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Is Ben Askren The Next UFC President After Dana White?Mike Sports ,we now welcome on an absolute leg

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Is Ben Askren The Next UFC President After Dana White?

Mike Sports ,we now welcome on an absolute legend of,the game Ben askren wrote a book in the,show,what's up guys how are you hi please,drink a smoothie having a good day ready,to talk about whatever you guys want to,talk about,I know you're tired but if any fighting,organization offer you an MMA fight with,Dylan danis and Dylan's kind of a ,too would you come back and take it,Dylan Dana sucks why would I fight him,uh just for that fact in itself so I'm,still in a contract with UFC,um you know when you retire your,contract doesn't go away,um and then I guess on top of that I,don't actually think Dylan dance fights,when's the last time he actually fought,somebody it's a couple of years ago he's,been getting in some street brawls I,guess that's the closest we've gone to,an actual fight with him no he didn't,get a brawl he got punched right yeah he,got punched right in his face I don't,remember who punched him someone punched,him I saw the clip on Twitter,Five Guys start messing with you in a,bar who's the one fighter in all of,history that you want by your side in,that scenario,um well obviously gonna be someone big,yeah I might say Daniel Cormier because,while he's not while he's not,intimidating he was a very very good,fighter and I know Daniel Cormier was,hanging out with me we're probably,having a really good time yeah yeah plus,I feel like he would be a good guy,because he's known as like a universally,nice guy so you'd have the element of,surprise too people realize it was a bad,idea yeah,we've now reached the first segment,called would you rather would you rather,give up wrestling or disc golf oh man,now I don't want to give up either one,of them ever if you had to yeah that,maybe the toughest interview question,I've been asked,ever in the history of my life yes we'll,take that,would you rather have dinner with Dana,White or Jake Paul oh Dana for sure,because I would then be able to ask data,why I didn't get signed in 2013 because,I still haven't had a clear answer to,that all right you're a master of,selling fights so I'm gonna give you a,few names and I want you to rate these,guys one through ten and give me a,motivation why and one in hand how much,I want to fight them or what no no how,good they're sorry how good they are at,selling fights oh okay got it yeah my,bad my bad so the first guy Luke,rockhold,um he's good he had that like he had the,ability to make people not like him,because he was like that pretty I'm a,model I'm rich I you know Vibe and so he,really he really sold that well and made,people not like him now I know Luke,grafels and I like him and he's he's a,little bit like that in real life too,you maybe not quite so much but yeah I,think he did a great job of creating a,personality that some people loved and,some people hate it so out of 10 where,does he land uh I'm gonna say seven,the second guy Chael Sonnen oh he's he's,the master of it,um I want to call him a Pioneer in you,know his Anderson Silva uh series you,know especially especially the first,fight he did it better than anyone had,ever done it before right and maybe,maybe you'd say McGregor topped him at,some point but McGregor's kind of,falling off a little bit,um so chale's like a Pioneer so I think,he gets a 10. yes nice who do you think,is better on Twitter you or Conor,McGregor uh like I said McGregor's,falling off so I mean I think so much of,his stuff is is really cringy right now,I actually really get annoyed uh and I,tweeted about today he's still not in,the you saw a testing pool and he tried,saying like he could skip the line they,love him back and then they clarify he,said no no you can't actually you can't,and then Joe Rogan do you see what Joe,Rogan just said no he said uh if,McGregor pisses in a couple you saw he,might melt a cup,now because it's like,like this Saturday where there's a big,UFC fight he pops on there and starts,talking about how someone sucks or he's,gonna beat someone up and it's like,listen Connor you're retired you don't,fight anymore yeah you're not on the,east side testing pool no one's,convinced you're gonna fight no one buys,it like just stop stop like that's it,just stop whereas me it's like I think,at this point I know my role I'm retired,there's one person I'd fight Jordan,mosman I'll say some to him and,besides that,um I make critique a fight right I might,say oh this fight was interesting,because of this or this guy made that,mistake or something matter of fact but,McGregor makes it as if he should fight,every one of those people he's critique,so it's from coolpanda did you George or,Jack Paul ever become bodies,no,I do not have any relation with either,one of them which is okay with me,you recently released your own book,funky which is a great read by the way,well I can't take all the credit for it,um actually we started during,coronavirus because I was bored of,constructed on wrestling cameras and,there was nothing going on that,contacted my favorite MMA writer who's,his name's Chuck

