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DREAM DMS BELLE DELPHINEyou know like you know you guys know,like bill duffy,obviously,she she relea

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Updated on Jan 25,2023


you know like you know you guys know,like bill duffy,obviously,she she released like she released her,new film,she released a new a new youtube video,and look like okay it was nothing weird,like george me and sapna we were like oh,we're just interested but we're,we were just curious we're like oh this,would be funny so we were,watching it,not in a weird way we were just watching,it right together and weird we're on,discord it was like a viewing party and,like i have this because they asked me,like all right you need to put it like,full screen because like we're just,trying to watch so i put it in full,screen,and then like,my mom's friend walks in the room,whenever like when there's something i'm,like equipment i'm screen sharing like,they see me like quickly closing things,like trying to get rid of everything,like,five windows like getting close and,minimizing and exiting out and then i,then i'm like what's that getting a,mutant that i come out and i was like oh,my god that's like that's like the first,interaction like oh my god no it was on,christmas or actually maybe it was like,the day after something that's hilarious,though that was like the scariest like,was it weird watching it with your,hobbies no we i mean we weren't watching,it that way we were just like it was,curiosity,all i know is you have to say out loud,whatever you want to say and who you,want to say it to that way i,it's it's okay,that was our deal,we don't do that one then yeah see this,is actually this is a good system to,weed out the ones that are potentially,too like,you say you why do you care,why do you care,what was the icar,yeah because you're like, but like i i don't want to do it,because you don't want to do it now,that's not why,just get it over with you no no,the ideal system no it's it's obviously,it's too right,type it out in mcc chat but i'm not two,no no you type in click enter,you type you type it,you type it off you type it ,just type it you don't have to,you type it you type it i'm not typing,it,you always do this you just try and get,me to do the dirty work i'm not doing it, you do it,no,don't don't message me type it you type,it,all right let's flip a coin let's flip a,coin,this is george he just chose george's,like yeah this is always george's thing,that's what the coin i'm surprised i,didn't get him instantly well because i,didn't want to say it they're like,debating whether or not they what's this,thing on stream i have to dm this to,this person fine fine fine fine we'll,flip the coin do you agree george,i'm heads and your tails,so your heads,so he gets heads i have to say it,and it's tails you have to say it yes,and if it fails i have to say it okay,or whatever flip it,holy click it again,no,it doesn't change again to be clear it,doesn't change anything no no no to be,clear it doesn't change no it doesn't,change anything it doesn't change it,doesn't it,agree it doesn't change anything click,it again,george it doesn't change anything,click,say it alone you know who it is no,that's part of the deal is you have to, say it,otherwise it's too if you can't, say it out loud i can't dm them,that is ,that is that was the rule i made and i'm,fine with that rule if you can't say it,out loud then i can't do it because,obviously it's too ,but if you can say it loud then,it's fine,um,okay so dream,um,okay so drew has to on twitter dm,um,it was weird saying it,it is because you're making it weird is,it just being like actually,okay okay dream has a dm on twitter,beldelphine saying,we're hey,on christmas,you can't show it on stream though no i,don't yeah i will i won't,like ,expose all your other gems with her i,don't even know her twitter,no i don't even follow her,exactly right unless you want to change,anything or is that it exactly emoji,yeah open emoji,emoji,it is i just say it who cares press,enter,so that said the smirk cat i'll do the,smart cat i like this one okay okay all,right do the smart cat,okay i'm sending,presents,one go,go,go,no you can't okay leave it open what if,she replies right now,yeah just leave that screen there,no she's not,just leave that screen there,no no no,no no no no no,no no no no no delete that delete that,delete that,no,no no no not until not not anything,until she responds yeah once you replies,once your replies then you can,like,do not press enter and press delete,delete delete it,no delete it dream,dream delete it delete it delete it,delete it,no you ,she replied what the ,oh my god i did not expect that holy,holy ,that was the best thing i've ever seen,in my life,oh my god oh no i feel bad what i,oh my god,sorry guys we can't tell you what she,said it would be rude,yeah,i'm sorry guys i'm sorry,i'm not one for sharing dms it was fun,it was funny

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Please Stop Defending Belle Delphine's Twitter Behavior

