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Ben Simmons 7 REB 7 AST: All Possessions (2023-01-08)Simmons starts the night defending Pam,initiat

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Ben Simmons 7 REB 7 AST: All Possessions (2023-01-08)

Simmons starts the night defending Pam,initiates with a dribble gets right to,the rack but miss,Simmons 6-10 point guard that's Durant,missing the three durian missing the,three loose ball rebounder Kyrie Irving,here's Big Ben Simmons he's found a home,in Brooklyn that was way off put in,though they're gonna switch to e that's,something they've done since Kyrie,Irving's been back their defense is very,underrated people don't realize how good,it is because they're so worried about,the Firepower on the offensive end,getting a hint on the ball there without,fouling early six-point next lead it's,Durant and the foul first score for the,NBA's number 14 all-time scorer with,that bucket oh my that's that is not how,they drew it up I can tell you that you,know Jimmy he could shoot over top of,him using that right shoulder to shoot,the fade away,Claxton the number one two shot Blocker,in the League this year here's Jimmy,that's short and here's Jimmy that's,short and Ben Simmons 6-10 Point goes,here's Warren hits the flip,eat at their best when they're forcing,turnovers they're third in the league,enforcing Victor short rebound of Penn,Center that's why you follow your man on,a fast break two point Brooklyn lead,Irving for three,hands of magician with a basketball at,the end but new season when you get to,the playoffs coach SPO respected the,Dolphins ability to overcome adversity,this year which we've been keeping an,eye on because the Brooklyn bets super,deep and how well but really giving the,heat a lift is even right now Landing is,all that restricted Zone I should say,a hand Crusher but a third straight Miss,free throw for out of Bio seconds right,now oh for two has not made a shot,that's kind of Larry on him refused to,shoot the basketball in the paint it's,just amazing how little he does,Simmons back to work defending Benjamin,put that third guy being maybe TJ Warren,for them as Claxton scores in transition,seven points for Claxton four-point lead,for Brooke here sevens reluctant to,shoot he'd much rather dish working,against Butler he does shoot and score,Miami scored the last seven and the heat,now lead at 77-76.,durian off balance and off Target back,cap by,durian off balance and off Target back,cap by Simmons right back to KD Here,Comes again oh man wow 17 now for Kevin,Durant,working against Seth Curry,Ben Simmons blocked it three on the shot,clock Vincent lost it,and T.J Warren got pushed and fouled by,all the depot,Irving up top this is curry back to Kyra,he has 27 points and that's a Irving up,top this is curry back to Cairo who has,27 points and that's a,Max truce back to Hero till the paint,got foul from behind complete KD 11 and,shot making has been important for Miami,four for four now from the field for,Hayward Simmons hits a short hook really,pretty pretty good and know how to,finish but having the talent makes a,difference down the stretch oh Seth,Curry had the C part for him Curry him,and a big fourth quarter Kyrie Irving on,Jimmy,Jimmy wants it back gets it from streus,collides with Simmons blocking foul on,Simmons No basketball that's the right,call Ben Simmons fifth thing yeah,Simmons

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Sixers Rumors: Joel Embiid DEFENDS Ben Simmons On Twitter + Latest Ben Simmons Trade News

Sixers Rumors: Joel Embiid DEFENDS Ben Simmons On Twitter + Latest Ben Simmons Trade News