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Jake Paul VS. KSI Heated Argument (Twitter Live)

Jake Paul VS. KSI Heated Argument (Twitter Live)

it's just a waste of time why don't you,just give the fans what they want,it's a waste of time like even even Mr,Beast,even Mr Beast comes on your podcast and,is like yo why don't you just fight Jake,and you're like oh,I mean,buddy,are you here to build Misfits because,you just said you were here to take me,out so which one is it,I'm going to send a boat Christmas,I'm ready I'm ready Corby,bro you know that I agree I agreed to,fight you,I agreed to fight you for free and you,know that and everyone online knows that,on short notice you had me you had me,two weeks before your fight I could have,fought you for free I could have fought,you for free on short notice and you,still pussied out,okay,Tommy's not gonna show up either,brother you and him you hey hey what,what what's hey what's in the water in,the UK because because y'all be ,y'all be ducking bro hey hey duck duck,goose duck duck goose,laughs,yo KSI you want to fight over the summer,but are you actually going to do it,when when,ended again but like actually are you,going to like I'm ready,November December September whenever the, you want it I just want to hear you,say it out of your mouth because I know,you're gonna Retreat bro,how am I gonna Retreat you always do you,always hide behind negotiation I offered,to fight you for free and you still,wouldn't do it so what are you gonna do,now,I swear I swear that I was going to,fight you for free you can ask Logan he,called me he called me and he goes why,the would you agree to fight him,for free and I said tell him,get anything from king size manager,about that like was that ever cops at,one point bro duck duck goose duck duck,goose,duck duck goose it was your fight it was,your fight I said I would show it for,free why would I send you a contract for,your fight that I was gonna show up at,in London or wherever the ,it was and knock you the out,you know you're yes they will allow it,what the do you mean people get,approved all the time on three weeks,notice they approve Tyron Woodley on,nine days notice your excuses honestly,bro honestly like from the bottom of my,heart and even your fans see it bro even,your fans see it that you're just,ducking and making up so many excuses,all the time and it's always a,new lie it's always this it's always,that,I don't give a what size the ring I,don't give a about any of that ,bro,bro I'm walking out with a ski mask,taking all the earnings of this, thing because you said we would,fight winner takes all I'm walking in,with the ski mask bank robbery knocking,your ass out in two rounds and,then I'm doing a front flip off of your,body while it's on the campus and you,can and you can ,guarantee that but you're a and,you're a and I hope you I hope I,hope you realize it I hope you realize,that when you look yourself in the,mirror at night every every ,night you realize that you're ducking me,and you're scared and the greatest thing,that ever happened to you is Prime and,my brother brought that to you and,you're lucky because the Paul family,keeps blessing you but I'll see you,later boy,peace,whoa

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Jake Paul VS Ben Askren Twitter Reactions

