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Batman gets Doxed on Twitteroh no someone just posted the wrong,opinion online i better act fast yo,


Updated on Jan 28,2023

Batman gets Doxed on Twitter

oh no someone just posted the wrong,opinion online i better act fast yo,batman i made you your third breakfast,this is the last one,no more talks about bulking what is this,it's toast this is bread you skipped the,one step in making toast mmm tastes,great to me don't eat my food hello,master batman i made you friendship,chocolates filled with my life,robin don't sneak up on me i've been,trained in the ways of the blade by the,top predators they must have also,trained you how to bathe that's rich,coming from a cat get it cause cats,don't like water batman did you replace,alfred with a cat maid um,robin you know i have a thing for women,who are also cats what are you some kind,of furry you're asking the guy in the,full latex bath suit batman you can't,just replace your family with your cat,girl girlfriend you want a bet,we are not dating we have an on-again,off-again relationship mainly because if,he was on me too long,my bones would shatter robin this,jealousy is unlike you just do what i do,and suppress your emotions with work you,haven't left the cave in weeks the,office declared you legally dead you,know my parents went outside once,they didn't come back,cool so what have you even been doing on,that computer i'm learning a new form of,combat from an elite group of justice,fighters called the keyboard warriors um,batman it looks like you're just,harassing people on twitter i'm doing,god's work wait what's happening to the,screen salutations batman i the riddler,have just bypassed your mcafee premium,firewall,oh no it's this idiot idiot do you have,any idea how high my iq is i ghost wrote,rick and morty i bet you don't even,understand the significance of the,pickle oh man he means business what do,you want riddler you must answer my,riddles batman or i don't feel like it,what batman that's not how this works,why not because if you don't answer my,middles batman then i'll dox you on,twitter,nice try riddler but i already know,where i live that's not it i've scrolled,through the past five years of your,tweet history and found something,twitter would disagree with you'll be,trending for weeks ratio to oblivion,riddler my viewpoints have changed i'll,agree with whatever the popular,consensus is,no man can win a fight against twitter,not good enough batman don't worry,batman i was trending once for a monster,reason people will forget,hopefully i'm going to have to distance,myself from you publicly you understand,you bested me riddler just tell me why,oh besides to prove i'm a better person,than you it's quite simple really,hi batman,joker why on earth would you team up,with riddler he's lame i needed help,packing her computer you know all it,takes is one bad tweet to ruin a life,you see my father got canceled on,twitter and in his gamer rage,he went into the bathroom and grabbed,his gillette razor hashtag not sponsored,by the way and then he joker why would,your backstory have a sponsor get to the,point point point point you see i don't,need a point batman,but what i do need,is those robins,picks,come the joker,you'll never get those pits joker,riddler how are you okay being a part of,this batman is it gay,if i'm getting paid now time for the,riddle,what do you call,there we go whoa chico you just stopped,the riddler nice work batman i think,she's just stealing the computer what,batman should we go after her let her go,robin she saved us from her greatest foe,yet twitter,now i can go outside and touch grass or,punch a poor person,subscribe

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Batman Becomes a Discord Mod

