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Brutal Expectations? Battlefield 2042 Community Morale Plummets After Dev Tweetshey everyone it's fl


Updated on Jan 22,2023

Brutal Expectations? Battlefield 2042 Community Morale Plummets After Dev Tweets

hey everyone it's flackfire morale in,the battlefield community seems to have,hit some new lows courtesy of some,ill-advised tweets and a lack of,official information,the situation is so bad apparently,moderators behind the battlefield 2042,subreddit have debated shutting down the,entire board,much of the outcry was sparked by ea's,global director of integrated,communications andy mcnamara who made a,couple poorly worded tweets which have,since been deleted he stated quote back,to work today check reddit and twitter,and battlefield fans are pissed we,didn't do enough updates or,communication during the holiday break,guys people gotta rest we have things in,motion but we have to figure out what is,possible we will address it when we are,a hundred percent let us get back from,break and get back to work,love you guys but these expectations are,brutal the things you want take time to,scope design and execute end quote,predictably the community did not react,well,now i get what andy was trying to say,and he means well developers are human,they work hard and they deserve breaks,like everyone else i 100 percent agree,with that what's more developers aren't,responsible for the majority of problems,that battlefield 2042 faces,those stem from poor planning and,executive decisions developers crunched,to get battlefield 2042 out the door on,a deadline the fact it should have been,delayed another six months doesn't just,magically rejuvenate those people,grinding out the updates i feel,tremendously for developers right now,and andy apologized stating his message,wasn't clear,unfortunately it doesn't mean that fans,anger is unwarranted or that their,expectations are in fact brutal,battlefield 2042 was criticized,for design decisions prior to release,and leadership has been largely silent,when they did speak it was to assure,fans that they were listening and then,they arguably ignored that feedback,obviously that hasn't helped and the,community has now reached a boiling,point developers need to respond in a,meaningful way and announce how they're,going to address the game's most glaring,issues,i respect that developers had some kind,of vision for battlefield 2042 but if,they want the franchise to survive,they're gonna need to reconsider that,direction fast and they really need to,have an honest conversation with,themselves,the fan base's expectations are far from,brutal in fact they're quite reasonable,players want the return of the,traditional class system they want a,scoreboard they want easier,communication they want a server browser,and they want a better balanced and more,stable experience i've read through,thousands of comments at this point and,those are far and away the most frequent,complaints and again those are hardly,what you would call brutal expectations,they are the expectations of a devoted,and passionate fan base who have enjoyed,what battlefield brought to the table,you could argue the time frame in which,they want these changes is brutal though,i would still say they've been asking,for these changes since before launch so,it's not really a valid point sadly the,most painful part of all this is if,developers had just listened to that,early feedback we wouldn't be sitting,here in this situation,now while most players are concerned,with the tone of the tweets other parts,of andy's comments are much more,alarming,two sentences stick out most to me the,first is quote we have things in motion,but have to figure out what is possible,there is a lot to unpack in that line,developers are facing a complicated,engine but they're also facing the,realities of game development work takes,time and money the unfortunate truth is,that there is a point where it isn't,financially feasible to do what is,necessary,you need to only look at anthem for an,example of that overhauling the,specialist system would take tremendous,work and probably create a lot of,problems in the development pipeline,based on andy's comments i don't think,it's realistic to expect significant,change to the flawed core mechanics of,the game,battlefield 2042 will likely never,become the game that fans wanted in the,first place and if it does it'll be much,further down the road,and honestly i would absolutely,love to be proven wrong here but i'm not,quite as optimistic as i used to be,dice has pulled off a similar overhaul,with star wars battlefront 2 but i think,there is more that needs to be done here,andy's comments also say no that dice is,holding on to its core vision when i,believe that nuclear options should be,on the table,the other troubling statement for me is,quote the things you want take time to,scope design and execute and quote,feedback has been clear for months if,developers are just now having these,meetings they are,well behind the ball it also projects,the approach that if something is,ignored long enough eventually people,will accept it and with battlefield 2042,clearly that has not worked and hell,have no fury like a scorned gaming,c

