baked beans dad twitter

We found the worst Twitter user of 2021... already. (Bean Dad)So, what are we about to do right now?

D'Angelo Wallace

Updated on Jan 15,2023

We found the worst Twitter user of 2021... already. (Bean Dad)

So, what are we about to do right now?,I'm going to look at how Bean Dad wound up being Twitter's worst story of the year, even,though the year just started.,And how he got exposed so hard he wound up deleting his entire Twitter to try to cover,everything up.,I find like most stories about, "I don't like this person, so I'm going to find their old,Tweets," are pretty dumb because they all go the same way.,But I'm inclined to say Bean Dad might be Twitter's worst person of 2021 so far.,Before I do that, shout out Mandy Mateer for this comment, "Alternate title: Watch D'Angelo,Wallace lose the will to live in real time," because it just so eloquently summed up, not,just that specific video, but also this is who I am at this point.,Enough of the fun stuff.,So who is Bean Dad?,We're actually talking about John Roderick.,All you need to know, he was the lead singer in a band, and he also runs a podcast with,this other dude named Ken Jennings who's going to make a surprise appearance.,Another thing about him is that he's a verified Twitter user, but surprise of all surprises,,his Twitter account is now gone permanently.,The dude nuked it.,It all started a long time ago.,Just kidding.,So yesterday my daughter, who is nine years old, was hungry and I was doing a jigsaw puzzle.,So I said over my shoulder, "Make some baked beans.",She said, "How?",like all kids do when they want you to do it.,So I said, "Open the can and put it in a pot.",She brought me the can and said, "Open it how?",I'm not quite sure that kid's saying, "How do you do this?" is an indicator that they,want you to do it for them.,So anyways, she was like, "How do I open the can, Dad?",And he says, "With a can opener, I said, incredulous.,She brought me the can opener and we both started it.,I realized I'd never taught her to use it.,What kind of apocalypse father doesn't teach his kid how to use a manual can opener?,So I said, how do you think this works?,She struggled for a while, and with a big dramatic sigh, she said, "Will you please,just open the can?",A teaching moment just dropped in my lap.",Instead of showing her how to use the can opener, he says, "I went back to my jigsaw,puzzle.,She was next to me, grunting and groaning, trying to get the thing.,Eventually she collapsed in a frustrated heap.,I said, "Explain the parts.",Basically, she's like, "I don't know how to use this, which is literally why I asked.",And he said, "The tool is made to be pleasing, but it doesn't have any superfluous qualities,,everything that moves does so for a reason.",Do you think you're impressing a nine year old because you know the definition of the,word superfluous?,So here's where we're back into me not getting it.,Because if you just acknowledge that your nine-year-old has successfully pointed out,to you that she has made an attempt to understand how this works, then why the heck are you,not just telling her the last part?,All this bean talk is making me feel a certain way.,I know this is parenting theater in some ways and like all parents throughout history, I'm,trying to correct my own mistakes in the way I educate my child.,She sees through this.,Fun fact, she's nine.,She doesn't.,All she knows is that she was hungry and you made her wait for six hours.,After posting this thread, it blew up.,I have collected some of my favorite tweets about it.,This genepark1, he quotes the can opener monologue and turns it into an Evangelion meme, which,,while funny, really does make me feel bad for the girl.,This person tweeted out, "The Bean Dad thread brought up a lot of emotions and realizations,lol.",And here you can see it says, "Trust issues, anger management issues, ...,Wait.,It's all Daddy issues?,Always has been.",This story hits all of these on the head.,Especially things like feeling shame when asking for help/never asking for help.,This person said, "You know, I was reading this thinking about my own father who was,very much like this.,As a child, he would always force me to figure out things that I didn't know and it was a,teaching lesson.,I stopped asking him for help and never asked anyone.",I don't know, Bean Dad.,I could take his word for it.,That he thought he was being 100% helpful.,But this is how people internalize it.,It's like impact versus intent.,Some people thought it was a teaching moment.,"I am thinking the daughter might think of this moment when she's choosing a nursing,home for him.",Why did Mary snap though?,She snapped.,What do you think he did right after that?,Did he say, "Oh wow.,I understand where you're coming from.,I may have worded this poorly.",No, of course he didn't.,"Somehow my story about teaching my daughter how to work out how to use a can opener and,overcome her frustration got over onto a version of Twitter where I'm being accused of child,abuse.,It's astonishing.,My kid is fine, everybody.",Then he says, "Maybe not surprisingly, none of the people who hate my can opener story,follow me on Twitter.",Of course we don't fol

