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Escape From Tarkov - NEW Streets Of Tarkov IMAGES! New Battlestate Games Twitter Leaks!yo guys what'

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Escape From Tarkov - NEW Streets Of Tarkov IMAGES! New Battlestate Games Twitter Leaks!

yo guys what's going on it's Ace is here,today with another video in today's,video we are going to be checking out,some images from Battle State Games and,streets of tarkov the map that has been,hyped up for almost three years now and,we still haven't gotten it uh we're,gonna make a separate video about that,specifically and the state of battle,State Games and tarkov in general,um I don't think it's looking too hot,over there but if any work is being done,on streets I guess that's better than no,work being done on streets guys do me a,favor make sure you drop it a like and,of course make sure you subscribe to the,channel let's hop into this first image,man,um one thing I noticed right away was,the scaling I immediately got Shoreline,Resort Courtyard vibes from this picture,right here and we know at least in my,opinion that Lighthouse is bigger than,Shoreline and just based off of this,image right here this map is gonna be,way bigger than Shoreline so you know,Lighthouse is a fairly large map in my,opinion is this going to be bigger than,Lighthouse it's supposed to be is it,going to be bigger than Lighthouse or,Shoreline at release probably not and,that's something we'll touch on more in,a separate video but uh based off this,image here I like what I see up in the,top left I want you guys to notice that,uh there is some broken glass on some of,the windows now that is not going to,mean we can go up into every single,floor you can see that we have our,bottom floor then we have one two three,four five six seven stories and,potentially another story above that if,we look at the glass in the background,we have one two three four five six,seven eight so it is an eight story,building that it looks it looks like it,is,um and that's not counting if you can go,on the roof so potentially nine,explorable floors in this building,however we saw some of the early game,footage of streets of tarkov and you,could go up about two flights of stairs,so like three stories were accessible,um if we want the true streets,experience I think every single floor,should be accessible in every single,room should be accessible it's just it,would feel like I'm really there in the,map and I would feel like there's no,restrictions but that's a lot of work,for battle State Games and if we do get,a really shortened version of the map or,a small area playable that might,actually happen but for right now I'm,kind of doubting it but I do want to,point out this broken glass it could,mean those rooms are explorable and that,you can peek your weapon out and try and,pick someone off in the street and it,would make going in the street extremely,dangerous and probably means there's,going to be really decent loot in the,streets that's just what I would assume,but based off this image here,um you know we can't get too much out of,it besides the scaling and kind of see,the level of detail that's gone into,this small area and you know a little,bit of stuff about the building so let's,move to the next image,next image,um is just inside a what looks to be a,small little restaurant obviously I,can't read Russian so I don't know what,it says on the giant side in the back,but you can see we have uh probably a,med spawn right on this table here we,have an AI too just chilling and uh,there's probably gonna be food spawns on,the table you can probably go in the,back room and uh there's probably going,to be a cash register either under the,counter or on top of the counter that,gets added a little uh Cash Pawn we have,a little like comfy Bungalow area up in,the top,um it kind of looks like a hangout you,can see there's a TV on the wall uh nice,attention to detail but truthfully we,can't get too much from this image right,here,so moving on to the third image,um you can see the scale of the,buildings and how many floors are,actually on this thing and when it comes,to the amount of floors that then has to,be translated into the length of the,building with how many rooms there are,so there is a ton of rooms on this,map that have potential to be explorable,now of course if battle State games only,wanted to pick a certain amount of,floors explorable and then rooms,obviously there's unlimited potential,with keys and you could literally have,hundreds of different Keys just for,streets alone so there's a lot of,potential here,but I want to once again point out that,there is a couple broken windows and at,the top uh kind of like top right you,can see there's a cloth hanging out one,of the windows that in my opinion is a,good sign I like seeing things like that,um it just to me kind of says hey this,room is definitely explorable but I,could be wrong on that,some other things we see here,um it's just a really really awesome,looking map design I mean it literally,does look like a city and we don't have,that right now in tarkov in my opinion,you know when I play on reserve it,doesn't feel like a city at all even in,a dormitory area it feels like a,military base same thing with Cus

