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Ben Noll's Hudson Valley winter outlook 2022-23welcome to everyone that has been,patiently waiting f

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Updated on Jan 26,2023

Ben Noll's Hudson Valley winter outlook 2022-23

welcome to everyone that has been,patiently waiting for the presentation,to start,um I think we're just about there and in,a moment I will make my uh slides full,screen so you won't be able to see the,um the extra bits around the edges,um and then we will get underway we have,12 viewers with us tonight so thanks,everyone for um you know spending your,Saturday evening with me,um I really hope that you find this,interesting and informative and fun,um you know a bit of a different way of,delivering uh a forecast uh outlook here,Danielle asks when does the new merch,drop um yeah so that's really exciting,uh next weekend I'm really excited about,this um this year's logo and motto,um my sister who's based in Chicago uh,graphic designer uh is the designer and,I think she did a really cool job so uh,great job and and that'll all be out,next week weekend so really looking,forward to sharing that with everyone,all right well with that I will kick,things off once again uh uh thanks,everyone for joining in from the Hudson,Valley,I am streaming live from Auckland New,Zealand uh some 8 500 miles away uh on,the bottom of the Earth in the Southern,Hemisphere and I'm excited tonight to,share with you my thoughts on the winter,weather uh in in the Hudson Valley of,course today just looking at the weather,it was in the upper 60s so we're not,quite there yet although we do have our,first arctic cold front of the uh Autumn,season the fall coming uh in the coming,couple of days as we look ahead to,Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday it's,going to be on the chillier side,um so it's a good time to talk winter,weather so welcome to everyone and I,will get underway with my presentation,so kind of before I go into,um the Outlook um just a bit of a,background on on me where I came from,what I do why I'm in New Zealand,um so yeah my story is is from New York,to New Zealand so I was born in,Westchester County,uh in 1991 and I lived there for a short,while before moving up to the Hudson,Valley the Mid-Hudson Valley to be,specific,um where I lived briefly in Poughkeepsie,when I was a baby and then moved across,the river to Orange County where I spent,um my younger years and right up until I,moved away to go to college,so I went to Valley Central Valley,Central School District,um Elementary School at Berea then I,went to the middle school and the high,school in Montgomery,um and that really set set me up well um,the teachers there I found to be really,fantastic,um and I was well positioned to go and,Chase my main passion which is,meteorology,um and that was a passion that I had,since a very young age when I was I was,really the blizzard of 1996 maybe some,of you may remember that I think it was,in January uh Montgomery had uh probably,18 to 24 inches of snow and I think we,were off school for two or three days,and I just one of my first memories just,running to the window and just watching,the snow kind of pile up and pile up and,pile up and that was um that was a,trigger uh for me to ultimately learn,about the science behind the storms so,I I took that passion uh to Valley,Central where I was as early as the,Middle School kind of uh used to be,asked you know we're gonna have school,tomorrow and at that point you know I,was I was an amateur I was you know,looking at the different websites and,just kind of,um you know coming coming bringing those,things together in my head uh whereas,now you know I've of course learned um,the ins and outs of forecasting and,looking at different things satellites,radars weather models and and bringing,that all together,um so really um you know honed my skills,at Oswego graduated in 2013,um in 2012 I had an internship with,AccuWeather which is located in State,College Pennsylvania,um and that was after that successful uh,internship I was offered a full-time job,after I graduated so that was a really,um a really nice transition back into,um uh back to AccuWeather where I had,the internship and there I worked ship,work so I was working,um sometimes in the same week I'd be,working overnights and then I'd be,working day ships uh evenings and it was,you know quite a quite a tough thing,obviously being right out of school I,was energetic and I wanted to do,everything I mean it was a kind of like,a grad school for forecasting um you,learned how to forecast everywhere in,the world,and,um you know certainly certainly that was,beneficial because a few years later,um I was contacted by one of my former,professors at Oswego about job openings,in New Zealand and he had lived there,for about two years at the time and they,were hiring a couple new meteorologists,and,I thought well you know this was if I'm,gonna you know ever do something really,really unusual really unique this is the,time to to do it you know I I was in my,early to mid 20s 24 I think and,um,I went through the application process,and one thing led to another and there,was a job offer and I'm like wow you,know Halfway Around the World,um you know you have to

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Ben Noll speaks at Crispell Middle School Career Day 2022

