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Ava Devine Has Hit The Wall & Is ANGRY That Men Don't Want To Date Her Any More...okay question of t

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Updated on Jan 30,2023

Ava Devine Has Hit The Wall & Is ANGRY That Men Don't Want To Date Her Any More...

okay question of the day what's,something you're sick of having to,explain well I'm very sick of having to,explain when fans or people say what has,happened to you,well I've got older I've got older I've,augmented my body parts,and I've uh,this is me I love surgery I love,augmentation I love being mature and in,my 40 I'm 48 I that's what happened to,me I guess I matured and you some fans,are used to seeing me as this you know,28 year old girl that was a woman that,did adult movies and I've grown,in every which way possible so that's,what's happening so I'm sick and tired,of trying to explain that enemy cream,gobbler detected cream gobbler opinion,rejected,dated a guy for over two years the main,struggle of our relationship was that I,do it wasn't until we broke up that he,told me that sometimes he didn't want to,kiss me will I ever settle down I hope,so do I feel sad and lonely yeah,emotional damn it so I feel very lucky,that people do humanize me already and I,think it's just because I accidentally,humanize Myself by like smiling and,being happy did you guys catch that she,said my fans actually like me for my,personality because I smile while my,co-workers run a train on me and,rearrange my,drugs and blow my back out,get back,that was kind of,kind of just being an active performer,holy mother of Jesus with like you know,the insecurities of guys,just like yeah that that's probably the,most difficult is like being in an,active relationship you're a damaged,goods lady,you two do make a Charming couple though,we're both what's the expression,damage Goods,foreign,guys I'm gonna give you some much,requested relationship advice,we make decisions that I like jointly,we take time apart when I want it we,exhibit teamwork on things I want to,work on,we have at least one meal together a day,and I will eat off your plate,lastly it's important we share the same,goals,that I have,now may we resurrect Mr Kevin Samuels,from the undead and may He rise from his,grave like the Undertaker,The Godfather,the cream goblet executionists your,presence is very much Miss now may you,please come down and bless us with the,gospel single women keeping women single,I have not had like any real long-term,relationships,um they've all been quite quick and,short,gotcha ,if you wanted a guy to get with you,tonight how's he going to do it then,Mommy two thousand dollars right now,as a man growing up,When We Were Young,we admired the voluptuousness and the,beauty of a woman she is very gorgeous,to me we wanted to be the absolute best,man for her we would walk through a pit,of fire,let me adore you you are stupid,sacrifice Our Lives jump in front of a,bullet for her,you are stupid and now that we get older,we tend to stay as far away as possible,from the soul-sucking cream gobblers,that emerged from the cracks of the,streets,kind of funny how that works right,and fellas whenever a girl says she is a,queen or a princess I am telling you,right now that that woman is not worth a,damn second of your time because,whenever a girl says I am a queen I am a,princess every girl deserves to be just,pick a queen that is a huge red flag,because that phrase alone whenever a,girl says I am a queen that is an,umbrella term for a woman who is,egotistical,self-indulgence a woman with unearned,entitlement to be seen as the prize that,has to be earned by the hard work and,the efforts of a man see the problem,with many modern women is that they have,a laundry list of requirements for a man,but all they are bringing to the table,is a headache and used up and destroyed,up WAP men are supposed to traditionally,you're not supposed to worship the,ground we walk okay this is the,Department of society traditionally You,Are Meant To Worship the ground we walk,on what to say ,you're women to be here you're meant to,be dead that's why it's different that's,why it's different if God has blessed,you with your queen it just takes my,breath away,it's amazing the level of confidence,that these women have even though,they're absolutely freaking wrong I mean,just look at her demeanor the fire in,her eyes the determination it just,looked like she discovered fire for the,first time but unfortunately,sis you need to sit your fat ass down,because you're making yourself look like,one plus one is potatoes this,thick-headed,cockroach of a brain senseless fool you,dress like a hooker,that's a fact not the expense,that's a fact,once upon a time there was a toxic King,now allow me to bless this cream Goblin,from the passage of the cheek slaying,ass collaborations Scripture huology it,states,this lady is nothing but delusional,sweetheart how do you expect to be,treated like a queen,but you are built like a goddamn,washing machine shut the up you, piece of bacon I'm a woman,Superior gender do you understand men,are supposed to worship the superior,gender that is me and I am I'm like you,know the creme de La Creme of the,female species shut the up you, piece of bacon oh a man needs to,worship me

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Episode #38 - Porn Stars Are People: Behind The Camera With Ava Devine.

