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Elon Musk Trolls Weepy Twitter Libs On FIRST DAY As CEO - SALT FLOWINGthank you,ladies and gentlemen

Benny Johnson

Updated on Jan 14,2023

Elon Musk Trolls Weepy Twitter Libs On FIRST DAY As CEO - SALT FLOWING

thank you,ladies and gentlemen a legend in our,time Elon Musk has officially moved into,Twitter HQ in presumably San Francisco,here is the footage of Elon Musk walking,in to Twitter HQ with a gigantic,sink,s,what a Madman,I can't get over it thank you Jerry for,putting this up ladies and gentlemen,Jerry running the show today go over and,follow Donald's Advocate Devil's,Advocate on Twitter Jerry give me the,exact handle we're gonna start telling,people to follow the Benny team Benny on,Twitter because Twitter is now under new,based management ladies and gentlemen,and breaking banks have started to send,the 13 billion in cash backing Elon,musk's takeover of Twitter Inc breaking,right now signaling the 44 billion,dollar deal on social media company is,on track to close by the end of the week,and Elon Musk has changed his Twitter,bio to Chief twit that is what Elon Musk,is doing he's in charge of starlink he's,in charge of Tesla but certainly the,most consequential and the most,narrative controlling and meme,controlling entity on planet Earth is,Twitter certainly making Elon Musk the,most powerful man in the world he's also,an African-American did you know this so,Libs you should be,cheering from the rooftop but instead a,live look at Twitter headquarters right,now as Elon Musk Moves In,okay I need to give I need to give an,alert I need to give an alert before I,play that clip that is the live clip of,the Twitter Libs as Elon Moves In And as,Elon posts let that sink in here's the,actual tweet it's gone insanely viral uh,Danny pull the numbers for the Tweet man,this is uh This is Wild uh the Tweet is,one of the most viral tweets I've ever,seen uh let's go ahead and see the,actual Elon Musk tweet if we can pop it,up on screen here of Elon moving moving,uh moving in so there's Elon carrying a,sink he says uh entering Twitter HQ let,that sink in,and then he says meeting a lot of cool,people at Twitter today okay all right,Danny day urbina who is also on Twitter,and you should follow him on there he is,a wonderful wonderful producer at Team,Benny uh Danny says it's at 13.8 million,views what we got numbers on there uh,500 000 likes a hundred thousand,retweets yo this is viral Let's Play It,Again Elon Musk walking into Twitter,Rejoice Rejoice the solves is flowing,foreign,carrying a sink into Twitter ladies and,gentlemen Elon Musk is a literal madman,and we love him we're Mad Men on this,show and we are also broadcasting live,on Twitter right now,we hope that,this salty the salt is certainly flowing,and so are the memes over this epic,troll of the leftists at Twitter who,have actually issued a smarmy,pithy full slovenly little screed to,Elon Musk uh Danny can you can you get,me that uh the top line on that,um they issued like a screed to Elon,that you must not fire us and you can't,touch us and you better not ruin this,little Marxist Utopia that's propped up,by capitalism and we want to get our soy,latte enemas every morning for free,I hope Elon Musk fires them all and,especially I hope Elon Musk brings back,our favorite meme makers we're already,starting to see some people make some,appearances uh mad liberals was brought,back uh just last week amazing one of,our favorite memers and the memers are,below you let that sink in,um,the members have uh elon's back and Elon,has the memer's back you see the meme,culture is the backbone of Twitter uh,Twitter is a platform that is really,well designed for the sharing of memes,uh we have obviously had memes go viral,on this platform and they go viral in,such a crazy way right they really like,shoot off like a rocket ship and so we,support meme makers we in fact are gonna,do Meme Maker Monday every single Monday,where we're gonna share all of our,favorite accounts and we encourage you,to go follow them especially now that,Twitter's Under New Management the meme,dream team is coming to elon's defense,and has been because they feel as though,these are now brand new open Green,Pastures on Twitter once more make,Twitter fun again is what we tweeted and,uh,boy it looks like Elon uh got the,message I'm gonna need to go ahead and,move you downstairs into storage BB,that could be some new people coming in,and we need all this space we can get,but there's no space so if you could,just go ahead and pack up your stuff and,move it down there but that would be,terrific okay,excuse me I believe you have my stapler,parag Agarwal who's the current CEO of,Twitter getting Das Boot from Elon Musk,now the richest and most successful,African-American and certainly the most,powerful uh African-American on planet,Earth for sure there were a couple of,other really wonderful pithy tweets that,we thought we would share with you today,there was a great tweet about what Elon,Musk would do as soon as he walks into,Twitter how how would Elon Musk interact,with the first tweets that he meets and,uh this was a suggestion screw you,you're fired,yeah,whoa you're fine,yeah fine,you're firing all right,you could

