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Jersey Jerry RIPS Dave Portnoy Over Contract Violation - Barstool Sports Advisors Week 18barcel Spor

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

Jersey Jerry RIPS Dave Portnoy Over Contract Violation - Barstool Sports Advisors Week 18

barcel Sports advisors happy New Year,Happy New Year to you and yours please,like And subscribe New York resolution,God bless you and your family only great,things happen 2023 please do us a favor,like And subscribe we make you happy we,make you laugh if we make your money if,you've been betting my mortal locks,12-3-2 like And subscribe please New,Year's resolution you gotta like it,every time you watch it like like like,like And subscribe,welcome to the bar stool Sports,advisement,America's Premier Sports Information,Program with Jersey Jerry,Dan big cat caps,and the source student finer,Barstool Sports advisors we are back in,his,2023 week,18. I'm here with Hannah I'm here with,Tommy I'm here with Stu,what was that,his phone Stu's phone Jerry's phone,Jerry you're having a terrible day pick,up your phone call from your mom mom,she's a landlord let me speak to Mom,does she want to rent text her mom I,gotta go home,that was mean you have to be nicer to,call her back and have a conversation,well I mean they they live together so,let's just see you tonight uh listen I,got Stu I got Jerry I got myself Jerry,is having the worst performance to start,the new year uh,he looks fabulous 171 you don't know how,this show Works no what are we doing,today five games okay an immortal lock,I guess yeah right well we usually do,seven games no we do five on this show,Thursday night and Monday night those,are are social Clips gotcha gotcha and,then the Mortal lock yeah so we're doing,six all right let's let's let's,we do six every time okay it's fine I,just I don't I don't okay well you got,it now,so if we do five why is the Mortal lock,even even on here why is the Thursday,night is it on here no Thursday Monday,we never have those oh those don't even,count no no but they count towards the,record no no they don't know,Dave literally had one week one season,where he started like 15 in in like five,on the show and he was like oh and seven,on Thursday and Mondays he's like that,shouldn't count and then there's just,been a rule like that forever I don't,even understand I don't even understand,why it doesn't count I just know that's,the rule right well he makes the rules,yes all right so happy New Year to be,helping you and your family God bless,you may God be with you I miss both of,you I really did no no toys about it I,went through jonesing are we ready for,week 18 and the NFL playoffs which we,will be doing shows for yes absolutely,I'll be ready to roll I mean if you,remember last year it was documented uh,documented,5-0 on playoff Best Bets on this show,eight and one to end the season playoffs,on the show Stu are you growing out your,hair,um no you know I just noticed,I have not done the gel ah because for,some reason I I'm getting like acne,although look how breathtaking my skin,is yes I stay out of the sun with the,gel it's making my my skin like uh oily,okay so I might do away with the gel,yeah you're looking like a little Chia,Pet over there you like that like day,four of it because I'm going on uh only,stands today I'm hoping I am a Chia Pet,and they pet me you're going on an only,stand second time first time we got a,hundred and fifty thousand more views,than anything they've ever done today,I'm trying to do a Millie is there a,female am I tongue kissing no I might go,I might tongue kiss the girls,two girls two girls at once two,breathtaking uh yes and they all love me,they're like who are you and then I tell,them they go I love you oh nice they,have no idea who I am they think I'm,like,what would you watch Two Girls One Cup,oh,that's good with the priests,you went to do something real quick oh,when we were trying to fart yeah how was,funny that farting was excellent Ah,that's great I had to go to the bathroom,though I have to watch it yeah of course,I couldn't hold in a poopy all right,here we go uh this holiday before we get,to our picks Duke Cannon the holidays,are officially over and 2023 is here if,you're looking for a good resolution for,next year commit to upgrading your,grooming routine with hard-working,products from our friends at Duke Cannon,they make everything you need to work,harder and smell better from hair wash,to body wash cologne and more plus it's,a resolution that doesn't require you to,give up pizza or start using a treadmill,Jerry use discount code be advised for,10 off at or pick up Duke,Cannon products at your local Target,retailer Duke Cannon the best products,out there,what were you going to say Jerry,you know what's funny you say treadmill,right,Duke Cannon you can just put that on,yeah come on I'm gonna put it on you,look look look please real quick sorry I,don't want to interrupt the show I want,you to see my order last what does it do,what you just did the Chapstick what did,I oh it's a ChapStick yes my lips are,never trapped what did I order there I,use them so much they don't go chat,what did I order last night a treadmill,wait what is this treadmill oh no it's a,it's a wal