welcome into philadelphia 76ers now,right here on chat sports i am your host,chase senior i hope all of the great,people in the great city of brotherly,love are having a great week and if you,want the best sixers news and rumors,right here on youtube hit that subscribe,button down below we're a little more,than 200 subscribers away from 2000.,coming up on today's show joelle embiid,has come to the defense of ben simmons,he did it via social media we're gonna,take a look and examine and basically,look at the context of all of his tweets,plus david aldridge has some new fresh,reporting on the ben simmons trade,rumors so let's get into it joel embiid,taking to twitter to defend ben simmons,somewhat of a surprise because it's been,said the relationship hasn't always been,the best i know that joel embiid ben,simmons have refuted that and i think,there's some reality behind it i think,they get along a little bit better than,what people think but now with all of,these ben simmons trade rumors,circulating throughout the nba,stratosphere embiid had to chime in and,defend his teammate against some of the,media rumors that have come out he first,started with this tweet saying sources,trust me bro stop using my name to push,people's agendas i love and hate drama i,love playing with ben simmons stats,don't lie he's an amazing player and we,all didn't get the job done it's on me,personally i hope everyone on the team,is back because we know we're good,enough to win don't think everybody is,going to be back because i don't think,that relationship between simmons and,the team can be salvaged embiid then,tweeted this,i haven't forgotten or excuse me from my,own experience y'all have no idea how,much this media makes up stuff for,followers and shame on you for believing,them we'll get into that here in just a,second and be then put this out on his,twitter page and he's always a really,good troll but he also likes to keep it,a buck and keep it 100 i haven't,forgotten but two years ago i got booed,people in philly wanted me to be traded,i even shushed them only the real ones,didn't boo me but i just put in the work,that off season to be better because i,knew i wasn't playing up to my potential,philly fans y'all also gotta be better,some philly fans triggered by that we'll,cover it for clarity i love the,criticism embiid continued to say i love,when i'm told i can't do something it,makes me work harder to prove everyone,wrong but not everyone is built like,that,let's again mention the word context,because context is important here and,let's dissect what embiid had to say,there is no question that especially in,nba media agents throw out bait to the,media all the time because it all comes,down to leverage for their own clients,and a lot of media members out there,take that bait like a shark in chummy,waters and they throw out a bunch of,propaganda oftentimes to fit their,narrative and to fit what they want to,talk about i've been in the media game,for a long time used to work for a local,news station covering news i understand,how this process works now here on,sixers now we talk about a lot of these,things because this is a news and rumors,channel and we do our duty of bringing,you the latest sixers news and rumors,but we also refute and shoot down a lot,of these crazy media reports that often,come out about players across the nba in,certain trade situations there's also,this,joel embiid and ben simmons are,different,because ben simmons has never put the,work in to improve or expand his,offensive game and that's a big reason,why there have been so many playoff,shortcomings for the philadelphia 76ers,as an organization but that's also why,the sixers have flamed out because of,the shortcomings of ben simmons and him,being a liability late in games on the,offensive end of the floor when,philadelphia fans booed and bead because,he wasn't playing up to their,expectations or to his potential what,did he do he responded to that criticism,put in the work that off season to get,into better shape to improve his game,and what did he do last year if it,wasn't for that ankle injury against the,washington wizards i think it's embiid,not the joker who wins the mvp award,embiid put in the work to have an mvp,caliber season what has ben simmons done,he has neglected to work on his,weaknesses and his flaws and that's why,since his rookie year coming out of lsu,he has never gotten better as an,offensive player and his offensive game,has flatlined has he become one of if,not the best defenders in the nba yes,but the great players,focus in on their weaknesses they,improve them because they understand,that will allow them to take their game,to the next level which then in turn,helps the team ben simmons has never,done that as for the fans the fans have,supported simmons ever since he got,drafted number one out of lsu the big,reason why they become so frustrated,with simmons and why a lot of fans don't,want to see him continue his career in,philadelp

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Ben Simmons 6 REB 9 AST: All Possessions (2023-01-02)

Ben Simmons 6 REB 9 AST: All Possessions (2023-01-02)