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Bean Dad: The Internet's Most Hated Father

Bean Dad: The Internet's Most Hated Father

children they're one of life's great,joys in every person's life comes that,special time where they must choose,whether to have a divorce or have a kid,to save the marriage i'm kidding of,course this is coming from someone who,by all definitions is literally a,bastard so take my advice with a cup,full of soul,my point is there are a lot of parents,out there there are a lot of great,parents like my dad who ran an hour back,up a hiking trail when i left my jacket,up there or my mum who stopped a goose,from pulling down my pants at the zoo,however there are a lot of bad parents,out there like my uncle who threw me in,the pool and i didn't know how to swim,i mean he did do me the small mercy of,saving my life right after so i guess,we're even good parents can help you,learn and grow into a well-rounded,person and,bad parents well bad parents can,traumatize you today we're talking about,twitter's most recent bizarre drama,the story of john roderick and the can,of beans,before we get into the video i'd like to,give a massive thank you to today's,sponsors warm people,warm people is an indie company that,sells woven blankets winter blankets and,socks with a range of super cool designs,you may have noticed that i spiced up my,setup a little bit and this amazing,tapestry behind me is actually a woven,blanket from warm people that's right i,spent a whole hour of my life hanging a,blanket on my wall because i mean,look at it it looks amazing i also got,some socks from more people in the,pattern ocean dweller,these socks have a high thread count,which basically means they're super soft,and comfortable as well as making you,look cool as hell,also all the warm people socks come in,this amazing can packaging,oh thank god it's zero calories the,packaging alone has made me want to buy,all of the other warm people socks just,to collect the cans look at the cat one,that is incredible,this is a two layer reversible sherpa,blanket with microfiber plush and oh my,golly good lord is it plush with a,capital having slept with this blanket,for a few nights now i can officially,say this is the softest most comfy,blanket i have,ever owned i almost felt genuine,emotional pain for my previous blanket,because it got immediately sidelined,for this i would literally expect to pay,like a hundred for these but no each of,these items including this huge,plush sherpa blanket are like 38 dollars,in under that is criminally affordable,whether you want to rug up for the,winter or decorate your room,feet head to and check,out their range of super cool super,aesthetic blankets and socks you can use,my discount code izzy for 20,off your entire order once again that's,code izzy i zeny,check out for 20 off your whole order,thank you so,so much to warm people for sponsoring,this video like i'm literally so stoked,to have such a cool sponsor because they,were just like so chill and down to,earth and the products are amazing and,i'm just like gushing because it's all,so good so genuinely go check them out,they're really cool and their products,are obviously amazing,and once again thank you for sponsoring,me and now,let's get on with the video john,roderick is the lead singer and,guitarist of the indie band,long winters as well as a podcaster and,general,public figure you know the ones you,can't really put a finger on who they,are but a lot of people seem to know,them and they have a lot of followers,and they have a blue text so you're kind,of like,okay he's well known for having written,the theme music for the podcast my,brother my brother and me run by the,delightful mcelroy brothers,he seemed generally like a pretty,well-liked and cool guy being involved,in music,politics and entertainment with a large,number of supporters so how did this,indie rock singer from seattle become,twitter's most hated person and become,known as bean dad,it all started as most things do on,twitter with a thread now i kind of,struggled with how to present this since,it's a pretty long thread so here's what,i'm gonna do,i'm gonna just plainly read out the,whole thread so you can hear the whole,thing since i know some people like to,just listen to my videos and then after,that i'm going to tear it apart and give,my opinion on it so if you don't want to,hear me read out the whole thing you can,skip to this time stamp otherwise,enjoy the show,so yesterday my daughter nine was hungry,and i was doing a jigsaw puzzle so i sit,over my shoulder,make some baked beans she said how like,all kids do when they want you to do it,so i said open a can and put it in the,pot,she brought me the can and said open it,how with a can opener i said incredulous,she brought me the can opener and we,both stared at it i realized i never,taught her to use it,most cans now have pull tops i felt like,a dope,what kind of apocalypse father doesn't,teach his kid how to use a manual can,opener,so i said how do you think this works,she studied it and applied it to the top,of the can,sideways she st