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196 Kills Personal RECORD on Battlefield 2042! (LIVESTREAM QUALITY)

196 Kills Personal RECORD on Battlefield 2042! (LIVESTREAM QUALITY)

what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome,to a brand new video today we have a 196,kill game which is my highest kill game,on Battlefield 2042 I actually have two,196 kill games on this game uh this time,I did it on spearhead we'll learn 28,players this is called right from the,stream uh so the footage has a little,bit lower quality than usual I kind of,cut out the boring Parts uh but all,everything is from live commentary from,the stream so it might be a little bit,confusing because I'm talking to the,chat and everything but I hope you guys,enjoy anyways let's get into it the Call,of Duty is is a very new friendly game,so we're just saying it's just kind of,incorrect,that's why I thought your comment was,kind of funny Call of Duty has no,movement,um insane aim assist so everyone can aim,on the game requires no skill and that's,why kids find it more enjoyable than,Battlefield because it's like really,easy,gotta think a little bit before you,place comments,because it makes no sense,I don't judge,or you were talking about war zone right,you know that's made by Call of Duty,are are you still in the conversation,oh they're both going for me,jumps on the way,get up get up,level 242 most worst game in college for,kids goodbye see you later,thanks for sharing the opinion,hope you have a good day,oh Cass is sleeping dude,it wakes up at six,if he's busy he'll probably Tune In The,Stream like later later,oh,that's fun dude,we're gonna know what to do here,almost lost that one,ah,a baddie I don't know if you were,listening to what I was saying but I,said Warzone requires no skill,and I just explained why so there's like,no point to play it,it's okay though but yeah Call of Duty,Warson requires like not a lot of skill,unfortunately,is this how to design the game,oh he jumped down fair enough,enemies,all right let's see,is that tank still there,the Tank's still there,here,attack on Charlie one initiated by our,troops,multiple threats,oh behind me oh hello there,you're laughing now,oh,yeah you know this has happened 100,percent,foreign,that was pretty nice,property,foreign,ammo with this thing,that doesn't happen often,that's how you know that's how you know,you're on the streak,Oh I thought somebody killed that guy,foreign,go,getting hit markers,side's kind of working thank you uh,thank you Frey,foreign,how messed up the input is,oh no how you kill game right now,exactly,oh that hit much dude,oh yeah that streak will be in a video,actually this hat the the g57 I,personally think it's better than this,gun I'm trying to tier one it it's gonna,screw it if you're flanking because it's,got like a lot of bullets but,that's it,it's terrible if you're actually trying,to go for gunfights it's something yeah,well for a flanking right there it's,perfect because it's got a ton of,bullets,but if you want to win gun fights,um,g57 is better,but maybe if you flank a lot it could be,your go-to uh go-to gun definitely,I think that's it,anymore there we go oh yep two more,kills,uh we're definitely getting the thing to,tear one,that's too far away that's too far away,the ribbon,like marshmallows yeah it's like it yeah,like I said it's it's good if you if you,need like a flank with a lot of bullets,that's that's really it,uh I kind of don't know what to do here,let me laugh I don't know if that,sniper's still there my team's pushing,ah there we go there we go,now if I get a little lucky,then if there's more here oh there is,because I would probably say that,Battlefield 3 is better and probably,more,thank you,oh,what just happened,dude what just,I got no clue how what,um,kind of streaking if this turns into a,clip,oh what's this bro what,foreign,foreign,there,yeah we found an absolute God server,foreign,foreign,this is pretty insane,allied forces are attacking us,foreign,Ninety Six,foreign,no we're we got 196 again,oh dude what a game,fight,that's one of the best games I've ever,had

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*NEW* Battlefield 2042 - EPIC & FUNNY Moments #112

*NEW* Battlefield 2042 - EPIC & FUNNY Moments #112


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Harry Potter Author SLAMS 1,000,000+ Boycott of Hogwarts Legacy As Outrage Grows...