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Relegation Week Begins With League Villain (The Dozen, Match 252)

Relegation Week Begins With League Villain (The Dozen, Match 252)

welcome to the following presentation of,the Dozen trivia competition by bar,stool sports,are your Champions unbelievable,it's called get ,up,the dogs,foreign,match,252 overall match 38 of season three of,the Dozen and it is relegation week it,is elimination week for teams,of the 24 are being eliminated the teams,currently ranked 17 through 24 are all,scoring off it is not a play-in,tournament however,I will note the winner of this match is,staying alive there is just wow there's,just no mathematical possibility that,you can win two matches and be,eliminated from this competition so that,is fairly high stakes uh both teams are,1 1-0 but both teams have I don't know,if it would be uh I don't know what the,right word is I'll explain it this way,con men one want to know they beat a,team that's never won a match so didn't,do a ton to raise it that's what,happened there other side you have the,uh you have strong pass which,Robbie get your thing hold on I got you,other side swamp ass uh one want to know,they beat a team uh however they also,got absolutely destroyed by the experts,got their doors blown off that did not,help either,what is that noise I don't hear,that,oh it's like someone's gonna Chopper,overhead that's right,someone's paparazzi's fine over uh so,that's why we're here where we are right,now uh,con men ranked number 19 Captain cons,the longtime villain of the Dozen uh,how do you feel tonight,I feel pretty good coming off our last,game and you know even our first game we,kept it close and had a lot of answers,so by no means do I think as though we,can't compete I don't know much about,our opponent but I don't think that,should matter all that matters is we get,the answers to the questions,that's makes it sound like you have the,answers beforehand which is,sorry I do not have the answers I do not,have the answers and and with that said,let me um,chaps uh your long time friend and,sometimes foe Captain cons on the other,side,yeah I'm excited about this it'll be,bragging rights on zbt for a while yeah,um I don't want to lose because I like,dog and cons so this this is very,important to me personally on a very,personal deep level the other matches,this week I want to run through the,loser is not out I gotta note that the,loser's not out you want to put you got,to score a lot of points and I'll put it,that way you have EBR uh Merle's Jordan,Woodruff and Mike Grinnell against the,Misfits or O3 no combined 05 and on that,match up so you got two winless teams,there The Misfits of their schedules,been crazy good so that has helped them,out uh they played Live Events uh that,was big for them you have Boys Boys Boys,Joey camasta Philly Mays and Jack taking,on the booze ponies who are oh two and,one they don't have a win but they have,an overtime loss that's worth a point uh,they added fights they got rid of Chef,Donnie fights is now on their team uh,they have fo Donnie's in the team he's,not playing they have fights Dana and,Will Compton in the last match of the,week foreplay 03-0 against the ice,Iceman the foreplay guys against Stu,Elio and Nate so those are the four,matches this week tickets for the,Arizona dozen if you're in the,Scottsdale or Phoenix area or if you're,very confident that your team's gonna,make the Super Bowl and you want to buy,tickets uh ahead of time those are going,to be on sale I believe next week crazy,uh tournament we have there the yak,versus the experts and then on stage,first time ever spitting Chiclets in the,Dozen taking on ziti winners playing the,championship that will be broadcast Live,on YouTube you'll be able to watch that,live uh first time we've ever done that,it will be late obviously Arizona is in,a different time zone on the East Coast,which and I guess Central Time Zone,where most of our fans are based but,shout out if you live in the west coast,it's going to be live prime time also,going to be an intermission show hosted,by KB Nick and Kirk minahan uh with some,special guests there as well so there's,going to be a shitload of stuff February,9th you can watch it live at home or if,you're in Arizona go to the event here,we go 24 questions 12 rounds of trivia,25th being the bonus round,um,just got a funny text from a former,dozen member actually if anyone can't,make the Dozen in Scottsdale I volunteer,his first alternate you take a guess who,that would be uh first ballot Hall of,Fame run,um 24 questions welcome to trivia three,lifelines develop any category you want,except for round 10 that's the niche,category round uh you can use your,double dip and your phone a friend in,any category except for a category worth,two points those can be combined,together cannot use a lifeline on a,steal uh here we go swamp ass up first,every round chaps financer person other,side con men Captain Khan's Final Answer,person here we go I've done this in like,three weeks I'm not sure I'm trying to,remember how to do it all right first,question first category NBA the NBA,35 seconds are on the