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Eat It Or Yeet It 2022 Marathon

Eat It Or Yeet It 2022 Marathon

thank you,all right hello welcome to another,episode of eat or eat it I don't know if,you noticed but we're not in the studio,today,Nature's healing we are in Flower Burger,this is an adorable restaurant train,originally from Italy and this is the,first La location in West Hollywood,and I I don't know why we're out here,actually Garrett what's the occasion oh,I just I felt so bad after all the bad,food I've been giving you I thought I'd,take you out to lunch,I just my heart grew a couple of sizes,and I just wanted to yeah okay something,nice I know I now have a thimble of,trust for Garrett I don't trust this man,so it's gonna be all delicious foods,today okay so this is just everything,he's the chef here he made all Five,Burgers so well he put his hand on me I,know oh so you touched some of them look,I there were a couple times he turned,his back and my nature came through,it's gonna be an interesting episode uh,fingers crossed how do you guys feel,today I don't want any of Garrett's,nature,looking very nice thank you yeah he's,very friendly and trusting yeah yeah,so due to the uh setup of this adorable,restaurant we don't have our round table,today so instead of the dinging of the,Bell we have our familiar bedfordy,buzzers for today,I'm not used to being on this side of it,I don't know what to what to do,he was practicing,here are the rules first Buzz the buzzer,eats the dish that person is then out,and safe for the rest of the game last,person standing eats the Big Bite which,is either the best or the worst dish of,the game,thank you,also the Garrett Care Station is all,like little dishes from Flower Burger,look at that with an edamame potato,wedges look at those treats my goodness,I wasn't allowed anywhere near these,good all right let's get round one going,for those of you watching at home never,let Garrett anywhere near your kitchen,no matter how much of a masterpiece you,make if he gets near your Masterpiece he,will turn it into an awful,yeah but like he'll make it he'll make,it scary all right ready guys yes,five four three two one,give me,purple oh it's like SpongeBob I didn't,react I didn't react fast enough because,I was just in awe I know I was like oh,look oh my God there's so many cups I,get rainbow I don't make sense,okay I'm I'm excited,okay three two one,wow,that was fun okay okay,oh my God,that's very cool,foreign,I'm trying to figure out yeah the Patty,was really really tasty and like super,like like there's a nice little crunch,to it um the bread is awesome I don't,know what makes it purple but it's so,like fluffy in light there's some really,good sauce on there too I don't think I,see it coming out the side,um and I'm a big I'm a saucy ,I'm this is amazing I mean there's a lot,of pickles and some of these guys that,are really crunchy oh little bean,sprouts oh,many fun little things,I wasn't allowed anywhere near that one,so what that was was the classic Flower,Burger it is a purple carrot bun Satan,and red bean Patty lettuce tomato confit,soybean sprouts flour cheddar pickles,and Magic sauce,vegan Italian I love that so much and,I'm a carnivore that says a lot,all right Kimmy you are safe from the,game,time for number two all right all right,are you ready,God damn you you crazy that works,Gaslight the other people again,too bad you weren't still in the,competition Kimmy yeah,you you did a bunch of commercials,take out the toothpick so you don't like,impale your no no no you may sound like,a great moment 40 years old,three two one,what's wrong Bud yeah,oh he's got a Garrett touched version,Giuseppe I changed your work,but there's a Darkness,it's like I see the Pearly Gates,but Garrett's evil evil Embrace has,pushed me further back having fun why,would you do this I just brought in a,little extra something what are you,experiencing Shane yeah foreign,the burger part keeps you coming back,like it's hard to,Garrett did whatever he could,but that was Shane was the Tangy,chickpea burger with purple carrot bun,chickpea Patty lettuce tomato flower,cheddar tartarella sauce and in all caps,with an underlying horseradish,yo my grandma would have dug that,bird,a little goes a long way and a lot goes,a longer way there's about a gallon of,it yeah all right Shane you are safe,from the game,Shane do you need anything from the Care,Station um yeah I'll need all of that,yes,that's a big ass cookie first,a lot of care,yeah it goes yeah,you've got it all over you this yep,close your eyes OH Close Your Eyes guys,close your eyes,thank you,round three in the building open your,eyes is that like a granola or something,all right ready five four three two one,who's gonna do it come on,I'm glad you got it I'm I wanted you to,win,this is gonna be gone,three two one,wow oh Big Bite nice yo I'm so impressed,with your Burger Bites they're so cute,wow I can't tell her reaction oh good,good,oh yeah oh man,it's oops all Giuseppe,wait I'm very hungry right now this is a,good out for her,hi that one looks good to me oh yu