Curry matched up with Johnson on the,perimeter gives up his dribble Simmons,will get a touch with eight to shoot,Durant comes to the ball two-man game,Simmons hard drive and finish Ben,Simmons aggressive going to the hole,that the conference he provides for his,teammates switch ability guard one,through five,lays it in plus one so the rookie from,Baylor with a chance at a three-point,play,under eight minutes to go first quarter,Durant the catch the jumper goes and a,foul on the fade away,the Nets number one in the NBA and field,goal percentage they're shooting 70,tonight the cell rims out very good,Rebound in San Antonio team,Irving Lovett Simmons missed it off the,window but Turtle couldn't secure it so,the Nets will retain the Nets pushing,the pace when they're getting stopped,Irving takes the opening hangs and heads,free with the body control,the Nets are getting whatever they want,on the offensive end backdoor cut,Simmons steps in front of Sohan,skimmer Josh Richardson in the game Zach,Collins in for San Antonio as well,Irving hoists to hits,Kyrie big,quarter,I'll take over it both rolls,the cell feeds it and Simmons steps in,front for the Steal,up ahead,Curry paused for a moment,Irving was perfect in the first quarter,and continues,not going to go Coast to Coast tries to,go back door Walking the Tightrope Jones,thought about it,and misses from three-point territory,Simmons clears Jones thought about it,and misses from three-point territory,Simmons clears good rotations and,coverage Watanabe whole thing,on a rack attack Royal Johnson that gave,him a wide open Lane Michelle body bump,from Watanabe could help from Irving,Simmons leaves it,oh,the drive-by Jones kick out facel his,three ball won't go Sohan,with a rebound,poke away Ben Simmons tough Rim,protection for Brooklyn has made a,difference,Curry looking for that stroke in their,heads during the breaks his arms up,surfing one on one with McDermott screen,Simmons roll Simmons finish no poke it,to the outside and McDermott gets there,and and Pape loves it and Bobby was,impressed,still has not noticed Sarah Curry a,three,the Nets are 54 from long range San,Antonio last in the NBA,to McDermott can't hit the three Purtle,that's what he does offensive rebound,but he couldn't finish it the team and,the coaching staff has simplify things,they're all about One game just win the,game in front of you that's how they're,viewing Kyrie has a game-high five,rebounds,no assists because he was taking on the,scoring duties eight of nine from the,field,Curry lines it up,it's the same things that we discussed,at the start of the game where San,Antonio finds a lot of offense it's,often passport it gets off Second Chance,takes it around so Hand Claxton has it,knocked away,the cell the long stride shots into the,rim,he's fouled by Simmons,largest 28 but it's a 9-2 run to start,the third Simmons,missed it on the runner oh I don't have,an actual account Michelle comes up,short on the jump shot people want to,know your bird,Simmons,blocked by Turtle but a goalted

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Ben Simmons Debuts with Brooklyn Nets and Twitter Reacts | Ben Simmons Highlights

Ben Simmons Debuts with Brooklyn Nets and Twitter Reacts | Ben Simmons Highlights

foreign,foreign,thank you,thank you,thank you,welcome to FSM reacts if it's your first,time visiting we encourage you to,subscribe we'd love for you to join our,community,today's video comes to us from Brooklyn,where we have the return of Ben Simmons,to the NBA hard floor now you are able,to see the clips that were provided what,did you think of Ben's return comment,below I would love to get your opinion,Ben stats for this game were six points,four rebounds five assists one steal,three for six on field goals oh for two,on three throws in 19 minutes of action,we must take into account that he was,playing a Philadelphia 76ers Team,without Joel embiid or James Harden,overall I would say it was a nice return,for Ben but here are my six points from,this game number one Ben's defense has,not changed he's still an all NBA,Defensive Player number two,Ben handled the ball a lot in this game,he pretty much played the point guard,I think we'll see this throughout the,season and we'll see Kyrie as the,secondary ball handler,number three overall I think you'll fit,in well with Kyrie and Duran I think,he'll be great filling the lane catching,out the oops and making layups number,four it does not look like his free,throws have improved it's still early in,the preseason you only shot two today,maybe as the preseason progresses and as,the season progresses we'll see,Improvement but as of today his free,throw seems to have not changed he also,did not take any three-pointers he shot,one shot I would say it was a bit of a,fade away which looked horrible so,offensively,I did not see much improvements with,regards to his shooting today,so that's all I have on this topic today,again don't forget to subscribe to the,channel like if you enjoyed the video,here is more feedback from Twitter,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign

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Should The Nets Be Concerned About Ben Simmons ??