Batman Becomes a Discord Mod

i'm the only thing standing between this,city,and chaos guys please keep the memes out,of general chat,i'm going to have to start panning hello,mr wayne,you want to help me measure my hog with,this monster can,robin don't call me then i'm on discord,oh you want me to use your full name,bruce wayne,kind of a mouthful but i'm used to those,what's bruce wayne doing at batman's,house shut it,robin in case you can't see i'm very,busy moderating discord,you're always on discord and all you do,is ban people and slide into feminine,men's dms and beg them to fight crime,with you,in case you forgot we're under,quarantine now i'm working from home,but what about crime there's online,crime this guy just posted a meme making,fun of discord mods,do you really think i can let that stand,is there anyone even left in your server,they were all degenerates holy,improbability batman,someone joined your server joker i,thought i banned you,batman i have 47 alternative accounts,what do you want joker all right batman,i'll cut to the chase,you see my father was a gamer,so naturally he was violent so girl get,to the point,all right batman if you don't give me,one month of discord nitro,i'm gonna say the n-word joker you've,gone too far,this time didn't he blow up a hospital,last week,i know he's getting worse what'll it be,batman joker i uh i can't afford nitro,what i thought you were rich where's my,50 bucks,i made some bad crypto investments that,dog was just so funny,i actually had to move in with robin,number seven uh,what happened to the other robins they,died,oh so you've got a new sidekick batman,all right i'm changing the deal i won't,say the,gamer word if you send me a picture of a,robin's thighs,no batman those picks are for members,only what are you gay or something joker,no deal i'm not the one who put his cute,boy bud,in spandex batman i'm grooming them i,mean training them to fight scum like,you,yeah why doesn't my outfit have pants if,i can grow up with our parents,you can grow up without pants all of,this mod power,and no way to stop me that computer,tractor's,batman he was just doing a little,trolling memes have no,place in discord robin why are you,laughing joker,all i wanted was a robin's thigh pigs,and you brought them straight to me,why do you want the pictures joker to,prove that deep down,everybody's just as gay as you are,batman,i'm not the one spelunking in robin's,we really do live in a society

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"Batman gets Doxed on Twitter" REACTION

"Batman gets Doxed on Twitter" REACTION

someone just posted the wrong opinion,online,yo batman i made you your third,breakfast this is the last one,no more talks about bulking what is this,it's toast this is bread you skip one,step in making toast,tastes great to me don't eat my food,hello master batman i made you,friendship chocolates filled with my,love,robin don't sneak up on me i've been,trained in the ways of the blade by the,top predators i must have also trained,you how to bathe that's rich coming from,a cat get it cause cats don't like water,batman did you replace alfred with a cat,maid um,robin you know i have a thing for women,who are also cats what are you some kind,of furry you're asking the guys,don't be shizzing on furries man bro,y'all,see i could see furries all being on the,island and then that island getting hit,with a nuke,you are dark,as you are hater,oh okay that's what we do that was good,that's what we doing,suit batman you can't just replace your,family with your cat girl girlfriend you,wanna bet,we are not dating we have an on-again,off-again relationship mainly because if,he