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Interview With Nikita - Head Of Escape From Tarkov

Interview With Nikita - Head Of Escape From Tarkov

hi guys this is pestilian welcome to,another escape from Taco video today I,had the privilege of having a very,informal conversation with Nikita I,don't know how you guys drive light and,Eve is that horrible they are the worst,guy every time I drive it it breaks I've,given up,mm-hmm,sorry yeah and he gave me some goodies,for you to understand learning and rough,over I guess so without further Ado,let's slide straight into it,or I'm gonna do this in no particular,order but they're working hard on,getting the next major patch ready for,us and which would most likely include a,why so I took the time to list off a,heap of questions to Decatur and ask him,where things are in their progression,cycle and what's been going on and like,I said in no particular order the first,up being Arena uh the arena is actually,fairly well developed there's an,external team working on building the,arena project and uh currently what,they're doing even though they had the,objective to have it in full and then,people would be able to start testing it,then it's actually been more game modes,added to it more maps and they're,actually making it a lot bigger and and,more I guess buffier buffier,I don't know it's going to have a lot,more in it and uh so that's why it,isn't ready for testing just yet but the,actual first major stage of Arena like,the primary Arena game mode is pretty,much complete and they're just doing all,the extra stuff on on top of that one of,the things you said like for example,they're working on is having all the,extra different sound effects and,effects that the crowd's going to be,doing the first the team fight gameplay,mode is playable for sure and right now,we are making stuff related to it all of,the reactions of the crowd around you,scoreboards and stuff like different,kind of things so to make it feel more,natural it makes it feel like a real,life Championship Like Gladiator fights,and we also making new game modes,because uh like the basic game mode is,ready the basic location is ready and,right now we're adding more content more,stuff to be available in the closed,testing I did the whole main thing and,said Win streets Nikita and he came back,with the first iteration will be in the,next major patch and we actually have,completed the all of the visuals or the,first iteration it's the first iteration,targeted to be for the next one there's,this first iteration will be just we,plan to release it this year before the,new year it won't have every single,feature but it will have some new,features involved in it and it's going,to be a very immersive map what he means,by that is the attention to detail in,each of the rooms and all the locations,is extremely high but when you're going,through that map it's going to feel like,you're actually in that location and,that's why it took them so long to,develop the map and now they're working,primarily on the optimization of it the,actual map itself is complete or at,least the first iteration is but the uh,optimization is what they're primarily,working on right now to get it ready for,the next major patch so many working,hours spent on it and I'm pretty,positive that you will feel it in every,single brick of the of the building so,the idea is to give the feel while we're,talking about the next upcoming patch,there's going to be a new extra,additions to the PVE Co-op game mode or,the offline mode to be able to adjust,how the enemies work the scaves and scav,bosses and all that and they're adding,extra new features and tools and stuff,for that there will be new options for,the PVE uh Corp mode that's one thing,that will be coming on the next one one,as well as more expansions to the hot,out there will be the some of the,expansions of The Hideout and it can be,more upgrades and things that you'll be,able to do in your hideout it didn't go,into details you want stuff to be,surprises and he said um this is going,to be like I said a little bit over the,shot but one of the major things he said,was he loves the fact as a developer,that he gets to see our reaction so he,doesn't want to give me all the,information who wants to give us enough,of the tease that we are get excited,over it so there'll be more stuff for,The Hideout but he won't tell us which,ones yet I want to have ready for the,next patch the new grouping system which,will be the ability to team up with,someone and get into a group to go in a,raid before you even go to that Lobby,section there will be new the new group,system friends system more comfortable,more like usable for everybody I hope,that we will be in time with this,feature because literally I like,literally two days ago I said that we,must do this feature because there will,be new cycle and we need to to have this,new grouping like matching thing you,could actually be in a group with,someone and also in your stash and uh,getting ready your next Loadout so then,you can just queue up straight away so,there's no time like having to select,your teammate and ge

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THIS is how You Start a Tarkov Wipe!