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Twitter Hall Of Fame Returns! | ShxtsnGigs Podcast

Twitter Hall Of Fame Returns! | ShxtsnGigs Podcast

so we're gonna hit you guys hard and,fast today uh because we're drunk and we,want to have a laugh and we're gonna go,straight into twitter hall of fame,twitter hall of fame,right,as we've been talking about kanye for,like the past two months first one,connie is a better man than me,i would have been asking ariana grande,what you're doing at 3am,that wyd yeah literally right wyd,quotations,at 3 a.m,100 that would have been me 100 percent,bro fam hundreds of me i feel like i've,thought about that already that's so,weird that you said that because i,genuinely feel like i've had that,thought oh that like if i was kanye i,would literally be in like ariana,grande's dm's bro i have to because you,have to clap back yeah,you can't have my sending your pictures,like i'm in bed with your wife,i just your wife how do you feel,your kids are in the two room two rooms,down,no how do you feel,no mom yeah i have to smash all of your,exes,all of them,father,may no woman find my husband attractive,in jesus name because i i don't have the,strength i came to enjoy myself,fam we've spoken about this one before,this is a woman by the way,moaning during 69 to avoid doing my part,yes i don't want to miss it yeah someone, made it,yes bro yes they all do it they all do,it um,as far as my universe is concerned as,soon as my character development is,concerned they all do it,character,development that's hilarious all right,next one my homie told this girl about,that he travels for work bro works at,domino's,man travels around the,around the postcode,my boss asked me where i see myself in,five years and i told him not here,and now i'm in and now i'm in a meeting,with hr,i knew we're going up when he,unfollowed me on spotify,i don't even have a response for that do,the next one i don't have a response for,that one do the next one,right now there's a poor guy working so,so so hard to gather money and go and,spoil his cheating girlfriend i wish you,luck though,i am um,i worry for people who think of tweets,like that,i mean,i worry for people who have an outlook,on life,to to tweet that,he's because he's been through yeah,oh he's tweeting that,from experience i wish you luck though,yeah,what's wrong,tell me what's up yeah yeah sit down,what's wrong because the marital home is,it yeah who has you it's rocky right who,hurt you i finally enough,that who hurt you lying is i find it so,relevant,and because um the other day,i was cooking up um,my beef did you see on my story,from your favorite,yeah a short rib it took me four hours i,worked my ass off on it,with the red wine reduction,i went my ass off i put it on my story,yeah yeah yeah my dm like man i say,puree it's mashed potato,you're right no i'm be serious yeah yeah,because i'm trying to live my life,that's just beefy potato yeah,who had you,because you're upset yeah by my dinner,yeah,my dinner has riled you up so what's,wrong talk to you this is in fact this,is a no judgement zone yes what the ,is wrong,because this is not this is not normal,behavior,the amount of dms i got,slated my my dinner,my dinner that i slaved over for me,people hate it was it banging,oh was it banging,yes it was bro,it was unbelievable i love you i love,bishop rip i saw i was like well played,because i know i know my way around a,short rib oh i bet you i know my way,around the strawberries i was like i,like that i bet,sailors all right,um,done that one okay it's crazy as it's,crazy how as a kid you could have had,the most traumatic night of your life,and still had to go to school the next,day,one million percent bro having a bad,night's sleep is not an option when,you're a kid it's not it's not an option,i remember when we were kids someone's,like fire alarm was broken okay i was up,till like four o'clock in the morning,and i had to be up at seven,that's it,unlucky you have to go you're going,school you can't,you're going school you've got no choice,as an adult you have every choice in the,world yeah you've got no choice as a use,it's so peak,this one sweetened me,social media be having me thinking if,she doesn't respond in five minutes,she's getting raw dogged by my arch,nemesis,fam,yes,yes i don't really have those thoughts,but sometimes when you know when you're,in the back of the yeah yeah yeah and,then you see the thing's red and you,just don't hear from them again you're,like,oh i swear wrong,i assume the worst yeah of course,everyone does everyone seems to it's,natural,my archenemicism,of all people,that's funny,can't trust a who sleeps,with their door open,facts i don't think i've ever slept with,my door open i see my door open do you,that's scary to me brother i'm not,that's basically open yeah like a,criminal could slide in like that,my door's always closed,even if i'm in yard alone always close,really always closed that's funny i,don't know i don't really think about it,you know why i think it is,random it's because i dry my towels on,my door okay so when i come out and,shower the door yeah yeah so you