was on me too long,my bones would check,robin this jealousy is unlike you just,do what i do and suppress your emotions,but you haven't left the cave in weeks,the office declared you legally dead you,know my parents went outside once,so what have you even been doing on that,computer i'm learning a new form of,combat from an elite group of justice,fighters called the keyboard warriors,wow batman it looks like you're just,harassing people on twitter i'm doing,god's work,bro twitter is a different place bro i,didn't realize like i heard about it but,we started using it i'm like damn,every community every bro youtube,community nerdco community black twitter,white to everything i'm not gonna lie,i'm not gonna lie like twitter is,probably like my favorite social media,just because like the the interaction,it's it's more like you reach a lot it's,slowly become yeah when you have a use,for it yeah it's cool it's throw i used,to not have it but i i had to blast some,people because started sharing,giant dicks on my and i'm like yo,and it was deals like like,like cops,have just bypassed your mcafee premium,firewall,oh no it's this idiot idiot do you have,any idea how high my iq is then you got,it i ghost wrote rick and morty i bet,you don't even understand the,significance of the pickle that would be,a player accomplishment means business,what do you want riddler you must answer,my riddles batman or no i don't feel,like it what batman that's not how this,works why not because if you don't,answer my riddles batman then i'll dox,you on twitter,oh,nice try riddler but i already know,where i live that's not it i've scrolled,through the past five years of your,tweet history and found something,twitter would do,it you'll be trending for weeks ratio to,oblivion riddler my viewpoints have,changed i'll agree with whatever the,problem is,when they find our older videos,i apologize for the people i've heard,i,i like to sincerely apologize to the,people i hurt you know we were ignorant,we were ignorant i didn't mean to,whatever we did,we don't mean harm but a lot of the ,we say and second of all we ain't trying,to on people and hey karen,don't give up what what you mean by what,you saying,karen could suck my dick my,people was enslaved,no man can win a fight against twitter,not good enough batman that is true hey,batman i was trending once for a monster,reason people won't forget,hopefully i'm going to have to distance,myself from me publicly you understand,you bested me riddler just tell me why,oh besides to prove i'm a better person,than you it's quite simple really that's,literally also batman,why on earth would you team up with,riddler he's lame,he needed help packing your computer you,know voiceovers is one bad tweet to ruin,a life and you said the hardcore father,got canceled on twitter and in his gamer,rage he went into the bathroom and,grabbed his gillette razor hashtag not,sponsored by the way and then he joker,why would your backstory have a sponsor,get to the point point point point you,see i don't need a point batman,but what i do need,is those robin's high picks,joker riddler how are you okay isn't,robin a film boy,batman is it gay,if i'm getting paid now time for the,real,yes,thank you,what do you call there we go whoa chico,you just stopped the riddler nice work,batman i think she's just stealing the,computer what,oh,batman should we go after her let her go,robin she saved us from her greatest foe,yet twitter,now i can go outside,touch grass or punch a poor person,because all,the criminals people,that was great that was great that was,great oh man,hey man click the next video and while,you're there subscribe you doofenshmirtz

