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Chris Harrison opens up about leaving “Bachelor” franchise in podcastSunday this past Sunday marked

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

Chris Harrison opens up about leaving “Bachelor” franchise in podcast

Sunday this past Sunday marked the,20-year anniversary of the bachelor,franchise on television,guilty pleasure yes and coming up the,next season is coming up on City TV,right less than two weeks away January,23rd so Chris Harrison remember him he's,got a new podcast out and episode one,recently dropped now Harrison I'll,remind everyone left the show after a,now Infamous interview on extra during,which he defended Bachelor winner Rachel,kirkcano who had previously shared,photos of herself and an antebellum,themed fraternity formal Harrison didn't,exactly fight against the idea and,everyone and justifiably came after him,for it so then he left the show take a,listen to a bit of what Chris Harrison,two years after that is now saying,I was gutted I was embarrassed I was mad,at myself I was disappointed in myself,the last thing in the world I ever,wanted to do,was,be an agent of anything negative,whether it had to do with race,or or anything when things definitely,spun out of control for for a number of,reasons but for my part in this,I was sick sick to my stomach,and,I lost 20 pounds,I didn't sleep,I didn't eat,I was scared to death,okay so that's from his podcast timing,isn't lost on us uh he tried to get gigs,elsewhere obviously for sure he missed,the Limelight so he's like I'm gonna,make my own podcast a couple of weeks,before the show comes back up what's,interesting is he also goes on to say,while he doesn't watch the show anymore,he does keep his eye on the ratings and,he said they're down 50 to 60 percent,and he's saying I helped build up this,brand and it hurts me that this is,what's happening to the show he also,goes on to say he wishes that Wells you,know the uh the bartender and the Pet,Paradise was the one who applied for it,for the position as host and he's like,you have my backing and was just like he,and he said I don't know if I should,back you publicly because that might,hurt you because he got canceled,Wells didn't go for the job because he,says I respect you too much and it went,to Canada's own Jesse Palmer who we,agree doing a bang-up job yes doing a,great job Jesse fantastic I watch all,the time you watch all the time Jessie's,nail here so do you not think that was a,little from Chris Harrison going I don't,care,but it's dropped by 50 I'm not watching,but look what happens when I'm not on,the show what do you think that was,awesome listen I don't mind anyone for,being salty who's lost a job,honestly it's been a while since I've,lost a job so I don't know but anyone,who's lost a job I completely understand,that and,um it is funny to me though when I hear,a host talk about leaving a show in,ratings,when it's a specific type of show like,you and I and Devo and Frank and Steph,and Tam like this is a different type of,show yeah I think you watch the show for,a lot of different reasons one of which,is us,if we're being frank about it there are,other shows in this country like last,time I checked I still watch Hockey,Night in Canada,without getting into it last time I,checked I still watched The Bachelor,Chris Harrison's gone I didn't watch for,Chris Harrison there are certain things,I watch on television in this country,where the host to me really doesn't,matter with the greatest respect in the,world I'm going to continue to watch the,show maybe the maybe certain hosts have,more cachet than others maybe certain,hosts have been around more than others,maybe certain hosts are headed to the,Order of Canada who knows but there are,certain entities on television in Canada,and North America where it doesn't,matter and to all with all due respect,to Chris Harrison it was a bigoted,comment and he deserved to go and on top,of that we're now seeing that now the,ratings thing is interesting because I,don't remember exactly what season I,can't believe it they're that low but,like some you know you know and I know,there's some good seasons of The,Bachelor that's right and there's some,bad it goes through Peaks and waves,depending on Whose cast it depends like,I I can't for the life of me uh,reference exactly the season he's,talking about but look at the end of the,day no one's talking about him with the,bathroom Bachelorette franchise and,especially Bachelor in Paradise,another thing I just I just I don't I'm,not mad at a host for being salty I'm,not mad at a host for for wanting to,cast aspersions it's happened to me it's,happened to you we know what this,business can be like it is what it is I,believe in what I do you believe in what,you do fine with it fine with it but,don't tell me that's why I watched I,didn't watch that show for Chris,Harrison are you it's not the host,driven show no no there's certain shows,that aren't host driven yeah that's one,of them and every live event on Sports,I've ever seen really isn't post driven,sorry it's just the way it is now I,again I'm not mad at him you might make,a podcast if he gets wind of this you,might this might make the Chris Harrison,podcast just saying Ravens