Jake Paul VS Ben Askren Twitter Reactions

there you go that's the entire fight of,jake paul versus ben askren,a very swift victory for jake paul so,swift in fact that people actually,questioned the validity of the entire,fight,on twitter club scaredy tweets out come,on guys the fight wasn't rigged just,because jake paul won,who would think boxing is rigged oh wait,jake paul did,and like i probably shouldn't be saying,this but all this shit's great,you know you see people whining and,dying each other you see people at,staples center like who was that who was,at the staples center last night with,ksi you just stepped forward,people the sport's rigged for sure xylem,tweets out,the jake paul fight was rigged and or,ascrim didn't care,this is what aspirin can overcome when,he's trying nothing on the planet can,convince me that punch got him,really good money-making scheme though,yaya says the whole thing was rigged the,man got his money and dipped,showing a picture of ben askren after,the fight being really happy,speaking of ben askren he tweeted out,sorry world muhammad responds ben,10 seconds into the fight amanda cerny,says,good news is that you got that payout,just in time for the crypto dips,jesse ronson says just tell us how much,money you actually made after the,pay-per-view buys sponsors etc,and all will be forgiven because 99.9 of,the world couldn't dream of making that,in two minutes,keemstar says honestly ben i always knew,you were gonna lose,but you made the leading up to the fight,great you got a lot of new fans,ben askren time in the ring 2 minutes 13,seconds,demilio's sister's time in the ring 7,minutes 18 seconds,obviously referring to the pre-show,which included the dimelio sisters,keemstar also says i have successfully,predicted every single youtube boxing,match correctly,jake paul now has to fight an actual,boxer come on jake paul,you ready now get some real boxing,credit,jake paul's gonna have to fight a real,boxer i mean he looks amazing out there,like he he looks awesome but he fought,the weakest striker in the ufc ben,askren,right and i don't know why these ufc,fighters were saying that ben would win,i mean,how is it that us youtubers knew that,jake would how is it how do we know this,stuff,you know it's like because we're paying,attention no one's paying attention to,this kid,and now we need to see an actual real,test all right let's put,jake in the ring with an actual boxer,and let's figure this out can he be a,real real boxer,david responds to keem by saying how mad,are you,to which keem responds mad i literally,predicted jake paul would win,keem also says hey ch prides you said,this in response to me saying as,youtubers all know jake paul is winning,and the ufc fighters think ben will win,i've saved this tweet for six hours,just to rub it back in your stupid, face showing that he responded,to keemstar saying,yes youtubers are the real experts not,the guys who actually fight,jake paul reacts to his win by tweeting,out,he then tweets out who should i retire,next quote tweeting someone who said ben,askren would not fight again after the,jake paul lost,he also says everyone saying the fight,was rigged is tweeting off their mom's,wifi,his brother logan paul tweeted floyd,mayweather saying you see this showing,jake beating ben askren he also says,ben askren came on my podcast and said,he was a genius,at first i doubted him but after,convincing the world he had a chance of,beating jake,exploding on social media and collecting,a massive bag,even though he lost that man won,genius charlie says i didn't pay for the,jake paul fight,but i want a refund tim the tapman says,me paying 50,for this fight showing someone in clown,makeup pokemane responds to him by,saying,the best part of the whole fight is the,tim tatman live tweets,courage responsed him by saying bro,deadass lol,tim also says jake paul out here,shocking the world,wow lips tweets out a live recreation of,the fight,extra illust says people waited three,hours just to see the jake paul fight,end like this,says jake paul beats ben askren in round,one,what the jake paul probably does,beat ksi,i can't lie ben askren former ufc,fighter really just got up by,this guy hello i'm jake paul from,bizarre var,and you're watching disney channel oh no,looker,first ever nailed it,kavos also tweets out honestly how the, did nate robinson outlast ben,askren against jake paul, embarrassing jake paul if you,really think you can box there is only,one opponent you need to face,the mighty butter bean the quartering,says,idiots paid fifty dollars to see a,youtuber knock out in out of shape ben,askren and hear sellout dog column in,n-word this is what passes as,entertainment eric responds to the,quartering by saying,ben askren looked like naps and snacks,for the bulk of his training,bordering quote tweets him and says dude,right legit had a spare tire,total sham ethan klein tweets out,condolences to everyone who wasted their,saturday night watching that jake paul,fight and then for some reason,deafnoodl

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Ben Askren explains his 'Marty sucks' tweet, talks Masvidal vs. Usman | Ariel Helwani's MMA Show

Ben Askren explains his 'Marty sucks' tweet, talks Masvidal vs. Usman | Ariel Helwani's MMA Show