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xx eric xx Mega Roasting Compilation 2015

xx eric xx Mega Roasting Compilation 2015

bruh look at this dude,wait till you see them,oh no no no no no no no oh,look at the top of his head,I'm sorry,they already know what he looks like,hey,Lord forgive me she looks like the mouse,of cat,he looked like uh the dude from Glee,he looked like Sam Smith,boy you boy I look like a sack of,buckwheat pancakes,Dumba from Mario Luigi movie,boy they look like rabbit ,bowling,boy I'm on your dumbass you look like,Gus from Recess,you hear about thinner boy look,like art feathers,oh let me see your Crooked Smile lip ass,boy,oh my gosh he wants to whiz glasses so,but oh,that app,poor donkey,Mike Wazowski,this man's for me to roast this whole,family,oh my God,look at this one,you look like Bobby from Lizard Lick,of his neck looked like a sirloin steak,burger,oh he tried it,you're good bro,yeah,that's how you do it bro,laughs,look at this dude,look at this look at his lips,hello,look at this new forehead,oh look at this,this dude look like Gru from Despicable,Me,look at this,um,foreign,oh my God,you look like,ah you are not the captain of this boat,oh no,oh no,okay,ah,your name is,another one,foreign,look at your nose bruh,baked bean knows that,oh I Am Legend faces,foreign,foreign,what's up,oh look at this thing,oh,foreign,ha huh,look at it,oh my God,hello hello,hello,oh my goodness,foreign,oh my goodness,oh my God whose dad is this,all right,oh my God,oh my God,bro who told Young Thug,this dress look like them dirty stuff,yeah,oh my God,by his dress,oh my goodness,oh my God,foreign,laughs,Jay wow,J wow,you look like an armadillo,yeah,he looks like an anteater,ha ha ha ha ha huh,look like the rabbit from Boston,We're the Millers,yeah,boy about the kids,no no no she got a kid blankets,she looked like this dancing coffee,look at those gums,bruh look at this dude look at his hair,looks like a gorilla brush,oh my goodness,oh darling,oh look at this,is my head looked like a rock,it looked like some Play-Doh,laughs,foreign,hahaha,ah,this ear looked like,oh you wanted it you wanted it That's,all folks,wrist wrist,no no no no,no,laughs,oh my goodness,look at this look at his finger,this dude look like stingy off of liquor,oh no,ah,oh my goodness,oh no no no,wow,this boy's hair look like an Orville,laughs,this boy's hair look like an Orville,booger,look at his Honker bro,boy if you don't

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Even More Twitter Hall Of Fame! | ShxtsnGigs Podcast