Please Stop Defending Belle Delphine's Twitter Behavior

hey everyone uh before the video starts,i want to give you a quick,trigger warning which is ironic because,this video is,in part about trigger warnings but,because we're going to be talking about,bel delphine and,showing some of the stuff that she's,posted,it's a little graphic and i want to warn,you just in case you want to,skip out on it if you're easily,disturbed alright,bye enjoy the video,i wish today's video could be a fun one,but,it's another upsetting topic so sorry,bell delphine is an internet personality,known for being,scandalous she started out innocently,enough,as a cosplayer on instagram and would,sometimes upload,casual videos on her youtube but she,blew up in popularity when she started,making,a facial expression oh,it's the crossed eyes tongue out,pleasure emotion face taken from anime,that could be interpreted as,not safe for work i know that's a very,dry,and nerdy way of saying that but i don't,want youtube to flag this video,and also i don't know how to pronounce,this word correctly,the point is belle noticed that she was,getting attention for being graphic,so she ran with that she started a,pornhub account where she,uploaded fully closed videos just,teasing her fans,she made fun of and then subsequently,got a shout out from pewdiepie which,drove a lot of his young audience over,to her,i hate talking about this but if you,don't know,belle is the person who opened up an,online shop in order to,sell her bath water to her audience,and she sold out in under three days i,that's upsetting what a dark day for the,internet i'm,oh what a dark day for us all so,nowadays she makes explicit content with,her boyfriend,on only fans and because she has such a,acclaimed internet presence she's making,a lot of money over there,now up to this point i had no real,problem,with what belle was doing people want to,see the stuff she's doing,so i can't judge it too harshly but that,changed,and now belle is doing something that i,have a problem with,recently belle posted a series of images,on her twitter,as promotional material for her latest,only fans video,this video is a kidnapping fetish scene,where she is tied up with rope,and has tape over her mouth and,multiple pictures show her in the trunk,of a car,in the woods additionally the very last,image that she posted is,it's just her and her boyfriend doing it,like it's a screenshot,from the video full contact,you can see what's happening it's just,out there on her twitter it's,upsetting in a word and the response to,this post was,immediate like her name was trending,instantly people were making jokes,people were,reacting with shock and a lot of people,were condemning her for just posting,this without a trigger warning,trigger warnings or tws are used in,order to,alert someone that a following post is,going to contain,sensitive material that they might find,disturbing some people are afraid of,blood,so if i was going to make a video that,had blood in it,i would include a trigger warning at the,very beginning of the video to tell,people,there's going to be blood in this don't,watch it if that's going to make you,uncomfortable,one thing that people might be sensitive,to is kidnapping,and sexual assault you know the things,that bel delphine is just,posting to her giant platform without,any warning,those two seem like they could be kind,of touchy,to some people personally i think this,post did warrant a trigger warning and,here's my view,trigger warnings are not mandatory or,required,but it's the decent thing to do,if you're going to be posting,darker than you usually are you,need to own up to the fact that,some people might be put off by that and,it's your responsibility to warn them,that you might be throwing this at them,bell responded to this controversy and,her name trending,by posting a very long paragraph,with the caption here's why i'm not,sorry,in the paragraph she defends her actions,by saying it was well within her right,to perform within this fetish and that,it's a very,common fetish for a lot of people she,also states that she is known for being,provocative,and no one should be surprised that,she's acting this way,and to a point i get that you know,everything i know about bel delphine,tells me that she's probably going to be,posting some inappropriate content that,being said,even if you're going from posting nudes,to suddenly posting,fetish kidnapping role play,you need some level of announcement for,that,because some people might be comfortable,with the,soft core element that you used to post,and when you jump to the hardcore,you're gonna surprise a lot of people,with that and i think it's,very immature for her to post insanely,upsetting material,and then be all like why is everyone so,mad,i do this all the time i don't get it,especially when this is her first step,in sort of,pushing that material like,it's just it's a mess and it gets worse,here is the icing on the cake,bel daffin then posted a very short,video of her boyfriend in a mask,grabbing her

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So Let's Talk About Belle Delphine's Twitter Post... And Why It's Not Okay.