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Batman gets Doxed on Twitter Fandub español latino.

Batman gets Doxed on Twitter Fandub español latino.

hoy presentamos batman es oxidado en,twitter,bueno ataque estoy,o sea estoy acostumbrada que mi puerta,trasera sea destruida pero no la de al,frente o no alguien poste una opinión,incorrecta el niño mejor me doy prisa y,batman te dice tu tercer desayuno y será,el último,no quiero cocinar más qué es esto es pan,tostado esto es pan de salta hasta el,paso para volverlo tostado,pues sabe bien no te comas mi comida,extra batman de chocolates de mitad,rellenas de mi amor rubin no llegues así,de sorpresa sabes que fui entrenado en,el arte de la hoja por cazadores,expertos les falta enseñarte cómo,bañarte el gato hablando de orejas,entiendes por qué los gatos tienen,orejas batman empieza este aire con una,chica gato vestida de maíz home,las monedas,robin sabes que tengo una atracción por,mujeres que también son gatos que eres,una clase de burro en serio se lo,pregunta es el tipo que lleva un traje,de látex de murciélago batman no puedes,ir reemplazando a tu familia con una,novia gato quieres apostar no somos,novios estamos en una relación abierta,porque si lo tuviera encima de mí mucho,tiempo me rompería las huesos robyn no,te dejes llevar por celos solo haz lo,que yo hago y suprime tus emociones con,trabajo no has dejado la cueva en,semanas la oficina te declaró legalmente,muerto sabes que mis padres salieron una,vez no volvieron que genial y que has,estado haciendo en esta computadora,aprendiendo un nuevo estilo de pelea de,parte de un grupo justiciero de élite,llamado los guerreros del teclado,van a mi parecer se las cosas gente en,twitter hago el trabajo de dios espera,que está pasando a la pantalla saludos,yo el acertijo he traspasado el firewall,de seguridad de tu vacas y premio,a este y decide de qué,tan alto es mi q soy el escritor,fantasma de ricky martin apuesto que ni,siquiera entiende el significado del,pepinillo verdad a la vaya en,serio que quieres acertijo debes,contestar mis acertijos batman o si no,no tengo ganas que batman así es como,funciona por qué no porque si no,contestas los acertijos batman hoy atox,y arte en twitter,buen intento se dijo pero yo ya sé dónde,vivo eso no es todo he bajado cinco años,del historial de navegación por twitter,y encontré algo de lo que quizás twitter,no estaría de acuerdo,estarás en tendencia por siempre está el,eternidad pero acertijo mis ideas han,cambiado ahora concuerdo con lo que el,concepto popular decida no hay hombre,que le gane en una pelea twitter,esfuérzate para no te preocupes batman,una vez fui tendencia por una razón,monstruosa a la gente se le olvidará,esperemos tendré que alejarme,públicamente de ti espero lo entiendas,no ocurra las t acertijo explica que,quieres o además de probar que soy mejor,que tú la verdad es que también,wason porque hundiría las fuerzas con el,acertijo la pena necesitaba ayuda para,hackear tu computadora sabes es muy,fácil arruinar tu vida con un simple,tweet ver a mi padre fue fundado en,twitter y en medio del enojo gamer él,fue al baño y toulouse afeitadoras,gillette este vídeo no es patrocinado,por gillette y entonces eso porque tus,recuerdos tienen un patrocinador ve al,punto punto punto punto a punto mira yo,no necesito un punto batman pero lo que,sí necesito es una foto de los muslos de,robin,prendan con el guasón,un acertijo cómo es que puedes formar,parte de esto pacma esto es como si con,esto como,el acertijo agua pasa por mi casa,carterista wow chico acaba de detener al,acertijo buen trabajo creo que está,robando la computadora qué,vamos por ella déjala y robyn nos ha,salvado del mayor oponente que existe,twitter ahora puedo salir a tocar el,pasto o golpear un pobre,suscríbete

