about how he had,Bugattis and lots of gas God's lures and,he was heating up the climate and then,she tweeted back at him that he had a,small it was all very silly and then one,day later he ended up being arrested by,Romanian authorities and the allegations,against Andrew Tate is that he was,engaging in sex trafficking,according to the New York Post police,and tactical gear descended on a villa,where Andrew Tate and brother Tristan,were staying Thursday to detain the,British Brothers on kidnapping and rape,charges judicial sources told Romanian,Outlet libertadia video shows the,officers with battering rams and guns,sweeping through the dark Villa before,escorting Tate into a car,the brothers in April had allegedly,detained two young women one with,American citizenship and one Romanian,inside the Villa against their world war,they were subjected to physical violence,and mental coercion according to the,authorities police said the Tates,allegedly formed an organized crime,group and sexually exploited women by,forcing them to perform pornographic,demonstrations for the purpose of,producing and disseminating through,social media platforms,the brothers had been questioned for,five hours by the police back in April,but were released at the time,and then uh the the they're currently,still being held in Romania right now,now Tate had predicted for a long time,this would happen to him it predicted,that people are going to come after him,that they were going to arrest him does,that mean that he's not guilty of,something I have no idea I have no idea,whether he's guilty of these crimes it,could be trumped up it could be the,Romanian authorities who are embarrassed,by Tate could be anything,I don't place a lot of stake in the,law-abiding nature of the Romanian,authorities I have literally know,nothing about how the law I mean Andrew,literally said he moved to Romania in,order to avoid law enforcement so I,don't know whether that's true or what,that's not I assume all that will come,out in the wash the thing I want to,focus on is the popularity of the,Undertake for a moment and it's,fascinating because again I have a lot,of young listeners who are who are,interested in the stuff that Andrew Tate,says the reason they're interested in,the stuff that Andrew hate says is,because he's transgressive he's,transgressive in that he says things,that no one else will say some of the,stuff that he says,is,frankly terrible and some of the stuff,that he says is not terrible some of the,stuff that he says is actually a version,of Truth I mean when he says that,promiscuity is generally a bad thing he,says it only among women all right he,says when when he says promise Unity for,women it's a bad thing,that used to be a relatively,uncontroversial thought but it's been,considered bad to say that now it's,wrong it's banned now we live in a,moment because we are so sensorious,online and sort of in the in the,political world we're so sensorious the,Overton window has shrunk so much that,there are two concepts that have been,crimped one is truth as in like Pope,Benedict the 16th truth right things,Eternal things a value that you're not,supposed to say anymore a man is not a,woman men should marry women they should,have kids right these are things that,are now considered very controversial in,the in the elite Circles of the West,you're not supposed to say any of those,things so truth like capital T,long-standing truths these things have,been denied,and then there's also been stuff that's,been denied that's that's just kind of,garbage like stuff that's not nasty to,say or yucky,and so what's been crimped is courage,right people are afraid to say the truth,and they're also afraid to say their,opinion because they lack courage,because the social sanctions are so,strong,and so because the social sanctions are,so strong and because they go beyond,just crimping the truth they go to,crimping pretty much everybody's feeling,that they can even say anything their,opinion jokes because of all of that,courage is now held in higher value than,truth itself,being willing to transgress lines is,considered a highest value because in a,time where courage is under attack,courage is a very very high value,courage is always the first value I mean,C.S Lewis says c

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Cómo construir patios modernos muy fácil / making patios