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'Bachelor' Arie Luyendyk Jr. Responds To Jef Holm's Twitter Jab | Access

'Bachelor' Arie Luyendyk Jr. Responds To Jef Holm's Twitter Jab | Access

there was always says this hope that I,would one day be the bachelor and so,it's really cool how the timing of my,life worked out and it was just kind of,perfect this time what seems like you,came on with the real purpose in the,intent of finding true love so are you,engaged you gonna have to watch it was a,it was a real intense last few weeks I,would say that from I would say this,week until about Episode seven it's just,really fun and relaxed and then it gets,really intense as soon as you meet the,families and those those feelings start,really happening then it becomes pretty,difficult did you find love in the past,five years after Emily was there anybody,else I mean I dated and there was there,was relationships but never to the point,where I was like I could see myself,marrying this person and you know I,dated someone for a year and didn't say,I love you and so I'm not the type of,person that really uses that word,lightly and for me the last time I was,really in love and ready to be engaged I,was on The Bachelorette with Emily so I,thought this is perfect opportunity,again and we'll see if it can work we're,now time has changed you you're much,more mature you're great which they,never told you to die right no of course,not and I just think it's so funny,because everyone's like oh you know I'm,36 the last bachelor was 37 Brad Womack,was 38 but there's this big thing about,age there is with you why is that I,guess it's a Sampa this premature gray,but I mean back to we know that there is,drama at the end yeah you fall in love,with two women and I think you said and,we saw the preview of what happens at,the finale when you're like I don't know,if she's gonna say yes so it sounds like,you're ready to propose yeah there's uh,yeah there's a lot in the end and an ex,shows how shows up that pro that blew me,away,especially show up at the very end,usually there's happened either no they,come in earlier I want my girl back yeah,that's what he said did you get in,fisticuffs was there an altar I'm not a,fighting time no I'm not the fighting,time you're a lover not a fighter I'm a,lover yeah you just have to watch I mean,it is super intense that's what made,those last few weeks just insane when I,think back on it all right what about,Jeff with 1/f and Nick what do you make,of their tweets Jeff F said he'll get,five thousand dollars to the charity of,Chris hair,choice if you last more than a year with,whoever you choose I know it's like he's,throwing a lot of shade but we haven't,talked in four years since Sean's,wedding so why is he so bitter I have no,clue you know that's kind of a question,for him more than me I have so much to,concentrate on with this and I'm just,trying to stay positive and negativity,is you know I'm just concentrating on me,and Nick vile former bachelor he posted,on Instagram roses are red your eyes are,like so blue people wanted it to be,Peter but I believe in you throwing you,a little shaky I kind of thought that,yeah I met him I met him a few weeks ago,he's a really cool dude actually and I,think that's just kind of funny you know,I appreciate the Peter jokes because I,could see that you know everyone is,rooting for the runner up and I was in,his position years ago so I totally get,it and that's why I think that first,night it really pushed me to give the,first impression rose to Chelsea because,like she's here for me and she's making,that very apparent and in the beginning,I didn't know you know and that's sort,of something that I had to sort through,the first few weeks being in the house,meaning that she's there for you where,others are there for like this is my,Instagram I may be they all my soul and,yeah selling tea products yeah yeah yeah,I mean that's the head I guess it's part,of the game now I'm out of here you know,but you're there for love yeah I mean,when I did the Bachelorette you know,social media wasn't a big thing you know,we weren't really trying to promote,anything and then when I was done with,the show I went back to my regular life,I raced and now I'm in real estate so it,was cool to sort of just do the same,thing I was doing before whereas a lot,of people I think moved to LA and become,actors you know I really enjoy that,experience but once it was over I sort,of put it behind me and moved on with,life and that's what I want to do after,this you know I want that same life but,to share it with somebody and I think,that's gonna be the best part um taking,on this show what do you look back now,are you like Monday nights where do you,watch it well I was in New York doing,doing press so I was a I did the ball,drop which is super cool is freezing,there and then I watched in my hotel,room with,the producer ISM drank a glass of wine,what's that like watching it it's so,funny because I just watched a second,episode I got a little sneak peek of it,I was dying laughing in my hotel room,last night,yeah and there's just something about,you know a whole week being condensed,into this amaz