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Batman game makes us swear off bad PS2 games forever

Batman game makes us swear off bad PS2 games forever

This video is sponsored by Skillshare.,It's the new year and I'm a new me, except for the parts that are the same.,I'm not just trying on a ton of new clothes.,I'm also trying on a bunch of new skills with Skillshare.,Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes for anyone,who loves learning and wants to explore their creativity and learn new skills.,Invest in yourself and your personal growth at 2023.,Why not?,Are you interested in making a career pivot or upleveling your skills in your current,role?,Skillshare is an awesome resource to help you learn new skills and launch it to a totally,new career with classes like Finding Fulfillment, Using Pivots to Power Your Creative Career,by Emma Gannon, Start Your Creative Career with Sonia Rossulli, or Find Your Style, Five,Exercises to Unlock Your Creativity with Handy Pizza.,Mr. Pizza, please come on Game Grumps.,We just want to talk.,Skillshare is ad-free so you can stay in the zone while you're exploring new skills and,new classes are launched each week, so there's always something exciting to learn in the,new year.,I have new clothes and a new attitude.,Check out Skillshare today.,The first 1000 people who use the link in the description will get one month free trial,of Skillshare.,What are you waiting for?,Grammar!,If I took a Skillshare class on talking, I'd probably be better at doing these commercials.,Hey I'm Grump, I'm not so Grump, and we're the Game Grumps!,Hi.,Hi.,I'm Batman.,No.,Are you ready for my vengeance?,Batman's right here.,You can see him.,That's who I'm speaking as.,Oh.,How's it going?,Hey.,What are you guys doing down there?,He just has a little like curled up smile.,You partying?,Hello.,Hello, it's Batman Vengeance.,Batman Vengeance.,It's a video game.,How can you, you tell the story?,I don't, like, well, Bruce Wayne was walking with his parents.,No, not the story of Batman.,Which story?,The story of why we're playing this.,I don't remember.,You went to the wall and you said, Al, let's play this.,No, that was Chicken Blaster.,No, this was a long time ago.,Oh.,Okay.,I mean, it's still here somewhere.,You brought it in, yeah, it's over there.,Really?,You just like walked in and you were like, let's play these pieces of shit.,It doesn't sound like something I've ever said.,Batman Vengeance.,Wow, look at that.,That's exactly the words that you said.,Huh.,Yeah, we had Buffy, we played that.,Yep.,Charlie, we played that.,Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.,Yeah, and then Batman Vengeance.,Yeah, Batman Vengeance.,I guess I must have.,Okay.,Well, I did just watch Batman, the 1989 movie again for the first time in 30 years.,Yeah.,I loved it.,Yeah, it's kind of boring, eh?,No, I thought it was excellent.,Oh, okay.,Rest in peace, Kevin Conroy, by the way.,Yes.,Voice of Batman.,Yeah.,Very recently.,He seemed like a really good dude.,Wonderfully talented guy.,And what a voice.,I mean, he had that like, I'm Batman voice, you know, it's just like so iconic.,You just hear it and you're like, that's Batman.,It's gotta be.,He's like, I'm Batman.,I used to rush home from school so I could catch the beginning of the Batman animated,show.,Just because it was so like, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah,,dah.,It was fucking Danny Elfman's score, man.,Was it really?,Yeah.,Wow.,That figures.,Kidnapping a Pixar mom.,Huh.,So they did.,Yo, what that ass do, doe?,What a cute bomb.,I think it's the Joker.,It's gotta be.,Oh, did she die?,Wow.,Did it explode?,Was that the implication?,I think it was.,Oh my God.,This game starts with violence.,Oh, that guy died.,Are we getting vengeance?,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,Are we getting vengeance for the Pixar mom?,I guess so.,Well, you loved her.,He's like, dead ass doe.,Sounds like someone's dead.,I must avenge it.,Wow, that's pretty dark.,Do you think his cape gets stuck on those gargoyles?,I do.,Do you think his butt cheeks get chafey and tight all the time?,Oh yeah.,No question.,I honestly, if you told me that it didn't, I'd be surprised.,And offended.,Yeah.,Hey, I look different now.,It's terrible on the news.,Let's turn the brightness way up.,I won't be able to see the man of bat.,Alright, so here we are in the world of Batman.,Ooh, look at this.,Are there, wow.,You can just kind of like morph into a puddle of bat.,And I can punch.,And I think I can, whoops.,Oh, the bat communicator's unavailable.,The bat communicator's unavailable, yeah.,Wait, I thought I said the Batman communicator's unavailable.,That would be, there would be no point to that.,But I was, hold on.,Because you are Batman.,No.,What?,I was playing this to see if it worked before we started recording Game Grumps.,And when I pressed that button, it said Batman communicator.,Oh my god.,Did I get an instant Mandela effect in my life?,I think you must have.,What did you remember?,Because you were excited to mention it.,I remember saying it out loud.,I was like, why does it say Batman

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People Say This Is The Worst Batman Game