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BREAKING: Elon Musk STOPS Paying Rent at San Fran HQ, Moving Twitter OUT of California-Here's PROOF

BREAKING: Elon Musk STOPS Paying Rent at San Fran HQ, Moving Twitter OUT of California-Here's PROOF

so,um I mean to be totally Frank,um,almost every conspiracy theory that,people had about Twitter turned out to,be true,so,like if is there a conspiracy theory,about Twitter that didn't turn out to be,true so far they've all turned out to be,true and if not more true than people,thought,yo what's up guys it's your boy Benny,Elon Musk did not take any days off,during Christmas Elon Musk was making,moves in fact I know a Twitter employee,personally who was fired two days before,Christmas on December 23rd so whoa Elon,Musk has stopped paying rent that's,right Elon Musk is closing his Seattle,offices and has stopped paying rent on,his San Francisco office absolutely wild,and we know why Elon Musk is doing this,because he hates the woke mind virus,Elon Musk hates woke policies that,destroy companies and so why have your,companies inside of sunken places like,Seattle and San Francisco that have been,destroyed by the woke mind virus he said,as much on a podcast with the Babylon B,and on some of those problems but the,problem of wokeness specifically you,mentioned that's like a mind virus and,it's destructive and why do you think,wokeness is so destructive,I'm interested in your opinions too,um,but you know like I mean generally I,think we should be,aiming for,like a positive,society and uh,you know that it should be okay to,you know be humorous uh like you know,like we should we should like like,wokeness basically wants to make comedy,illegal,which is not cool we've experienced a,little bit of that I mean so Chappelle,like what the flower bed I mean can I,shut down Chappelle come on man,so Elon Musk hates wokeness he's,obviously friends with Dave Chappelle,who's on it he,was brought on stage with,though in San Francisco people lost,their mind there they hate Elon Musk,because Elon Musk is destroying these,places and exposing them Seattle office,as musk continues to slash accompany,Twitter closes Seattle office as musk,continues to slash company Twitter,closes Seattle office as musk continues,to slash company Twitter has been,cutting costs directing CEO Elon Musk,recently announced at an auction of,office equipment decor and other items,from San Francisco headquarters so Elon,Musk is auctioning off the trappings of,these woke goblins Twitter's closing,down at Seattle office social media,company is reportedly facing eviction,from Seattle Century Tower because the,tech giant has stopped paying rent,Twitter's been and the location since,2014 accommodates 200 employees this,article is amazing listen to this,Twitter has been cutting costs per Elon,Musk the company was going to lose three,billion dollars this year yikes New York,Times Reporter that Twitter Cut Security,in Jan tutorial services at the Seattle,Office and left some employees have to,bring their own toilet paper to the,office,so when they say that you're working for,a shitty leftist company this is what,they mean according to Zoe Schiffer,managing editor at the tech news Outlet,platformer employees at the Seattle,office have been told to work remotely,Seattle Times reported that 208 Seattle,workers were laid off in November and,moskus as as cut the company's Workforce,7 500 person company Workforce in half,New York Times reported that must 44,billion acquisition of the company the,workforce is down 75 and Twitter seems,to be running great seems to be running,great Twitter's also considering closing,it's San Francisco headquarters this is,amazing Twitter sued for not paying rent,in San Francisco headquarters since Elon,must take over,so he's gonna move out of San Francisco,this is the play right don't pay rent,get evicted Twitter is being sued by a,landlord for ducking out of rent,downtown San Francisco where the,platform reportedly went through heavy,cost cutting under Elon Musk the company,owes 136 000 in unpaid rent Columbia,Property Trust Twitter's freeloading was,reported early last month by the New,York Times which wrote that musk and his,advisor hope to negotiate the terms of,the lease agreements after Mass layoff,downsizing has already begun also,remember how toxic the employees were,here inside of San Francisco why would,you want to staff yourself with people,like this project Veritas uncovering,what Twitter employees had to say about,Elon Musk and their business model this,is in the previous regime these people,have already been now we don't make,profit so it's going to say ideology,which is what led us to not being,profitable the rest of us who have been,here,believe in something that's good for the,planet and not just to,people free speech,yeah we want something that's good for,the plan this was a guy who's high,ranking Twitter executive we didn't want,to give people free speech we want,something that's good for that planet,this guy also said that Elon Musk has,Asperger's and now the Elon Musk has,fired that uh and kicked him out,on his ass and hopefully he's in an,unemployment line or a bread line,somewhere they're gonna downsize baby,Elon Musk ha