Episode #38 - Porn Stars Are People: Behind The Camera With Ava Devine.

all right well I'd like to welcome,everybody into today's episode we got a,special episode for everybody today,because I am celebrating the one-year,anniversary of the podcast and it is the,vagus therapist podcast like I've,mentioned before I wanted to kind of do,a lot of Vegas type episodes and what's,more Vegas than the than the adult,entertainment industry I think a lot of,people probably think of those things,when they when they think about Vegas,and so today I'm delighted to introduce,my guest,that is been in the adult entertainment,industry for a long time her name is ava,Devine ava welcome to the show hello,thank you so much for having me,oh thanks what we definitely are glad to,have you and somebody of your stature,that's been in the industry for such a,long time and and somebody that is well,known throughout the industry right yes,I put the definition of sin in Sin City,that's good to know it's good no all,right well I'm just gonna jump right,into some of the topics someone to cover,with you today,you know I know there's a lot of,obviously stereotypes to go along with,the porn industry and people in the,industry you know people that maybe have,daddy issues and stuff like that can you,tell us a little about European kind of,some of the stuff that went into how you,were raised and was this a part of that,for you or kind of just yeah just tell,us a little about your daughter,okay well I'm 46 years old I'm Chinese,and Italian so I have an Italian father,who had the temper from hell and then I,had a subservient lovely china doll of a,mother and I was raised in Long Island,New York I was teased and time really,feisty right yeah so I was raised in New,York Long Island New York Long Island,New York and I was teased and taunted,for my race for being Chinese,so that played,huge part in my body and self-image,because I couldn't change the color of,my skin I couldn't change my ethnicity I,had to deal with all the you know,taunting and ransoming yeah and I had it,accept it and it was hard for me to,accept it because I wanted to be normal,like all my other girlfriends you know,and I was abnormal for being Asian for,being Chinese rum you know so it was,really difficult for me and I feel that,because I had such low self-esteem I was,always trying to prove that I'm pretty,enough I'm good enough you know so I,suffer from inadequacy feelings of,inadequacy and so that played a big part,into my adulthood because I never I when,I was young I couldn't understand why am,i why why am I so different why is,everyone teasing me why why can't I fit,in with everyone and as I was grown,going through puberty the pubescent,years that's when it took a big turn I,did a 360 turn I started developing and,all the boys and girls that would tease,me like loved me and they would chase,after me and in loving ways and they,wanted me and I was desired by all the,fun of me yeah what the hell's going on,here I was like what I was like I can't,believe that kid that used to tease me,and taught me is now wanting my phone,number and taking out on a date you know,back then so I was interested in boobs,are a powerful thing and then yeah and,then I feel that I've taken that into my,adulthood by my kind of how do I put it,kind of revenge from my childhood saying,look I'm desired I'm sexy I'm,now now look at me you know when I was a,little girl you made me feel so bad,about myself now you want me so I kind,of use that as revenge and that's why I,think I got so I got into the adult,industry because I used my looks and my,seductive my seduction and my sexuality,and a gift brand and I presented it to,the world and that's why I started back,in the adult industry at a very young,age because I was like wait a second I,could use my sexuality my appearance my,my eroticism that I was teasing time for,as a child and make money from this yeah,right what's the thing that you,mentioned like you know because again,the idea of like you know people the,stereotype about daddy issues but it's,interesting that you talk a lot about,like what you actually had to go through,as a person you know like the tease as,childlike the teasing and stuff like,that that it comes from more of like a,revenge kind of state of mind where it's,like hey you used to think of me this,almost like the ugly duckling now I'm I,think I still laugh like oh my god what,is daddy issues I've no daddy issues but,it's money but um you know as I get,older and I dig deeper into my my,childhood in my life and who I am as a,person and how I turned out to be this,person who I am today I dug deep and,I've learned that you know my I,love domineering men's because my father,is very domineering he was very,impressive so I I took that and I I like,that and I even like that in sex I like,to be more of the submissive type,okay men have an agressor Oh in my life,yeah so okay that plays into my plays in,a role mine senator,things that you prefer stuff like that,or whatever so does that I mean do you,like like you ment

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24 Hours in Las Vegas with Ava Devine - The Wildest, Richest, and Most Interesting Day Ever!