People Say This Is The Worst Batman Game

so around two months ago I made a video,on Gotham Knights and called it the most,hated Batman game and there was some,people saying that Batman dark tomorrow,was in fact the truth most hated Batman,games while I don't think that this is,the most hated Batman game I will say,it's got to be one of the most trash,Batman games out there some will say,games like Batman Beyond or Batman and,Robin on Playstation 1 are worse but,honestly everyone has their own opinions,when Batman dark tomorrow was first,released in 2003 fans of the Batman,franchise were excited to get their,hands on a new game featuring the famous,Dark Knight but it turned out not to be,what they expected as players played,through the game they were met with,numerous bugs and glitches making it,nearly impossible to progress the,controls were clunky and the camera,angles were very hard to navigate with,the story was also somewhat interesting,but hard to follow due to the poor,execution critics panned the game,calling it a disappointment and a waste,of money while player also expressed,their frustration with the game calling,it the worst Batman game ever made,Batman dark tomorrow is a game that I,played over 10 years ago and honestly at,the time I didn't know any better if the,game was bad or not so today many many,years later I want to see if it was,truly that bad of a game but my question,for you today is what do you guys think,is actually the worst Batman game ever,made and why comment down below oh boy,does this take me back I can't remember,the last time I played this y'all ever,changed the history of the planet Earth,if I remember right the story wasn't,even that bad in this game,I have already anticipated his,involvement,if all goes according to plan,soon enough so that's Talia and that's,our goal of course my Lord,it is time begin the second phase of the,operation yes my Lord I think he's just,a henchman for Oklahoma who that is it,goes master Bruce,uh-huh,always gotta look up at Martha Wayne and,Thomas Wayne,always,the classic story,shot me,Bruce,the Pearl's gonna be falling soon,there they go,rest in peace,foreign,here goes the night Crusader himself,Batman,uh-oh sucker's busting we gotta head out,then,you had to do him like that not this,whole food stand down,you know what happens to criminals at,night right,the bad man comes,Justice,so if I try let me try to remember this,game hold on hold on hold on hold on,stop cutting me watch out sucker I do,know that you gotta cuff him up though,that was one thing that got annoying is,you had to like cover them up because,they just keep getting back up if you,don't so it's kind of a tedious task to,do every time you fight an enemy I'm,part of the Red Hood game dancing around,you can't hit me huh you can't hit me,hey,what's up,now this game for 2003 yeah it's pretty,bad trash garbage barbagio dumpster,juice liquid juice trash juice is butt,this was good from what I could,translate the message spoke Barbara,shipment good work so this is definitely,Barbara out there something shots and,who sent it you got it boss Batman out,head to the roof of Gotham police yeah,this right here these rooftop thingies,oh my gosh I remember like it was,yesterday you know how many times I used,to fall off of this mess but I think I,was supposed to use the back raffle,right yeah so that and jump off please,all right okay hold on I don't want to,die now but yeah this game for 2003 was,very bad yes because there was a lot of,better games in 2003 than this like just,a couple years later than this we got,Batman Begins that game was actually,pretty fun too I think the only reason,why I was able to complete this game in,the past was just because I was a kid,legit like I didn't even understand what,was going on at the time but now that,I'm older oh no I can't play this game,for longer than 30 minutes but you know,what I want y'all that experience this,game I want to remind y'all wait wait,wait oh I almost fell almost wait no no,no no no all right I'm dead I'm dead,game over,yep that's what I mean by these rooftops,are annoying sometimes you just mispress,and it's it's clip you're gonna die this,game definitely had a lot of issues like,I think this is just like a time capsule,for me to place it's not good but when I,made that video about Gotham Knights,right I said it was the most hated game,and yeah it's one of the most hated,Batman games but most hated don't mean,it's the worst game you know what I'm,saying like just because I say it's the,hated most hated don't mean it's the,worst and I fell again God dang it all,right we should be good now jump over,these rooftops it wasn't even just the,rooftops it was the the sewers too they,were mad annoying but all right we got,to the area they go Gordon what you got,for me commissioner,must you do that every time yes what's,wrong of a massive shootout in Gazette,Square the reports also say that the,gunmen are wearing elaborate masks,black mask in his gang of false facers,and that they're

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Every Batman Movie Villain Ever Ranked From Worst To Best