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Barstool Pizza Review - Via Della Slice Shop (Phoenix, AZ)

Barstool Pizza Review - Via Della Slice Shop (Phoenix, AZ)

thank you,all right pizza view time uh we are at,uh Via Della slice shop,and,powerful pow babies but arguably the,most time we spent in there the line,took forever I don't really get the line,process it's it's like ordering a slice,is sort of like ordering a filet we got,to the front of the line and the guy,came up one I assume one of the owners,like you're not getting the full pie,that's on You Austin because it's called,slice shop so you're like they don't do,whole pies which is maybe the dumbest,thing I've ever heard every single pizza,place in the world you can get a pie if,you call it in long story short 45,minutes,rough roughly in there,um,this was the number two recommended,place in Phoenix number one is the ultra,famous one which I still have never had,pizza,um,Bianca Pizzeria Bianca it gets all the,awards it was just in Chef's Table,um and even before that it's always,unless to be honest I don't know that,that'll be my number one style three,hour wait,Austin you did call that one in so,everything is get good pizza you got to,put in the time here,um that looks like a pizza I'd love very,traditional I like the bubble style,there uh so let's see what we got thin,good undercarriage,I really like the taste I thought I was,gonna have more crisp,wow,all right so here's what I'm thinking I,really do like the slice,and it's a little reverse a lot of times,if you give me a lot of crisp it ants,you up just because I'm such a crisp guy,this,as big time tastes great sauce great,flavor but it isn't I need a little more,crunch I think to put me in the eights,on this,hmm,seven nine,that's what you call it,it's like it's not gonna be quite enough,crispy but he's going to love them for,us enough not going to get you in the,eights but it'll be a nice little seven,nine so there you go that guy nailed it,so there you go uh Via Della slice shop,phoenix79 credit to this guy this guy,let's get this guy real quick thank you,we're standing in line he whispers to me,I'm provoked he goes hey by the way if,you get the cheese they put prosciutto,on it I'm like I don't want to hear that,what do you talk about I looked the menu,it just clearly says prosciutto slice so,I don't know what this guy was talking,about that was also up there in the,weirdest things I've heard I was waiting,for this moment my whole life and I,ruined it,I did I did I know yeah if you get,cheese they put prosciutto no they don't,if you order prosciutto they give you a,prosciutto all right that's a review,I'll tell you these as you guys,foreign

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Barstool Employee Delivers Knockout Blow to Coworker on Twitter