Ben Noll speaks at Crispell Middle School Career Day 2022

greetings to the crispell middle,schoolers this is Ben Noll coming to you,from New Zealand I'm sorry I couldn't be,present today at your career day but I,am 8 500 miles away after all so I,thought it would be better to just try,and record a video for you so today uh,my wife Kate is helping out and she is,going to deliver the interview questions,now you guys sent a lot of questions I,think over a hundred in total so uh I'd,probably be here all day if I was,answering all of them so I picked about,a dozen uh that were the most commonly,asked questions so I hope that you find,this interesting and with that I'm going,to hand it over to Kate who's going to,ask me the first question,question number one what made you want,to predict whether,yeah that's a good question so this will,take me back uh to my childhood,um in 1996 in fact there was a blizzard,I was,five years old at the time in,kindergarten and I remember running up,to the window and watching the snow pile,up pile up pile up and we didn't have,school probably for two or three days,and it was that storm that triggered me,to want to understand the science behind,the storm so way back in 1996 and ever,since I've been learning about the,science predicting the snow storm after,storm,um so it goes back uh many decades,almost over 25 years now in fact since,that initial uh that initial spark that,led me down this snowy Journey,cool so what's your favorite thing to do,about your job,my favorite thing to do about my job,well,I do a lot at my job from,my my day job what I do in New Zealand,um I predict uh weather the short-term,weather for folks like the fire service,so uh those that go out and fight,wildfires that need to understand things,like wind temperature it's going to rain,uh so that's short-term weather I also,do climate prediction and this is,probably the thing I'm most passionate,about is looking out a bit of crystal,ball gaze into the future say uh two,three four months out what the types of,weather patterns we might experience and,say the upcoming winter so right now the,Hudson Valley is going into the winter a,lot of folks are wondering is the winter,going to be bad so in New Zealand I do,climate prediction and I look at things,in the atmosphere and ocean that help to,answer the question will winter be bad,or will summer be hot will there be a,lot of hurricanes so,um I like to take things a little bit,farther than just the weather tomorrow,and actually and actually look,deeper and farther out in time so I,would say climate protein addiction is,probably the thing that I'm most,passionate about at my job,were you nervous to leave everything you,knew to go to New Zealand,yeah so when you leave a country leave,home whether that's to go to college for,the first time to sleep away camp you,know leaving that comfort zone it's,tough right it's it's something that um,is out of the ordinary so those things,um you know they they do they are,challenging,um and they can be a little stressful,you can be a little bit nervous to leave,you know leave your home behind so,coming to New Zealand all the way on the,other side of the world,um you know you kind of start over uh,you have to start a new bank account you,don't have any friends,um you know you get off the plane and,and you know you're in this brand new,country the money is different the signs,here it's the metric system so it says,100 kilometers per hour so even driving,uh is different you drive on the the the,the right side of the car on the left,side of the road the opposite to the,Hudson Valley so the United States for,that matter so it is um it is very,different but over time like anything,else it becomes you get used to it you,get accustomed to these changes uh and,you learn new things about different,cultures and,Supply you're forced to try things that,you might not otherwise try,and because of that I think that you,know you become maybe a more,well-rounded person when you see other,walks of life you try different foods um,uh people say things a little bit,differently they spell things a little,bit differently uh and all of those,things you know help you to I think,become you know a more well-rounded,person so yes it's challenging but,there's a lot of positives that can come,out of you know leaving your comfort,zone,what does it take to become a,meteorologist,yeah so you're sitting here,um in a career day so some of you might,be interested in going into the field of,of weather and climate prediction,um so typically it's a four-year degree,there are a number of colleges in the,Northeast that do offer atmospheric,science or meteorology,um there is a lot of math that goes into,uh the weather physics chemistry uh,you'll be learning a lot of equations,equation of motion ideal gas law so it,gets pretty complicated and fast,um so if you are strong in math and you,have an interest in science meteorology,may be a field to explore there's SUNY,Oswego which is where I went there's,Penn State University in State Colleg

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A Look at the Tropics Including an Interesting Tweet from Ben Noll - July 14, 2022