Every Batman Movie Villain Ever Ranked From Worst To Best

what would any Batman movie be without,its villains hey in some cases the Caped,Crusaders cinematic antagonists have,even categorically stolen the spotlight,away from the hero himself in turn,delivering iconic even definitive,interpretations of legendary comic book,villains but beyond the quality of the,movies themselves how do all of Batman's,major cinematic villains Stack Up given,that several of Batman's most revered,adversaries have received multiple big,screen Renditions which once come out on,top well let's find out shall we Gareth,here from and here is,every Batman movie villain ever ranked,from worst to best number 18 Bane Batman,and Robin the de facto worst entry on,this list goes to Batman and Robin's,Bane based on the simple fact that his,portrayal in the campy franchise,annihilating Blockbuster is basically,tantamount to character assassination,though wrestler Jeep Swenson certainly,meets the hulking physical requirements,of the role Bane is relegated to Goofy's,sidekick status throughout more,frustratingly the criminal mastermind,bane of the comics is no nowhere to be,seen here he's a real thing criminal who,gets on willingly transformed into a,clunking brute who even ends up working,as Poison Ivy's chauffeur in one,baffling sequence number 17 Poison Ivy,Batman and Robin poison ivy is,unquestionably one of Batman's most,iconic and recognizable villains and on,paper actually seem like a perfect fit,for Joel Schumacher's more elevated,theatrical brand of Batman movies to her,credit Uma Thurman's commitment is never,in doubt delivering a deliciously campy,performance as the seductive,eco-terrorist at the center of most,everybody's least favorite Batman film,but if you like it then good for you but,I'll say character her Ivy is gossamer,thin at best a chest beating feminist,who wants to save the world from the,thoughtless ravages of man and has a,whale of a Time manipulating every man,in her midst yet there's disappointingly,little meat on the character's bones and,the movie never gives as much of a,glimpse at Ivy's interior self as is,necessary for any great Batman villain,number 16 Mr Freeze Batman and Robin,Miss Mr Freeze is one of the trickier,Batman villains to get right in live,action form given the potential for,utter goofiness which admittedly wasn't,much of a problem in Batman and Robin,this iteration of Dr Victor freeze,certainly isn't good but it'll be,considerably worse without the Larger,than Life presence of Arnold,Schwarzenegger who dials up the counter,delivery Mr Freeze who seems better,suited for a spot on the WWE roster to,his credit Ani tears through the Daft,ice adjacent one-liners with an,unrelenting enthusiasm and both the,character's costume and icy Lair are,among the film's stronger elements even,if like poison ivy he's a razor thing,character as written number 15 Two-Face,Batman Forever though it'll be forever,disappointing that we never got to see,Billy D Williams portray Two-Face in the,Burton verse as originally planned Tommy,Lee Jones casting is the psychotic,former D.A nevertheless seemed inspired,in theory much like Thurman Jones is,clearly having a hoot mugging for their,camera and cackling maniacally though,many fans complain that his portrayal,seemed closer to the Joker than two face,the costume and makeup are impossible to,take seriously too and Jones ends up,taking an unavoidable backseat to Jim,Carrey's Riddler but the star still does,his best with what he has there's no,forgiving that howlingly terrible death,scene though number 14 Talia al Ghul The,Dark Knight Rises though Christopher,Nolan's Dark Knight Saga boasted a,generally robust gallery of villains,Nolan dropped the ball with his,depiction of Talia al Ghul in The Dark,Knight Rises a big part of the problem,is that Talia is hidden in the shadows,for a solid two-thirds of the movie,donning The Elias of philanthropist,Miranda Tate a false identity many fans,saw through immediately it's certainly,not Marion cotillard's fault give him,what little she has to work with here a,garden variety Revenge Arc for Batman,killing her father Raza and little else,really topping it all off is that,infamously terrible death scene one that,baffled even kotilad herself number 13,The Riddler Batman Forever Jim Carrey's,portrayal of the Riddler is probably one,of the more divisive comic book movie,performances of all time wherever your,fall carries commitment to the part is,never in doubt and while such a near,literally cartoonish iteration of their,classic antagonist might seem hokey and,a bit dated today it run in perfect,tandem with a candy colored aesthetic,and heightened tone of the Schumacher,Batman films Carrie is an absolute,Dynamo in this movie and steals every,single scene he's in prancing around in,his form hugging green jumpsuit and,later a sparkly silver number 12,Catwoman The Dark Knight Rises as is,typical for the character Catwoman isn't,so much an outright villain as an,anti-hero starting out

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Ben Shapiro BLOWS UP the Glass Onion: Movie Review