Harry Potter Author SLAMS 1,000,000+ Boycott of Hogwarts Legacy As Outrage Grows...

probably the best way to start off the,new year is by talking about probably,the most highly anticipated Game of the,Year and that is Hogwarts Legacy it is,also one of the most controversial games,of the year seems like lots of games,media just do not even want to talk,about this because of how controversial,it has become if you have been following,this game at all on social media there,has been large campaigns to get it to be,boycotted and even at the game awards,last month it was an interesting,reaction to the most anticipated award,you saw enormous Applause for Star field,Final Fantasy XV uh Zelda tears of the,kingdom and then when it got to Hogwarts,Legacy some people tried to make it out,to be that they were booed but it was,more so it went pretty quiet and I,really do get the sense that a lot of,people just don't know how to react to,this game and I think that's more of,those who live online and those who run,various gaming websites and then you,have the more average Casual Gamer I,guess you could say those who actually,like Harry Potter and aren't really,following along or care about,necessarily the politics of JK Rowling,those are extremely excited for this,game and you've seen that with the steam,top charts of this Hogwarts Legacy is,like one of the most pre-ordered games,and it is by far in my opinion going to,just absolutely knock it out in terms of,sales when that day comes in about just,around a month now what will I Garner in,reviews that is something that we're,going to be having discussions about,probably in the coming weeks because I,do think that just because of this being,JK Rowling her views I do anticipate,that certain Outlets will factor that,into the review score but regardless of,that we're not there yet even right now,we're learning more about Hogwarts,Legacy the most recent reveal was,gameplay showcase and in which it had,the Avalanche Studios developers and,their Community team just traversing the,massive and vast open world it really is,impressive what they have built here,obviously that doesn't necessarily,translate to the quality of the map and,how enjoyable it'll be but it looks like,it could be a ton of fun traversing on,different type types of bees and,obviously our customizable broomstick,those are really impressive features,obviously in previous reveals of this,game and even in the debut trailer we,gotta look inside of the main castle and,the Interiors it does look like it's,there's a lot of great attention to,detail there's a lot of cool places that,we'll be able to explore there but that,exploration on the foot we really didn't,know how massive this world is and this,is just a great example again of why so,many people are extremely excited about,Hogwarts Legacy furthermore we also got,our first look at the dark arts battle,arena this is something that's included,in the deluxe edition of the game or it,can be an in-game purchase you know my,feelings on stuff like this I truly,don't like it but what was shown here is,I have to admit it does look impressive,and it intrigues me you have characters,that can use the unforgivable curses to,fight through waves of enemies in this,area and the gameplay showcase showed a,battle sequence in which our wizard was,blasting an enemy with the killing curse,and their health bar immediately drains,to zero this is fun stuff obviously some,some Outlets really really didn't like,this the fact that you can kill I guess,technically but myself I just love the,these different types of opportunities,in a role-playing game like this now,furthermore it wasn't just this that was,shown off we also got our first look at,the room of requirement or a more,in-depth look I should say this space,will be fully customizable to the player,from the objects in the furniture to the,architecture the ceilings and walls the,room of requirement is the Player's,Place to call their own at Hogwarts it's,also a great area to grow plants brew,potions and upgrade our imbue magical,abilities into their gear and they and,there's this article from mugglenet also,points out magical beasts now are also,featured in this area I believe you can,collect an array of magical creatures,yes it's called the vivarium which is,the part of the room of requirement,section I guess and we have animals that,are friendly but require some TLC from,the player you need to feed play with,and pet these animals and it will let,the players get ingredients from them,that can be used in potion making and,crafting so yeah these are just a couple,of different features and aspects of,Hogwarts Legacy that Avalanche software,recently gave a more in-depth look at,and has excited a lot within this,community but unfortunately this,excitement has not been Universal as,especially on Twitter and various social,media sites and various gaming sites,we've seen various hit pieces emerge,recently and many of which just calling,outright boycotts of this game saying,it's dangerous to support it and yes,many of this is li

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I Broke Battlefield 2042..... Again....