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Elon Musk Forces Lib Journalists To Tweet From Their Dogs Account

Elon Musk Forces Lib Journalists To Tweet From Their Dogs Account

I've had to remove every single social,type you feel like any little piece of,information,that gets out on you will be used by the,worst people on the internet to destroy,your life,and it's so isolating,and terrifying it's horrifying,what's up guys Merry Christmas it's your,boy Benny and it is very Christmas,around,Corner building out the Benny studio,Christmas come early this year one we,have a brand new studio and we have,Christmas decorations in it,two Elon Musk is Banning liberal,journalists from this of,course is an unexpected Christmas come,early Christmas present to watch the,salty salty meltdown of these lips and,to drink their delicious salty tears,they taste like gingerbread cookie,ladies and gentlemen what's been going,on well Elon Musk has taken harsh action,against journalists from The New York,Times from The Washington Post from CNN,and said you cannot dox my family you,cannot track the real-time information,of where my jet is because this puts my,family at risk so I'm going to ban,people I'm going to write it into the,terms of service and then I'm going to,ban people that track real-time,information of where people are because,this is a danger to them this all,transpired because Elon musk's kid was,being tracked some freak was tracking,where Elon musk's kid was going and some,psychopath,jumped on top of the car that was,carrying Elon musk's son,hey you know do you have little kids I,have little kids,I don't want that happening to my kids,answer honestly does anybody want that,happening but apparently the Godless,people on the left certainly do they,demand the ability to docks their entire,life is acting as little communist uh,apparatchics to use the power of the,state to intimidate and hurt the people,that they disagree with they do a really,great job of that they screamed and,freaked so much about this that,Wikipedia is calling it the Thursday,night Massacre Elon Musk putting seven,journalists in timeout the Thursday,night Massacre this is the Wikipedia,article on Elon Musk putting a couple of,journalists in timeout these were not,even permanent suspensions Thursday,night Massacre refers to December 15th,account suspension of several high,profile journalists at Twitter platform,oh my God oh my God,when are they gonna erect the memorial,Thursday night Massacre LMAO the effing,left meteor so cringe it ain't 90s World,Wrestling Federation Especial bro,funny part is is that what these,liberals were doing was actually sharing,illegal and private information Tim,Poole over here saying that Jack Sweeney,the guy who was running the Elon jet,account this is the count that tracked,where Elon was at all time and that led,to the mentally ill individual to jump,on top of the car this disgusting,disgrace of a human being to attack,someone's kid Elon musk's kid yeah so,this guy was posting private information,this is not public Elon has a Pia which,seeks to protect the privacy of entities,using the aircraft this is allowed by,our federal government,but these people don't care Tucker,Carlson was attacked a couple of years,ago his house was stormed by antifa they,tried to burn his house to the ground,they attacked Tucker Carlson's door and,doorstep they kicked in his door his,wife was home his wife had to go to the,safe room at the time,they wrote in graffiti,I think they vandalized his vehicle at,the time this guy named Maddie Iglesias,who's this big time lib,uh he's they're writing at,saying you know this is a strategy to,make Tucker fear,his victims that's right make him feel,the fear of his victims these people,always always,do this truth to power truth to power,they need power over you fear is a great,tactic some of the greatest dictators of,all time under the the only thing a,dictator understands of all time,understands this,Mao zetong said that all power stems,from the end and the barrel of a gun,and they get it man they get it remember,back in the day Oliver Darcy human,tapeworm hairy human tapeworm at CNN uh,begged Twitter to ban Alex Berenson for,questioning uh the vaccine,here in this email,Oliver Darcy from CNN,asking if they can ban a fellow,journalist Alex baronson formerly of the,New York Times nobody cares about that,nobody cares about banning of course,Donald Trump nobody cares so all these,accounts got banned God bless Elon Musk,now he has slowly started to bring them,back,so some of these accounts are back,but there is an incredible there's a,like an absolutely incredible moment,that happened in this sequence of events,that is truly glorious,and here's what went down,Keith Oberman,who is himself a total degenerate,deeply deeply unhappy unmarried,very low T,65 year old man who sits alone in his,studio apartment on the upper side in,New York and screams into a little phone,who dresses up in his little apartment,to do his non-show his podcast that,nobody listens to,Keith olberman was banned and now Keith,Overman has to use his dogs,Twitter account,which is my favorite thin

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BREAKING: Elon Drops New Twitter Files PROVING FBI Used FORCE to CENSOR US Citizens - JAIL!