So Let's Talk About Belle Delphine's Twitter Post... And Why It's Not Okay.

so,this camera making my titties look big,well it's that time again where moth,looks at something,somehow appalling and ridiculous yet,fascinating at the same time,so bel delphine yeah if you're not,familiar with her already,she is an e really overrated e girl who,poses as a hyper sexualized child,basically and,well made a killing off selling her bath,water nerds and only fans,yeah her bath water no seriously she,sold,like vials of her bath water for 30, dollars,girls if you think you can't make it in,the world you sure can,but you don't necessarily have to do,this and i mean people did whatever they,wanted with it which we can only use to,our imagination but there were videos of,people drinking it,however it's probably just tap water i,mean that's what i would do,unless of course there was a demand for,moth bath water she's one of the highest,selling e-girls on only fans actually in,most platforms in general with the,highest demand for content as she's,basically just ,however apparently around the holiday,she did some hardcore stuff but,i don't keep up with that i don't know i,honestly don't know because i actually,don't find her attractive,sorry i mean she's also the living,embodiment of george rr martin's writing,like there's so many promises yet,nothing ever gets fulfilled,seriously plus literally she's like a,pedo's,wet dream from the kawaii aesthetics to,the,braces and you know her body that's,built like an ironing board it's just,not my thing,but i thought you know what she's worth,over a million like close to a million,dollars or something like that so you,know what who am i to judge,i don't got that kind of money i'm not,one to kink shame but i guess,she went a little too far with some of,these fantasies and tweeted out,something with no trigger warnings or,anything of that nature and it was,teasing her only fans for a set that,involved glorifying rape what makes it,worse as per usual she's decked out in,what you could i guess you could call,stereotypical child like clothing,with the caption my perfect first date,yeah oh boy,internet well why this is a problem,is because there was no trigger warnings,on it and twitter's already,like an angry trigger teen stomping,ground,as well as a stomping graph for trigger,people in general,and there was no warning of this and it,was shared all over so people even if,you don't follow bellatorphine we're,seeing this but a real problem comes,from people who perhaps went through,sexual trauma,and don't want to see that kind of thing,to be reminded of their abuse,and while this type of kink is actually,extremely common it's not something that,necessarily needs to be glorified,on mainstream like safe for work,platforms uh,especially in a world that we live in,now where abuse victims are finally,getting a voice and able to come out,with the strength,you know to admit that they had,something done to them especially men,and,many many many women it's something,that's not,exactly what you would call cool,to do yeah especially since the tone was,near mocking,and she topped it all off with her,typical childlike and,crude behavior that only,in cells that worship her would love she,issued no statement really except for,kind of like a backhanded like well,don't look at it kind of thing there was,no apology or anything like that,and while i was watching uh some,ordinary gamers do a video on this,and while i agree that yeah i mean this,is pretty mild for,stuff as far as like mainstream porn,goes it makes sense this is very highly,fetishized content i don't i kind of,disagree that you can just kind of look,away from it now i mean yes,calling upon twitter as your personal,army to cancel somebody like cancel,culture is the most,idiotic thing because it's never applied,for one,like you can't just go cancel them and,they go away like it doesn't really,it doesn't work however an outcry for,this i think is just,because it's like really like of all,things in today's day and age that's,what you want to glamorize right now,there's a lot better ways that could,have been advertised and promoted,and i mean,it's just not cool i mean she's no,stranger to the controversy however she,not too long ago supposedly was posting,pictures of her painting a pepe the frog,meme on someone's car in an act of,vandalism that she was arrested for over,someone who stole her hamster and,yeah her sips believed that,and really i mean she knows her audience,that's the thing with her she's a,marketing genius if you think about it,she also is using an,okay hand gesture which apparently is a,white supremacist thing,and i don't i did not know that like,literally that's news to me i'm not,mocking it i'm just seriously learning,that this is new like i have no,man kind of weird actually we live in a,weird day in age,controversy is her currency however and,i mean,she's a typical trolling e-girl what do,you expect,and it seems to be the allure for some,including corpse husband apparently,now he did say that e-girls were ru