THIS is how You Start a Tarkov Wipe!

Rental Truck,friendly,friendly we are scarf my friend scav,wait he might not be scared yeah he's,making the line,hello my friend,to Russia I I do not I am no I am not,you sound like new Rusty you sound like,you you sound like you have the accent,of a Russian my friend what you've never,you've never been to Russia,all right man good talk,yeah,never been to Russia,but you're asking no,or you want to do the marked room drop,down,yeah you think I don't know these things,huh,um usually you don't you rely on us to,tell you so,hello rasky,to the same guy,what's that,oh,what did he say good luck my friend,he said someone was in there,oh hold on it columns,oh,if I push you thoughts,oh if I die I die you won't die but you,might break your legs and then you're,ruined no no I just mean from the guy,that's in here,oh he's in there yeah,I thought he said there was somebody,somebody in there not there is somebody,in there,hello my friend,if you're lucky you might be able to go,back out the door go down the stairs and,shoot him through the door that's my,plan but yeah he was in the,um that corner as I was peeking so oh,right he's just wall banging me,oh sick,that kind of hurt man,like two ways you can go,no come on server that was the time,just let me shoot him in his face,all about the time my guy right there,good stuff,I wish you could have seen that I should,have streamed that first sorry you put,in a video,that's your intro right there look at,this Mark room corner I'm dead,I genuinely thought that guy made it,sound like that kind of sound like that,there's like no Panic and like the fact,that we were voiping back and forth like,surely you'd not want to let the guy,know that we're about to Ambush him like,that guy below us heard us having a,conversation with the guy,that's his YouTube intro there you go,I don't think I had anything worth,keeping so not too bummed about it just,the uh the very jolly warning from that,guy was kind of nice sleeping yeah that,was unfortunate,I am at will we consider calling,triangles,for obvious reasons,a bit,see you,on your left,yeah you have a full day to complete it,yeah,okay,yeah but your day's still going I'm,about to go to sleep for like,four kills,mine's fifteen if 15 timed yeah,I'm done nice okay,you have uh the director's office key,yeah,oh right you didn't get it,she wouldn't let me buy the crackers,our lady was crackers,we love that we do love action,I'm going right fancy,he's uh behind the far left one,yeah shot one over my face,scab's dead,two two here I think no I think there's,one left in the bushes,I'm fragging right down the middle,I think over,um,I don't even kill them,hey are you dead yet,flashback going out,no that's normal Frank that would have,killed overnight nice there might be,still another one just left in the,bushes a little further,okay,I'm rebagging,so you should be either in the bushes,right in front of you but if you don't,hear any movement all right flushing,ahead flashing ahead,just a flashbang yeah if you have,another one just check another one,my eyes,should be one dead on your feet and then,one in the big room,none of this is a spawn,okay uh this one over here,okay all right all right I wasn't sure,I'll grab my bag oh this world yeah I,thought you spotted this one of that guy,um you got this guy that I'm on right,now,in The Tall Grass yeah,yeah I got something nice dude that's a,kick W is his name nice,all right,your kills take what you need I'm gonna,grab stuff man we're sharing,okay this guy's got stuff in his bag,anyways,oh he had a ball for me,but Christmas is over Conor not to me,it's done,dorm room 203k,do you still need gas analyzers found in,raid I do yeah this guy has one nice,okay,we out of here gonna extract right here,as long as we don't get head shots,um,and like that,I Disappeared reality,good run yeah man,4300 experience it's exactly what you,need yeah couple kills,leave with more than you had,well I mean I got a quest item I got my,scabs killed I killed two people exactly,yeah that's a engagement that,guy took so many green Tracer rounds,that's why I asked him I was like are,you dead yet because I kept shooting,them in the bush he's like oh ah and,then eventually just fell over I think,that first before I go through between,like must have done some shrapnel damage,so that won't go in the bush there's no,way it didn't hit him it's very possible,I don't think I was in position,okay we're in oh my God we get to play,the game oh my God it's happening oh oh,you know what we're extract,make sure you're on Full Auto you're,let's go check the opponents,you can do your little window peek,Emmett,you just jump,yeah I was trying to get through,you know the staircase with me,no,I went to the left of the building,doing your own thing I see,the one in the front door finding the,stairs oh you're in the main lobby,I'm guessing you were over here in the,bar you better worry about bears,in the bomb,Jesus see you oh,brother okay,silly man,did you kill him ye