Even More Twitter Hall Of Fame! | ShxtsnGigs Podcast

that's hilarious,but yeah anyway um we've got all the,family yes i do before all right,i've stuck between what my favorite is,twitter hall of fame or the ig questions,because sometimes when i read some of,the twitter hall of fames,they render me breathless brother,do you know what i mean yeah it's so,funny some of them are really good,i'm gonna start with this popular one,because so many people sent this to me,like when this tweet came out,she's you've probably seen this as well,um she saved my number as hmm,she told me it means he's my man,i saw that,yo, it up funny that's funny funny,girls be like laughing my ass off but,don't even have one,tough that's a shank on a twist that's a,shank in the twist,there's a shank in the twist bro flatbed,is not on you know it's,so gender-neutral nobody likes a flat,back male or female because that's the,thing as well as like i'm all about like,don't involve my ass in any part of our,sexual encounter,but,if i was just happen to be walking down,the street and someone was like right,you got a flat arse in it as a man even,so i'll be like what,what's that yeah yeah that's hilarious,as a girl it's way worse oh god it's way,more oh god it's dressed that's,demoralizing for a girl,no one was like flattest ass,oh you,oh my god,my only idea of budgeting is finding a,better paying job and that's facts,that's exactly the same as me that's fat,makes me more money,i'm not spending less i'm not i'm not,budgeting my lifestyle because of your,because of what you want to pay me yeah,yeah i'm quitting i'm finding something,better yeah right,speaking of jack harlow,jack harlow got these acting,like he's prime justin bieber,he does he has bro he's doing something,i don't understand he's got the internet,going wild he's got a due throw and he's,just killing it,he's just killing it he is the talk of,the town at the moment obviously his,album just dropped like yes last week or,so,and people are saying it's,very very average some people are saying,it's really good and obviously did you,see did you see,so it was him,drewski and drake at churchill downs so,the song churchill downs is a box in uh,i think louisville which is in,i think kentucky it's uh louisiana you,mean yeah louisiana yeah it's the,kentucky derby kentucky yeah yeah,his bodyguard or he's he's men around,him carrying him from one place to,another because he didn't want to get,his shoes dirty i didn't see that he,didn't see that nah i just saw him,sitting on a ledge with ben oh yeah he's,got that i'm not i didn't like or save,that video but i'll find it,and you guys can see it there in a sec,but yeah bro,he's got his mandem carrying him like,he's he's carrying him like this just,save his crepes to save his shoes,brother stop i was like stop he's just a,talk at a town at the moment he's the,talk of the town it's hilarious hey man,well played,laying on the skinny dude's chest really,is like laying on a porch,because it's not their fault it's yours,it's your fault you're all ribs,that's your fault,eat and train,wow there's no excuse there is no excuse,you're all ribs,my best friend just told me she hates me,actually she says she wants to go hiking,but it's the same thing,bro i felt that the day you asked,me to help you move house a few years,ago i literally was thinking you hate me,and i said i'm pretty sure i said no the,first time,i think i said please yeah you did you,were like no honestly please i've got no,one else,you said you said the lines of you,entered the conversation with fancy,pulling the sickie tomorrow did that was,the next day did i fancy pulling a sicky,tomorrow and i was like,lol wagon you're like i really need you,you'd help me move joked,i figured i must have messed up some,joke thing no,you'll be dressed three hours to,manchester to help you move house which,is the worst thing anyone could do and,then drive three hours home and you want,me to take a sick day for this no and,you were like now big mountain please,james i want no one else this is why,you're my boyfriend yeah,from 100,there's there's a i've said it 100 times,two things a friend should never ask a,friend help me move and drive me to the,airport,two things you should never ask help me,move drive me to the airport otherwise,you hate me,you hate me bro oh it's hilarious ,it out,friends referencing a guy they're,talking to you beat i'm sorry let me,start again friends represent a guy,they're talking to you by everything,other than the name is funny like are,you talking to bmw today,bmw fam,fam, you now to be fair we're bad for,that but at least we try harder with,better nicknames yeah we haven't we have,an alias yeah yeah yeah,yeah bmw bmw yeah,wow,i'm single but i play house with this,one liar from time to time,wow,i play house with this one liar from,time to time jesus christ,i don't know who's benefiting from this, you know jesus this one sweeted me,someone said batman and kim possible,have the same powers and i haven't,unclenched my fist since,bro,kim po

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Gordon Ramsay Roasting Dishes On Twitter | Part X