A Look at the Tropics Including an Interesting Tweet from Ben Noll - July 14, 2022

good afternoon to you marks out of,hurricane here time for the,hurricane outlook and discussion it's,thursday the 14th of july 2022,and we're going to talk about that tweet,there in the title graphic here and the,youtube thumbnail,from ben in just a little bit it's quiet,now that i see signs of change coming,and we will get to that all right good,to have you with me this afternoon let's,take a look at what we have out there,first an upper level low here over the,bahamas and vicinity pretty much,dominating the entire southwest atlantic,over here i'll draw a square around it,now for no particular reason let's just,get rid of all that you can see it there,unfavorable for development that's a big,old area of cold air,swirling around in the upper atmosphere,sometimes those can work their way,down to the surface there is some,convection associated with it,showers and thunderstorms and some of,the bahama islands down there the,bahamian islands so just be aware of,that some of those storms can produce,some gusty winds and some lightning from,time to time the water temperatures are,very warm over here and if this hung,around for a while,and i mean like another week it might,develop more warm core characteristics,and work its way down to the surface i,don't see that happening in any of the,model guidance so not much worry,associated with that there's a frontal,system that is stalled out over the,southeastern us you can see some,northwesterly flow,coming through here some nice,dry air to the north of that and then,this big old ridge sitting out here over,the west for the most part and that will,keep this system down here which i think,that's 96 e,e for eastern pacific that is going to,go on to develop and become a hurricane,as it tracks off to the west and west,northwest with time let's move over to,the east a little bit and we can check,out the tropical atlantic,nice and quiet through the main,development region dominated by dry air,sinking air the saharan air layer pretty,prevalent right now,but make no mistake we do have these,tropical waves out here energy is coming,off of africa the pattern is going to be,changing within the next couple of weeks,or so it takes time,but it's going to get there and i think,things are going to be pretty busy going,forward we can also see why things are,quiet now because of this the saharan,air layer look at that it's just so vast,this giant air mass gets ejected off of,africa through the african easterly jet,kind of shoves this all out there into,the atlantic you get a lot of,particulate matter,sand a silicate in the the atmosphere,it's a very fine material and it's able,to be transported,i think it's at about eighteen thousand,feet or so plus or minus,um,above the surface between there and,about five thousand feet it can vary but,it's like this blanket that gets pushed,out into the atlantic and it literally,puts a a cap on things from being able,to to develop there's a lot of warm air,associated with it and that doesn't,allow for deep convection it's,definitely a sign of tranquility for the,most part in terms of tropical,development and we can see this,reflected nicely on the total,precipitable water water graphic all,this dry air sitting out here that's,what the blues indicate yes though there,is some moisture it's down to the south,along the inter-tropical convergence,zone,but it's not shoved well south i mean,look that's 10 degrees,north latitude right through there,so it is pretty active it's just waiting,to get,tapped a little bit more and that'll,happen i think as the pattern changes,and this strong high pressure over the,eastern atlantic relaxes a little bit,allows the trade winds to slow,the waters will warm up the air will,start to pile up and the pattern will be,more favorable going forward so let's,take a look real quick the gfs in the,eastern pacific uh this is the 850,millibar level of the atmosphere that's,the area in the east pack i think it's,96 e and we put this into motion and see,what happens with that over the next few,days it winds up pretty quickly and then,heads on off well to the south and west,of the baja could send some swells up,that way so if you're going to cabo san,lucas,in four to five days plus,it could be pretty nice out there for,some surf for you looking in the eastern,atlantic and in fact the entire atlantic,there's africa right there we'll outline,it,this is the islands and all of them the,caribbean there's the greater antilles,there's florida,and the east coast just to give you your,bearings and all of that brown again i,say,as i've said before dr cowan levi cowan,has done a great job coating this up,look at all that dry air right now,that's the brown you see the higher,humidity values are down here in the,green and by the way that matches up,very nicely with what i showed you over,here all right so let's put this into,motion as well,uh one frame at a time let's see if,it'll give me my cursor back there we go,so let's move this on out