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dumbest tweets of all time

dumbest tweets of all time

it's actually really nice to sit in the,shower sometimes i love spending ages in,the shower because i'll just put on a,playlist and sing so just sitting and,relaxing can be so nice but i should,really bath more since every time i do,it it's the most enjoyable experience,ever and then we have this image,underneath the tweets i just want to,know who takes these pics i think it's,her dad,what's up cuties so today we're going to,be taking a look at the funniest replies,on the internet courtesy of this twitter,page right here i hope you guys enjoy,and yeah let's go honestly i'd smash,michael myers brb,sup girl,man this dude is smart you know,hopefully it worked out for this dude,smooth place,my son turns one this month,it's got one like,don't nobody care about that baby and,then this dude gets two likes ouch i'm,dead ass just like spongebob oldest,frick no hoes still can't drive oh,that hurts yo i thought spongebob did,get hoes though guess not how do you,come up with the tweet i'm dead ass just,like spongebob just sounds like a really,questionable rap lyric to be honest i,really miss her man bet she bad,my grandma bro,what the frick,oh no,you think being a private twitter,account you'd be able to escape this,kind of behavior but no i want to see,what the replies after that though like,i can just imagine this guy being like,yeah your grandma is she bad like,seriously i'm interested all right so we,got chief keef tweeting out yo jfk watch,out tomorrow,108 am 21st of november 1963,i don't teach you this in history class,today the united states government was,slacking on this one bro how could you,let jfk get shot when it was that,obvious it was gonna happen i'm so upset,why what happened shut the frick up okay,girl frick you,stay upset i hope your day gets worse,like,actually this is why people aren't nice,on twitter like,you try taking an interest in someone,who's uh saying about how that upset or,whatever and the reply back is shut the,f up i'm done i'm uninstalling this app,oh no we're on facebook i think apple,what the frick is this and this guy,replies oh no,i like you cut g yeah what actually is,that emoji supposed to be,the freaking moist critical emoji man,this guy needs a bag from apple i swear,but it must be pretty cool like having,your own custom emoji what should i get,from the cheesecake factory,uh cheesecake okay but what else some,brown oh that's just savage bro i've,never heard of anybody pulling up a,cheesecake factory like what also what,else are you supposed to get other than,cheesecake from a cheesecake factory,it'd be painful working now bro like you,just want to be eating the whole day,freaking cheesecakes coming down the,conveyor belt,let me take a bite,has anyone seen colin,is it a tv or film no,it's my grandson,you know what mate i'm just gonna say,something wild here okay you could,actually go to the police instead of,facebook,to be fair when you're like a boomer on,facebook it really is like the community,watch yeah pretty sad moment though,losing your grandchild,and those two pigs are asking about a,movie yo colin yeah that's a crazy film,tony hawk's moving castle,i can't remember the name of it do you,mean howl uh,oh,that's actually a really good movie,although tony hawk's moving castle does,sound like it could be even more epic,someone needs to make that movie man i,have adhd try having dyslexic it's not a,competition okay but if it was i'd win,how do you even measure that as like a,competition though,what are you winning over here bro this,is the kind of washer and dryer you're,using,ew the detergent detective the washer,warden laundry lieutenant the dryer,delegation clean clothes coordinator the,last thing you expect to get criticized,over is what kind of washer and dryer,you're using like come on bro,who's critiquing these things man wait,is that future i'm not gay but damn it's,not gay to compliment another man bro,it's okay to be honest,i'd freak him,see now uh,that's gay,i like men who only to pick it,themselves every two years,i barely like the idea of looking at a,camera ah,we can tell,that just,zooms in on his profile picture,hey but at least he's got a nice whip,bro,shoes got the mercedes if you ain't in,cali new york nebraska florida then,where the freak you at bro snuck,nebraska in there bro definitely is in,nebraska trying to sneak that in there,pro replace texas with nebraska,who win nebraska bro,that's a pretty random location i'm not,gonna lie as a person that lives in,nebraska they're correct we do not exist,i'm down terrible right now want to talk,about it i'm willing to listen brah the,plug talking about he finna kill me,yeah i don't think that's really,something you can just have a,leisurely chat with some random on,twitter about,but it was a nice gesture you know who,shined their light on the twitter,screenshot yeah why does this image look,so weird,they named the song after me this song,is not called nutsac 2009.,that'd actually be a really good,freaking name for

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The Rise of an E-Girl : Belle Delphine ( twitter girl ) 4K