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Battlestate Games Helps Raise Money for an AWESOME Person

Battlestate Games Helps Raise Money for an AWESOME Person

hey everybody my name is one peg mg and,this is the news uh it's been a while,since I've seen you guys and I apologize,that it's been so long but I have been,working diligently on trying to get back,to you guys here at YouTube,unfortunately life gets in the way,it took a vacation with some family and,was trying to stream from the vacation,house and there really hasn't been a,whole lot going on in tarkov and,actually this video doesn't necessarily,have to do with tarkov the game as much,as it has to do with the community and,battle state games on a whole now I want,to say that this is not a slag piece,okay so if you came here for me saying,some crap about battle state and how,shitty they are you've come to the wrong,video okay like this is not what this is,about,so get that out of your head what I want,to talk about is a person in our,community that has been insanely,insanely generous someone that has been,an avid supporter of our community for,over a year and a half that has almost,single-handedly propelled the ability,for streamers like myself and many,others to be able to genuinely consider,and eventually end up folding themselves,into a full-time position doing this and,someone that absolutely deserves the,attention that they're getting right now,and I want to highlight this person,explain what is going on and talk about,what the next steps for all of this are,and why I'm bringing them up so the,person that I am talking about is a,gentleman that goes by the handle,graphics Inc and this is his twitch,channel if you notice he doesn't have a,lot of followers and he's not following,a whole lot of people right but that's,not the point the point is is that,graphics has been a huge huge influence,on the tarkov community and what do I,mean by that so specifically what I mean,is that year and a half plus alright as,long as I have been,you know streaming a lot I guess since,let's say let's say October of last year,I've known of this person I've known of,graphics and he's been around way before,that but graphics okay,he has been historically at the top of,every bit leaderboard every single week,damn near every single week for a huge,number of streamers I mean we're talking,Kings deadly slob,scab with an m4 Claymore dotty BK Sal,tweak baddie myself slush puppy Mariah,Veritas I mean there's so many people X,Cuddy clean I mean week to week you,would see his name at the top of the bit,leaderboard every single week and that's,that's not even including all of the,tips that he would give to people,through PayPal words of encouragement,DMS that you would get from from him,just to say like hey man I really love,you stuff I think you're really funny I,mean man I have gotten so many like,words of encouragement from from,graphics just just myself with with him,taking time out of his day just to tell,me like hey man keep at it you know and,guys like him sorry guys I'm getting a,little little,little emo but guys like him are hard to,come by you know what I mean and the,reason why I'm getting emotional about,this is because the dude's hurtin,physically hurting and and he'll never,ask he never asked for the help Kings,Kings had a long conversation with him,and told him that look man we're going,to try and help you with with something,you have going on so the long and the,short of it is he has what is called,well he he has he has had an issue with,with his spine for a very long time,graphics is is a graphic artist if you,can't tell from the banner that I showed,a minute ago he is an amazing graphic,artist and he also owns one of the,coolest auto detailing shops and and car,restoration businesses I have ever ever,seen like just amazing amazing amazing,handiwork you know he,he's an entrepreneur he's owned the shop,for a long time he employs a number of,guys that are extremely talented in what,they do and at the same time graphics,has been battling a major issue with his,spinal column he's had back problems for,a very long time and had a lot of major,surgeries and right now he's staring,down the barrel of what I have been led,to believe is the largest and most major,surgery he has seen as in his entire,life and I just think it would be,awesome if we as a community could give,back and the coolest thing about this is,that when Kings brought this to me I was,like hell yeah dude whatever you need,and it looks like it's caught fire and,the reason why this is news about the,tarkov community is because with him,being such a huge huge supporter of the,tarkov community by extension the tarkov,community has decided to be supportive,of him even to the effect that battle,state tweeted and made a forum post,about how they're supporting him in this,endeavor and I just want to share this,with you so battle state and made a post,an hour ago saying that graphics needs,this multi-level fusion surgery be as,she puts out this forum post okay with a,GoFundMe link it's very important all,right and I'm gonna be putting this,GoFundMe link in the comments sec