BREAKING: Elon Drops New Twitter Files PROVING FBI Used FORCE to CENSOR US Citizens - JAIL!

foreign,ladies and gentlemen we are here with,some breaking news Twitter files,episode six just dropped on, Matt taibi thank God was the,one who wrote it and they just dropped,some bombshell scorching hot burn your,face off straight out of the oven Sun,roasted Toasties,about the FBI and the DHS and your,federal government acting to censor you,acting to destroy you and your life and,to limit your free speech this is,plainly illegal this is plainly against,the Constitution this is plainly against,what these people swear an oath to,protect every single one of them if,you're working for the doj you're,working for the FBI what's going on here,well Matt taibi has the receipts let's,pop on over here and have a look here,are the new Twitter files is this going,to be easier to read probably this is,the new Twitter files drop bombshell,stuff nuclear stuff get ready let's read,them together straight in baby,I'm reading them live with you I got the,screen I got the control I got the,joystick right here Matt taybe is ready,to go and I give you of course a little,bit of context this is after Elon Musk,had,suspended in the wake of still the like,chaos of Elon Musk suspending these,left-wing lib DNC apparatchics and uh,stenographers they call themselves,journalists they are not Elon Musk nuked,these people for sharing his real-time,location Tim Poole of course saying that,Elon Musk is Justified in that Keith,Overman completely pathetic loser is,having to tweet from his dog's account,in case you're wondering how beautiful,this timeline is Keith Oberman who was,banned yesterday now has to tweet from,his dog's account just a quick update,there and one of our favorite weepy Libs,Ben Collins temporarily uh suspended,from Twitter and temporarily suspended,from his job at NBC News according to,two sources that spoke uh the network,gave Collins a suspension uh for being,for being unprofessional to Elon Musk,we're not editorially appropriate,so all of our favorite people getting,banned baby and Elon Musk is having a,field day along with of course bringing,back our boy James O'Keefe that's a,little bit of the breaking news now,let's jump into what is happening with,this Twitter thread Matt taibi who has,been excellent on this beat rolling,stone former Rolling Stone reporter one,of the best there is going in hard,against the Deep State and their,sickening Roots inside of the FBI the,takeaway here and we've read these files,now twice I'm going to point you to all,of the important data and information,we're going to stop where we need to,explain a few things but the big,takeaway here is that Twitter was acting,as a subsidiary of the FBI the FBI was,Outsourcing their censorship of,Americans to Twitter and that includes,accounts that are major and huge and,verified and that also includes accounts,uh of,anons,joke accounts meme accounts the FBI,sitting there reading your memes I know,that's meme in and of itself but it's,true the FBI is reading your memes and,it hurts their feelings so keep meaning,Matt says the Twitter file is revealing,it more every day about how the,government collects analyzes and flags,your social media content Twitter's,contact with the FBI is constant,pervasive as if it were a subsidiary,that's an important takeaway line right,there Twitter was acting as a subsidiary,let me make sure that uh we but zoom in,here so that these are easy easier to,read acting as a subsidiary of the,United States government,this is because of our contention that,2016 broke these people mentally and,physically and that they set about,making sure that Donald Trump could,never ever happen again,and the way to do that was to ensure,that the mechanisms of Donald Trump,gaining power the mechanisms of Donald,Trump gaining power was social media by,and large that these mechanisms,would never ever ever not be within,their full control and purview ever,again,look at that uh little mic a little uh,ear a little ear cable popping out of,the side here because we just like we,just ran in here and rushed we said,let's get on the air and talk through,these these dropped uh what less than,half an hour ago so let's keep going the,FBI essentially took over Twitter the,FBI took over social media you're,probably watching right now on a social,media site that the FBI and the Deep,State attempted to take over or has,taken over that's just how these people,work whatever they cannot control they,destroy,unless you're watching on a rumble let's,continue I digress so between January,2020 and November 2022 there were over a,hundred,and fifty emails between the FBI and,trust and safety Chief Joel Roth there,we go whoa these people 150 emails my,wife and I don't email that much I don't,email my accountant that much,these people were besties some of these,are mundane like saying Happy New Year,others requests are information into,Twitter users related to active,investigations wait a second what is the,FBI doing investigating on Twitter,why was Twitter by th