Barstool Employee Delivers Knockout Blow to Coworker on Twitter

what's hap what's happening right now uh,brandon is in,a single it meant for a hundred pound,human being that's way too small,he regrets that extra reese's now,i had chelsea green on my wrestling,podcast this week it was awesome she's a,star,she's going to be incredible and i don't,know if you notice,you've been waking up at 5 30 working,out everyone with a personal trainer,huh jacked that's why i dress like this,every day now,gonna be like this from now on so get,used to it those are my two big things,you should get down you should get down,low get down,dave's not bad at all,no we should put that in i'm gonna,that i guarantee,lux magazine run what do we know what,they're going to be doing,uh,i well it's gonna be i'm it's gonna be,interesting because you know,like there's a chance that they do stuff,and dave is just like this is the,dumbest thing ever yeah,by i chance they do it and go like twice,as far,what was the premise of the weigh-in,competition you're seeing the way in the,wind,girls i can't do that no,of course i wanted to do like an eye,like an eye tracker to like prove that,they,like weren't looking at any titties or,ass the entire time yeah,dude i'm so excited for that,tonight,i have your attention please,wait what i dropped the nutter butter,right on top of this floor,that nutter butter that nutter butter,came dropped out of my fat fingers,he's gonna keep it on his without his,hands,until we get to the hotel and if he does,it i have to eat it and i owe him a,hundred dollars,and what do you have to do man oh keep,this on my foot,it falls off your foot good point bro if,it falls off your foot you have to,open it up wipe it on the ground and eat,it,fine if it doesn't happen then when we,go to dinner tonight you got to eat your,steak out of your shoe how about this if,i don't get it,that sounds worse it's a little trick,let's just make a deal if you if it,falls off you're going to rub your dick,on a cheese grater we'll just make a,deal all right,i don't get it i'll retire from golf,professional we're,working into a question tonight another,quarter,there it is you gotta say no you have to,say nutter butter on the broadcast,five times why five times,that's that's literally almost every,time i get on camera i get my camera,probably six times all night,three times three nutter butters three,strawberries,if you were frank you just have to say,the word another,yeah i think you're underestimating how,difficult,oh jesus christ this little's getting,way too close,i don't know how he's going to do this,come on,come on,don't forget your bag now son,you almost shook it off no no i'm just,walking down the steps,oh boy oh boy,come on bro we gotta go everyone's,waiting on you,everyone,getting into the car right there rob,yeah you should sit right there,i literally just paid him i was like,drop us off as far away from the front,of the door,as possible at the hotel damn,could you have just done it a little,earlier i just gave him the money one,more guy coming,uh this is it that's everybody yes yes,thank you recover from,yeah roi that was that was devastating i,don't even know how i'm going to respond,from that,let's go home well i know how you're,going to respond you're going to have to,say another point,in fact,look like so but to me that's an app,i feel like bad bunny like bad boney,do you think the long turn again,what was the inspiration behind this fit,huh what was the inspiration,you should just do it like a what's up,my nutter butters,oh how about like uh yeah when you see a,ring girl like i'd like to nutter butter,and hair,frank can you try this hummus of course,not,look i only i almost killed myself,eating vegetables today i had a metal, uh,piece in it look at this look at this he,saved the evidence,this was in my green beans is that a,filling,no it's a metal clasp that like poses a,bag why didn't you say something i don't,know,i tweeted it i i put it i put a video up,on uh tick tock and,instagram and twitter i was thinking,more of content,i thought you said you weren't able to,take that well i do occasionally videos,i just don't,understand it none of us do brothers,if that swing is any indication oh he,said he made it 300 lefty but he doesn't,know where it goes,so it could be close yeah he's like i,can't i can't actually aim it because,i saw that swing because before i did,anything i know frankie has talked about,dustin johnson knows how to do it,so before i did anything i'm like i,asked for him like do you know if he can,play the other way,he's like i don't think so it would be,so such a funny video,so funny especially if it's relatively,competitive and he's the perfect dude,because he'll have like fun with it he,won't be like a square about it i always,said that if he wins you,that you got to go on a double date with,him after,carry it again the man didn't talk he,can hit 300 but,uh no clue where it's going uh uh yeah,and like chips and yeah,yeah i'll have to play a couple rounds i,mean,i'll be that's i

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Dave Portnoy Calls Out Employees Trashing Barstool Sports Office