Should The Nets Be Concerned About Ben Simmons ??

yeah um oh yeah we'll talk about Ben,Simmons tonight Ben tonight like I said,this I I texted raised during the game,and I was like this is one of the first,games I wanted a punch band in the face,like I was so upset bro I wanted to,fight Ben because like he was getting,mismatched he was getting Kyle Lowry in,the post oh my God not doing nothing he,wasn't even he just looked like he,didn't want to play tonight bro,I couldn't I couldn't do it bro yeah,man I try to I try to like keep it easy,on band but it's like tonight got me,pissed off because we're all playing,hard Katie goes down it's like bro,in transition attack bro you got Kyle,Lowry on you body him in the post and go,up you know what I'm saying we were,talking about getting Ben last year,everybody like whenever somebody would,bring up the Trey young thing oh well,that was in Philly he would never do,something like that this is a whole new,team this is I was telling y'all bro I,was trying to tell y'all you know that,he just he'd be tripping sometimes bro,like next game he'll probably like, who do we play next the Celtics,yeah next huh,or some like that watch oh my God,bro he's he's just I don't know what's,wrong with him bro,I couldn't do it with Ben tonight bro,because I was like come on bro like you,in transition he wasn't even pushing the,ball in transition he was not posting up,like look at me got two times I swear I,saw him with Kyle Lowry in the post and,he didn't do nothing I'm telling him,back out you know what's scary what you,just said yeah remember we went to that,preseason game oh yeah he did the same, in a front they took the same game,plan from a preseason game and,it worked yeah so what the are the,Celtics gonna do,yeah it was when Ben is not aggressive,it really hurts like I said it creates,double teams it really hurts the team,bro if he's not aggressive these last,few games he's averaging like four,points,it's been really bad let me read these,franchise a lot of people are super,chatting shout out to Jelani the,adrenaline of KD on the contest he's,okay,uh Elijah Hall I'm telling you bro trade,Joe for some crap that's disrespectful,as ,some grab relief is crazy I believe,shout out to Vincent he said facts,training for some graba and Marley's,damn y'all out of the wrong disrespect,for them one dollar ass blunts y'all out,of the Marlies good morning that's crazy,not the Marlies,um what are we talking about oh yeah,well Ben tonight like I said if he's not,aggressive it's painful it's done it's,painful bro and it's like this is a team,you're supposed to be aggressive against,because the Miami Heat are a small ass,team like a who's their tallest player,bam six nine everybody else is on the,probably under like shorter than that,like you're supposed to attack them bro,attack and he wasn't even pushing in,transition he pushing transition go,downhill at least make it feel like,you're a threat make it feel like you,you know you're putting pressure on the,rim that's what he's supposed to be good,at that's what he's best at is Transit,when you're not trans when you're not,transition scoring bro it's like man,hey bro and it sucks because if Katie,doesn't come back I don't know I just,have a feeling that Katie Katie straight,but if we did have to play a couple,games without him bro like you just,you're just not going to be able to win,with that type of production from Ben,bro like he has the ability to come in,there put up a light 20 with no KD there,but he's not going to bro he's going to,put up like Five Points you know yeah,unfortunately I was so upset with men,man because I'm like bro we're all,playing hard like everybody's giving it,their all of us like you don't even look,like you want to be here the defense,wasn't even like potent like it usually,be shout out to Callaway yeah men wasn't,even playing defense yeah he wasn't he,wasn't really contesting shots I mean he,did Playmate he did give us what seven,assists he did pass he didn't do that,but like I said he,especially when Katie goes down bro,that's when even more you need to be in,more out of Attack Mode you got to be,more right now not if he's not going to,score the least he can do so it just uh,it's tough man it's really it's really,tough to like watch Ben and I'm getting,tired of oh why would you put that up,there you know that dude's a hater,oh yeah this guy yeah,so it just dude it,wrap it up it's like,if Ben Simmons like I'm tired I guess,I'm just tired of the excuses because,it's like when he has a semi-okay decent,game which he's had a couple of them is,oh Ben is back look at Benny's so,amazing right we don't hear about his,back or his knee when he does something,defensively on the defensive end of,shutting a player down but the second we,like it comes to his offense,like everybody then starts making,excuses oh well he had back surgery he's,not there yet he's not this he's not,that like but there's clearly like I I,don't even think it's his I don't I,don't think it's physical at all,