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PANIC: Elon Musk RESPONDS To LEAKED Footage of Twitter All-Staff MELTDOWN

PANIC: Elon Musk RESPONDS To LEAKED Footage of Twitter All-Staff MELTDOWN

this is ridiculous,i have been a fine employee for over 10,years,how you sleep at night man,huh,how's your family they sleeping well at,night,electricity's still on,heat's still on this is what i get in,return for 30 years of service for my,company you have a lot of goals coming,in here and firing your number one,producer and then you're gonna go home,tomorrow and make more money than you've,ever made in your life and i'm gonna go,home without a paycheck,i just i guess you'd leave me,dumbfounded i don't i don't know where,this is coming from,project veritas has gotten a hold of,elon musk's phone call with all of,twitter's staff,elon musk buying this absolute dumpster,fire company filled with sobbing sjws as,the,streets and towns flooded all around,twitter's headquarters as elon musk told,them that they are going to have to,actually work to maintain free speech on,the platform and not use the platform as,an opportunity to project their,sad broken weak world views on the rest,of us watch i think it's essential to,have a,free speech um and for and to be able to,communicate yeah just communicate freely,if there are multiple opinions but,you know and and just make sure that,we're not sort of,uh driving a narrative in order for,people to have trust in twitter i think,it's extremely important that there be,transparency i think twitter in terms of,like serious issues can be a lot better,informing informing people about serious,issues how many times has have the media,gotten that right,well i would say almost never not not,never but almost never elon musk stating,that there is going to be free speech,now at twitter and that this isn't going,to be your personal gulag to punish the,people who you don't like politically,twitter's staff based on donations is,like,98,democrat and far left,twitter's staff had a meltdown after,elon musk had this all staff his first,with the company project veritas got,staff messages from slack,leaked of how the,sjwoksters inside of twitter were having,a,xanax induced panicked meltdown over,their new african american boss listen,to some of these comments january 6 was,terrifying because social media was,potentially a critical analyst what are,your thoughts on how to react to memes,of mass distractions,katrina lofro said ronda santa's leader,of don't think about he's the worst,possible person to leave the country he,said what you openly enjoyed,ryan tanner said a hearty,to the board for selling this company to,somebody who cannot get through a single,coherent sentence about this platform,and who thinks that q anon candidate is,a moderate candidate,and then he went on to say that this is,myra flores myra flores who won in this,district responded to the twitter,engineer ryan not tanner she says i have,never supported any q anon conspiracies,the same article that is spreading,misinformation clearly states that far,left is simply attacking me for my,strong conservative values and now,because i am the first mexican porn,congresswoman ryan why are you so,threatened why are you and your lilly,white,j.c penny photo here saying that you are,threatened by a mexican-born american,congresswoman,what is it ladies and gentlemen that,ryan has deep in his soul could it be,racism,well i guess we'll have to ask,this wasn't the only,comment that led to an apoplectic,meltdown inside of twitter there were,employees that were complaining that,they have to be,exceptional in their jobs,otherwise get fired yes that's how,normal companies work that's how it,works inside of a company that's how you,keep your company alive you ask your,employees to be exceptional and that's,what elon musk is asking,these absolute losers these people are,such communists they're complaining,about working remember project veritas,had leaked videos of one twitter,engineer saying that they only work like,four hours a week and saying that,they're communist as ,capitalists if we weren't really,operating the capital small it was very,social it's like we're all like,ideologically uh it does not make sense,like because we're actually censoring,the rights,so everyone on the right wing will be,like,bro it's okay to say just gotta tolerate,it,the left will be like no i'm not gonna,tolerate it,i need a,sensory steam or else i'm not going to,be able to now i basically went to work,like four hours a week last quarter,yeah they also broke another clip of a,twitter executive making fun of elon,musk for being mentally handicapped,having asperger's being special these,people are such filth watch this clip he,has hospitals yes yeah i know that,so he's special your special needs,you're literally special names so,i can't even take what you're saying,seriously targeting,lucky that you met me organically,because i would be questioning,everything about you,so yeah elon musk has absolutely every,right to gut this company like the fish,to move it to texas not austin put,twitter inside of real america and staff,it with real people who want to build a,real company

