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3 METHODS On How To Unblock ALL SITES On SCHOOL CHROMEBOOK!hey guys irwin tech here welcome welcome,


Updated on Jan 24,2023


hey guys irwin tech here welcome welcome,back to my channel and today i'm going,to be showing you the three best ways to,unblock all websites on your school,chromebook i think i've made two videos,in the past now showing you how to do,this but many of you said those are,blocked oh this doesn't work so i,compiled three different methods for you,guys to try and even work on my school,chromebook i've tested them they're,super cool and i can't wait to show you,guys so before we start today's tutorial,please make sure to subscribe to my,channel so you can hit 40 000,subscribers turn on post notifications,too so you never miss when i upload a,brand new video you also might want to,go follow my twitter linked in the,description below i post youtube updates,random stuff and if you're interested go,check it out i'm not going to waste any,more of your guys's time let's just get,straight into the video hey guys here,are all the membership shout outs for,today's video sorry i haven't been doing,them a lot lately but here are all the,shout outs make sure you go subscribe to,their channels and let's just get back,to the video alrighty guys so before we,show the unblocking process what you,want to do is go to this website go to,this website and go to this website they,will all be linked in the description,below so the first website we're going,to be using is rolap what you want to do,is sign up for an account in the top,right here or log in i'm going to log in,since i already have one and i've used,it before but most of you will need to,sign up once you're logged in you want,to select apps right here at the top,then scroll down and select brackets,then click launch online then click,launch brackets with limited,capabilities you can go ahead and full,screen this then click this little,lightning bolt thing in the top right,here click ok and now open a brand new,web browser right on roll app basically,what it does it just lets you view the,html file this is basically for coding,but you can use it for unblocking,websites too so basically what we're in,now is an old version of chromium,chromium is basically chrome but it's,kind of like an older version but we're,on chromium i'm not sure what version,but it's pretty old and a little laggy,and doesn't have any audio but it works,well for discord i'm blocking any,websites and all sorts of stuff so you,just go open a new tab and you can,search for anything you want like,,to enter watch anything you want on here,it doesn't matter you can sign into your,google account as well and this is the,first method on how to unblock all,websites on your school chromebook now,on to number two just close out of this,close out of this quick leave then go to,this website which will be linked in the,description below like i just said,you're probably wondering why are you,taking us to the khan academy website,that makes zero sense well this isn't,actually the khan academy website it's,an unblocker disguised by the khan,academy website if someone on discord,showed me this website it's not actually,khan academy it's just an unblocker,hidden by it so teachers don't know so,they just think it's khan academy and,they think all the buttons everything's,just khan academy but you're probably,wondering wait how do i unblock websites,if it's just copy of khan academy some,of it's a copy of khan academy but if,you go to the search right here and,enter in a website let's just say, and click enter it will,redirect you to the website inside of,khan academy because if you go to the,bar up here it'll still show you're on,khan academy the link will be the same,but you'll be on discord because it has,a secret and blocker implemented into it,so i think this is super cool and i,really hope you guys can use this now on,to the third most common method that,i've been showing a lot is the seal,central website i've been showing in a,lot of my videos lately but some of you,may or may not know that they have an,unblocker built in if you click apps,right here then click proxy there's a,ton of unblockers in here that you guys,can use just choose one then you can,import your url in here and then click,go and it'll unblock it just like the,other one as well i have three of these,for you guys to use just in case one's,blocked you prefer one or the other but,my favorite is brackets on roll up this,is my favorite one most recommended one,for you guys to use and yeah guys i,really hope you enjoy and have fun on,blocking stuff thank you all for,watching here all the shout outs for,today's video and if you want to be,featured in one of my videos just,comment down below i subscribed and i'll,give you a shout out in my next video,anyways guys i really hope you enjoyed,today's video and i'll see y'all next,time bye,you

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BC Public Service Employees Speak Out - Louisa