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Ben Simmons TROLLED ME on TWITTER! | LMAO | 4th Qtr Usage Analysis

Ben Simmons TROLLED ME on TWITTER! | LMAO | 4th Qtr Usage Analysis

what is happening oh my god alright guys,I'm just making this video real quick to,explain this to you yeah I just woke up,eyes are probably bloodshot red I was up,until like 4:00 in the morning watching,the Aaron Hernandez thing which by the,way I think is a load of I know,the stories in that documentary were,far-fetched and stretched out to make,this door I should make a whole video,reviewing the Aaron Hernandez,documentary because that was ass,anyway listen so after watching the,Knicks game when I was disappointed in,the performance in the fourth quarter,and I wasn't really doggin Ben Simmons,even if you watch the video I did after,the game I wasn't really doggin Ben,Simmons I was say I said how good of a,game he had I was more Saint Bret Brown,doesn't use him in the fourth quarter as,much as he does the beginning of the,game and I actually got the stats for,that and we're gonna talk about that in,a minute,but I go on Twitter and the first thing,I see is Ben Simmons posted a picture of,Tobias Harris that said whose man's is,this because he was making a funny face,or something okay and I just replied,really quick without thinking really and,I said that's somebody who's upset that,you guys were losing to the Knicks so he,had to come in and save the day,here's the tweet because to buy did they,went down by one with 40 seconds left to,the ball mass Knicks and Tobias Harris,hit a three with 40 seconds left to ice,the game they were about to lose to the,Knicks I was pissed off okay,I could have been meaner but that's all,I said,I didn't actually expect Ben Simmons to,read it or reply and apparently I said,it at the perfect time where he just,happened to be reading replies and he he,read it and he replied with the,spongebob mean,now if you know anything about Twitter,Twitter is full of a bunch of weirdos,that worship celebrities and athletes,there's like entire movements fan pages,like that that it's just it's it's,really odd okay and a celebrity can say,something that's not even really,creative or funny I mean just a picture,of Spongebob and it is no I mean it is,thousands of replies just laughing like,owned owned owned,ww how does it feel to get owned by Ben,Simmons how does it feel to get owned by,Benton like probably posted a picture of,Sponge Bob that's all indeed oh my god,it must be nice to have a million,followers when all you have to do is,post a picture of Spongebob and,everybody says you woman what I said was,actually the truth but anyway I don't,want to get into all this stuff I mean,people on Twitter are not objective they,they're a bunch of fans that that just,they just worshipped the athlete I mean,these are the people that you weren't,allowed to say bad things about TJ,McConnell or Robert Covington you know,these are the same people you're not,allowed to say you're not allowed to,criticize the Philadelphia players,you're not allowed to be objective and,say what is reality in an analytical way,at all you're just supposed to say okay,well at least we won the game everybody,played hard you know what I'm saying,so yeah he replied and now I'm just,getting nothing but troll replies all,day I actually had to log out because,it's just unbearable it's just nothing,but notifications all day long and it's,nothing but people with Ben Simmons as,their profile picture and like seven,followers that is like you know Lakers,Cowboys Sixers Ben Simmons fan you know,like not even real sports fans bro,there's like Boston Red Sox fans with,Ben Simmons as their picture like they,just love this dude so much you're not,allowed to say anything objective about,him so it doesn't bother me that much,I'm a grown-ass man I can take some,criticism and honestly if the joke is,funny I'll laugh at it say whatever you,want to me I laugh it,some of the troll comments I get on my,YouTube videos if they're funny cuz I,like comedy but you're just replying,with a picture of Spongebob come on man,but anyway my twitter is absolutely,blown open trolls so I had to log out,the other part of this video that I,wanted to do is I said yesterday that it,feels like Ben Simmons is the,centerpiece of the offense in the first,half of games and then it just feels,like I know we say he disappears but I'm,starting to get this feeling that he,just doesn't have any sets around for,him in the second half for the fourth,quarter and it just feels like it's,nothing but Josh Richardson and now,Horford screen and rolls and Ben Simmons,is literally not utilized in the fourth,quarter and I can't figure out why so,here's the numbers somebody posted it,for me here you go here you go,usage percentage by period and it's,actually facts uses percentage in the,fourth quarter,in the first quarter twenty two point,one percent usage percentage in the,second quarter twenty one point one,percent usage percentage in the third,quarter twenty point five percent and,usage percentage in the fourth quarter,fourteen point seven percent now how in,the world would you be using your b