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IT'S HAPPENING: Donald Trump WILL RETURN to Twitter When Elon Musk Takes Over

IT'S HAPPENING: Donald Trump WILL RETURN to Twitter When Elon Musk Takes Over

foreign,Elon Musk is buying Twitter here we go,baby Elon Musk,has minted the deal what was it all,about I don't know man he was like,getting sued by Twitter he was trying to,get out of the deal he was trying to,stay in the deal how much stock did Elon,Musk Buy on the open market when he,tanked Twitter shares I don't know I'm,not sure what was this whole play what,was going on we'll find out in the,coming days but this deal is done baby,Elon Musk proposal to buy the company at,44 billion goes forward deal expected to,close within weeks,after months of legal back and forth the,Elon news we rejoice in it there's a lot,of doomers out there who are like oh,Elon musk's gonna ban us I don't think,so we rejoice in this news here's the,breaking news go real quick Elon Musk,news out right now Twitter Shares are,halted because reportedly it's a,Bloomberg report right now Elon Musk is,offering to buy that company at the full,asking price which is about 54. 54 20. a,share wink wink uh there was always a,belief by almost everyone on Wall Street,that this deal was going to get done but,when the Market Crater in the stock fell,apart it was obvious that Elon Musk was,trying to get a better deal got it it's,clear he's not going to get a better,deal apparently he's written a letter to,the board uh the word now is this deal,will be done in the next 25 to 72 hours,and Elon Musk will be the owner of,Twitter come next week so they halt the,shares in the stock market of Twitter,because of the volatility it's all over,the place yeah try to have it at the,orderly Market early Market all right,Dow up 666 points right now big OPEC,decision tomorrow watching gas prices,Charles Payne thank you very much,okay so here's the information Twitter,has accepted musk's proposal to buy the,company 44 billion dollar deal according,to the Daily Mail spokesperson for the,company total Daily Mail on Tuesday,afternoon we received a letter from musk,parties and they have filed it with the,SEC the intention of the company is to,close the transaction at 54.20 per share,you'll say oh interesting 54 20 percent,isn't that exactly what Elon offered,many months ago this summer for Twitter,and the answer to you of course dear,viewer would be yes that is exactly the,same amount,so what happened in the meantime well a,lot of people bought a lot of shares of,Twitter Twitter stock tank when Elon,Musk said he was going to pull out when,he exposed a bunch of garbage about the,company we believe I personally believe,that this was probably Elon just,trolling them humiliating them taking,this out into the Public Square so that,he has the right to Fire and scrape the,bottom of the sewage basement basket,that is Twitter of all of these salty,marxists and we are here for it good job,Elon Musk way to go it is a surprising,U-turn says the daily mail from the,bondastic bombastic billionaire,but was prompted by fear that he'd end,up be being ordered to buy the company,anyway in court now we're not sure how,that would happen there is no precedent,to order someone to buy something but,who knows we live in strange times musk,has been trying to back out of the,Twitter deal claiming that the company,was hiding how many spam accounts were,active on the site and many Twitter,users saw their accounts just absolutely,collapsed yesterday we saw a loss of,some 17,000 users and we are back up a little,bit today and we encourage you if you,don't already follow us on Twitter our,Twitter game is strong we're back up a,little bit we'll see what's happening,crazy stuff if we lost followers we,think they were probably Bots that,Twitter is running the reason that,Twitter would run bot accounts is,because monetizable active users is how,these companies uh engage and sell,themselves uh to the open market they,say they have this many monetizable,active users so on and so forth uh the,judge recently rejected must request to,delay the proceedings musk was not,having a great day in court in this,lawsuit must new offer to complete the,deal is contingent on Twitter halting,its lawsuit to force the transaction now,the deal is nearing close Twitter's,share price is soaring trading was,halted on Tuesday as shares jumped 13,percent and the stock closed at 52 bucks,an increase in 22 percent on the day now,musk is expected to own the company,within a matter of weeks if not days,musk acknowledge that his abrupt,reversal on the agreement is in order to,create,X the everything app this is what Elon,Musk tweeted yesterday buying Twitter is,an accelerant to creating X the,everything app musk tweeted on Tuesday,night hours after he offered to complete,the buyout,at the agreed price of 44 million which,I think is actually wrong 44 billion,right okay yeah so that's a typo from,The Daily Mail what isn't a typo is this,incredible breaking footage that this,show has obtained exclusively from Elon,Musk entering Twitter headquarters for,the first time we are very honored to,break this important and historic video,for yo