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The Ladies Read Your Tweets (Part 1) – The Bachelor SA | M-Net

The Ladies Read Your Tweets (Part 1) – The Bachelor SA | M-Net

confuse them America confuse them doing,good in a competition,good strategy would be to confuse people,use on drop the Elwood al word yeah I,did I did and you know what it's not a,bad thing when you feel the love for,someone to say it just a question,gee nearly all they do is kiss a lot,guys how how cuddly and here comes,Michelle are with her perfection horses,and all dad as much as I like Molly she,expects The Bachelor to chaser,apparently she hasn't watched the show,honey I've watched the show just because,you're not used to men chasing you,doesn't mean that I cannot be chased,thank you goodbye,tyranny short like me short woman for,the win well you know they do say,dynamite comes in small packages and I'm,exactly that the resurrection of 10g was,quite remarkable okay so it honestly,wasn't something that I'd like a cookie,lines have a statement really that's,just an G like you know like that's just,how I am that same Jesus how I talk the,walk you know so it was yeah I'm just,there's not a resurrection Edith is a,firecracker your eyes,oh wow Kelly is reaching on America now,and it's actually working against her I,probably deserved that one,snitches get stitches so knowing the,reason why we didn't pick you if you,were given the chance could you correct,your mistake and go back into the,competition I would go back I think just,to try and win it more than Wendy,Jenna's super underrated she's a,sweetest and the moist genuine girl here,that is so beautiful nun told me,straight up said she liked the girls,more than she liked me straight up did,not say that I said I had a stronger,relationship with the girls more than,Lee okay yeah I like hey I did okay I've,done to Jackie when you were not given a,rose you hugged the other girls but not,Michelle are why I did hide Michelle are,but you must all just remember that this,is a show so obviously everything's like,a dessert so I think I'm gonna like,militia she is great for TV I think so,too,I predict chicken of the sea moments,with her chicken as the scene,I don't know

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Internet of Things (IoT) | What is IoT | How it Works | IoT Explained | Edureka