I Broke Battlefield 2042..... Again....

foreign,boy oh boy do I have a video for you,guys today so welcome to the channel uh,today,ladies and gentlemen this is a this is,honestly a sad day once again in the,battlefield franchise and it's with the,new event game mode so this is obviously,the second uh week in the new,Battlefield 2042 event Battle of nordvik,and uh each week there's gonna be a new,game mode and it's kind of this thing,where they're trying to have lore behind,it like oh it's the attack and then the,defense and then The Liberation and all,that sort of thing and you get skins for,doing this event all that sort of stuff,and the second week game mode is called,retribution it is a mix between Rush,breakthrough and Conquest now the game,mode itself in my opinion is actually,completely fine I think it's actually a,pretty interesting game mode and I don't,really have any problems with it however,there is one fatal mistake with this,game mode that I'll be illustrating in,today's video and when I say fatal I,mean that literally so if you enjoy the,video hit the like button and of course,subscribe to the channel thank you guys,so much for hitting 36 500 subscribers,on on the way to thirty seven thousand,we might even hit forty thousand by like,I don't know April or March or something,like that so thank you guys so much for,that and let's just get directly into,the fatal error with this game mode that,renders it completely unplayable for one,of the teams so my first time playing,this game mode I just loaded into it,normally like infantry I'm playing,through to go okay you know that yeah,that's pretty cool you know I got my,skins whatever you know I actually like,this game mode more than Conquest,assault which was last week's game mode,and played through in the first time,didn't really notice anything that was,out of place the second time I played,the game mode I was put on defense and I,noticed when I was playing on offense,that the attackers got a transport,vehicle a ram a railgun tank and an,attack helicopter now when I was taking,a look at the defensive vehicles I,noticed that the Defenders got a MAV in,place of a transport vehicle and a a gun,in place of a ram they still got the,railgun tank but they got a super hind,in place of an attack helicopter and if,anyone watched my video yesterday you,will know that the super hind is the,true attack helicopter so that got me,thinking and I started thinking about,could it be possible to completely spawn,trap the attacking team with the super,Hind and of course flying it with a full,Squad of people and because of the 16v,16 game mode spawn trapping 16 people is,actually quite possible all you really,have to do is kill the stragglers make,sure no one leaks because obviously in a,lower player count game mode it's way,easier to make sure no one kind of,escapes and gets spawns behind you so,upon looking at that I definitely,thought it was possible but it was,absolutely confirmed to be possible when,I saw where the attacker spawned on the,attacking team when you spawn in you,will most likely spawn in and this,completely wide open circular patch of,dirt with absolutely no cover so when I,learned that I immediately got the gang,together just to see if this was,possible I want wanted to see if dice,really messed up this badly so I of,course ping Discord you know DM some,people got the gang together in the,super Hind and I said hey let's try to,break this game mode to make it,completely unplayable because hey I just,want to kind of expose dice's complete,oversight with the design of this game,mode so we load in we get in the super,hind we absolutely destroy the attack,helicopter the super hind versus attack,helicopter fights are not even,relatively close the Super Hunt has two,mini guns and if I hit you with a 40,millimeter grenade it's doing you know,probably a 30-year health so we destroy,the attack helicopter we kill the,stragglers and then we just proceed to,clean them up to the point where we have,people spawning at relatively the same,time at their spawn point and we just,hover above it and they can't do,anything none of the vehicles matter we,just bully the railgun tank to the point,where the driver would jump out and,we've had someone from our squads just,steal it and drive it around out of,bounds until it blew up the ram couldn't,do anything and of course the Infantry,couldn't do anything when they spawned,because as they're spawning they're,getting detonated by 40 millimeter,grenade launchers they don't even have,the time to look straight up to even try,to lock onto us with a stinger missile,and to be very clear we're not doing,this to ruin the experience for other,players I'm doing this to prove how,stupid dice is for this design oversight,do you know how to prevent this I'll let,you comment down below if you know how,this is easily prevented I'll give you a,hint it was in Battlefield 4 and it was,automated I'll let you answer,okay you've had enough time cram you put,a cram in the spawn and this go