24 Hours in Las Vegas with Ava Devine - The Wildest, Richest, and Most Interesting Day Ever!

thank you good morning YouTube hello hello and thank you so much for being here welcome,to my YouTube I am Marcela Alonso um today I am in Vegas I'm not in New York um I was,in LA for less than a week for an award show and today we're going to be like visiting,Las Vegas I'm only going to be here probably not even 24 maybe 48 hours but uh you're gonna,visit you're gonna meet my friend Ava Devine and um yeah it's going to be sort of like,my trip to Vegas so I just wanted to shoot I don't have any makeup I'm waiting for the,makeup artist because we're gonna do TikTok and we're going to work on some content my,girlfriend got a new dog she has a cute little Frenchie so I'm going to show you the dog,too by the way if you're new to my YouTube my name is Marcella Lonzo you can find me,on Instagram at Marcella sobella my Facebook TikTok everything is marcellusabella so thank,you for joining me today and my little Vlog style thing so let's go about my day and see,I'm in Vegas staying here with my girlfriend now so come with me let's have fun and we'll,see the doggies and go about my day I'm getting my makeup done here with Justine she did my,Ava has the phone right now yes that's me we had it we had a little blooper and we had,a couple ,kids, let me know how you work,it's it's, my face ,or something we'll be keep an open mind let's say yeah we're gonna make money for ladies,my PR lady off um she's very wonderful she's based out of New York,that would be nice and then we're gonna go to a gentlemen's club tonight see Rochelle,Ryan performs which me and Haley used to work at a gentleman's club for many back in the,um, ,thank you,foreign ,foreign , thank you thank you,Facebook just like my Ig so uh yeah we did that and then later on we're gonna go to eat,yeah we're going to dinner what are you gonna wear I have an orange dress that I can't really,show I haven't worn it because you know how you buy it like this color,yeah yeah so I realized something like if I have I I rare I haven't been here since,two years it was October of 2020 which is two years we're in October now we're October,2022 and the last time I was here was like if I just get so busy in New York there's,so much to do she needs to come out here all right yeah I need to come up and I don't like,to overstay my welcome I'm funny like that because I care I love you oh no we've known,each other so long so we have to tell a funny story from our past okay that's peachy okay,what can you think of something well the one that I told earlier um about,so that that was the very first time I met her and I think like a couple of hours or,maybe a day later I was I had a boyfriend that was in jail and I said lonely,and she was like okay and I was like oh my God that's so sweet we went downtown from,Vegas this is when I lived in Vegas a long time ago after work yeah or we took the day,off yeah one or the other and it was in the evening I remember we had a dress like appropriate,like like a break we are right now yeah that's true and and we went in to see my convict,boyfriend and she went to see his friend I barely remember that but you kind of knew,I remember now that you bring it up yes oh my gosh yeah smiley,oh my gosh now I'm trying to think of something else God I had something in my cat oh my God,there's so many remember your one roommate you had you had a hot roommate,and then I worked at it so she had a hot roommate but I never did anything with him and one,day I was working at a club in Florida I swear to God it was so Random remember no but and,I told you and you're like was he hot I I remember I worked in a club down in Florida,like somewhere in Fort Lauderdale and then he came walking in and I said show yes he,did remember yes yeah I can't remember the story but I remember you knew him and we all,yeah and then yeah I remember that what is another story because we have so much I have,a funny one but I don't know if it's so what is it um we were all Sky High and we were,up well when I have my patreon yeah when I make when yeah eventually we're you know it's,huge yeah because we got to be appropriate rocks I do have a good price I did do a podcast,because she was my close friend in the beginning I was like I needed to go to people that I,felt on the whole way so again I'm gonna plug in my podcast get schooled by Marcel Alonso,and one of the First episodes with her so and I thought it was very very good because,we address addiction yes and it was a good positive or I'm actually addicted yeah and,I'm just like I'll try it once yeah for a little bit get bored with it because I'm a,Gemini yes you could do that yeah and she's an aquarius yeah yeah remember this song,yeah what's another story that we have here there's so many different gazillions, ,for everyone yeah oh but remember you had chocolate she was so sweet my sweet late dog,yeah,she's got two good friends my little nieces yeah niece and nephew yeah very nice think,of something else because we had we originally met

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The nerd and Ava Devine interview for episode 150!