Internet of Things (IoT) | What is IoT | How it Works | IoT Explained | Edureka

انترنت الاشياء وتاثيره على حياتنا,الطريقة التى نتفاعل بها,إلى الطريقة التي نتصرف بها. من مكيفات الهواء,يمكنك التحكم بهاتفك الذكي,إلى السيارات الذكية,او ساعتك الذكية,التي تتبع أنشطتك اليومية,انترت الاشياء شبكة هائله,مع الأجهزة المتصلة. هذه الأجهزة تتجمع,وتبادل البيانات حول كيفية استخدامها,والبيئة التي يتم تشغيلها فيها,يتم كل ذلك باستخدام أجهزة الاستشعار ، مجسات مدمجة,في كل جهاز مادي.,يمكن أن يكون هاتفك المحمول الهاتف والأجهزة الكهربائية,أجهزة الاستشعار الباركود بيكوس,إشارات المرور وتقريبا كل ما صادفتك,في الحياة اليومية. هذه المجسات تنبعث منها باستمرار البيانات,عن حالة العمل من الأجهزة ،,لكن السؤال المهم هو,كيف يشاركون؟ هذا الكم الهائل من البيانات ،,وكيف نضع هذه البيانات,لصالحنا بعد ذلك يوفر منصة مشتركة,لجميع هذه الأجهزة لتفريغ البيانات الخاصة بهم.,ولغة مشتركة,لجميع الأجهزة ل تواصلوا مع بعضكم البعض. البيانات,ينبعث من أجهزة استشعار مختلفة,وأرسلت إلى المحفل,منصة أمنية منصة iot يدمج البيانات التي تم جمعها,من مصادر مختلفة,مزيد من التحليلات أجريت على البيانات,والمعلومات القيمة يتم استخراج حسب الشرط.,أخيرا.,النتيجة مشتركة,مع الأجهزة الأخرى للأفضل تجربة المستخدم الأتمتة,وتحسين الكفاءات.,دعونا نلقي نظرة على السيناريو حيث قام المحفل بعمل العجائب.,في صناعة تصنيع التيار المتردد كلا آلة التصنيع,والحزام لها أجهزة الاستشعار المرفقة هم,إرسال البيانات باستمرار فيما يتعلق بصحة الجهاز,و تفاصيل الإنتاج,إلى الشركة المصنعة لتحديد القضايا مسبقا.,يتم إرفاق الباركود,لكل منتج قبل مغادرة الحزام.,أنه يحتوي على المنتج رمز ، تفاصيل الشركة المصنعة ،,تعليمات خاصة الخ,يستخدم الصانع هذه البيانات لتحديد,حيث المنتج,تم توزيعها والمسار المخزون التجزئة وبالتالي ،,الشركة المصنعة يمكن أن تجعل المنتج قيد التشغيل,من المخزون المتاحة,التالي هذه المنتجات هي معبأة والطرود,لتجار التجزئة المختلفة.,كل تاجر التجزئة لديه,قارئ الباركود لتتبع المنتجات القادمة,من مختلف الصانعين ، إدارة المخزون ، والتحقق,تعليمات خاصة,و أكثر من ذلك بكثير. الضاغط,مكيف الهواء لديه جهاز استشعار مدمج,التي تنبعث منها البيانات المتعلقة صحته ودرجة الحرارة.,هذه البيانات ليست حلفاء السماح باستمرار,خدمة العملاء للاتصال بك لأعمال الإصلاح في الوقت المناسب.,هذا واحد فقط من مليون السيناريوهات.,لدينا الأجهزة الذكية ، الذكية سيارات ، منازل ذكية ، مدن ذكية,حيث قام المحفل بإعادة التعريف أسلوب حياتنا وتحويله,الطريقة التي نتفاعل بها مع التقنيات.,مستقبل صناعة المحفل هو,ضخم. مهتم بالتجارة تقديرات الاستخبارات,أن 24 مليار أجهزة IOT سيتم تثبيتها بحلول عام 2020,ويتوقع مركز التجارة الدولية,التي سوف تصل إلى المحفل الإيرادات حوالي ثلاثمائة,وسبعة وخمسين مليار,في عام 2019 مما أدى إلى الكثير من فرص العمل,في صناعة تكنولوجيا المعلومات. تريد أن تصبح جزءا,من الثورة المحفل ، تعال وإتقان IOT مع Edureka.

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Jasmine & Jed's Date | The Bachelor Australia

Jasmine & Jed's Date | The Bachelor Australia

so how you reckon the other boys getting,them yeah yeah yeah well you know can't,be any worse than me thank you for the,wine,have a lovely day,have a lovely day,I had a great time have a good one,I still haven't hit that,point where I'm like I really want this,I'm a hundred percent wanting to pursue,this,foreign,okay now I'm not the most physical guy,to be honest but if someone is gorgeous,as Jasmine um wants to throw me into,some positions and I'll take it any day,oh well okay oh Jesus like that like,this am I putting them on your legs yeah,wow great like a human bridge oh my gosh,this hurts oh I'm gonna pass out like,this oh my God just give me a couple,seconds oh man never done yoga before,far out,I'm gonna sweat all over you now this is,the most physical exercise I've had in,ages we're already sweating staring into,each other's eyes,that's meant to be like the second day,really yeah,Chad looks like good sex everything,about him screams I'm good in bed,every little thing about him oh well,jump up okay it was lovely to meet you,I'm the funnest time I think um my limbs,are going to hurt and fall off and,stretch after that well that's kind of,what we want thank you for stretching me,have a great day,oh God she was so lovely,I thought we had a really good time I,didn't expect him to walk away at all,are you expecting a rose,I need to give this back,will you set this Rose yeah oh no,I love the way it made me stretch and we,should stretch each other mostly in any,other way if you're happy to I'm sorry,thank you so much,thanks for stressing me again thank you,have a lovely day,it's one unlocked,okay,well YouTube If You Can't Get Enough,Bachelor content then you need to see,more highlights you'll find them right,here and you can also subscribe to this,channel by clicking below

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Is This Guy The Most Famous Bachelor Ever?