BC Public Service Employees Speak Out - Louisa

my name is louisa and i am in oliver,british columbia i've been with the bc,public service for 24 years and,currently i am with the ministry of,agriculture food and fisheries for the,past 11 years,when the notice for the first lockdown,came down in march 2020 i was actually,off during spring break with my son and,so when i went back into the office,everybody else had vacated,they had all started to work from home,i was,approached by management how do we how,are we going to do this,and,what do we need to do and those sort of,things needed to be put in so i never,did be one of the employees that got to,work from home we do have have about 900,paper files and because we were,paper driven,it wasn't,too difficult when the staff started to,come back we had our protocols,and everything for the two years did go,well when they came up in october and,said you know now is the time for us to,to be mandated everybody else was just,you could tell that they were all on,board with it it impacted our family,because i was very stressed and anxious,and i,did my best to,not have,my family be affected by it my husband's,been off work since november 2020 due to,knee surgery so i've been the sole,income earner,when management did their phone call to,the office to,to verify um,vaccine status my response was i don't,have a passport,and um,it really,you shouldn't be asking me my medical,information,i had to walk into one of my managers,into our local office to turn in my keys,and,completely shock him,with,the the news i turned in my keys he was,very surprised,understood my the staff knew that i am,i'm an aortic dissection survivor,my dissection happened in 2018,at work,so they were all aware of,a heart issue,and completely understood my,reason for my hesitancy with a vaccine,that would possibly cause further damage,to my heart i haven't heard from anybody,which is a little disappointing,i'm not sure what they get told about a,staff member that has been put on leave,i can't go in and just say hey or,whatever which makes it a little,interesting,i don't sleep,very well i,get panic attacks,where i can't breathe the uncertainty of,how to continue to look after my family,has been great but i'm,having to be the strong one as well at,the family,it's it's sad that,we can't just,be accepting we're support you know,we're so,in our,workplace we're accepting of,all kinds of diversities,but we're not allowed to accept this as,a diversity and if we're made to feel,unclean i take pride in my work,i am,happy to help any of the public that,comes into our office,and assist them in any way that i can,and,i,do,miss my work,it may seem like what i do,is,boring and routine but i know that it's,valuable,and,i'd love to be able to,step back in,to the role,continue my career,see it through the end,and not be judged

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BCPS retirees get letter about benefits issues following FOX45 investigation

BCPS retirees get letter about benefits issues following FOX45 investigation

well first on fox ever since a,ransomware attack on baltimore county,public schools in november 2020 some,retirees say the same amount is being,deducted from their pension checks for,health care,even though there have been changes to,their plans in their premiums the,district now admits the attack,profoundly impacted financial operations,and some retirees have been either,underpaid or overpaid because of the,issue this is a bit of a mess and,tonight fox 45's investigation leading,to more answers and actions for these,retirees amy simpson is live with an,update with some progress for them amy,yeah mary because we continue to press,the school district about this ongoing,problem retirees now have a timeline,towards resolution and they can expect,regular updates,retirees demanding answers i don't think,they've put us on the back burner i,think they've,shoved us off the stove completely 15,months after a ransomware attack on,baltimore county public schools impacted,what's being deducted from monthly,pension checks for medical coverage but,i'm very very concerned for my fellow,retirees and we're talking 8 000 of them,some say the money is adding up i,changed because i wanted the extra money,i don't have the extra money another,says she's still paying for her,husband's monthly premium even after he,passed in september when i got my pay,stub in november i realized that i was,still being charged for his health care,as well as mine but in this letter,shared by a retiree and dated february,25th the district is now communicating,with its former employees about the,ongoing pension issue bcps says,recovering retiree data is now a high,priority project requiring immediate,resolution the district says starting,mid-march updates on the project will be,shared every 15 days and the recovery of,data plus reconciliation of health care,billing is projected to be completed by,may 1st the letter also says each,retiree can expect a statement of,benefits in the coming months but,despite questions from fox 45 bcps has,not said how many retirees are impacted,or what the cost will be for the,district to make things right are they,going to have the budget to repay,everybody,then,some people may be paying,less are they going to be suddenly,handed a bill for several thousand,dollars,and,this conceivably with eight you know,eight thousand retirees this could be,several million dollars we're talking,about,now i'm told a deputy superintendent,from baltimore county public schools has,met with representatives for retired,employees to discuss this ongoing,problem today i asked the district what,they can tell us about those meetings,all they would say is that progress has,been made in getting this issue resolved,reporting live tonight amy simpson fox,45 news,you