Cómo construir patios modernos muy fácil / making patios

hola qué tal amigos los saluda beanie de,twister amigos les mando un fuerte,abrazo esperando que se la estén pasando,súper en compañía de su familia que,estén bien sanos y salvos disfrutando de,su familia de buena salud etcétera,etcétera muy bien amigos bueno me,encuentro aquí en el sur de de san diego,estamos analizando la construcción de,este hermoso patio y quiero compartirlo,con ustedes miren estoy sorprendido que,este es un patio pequeño,pero el diseño que se hizo lo hace que,se vea un poco amplio y es lo que me,gusta bastante este tipo de diseños,entonces quiero compartirles este patio,pequeño pero muy moderno con una pérgola,un muro de contención y pasto sintético,como la ven están listos iniciamos pero,antes de que iniciamos no olviden,suscribirse por favor no olviden activar,la campanita de las notificaciones y no,olviden que siempre aquí abajito dejo,los enlaces de mis otras redes sociales,como facebook instagram hallazgos espero,están listos para este mini tour pero,más bueno,hoy por la mañana me invitaron mis,amigos de yale skipping,este patio lo terminaron pero super,rapidísimo y mandy ni cuenta me di,cuando lo habían terminado me dijeron,vamos a empezar un proyecto es una,pérdida una pérgola la semana anterior y,yo dije voy a ir a grabar proceso ok,entonces les hable la mañana y es cuando,va a empezar no ya lo terminamos,y deja ir a grabar a que se haga y bueno,ya llegué viendo más que chulada está,bien bonito lo que me llamó la atención,es que este pasto cuando yo entré a la,propiedad yo creí que era pasto natural,pasto real pero oh sorpresa es pasto,sintético amigos la verdad me quedé,parece que está parece que está mojado,parece que está húmedo no sé no sé sigue,acá voy a meter la cámara para que a ver,si pueden observar vamos a voltear la,parece como que ésta brilla miren brilla,no sé si cansan a ver con mis ojos yo,puedo ver el brillo no sé si ustedes,pueden verlo,y yo dije pues está mojado es pasto como,vía agua miren de agua dijimos está,mojado no le dieron arregladita pero no,amigos este es el estilo de pasto está,muy cortito no es como el que me,obsequiaron ellos que está en mi casa en,más que belleza,miren cómo brilla,nos exigen saber lo qué hermoso pasto,este es un pasto totalmente diferente,como les dije muchos estilos de pasto,sintético el que tengo en mi casa si no,lo han visto vayan a verse vídeo cómo,instale ese pequeño espacio de pasto,pero este es totalmente diferente amigos,créame que este me gusta mucho este es,este creo que sí está muy de muy cortito,para ser real es el más bueno,lo que se hizo en este patio ahora te lo,voy a explicar se construyó este muro,es de 5 pies de altura,en ambas,6 pies 6 pies creo que son 5 o 6 pies,estaba contando ahorita no estoy muy,seguro creo que son 5 o 6 pies de altura,pero mira qué bonito se ve es color gris,carbón es el tono de estos bloques y son,tres medidas de bloques miren no sé si,cansan a ver esta es la medida larga,verdad esto es largo aquí está el,medianito iv aquí está el pequeño y,nuevamente se inicia con el grande,mediano pequeño grande mediano pequeño,verdad y en uno de mis vídeos yo les,enseñé cómo es que ellos los instalan,este tipo de bloques no va pegando con,concreto miren eso es lo es la lo que me,gusta de esta de este diseño de muros,que no se pegan con mortero o con,cemento concreto como le quieran llamar,no amigos este tipo de bloques tiene,orificios y date cuenta que ese bloque,tiene unos orificios agujeritos,y ahí va a metido unos pernos de metal,o son de fibra de vidrio entonces se van,conectando el que sigue si se van,metiendo a los agujeritos para que no se,muevan y así es como van conectados van,enganchados en los en los pernos así es,como van conectados y ya las tapaderas,éstas iban pegadas amigos éstas,obviamente tienen que ir pegadas con un,adhesivo industrial para que el,terminado sea muy profesional y que no,sabían los peines de concreto pero así,es como quedó el volumen más hermoso,muro,obviamente pasto sintético y como les,dije este es un patio,este es un patio pequeño está muy,pequeño relativamente pero que son 40,pies de ancho muy poquito pero,quedó muy bonito lo malo de este tipo de,terrenos es que miren tiene está,esta montañita y prácticamente pues es,terreno muerto se le llama porque no se,puede usar físicamente si puedes plantar,algunos no se como ahí tiene unas,plantitas los árboles no son frutales,pero son plantas pero casi no lo puedes,utilizar porque está muerto el terreno,mi mente está muy de subida verdad,entonces pues se hizo esta varita para,que se ampliara más el espacio y aquí,queda algo de espacio para poner una,mesita para jugar si tienes una mascota,perfecto bueno esto es un proceso verdad,ya está listo perfecto y también se,construyó,un tejabán una pérgola de acebo no sé,cómo le quieran un techo no sé cómo le,llaman ustedes a qué llaman pérgola,dejaban no sé de verdad miren lo único,que hace falta es pintarlo aplicarle la,pintura,el tratamiento y ahora tengo que enseñar,el tipo de ma