hello again everyone hope you're doing,well on this wednesday afternoon,and what a pleasure it is to be joined,by our old pal ben askren i gotta say,in 2019 it seemed like we talked to ben,askren every single week,this year he's been a little elusive,he's been a little distant so elusive,you would ask me to come on well i mean,let's be honest you're,not really active anymore there's,nothing to really talk to you about,these things only active on twitter,that's right holy smokes what a hot take,you had recently dmx,underrated rapper come on what do you,think,you don't like him no he was great i,don't think he was underrated oh,i think he was rated pretty high okay,okay i just don't feel like you know i,don't feel like he's ever in that,you know people put their top five lists,i feel like they never ever,include him and you know i think you,know maybe he doesn't make everybody's,list but he should he should make,sublist of course,yeah no you have been i mean if if i'm,being honest you're you're,entering prolific social media master,territory,at this point you're doing a great job,on social media i guess you have a lot,of time on your hands these days,uh i actually don't you know we're uh we,open our fourth and fifth,fifth wrestling academy uh this spring,um and then obviously i'm doing three or,four podcasts uh,and coaching a lot um so i'm coaching,11 practices a week right now so yeah no,i'm pretty busy,but obviously uh you know social media,doesn't take that much time you have a,thought you freaking click it on there,boom type in 10 seconds,and you're done you're very good at it,and you know it's amazing um,exactly one year ago today was one of,the most uh memorable,interviews in the history of my show do,you remember oh interview yeah,okay so july 8th was when i come on yeah,i well i didn't think about that but yes,i do recall of course,um and and you made that that that joke,on twitter but i i feel like there was,some truth behind it like oh gosh now,for the rest of the week,not only it's the anniversary but,mazdale steps up and he's in the news,does it really bother you to have to see,that all you know all the time over and,over again,the flying uh the flying knee knockout,uh,you know i mostly scroll through it,there's very very few times,where i uh actually sit there and watch,it i mean maybe,five times over the course of the last,year compared to say the the million or,so,uh that it's posted so i very rarely,scroll through but just having that on,my,timeline and then having to you know,obviously the ufc and other,mma content people that i follow are,posting all about them this week and,just like,you know i don't hold the grudges,towards that but it's like uh i would,prefer,not to see it if i can is it possible,that you and mozvidar are like buddies,now i feel like you're actually,i don't think so friends no i feel like,there's a mutual respect now i feel like,there's no bad blood whatsoever he kind,of enjoys you you enjoy him,i feel like deep down maybe you're,rooting for him because the better he,does,the the the better it makes you look,because if he if he turned out to be a,dud right then,the knockout would look worse i don't,know i feel like i know i feel like i,feel,i saw i think i said well i don't think,that not him you know how much success,he has or does not have i don't think he,has any impact he was it was,one move it wasn't like you know he beat,me 50 moves to zero it was just,it was one move and that was it um you,know i did i didn't ever hate him,uh you know i kind of i was kind of like,in the middle of like there's some,things that he does on my,as some things i do he does i'm like,yeah i guess that's thumbs up you know,um obviously leading up to the fight you,know yeah i told you that was the fight,i wanted i knew that was my path to a,title shot i win that fight i get the,title,and so if you remember i beat robbie,lawler i had already booked my flight to,till versus mozvidal i knew one of those,guys would be you know,top five right so till would have won he,would have stayed at number two,mazda won so i think he moved what was,either three or four so i kind of had,that foresight to know that was the case,and then,i had to convince george to fight me,because if you recall he got in a fight,backstage with leon,and he was kind of hesitant because of,our training sessions to to accept the,fight,which you know he's trying to rewrite,the history on that but that's you can,go through my,instagram timeline if you want to and,see the dates you know there was the one,where i had to call him,uh a naughty word and that was i think,that was the one that set him off,because he referenced that,that one video uh several times in the,future so i knew i knew that was the one,that really got to him,um and finally you know obviously he,accepted and you know i thought that was,perfect for me obviously,it turned out not to be perfect but that,that was where i wanted to be,no one wants this distinction but i

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What Does Ben Askren Still Hope to Ask Dana White?

What Does Ben Askren Still Hope to Ask Dana White?