Gordon Ramsay Roasting Dishes On Twitter | Part X

hey gordon ramsay,do you like the b-day cake i made my,little girl,happy birthday darling unfortunately,your dog's only got one yet,didn't know you hired a look-alike oh,look at the little baby,oh hey gordon ramsay,i've made this for my mom and dad for,valentine's day,do they look nice,why why so late,ain't going to ramsay what do you think,of my drawing,well that looks really good it's very,realistic,i'll let that,was nice enough to make that for you,gordon good night,hey gordon ramsay want some of my mom's,homemade,skinny soup covered in parmesan cheese,hey gordon ramsay i learned on worse,cooks,worst cooks in america that the best,meatloaf is a teddy bear meatloaf,so that's how i make it what do you,think,it looks like a teddy bear,what is,what do you think of the wedding food,gordon ramsay,divorcing at the dessert,hey gordon ramsay would you rate this,egg in the philippines,scrambled chicken gross,oh why,hey gordon ramsay i just graduated,college,and this was the brush they gave us,thoughts,a hockey puck with rubber eggs,gordon ramsay any thoughts on this,burrito santa,i had for lunch today looks like santa's,done a number two on your message,what do you think of my creamy spinach,tuna casserole,that looks really good though tuna does,not belong in a bloody casserole,this is actually a betty crocker stock,stock photo look at this come on,oh what do you think of my fish and,chips chef ramsay,prepares to be roasted by gordon ramsay,you know it's coming,you know it's coming it's my fish and,chips,they tried it they tried,yo somebody's it catch going to sleep in,one day i promise,please keep trying them,hey gordon ramsay what do you think of,my refried bean salad,refried puke finish,first time cooking in a while thoughts,of gordon ramsay,take another break,at gordon ramsay what do you think of,craig's noodle toasties,ugh craig lost his marbles,hey gordon ramsay what do you think of,my boyfriend's,clown eggs heart,ramsay what do you think of my mates,pesto pasta,looks like a bowl of maggots,gordon ramsay i'm considering becoming a,chef what do you think of my,egg season with the finest soap,looks like my great grandmother,stop stop,so what do you think about my baked,muscles gordon ramsay,bold apple teeth,muscles,i can't hey gordon ramsay,what do you think of my grilled salmon,was your grandmother,oh no cause somebody replied with the,meat the spongebob meme again,where's your grill on,oh that's my favorite meme now,oh and gordon ramsay,hold on i need a translation,oh gordon ramsay,what do you think of the meal my,boyfriend made me,lisa,hey chef ramsay what do you think about,my cheeseburger,giant,oh gordon ramsay please rate my,pumpkin cookies you're my idol now,gordon,she idolizes you now please be kind be,gentle,halloween is five months away sophie,can you guess what it is a steamy mess,hey ramsay what do you think of my,well-crafted,uh chicken dinner with garden greens,look at this nonsense what's your chat's,name,oh why,gordon ramsay out of five how much will,you give my bread,and omelet two out of five,for the fresh oils,i love it and gordon ramsay,husband will be home from work soon to,this delight,boiled bacon and cabbage you're invited,he's working overtime to avoid this,oh gordon ramsay what do you think of my,fiance's skillet,pork loin wow that actually looks really,good,marry him yes,finally finally a compliment,it is in his character he can do it,attaboy gordon,at gordon ramsay what do you think of my,friend's well done,sausage sandwich four blocks of charcoal,for your next spot,it didn't last long he's back at,it savage,what do you think of my birthday cake,did you reverse over it,hey gordon ramsay what do you think of,my friend's masterpiece,masterpiece,gordon ramsay can you acknowledge my,sister's very permanent mistake,no she tattooed him on her forearm,oh no oh lord as you get older i get,more wrinkles,ah gordon ramsay,vegan fish fingers tofu dumplings,baked beans covered in nutritional yeast,and salad,slate me no need you've done it to,yourself,gordon ramsay breakfast is served you in,i'm out,hey gordon ramsay what do you think,about my cousin's tuna potato patties,looks like my granddad's left foot,he's always using his granddad,dear chef i need your thoughts about my,omelet please,my first attempt and i think i nailed it,oh my gosh,oh

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The Internet is FURIOUS at "Bean Dad" | One Minute Man