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what is up guys butterscotch in today's,video i want to talk to you guys about,why i think bsg needs to take advantage,of the time that they have to make,massive changes to escape from tarkov,now when i talk about massive changes,i'm not talking about something like,armor or ammo damage and pen you know,percentages and numbers,i'm not talking about changes like that,i'm talking about major changes like,they did when they change the flea,market unlock level like when they do on,you know end of wipe events where they,have you know raiders in certain areas,or maybe they have you know different,values,for scav health you know events like,that that really change up the game i,think that battle state games needs to,make those events longer i think right,now those events are used to gather data,however i don't think that they have a,long enough time,to gather that data and see if any,changes actually,work for if they're just negatively,affecting for you know two days,so for me personally i think battle,state games needs to take this beta,you know,at face value and kind of say hey we're,gonna do a major change this wipe we're,doing you know level 25 flea market,unlocked or we're giving scabs you know,x amount of health,this is what they used to have you know,this is what they have so i think they,need to do that and just maybe do,month-long event during a wipe or maybe,they just do the whole wipe that way but,they need to take advantage of the beta,status that they still have and i,understand that the game has grown,tremendously and maybe some of you guys,aren't experiencing boredom after two,months of a wipe and it's not even,necessarily that i'm bored it's just i,know what to expect too much after white,so with these this will change it up,enough to where it will feel like a new,experience for veteran players that have,been playing for so long,but it will also feel like a massive new,experience for new players and i know,that maybe again you guys don't,experience that late game boredom but,mid wipe only lasts,two months in and what will happen is if,there's a new mechanic or a new you know,you know way to kind of go about things,everybody is experiencing that for the,first time veteran players new players,all experiencing at the same exact time,and i think that would bring the,community actually a little bit you know,more in line when it comes to you know,competitiveness because when you have,massive changes like scav health,changing or you know scav boss health,changing you know the weapons that you,start with and go up against,may not be the same that you you know,usually use,to do that and now you have to,change the way that you play around with,the new mechanics or stats or you know,whatever major change they bring,so and you're kind of doing that as an,entire community and i think personally,that's just what bsg needs to start,doing again is making sure that,everything is fresh new and you know,working to the point where they can,gather enough data to see if a change or,something that they want to implement,actually does well and if it doesn't,they say it looks like this performed,poorly we're gonna not have this you,know next month or neck wipe depending,on how they do it but that's just me i,just you know i want to thank you guys,for watching and listening to my rant,about this but i think battlestate games,really needs to take advantage of it,please like share subscribe,and i'll see you in the next video