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Andrew Tate BREAKS SILENCE! Predicted ARREST on Tucker Months Ago, ELON Tweets Support

Andrew Tate BREAKS SILENCE! Predicted ARREST on Tucker Months Ago, ELON Tweets Support

it's the most common tactic in the world,first day insult your character and,attack you it's stage one of the three,stage three stages they attack you your,character and cancel you they put you in,jail for something you did not do,and the last is they killed and I'll,make it very clear here I would never,kill myself under any circumstances ever,ever,yo what's up guys it's your boy Benny,absolutely insane 48-hour news cycle for,Andrew Tate what is going on Andrew Tate,arrested yesterday in Romania where he,lives in a small suburb of Bucharest,called prepat so where is Andrew Tate,now what's going on Does Elon Musk,support him and did andotate predict his,own arrest let's jump into it right now,so Andrew Tate was arrested on human,trafficking allegations innocent until,proven guilty that's what we believe on,this show here is footage of his arrest,this is what the arrest looked like,according to Romanian television,yesterday there's Andrew Tate and he's,being brought into custody Andrew Tate,is being brought into custody weirdly,not wearing handcuffs you can see there,these has his hands in his jacket pocket,this is a photograph of his home with,police sort of crawling all over it the,police went into Andrew Tates home in a,small suburb of Bucharest called,properia properia,papyria that's what it's called I don't,speak,Romanian but this is where it is you can,see it on the map you can see it's here,in Bucharest uh in Romania and Romania,right there on the border of Moldova,Ukraine here in Eastern Europe borders,up to the Black Sea Andrew Tate was,arrested following a police raid on his,house his brother also taken into,custody over organized crime organized,crime unit uh investigating human,trafficking human sex trafficking those,are the allegations this photo of Tate,and his brother this is inside of Tate's,house this is what it looked like here,inside of Andrew Tate's home uh Andrew,Tate's Romanian compound rated by police,uh he was detained inside of this,compound he's held on suspicion of rape,human trafficking organized crime for 24,hours but he has been released Andrew,Tate has been released this is what his,home looked like very industrial here in,Romania this this is what that video,that he released Greta tunberg,responding to Greta tunberg that's sort,of where it's at inside of uh like a,board room in his house this is Google,Maps of Andrew Tate's house Hustlers,University top G podcast Tate's cars I,guess these are all these are all marked,on,Google Maps Okay photos of Andrew,getting arrested and entertain saying,the Matrix sent their agents in his,first tweet after being released Andrew,trade has been released this tweet Cent,at 5 30 a.m entertain has predicted his,arrest multiple times and in multiple,interviews uh fascinating to listen to,the first clip is from the full send,podcast have a listen the the truth is,this so,I I knew it was coming I absolutely not,only knew it was coming because of how,orchestrated it was the only thing I'll,take this at the beginning the only,reason I'm upset by being canceled is,because I've expired one of my lives,because first you get canceled then they,make up a reason to put you in jail and,if that fails to kill you so now I'm,down to my last two lives which is also,why while I'm answering this question,I'm still being careful how I'm,answering,so Andrew Tate there on the full sun,podcast saying exactly that he intends,on using his last two lives but after,being canceled the next thing they have,to do is to put him in jail he repeated,that once more on another podcast have a,listen common tactic in the world first,say insult your character and attack you,it's stage one of the three stage three,stages they attack you your character,and cancel you they put you in jail for,something you did not do,and the last is to kill you and I'll,make it very clear here I would never,kill myself under any circumstances ever,ever and if I like to think that if,anybody sees a meteorical where I've,been locked up for whatever it is,they're going to look at it and go this,is Tate didn't do that,with the scrutiny I'm under,does anyone think I'm breaking the law,a little scrutinized man on the planet,like if I was breaking laws I'd be in,jail trust me I drive at the speed limit,my friend that's the level it's got to,like they don't they think I'm out here,doing bad things so when they when the,article comes out saying Tate did this,I I just pray there's enough people who,are outside of the Matrix to sit and go,this is some so Andrew Tate has,been under investigation for the human,trafficking charge for many months this,was actually an allegation made last,year Tucker Carlson asked Andrew Tate,about it on his show whose accounts in,the United States say that the U.S,embassy in Bucharest Romania was tipped,off to your misdeeds and alerted the,local authorities you might be,committing human trafficking,um given that this is the same charging,level against Julian Assange or a,species of