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Choice Tomato

Choice Tomato

the green grazer said to his assistant,tom i have a job for you to do,we have one tomato left in the shop and,i'd like you to help me sell it,now as you can see it's a very choice,quality tomato and i think people should,know that,also it's a tomato and people should,know that as well so he said put it in,the window so tom placed it in the,window and as he did so he noticed that,the shop window had a mirror underneath,on the bottom and a mirror at the back,well the green grocer said to him make,sure that people know it's a tomato and,it's a choice tomato those two words,must be written on signs but we're a,little short of ink so don't waste ink,when you make those signs so the,assistant got to work and this is what,he wrote,and the second sign,so,now when he'd finished his task the,green grocer came in and he was furious,he said i told you to let people know,what it was and all you've done is to,write some funny little squiggles on,pieces of paper people won't have any,idea what we're selling,he said you're fired and the assistant,tom said just a minute before you fire,me let me show you what i did,he said i knew you were short of ink,because i tried to help you,that little sign there is to be folded,into,and placed behind the tomato in this,position there so everybody will see,that the tomatoes are in fact,choice quality not only that,said tom but the other sign is to be,folded into,and to be placed,at the back of the shop window in this,position here,so not only could people see that it was,a choice tomato but also tom had saved,money by using less ink and so the,greengrocer made him shop manager

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What is a Book?

What is a Book?

hey everybody welcome to redeemer and to,wednesday reflections this is going to,be a big one so let's talk about the,book of common prayer,now i'm going to say what i need to say,in the first few minutes so if you want,to watch to that far go ahead if you,want the full drawn out explanation of,why this is a big move on the episcopal,church's part then stick around for the,full length of the video and check it,out,general convention just finished,wrapping in baltimore and they,passed something called,ao59 a resolution that kind of tweaks,how the general convention can make,changes not only to the book of common,prayer but also to all the other various,collections,of liturgy,that it uses,and these are just a few examples of the,many different books and,and extra collections that,are,given by the episcopal church,um it puts basically all the liturgy,that we have is going to be curated,under the website,,and it kind of silos the worship into,three things,so silo one might be,the book of common prayer,the official fully authorized has the,most gravitas,collection of worship and liturgy and,then you have uh the second silo which,are,uh,things that we know we like uh for,example uh lesser feasts and fasts which,is the uh uh,calendar of saints that we recognize,um,in our church year like you know uh,march,1st is the feast day of,david bishop of manivia,february or sorry july 11th which was a,few days ago was the feast day of um,benedict of nursia so as we are adding,more saints and and honored uh people,into our calendar,you know new editions and new revisions,of this book,need to be updated regularly and those,updates could happen electronically on,the website i mentioned earlier,and then we have other things we we know,we like,for example uh the book of occasional,services,this is a a collection of services that,we need every once in a while but we,don't need them so much as to need to,include them in the book of common,prayer things like,house blessings a blessing for uh,you know all souls day um,um a service of public healing which by,the way we actually use,uh public healing service pretty often,so i like this one a lot but this is,kind of the the things we use kind of,like the uh an extra set of keys that,you keep in your your drawer it's not,the keys you're in your pocket all day,but it's at that extra set of keys for,the shed and for the uh you know,the the the padlock on the thing over,there and all the things you don't have,to carry around with you all day,this is sort of that secondary set of,keys um,all that to say is uh and so all that,would be within the the the second silo,of um,liturgy and then you have,in the third,uh liturgy you would have things that,are either experimental,or um,or,for test purposes for example this would,have been services for trial use would,have been in the third silo this is of,course,decades out of date um,enriching our worship which is a,collection of prayers and liturgies,um that cover uh,many different kinds of groups of things,not every bishop in every diocese likes,enriching our worship sometimes it's a,prude for use in a diocese sometimes,it's not it's at the bishop's discretion,and so those would be sort of silo,number three all right so all this to,say,what it does is it makes it easier for,the general convention to,give the same kind of weight and,recognition,for something like this,to have something like this and all of,this would be,sort of,just made more official and it,streamlines our ability to,have a fully approved,set of prayers that use,less gendered language for god,and but it would have full authority or,um,putting in the liturgies,for,uh,uh marriage of uh,same-gendered individuals um same-sex,marriages uh it would put those,liturgies,right up there with the other liturgies,in the book of coming of prayer without,having to,go through the lengthy process of,revising,the whole prayer book,so that is ao 59 and i hope to see it uh,uh get passed again in its second,reading at the next general convention,in three years i'm totally for uh ao59,and the direction they're moving in i,think it brings,the,book-minded uh,episcopal church into the 21st century,where we have pdfs and e-readers and,computers and cut and paste and things,like that,i couldn't be more uh uh,for it um because i still think that,um our liturgy is not gonna run off the,rails and we're not gonna have just a,random you know wikipedia of liturgies,that you just pull from and everybody's,throwing everything into this you know,website domain i think it's going to be,a,nice centralized list of,what really is,current and usable,across the episcopal church so,it's a it's it's a good way for uh,pretty much everything to be made,available and um and current,so that's my video,if you want the background,let's nerd out about the book of coming,prayer,so the title of this video is,what is a book and this was an,interesting conversation,or a debate or discussion from the floor,that