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Ben Noll explains Montgomery's severe storm

Ben Noll explains Montgomery's severe storm

ed è periodicamente da pista era più,bomber in tempo,il baseball week of action ok shin oki,gli stilisti che wayne shorter state b

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10 SCARY GHOST Videos Accidentally Caught On Camera

10 SCARY GHOST Videos Accidentally Caught On Camera

top 10 scary spook video's,Voordat ons vandag se episode van top 10 scary video's begin, wil ek jou net daaraan herinner dat,as jy vandag se video geniet het, druk asseblief die like-knoppie en teken in om,die kanaal,Haunted te help ondersteun,die eerste spookvideo vir vandag kom van die YouTube-kanaal pyn dobbelsteen pyn dobbelsteen is,Eric Gunner se nuwe kanaal en as jy al 'n rukkie 'n intekenaar is sal jy weet ek het,'n paar baie skrikwekkende video's van Eric se skrikwekkende ontmoetings in die verlede gewys, maar vir die van julle,wat nuut is hier, laat ek verduidelik Eric gaan beweer dat sy huis spook en dat demoniese,entiteit hom in sy huis geteister het. Eric het uiteindelik huis toe getrek in die hoop dat die,aktiwiteit sou bedaar, maar dit blyk nie die geval te wees in die volgende video,wat jy gaan doen nie sien Eric word in sy nuwe huis wakker gemaak deur vreemde geluide hy gaan ondersoek instel,en dit is waar dinge skrikwekkend raak,, maar wat Eric destyds nie opgemerk het nie, was iemand wat hom uit die,duisternis dopgehou het, onbewus van Eric destyds die gesig van iemand of iets kan gesien word wat,sy kop agter Eric se yskas uitloer en dit lyk asof hy direk na hom staar, maar wat,dit nog grilleriger maak, is dat sekondes voor die gesig nie daar was nie en oomblikke nadat die,gesig gesien is wanneer elkeen stap verby niemand is daar dan later in die video toe Eric,terug na bo is hoor hy 'n vreemde geluid agter hom hy draai in die gesig met,wat ook al agter die yskas skuil, kan gesien word hoe hy sy kop om die hoek,loer en angswekkend na Eric staar wat sien dit hierdie keer en vlug boontoe in vrees nou weet ek wat,jy dink hoekom skakel Eric nie net die ligte aan goed nie Eric het 'n aantal,kere verduidelik dat in die verlede wanneer die ligte aan is die aktiwiteit so uitgekom het hand,dat hy hulle nou net liewer sal weghou en dit in die duisternis in die gesig staar terwyl dit,swakker is, maar wat dink jy is Eric Gunners tuis regtig spook deur 'n demoniese entiteit,jy vertel my,The Shadow,die volgende spookvideo kom van een van die mees wettige paranormale ondersoekkanale,spook Tech paranormale ondersoeke besoek die spookjagspan die historiese Saint Mary's-,kerk geleë in edlesboro Engeland volgens historici die kerk dateer terug na die,vroeë 1100's, maar sommige redeneer dit dateer selfs verder terug verskeie besoekers aan die kerk,beweer dat hulle skaduagtige swart kappie figure gesien het en die spoke van Thomas covenberry 'n voormalige,dominee wat deur die kerk dwaal stap paranormale ondersoeke het daarin geslaag om 'n foto te kry wat,binne die kerk geneem is deur 'n besoeker en dit is wat dit gewys het in die foto wat,deur 'n kerk verskaf is besoeker kan ons duidelik sien wat lyk soos 'n skaduagtige kappie figuur vasgevang,in die middel van beweging binne die kerk, dan in spook daardie paranormale ondersoeke prentjie kan 'n ander,skaduagtige figuur gesien word wat binne 'n deuropening na die kapel staan ​​vir die eerste deel,van die video wat die spookjagters uitvoer 'n paranormale ondersoek binne die historiese kerk waar,hulle vreemde stemme vasvang is op verduidelik klop en sien selfs 'n paar skadu-figure,,maar teen ongeveer 28 minute in die video besluit die spookjagters om vir die,nag in die koorarea van die kerk te gaan slaap, hulle laat hul statiese kameras aan die rol en,dit is wat hulle vasgevang het kamera maak ons ​​ons beddens in die koor op en laat ons koppe,sak met ons statiese kameras en klank wat vir die res van die nag loop,50 minute later terwyl ons slaap statiese kamera 3 in die noordelike eiland neem 'n skadu,-figuur vas wat langs die muur beweeg in dit lyk asof die koor dan in die vloer ingaan, dan styg dit,op en beweeg langs die muur na die Suid-gang,as ons slaap statiese cam 4 in die koor tel voetstappe op en dan word 'n harde slag,gehoor wat Phil wakker maak en ek,het vasgevang op die spookjagspan se nagsigkamera 'n geheimsinnige skaduwee kan gesien word,wat oor 'n muur van die kerk beweeg voordat 'n paar uit verdwyn, maar wie s'n is dit. Gaan,stap paranormale ondersoeke beweer dat die skaduwee destyds vasgelê is hulle het,almal geslaap en niemand anders was in die kerk nie, dan op 'n ander kamera kan ons die,Spookjagters sien slaap en die geluide van voetstappe kan gehoor word wat naby loop, dan laat bangers-,trop toe wat die ondersoekers laat skrik sodat die spook Tech paranormale ondersoeke,paranormale aktiwiteit binne vasvang die historiese Saint Mary's Church, jy vertel my,The Figure,Hierdie volgende spookvideo kom van die spookjagkanaal Sean Austin musiek en paranormale,ondersoek Sean en sy vriend Eric het die berugte Letchworth Village Asylum besoek wat,bekend is dat dit ongelooflik spook, maar in plaas daarvan om die hoof te ondersoek gebou,van die Asiel-paar besluit om die sykoshuis te verken en dit op kamera,op jou gesig vas te vang Nasie dit gaan oor brand vir 'n sekonde,uh,op die oomblik is dit op nul,'n Kindergrootte figuur kan in die gang gesien word, m