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How To RendeZook! on Battlefield 2042

How To RendeZook! on Battlefield 2042

what's up Troopers my name is neon and,today I'm going to be doing a tutorial,how to do a rodeo suit if you guys don't,know what a rodeo souk is if you look in,the background that is basically what,it's gonna be you're jumping out of a,jet taking out another vehicle and then,getting back in the jet it's one of them,classic moments and Battlefield has been,going on for many many years but I'm,here today to teach you guys how to do,it in Battlefield 2042. big massive,shout out to my friend pindas he's,literally one of the best people who can,do these type of clips and he gave me a,bunch of footage to show you guys how to,do this we've been going backs and,forwards getting all the information how,to do this tutorial so I really hope,this turns out well and if you guys do,enjoy the video make sure to subscribe,to the channel and of course leave a,like in the video thank you so doing,these type of Clips the main thing you,want to be doing it on is Conquest,Conquest is the main thing you want to,be doing on yes you could do it on,breakthrough but the thing is you really,want to make sure the vehicles are,available especially when it comes to,Jets being on the American side is 10,times better as well so I'm not here,guys to just teach you guys exactly how,to fly and all that with jets I'm just,here to teach you guys the main method,of a rodeo suit so with a rodeo suit,what you would be doing is once you are,in the air you want to be flying the,maximum speed you possibly can go and,once you are in the air and you're going,for that really good speed an example a,jet is hot behind you and they're,chasing you and they want to take you,down well you want to go Full Throttle,where you can actually see the jet,engine doing its whole flames you really,want to make sure you are on the,attitude of halfway between 0 to 15 that,is in the middle of your dashboard then,before you jump out of your chair you,need to let go of the speed Button as,soon as you see the flame just disappear,then that is when you jump out when you,do jump out you really want to make sure,you have the rocket launcher already out,that can be depends on if you're already,on the ground but that's just a whole,little nitty-gritty type of situation so,you don't really need to Super leave,worry about that but you want to make,sure you get your recall us out straight,away the quickest you possibly can or,your launcher as Liz and you're gonna,take that shot you really want to make,sure you do it the quickest you possibly,can because you do not want to be doing,any falling as you want to be on the,right attitude to get back into your jet,so example just say you jumped out you,took the jet out and now you can pull,your parachute once you've pulled your,parachute just guide yourself into the,Jet and there you go you're good,sometimes you don't even need to do that,if you got yourself a really good height,or you could just jump out just take the,jet out and then you just fly straight,back into your own jet but the best way,to get back into a jet is really to,parachute just before you're gonna land,onto that jet so you do not kill,yourself by 4 damage the time you really,have to be in the air to take out a jet,is between 1.5 and 2 seconds so you,really don't have a lot of time so,you've got to think quick but yeah,Troopers I really hope that was a good,demonstrating how to do the rodeo suit,and go give it a go yourself if you do,get anything really cool just let me,know on Twitter Discord I really love to,see these clips from you guys but the,man himself pin does has so many Clips,to show you guys so I'm gonna put him at,the end of this video so you guys can,really see how it probably works but,yeah Troopers I hope this video helped,you if you did don't forget leave a like,comment subscribe pink orgami and I'll,see you Troopers next video peace,thank you,down to 50 spring,thank you,profile engagements,foreign

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BATTLEFIELD 2042's #1 Player In The World Was BANNED!(dZ_DsciSiv)