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Hasan Reacts to Benny Johnson Tweet

Hasan Reacts to Benny Johnson Tweet

all right let's see what cringe,ass benny johnson has to say he goes,governor de savage goes goblin mode on,washington post after they try to smear,his base press secretary so,the thing is dude,the thing about like uh benny johnson is,that he's such a dork like he is,such a relentless goddamn dork,that,every time he tries to do some like,every time he tries to i don't know,come across like a like a cool person,normal person i don't know uh come,across like a person with humor,like capable of actually crafting a joke,that people can laugh at he just fails,dramatically he's too much of a lib uh,ultimately i think he's like too,liberalized,and hysterical and weird uh so,let's take a look at what he's doing,here now,35 year old dude i mean i'm,gonna be 35 soon too you know i'm, 31 about to be 31 soon but like,god damn dude he's just like it's just,not it's so inauthentic like you need to,be,like he's,these people here's what it is okay the,more mentally ill you are the better a,poster you are okay uh but also you can,be super cringe too it goes either way,and like the problem is a lot of these,like benny johnson types,they are they they grew up in like the,the capitalist economy trying to ,make it as a suit,that was what was rewarded in the 80s,and 90s and uh and and you know all the,way up to like 2008 in the before the uh,you know impending doom before the, housing market crash,all of the people that,made it up to that moment so all the,older millennials and everyone that was,in the everyone that was in the,work sector before 2008,that wasn't completely black-pilled,about their future prospects were trying,to be as normal as possible so when,you're trying to be as normal as,possible well uh your entire life and,you've been conditioned into being a, suit and like a dc guy and then,turning around and basically uh trying,to like do the law look at me i'm also,mentally ill doom posting whatever the, right i'm also black-pilled,mentally ill doom posting look at me,like it's not gonna work it's just not,gonna work,your life experiences and everything,you've done leading up to this very,moment have been in the exact opposite,direction like you've been trying to be,like these guys,you know a dude that is like wearing a,suit,for his job wearing a suit regularly,okay and and behaving like a suit you,don't have the the uh the appropriate,kind of mental illness,you just can't do it you can't be a good,poster,i am not deterred uh by,any smear piece from these legacy media,outlets uh the only reason they're,attacking her is because she does a,great job and she's very effective at,calling out their lies and their phony,narratives and so whenever there's wow,dude he went really base savage mode,holy dude slay queen slay you know,what this comes across like when benny,johnson says uses these words it,unironically comes across like ,uh that that uh what's the,emma chamberlain,gigi hadid slay video like that's what,it feels like it just it's just so like,did you color your hair for this i was,in the same clothes tonight i just dyed,my hair yesterday you look so major and,when i saw you on the carpet i was like,oh slay i think,i swear oh big sleigh wait like big,slide yeah,it's just like bro that's a crazy you're,not like that's not you're you're,misusing terms,like it's just so bad it's such a bad i,this clip lives in my head,this clip takes up an incredible amount,of space in my brain okay and benny,johnson like using meme terms and ,like that unironically feels like this,like they are misusing aav and like, it up because they're not like,you know black drag queens all right,they're just like,two rich white ladies talking to one,another,and it's just not working right it's not,working well at all straight women shut,up challenge benny johnson has never,even tasted goblin mode in his life,thank you this is amazing thank you i,copied your hair like everything is,happening we're sisters we're sisters,it's oh my god don't tell bella she gets,really jealous that's the big map ball,drama that's a big man ball drama and,there always has to be one yeah they're,a big metal drama i've never seen this,part of the clip what bella she,gets really jealous that's the big map,all drama that's a big man ball drama,and there always has to be one yeah yeah,we'll,be,big sleigh this is big sleigh,a trans woman juniper literally invented,the term goblin mode yeah that was,pretty funny i mean she didn't invent it,but she popularized it,no goblin mode is not uh it's not,juniper's invention but she definitely,popularized it when she posted about,like,julia fox going goblin mode how are you,gonna sit here in twitch chat,and be like goblin mo was invented by,juniper we've been saying goblin mode,for years like we've been talking about, el gabalino,xqc,um,don't click streamer man this is a,private meme between me and chad,help i am white and i can't shut up help,i am white and i can't shut up,what,anyway um,so,he clicked when i said don't okay well,i'm a

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