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what the AF?! LUMIX S5II and S5IIX get Phase Autofocus!

what the AF?! LUMIX S5II and S5IIX get Phase Autofocus!

已经使用该频道一段时间的人都知道我是 LUMIX 大使。,大约八年前,当 GH4 首次问世时, 我被 邀请加入团队。 从那时起,,GH5 和 GH6 相继问世,成为全画幅相机的完整系列。 S系列已经出来,了。现在甚至还有几个盒式相机。这绝对是令人难以置信的相机运行。,说到难以置信,看看这个观点。惊人的!无论如何,除了这些令人难以置信的,相机之外,还有一些非常令人难以置信的功能,尤其是对于电影制作人而言。,甚至更高端的 LUMIX 相机、快门角度和同步扫描 等时间码 支持。 完整的 V-Log 支持,,其中一些支持 ProRes 内部记录,RAW 输出。我的意思是,这太不可思议了。,这些功能是什么以及这些相机所具有的功能简直令人惊叹,但我们都知道,缺少了一些东西——看看那个——作为一个 YouTuber,作为一个电影制作人,我还没有发现真正,需要它。我并没有觉得我真的缺少这个功能,但是 - 但你知道,这是一个,很好的功能。我现在要安装这台相机。这是一个很高兴拥有的功能,,你知道,在某个时候,我决定我有点想要它。所以,,我终于给自己买了一台相机,它具有我们都知道缺少的功能。,顺便说一下,这里的这些手套,检查一下这些东西——这些手套是摄影手套,它们,有一个小袋子用来装你的暖包,检查一下——它们甚至还有,像小指尖一样的东西——不管怎样,我喜欢这些——无论如何,所以我想告诉你我现在,用什么拍摄。所以让我拿出 iPhone 在这里拍一段视频。 看看,那个婴儿。那是一个 LUMIX。那是具有相位自动对焦功能的 LUMIX S5II!我们终于得到了Phase!,我想这就是整个视频。 ♪♪,如果你在推特和 Instagram 上,回到 12 月初,你可能会注意到,来自世界各地的一群 YouTube 用户和记者同时在东京。,看到猜测飞扬 很 有趣,有些人甚至认为这是为了松下。我想我,是在雷达之下飞行的,因为我在那里发布了照片和视频,这些照片和视频引出了,我在日本拍摄的另外 两个视频 ; GH6 Open Gate Anamorphic 视频和 LAOWA 6mm 镜头,视频——当然,如果你还没有看过,我会链接到下面——但,这次旅行的主要目的实际上是为了展示 LUMIX S5II。有一个官方活动,向我们一群人宣布了这款相机,我们都拿到了一台 S5II 和一堆镜头,,用于我们的评测。我说的是审查,但对我来说当然有点不同。 我 再次,成为 LUMIX 大使,所以不要指望此视频会得到严厉的评论。,我在这里要做的是突出我最喜欢的功能,因为不仅仅是,相位自动对焦让我兴奋,我将通过规格表比较。但无论如何,,我们都得到了装备,松下组织了一辆旅游巴士向我们,展示了这座城市的一些亮点,我们有一整天两夜只是闲逛,、拍摄、探索和测试相机。不可否认,我们玩得很开心,我不得不说,,我学到的一件事是,和 Josh Yeo 一起喝威士忌基本上是一项奥林匹克运动。,真的很快——我几乎从不要求你订阅我的视频,我的妻子总是告诉我我需,要这样做。我觉得这没什么区别;你们都知道,如果,你愿意,你可以潜入,但她坚持认为这确实有帮助。所以 — 如果您还没有订阅,请订阅,,这样我就可以向我的妻子展示这些指标并向她证明 — 是的。因为她可能是对的。,谢谢。好吧,让我们进入杂草。我将建立一个完整的比较表格,,逐个比较 LUMIX S5 和 LUMIX S5II 以及……还有! ... LUMIX S5IIX。,因为是的,有两种型号问世。虽然 S5II _is_ 包含视频,功能,但 S5IIX 保留了一些更高端的视频功能。如果您想,在另一个屏幕上继续操作,我已经在我的网站 上发布了整个图表,♪♪ S5II,的发布价格将与 S5 发布时的价格相同;十九九十九,美元,而 S5IIX 只需多两百美元,二十一九十九美元。,图像传感器尺寸相同,为 24.2 兆像素,没有低通滤波器,,并且仍然具有 96 兆像素的高分辨率模式,无论是 JPEG 还是 RAW。,S5II 与其前身一样具有双原生 ISO,但现在,,与更高端的 LUMIX 相机一样,您可以将其置于自动或手动选择低或高,ISO 电路。顺便说一下,V-Log 的基本或原生 ISO 是 LOW 640 和 HIGH 4000。,稳定性,已经是最好的,已经得到了改进。在图表上它显示,它仍然是 5 轴和 5 档,但它添加了“Active IS”。那是什么意思呢?好吧,Active IS 是,整个系统的名称,其中包括 Dual IS 2,同时使用,机身和镜头稳定的最新图像稳定,EIS 或电子图像稳定,用于,裁剪到传感器中以获得额外的摆动空间 - 仅当你想要它 - 和 Boost IS,,另一种可选模式,如果你保持静止,系统会锁定图像以模仿,相机在三脚架上。所以现在,新算法和新硬件仅仅意味着更好的稳定性。,自动对焦。可以说,这些相机最重要的新功能当然是,相位混合自动对焦。 与具有 225 个区域自动对焦的 S5 相比——这是,将场景分成 多少个区域 以寻找要聚焦的内容——S5II 具有 779 个自动对焦区域,,覆盖了整个传感器。稍后我们将更仔细地了解自动对焦。,快门角度适用于视频拍摄者,但现在添加了同步扫描支持,,允许您以 1 度为增量调整快门角度。老实说,这是,我用来制作 YouTube 视频的任何相机中最重要的功能之一,因为,以 1 度为增量调整快门角度意味着您可以使快门与,科技产品中任何闪烁的 LED 屏幕或按钮同步,以消除屏幕上的闪烁。如果你不知道,什么是快门角度,我有一个完整的视频,我将在上面和下面链接。,连拍照片有了巨大的升级,从单次自动对焦时的最高 7 fps 到,连续自动对焦时的每秒 30 帧。在原始文件中。好多啊!,电子取景器得到了很好的升级,分辨率更高,放大倍率更高。