BATTLEFIELD 2042's #1 Player In The World Was BANNED!(dZ_DsciSiv)

club,yeah i'm cheating,wait,i got banned for cheating,just kidding but let me explain,honestly so,with all the,report spams going on and other,legitimate players getting banned i was,too,caught in the crossfire,and received a permanent ban for,quote-unquote cheating in 2042,once we get into the discussion here,i'll get into further detail on what,exactly happened and uh what the case,was and how quickly it became overturned,moving into,our main discussion here of the ban,itself what's happening here i got this,email notification when i was at work,i was a bit surprised but i wasn't mad,i'm more just annoyed,at the fact that,you know i put in all this time,in a very bad game to be one of the best,players out there and i you know get,swagged for it,because people just don't think i'm,legitimate at all which is fine you know,you're entitled to your opinion,however,with all that being said before i even,got home you know i made the case i,posted it on social media,almost immediately it got thrown onto,reddit,which you can see here,and it,kind of blew up in the battlefield,community you know uh so,it caught traction very quickly up into,the point where the moderators had to,lock the post,after 12 hours of it being up,because people are just going back and,forth harassing each other or just,calling me out this and that's you know,which which is fine dude it's the,internet that's what i expect,and and to be honest i got a lot of,comedy out of it i got a bunch of good,laughs out of that,so i appreciate everyone looking at this,post and upvoting it and commenting on,it all it did was throw my name out,there even further and you know i,appreciate y'all for that,now,before i even got to go home from work,that day and,make my case you know i talked to enders,i talked to barron ox because they've,had the same issue before i know bear,nox has been banned before i have a,couple of friends who have been banned,before they got it overturned,some who weren't as fortunate you know,or like me show and hobbes and kinetic,currently who i'm still trying to help,on,getting his issue resolved if you know i,i don't think any of those players are,illegitimate and i have no reason to,believe that i know them all fairly well,and almost on a personal level i talk to,them fairly frequently so,i don't,believe that my co-leader for the,organization that i'm running for,our roster,is closet shooting i don't believe,anybody that got banned that i know of,has been closet shooting,so when we take a look here,as i log into my ea account,and i start to,get ready and compile all of my,information and send the,dispute up to them i log on and see that,my account has been overturned,before i even,had to say anything to anybody,which i found comical i actually laughed,out loud at my computer,because i thought to myself there's no,way,that i am such a high priority player,that they,addressed this issue almost immediately,because at the end of the day,daisy are a massive company regardless,of the product they put out which is we,all know has been terrible,so,i did not think for a second that i,would get this overturned as quickly as,it did,like i said as at the end of the day we,are one player,out of the entire base of users that log,on and get on their,drive and play the game and follow the,rules you know the ea play whatever so,we're all just one little piece of sand,of grain in the,massive beach that is out there for,players one person they you know,realistically they're not gonna care,right,uh unless,you're somebody or you have connections,or this and that what have you now,i personally don't have any connections,um,you know i reached out to people that,who,risks respects my,my talents per se and people that i,respect for their content and their,game play and they're,ultimately like what they're making and,things like that but you know seasoned,battlefield veterans and i reached out,and i got told this is what i should do,and i moved forward,didn't have to do any of that,and then,a couple of days later,i get this email,from,one of the,ea support,members,basically tells me that hey you know i,hope you had a good day we're sorry for,what happened to you we,uh looked into it and found that it was,a false ban and removed it immediately,and hoped to hope uh you know it causes,it causes frustration this and that and,hope you have a great weekend is pretty,much what he said,so i thought that was pretty cool,uh there is some other information that,i was,emailed from somebody else,on the dev side um but,bottom line is,essentially,what it seems like is people are being,spam reported,and that is triggering the easy any,cheat,other rumors or uh conspiracies of the,nh picking up your rgb systems msi,afterburner or the,popular logitech mouse application,the people are speculating that that has,triggered it as well,i know that,amy,said specifically that,she was using a logitech mouse and,running the program for for the mouse,itself when she got banned and even th

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Battlefield 2042 - Dev Instantly Regrets & Deletes Tweet, DICE Says They Hear Player Feedback!