The Rise of an E-Girl : Belle Delphine ( twitter girl ) 4K

have you ever wonders what is being a,girl like or how it came to light,anyways you are about to learn the most,sensational z girl story right now,bel delphine very little has been,reported about bel delphine's early life,but here's what we know she was born,marybelle kirschner's on the 23rd of,october,1999 in south africa's she moved to the,uk to attend priestland school a mixed,comprehensive in limington's however she,dropped out when she was 14 and,supported herself doing odd jobs like,waitress nanny baristas 14 was also the,age she started posting cosplay photos,to her now deleted facebook page over,the next two to three years her online,following grew to 100 000 lacking a,formal degree and with no desire to get,a conventional jobs delphine decided to,leverage her online presence,when she turned 18 she moved to,instagram and begins posting nsfw nsfw,means not safe for work after selling,her bathwaters and being booted off,social media in 2019 the e girl made a,comeback video on the 1st of july 2019,then 19 year old internet personality,belle delphine posted a short video to,instagram shows her kneeling in a,bathtub fully clothed in a blue bodysuit,kitty ear headphones and her signature,pink wigs the 20 second clip did exactly,what delphine intended it blew up the,bathwater which went for thirty dollars,of pups sold out in two days delphian's,instagram following skyrocketed from 3.8,million to 4.5 million within two weeks,through delphine were having their first,encounter with the girl cultures though,delphine has mostly scrubbed her early,content from the internet some traces,still lingers there's also a youtube,channel with the username bell kirschner,which features videos of a 12 year old,delphine attempting aerial tricks on a,tree swing in the video titled youngest,swing gymnastics delphine twirls and,spins to the soundtrack of louis,armstrong's what a wonderful world the,comments under the videos are,alternately wistful and judgmental this,makes me actually feel sad seeing what,she turned into writes one user imagine,going from wanting to be a gymnast in,2012 to being in internet hots who sells,her infected bath water online and 2019,writes another of course the bathwater,stunt didn't come out of nowhere it was,the culmination of years of shrewd brand,building though delphine's instagram,post started off with fairly standard,cheesecake photos over time her content,began skewing more and more to a,carefully crafted,pastel's fairies princess anime,aesthetics she slapped her photos with,filters that turned her skins into a,milky blur the hemlines of her skirts,crept higher she became impressively,adept at pulling hentai faces her humor,both tongue and cheeks and deliberately,gross out became a calling cards slowly,but surely she molded herself into the,platonic ideal of any girls for a few,years delphine enjoyed a stable sizable,fan bases like many e-girls she,supported herself with the private,snapchats and patreons where users who,donated were allowed access to more,personal content,in autumn of 2018 her popularity spiked,she joined tick-tock and quickly rose to,the top of the free page through her,participation in tick-tock challenges,like hit or miss which made for great,meme fodders suddenly her face was,plastered all over 4chan and reddit's,attracting a legion of gamer boys,delphine now 20 eventually replies but,i'm actually quite shy i'm a pretty,introverted person,on the 19th of july 2019 instagram,terminated delphine's account stating,that she was in violation of community,guidelines apparently people had been,reporting her for nudity and pornography,her tic-tac account was also removed,after that delphine went man she stopped,providing new content to patreon some,people seemed to be quite pleased that,delphine's instagram page was taken down,one twitter user posted an iconic kim,kardashian clip in which the reality,star says it's what she deserves bel,delphine has been banned from instagram,this is the greatest day of my life,another user wrote on the other hand,fans seem to be quite upset bailey wrote,if i see the person that banned bel,delphine's instagram account out in,public that is on site fumings alex,wrote suspending beldelphine from my,school was one thing but instagram is,well not happy delphine resurfaced again,briefly in october of 2019,posting a mug shot to twitter with the,claim that she'd been arrested for spray,painting the car of a girl who stole her,hamster in november she posted the video,how to be belle delphine in which she,dumps raw liver ground beef and sausage,links over a skeleton prop then smothers,the grisly mess and sprinkles and,whipped cream then she dipped again,on the 17th of june 2020 nearly a year,after she first went silent delphine,announced her triumphant return with the,youtube video titled i quote back belle,delphine a parody of takashi's 69,seconds guba music video with lyrics,like who regrets me my mother and alan's,baby eda mars rocks it racked up ove

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Belle Delphine Controversy.