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Richard Jefferson Cant Stop Laughing After Ben Simmons Airball in Practice! Brooklyn Nets NBA Today

Richard Jefferson Cant Stop Laughing After Ben Simmons Airball in Practice! Brooklyn Nets NBA Today

welcome back to NBA today I'm Malika,Andrews I was not one of the 8 000 fans,in Brooklyn Bridge Park on Sunday for,the Nets practice but those who were,there they got to see the net Stars,putting on a show Twitter took notice of,this air ball from Ben Simmons I'm,seeing Kyrie's not even dressed is he,Kyrie first of all that's not even his,shot I didn't even notice the shot until,like and it's outdoors listen in case,you're not used to it sometimes when,you're playing out there you know the,wind can move the ball six to eight,inches to the left to the right if y'all,know what I'm talking about y'all know,what I'm talking about oh yeah I know,what I'm talking about Park please are,you okay nope nope,he's gone he's done get it together Nick,Burnell asks Kevin Durant how he can,help get Simmons more comfortable than I,am right now in the Brooklyn Nets I,snorted I'm not here to be babysitting,anybody like Ben knows that if he got a,time to be aggressive go,you tell me the same thing so we always,fitting each other that type of energy,encouragement from me having the car to,Camp like we always talking to each,other about look we need to be more,aggressive to look for the ball I mean,that's the name of the game,when Ben is aggressive to get down here,and look for everybody again for this,you know put this put the ball in the,room there's gonna be a plus for our,team so but I don't have to tell them,this every day he knows what it is,all right so we can't add babysitter to,Kevin Durant's resume but we can add E40,impersonator to perks all right,Zach please help us what is the best way,for the Nets to get Simmons integrated,into what they do offensively,time everybody needs to chill on like,blacktop air balls and preseason games,Ben Simmons has not played a meaningful,NBA game in almost a year and a half and,we're all sitting here fretting over,does he figures this just give them some,time in real basketball games it's not,going to be that easy even though they,have a ton of shooting around him the,big question for the Nets is can Simmons,and Nick Claxton play together two,non-shooters if they can't how is,Brooklyn be able going to be able to,build a good enough defense to get where,they want to go which despite all the,endless melodrama that we've been,talking about for two years is pretty,damn far if they can't play two,non-shooters together because of Ben,Simmons limitations and claxton's,limitations it raises a lot of questions,over how can this team defend well,enough to get that far yeah I don't have,so many worries about playing both of,them together because they're in,different areas of the where you can,sort of hide someone in the corner,meaning if Ben Simmons brings the ball,up goes into a pick and roll you just,have to make sure Nick Claxton is in the,dunker spot which for those who don't,know that's the opposite block so that,you can create some spacing I think that,it's more so like you know as you said,Zach it's just time and not overreacting,it's going to be super easy to overreact,to what you saw in preseason but the,fact of the matter is that it's been 478,days since Ben Simmons as Zach said has,played meaningful basketball that's not,going to be easy to reacclimate yourself,to so I'm giving them a grace period of,a few games to the start of the season,to see what they're really made of and,also like have that competitive fire,which is required to play defense,because defense is going to be their,Saving Grace this year,Kendrick well it was two things it's two,things number one we they don't have,that much time in the Eastern Conference,the Eastern Conference is stacked and,with the play-in tournament every game,means something and that's why I love,the play-in tournament so we don't have,a lot of time and the reason that Ben,Simmons is under a micro uh scope is for,the simple fact he put himself there,okay so when you look at when you talk,about why we why we're scrutinizing his,every move and while we're watching the,preseason because we haven't seen them,play why we didn't see him play because,he chose to sit out last season and the,last time that we did see Ben Simmons,play meaningful basketball it was,disturbing to watch so yes we want to,see what Ben Simmons is going to go out,there and do we wanted to see we see all,this IG post uh he's ready for the,season and a new beginning and all this,okay cool we're tired of hearing the,talk from the Brooklyn Nets all across,the board now it's about to show me show,me what you're going to do because we,are watching I'm watching he's he's,going to be fine will he be able to,contribute what the Nets believe uh that,he can't that is yet to be seen,obviously because he's had so much time,off but to Zach's Point defensively I,think he gives them a lot of different,options like he can defensively play the,five against a lot of fives I don't want,him against Joel embiid but there's a,lot of fives out there that he could,guard whether you're like let's take,Bost