The Internet is FURIOUS at "Bean Dad" | One Minute Man

a grown man doing a jigsaw puzzle while,a nine-year-old girl,begs for lunch asking her father to open,up a can of,baked beans it's the year,2021 and we all wanted to leave 2020 in,the past we all wanted a fresh start,a new chapter where we live with a,renewed sense of hope and inspiration,that people generally are good,and then along comes bean dad bean,dad aka john roderick a twitter user who,widely enough has a podcast with,jeopardy legend ken jennings went viral,over the weekend with a,15 tweet thread talking about the time,he psychologically tortured,his nine-year-old daughter who wanted to,open up a can of baked,beans for lunch but didn't know how to,use a manual,can opener so what did bean dad do he,said he sat,there doing a jigsaw puzzle waiting for,his daughter to learn how to use the old,tool of the past on her own offering no,help or instructions letting her starve,physically while he mentally and,emotionally tortured her,by being a father who refuses to give,help to his,own offspring it's one of the most,preposterous twitter threads of all time,we are currently living in a golden era,where parents of twitter try to go viral,with made-up stories about their,seven-year-old daughter,and my five-year-old son said this but,bean dad,and his nine-year-old girl take the cake,there are certain moments on the,internet,that are defining moments in time there,are certain characters,on the internet that make everything,stop they go so viral and they have so,much,instant discussion and such a visceral,reaction of hatred towards them,that you can't help but give them a new,nickname moments like the bagel boss,you're not god or my father or my boss,bagel boss this little tiny who,wanted to kill someone over a cinnamon,raisin bagel,we instantly knew we had a star on our,hands a complete, lunatic who we needed to name,and discuss,and remember forever guys like martin,shkreli he became pharma bro because he,was,such an incredible selfish we,needed to all have a name for him so we,could discuss him,and talk about him and be on the same,page that,is bean dad 2021 kicks off we're all,talking about how it's gonna be better,than 2020,and within seconds we are reminded,how horrible humanity is from bean dad,what nine-year-old girl do you know who,wants to eat,baked beans for lunch what the ever,happened to,dino nuggets and some grilled cheese,what's next you're gonna cook her,beets maybe a beet salad for your,nine-year-old daughter maybe she'll have,some lentils and some leeks for dinner,what the are we talking about here,you're gonna make up a story about your,nine-year-old daughter at least make it,somewhat plausible if you're gonna make,yourself look like a gigantic on,the internet,at least make it reasonable uh baked,beans for lunch when she learns to use a,can opener,why would she know how to use a can,opener she's nine do you know how you,open up a can if you're nine years old,you ask your parents to open it,for you,you shouldn't even be teaching them,people are making the argument oh you,should have taught her how to squeeze it,and turn it no you shouldn't even teach,a nine-year-old how to open a can you,should just open the can,for them you shouldn't even be opening,baked beans for them,because they're nine immediately the,discussion was on the debate was raging,in the comments,is this an abusive father versus oh no,this is just a funny story,i don't know what's worse i don't know,what's worse if this was a real story,that there'd actually be a parent who,would treat their nine-year-old daughter,this way,or if it's a fake story and we live in a,world where someone thought that was,entertaining and funny,let me make up this story and send 15,tweets about it because that's what's,going to get me retweets and that's,what's going to get me laughs i don't,know what's worse live in a world with,abusive parents or live in a world with,parents that unfunny,it's a coin toss but as always the,internet acted swiftly,and justly with internet 1.0 justice,immediately being dad's past was dug up,with,many bizarre tweets with racial slurs,and bad off-color racist jokes within,hours he deleted his account with one of,the better twitter ball don't lie,moments oh you thought being dad was,funny,let's leave it up to the internet gods,let's dig up his old tweets and we'll,find out if he's racist and canceled,then he's an if not it was a,funny story,see you later being dad you're,either an father or the most,unfunny person on the internet and,either way,get the out and honestly now that,bean dad's gone,all i can think about is how i want him,back i need more being dead i need more,stories about,baked beans and canned goods i need more,made up tales about you emotionally,abusing your children because i,i can't possibly imagine living in a,world where there are actual humans like,this,i need more access to this kind of guy,we need to study being dad,we need to like donate his brain to,science we need to find out how it's,possible that m

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