Battlefield 2042 - Dev Instantly Regrets & Deletes Tweet, DICE Says They Hear Player Feedback!

what is up everyone welcome back to the,channel and welcome back to another,battlefield 2042 video now there's a,couple things i want to go over for,today's video there's a couple tweets to,go over and stuff and i want to give you,guys my opinion on that and then i want,to talk about the future of the game and,what i think ea and dice need to do to,make this game have a comeback story i,think if 2042 is going to have a future,and if players are going to come back to,the game there's a lot of things that,need to be changed going forward so the,first thing i want to talk about is the,fact that dice is officially back in the,office their holiday break is now over,they are all back in the office they are,working on the next update coming to,battlefield 2042 as you can see here by,the community manager kevin johnson he,tweeted out that they're back at it i,hope you all had a lovely holiday spent,with family and friends things may be,slow as folks are just returning but,know that your feedback has still been,heard loud and clear over the holidays,will always champion your feedback which,of course he's obviously getting a,little bit of backlash for that tweet,because you know he says that they,listen to the feedback when obviously,they don't listen to the feedback if,they did listen to player feedback the,game wouldn't even be in this state to,begin with like if they listen to player,feedback there wouldn't be specialists,there would be more destruction there,would be a scoreboard they've had years,and years and years of feedback from,across all these battlefield games they,know what players like and dislike when,it comes to battlefield they've had,plenty of time and opportunities to,listen to player feedback they just,choose not to the only feedback that,they're listening to is micro,transactions and what the current trends,are with micro transactions and live,service bullcrap they're not listening,to player feedback that's for damn sure,yeah the only feedback they listen to is,how much money people are willing to,spend on freaking cosmetic skins and,stuff but all that aside you know dice,is back in the office now hopefully we,get some updates here in the near future,and then the second thing i wanted to,talk about briefly was this deleted,tweet by one of the developers somebody,screenshotted it and put it on reddit so,that's where this is coming from i tried,to find it on his twitter and it's,obviously no longer there it says,someone asked how do you as a dev feel,seeing the numbers on steam and then he,said i mean what do you think how i feel,i gave my best and pushed as hard as i,could if i could physically do more i,would even when you give your best,nobody guarantees anything life is tough,so that was immediately deleted probably,for a number of different reasons he,probably realized that that wasn't smart,to tweet to begin with that or he,probably got in trouble one of his,bosses at either ea or dicer somebody,probably told him to delete it that's,always a big no-no when it comes to game,development when like a game is,currently active and it's being like,sold as a live service it's never a good,idea when developers you know tweet,their actual feelings especially if the,game's in a rough spot because it looks,bad on the game so normally they tell,the developers to shut up don't say,anything i've seen this time and time,again like as soon as a live service,ends developers you know start speaking,their mind they start saying things,about the game it happened with,battlefront 2 when battlefront 2 ended,their live service approach and they,stopped support for the game a lot of,the developers were talking about the,behind the scenes you know planned,content that never come out and they,were actually voicing their opinions,after the game stopped getting support,because you know they can't get fired,anymore after that so based off of that,tweet you can tell he isn't too happy,with the state of the game and you know,like he said life's tough he he says,that he worked really hard on it and you,know people aren't liking it i would,imagine that's probably how a lot of the,developers feel you know like the game,or hate the game people did have to make,it and a lot of these devs probably,thought that this game was good like,when they were making it and a lot of,these developers you know put a lot of,their hard work and effort into making,this game you know it's just because of,the higher ups and because ea's scummy,and probably rushed it out to get done,before the holidays and whoever the,higher-ups are in charge of 2042 i,mainly blame them instead of the,individual developers either way this,whole game's a mess and you know the,fact that this dev tweeted that out,shows you sort of a glimpse of like the,behind the scenes you can tell the,developers obviously aren't happy and,you know they obviously read the,subreddit and stuff and they're seeing,all the hate every single day like i'd,be very demotivated if i was working

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