Belle Delphine Controversy.

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YouTubers need to grow a spine and have an opinion (Belle Delphine)

YouTubers need to grow a spine and have an opinion (Belle Delphine)

bel delphine dude,i don't i don't know dude is it really,that big of a topic,the take seems to be super split like,all of twitter really,don't do this it's right but,then everyone on youtube is like that's,fine,it's not rape if it's an imaginary i,don't know,no they're saying because it's like oh,it can be triggering to rape victims to,see that on the timeline,wait okay all right hyper-based take on,this entire situation right all porn is, aids,but um wait do are these the same people,that have an issue with uh,with like school teacher weird stuff or,stuff like that or whatever,no there's a lot of hypocrisy going on,okay,my whole thing is like it's like insane,how popular your only anti what,beldaphine did,if you're anti-porn in general if you're,pro porn then you're ,um no these people are pro a lot of like,then what are they complaining about,what are they complaining about okay to,give you uh,an estimate of the scope here there's a,tweet from an account that has like,barely any followers they were basically,nobodies,that has a hundred k likes bashing bel,delphine,so like this is like link below talking,about it,dude i'm just saying it's like this,doesn't make any sense um,like exactly what is the argument that,she because i was talking about this,nick a little bit last night and the,argument is essentially that well,she dressed up like a little girl i'm,like how by putting on a,blue dress like what is that what's,girlish,about i mean like what's like i don't,know how does how do you get child out,of that,yeah i don't think it's a child at all,all right hold on let me check this out,in a second,okay belduffing dress as a child,pretending to get kidnapped and raped,and people,step over her you need a psychological,evaluation and i'm not,king shimmy by the way because you,shouldn't be posting things like that,on the internet wait what wait i'm not,king shaming but you shouldn't post ,like that on the internet,and her i don't know what that word is,didn't put,a trigger warning or anything oh my god, off,i know people are replying like rape,isn't a kink it never was,never will be pedophilia isn't the king,wait isn't there like weird like,rape play that people get into or,whatever like this is too degenerate for,me i'm sorry yeah i know it's,okay so it's like are we gonna call all,like the stepsister on pornhub and, like is that rape to these people,because like,i can you can only be against this if,you're anti-porn altogether if you're,pro-porn there's no way you can argue,against this like,it's fantasy obviously the the setting,was consensual how do you know she's,getting great,wasn't actually now beldafine wasn't,actually raped it's just like,yeah but how do you know that she wasn't,in this fantasy scenario getting raped,how do you know that,like because uh well she's tied up or,whatever,like even if it is that like we also,fantasize of million,milli uh murdering millions in video,games,are we like psychopath murderers for,playing video games now,like i don't like it's yeah,i don't buy this at all you can,only be against this if you're anti-porn,get off to it just because if someone,gets off to this it doesn't mean they're,like,they want to rape people like i don't,know it's just insane you can only be,anti this is your anti foreign gta,wow i guess you you would have a lot of,fun being a mass murderer huh,this is the argument this is literally,just like,an even more argument than like,you know political memes or whatever,caused people to become nazis it's like,no if you're gonna become a nazi,there is other going on with you,with this case like what is it,normalizing do you think people are,going to go out and rape people because,they saw a bell dolphin,uh nude on twitter like that doesn't,make any sense,like yesterday i thought this was kind,of like a non-thing besides like it,being attached to beldulphine because,obviously people are gonna make videos,and get views,and i looked into it today and everybody,on twitter with thousands of likes are,like,this is so wrong and i'm i'm so,i i don't know dude it's baffling,yeah i don't i don't understand i don't,know what it is,for me carson situation in pyro,situation that,viewership i don't know,okay nuclear take all right aside from,this one tweet that got,wait what i thought it got ten thousand,likes they got a hundred and no i said a,hundred thousand,dude this feels like bait to me and,maybe this is me being hyper paranoid or,something like this but this feels like,i don't know if this is a real tweet if,this is like a real person i almost feel,like like this,is like just being like produced or,whatever by like some weird this is me,getting like super tin foil-ish or,whatever but i almost feel like,like it was it reminds me when people,were talking about how filthy frank got,like canceled a few months ago because,some people,uh you know who listen to his music like,found out that he's actually filthy,frank which was not a secret at all,but it just feels like t