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Sixers Fans Sign "Get Well Soon" Card for Ben Simmons

Sixers Fans Sign "Get Well Soon" Card for Ben Simmons

listen today i was mean to ben simmons,at the four seasons hotel ben why the,grievance,why spit in the face of sixers fans why,the grievance,why the grievance ben,we didn't have the most important for,five years ben you know that,i regret it a little bit i've come to,make amends,get well soon ben we're sitting next to,him tonight on the floor 10 toes,we're getting this into them trying to,make amends giant penis,we got grievances of her got,softest player in the league shoot,with subtle but good,is someone going to assault him,i would hope not i mean hope too we,don't want that we don't want that i'm,gonna assault him i'm gonna,assault that he's done i'll,punch him in his little tiny,ben simmons ben simmons yeah while,at the curse oh it all right,man seven seven you look blazed how,blazed are you i'm not blaze at all liar,i always look high though,that's not fair that left didn't help,you fudge bin simmons,and these have nuts,this is still your thank you card this,is a thank you card yeah yeah and thank,you for all of,all the all the nothing all the nothing,wow this is,i've seen birthday cards with less,ass,loser great great adjectives mix in an,adverb,all right so so is a verb yeah i,think if you have the l y to it like,fuckly bitchley,fuckly,fuckly,yeah i think that's it,that constitutes a little,look at this thank you for hardening,that's the nicest thing anyone could say,i must say stormzy is better for mine,seven people will get this but it's,gonna be it's gonna hit with them i'm,just,curious like what what you guys are,doing this for are you a clutch mole am,i a clutch mall yeah like are you a mole,like the clutch than you because you're,sending a lot of moles to file for,grievances uh i'm not a clutch phone now,i kind of think that you asked me what,i'm doing now i'm kind of,telling you what i'm doing and now ben's,gonna get his grievance,what are you gonna do the children the,youth of tomorrow what do they think,about ben simmons,do you think he's a good uh figure to,look up to,no i don't either,why don't you he traded,he got traded off the team so,if i could go up to him i'd,take,a knife,and i would,i would put,i would carve his name in his hand damn

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