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all right let's see what clean has to,say,so with the recent change with the rmt,thing i i honestly think a lot of you,guys are overreacting a little bit,um,will this increase the amount of people,paying for cheap carry services,potentially,is it profitable for,cheaters to do that,not really,compared to rmt,the amount of money made per carry is,anywhere from five to seven dollars per,raid and that would potentially take,anywhere from 20 30 maybe even 40,minutes for a raid for that,ah,five to seven dollars well on that one,website i was looking at it was like 30,bucks ago,whereas with how rmt functions are going,to array,hang on let me let me go back here a,second so with the recent change with,the rmt thing i i honestly think a lot,of you guys are overreacting a little,bit,um,will this increase the amount of people,paying for a cheap carry services,potentially,is it profitable for,cheaters to do that,not really,compared to rmt,the amount of money made per carry is,anywhere from five to seven dollars per,raid and that would potentially take,anywhere from 20 30 maybe even 40,minutes i'm gonna disagree with clean,here and say that i don't think you're,looking at even 20 minutes,because a cheater on labs,will run through it in like,less than 10 minutes easily less than 10,minutes but then again,that's being like,super blatant,would they be at more risk of being,caught if they go like super ,rage hack mode kill the whole lobby,i know i think i think the time there is,is definitely,overestimated i i believe that it's a,much shorter period of time than,you know 30 40 minutes for sure four,raid for that carry to go through and,finish,whereas with how rmt functions a cheater,could go into a raid wipe the lobby,within 10 minutes or less and get a,chance to hit all the high value loot,spots to find those high key items that,be worth anywhere from 50 to 100,so the amount of time spent,doing rmt is much more worth the,cheaters time versus doing the carry,services okay that i agree with,obviously that makes way more sense,because now cheaters can't just go,right i'm going to play labs i'm going,to get all the key cards i'm going to,get all the lead x's and i'm going to,sell them for you know x amount of money,per pop this is why i really want to,know,just how much volume is being shifted if,i could like find,the biggest arm tier,and like figure out how much they were,making,just how much in-game products were,being shifted,on like a daily basis that would be such,a uh obviously before the rmt change,came in but so overall i think this is,potentially a good thing because a lot,of,i think it's definitely a good thing too,i don't want anybody to get me wrong on,this i think this is definitely i think,this is definitely a good thing,i think going forward this is going to,be,much better for the game obviously just,in case anybody thinks that i'm against,this or whatever but the cheating that,does happen in tarkov the rampant,cheating is because of rmt because of,how profitable it is for these guys to,go into the raids and make,real money from you know finding these,in-game items and then selling them,now that bsg has kind of put a bit more,of a tight noose on that uh it is going,to substantially hurt the rmt,profiteering that happens,um,and i i think a lot of the speculation,as to whether or not this is going to,increase the amount of cheaters is,just i guess you could say an educated,guess,uh we don't really know if it's going to,do that or not um and to be honest like,i think we,well my my thinking of it was that,if,casual andy can't go to his favorite,cheating cocklord,and get boosted through a raid get given,a bunch of rubles for money,one fear that i have is that,these people are going to be more likely,to go ahead and start cheating,themselves,rather than,because if you put it this way why would,you bother ever paying five bucks 10,bucks 20 bucks 30 bucks whatever for a,boost,when you could just get the cheats,yourself,and do it yourself that's one concern i,have that this,will,indirectly lead to more people overall,cheating in the community it it's like,we'll have to wait and see obviously you,know what i mean i don't know,arm tiers only killed players uh when,they have to they're in raid to snag top,tier loot before you even know uh they,were theirs when you died to a cheater,now 10 times it wasn't an armed tier,yeah because rm tiers want to fly under,the radar that's what i was saying,earlier about lab clears now,they're probably going to get their,accounts banned a lot faster because,they're going to have to kill a lot more,people but people would be more afraid,to get banned for cheating themselves,because they aren't bright enough to get,the cheats themselves without getting,scammed well that's the thing there are,so many websites that sell tarkov cheats,i don't know how many guys are aware of,this but a very very common,misconception about cheating in tarkov,is that oh bsg have sales and cheaters,buy the accounts

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Escape From Tarkov Gameplay - Factory [1440p 60FPS]

Escape From Tarkov Gameplay - Factory [1440p 60FPS]


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Escape From Tarkov: Rags to Riches [S4Ep31]