Is This Guy The Most Famous Bachelor Ever?

when i first got into watching like,really watching the bachelor or,something like five years ago,one of the first things i did was google,best seasons of the bachelor,what season should i watch top 10,seasons,and back then every single time,this guy's name came up brad womack,and i thought why why is this guy,possibly the most famous bachelor ever,so here's his story the story of the man,who was the bachelor not once,but twice alright so way back in 2007,the bachelor was pumping out seasons,left and right but,really had only been around for five,years,the first season aired in 2002 and this,season,season 11 was airing in 2007.,yep that's 11 seasons packed into that,little time frame,but we weren't quite at the time where,we were pumping out seasons of the,bachelorette at the same rate,in fact there had been only four,bachelorettes by then,meaning the show was still pulling men,to be the bachelor,from outside of the franchise and thus,they pulled out brad womack,a guy who owned a couple of bars in,austin,but that's not why he was picked the,sexiest bachelor ever the sexiest,bachelor,ever this good looking guy how how are,you here yo,chris harrison you crush and bro and to,understand the infamy of brad womack's,first season,all we really need to focus on are two,women diana and jenny,though fun fact you might also recognize,this lady right here,christy katzman the lead of the recently,finished labor of love on fox,where she got to search through 15 guys,to find a baby daddy,fyi christy katzman got into the top six,now brad womack walked through his first,season with the,intensity and excitement of a piece of,dried toast,i want to be the person that you fall in,love,okay and when it comes to his final two,women brad womack really amps up the,energy,like with jenny you just have this way,of making me smile,all the time he said well not smiling,and diana you do make me happy and you,do make me smile,he said well not smiling so when it,comes down to making a decision between,these two women you can understand why,things are really getting hard for brad,my heart is about to be completely torn,up because,i don't know how i'm gonna say goodbye,to either jenny or dionne then,brad gets a brilliant idea you can't,make the wrong decision if you don't,make a decision at all,i never thought i'd i'd tell you goodbye,i truly didn't i just said goodbye to,jenny,but i i can't look you in your eye,and tell you that i love you oh and i,love that brad tells diana he just broke,up with jenny and then paces around the,lawn for like five minutes,and in a moment this guy became reviled,remember when you told me that,marriage for you is one time and one,time only,i feel the same exact way,because nothing about brad womack is a,one-time deal,not his time on the bachelor not even,his family um did you know that brad,womack has a twin brother named,chad womack or even that his name isn't,brad,it's actually steven from here on,bachelor nation and bachelor viewers,immediately look at brad no pick here,and say,so naturally the people at the bachelor,said what if we made him the bachelor,again and brad womack four years later,became the lead once more,last bit of advice friend a friend right,don't screw this up,good luck and don't ,it up and it took a lot of reaching,to sell brad womack 2.0 to the public,the show,starts hammering in how much brad has,changed and how much he's gone to,therapy to better himself and get ready,for love,i found an incredible therapist i've,done some changing now i just want the,chance to prove that and it took a lot,of therapy,i'm a new man three years of very,intensive therapy and,a lot of the women were still,apprehensive,even upon meeting the guy it's from,every woman in america,okay okay but the question of the season,wasn't how many times are these ladies,going to slap some sense into this guy,it was will brad womack find love or,will he pull another stunt,and pick no one conspiracy theory brad,was contractually obligated to get,engaged this season,and that's the only reason the bachelor,people pulled the trigger on this,i have no proof of any of this,information and i don't know if it's,true but also it's 100,true by the way on brad season we're,getting into some more familiar faces,people from bachelor pad michelle money,was on the first season of,bachelor in paradise and left with,someone who she got engaged to but,isn't with now ashley spivey is all over,bachelor nation,and two of the women from this season go,on to be bachelorettes,add to that diana from brad's first,go-around went on to be the bachelorette,2,and brad womack's time as the bachelor,has produced more female leads than it,has successful relationships,so the season progresses as you might,expect with brad,asking the ladies to beat up some dudes,and make out with him and michelle money,gets bequeathed with the villain title,for the season,it doesn't really matter because in the,end i'm going to be the one that ends up,with brad anyway so s

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Bachelor In Paradise Feud Between Kira & Justin Spills Onto Twitter!