Dave Portnoy Calls Out Employees Trashing Barstool Sports Office

I had a meeting this morning and I see,it's weed for America an email actually,I saw from her first the unbelievable,disrespect or something that effect see,seeing every person who was in the,stream and me so I could see it and you,just the guys here left this place an,absolute mess now I was busy in the,morning I had a quick TV bit it's coming,home back and forth I there's a couple,factors here yes totally disgusting,disgusting the part that most people,with like the food trays I think there,is some degree of we usually have,cleaning people here and they usually,clean that up we pay a lot for it,they didn't come because it's the,holiday I think there's a lot of times,where we've probably gotten catered food,where if it was left and it's taken care,of us not to do it's a bad visual but I,was a little like okay it makes a degree,a sense how that could be left,yeah the if it weren't a holiday they,might may have gotten away for that part,I think they would have gotten away with,all of it if it wasn't all of it,correct but in Columbus racist whatever,believing the individual food plates on,the ground in like food in the main,where you're watching it that'll never,get I don't get how you have a plate of,food uneaten half-eaten shake Shack's I,don't where they were from and you eat,it and you just leave it there that is,absolutely criminal savage behavior now,the guys were working hard like I said,not in Frankie I said this in a thing,but you know we got back from Talladega,an hour before he's on the stream you're,there til one o'clock so I'm not gonna,say it's not a market working on I don't,know what it is it's just basic decency,like I said Tommy you strike me as,someone whose parents picked up for him,for his entire life so you're gonna,leave stuff and they pick it up and I go,Tommy like you you're single child yeah,yeah of course like that single child,behavior like you leave your mess you,leave everything the parents,you know so it's all your parents more,than you Frankie I could get mad when I,don't want to know clean stuff up so,they put they probably never reprimand,you as a little Tommy can do whatever,little Tommy yeah have have you talked,to them since this I don't know if they,are aware of it but knocked my mom on,Twitter I'm not sure my dad has seen it,Frank your family's generally pretty,plugged in this seems like I maneuver,your dad would not like no yeah I don't,think he's talking to me right now but I,mean yeah the whole thing like what you,said like we didn't even think to go in,the kitchen which is like I guess a, up thing well no that that's,that's the part that I think there's a,degree of logical like well it's always,clean there and we always have the,catered food because no one is taking,accountability necessarily for that,maybe spider but he left early maybe I,don't know whoever ordered it be like I,better make sure this is clean but the,stuff in the other room I just don't get,look like nobody threw anything away,yeah I like said the stuff in the,kitchen I don't think would have just,ever dawned on me like he said because,we've had other streams and stuff so I,didn't think but yeah it was I mean by,the time after we did the stream then,after we recorded recorded short porch,after it was like 2:00 a.m. so I guess,maybe an alarm bell should have one off,that it still hasn't been cleaned what,about the mean no room where you were,watching and that's the part for me like,to me to get up and just leave this ,even if cleaning people are coming that,would be like almost disrespectful to,like the cleaning people it's like Jesus,you're not gonna do anything like you're,just eight you have your paper place,like you got it that has to be cleaned,up for hats dude yeah I agree we should,have even if it doesn't matter whose it,is like if you see garbage you should,pick it up and there's a lot of whose's,did you leave your food I did not I'm so,there's basically everyone's claiming,that nobody left the only person I've,seen say they left food is big f Jared,said no hub said no Tommy said no,Frankie did you um it sounds so bad to,say no but in the stream you literally,see me go,I hate when we do these streams because,my desk becomes a mess and I,just take all the stuff that I ate and,threw it out so those four so it's just,big F but like I just don't,I don't know that I don't like we still,should eat for hours we still gotta buy,it,oh yeah that's a thing and then hubs you,know hubs made things quite a bit worse,when you know I was going after,everybody and he used the only one who,responded I'm like it starts and stops,Dobbs and his tweet hubs who is also a,famous double chicken offender yup he's,a famous threw a party and then didn't,go to it offender he is the what was the,other one that he did he talking to the,media when I yes he said he is what I,would think of right now he has a string,of I don't think about anybody except,myself moments and he responded to Dave,which is a an aggressive ridiculou

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Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy Reviews the New Office

Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy Reviews the New Office

okay first day for me in the office,people been here since Monday first I've,seen it people were sneaking in here I I,picked it out when it was empty but they,all kind of looked at it I didn't really,give a where it went it looks good,I think obviously there's still ton of,work that has to be done run down said I,like so we had to be out of the office,that's why I moved in so we prematurely,moved in I guess because our lease was,up my office is kind of like an insane,asylum a little bit if you keep the door,open which I will 90% of the time it's,good I like having a TV so I can watch,my pets but other than asses white walls,I gotta get I gotta get my mat my that's,the most important thing I need my,calendars this is surreal business I've,been complaining about this so we got,the power strip with no USB cord I don't,even know that you can sell those hotels,that were built the 1810 post so that,sucks,oh geez so many must have sent these oh,ho that's sick Oh,black beauties must have been somewhere,I didn't even know there are seven I've,never seen these Oh black out,just give me my good luck charm so I,haven't seen that part we'll go,so this is fine yes you said it was too,spread out I actually don't know I'm,just a guy yep is this the woman's so,what's that Loki planning but I thought,we didn't have that so you can just come,in here so in charge in a sauna in here,you can just come in here and what's up,what's up there is a personal bathroom,one is it rarely open is that the,problem he came from walking he said his,back let's pee who died and made people,this is the entrance a little clips,right,that's for me to walk in like who if so,someone walks in for example has a,meeting what happens I think your second,area evany will be here here yeah so,this all sauce we built okay oh that's,kind of cool like live I hate this I,think this looks unless words unless,this is not done this looks stupid like,what is this blinking light you said you,liked it I think this just makes us how,is there no logo or anything is that,coming too yeah so how are we supposed,to know what is this who's this,just a podcast studio I guess nothing's,done it we just look like Kmart like,everything is just rappers like yeah I,don't know what that white people around,here here's what I don't like and this,is why I like the other office Oh,everyone's Oh everything was like don't,complain about anything if he's just,gonna be a disgusting Pig and day,one not even there's probably a dick,I've no I've been clean then you can't,complain about anything,control room,so this guy's hot in he doesn't have a,camera I don't know what this is sort of,it takes to do this part my takes to do,this was not a close to done no so we,just moved in here well before we're,even close to ready as half second floor,before there's a celebrity in here sorry,we get the logo so they're doing a,that's actually the best run i've seen,that green roma green screen green,screen because we have a green room to,write that story from death,oh so this is the only thing they got,done this is KFC's so the only one that,got done yeah this is pretty cool it's a,cool painting I saw the guys see the,controller Pete built himself I mean it,was pretty sick I don't know how any of,it works but this is pretty sick my,experience though with Pete is he,sometimes forgets his a tech guy thinks,he's Scorsese and the more he tries to,do that the more it doesn't work I mean,granted I'm not a lot he's done a final, to get it going,place is huge huh oh so we just did the,whole so right alright so when I was,saying we won't move in here until 2020,I was kind of right it's just we're not,even gonna,where is this we're over,I'd like a lounge area all the TVs would,be there and that's a terrible place for,that another floor correct so I was,right when I say we weren't gonna move,in here till 2020 it'll be done in 2020,my conference rooms we have one Tom Tom,that's the personal it seems they're all,here oh they're all up here hey Pete,it'll be done mm end of the week Tommy I,don't know about he's doing just and in,a week Pete I'm crazy,it,it's ugly, hate stage I don't like when,they're up here and they can watch us,that's like one of my pet peeves because,then when we trash and I hide why we,trash and I guess that's the upset so,tonight she's not close to done it is,surreal going from so my parents house,my parents basement basically to a,studio month-by-month himself in that my,first apartment I started bar still no,joke he's brought outside like this then,where'd we go I went to Renee's parents,an advocate worked out of there then we,got a first office in Milton that were,there for like eight years which again,is tiny I thought was a huge deal when,we went to New York in the middle and,now this place is like a real ,huge office you told me people using,razor scooters we're trying to throw,those out the window,bathrooms oh that's cool okay that's a,good use of this I love that what do you,need for me i

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Recapping TCU-Georgia Beatdown Barstool Sports Picks Central || Tuesday, January 10th, 2023