The nerd and Ava Devine interview for episode 150!

hey what's going on everybody it's the, nerd here man and I'm gonna take,a little time out here to talk about my,friends at my book are you the,type of fan that knows football so well,you can choose any game and call it,everyone's got that one friend,you sitting on a couch in New York hey,hey hey man I know more than you do,about this and so on so and so and so,well you know what time to put your,money where your mouth is ladies and,gentleman at my bookie calm Amy and they,cover every sport football NBA college,basketball season it's time for you guys,to get up a sideline and get in on the,action with my bookie the thing about,this it's like you can take money and,bet it in real time against real people,on any scenario you like so the bigger,you bet the more you win obviously and,it doesn't matter what team you're a fan,of I'm a Giants fan my team sucks I,wouldn't bet a penny on them but you,could bet a penny on your favorite team,you get that $1,000 a hundred dollars,whatever you want to spend and I'm very,excited about this because I'm the kind,of guy who wants to make money and what,better way to make money by spending,money on something that you enjoy,something that you have a little bit of,knowledge about so put your money where,your mouth is people and the good thing,about my friends at my bookie they gave,me a special code for every single one,of you guys it's late fees you know like,you were a kid in the library of you,never returned your bookie to cure late,fees la de,Fe es late fees if you join right now,using that code my bookie will match,your deposit half way all the way up to,$1,000 that means if you deposit two,thousand you get an extra thousand,dollars and free money to play with just,use promo code late fees to activate the,offer once again that's promo code late,fees to take advantage of my bookies,generous sign up offer visit my bookie,AG today you play you win you get paid,tell them the nerd sent you later hey,what's going on ladies and gentlemen,it's the voice of misery podcast I'm of,course a nerd and I just want to before,we get into the episode today I want to,talk to you guys about a something that,you know really means a lot to me and,you guys know I suffer from the,depression bipolar disorder and anxiety,and I also suffer make some pains as I,get older and I was looking through a,lot of different you know solutions for,this and everything just kind of gave me,these horrible side effects until I came,across my new friends at CBD medic they,have a lot of different CBD out there,Anders there's there's a different,strand for everything I mean you can you,can get certain CBD that Taylor's here,anxiety depression you know flare-ups,and things like that if you have,arthritis they get a cream for that if,you got back pain neck pain headaches,migraines all sorts of different things,if you have it they have a solution for,it and the best thing no side effects,now this product you can only find on,CBD Medicom and if you act right now you,can use our code vom podcast 1-0 that's,vom p OD cas t10 voice of misery pocket,vom podcast one zero you'll save 10% off,any order no matter how expensive $1 $10,thousand dollars buy as much as you can,because this product will change your,life as it has mine my anxiety has,subsided I could sleep better at night,and my pain is virtually not there,anymore just because of this product,that CBD very calm offers once again,that's vom podcast one zero use that at,the checkout and you will save 10% off,any order and it's unlimited please on,the nerd and nerd at Sencha this is the,voices of misery podcast this show isn't,for the easily offended so PC police on,patrol standby you've been warned now,let's join the nerd and nerd egg with,another podcast for that ass,hey everybody welcome back to the voices,of misery podcast this is our 150th show,and I am very excited I've been teasing,on Twitter all week long at a very,important very special guest ladies and,gentlemen the legendary Ava Devine how,are you I'm doing great the nerd how are,you not doing bad and it is just real be,talking to you because I've been,enjoying your work for a very very long,time I am so flattered thank you but you,know what I'm really down-to-earth I'm a,true nympho perv that can that lust talk, so let's get started you are,speaking my language young yes baby yes,all right now now the very first thing I,wanted to ask you is um I've seen you,build under many different nationalities,I've seen you as Hispanic Asian all,sorts of different names that like yeah,the foreign companies like they do that,what is your nationality filming me,asking can you have a very exotic look,yes I don't mind you asking I'm Chinese,and Italian really see I never would,have guessed the Italian like I can,definitely see the Asian yes yes it's,it's pronounced the Asian is prominent,but yeah my father was Italian and my,mother's a little Asian China Doll she's,Chinese and she is cute as a button so I,guess that's w

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On The Mic With Mike- Special Guest Ava Devine.