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BC Public Service Employees Speak Out - Christopher

BC Public Service Employees Speak Out - Christopher

um my name is christopher and i am,located in nanaimo dc,i started january 2019 in a bc cannabis,store,and that was in parksville um,and then transferred to an animal store,where i was currently working my job as,a cannabis consultant would be basically,customer service right people coming,into the store,wanting to learn how to use cannabis or,looking for certain products,for different needs i remember being,i mean a little bit scary at the start,right there was so much chaos and,confusion around it,um,you know some of our staff took time off,just to not be in the store just out of,concern,um while the rest of us just kind of,kept working,and then you know slowly as they started,to incorporate different means of,protection,right like they gave us just a little,single piece of,glass in front of our tail that,really didn't block anything we just,kind of,just kept plugging along right and,understanding that things weren't quite,as bad as they were making it sound,well i mean it,at the start,added so much stress right i mean,i was finally personally just getting,into a comfortable financial position,after,issues in my past and you know bought a,new car i was like getting a house,getting married in september i got all,these things coming wanting to start a,family,um so all of a sudden it was kind of,like,that whole,dream that whole goal was kind of just,shattered in an instant,immediately there was kind of like a bit,of a divide amongst all of us in a store,that,it wasn't it wasn't super obvious but,you could you know you could tell it was,there those that had gotten the vaccine,were,understanding in a sense but at the same,time you know giving you looks here and,there well why don't you just get it,kind of thing uh you know i tried i,tried as best i could to just,put on that happy face and just you know,keep doing the best i could,and uh by the end of it it was it was,really difficult yeah i was placed on a,three-month unpaid leave um it was not,by my choice i did not agree with it you,know i i'm fit and ready for work,wanting to work i'm contracted to work,so there's no reason why i shouldn't be,working,i'd already had so much stress from my,motor vehicle accidents and trying to,regain some semblance of what life,was or should be a lot of the symptoms,that i had moved past you know started,to come back like designation nausea and,appetite loss and,depression started to slip in again a,little bit so you know i had to step,things up again to battle that,you know my partner,very very stressed right,you know because it was if he lost his,job maybe i could lose my job too so all,of our plans you know everything in life,just kind of got put on hold i just felt,like i needed to step up and,hold true to my values and just to,have everyone,understand the division that's been put,in place and to understand that,i don't judge anyone how you know can we,find a way to come together,and find a middle ground in all this in,a peaceful loving way

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Victoria Rumble Room Ft. Umar Sheikh