Recapping TCU-Georgia Beatdown Barstool Sports Picks Central || Tuesday, January 10th, 2023

no no no no no no foreign,hello my name is Brandon Walker welcome,to pick Central barcel's daily gambling,show brought to you formerly by Fireball,but I was gone for a week and the guys,here lost the presenting sponsorship so,uh Fireball I'm back if you guys would,like to jump back on board imagine they,start up tomorrow you know the problem,is you say that like there's like,40 of the audience it's like oh like,that's real it really happened probably,70 all I'm saying is don't you dare not,buy optimizers well no no they're not,presenting sponsor though we're going to,talk about them how great they are in a,minute but I'm just saying when I left,we're presented by Fireball I come back,or not so the whole chat Marty hosted I,was gone this show sucks I'm I'm back,now Fireball you you feel safe you can,come out now anyway uh I got Marty,returning over there on the far left but,uh to his right I've got big EV who is,trying to go through the emotions of,processing the fact that his team lost,by one to a team that won the national,championship game by 58 58 points uh and,to my right is Smitty who's desperately,hoping we talk about the Sixers at some,point on the show,no guess what Smitty guess what this is,going to be a mostly college football,show some NFL but at the end,we have some Sixers talk,why I don't because I want to do it okay,because I because I want to do it get,any college basketball today or about,the next I go number one college,football that makes sense two NFL yep,three college basketball slash NBA wow,all right all right all right we're a,sports show yeah then we really are we,really are,um can I lead off with a question I'd,rather you didn't it's with it's about,the championship go ahead TCU would have,been better off,not getting in the playoffs,I think that no they're remembered more,yeah for this what they did instead of,beating like they now everyone's like oh,they shouldn't I think now that's true,now that right that's what I'm saying,yeah the worst the worst look here by,far is Michigan right for sure Michigan,is the worst team but TCU right now 12,hours later is remembered for getting,embarrassed a week from now we will,remember this this great room they won,their Championship I don't think so I,think I think we'll remember this great,run they had and Marty Marty so over the,last week,TCU has landed like five or six massive,transfers out of the portal that they,would not have gotten if they didn't,have this Run 100 so so I I I really,think we'll remember,TCU for the miraculous because God damn,it it was miraculous they are that's,what we saw last night was what happens,when an eight and four team around,and wins 12 games and plays for a,national I might Hammer they're under,today for next season yeah I I just,think that like if they're the the best,thing for a lot of teams is like man,they should have gotten in I wish that,team that never gets in got in we got we,finally saw that team get in they beat,Michigan good day Michigan definitely is,The Biggest Loser of all well we we I,have I have like seven uh notes Here I,have seven bullet points that I want to,get to on college football and,everything you just said is covered in,the bullet points okay okay so um number,number one,um Georgia 60 the score this is,ridiculous ridiculous Georgia 65,tcu7 over the over by themselves,65-7 now I'll start with the number one,bullet point and that is this there are,no questions there are no debates,the Georgia Bulldogs run college,football right now they run it they they,went wire to wire uh undefeated this,year they beat Ohio State in a great,semifinal they destroyed TCU they opened,the season by destroying Oregon Alabama,is on the outside looking in Nick Saban,had to sit up there like a show Pony,last night as David Pollock looked him,dead in his eye and said Georgia runs,college football right now and there was,nothing Sabers can say Georgia just won,two national titles they run college,football is there any debate whatsoever,oh well Stetson Ben it's 25 years old,Sam darnold's younger than him that's,one of the weirdest chirps I I hear from,people,they didn't adjust the rules is that,even a real chirp yeah oh yeah I see,more jokes than people being like like,actually faulting them or holding maybe,some sort of like penalty whenever I say,Stetson Stetsons play good or stetson's,been good it's always like well he's 25,years old Brandon okay that doesn't mean,anything bro is all this four years,old Stetson Bennett's one of the best,Big Game quarterbacks in college,football and there's no debating that,he's bullet point number two no nobody's,nobody's giving Brandon Whedon when,he came out oh nobody listen Okay winky,he's 25 years old Fine Again Joe burrow,was all one people people love Chris,wanky and Brandon Wheaton when they were,that's their great stories and they were,older that Chris when he was 28 years,old but the thing is when Georgia,dominated the way they dominated last,night and you just,you k

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Dave Portnoy Weighs In On Barstool's Twitter Armies | Barstool Rundown - December 19, 2022