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Belle Delphine posted this! (Twitter Post)

Belle Delphine posted this! (Twitter Post)

why bill,just why last week i literally defended,you,said all these nice things about you and,then you do this,like but all jokes aside this topic,is quite serious so i'm just going to be,putting up,a few trigger warnings on the screen,right now so before we get into the,video,i've got to send my introduction like i,always do you guys know that so hey,what's up everyone my name is radhabad,you can call me kyle,if you haven't watched one of my videos,before i'm a commentary youtuber that,covers interesting topics,training topics all these kind of things,and today we're talking about the lovely,beldelphine,or not so lovely anymore because,beldolphene,you really up so twitter today,has been,on fire with everyone that i follow the,trending tab or basically covering this,topic so bill delphine if you don't know,who she is,basically she's an entertainer content,creator and also,adult content creator too she's friends,with a lot of people in the youtube,scene,and basically today i didn't see the,pictures originally,but i saw on the trending tab build,orphene and i was thinking,what did belle do this time you know is,this really cool marketing strategy,has she popped up on another youtuber's,stream or,in a video or something but no i saw all,these people talking about,beldolphine in a negative light and it,got me thinking what did belle do,because she's done a lot of things in,her time,on well being a content creator on,social media so i did a bit of,researching and basically,he posted on twitter publicly cnc and,once again this video is quite serious,so if you're not comfortable with all,these things,feel free to click off basically cnc is,consensual non-consent,so without getting into too much detail,it's basically,creating a situation between two,consenting adults,that can be ended at any time and i'm,not going to throw certain words out,there because,of youtube being the way it is its,algorithm and its ai technology,can pick out certain words and make it,not available take down videos,we all know this so cnc on its own is,completely fine between two consenting,adults,completely fine and obviously when it,comes to like these sort of situations,or scenarios,both parties need to be educated they,need to be safe words all these kind of,things we know this,so basically what belle did wrong from,what i'm reading is she posted cnc,photos without first of all having a,trigger warning because the very concept,of cnc can be very very triggering to,many many people,and also didn't basically turn on the,sensitive option,on twitter which is an option to make,content blurry and you have to,actually click uncover photo to see it,and a lot of people are upset at this,because as i said the very concept of,cnc can be very triggering to a lot of,people,and it's not hard to put a trigger,warning at the start,of a post or a video i know i've messed,up a few times,but i'm very very careful and make sure,that i try to include it somewhere be it,a description but as a very nice,commenter said including in the video as,well,is very very helpful so that's what i'm,going to be trying to do from now on,this is very very important to me that i,include these things in my videos,in my content for all my viewers now the,second basis,of what was wrong and i'm not going to,give,too much of my thoughts on this because,i'm not very,educated in this aspect and i'm gonna,admit that but a lot of people are,saying,that what bell was wearing in these,photos resembled that,of someone young and like i said i'm not,going to give my opinion,on that because i don't know enough and,i'm not going to comment on someone,else's appearance in regards to that but,that is a another angle i've seen,and it's been shared by a lot of people,on social media,so that is why a lot of twitter is,apparently angry at belle,and why belle is trending currently on,twitter because of the photos that she,posted,in the very topic that it's covering and,cnc is between two consenting people,all of social media isn't consenting in,that regard if that makes sense so,obviously cnc is fine as i said between,two consenting people,you know they're both educated the safe,words all those kind of things but,in this regard i don't think it's okay,at all because there's no trigger,warning first of all second of all the,photos are very much out there for,everyone to see not blurred or anything,and third of all let's be between,consenting people and as it's very,triggering it can affect a lot of people,like it's not hard just to put a trigger,warning or,post photos that aren't as graphic as,they are,as like a little tiny like piece or,sample or something you know like a lot,of content creators do,i've done to link your audience to where,the content actually is,placed so for me i post short snippets,on twitter,and then direct people to the full video,on youtube people do that on tick tock,and that could have done something like,that but made it much more,hate the word but vanilla something,that's

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