Bachelor In Paradise Feud Between Kira & Justin Spills Onto Twitter!

all right everybody Dave Neal here,stand-up comic and host of bachelorette,Nation news and I guess this video may,qualify as Barrel scraping Barrel,scraping Dave as we don't have too much,drama only three episodes in a Bachelor,in Paradise but after the Bachelor in,Paradise recap I figured I'd share with,you guys some screen grabs of tweets,Instagram stories of contestants that,have been uh kicked off the show and,Kira calling out Justin with receipts uh,it's pretty stupid mindless content but,that's what we're known for over here at,the Empire at D Niels on Instagram, Dave Neal if you want to,hang out with me on the behind the,scenes uh podcast now look I'm going to,be sharing this with you on the patreon,just a quick clip of some uh uh wedding,dance rehearsals six days before I leave,for my wedding and for day two of dance,lessons Tasha and Dave Style,are you excited so I'm gonna share all,of this on the patreon Dave,Neal but here here's me with the dance,moves now okay there's more there folks,there's more there we'll get into that,on the patreon all right Ivan said there,are real ones and fake ones at Paradise,keep your eyes open and we'll have to,decide who's real who's fake Cassidy,says not a joke if Victoria Fuller,wanted my man I'd simply give him to her,I know a lost cause when I see one I,guess she's calling Johnny a lost cause,I'm not really sure I I don't think,she's making fun of Victoria I think,she's making fun of someone who would,leave her for Victoria either way,Michael a responds to Genevieve,Genevieve said this after last night's,episode honestly the amount of times I,wanted to leave that place Bachelor in,Paradise is scary imagine three hours of,sleep and 90 humidity it's not easy,people of course she doesn't have a kid,Michael having a kid goes oh no no this,is actually a lot easier than getting,your kid off to you know a soccer,practice and making lunch and cutting,the you know peanut butter and jelly in,the diagonal way and then trying not to,eat all the extra food your kid doesn't,eat and then you become chubby because,parents become chubby because there's,just macaroni everywhere I know this,because as an uncle I go I go whenever,I'm going home to my sisters and the,four kids I'm always like all right,who's got the good snacks for Uncle Dave,who's got the gushers handle Taxman Dave,hand over some gushers so Michael,responds yup I remember about your,Meredith waking up next to the ocean,having all your meals prepared for you,spending your day talking to friends and,working through our problems in hopes of,walking away healthier it gets harder,trust me we weren't tortured we were,lucky now of course he's just being,optimistic but of course everyone this,is the beauty of the beach some people,see it through Rose tinted glasses and,others it exposes uh maybe a darker side,to them game of roses hey I'm wearing,their shirt today I didn't even realize,game of roses of fits so well so good on,the arms you know what I mean got a love,a good game of rose's shirt making me,look good said absolutely adore you,Michael which we all do but this isn't,it you did get lucky with your,experience because you are a protected,player unfortunately due to external,forces not everyone has that luxury in,protected player by meaning he's had the,edit that he's,um you know obviously he's got a very,touching story but with that story comes,an edit where he's the one people are,rooting on versus the contestants that,are treated like cattle,um you know disposable at the expense of,the edit this that and the other,speaking of some we'll get into that now,so Justin like the rest of us got to,watch Bachelor in Paradise on Monday and,Tuesday night and that's when you get to,see the testimonials and the parts that,you weren't privy to in the moment so I,don't remember exactly what was said but,Kira had mentioned something about,seeing Justin at stagecoach with Sally,of course that whole story Sally,um uh hasn't made an appearance on the,beach yet but her vibrator has,um uh so how's that for some buzz feed,me,um some gushers okay so Justin says,LMFAO Kira was that Stagecoach this,whole story is news to me laughy Emoji,anything for some screen time though I,guess sigh now don't get me wrong that's,a pretty good dig At Kira absolutely,Kira unfortunately,um in her tenure on Bachelor in Paradise,as far as the edit goes was only good,for causing Petty drama fighting with,Jill uh rubbing nipples I mean there,wasn't what she was and again this is,the edit we saw I'm sure there's tons of,other time there were there weren't many,moments where she was coaching anybody,on uplifting anybody having you know it,was just kind of um slurred uh Margarita,talk you know hey that's fine that,literally explains the whole show I'm,not blaming her I'm just saying she,would fall into that edit that Michael,wasn't privy to which is like okay she's,not looking no one's she's not leaving,the show uh elevated as a human as