Ben Shapiro BLOWS UP the Glass Onion: Movie Review

alrighty folks so in case you missed it,over vacation I critiqued Glass Onion,the new Knives Out mystery on Twitter,and it blew up the world without very,angry at me because I think it's a,stupid stupid movie,stupidly plotted it is filled with,stupid characters and stupid writing and,Ryan Johnson's a stupid stupid man get,to all that in just a moment first this,video is sponsored by friends over at,expressvpn,okay let me explain how stupid this,movie is this movie is unbelievably,stupid like s-t-o-o-p-i-d stupid the the,primary reason why this movie is stupid,is because Benoit Blanc who is played by,Daniel Craig is supposed to be the,world's greatest detective Google said,you were the world's greatest detective,if you are making a movie about the,world's greatest detective presumably,you need the world's greatest detective,in order to solve a complex crime this,entire mystery is predicated on the idea,that the crime in in question is idiotic,so dumb it's brilliant no which,completely robs the story of any meaning,it is poorly constructed the characters,make no sense their motivations make no,sense as we will see Ryan Johnson,actually creates a series of get out of,jail free cards for himself to escape,the fact that his writing is terrible,but this movie makes no sense so let's,start with the premise of the film,the premise of the film is that Miles,Braun is basically Elon musk's greatest,played by Edward Norton and is Elon Musk,he can run space companies and he runs a,social media company and a news company,and all the rest of this sort of stuff,founder of the ubiquitous Tech Giant,Alpha which now has dozens of companies,from alpha Cosmos Alpha Car Alpha shop,and he has all these Hangers On and all,these Hangers On he's essentially paying,them to be his friends they like to call,themselves The disrupters miles Braun,has called all of his friends to this,island to do a murder mystery game try,to solve the murder mystery if you can,and Benoit Blanc has been accidentally,invited in order to solve this murder,mystery I've got the pre-definite,detective in the world at my murder,mystery party that is so legit and you,sort of think that maybe Edward Norton,actually will be murdered maybe that's,what this is going to be about no that's,wrong,the first 75 minutes of this movie are,just a lie now there's a difference,between a red herring and a mystery,which is where you put a piece of,evidence that seems to lead in One,Direction but actually is relevant,across the island I've hidden clues some,may be helpful some may misdirect that's,for you to determine there's never seen,that and what Ryan Johnson does here,which he just tells you a completely,irrelevant piece of Storytelling for 70,minutes completely irrelevant when I say,he lies to the audience of course all,murder mysteries hide some aspects of,the truth from the audience but they,don't outright lie to the audience about,the subject of the mystery itself for no,apparent reason so typically speaking,there are a few points of view that a,movie can take one is sort of the God's,eye point of view where you are seeing,everything that is happening and where,the director has to have some sort of,excuse not to give you a bit of,information so that would be say the,sting and certain crucial pieces of,information one conversation is withheld,for the sake of the mystery then you,have movies that are from a particular,character point of view so when the,twist happens it's because the character,didn't know a thing that the character,probably should have known that'd be the,Sixth Sense where the entire movie is,really from Bruce Willis's point of view,which is why he doesn't know that he's,dead,if you haven't seen this anyway then you,have movies like this which are sort of,God's eye point of view but sort of not,they're from blog's point of view but,they're from Helen's point of view but,information is randomly withheld,including the entire plot of the film,because as it turns out the entire plot,of the film is not about the murder,mystery on the island the entire plot of,the film is about a character we did not,even know existed,for the first 70 minutes of the film,Mouse Brawn is in an ongoing lawsuit,with Andy she is the co-founder of the,company Andy started Alpha with Miles 10,years ago in just a tour of one legal,move cut her out completely right he,wins she has evidence that she is the,co-founder of the company and this is,the only piece of extraneous evidence,ever and this sloppily written napkin,with the idea for the company so based,on the napkin idea Andy and Miles,created athlete it blows up they bring,everyone along for the ride she emails,that to everybody miles Brawn kills her,because she's foolish enough to email,him and everybody else a picture of this,envelope that has the napkin that's,supposed to decode the whole thing the,person who you think is Andy Andy is,dead and it's Andy's twin who's been,investigating all of this and Benoit,Blanc has been invited

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