On The Mic With Mike- Special Guest Ava Devine.

and gentlemen and welcome to another,edition of on the mic what mike i am,your host mike larkin and joining me,today is an adult legend and a legendary,figure in the adult entertainment,industry the beautiful miss david divine,ava it's a pleasure to have you on the,show how are you i'm very well thank you,michael hello to everyone out there,well first and foremost i have to say,this and we were just discussing this,before we came on there for me i think,my first ever film seeing your work,overall as a young man was probably 2005,2006 i was in middle school and i,remember seeing my friend's hot mom i,believe it was the scene with yourself,sexy vanessa christian that three-way,that was one of my earliest memories of,just like i said looking at adult,entertainment and for me again you know,13 14 years old you're this is the start,of puberty for us young men so we get to,get introduced to a lot of your great,work from my friend top mom in the,naughty america series so i gotta say,that was my first introduction to you,and i think you've done a lot of great,work since and for me it's an honor and,it's a pleasure and a privilege to be,talking to you,thank you so much it's an honor to be,here,uh you're very welcome now first and,foremost let's talk about how you got,into the adult entertainment industry,because you've made your name for,yourself for many many years how did,everything come into fruition for you,because like i said as a fan as someone,who's appreciative and respectful,towards your work how'd that call coming,to fruition,okay well,i was a dirty girl when i was very young,and i did it all backwards i started,escorting first at 19 18 19.,then i um,got into stripping,when i was like 24 25,and then i met somebody that introduced,me to the porn industry to my agents at,the time when i was 28 so that was in,2003.,wow now first and foremost i'm going to,say this right now,it is backwards but i gotta say with,life and to go to the spiritual route,everybody has their own destination,everybody has their own way,yes but i think that's awesome because,you start out stripping you start doing,the escort stuff again learning and,doing what you do really accentuating,yourself for you know for the you know,vibrancy and the overall sexual vibes,that you have dare i say the,voluptuosity factor and then bada bing,it leads to your career so i mean it may,be a little backwards but hey we all,start somewhere and i think exactly,exactly and i'm super grateful for how,it started out because,i loved sex since i was a young girl,since i was like 14,a little bit younger but i loved it,since i was like,14 15,and i discovered my sexuality and i came,i became very comfortable with my body,so when i started escorting i was in,heaven because i was like i love getting,guys off,and i'm getting paid for it this is like,a dream come true,and so i was conditioned so when i went,to when i went to do porn i was like,been there done that let's roll,you know so i wasn't like a brand new,kid,jumping on the bandwagon and they're,saying okay you're going to do a gang,bang and everyone's going to come in,your eyes that you know at 18 fresh 18,year old at you know so i was like,conditioned so i started in the game,late but i was very conditioned so i i,came in with an open mind open heart and,open spirit,see and that's what i like because i,think that's how you have to be in any,situation open-minded,and,what i like about you ava is i look at,it from a stance of hey you know what,this is something that i like i mean to,quote,michael got,sex is natural sexist fun sex is best,when it's one-on-one the head of the 80s,we see a lot of that encompass you know,your sexual being which is great and i,also look at it from a stance of i think,when we're young we're exploring our,sexual side we explore what we like and,that's what helps us into the adult game,and what we like from the sexual,standpoint and you as yourself like you,said i mean to quote jay-z and jermaine,dupri top-down screaming out money in,the thing you get the money aspect you,get it from a financial standpoint but,you're also having fun and loving what,you're doing so i mean yeah,i mean another thing to mention is i,mean look at like movies like american,psycho with christian bale i mean he was,one of the ones if you remember the,character like he's out there getting,the escorts there's the infamous scene,with the chainsaw har,you see a lot of that encompassed within,movies as well,yeah and and the good thing is too is,like um,you know i've heard a wise man said you,make your business your pleasure you'll,never have to work a day in your life,and i feel i've never worked because,this is my pleasure,exactly and i think from your stance and,we'll get into your adult career in a,second here but you're starting and i,think a lot of people can realize this,like whether you're doing escorting,whether you're doing stripping you're,having fun with it and also you have,clientele to you know pleasur