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The Best Lib Molten SALT Meltdowns over TRUMP TWITTER Return

The Best Lib Molten SALT Meltdowns over TRUMP TWITTER Return

okay folks the results are in put the,main back on,very cool,right now a historic moment of Donald,Trump,upset Victory tell everybody,okay,leftist meltdown hysteria has reached,Indiana Jones Nazis opening up the Ark,of the Covenant levels when Elon Musk,reinstated Donald Trump's account this,weekend along with a number of other,accounts Legends like the Babylon bee,Alx the Lord and Kanye West back on the,platform along with Elon Musk,essentially dancing on the graves of the,censorship Libs Elon Musk stating that,he will be turning Twitter into a free,speech platform once again Elon Musk has,indeed done just that and it is leading,to the predictable results from some of,our favorite Libs Adam Schiff holding,back tears on CNN about orange man I,think it's a terrible mistake and you're,absolutely right as we showed in the,January 6 hearings the president used,that platform to incite that attack on,the capitol it just underscores the the,erratic leadership of Twitter now under,Musk,like the color of Donald Trump's skin,and so he shouldn't be back on Twitter,the fact that he did it with a poll of,which you know however many person of,those could have been Bots that aren't,real people voting in that uh,secondarily I don't know if you know,that decision should be made by some,poll which you guys won,you guys help,you know tomorrow shut up and CNN,of course running with the breathy,Narrative of Donald Trump's return,Twitter's previous management suspended,Trump indefinitely just days after the,January 6th Capital Insurrection I want,to bring in CNN media analyst and media,reporter for axio Sarah Fisher with us,now on the phone uh what do you make of,this news,this is indeed The Return of the King,and with the return of Donald Trump's,Twitter account you have some very,curious tweets here about going,peacefully to the United States capital,it's almost as though they wanted to ban,his account because it disproved their,January 6th narrative Donald Trump,saying multiple times to not fight with,cops and to be very very peaceful the,libset Twitter continue to melt down and,the users at Twitter continue to melt,down,I've never put much of anything on,Twitter but this is my last time,watching a plasma with Trump Twitter can, up Michael Simmons zero two four,three two nine four three what will,Twitter do without your content Michael,oh man literally only open Twitter to,Black Trump and then close the app and,not open it again for five months when I,remember it exists Kingdom Wednesday,Keno West looks like she wants to be a,Kardashian West but is a discount,version and also is currently opening up,the Twitter,app in order to tweet this so boom,roasted boom roasted seriously debating,on leaving Twitter a guy to rat it fell,high in a while ago because sweaters,family family,I'm so stressed out of the house can't,stop crying,you ever thought about using the block,button,idiot they just block them,you don't like them you just don't have,to listen,but they can't help themselves because,Donald Trump is their personality trait,hatred of Donald Trump is the entire,ethos for being for people like Barbara,malmet Barbara Barbara you're such a,disappointment she's responding to Elon,you could have been a contender deeply,caring about the Earth features that you,had a political platform with dangerous,films what happens to the days of tech,Bros going to make a world about a plan,first off dangerous fumes you still have,Eric swalwell on the platform taxpayer,dollars to ask the ukrainians to help,them cheat an election and the complaint,that I've heard and then secondarily,block Donald Trump have you ever heard,it,you can block him you just don't ever,have to see him ever again if Elon Musk,is going to let Trump back in I'm,selling my Tesla and getting the biggest,dirtiest low MPG SUV I could fight I,want must to look at all the pollution,here regret what he said,uh Elon Musk regrets nothing and the,Meltdown is so delicious it just doesn't,ever stop if you see a post from Trump,block him nobody should see this vile,can I make a suggestion,everyone who thinks Trump is a danger to,democracy and racism massages,immediately block him I've just done it,and I'm no worse off than it was five,minutes ago to cope and the seed the,cope F Donald Trump and F anyone who,supports him if you're a trump supporter,or republican don't interact with me,okay fine,what okay Mr,sell underscore zero eight zero one with,ten followers and a bat emoji from Wuhan,in your bio we won't interact with you,you know that's kind of the way it's,supposed to work here the purpose of,social media is to create social,connections with the people that you,want and to be able to ignore the people,that you don't like it used to be that,we were forced to listen to the people,who hated us on NBC CBS or ABC News we,were forced to read the only two papers,in existence The Washington Post the New,York Times we were forced to choke down,the ball gag disgusting propaganda from,our regim

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