,这是一堆其他规格。如果您想阅读这些内容,请暂停。,S5IIX 将包括内部 ProRes 记录。 LUMIX GH6 是第一个做到这一点,的,老实说,这几乎是我用那台相机拍摄的所有内容。如果我,在现场拍摄到外部录像机,那通常是 RAW。 S5 也能做到这一点——但我们会谈到这一点。,对于音频,GH6 中首次引入的另一个功能是四通道音频录制,,当添加 XLR1 时,Panasonic 的热靴安装 XLR 接口。您可以使用两个 XLR,麦克风加上 3.5 毫米麦克风输入,总共有四个音频通道。因此,使用一个简单的 3.5 毫米立体声到,单声道分离器,您可以为四人采访准备四个人的麦克风,为每个麦克风提供自己的,音频通道。好的。使用外部麦克风时,您还可以升级到 96 Kilohertz 音频。,与高端 LUMIX 相机一样,没有录制限制。现在,,这不是新的,但在这里被明确地调用了; “在 0 到 40,摄氏度的环境中没有时间限制”,这实际上只是为了强调这些,相机完全运行的范围有多大。在冰点和 104 华氏度之间,你可以开始了。,除此之外,您可能还有一些录音限制。但是相机会执行。,LUMIX S5II 还在影院模式下获得真正的 24p。这是每秒 24.00 帧,,加上 23.976。下一节有大量数字,,我不会全部阅读,但这里是重点。 S5II 和 S5IIX 都可以拍摄,3:2 或 17 x 9 比例的全画幅 6K,以及 16 x 9、4:2:0 10 位高达,30p 的全画幅 5.9K。它将以全 4:2:2 10 位高达 60p 的 APS-C 裁剪,或 30p 全帧处理 Cinema 4K 和超高清。还有各种 HFR 帧速率,包括全高清 120p 全帧。,4:2:2 10 位 S&Q 模式保留给 S5IIX,All Intra 模式也是如此,通过,USB 最高 800 兆位,或内部 600 兆位。所以是的,S5IIX 也将支持通过 USB 录制到 SSD。,同样,S5IIX 中包含内部 ProRes——但请记住,您,始终可以使用外部 ATOMOS 或 Blackmagic 录像机捕捉到 ProRes。,新的 REAL TIME LUT 功能真的很酷,我将在稍后的视频中详细介绍,,但您不仅可以在 V-Log 拍摄时将任何 LUT 加载到相机中进行预览,,而且现在您可以刻录那种外观到视频或 JPEG 照片中。当我到达那里时,,我将谈论为什么这如此有趣。,S5IIX 将支持 Ninja V+ 的 RAW 视频输出,,并且作为 S5II 的可选付费升级。正在处理其他外部 RAW 输出。,WiFi 和蓝牙支持当然都在那里,蓝牙已经升级到第 5 版,,更加省电。 S5IIX 将提供有线和无线直播,,这使它成为一个非常棒的单摄像头直播解决方案,无论您是想用它,自己直播,还是将其作为事件拍摄的简单附加服务提供。没有花哨的切换;,只是一个简单的单摄像头直播,用于婚礼等活动。,HDMI 端口现在是全尺寸的 — 是的! — 并且 USB 已升级到 10 Gb。在 S5IIX 上,,USB 端口还支持 USB Host,这允许它写入 USB-C 驱动器。两种型号,都可以通过 USB 上的 LUMIX Tether 应用程序进行控制。那个繁忙的 USB 端口还支持 USB-PD,,用于“供电”,这意味着您可以使用电池组为相机供电。最后,,双 UHS 卡槽现在_both_ UHS-II。 ♪♪,我想你们最感兴趣的是自动对焦测试。那么,让我们开始,吧。让我们做一个非常简单的自动对焦演示。我们处于具有人体,检测的全区域自动对焦模式。你会看到我可以将其切换为人类、面部和眼睛或动物和人类。,Face and Eye实际上包含在Human中。这是一个层次结构。所以,当我,走进画面时,你现在会看到,它会抓住我的脸,我们就有了。因此,它具有面部,和眼睛检测功能,但处于人类模式的优势在于,如果面部和眼睛确实,消失了——例如,你的拍摄对象转身——它仍然会有身体。,但是,如果您只有面部和眼睛,并且它们转过身,就会失去,该主题。拥有面部和眼睛的好处是,如果你真的想确定优先级,,你不希望任何可能靠近面部的物体让它快速聚焦,到面部,这很可能是你要去的地方想要使用面部和眼睛,但对于大多数,一般用途,人体检测是可行的方法。现在,我在这里查看另一台监视器,以便,了解实际发生的情况。你会在这里看到,当我把一个物体靠近我的脸时,,它会咬住它,但一旦我开始挡住我的脸,它就会抓住那个物体……它,看到那个物体并专注于那个物体。当然,它专注于最接近的部分,所以我,在 F2 下,所以在这个 F1.8 镜头上开得非常好,它专注于这里的相机,,这个可爱的 Kondor Blue 笼子里的 GH6 和 正如您所期望的,,我们可以看到它专注于最前面的 部分。 似乎工作得很好。我可以走出框架,,也可以退回框架,焦点会做焦点应该做的事情。,让我们到外面走一段距离,看看抓住尸体会发生什么。,如果运气好的话,我会继续朝相机走去,它会一直抓住,身体,在某个时候,它会切换到面部检测——以,确保我不会逃跑在这里——我要径直走到,摄像机前,我们要看看它看起来如何。它仍然 - 看那个,它切换到,脸上,我们就有了!女士们先生们,S5II 上的人脸检测自动对焦功能。, ♪♪,所以,我当然不是视频博主,但我认为使用这款具有新自动对焦功能的相机,,我应该像博主那样测试一下。所以,我不知道那是什么意思。所以,我在这里,,现在我正在看那边的东西。让我们看看焦点是怎么做的。这很酷,然后,,这里有这个东西。我不知道那是什么。一些漂亮的小灯。这有点酷。,其实,你知道吗?我知道我要给你看什么。有一个非常酷的龙,雕塑。这太棒了。我们去看看吧。让我看看我们也可以,集中注意力到什么程度。好吧,我们进去看看这个人。美丽的龙。让我们看看我们是否可以,接近那个。是的,看看那个人。这不是很棒吗?甜美的,甜美的龙。爱它。非常酷。,所以,你知道,我 很喜欢它,但这就是这台相机的作用,,比如它如何用于博客。凉爽的。我们去吃拉面吧。,现在,差不多对了。 ♪♪,这是我非