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Jennifer White on Sleeping with Ron Jeremy & Doing a 50 Guy Scene

Jennifer White on Sleeping with Ron Jeremy & Doing a 50 Guy Scene

so what's like uh the most extreme that,you've done on camera or off,wow all right pull that Mike in let's,hear about this 50 guy speaking on it 50,guys how the F did that even come about,um,approached by Jim Powers,and he asked me if I wanted to do it and,I,it's always been something that's been,on my bucket list so getting came in,about 50 guys,yeah so this is like different than a,regular gang bang I have a little bit of,a gangbang fetish really what is it,about it,the chaos the chaos,what was different about having them all,below loads in you though,that was intense,would I ever do it again probably not,but really glad I did it yeah why what,happened was there any kind of chemical,reaction in there,um,you know I'm not sure I think every time,the next one me a lot of it,flushed out yeah,they all finished in it yeah so think,about the 50th guy he chose to be a 50th,guy he liked it yeah Jesus,wait how much how much did they pay you,for this,um,when I get paid like six grand or,something what yeah any girl that wants,to get that done to them for six grand,how long was each dude banging you for,not that long five minutes and,technically it was 32 guys but there,were 50 loads,two guys went twice,um more than two guys one twice no a,bunch of sorry a bunch of guys went,twice yeah,how did like how does that even work,like how do you just nut and then just,like come right because you're nut and,you get right back to the end of the,line it was impressive professionals man,yeah exactly I mean I guess if it took a,while how long was the whole process how,long are you gonna bang for,I got there at like 10 a.m makeup was,like two hours left at like 10 P.M,this is a full 12-hour day well I guess,I completely understand how the guys,could Ron Jeremy hosted it he didn't get,in there,you never let Ron Jeremy ,who he you never him oh I, him a couple times oh wow how was,that it was the Ron Jeremy show yeah,yeah what is that like exactly yeah it's,a lot of him looking over the camera,like,you know really yeah so it was cool he,fell asleep on him he fell asleep and,what causing him a massage and he passed,out he asked for a massage it was like a,massage scene okay and he passed out I,mean that's understandable massage is,nice yeah this is narcolepsy too so oh,poor guy that definitely helps explain,it yeah he's in jail now he is,what shame really he's in wow I don't,even know that like rapes and stuff,a sad ending to a,pretty prolific career yeah well hey you,know hopefully he he don't die in there,but like but you know but like while,working with him did you sense any type,of like creepy things going on,is he creepy sure yeah but if you were,to ever say like hey that's not cool he,would stop immediately right he had a,bad experience with him being creepy is,kind of par for the course in porn maybe,yeah we've got a little bit of,creepiness to a lot of people,how far you take the creepiness is the,whole story totally uh who's your dream,porn star to that you haven't, yet,I haven't yet,um,I don't know,is his first name Adam last name starts,with a g,I play Down,if you and your lady are City boys up, up would you ever take a on,Flacco's face,does he ask for it yes,Let's Pretend that's true,I think about it,for how much,um I don't know I'd have to think about,that one what if we went out in the,parking lot,in the hot,cement and just laid down in the parking,lot yeah,like how big of a you think could,you take a right now you say you,wanted to no,look at what are you supposed for me to,take a off we got all day,oh,you know I mean,I do feel like,10 grand more than the 50 guy come in,you thing no and she said that she'll,let me take a on her for a 10 grand,listen that's actually uh yo listen,she's an economist man right she's,really you know you know she's for the,culture she does great pricing man now,would you rather or be on,to me it's a clear yeah yeah right,no I'd actually I think I'd rather be, on why I don't know do you think,it's kind of hot,Maybe,now question for you I think I'd get,like stage right I'd be like I don't,want to show this right nah I could ,on somebody no problem I wouldn't even,have to take a shower with men I have,issues like being dominant you like that,um I like being dominated with a turd,sometimes no I've never done that,but it's a possibility,oh but I'm not writing it off no damn,okay guys this was a clip from the,November patreon if you want to watch it,in full where they get naked and all,this other crazy stuff head on over, no jumper and check it out,in full we drop a new one every week

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Celina Powell's Friend Says She Slurped Up 7 NBA Players in a Row