Dave Portnoy Weighs In On Barstool's Twitter Armies | Barstool Rundown - December 19, 2022

foreign,it is December uh,December well 25th so 18 25th so 19th,yeah yeah that's some math,um it's brought you by High Noon High,Noon Hearts Ultra real vodka real juice,sparkling water made with real vodka not,like malt like the other guys which I,got,our guy Dan Ravel to admit I duped him,into doing an ad,um real vodka real juice for real fans,just like us head over to local liquor,store get some today check out the,limited edition tailgating pact running,out of tailgate season a little bit uh,with new flavors pear and cranberry,um again head over here local liquor,store and get some today High Noon real,vodka real juice all right,um we'll start obviously with the World,Cup,a lot of people saying the game yeah,I've become like a legit soccer fan,through the Tottenham stuff and just,kind of watching the World Cup the US,that's as good as it can get obviously,two nothing looks like it's gonna be,kind of like a boring game uh and then,the late two goals and all hell breaks,those,there's a couple things and I've I,thought I was Universal in this I,tweeted out and I I'm sure a lot of,people tweeted out like ending these,games on penalty kicks to me is bananas,a lot of Europeans,seem to be in favor of this they're like,yeah that's great,I love it that's crazy as a casual fan I,love it because it's like the you know,you're you're you finally see ,goals scored in like a lot of action but,if I was a die-hard fan and like you,play 90 minutes and extra overtime and,then we just go to the contest like that,make a baseball game on a home run derby,like I mean right but you these guys,can't play forever but that but doesn't,but don't you find out who the the why,can't they play forever I don't get that,well because it becomes sloppy it,becomes like they're they're not like,it's like watching it's like like when,you get to like a sloppy is like you,know listen if they did Golden Goal I,guess that would be a better way to end,it you mean you just score and it ends,yeah yeah that's fine but I think should,be,but that doesn't really eliminate,anything because I feel like most of the,time in the extra time there's no goals,anyways you go to the overview there,happen to be by the way how's Revel not,know the rules,yeah he got duped again I just think,it's it's the most compelling way like,obviously I get it it's not like the the,actual Spirit of the game it's just so, like the nerves the moment,Everything is Awesome theater,it was like uh the hockey Olympics with,Russia like eight years ago whatever,where they just kept going and going and,TJ Oshie became like a hero like it has,its own level of the theater,I played for 120 minutes but but yeah,because I see like 100,if you're worried about that start,taking guys off the pitch as they call,with that and then it opens it up I,believe the hockey Oshi thing if I'm not,mistaken that wasn't an elimination,round I don't think I think in yeah it,was,wasn't it I I think I think it might I,think in like the goal I don't think,they go to slap penalty shots in in,Olympic hockey or world cup hockey I,don't think so I think they play,overtime I think yeah I think that,Russia game may have been,to get in no like in the round robin,stage I think I could be wrong,either way I I hate it I'm surprised Dan,I'm disappointed in you frankly I'm,disappointed in you why you play like,the reason why because let's let's let's,actually talk about the real reason why,you don't like it because you're ,goalie and Tottenham is a joke Messi,made him look like a joke he,made him look foolish Messi's the goat,and that's why you don't like PKS,because you're a little goalie look like,a bum out there for France no I,asked yeah that's absolutely not the,reason I mean what was your goalie yeah,of course I knew it was my goalie Hugo,embarrassed you think I don't know my,guys I'm disappointed again for the,second all right the same message the,greatest player of all time he's the,second best player in the field but,that's a different story for a different,day I mean he's won everything he is,literally the best well Pele has three I,mean really never played in Europe well,I mean now whose fault is that he has,three three Golden Globes,both of these guys yeah that's what I,said and Bobby is the better yeah he's,next up he's got to do he's obviously,got a lot long career in front of him,having a I don't by the way I've been,losing well I I gotta be honest as a guy,who doesn't like all the rule I I,like penalty shots are are just two,they're too important yeah like I don't,know,it should be if you save if a goalie,saves it should be a goal yes yes yeah,that's good I like that because we've,talked about that oh it's so so hard yes,it's like so hard to score and then a,guy bumps into a guy in The Penalty Box,it's a thing or it should be a half a,goal it's just too much so this is also,the most American yeah breakdown of one,of the greatest soccer games of all time,we're just like change,you know what they should do no yo

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