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Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom | Season 2 | Episode 24| Kids Videos

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom | Season 2 | Episode 24| Kids Videos

somewhere,hidden amongst thorny brambles is a,little kingdom of elves and fairies,everyone who lives here is very very,small,come on let's play wait for us,ben and holly's,little kingdom,today's adventure starts,at the meadow,gaston to the rescue,gaston's brilliant at digging,he's dug up an old stick,gaston fetch,wow,let's play indoors come on gaston,ah,i love a clean kitchen hello nanny club,no,don't let that lady bird into my kitchen,he's making muddy footprints everywhere,get off the floor,not on the table,this is a food preparation area,where is he going now maybe he's gone to,see daddy he likes daddy,who let this smelly ladybird in the,house,holly,yes daddy please keep gaston under,control sorry daddy we live in the,castle gaston lives outside,never mind gaston let's all go to the,great elf tree instead,mrs elf that blueberry pie smells,delicious yes mr elf the secret is to,cook it very slowly over three days,hello mom hello hello ben hello holly,can't he shake himself outside,that pie is not for you gaston oh well,now ben gaston should live outside we,live inside okay mum ah,where's the pie gone gaston's eaten it,we don't know it was gaston it could,have been someone else he's the only one,with pie on his face,out gaston i never want to see you again,sorry gaston you'd better go home go on,gaston off you go,bedtime holly,ah are you all right darling i'm a bit,sad gaston isn't allowed in our houses,anymore oh,gaston,oh,gaston is all wet and cold,cast on go and make that rocket,somewhere else,poor gaston,gaston,gaston,gaston,gaston,gaston,hello ben i can't find gaston anywhere,maybe he's in his cave,gaston,it's empty where is gaston he must have,gone off somewhere to be sad don't worry,i'll find him elves are good at finding,ladybirds and i'm an elf,gaston,gaston,gaston,gaston,oh,where are we i don't know i've never,been here before,oh,it's a door,speak friend and enter,a talking door hello hello,i wonder what's behind it that's for me,to know,a talking door yes daddy it said speak,friend and enter oh that will be the old,dwarf mine dwarf mine yes,the dwarves used to dig down into the,earth looking for diamonds and gold,stuff like that,i like diamonds and gold they're so,pretty and sparkling glittery let's take,a look at this dwarf mine,what are dwarfs like they're big bigger,than us yes dwarves are huge,here's the door,it's locked speak friend and enter what,does that mean it's a riddle no entry,until you solve the renewal that's silly,i'll just magic it open,uh,my magic doesn't work on the door yes,fairy magic and dwarf magic don't mix,maybe we should just ask nicely how are,you today mr dawe fine thank you can we,come in please speak friend and enter,maybe it means say the word friend good,idea ben,um,friend,that was easy let's go in,ben and holly you wait outside ah the,dwarf mine could be dangerous then why,are you going in uh well we're grown-ups,can we go with you uh,why not if you're with us grown-ups,you'll be safe,as long as the door doesn't shut behind,us,oh,now what do we do,wand give me light,maybe we can say friend again to make,the door open,friend it's a new riddle this time,all right what's the new riddle if a car,with a two-liter engine travels up a 15,degree hill at 10 miles an hour how much,fuel will it use if the hill is a,hundred meters high,ah,what if we go this way lots and lots of,tunnels leading for miles we'd get lost,going that way if only gaston was here,he could smell his way out good idea,where is gaston yes where is good old,gaston you said you never wanted to see,him again and so did you dad oh,yes yes and now gaston's off somewhere,being sad,help gaston we're stuck,there all nice and clean again oh oh no,gaston out out,what's that ben and holly and king and,queen thistle are mr mrs elf all stuck,in the old mine you say oh then there's,no time to lose,lead the way gaston,hello,nanny plum thank goodness you're here,we're trapped hang on i'll just magic,the door open,oh it doesn't work no because the door,is sealed with dwarf magic you have to,answer a question what question an,aeroplane is flying at 180 miles per,hour how strong will the wind have to be,to slow its speed by 15,that's just gobbledygook nanny magic,upper spade and diggers out,this will take ages i know gaston can,dig us out yes gaston's brilliant at,digging gaston old friend figures out,uh he wants you to say please oh,please gaston,thank you gaston,oh gaston you're wonderful,good boy gaston so,can gaston come to the little castle now,yes and to our house too,yes i'll even make him a pie well gaston,thanks for rescuing us,you

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Lol Esports Round Up 10/17/22: Last Month of News