thank you,welcome back to the Shmo Zone podcast,this is episode 110 I'm Dave schmolds,and aka the Shmo my co-host is Helen Yee,with Helen Esports and I'm stoked for,today's guest he's a two-time Collegiate,National Champion two-time Hodge Award,winner he's an Olympian he's also a,welterweight champion and two divisions,in mixed martial arts he's funky Ben,askren what's up guys this is uh this,looks tremendous here so I I uh I've,been here before but it was not nearly,this nice it was just kind of in the,making at the time do you remember when,you were here uh no I was trying to,remember I don't it was the day before,Helen got her most viral YouTube video,and thanks to you you were in town,promoting your big boxing match with the,one and only Jake Paul all right I,didn't remember that was one it got me,one million plus views what'd you do I,was training what I did was interview,you right after you uh shoved the,reaction the interview we did before,um was next door yeah and you were doing,a hard work out on the side machine,still got in there I saw that yeah well,hey you're an author too I might as well,throw that in I just read your book,funky on the airplane October 25th,that's the official release next week,yeah it was actually supposed to be this,week uh and then I think it got pushed,back one week so October 25. I'm excited,I actually started working on during,Chrono as a project to just pass the,time because you guys know it sucked you,know my academies got shut down and,there was nothing to do and it was like,okay uh maybe I'll write a book and so I,actually contacted uh a friend or a,light that's a really good author and uh,there we went away and this was a great,book because I read the book the entire,time just picturing like we were having,a conversation like you were talking to,me yeah so I could definitely hear this,in your voice and also just so many,fascinating aspects about it when you,get into sports psychology I think that,was huge I think anyone who's an athlete,at whatever age level they can get a lot,out of that Helen who's training for the,Olympic trials and swimming right now,she could take a huge chunk out of that,and then just hearing your story about,just your journey in mixed martial arts,after wrestling uh finally getting into,the UFC you know thinking that you would,get that opportunity in 2013 that not,coming till later and then just all the,trials and tribulations you had as a,wrestler and also losing 30 pounds as a,child you're the first one that's,brought that up,I thought yeah I think it's the,interesting point because when you know,in the moment when I was at that age I,didn't think much of it it was just like,hey this is what I'm gonna do you know,and now at 38 years old I should,probably I should probably explain to,people what happened and then I'll talk,about it,um yes I was a fat kid,because I like to eat too much I think I,still like to eat too much but I you,know I try to eat healthy food and work,out a lot now also,um yeah I was like 130 pounds and I,think I can't remember if it was fifth,or sixth grade I think it was like going,into sixth grade and you know part of it,was wrestling wise obviously if,especially that middle school age some,of the dudes hit puberty and they're,like 103 pounds and they're they're,jacked you know and then I was like a,little fat 130 pound kid and so I wasn't,having a lot of success because of that,and then obviously I picked on a little,bit of school and it was just like hey,like I don't want to be fat anymore and,so I like I researched and I told my,parents like what foods to buy and I,lost 30 pounds right and so it's like I,mean that's uh somewhere around 25 of my,body weight at that point in time and so,now you know looking back at it as a 38,year old it's like holy crap for Like A,fifth or sixth grader to make a decision,like that and not only make the decision,say I'm gonna do this but then follow,through with it fully you know and I,didn't get back to 130 pounds until my,10th grade year of you know so it was,like four years later I got back to that,same weight but yeah I think that just,like kind of speaks to uh my ability to,make a decision early and then stick,with the decision I made it seems like,that was the turning point for just your,entire athletic Endeavors too to have,that wherewithal at such a young age to,be dedicated to Sport and dedicated to,your body how many kids that age could,say they would do that now in this,Tick-Tock era social media era yeah do,you think some of your wrestling,students have it within them to do the,same thing now yeah so I actually say,like uh you know a lot of people talk,about uh teenagers in a negative,connotations and uh my experience with,teenagers is almost all positive I mean,all the kids that have my Academy I,really enjoy them all the high majority,of them are really hard working they're,really focused they're really dedicated,to what they're doing,um it's like funny like I don't ever

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Jorge Masvidal Delivers the Fastest KO in UFC History Over Ben Askren | UFC 239, 2019 | On This Day

Jorge Masvidal Delivers the Fastest KO in UFC History Over Ben Askren | UFC 239, 2019 | On This Day

game bread is in the building and these,guys just flapping gums at each other,any chance they get,the fight clock is brought to you by,mogo,oh,my goodness,just made a statement and he has just,turned in the fastest knockout in ufc,history,what is that three seconds five seconds,the official time sorry dwayne ludwig,he got you,and it'll be interesting when you talk,to moss people in terms of how much they,talked about opening that way,just like that,mosfet all takes ben,ben is waking up he doesn't know what,happened yet he's trying to get back up,they're trying to keep him down he's,still still out,here it is in real time,my goodness,my goodness,so the fastest knockout in ufc history,you know he was out immediately this all,this is academic he could have just,they could have stopped it at two,seconds,i mean right there that is yeah he's out,cold,i mean that is about as clean a flying,knee as you will ever see he anticipated,ben dropping down look at this,ben drops down and goes into it as he's,going for the legs,he anticipated it perfectly,i mean that is straight out of joel,romero's book right he's still really,out joe,yeah he's still out that was a brutal,brutal knockout i mean that about that,is he's still struggling to regain,consciousness he can't get back up to,his feet,the medical professionals and the,referee attending to ben askren but how,good does that feel for game bread a,lifetime in the game game brett turns,into pc ufc history tonight yeah i mean,that was a fireworks display,ben is trying to sit up now,but i mean he should be he should be,carefully watched here,jorge,mosby doll can you imagine what type of,celebration is going on in miami right,now to wrap this one up goosebumps,ladies and gentlemen referee jason,herzog has called itself to this contest,at five seconds of the very first round,declaring the winner by,knockout jorge,game bread