Escape From Tarkov: Rags to Riches [S4Ep31]

a new week of tarkov begins and,i am tired so very tired,i don't know why it's just all day,i've just been tired seems like the,perfect time to go around and shoot,people right,i have a feeling that uh today is going,to be very interesting and by,interesting i mean painful but that's,okay because,uh yeah it's gonna kind of do things uh,i think we're going to go over to,customs today we're going to do try and,do chemical part one along with polikim,hobo and i think that's all we have,there,yeah that's all we have there for right,now,basically i want to see if i get a good,enough spawn to once again charge the,marked room so let's go ahead and get,ourselves a little,little cash influx here so that way if,we need to we could take the vehicle out,and beyond that,there's not a whole lot we need to do,here,we have grenades we have meds,um do i want to take an additional stack,of ammo it may not be the worst idea,although,you know what we'll do it we'll do it,just to say we did it,just to be prepared all right um,anything else that i need to do here i,don't think so i think we're pretty well,set,pretty well set okay,that's a fun looking scaff all right so,customs what do we got we got a 10,o'clock in the am fantastic,almost everything is insured except for,that and that's pretty much it,go ahead and ensure that and we shall,just hop right into it and see what,happens hopefully,my lack of awakeness,does not translate into terrible,gameplay,it didn't last time surprisingly,okay game i got you,you want me to do it i'll do it that's,fine,come on stamina work with me,we got things to plea we got places to,be things to do,i think we're gonna go through the,bottom floor probably the safest,especially if there is a,certain individual inside of here,it sounds like there is,that was just a reg scav,oh this impressive this go around,okay,all right well,think about what we need to do here we,still need to kill scavs,we also need to go over to that train,and grab that item and,that may be what we do here,we may just work on getting out right,now,kind of feel like that's the best course,of action,gotta keep an eye out for that uh 338,lapua,ap stuff is going for like 40k a shot,i needed more tea no i don't need any,more tea plugs,it's even a silly question i've done,that quest,quest is finite,all right,i'm almost feeling brazen enough to go,for the shots,i know it's probably gonna backfire,horribly but,i do need pmc kills,although from the direction we hear,those shots they're probably in the uh,construction area,that sounded scav-like,yep,i have a feeling most of the pmc of,already you know pmc'd off,so hey m1a,oh powerbank,okay that's another like 60k right there,alliances are going for like 60,the sugar,for 90 to 100,their listing is a little expensive but,at the end of the day you're still,making a profit so it's still worthwhile,all right so we got an sks we got to,remember to worry about,right yeah i did not mean to do that,it's fine,alright so we need to get on the other,side of the fence,and scissors,always nice for making more weapons,crates or uh,bag crates rather little factory key,there that'll sell if i get it out,so on my secondary account i was doing a,uh,just a basic shoreline not a pistol run,but i just had a little,stubby mp5,and i did a jacket run in the village,i came out with like,half a dozen keys one of which was a,marked room,i was super happy,first time i used that key,makarov that that was,that was it just a macro,like you want to talk about a kick of,the shorts,you get a key that i could sell,for a pretty ridiculous price like 700k,or something like that,i'm like nah i'm gonna use it man i'm,gonna i'm gonna get something good out,of that,i get a pm,the tarkov gods were not smiling upon me,that day,i tell you what,all right we're just going to go ahead,and exit we got our quest item,get a little bit of loot this is a 58 is,not terrible,why am i heavy what is weighing me down,at present,i guess the weapons four point four,points,oh i don't know why am i so heavy,why am i wheezing,i wonder i wonder,all right so we got two out of the 25,scavs we need to kill,we are well on our way to completing,that quest,now the question is do i want to go back,into uh into customs again see if we get,i i've been having this thing where i,keep getting the same spawn like three,or four times in a row,and that's not a bad spawn to have if i,want to keep rushing the uh marked room,so we may give it another go,just to see i don't think we need the,drill for anything i'll hang on to it,just in case,i'm pretty sure we're done with any,drill related stuff edible can go,relay can sell our bank we will,definitely keep,em scissors yes circuit board i think we,still need that one,we can go ahead and strip out the mag,for this guy and then we'll put him up,here,take him out later oh no,oh no i'm starting to run out of room,for weaponry,i have way too many uh attachments way,too many,i really should get rid of some of those,uh for now

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