Celina Powell's Friend Says She Slurped Up 7 NBA Players in a Row

so anyway selena introduce this to your,friend here what's your name,eliza how are you doing okay i'm good,how'd you meet selena sucking a dick,well i'll just get right into it huh we,went through instagram first,yeah what were you talking about some,rapper right,tell us so you love rappers like her i,told her they're all gay you hate them,they're all gay,list off some some rappers you have on,your body count though tell us who,you've smashed,i don't say names like that see you're a,better woman than her,how because she's not exposed to people,you realize that like me and lina well i,mean,only vans is different but like a lot of,guys want to girls who aren't gonna,then tell everybody that they i just did,it for the dick but then like it's not,even that good,the rapper dick in general is not that,good yeah it's like lazy,lazy leaned out they're usually ,up yeah and i feel like they're all gay,like they all suck dick,who can you name a rapper that you think,sucks dick i think all of them do,wow really i've heard rumors that,there's gay rappers out there but i,don't know who,i mean i don't you don't gotta be,nervous it's just i don't like saying,names though,no that's fine but so you've never eaten,a you have i assume,yeah how was that it was okay it was one,time,only one time but we're scared,it was blac chyna yo i heard she ,for like a cup of hennessy,i'm telling you you could sit a cup on,that ass you said a cup,someone told me if you give her a cup of,hennessy she'll let you i was like, let's go behind you,oh that's funny um okay so what are you,guys like what's the foundation of you,guys relationship aside from just sort,of chasing rappers around the country,that's it,yeah i mean like i was talking to the,rapper she knew and he wanted to find me,out so i was like fly her out too,so he flew us out and we so lute,and now you think he's gay,i'll name him yeah that sounds kind of,familiar,yeah i love him all right eye name job,it's fine is that the goal for you to,get in love and hip hop like it was with,her,no she doesn't want to be famous i'm,like yeah i work,really you did work a job now you're on,a jumper you're probably gonna get fired,let's be honest,i don't think so what kind of job i work,for a cpa firm,oh yeah they seem like they would love,them in real estate,really okay,sorry you do have only fans so you don't,think that's gonna affect where you're,at,in your career at some point nobody,nobody's ever gonna care about them,really yeah that's good because i feel,like a lot of girls would be worried,about that,i gotta tell them about the nba team,what do you want me to say go all,out,but okay on my birthday my birthday is,memorial day weekend,on my birthday i've seen them all at,dre's like this one team,okay she's so shy it's just so cute,and i don't know i was getting in,a hotel room they all pulled up,and i sucked there but they're like the,whole team seven,seven basketball players in a row mm-hmm,how was that,i was up i didn't any of,them though what happened to the nuts,swallowed all of them yeah and nothing,happened you didn't have like a weird,reaction in your stomach or anything no,no,that sounds so fun you're almost making,it sound like you were too, up to be sucking seven dicks and,also you were getting by somebody,else right before this,yeah they walked in mid me getting, how did they walk,in where were you in the hotel room so i,was like someone that works with,the team and i know i know that team,because i've hooked up with them before,but they all pulled up no not the whole,team like a few of them they all just,pulled up they know i was in there and,they were like let's get lit,and they were just sitting around the,bed and they just rotated wow,yeah let's try it yo they all love you,so you don't look back do you look back,at this as a positive,memory yeah i don't care is it oh yeah,yeah,she's just nervous right now no i mean,she's not that nervous she immediately,told us about sucking seven dicks in a,row,she's nervous,i know that's what i'm saying our combo,at the hotel was like girl you need to,be on no jumper like this is where we're,going,right but so are you holding are you,looking for like a real boyfriend in the,basketball arena,no she just had no boyfriends we all we,were wiped up in my mind i would never,date an athlete that they all cheat,nope i just want the dick right yeah,we're good on relationships how's your,only fan zone is it changed your life,are you like gonna quit your job because,i haven't taken it that seriously i'm,not,she doesn't know what mass messaging was,i was like yeah she showed me today,she's managing me she's my,kris jenner oh yeah my girl knows about,a whole bunch of hacks different ,she'd be putting me on hey put us on,what the ,she's keeping it close to the chat tell,him what you said about me what,about him i want you guys to ,or what or you're gay,i was in the shower she's like she,looked at me she's like girl adam should, you or he's gay,i know like t