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Ben Askren talks about his book: 'My Defiant Path Through the Wild World of Combat Sports'

Ben Askren talks about his book: 'My Defiant Path Through the Wild World of Combat Sports'

wasn't totally wrong in the fact that I,wasn't I wasn't supposed to be good I,made a note to myself,um so I started I started the The Book,Project over Corona because I just need,to stay busy I need to do things,um and so I called the guy who he wrote,my favorite ever MMA article about me,and I said hey you want to help me write,a book and he said sure So I he came to,my house and we sat for three or four,days and just kind of talked about my,life and then you know we he would help,me write it and go back and forth to,them,um and then so you know after rereading,it three or four or five times to try to,make sure everything was factually,correct and I liked the way it was,um I kind of took away four like real,key points like why did my life turn out,well I like my life so really really,positively I think,um and so I'm gonna talk about those,number one is uh delusional dreams,number two is great things take a really,long time,um number three is not accepting that,the current way of doing things is the,way things should be done and then,number four is your results don't,determine how you should feel about,yourself uh and it's funny I think a lot,of those things uh apply to crypto also,so the first one is is delusional dreams,and you know I talked to this a lot to,my athletes about this that I coach,because I coach kids everywhere from,five years old to 18 years old and you,know they look at me and they look at,all the things that I accomplish and,then to hear the things I say and,they're like well yeah of course you can,do this or of course you can do that but,it's like well but they they weren't,witness to the you know 10 11 year old,kid who wasn't good at wrestling at all,right they weren't witness to that and,so in in fifth grade I decided to quit,baseball which I liked but I I decided I,wanted to be good at wrestling right and,this is a kid who had almost no success,like really minimally,um and of course because I quit and I,started putting more time into it I,started getting a little bit better,um and fast forward,to 15. it was funny actually John John,Kim brought up this part of the book,um and this part is a little bit,delusional just to start out with this,but I convinced my parents to send me to,the 2000 Olympic team trials in Dallas,alone on a plane and book me my own,hotel room so like John's like I would,never do that what were they doing and I,guess I made them trust me but at age 15,I watched those guys make the Olympic,team and I said I am going to make the,Olympic team you know and at that point,it was completely delusional I had had,some success at the state level but I,had zero success at the national I mean,zero no success at the national level,and so we're talking there's hundreds of,kids,above me right hundred hundreds of kids,who are better than me and I never,thought of it as as being delusional,that was just I I literally just thought,hey this is what's going to happen I'm,gonna go 2004 I'm gonna make the Olympic,trials and then 2008 I'm gonna make the,Olympic team and that's what's going to,happen and you know so I look back at,that and and it it was obviously,delusional at the point when I made it,but to me it wasn't and so I actually,had this I had this debate with my high,school kids recently because they were,saying well,is there a negative to set in goals that,are too high right is there a negative,to that and a few of their points was,yes because it can lead to more,disappointment and,um but I think I won the debate,obviously that high school kids some way,smarter than them,um but what we came down to was that,when you said high goals and obviously,if I said like hey uh tomorrow I'm gonna,go win the 100 meter dash or something,right that that's a ridiculous because,it's tomorrow but we're talking about,over longer periods of time so if a kid,says Hey I want to get a college,scholarship or hey I want to be a state,champion or an all-mare or whatever it,is,um,even if it's above whatever skill level,they're at it's a good thing right,because thoughts Drive actions,I said what if what if you set a goal,that wasn't High what if you what have,you placed at State this year and you,said your goal is a place to stay next,year how hard you got to work to do that,and the answer is well not very you,already did it like you just got to kind,of like stay where you're at it's not,very hard and so you know if you have,these these you know I'll say delusional,dreams of these really high goals it,sets uh it sets a standard for the way,you need to live your life and the,actions you need to take to achieve,those goals so I think I convinced them,all that uh it's uh you know it's not a,totally delusional thing to uh set these,really high goals and it's actually,probably a really really positive aspect,to your life and then so you know I was,saying how does this relate to,um Bitcoin and Litecoin and crypto and,it's like well just the whole notion,that,uh we're gonna start our own money,that's not a go

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Disc Golf Battle at Funky Farms | Ben Askren & Brodie Smith vs. Paul McBeth & Hannah McBeth