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A Tweet for Your Thoughts - The Bachelor SA Pyjama Afterparty

A Tweet for Your Thoughts - The Bachelor SA Pyjama Afterparty

obviously during the course season there,have been thousands I daresay millions,of tweets every Thursday night hashtag,The Bachelor essay and we've got a,couple of tweets that I'd like to read,out to you and just get your reaction on,some of them since here,mark is a kisser that's his love,language but that's come up a lot that I,kissed so you know that I was very,hesitant the beginning for so many yes,guilty I'm like I'm cheating and I felt,like I need to reserve this for the,right person but then also recognized,I'm not giving myself that relationship,an equal opportunity how do I know if,this physical attraction are then just,from the look between the two of us know,what it's really and it changed a lot it,changed the way that it there were more,relationships that developed and there,were some relations that fell away,because of that hmm it was a tweet by,Tina in Temple and the the comment was,who's gonna shake things up now that no,law is gone I truly loved her but,stirring ways hash tag The Bachelor is,safe my thoughts of the tweet is like,obviously I mean house showed in like,all the drama that was shown I was the,pot stirrer but it was also kind of a,posture as well we have to but stirring,again it was so pot stirring even,awkward Bridget,every single drama there has been the,season Bridget has been involved well I,mean I'm not gonna lie you guys watched,it and I was evolved in a lot of it I,think for me I'm a very loud person and,again you know I definitely kind of,lashed out at a few people no longer,sure we're part of that scenario but you,know your emotions are so,in that environment I mean we were,living on maybe last fall asleep we just,in that mansion the only time we leave,that mansion is when we go on a date so,you are literally in each other's faces,the entire time Pecha there's a tweet,from Lisa de Explorers passion is always,talking about how she won't chase a man,sis you know what show you're on I,should know look why sure I'm white I,think that was just me finding my,strength and my words after such bad,relationships in my past are just coming,to that that's trained for myself I was,like actually I shouldn't I should never,chase a man and that's what I have been,doing and look here I am again on the,shore where I'm chasing myself than,anything else,and allene there was one from gloden so,and allene switch-up is sending me,laughing I genuinely didn't expect the,tinder and money comments from her girl,hashtag The Bachelor si do this yeah I,also like Pasha I read all the comments,on twitter twitter is lit there's a,point where you've had enough cold,showers and you've slept a few hours you,know and you've had to speak to certain,people all the time when you do you I,think you literally flip the switch in,your mind so y'all know that flip up was,real and I am still against tinder I'm,not a tender person so sorry turned the,people that's just not you'll never find,me there there was a tweet from Lindsay,at at Zealand Vanessa is really out,cheer looking and talking and even,laughing like pearl to see they were,even separated at birth I swear you must,get that a lot um I do get it a lot and,you know what's being compared to the,other Brahminical me to all of them to,be out there,I can definitely say that I'm hard to be,complete daniela and cosmopolitan SI,actually tweeted that I actually want to,see more of Daniela put her in Survivor,South Africa or finding the one because,I mean I am one thing to find the one,survive I don't know if my personality,and my one suits always look pretty and,glam and it'd make a good Alliance team,member that's for sure Sokka this one's,for you the tweet says this is,definitely the wrong show for silca I,don't know what that means,Gillian there was a tweet funny enough,it was from venice' sister from Zealand,she tweets about you it's platta lunch,with a bit of said that's exactly who I,am,on a day-to-day basis that's will,explain things I remember that actually,it's blood son was a bit of says there's,another tweet there that comes from,Gillian so he's more of an outdoor man,she's more rock and roll do you like the,outdoors yeah I mean I've never been,like very overly active the night but at,the same time I wouldn't be against it,you know I just I've never had anyone in,my life that specifically wanted to do,anything like that but I would,definitely be interested in it,so mark is another one mark says he's,planning Mexico for four months 2020,said not on my watch Libby kind of,curiously yeah through the TV I mean,what else do we get new these days,Mexico will happen made of you 2020 it,will be delayed by 10 years well I think,go to the grocery shop pick up some,Mexican ingredients make some Mexican,food put in some Mexican music put on,lonely planner in the back on all right,we're there well Olay not voila well as,French but

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