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Fashion Nova Try-On Haul 2

Fashion Nova Try-On Haul 2

you guys asked for another try on haul,so i am back,with another fashion nova try on haul,let's get right to it,so you guys know i absolutely love one,pieces jumpsuits,this one i love because it's like i can,wear it to a shoot or i can wear it like,when i'm traveling,and it's super casual i got a sweatshirt,over it put sneakers,or,i can also like get a cute little belt,like this,see,and then i can put,well that's not how i wanted it to go,hold on,i can put a cute little belt like this,and then i can put some like black heels,and i can dress it up and i can put a,blazer on you guys,and,watch you'll see,see what i mean,completely different look so it's like,you're running around in your errands,doing errands in your sneakers you gotta,meet you got a hot day you got a,girl's dinner i don't know whatever,they're on a blazer belt and shoes and,voila you can dress it up,and i actually also bought the same,version in black that's like biker,shorts,kim kardashian dresses these up honestly,the biker short version i feel like that,one's super casual but that's just my,opinion,all right so on to the next,okay y'all this is a serious thumbs down,can we talk about how long these,are,they're supposedly,come up to here,like no this is not a good look,i,would give this a zero but i can't i'm,gonna give it a one,if you don't know that reference sorry,get on my tick tock stacy's mom syndrome,so i bought this with vegas in mind what,do you think,i can't show you the back on youtube,but i'm going to take this off,and i want to show you this material,okay i want to show you this material,this is not bathing suit material they,build this as a bathing suit,i guarantee you,if i got this wet in a public place i,might get escorted out so this is not,bathing suit,i mean it's hot right maybe i can take,pictures for off by my personal pull but,definitely not in public,maybe i'll keep the cover up what do you,think,look at this material i don't know if,you can see that,you can can we see dylan through it,i don't i mean seriously look at this,it's not even a swimsuit material it is,completely,sheer this is dumb,this is my sexiest purchase you guys,have not wearing panties,i've gotta go like this but um i just,thought this was really cute i mean who,doesn't like patrick and spongebob,all right on to the next,i'll see you guys this dress,i didn't try it on it's super hot but,i'm going to tell you why,see all these it's supposed to have a,tie,and i actually already did a photo shoot,in this,and it broke because it's back in,fashion nova and it's cheap and i'm kind,of mad because it was actually not cheap,professional it was like 56 bucks which,fashion nova expensive but anyways,the pictures and this dress are flawless,and i wish i could show it to you but i,promise you'll see it soon but i'm,really mad i'm gonna have to,buy something else so yeah it like laces,up in the back and,it's hot you'll see you know check my,instagram twitter but uh these jeans are,also from fashion nova,and they're super comfortable,they're like a mid-rise and i love them,they're very lightweight,on to the next,y'all i'm obsessed with this dress,i gotta be careful though because yep,you know what's gonna be,but does this dress not scream miami,zest i love the color,it's soft i'm holding it here because i,don't want to flash you,but i want to know what do you think of,this dress it shows some lag,shows a little bit of cleavage the color,is amazing,what do you think,okay so you guys know i love a good,bodysuit,i think it looks super sexy with jeans,it's a good look kind of makes like a,casual look,a little naughtier especially when you,have big boobs right,but yeah i wasn't sure about this color,at first,but i am literally obsessed with it i,actually did a photo shoot in this,velour bodysuit too and it looked really,cool against the wood and everything so,yeah look for that one as well,so what do you think of this,the glasses are fashion nova,two,this one,i think is a million times better it's,actually swimsuit material,i love love the colors and,i don't know if i can show you this or,not but,it's very cheeky,i don't know if i can show you that,but um yeah,it's sexy but i want to know what do you,think,what was your favorite outfit,i have a feeling a lot of people are,gonna like this one but oh i wanna show,you,i also got some jewelry and i never get,jewelry from fashion nova because it's,super tacky but i think it's gonna look,really cute in photo shoots like look at,this little a,and then this is like a layered necklace,and i think it looks kind of fabulous,and it's gonna look really good in,pictures,um so you guys kind of got an early,glimpse you guys have been asking for,another try on haul some of you wanted a,bikini try on haul,i mean i gave you some one pieces so i,hope you're satisfied,hit the bell so you don't miss any of my,upcoming videos,and i'll see you next time,bye

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