Victoria Rumble Room Ft. Umar Sheikh

in the wake of this people have lost,jobs and should that stand,do they have a legitimate complaint,should they be reinstated in their jobs,now that the pandemic at least the worst,of it has passed,omar sheikh is a victoria lawyer he's a,former ceo with the bc nurses union and,is going to court on behalf of,government workers transit workers and,others who have lost their jobs,and that was because of the pandemic and,they're seeking a right to express,themselves now,can they go against the mandate and be,reinstated let's zoom in,and joining us now in the victoria,rumble room for the first time as omar,sheikh and omar very nice to have you on,our program today,to be here thank you for having me,um now right off the top we've just seen,operation rolling thunder storming,through ottawa we heard again from,anti-vaxxers we heard from bikers and,truckers shouting at the media mocking,police screaming for justin trudeau to,be removed and,you know,they are against the mandates,universally i i think there are,different things that they're upset,about but everyone seems to be against,the mandates out of that crowd and some,of them have indeed lost their jobs so,what do you what do you make of these,types of protests,well i think i think we need to,understand what's going on here uh as,canadians i think that that there's been,a lot of absolutism uh that occurs where,we're calling them antibacters or,categorizing them as the other,um these are our fellow canadians who,have experienced some significant harm,over this pandemic and we need to be,compassionate and recognize that harm in,the case of the folks that i represent,they've lost their jobs they've been on,unpaid leave without access to any,unemployment insurance they've had no,money and when they do get fired they,get fired based on misconduct so they,don't get ei then either and plus they,have a termination for cause on their,record,um this is a,disproportionate response these people,have been financially bankrupt they've,been hurt they've been punished they,continue,to be punished every single day that,they're out without income,and they're stigmatized and so yeah a,lot of them are going to go out there,they're going to protest they're going,to,to say words like you know unfairness um,and that is true it is a lot of these,mandates have come down unfairly um the,mandates don't apply for example to the,physicians if you don't apply the same,mandate to the physicians in the health,sector how are you going to apply them,to the public servants that aren't in,the health sector um that doesn't make,any sense to us and so there's lots of,different ways this could have been,handled but what the ndp chose to do,here was take a very heavy hand,and decide that these people needed to,be punished and punished greatly for not,obeying the mandate,omar it's really fascinating to have,someone with your perspective on the,show thank you,i understand that you yourself are,vaccinated uh but but you've taken on,this file to go to court for people,who've lost their jobs because they've,refused to follow mandate protocols why,did you personally decide to get,involved with this that's why,i decided to get involved with this,because i've got experience,dealing with the vaccine mandate issue i,was formerly the ceo of the british,columbia nurses union i was successful,in dealing with the vaccine mandate,against that was put in place for nurses,that was taken out,with a deal made by heavc and bonnie,henry just before the pandemic was done,so that deal was made they understood,that those mandates didn't make sense,and it didn't make sense to punish and,fire people then that seems to have,changed yes i may have changed roles but,i still understand what the law was what,the law is,and what the appropriate response is,depending on the efficacy of what you're,trying to to push through,at the end of the day there are three,things that are important when we look,at any type of,charter issue or any type of bodily,autonomy or medical privacy issue and we,look at a proportional response we want,to make sure that it's proportional we,want to make sure that it's effective,what you're saying that you're doing is,effective we want to make sure that it's,equally applied to all,um that's not happening here and so,there is a great injustice that's taking,place for these people we are at two,doses this is a,we are going to court in july for,example for 11 public servants over two,doses not three,not four not the next dose and so this,is non-compliance with what we all now,say,is an ineffective amount of vaccine to,stop transmission regardless,and so if your objective was to stop,transmission you're not doing that with,the policy you have therefore your,proportionality your effectiveness is,not there you're then terminating for,cause based on that and you're harming,these people considerably,that's,it disproportional according to me and,according to what i see in the law,and you're not applying this to doctor

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BC Public Service Employees Speak Out - Philip

BC Public Service Employees Speak Out - Philip

i help government,develop policy and implement it,to support students,with financial assistance to access,post-secondary education and training so,involves,working with a wide range of,stakeholders across the province the,universities and,colleges as well as the federal,government and partners in other,provinces and territories for the first,year and a half or so,most of my colleagues and i worked,remotely from home and it was a very,busy and tumultuous time as government,developed all sorts of new,funding programs and supports to help,in our case students,continue with their education,but we managed to pull through and and,and really deliver some some new things,for students including a new bc access,grant program which,was a minister mandate commitment which,i was responsible for for leading,i did miss the,personal contact that we had before in,the office and the camaraderie and going,out after work or meeting up and,doing things together,since the,mandate,has come out,to,require proof of vaccination,to,continue your job that really changed,things,for us and,i didn't feel comfortable,disclosing personal,medical information to my employer,so i decided not to and,as a result i was put on leave without,pay i enjoy,public service i enjoy,working with people making things better,finding solutions to problems,and improving uh our services to to,citizens and it's a,really rewarding job helping people with,limited financial means,get a college or university education,and improve their lives so i'll miss,that,i have no problem with medical choice,and i i totally respect anyone's choice,to take any kind of,medical treatment,but i don't think anyone should be,forced to take a medical treatment or to,discuss or disclose private information,to your employer when it has no bearing,on the work you do,so um,it's maybe a difficult stand and it's,certainly having an impact on me and and,many of my other colleagues have taken,that stem but i think it's,it's a stand worth taking,i just hope we can come together and,heal from this time it's been tremendous,fear and division and worry and i just,hope for more love empathy and courage,because we're going to need that to heal,from this as a society,there have been,forces that have wanted to,divide us and they've had some success,but i'm i'm very optimistic that,people will,see through this and come to the,conclusion that we need to,be united and work together to have a,successful society

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