Disc Golf Battle at Funky Farms | Ben Askren & Brodie Smith vs. Paul McBeth & Hannah McBeth

Oh what is happening guys welcome back,to the channel we are out here at funky,farms gonna be playing 22 holes today,doubles action the first 11 holes that,you're gonna see today is gonna be best,shot the teams are gonna be myself and,Ben first the big best back here and we,got Scott and Keegan over here it should,be pretty fun the back nine or I guess,the back 11 rather is gonna be alternate,shot which is gonna be interesting to,see kind of where we're at at that point,any early predictions today for your,team we got to feel comfortable,yesterday yeah we twelve holes of pick,your hole let them win that one so we,can give them this one hey guys how you,guys feeling about your chances today,pretty good all right pause feeling,confident like normal hole number one,let's go hole number one here guys is,about 260 270 feet pins right in there a,bunch of guardian trees this guy try get,some inside a circle give yourself a pot,all right Ben is gonna be leading us off,here today they read this to you pat it,was not good look how good this tea pad,is off to the right he's gonna need some,help from his partner oh boy he's gonna,need a lot of help from his par now it's,the wrong direction,oh okay alright as potential potential,warm up warm up alright,oh good kick alright back in the fairway,and a little bit down the hill I've been,over there before should be a fly ball,just lace one about 15 all right Paul,with the first CTP what else is new,Hannah is gonna be trying to tap this,one in for the team here and a great,putt there and you guys got a nice,little tap-in for your three and good,park all right on to hole to hole number,two here another kind of shorty but it's,got a nice little gap to it you can see,the basket is all the way down there,it plays about just under probably 275,something like that you can play a,little Heiser backhand out here float it,in a little low but pretty good that's,what you want to do great there I did,really tree all right he's gonna need a,lot from his partner here,I asked way too far are you fine you got,a putt I literally have not played this,hole with you that you haven't parked it,like who's your favorite hole I got the,feel for it what's your guy this team,named Ben do we have a team name okay,well come on,alright Wrestlemania over here big putt,here for birdie oh just off to the right,okay oh just low not too shabby,Ben cashes in still thinking about our,team name he'll get back to us on all,the funky horse,I like funky horse our funky horse and,then we got red white and blue over here,an homage to the Memorial Day that it is,today that we're filming fun little hole,here Paul you want to update before you,throw or what good throw yeah we're up,on this rock pile,go in oh just over top should be fine,the circle should have a putt there he's,shown in his hand oh yeah,don't want to be out the outside though,cuz you get behind the buck towards is,annoying gonna be short last ideal what,do you think is inside your circle range,or what right on the edge oh boy oh he,was right right on the edge Oh cash in,another birdie this might be the,thumbnail hold number four I tuned it,today really hard because you gotta feed,it through a nice gap but then on all,sides afterwards it heads down really,steep downhill no now tree hits you can,see we saw about lots of trees and,there's the basket and it's just on the,edge of a hill,oh no way Oh hit the bottom of the,basket actually I got I got this clicker,if he gets too close uh it goes under,disk I pop it and get them to rolls,yours definitely look like I thought,Paul's going here for sure Ben secret,weapon both these guys had really great,shots but they're looking for them,because you can see how steep it is oh,let's go we're not gonna lose a shot,probably I'm filming it oh look it's a,secret weapon yeah that's what happens,on this hole,oh no that's still that's still a little,bit meat left,he lays up that's a smart play from,there,oh good run Hannah and Paul's gonna,definitely try and make this one Oh,just off chains all right animosity,brewing here with WrestleMania he cashes,in they're fine for now but we'll keep,in touch with seeing how this team moves,forward spin taps in for our three hands,gonna tap in for their three and we're,moving on hole five is a beaut of a hole,guys you can see the gap is just right,of that V tree we're gonna go up and,over the hill and then all the way down,back to the valley you really want to,throw something that's going to turn,over,go closer to the 400 foot range boo,mm-hmm usually come out of it and that's,gonna be up on the hill great throw to,be left but probably pin-high on the,right hand side he's looking for that,cut roller again,oh good so high red white and boo out in,the field for their up shots this plays,a very difficult par-3 requires a really,great shot off the tee all right and,they're gonna have a couple putts left,yeah tap that in for our par team funky,horse and with the par all right good,three kno

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