Lol Esports Round Up 10/17/22: Last Month of News

прывітанне і сардэчна запрашаем у сённяшнюю іншую падборку элітных відаў спорту, мы збіраемся зрабіць,своеасаблівую восеньскую ўборку, калі справа даходзіць да навін і нататак за апошні месяц, гэтая дошка - толькі,частка інфармацыі, гм, спачатку я думаў, што асвятліў большасць навін, якія,адбыліся перад Сусветным, так што ў мяне ёсць зусім іншая дошка, поўная навін, якія мы збіраемся,разгледзець, але потым зразумеў, што я не рабіў ніякіх навін да Сусветнага насамрэч і лідзіраваць у папярэднім праглядзе,, таму гэтая навіна тут перад навінамі на іншай дошцы, якую я зрабіў, якая запоўнена, таму,на дошцы больш не было месца, так што гэта відэа будзе такім, калі вы пачатковец на,канале ўнізе ў апісанні, вы будзеце глядзіце Тры спасылкі Twitter Discord Членства ў YouTube Twitter,ідзіце за мной там усе мае спасылкі Discord гм далучайцеся да нас мы абыгралі нас аб лізе, як яна ідзе,гмм ёсць невялікія прагнозы Канал ёсць пул гульцоў Канал, які я стварыў крыху амаль як,фэнтэзі гм Кіберспорт накшталт здзелкі, а потым прагнозы d Пікапы, вось і,нарэшце, членства ў YouTube тры даляры падтрымлівае мяне, гэта тры даляры ў месяц, вы атрымліваеце значок у,раздзеле каментарыяў, дзесяць долараў у месяц, вы атрымліваеце значок у раздзеле каментарыяў, а таксама дадатковы,кантэнт, які ўключае, напрыклад, мае прагнозы адносна таго, хто я думаю, выйграе чвэрць на чэмпіянаце свету, які выйдзе ў,сераду, і змесціва НФЛ па амерыканскім футболе, калі гэта будзе адбывацца, таму, калі гэта вас цікавіць на ўзроўні,10, вы зараз атрымаеце прагнозы, я таксама спадзяюся, што вы пачатковец на канале, як выглядае гэтая,здзелка Roundup працуе добра, гмм, зводкі за апошнія некалькі тыдняў тычыліся толькі гульняў, і калі,гмм, гэта ўсё, што насамрэч адбываецца, гэта ўсё, што я асвятляў,гмм, не звяртаючы ўвагі на ўсе навіны ад каманд, якія не былі на Чэмпіянаце свету, і цяпер я як бы,яны атрымалі каб нагнаць гэта звычайна Зводка Я праглядаю навіны Я праглядаю гульні Я праглядаю гульні,, і гэта накшталт таго, што гэта не драма больш навін і нататак, калі навіны адбыліся, напрыклад,,чуткі пра Б'ергсена, што ён, магчыма, выйшаў або выходзіць на TL, гэтага няма на маіх дошках, чаму гэтага няма,на маіх дошках, ну, гэта не афіцыйна на leakedia. Я выкарыстоўваю leakedia, бо вы ведаеце, што я не ведаю, як,Line in Sand, калі гэта ёсць у Вікіпедыі, напэўна, гэта рэальна, я мяркую так што гэта тое, што ёсць,,таму нам трэба шмат чаго ахапіць, і мы збіраемся выйсці з ладу на гэтай дошцы, таму што,на другой дошцы ёсць матэрыялы Vitality, таму я збіраюся асвятліць інфармацыю аб Vitality апошняй на гэтай дошцы,Immortals спачатку По дазволена шукаць варыянты, я мяркую, што гэты кантракт не завершаны, або ён можа быць завершаны,ў канцы лістапада, але яму дазволена шукаць варыянты По, мы ведаем яго як вельмі,цвёрдага лайнера ў сярэдзіне дзіўных зборак, час ад часу дзіўныя выбары час, але гэта даволі стандартна, асабліва,ў кантрольным маге мета думаю пра місію, але лепш, што мы бачым на Мірах прама зараз,гм 274 KDA 885 CS у хвіліну 66,4 KP так што вельмі добры лайнер 8,8 CS у хвіліну нават на ўзроўні LCS,гм, гэта значыць высока, як гэта высока ў чатырох асноўных рэгіёнах, якія вы не бачыце так часта, гм, гэта s Я маю на ўвазе, я,думаю, што калі б вы нават вярнуліся ў LEC, ён мог бы быць сярэднім узроўнем, я не кажу, што ён будзе выдатным, але,ў мэтах кантрольнага мага, дзе ўсё, што вы ведаеце, будзе на яго карысць, я б сказаў, што,ён сярэдняга ўзроўню 24,2 забіць падзяліць 22,9 золата падзяліць дзевяць чэмпіёнаў у 18 гульнях так што, калі По выбыў, што гэта,значыць для бессмяротных, э-э, пазней пасля светаў, я буду рабіць відэа, звязаныя з бясплатнымі агентамі, але,цяпер даволі ў іх камандзе Акадэміі 424 KDA 865 CS у хвіліну 681 KP, так што яшчэ адзін добры,лейнер, я думаю, што ён пражываў у Oceanic, нарадзіўся ў Грэцыі. Я не ведаю, як гэта працуе,,хм, але ён не імпарт, таму што ён рэзідэнт Oceana 27 3 killshare236 залатое крэсла 12 чэмпіёнаў,у 36 гульнях у Паўночнаамерыканская акадэмія, так што гэта вялікі пул чэмпіёнаў, незалежна ад таго, як вы на гэта глядзіце,,асабліва захоўваючы такія лічбы, як 865 CS у хвіліну і больш за 4 KDA, выцягваючы разнастайныя,розныя рэчы, у гэтым цяпер ёсць каштоўнасць, гмм, гэта важная якасць рэгіёна, якая застаецца каб убачыць,,але ў яго дакладна ёсць c хампіёнскі пул, які на ўзроўні Акадэміі замяняе ўзровень, на якім ён знаходзіцца,,гм, як я ўжо казаў, я збіраўся прапусціць Vitality, таму СК Gen X выбыў, гм даючы яму магчымасць,шукаць іншую каманду да заканчэння кантракта, відавочна, лепшы гулец у СК Без сумневу, SK,была для мяне адной з самых ненатхняльных каманд з чатырох асноўных рэгіёнаў, мне было цяжка знайсці,спосабы добра казаць пра іх як пра каманду, якой няма чаго рабіць супраць гульцоў,, гэта было проста накшталт Я не ведаю, як сябе адчуваць, я маю на ўвазе, што гэтая каманда проста не прымушае мяне быць,падобным на тое, што я не хачу заўзець за іх. Я не ведаю, чаму я проста не стаў Gen X, хоць гэта было добра 261 KDA,851 CS

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