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Fashion Nova Try-On Haul 2you guys asked for another try on haul,so i am back,with another fashion

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Fashion Nova Try-On Haul 2

you guys asked for another try on haul,so i am back,with another fashion nova try on haul,let's get right to it,so you guys know i absolutely love one,pieces jumpsuits,this one i love because it's like i can,wear it to a shoot or i can wear it like,when i'm traveling,and it's super casual i got a sweatshirt,over it put sneakers,or,i can also like get a cute little belt,like this,see,and then i can put,well that's not how i wanted it to go,hold on,i can put a cute little belt like this,and then i can put some like black heels,and i can dress it up and i can put a,blazer on you guys,and,watch you'll see,see what i mean,completely different look so it's like,you're running around in your errands,doing errands in your sneakers you gotta,meet you got a hot day you got a,girl's dinner i don't know whatever,they're on a blazer belt and shoes and,voila you can dress it up,and i actually also bought the same,version in black that's like biker,shorts,kim kardashian dresses these up honestly,the biker short version i feel like that,one's super casual but that's just my,opinion,all right so on to the next,okay y'all this is a serious thumbs down,can we talk about how long these,are,they're supposedly,come up to here,like no this is not a good look,i,would give this a zero but i can't i'm,gonna give it a one,if you don't know that reference sorry,get on my tick tock stacy's mom syndrome,so i bought this with vegas in mind what,do you think,i can't show you the back on youtube,but i'm going to take this off,and i want to show you this material,okay i want to show you this material,this is not bathing suit material they,build this as a bathing suit,i guarantee you,if i got this wet in a public place i,might get escorted out so this is not,bathing suit,i mean it's hot right maybe i can take,pictures for off by my personal pull but,definitely not in public,maybe i'll keep the cover up what do you,think,look at this material i don't know if,you can see that,you can can we see dylan through it,i don't i mean seriously look at this,it's not even a swimsuit material it is,completely,sheer this is dumb,this is my sexiest purchase you guys,have not wearing panties,i've gotta go like this but um i just,thought this was really cute i mean who,doesn't like patrick and spongebob,all right on to the next,i'll see you guys this dress,i didn't try it on it's super hot but,i'm going to tell you why,see all these it's supposed to have a,tie,and i actually already did a photo shoot,in this,and it broke because it's back in,fashion nova and it's cheap and i'm kind,of mad because it was actually not cheap,professional it was like 56 bucks which,fashion nova expensive but anyways,the pictures and this dress are flawless,and i wish i could show it to you but i,promise you'll see it soon but i'm,really mad i'm gonna have to,buy something else so yeah it like laces,up in the back and,it's hot you'll see you know check my,instagram twitter but uh these jeans are,also from fashion nova,and they're super comfortable,they're like a mid-rise and i love them,they're very lightweight,on to the next,y'all i'm obsessed with this dress,i gotta be careful though because yep,you know what's gonna be,but does this dress not scream miami,zest i love the color,it's soft i'm holding it here because i,don't want to flash you,but i want to know what do you think of,this dress it shows some lag,shows a little bit of cleavage the color,is amazing,what do you think,okay so you guys know i love a good,bodysuit,i think it looks super sexy with jeans,it's a good look kind of makes like a,casual look,a little naughtier especially when you,have big boobs right,but yeah i wasn't sure about this color,at first,but i am literally obsessed with it i,actually did a photo shoot in this,velour bodysuit too and it looked really,cool against the wood and everything so,yeah look for that one as well,so what do you think of this,the glasses are fashion nova,two,this one,i think is a million times better it's,actually swimsuit material,i love love the colors and,i don't know if i can show you this or,not but,it's very cheeky,i don't know if i can show you that,but um yeah,it's sexy but i want to know what do you,think,what was your favorite outfit,i have a feeling a lot of people are,gonna like this one but oh i wanna show,you,i also got some jewelry and i never get,jewelry from fashion nova because it's,super tacky but i think it's gonna look,really cute in photo shoots like look at,this little a,and then this is like a layered necklace,and i think it looks kind of fabulous,and it's gonna look really good in,pictures,um so you guys kind of got an early,glimpse you guys have been asking for,another try on haul some of you wanted a,bikini try on haul,i mean i gave you some one pieces so i,hope you're satisfied,hit the bell so you don't miss any of my,upcoming videos,and i'll see you next time,bye

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New Years Dresses...TRY-ON HAUL SPECIAL!

New Years Dresses...TRY-ON HAUL SPECIAL!

hello hello you're probably wondering,why I have all these dresses next to me,or maybe you're not and you have figured,out that it is a try on haul but this,one's a little bit special because it is,a New Year's eve dress try on haul so,let's get right to it,what do you think of the First dress,I absolutely love the fun colors,I love the sequins I think it's,just fun for New Year's right I feel,like it's a screams party it's from a,brand named sailor,giving you a closer look of these,sequins because they're amazing I'm,obsessed with them,foreign,what do we think of this fun little,it's kind of like mermaid colors right,from lovers and friends it's like,conservative on the top you know the,shoulder pads but then it's definitely,sexy because it is short short,give you a closer look of the color,which honestly I feel like the color is,almost the best thing,yeah,foreign,I gotta stop twirling,the first long dress,and the first all black dress,are you ready for the reveal,so this one's from Lovers and Friends,it is one strap High slit,and,I'm going to give you a better look at,the entire dress from head to toe,because I think,I feel like this is the kind of dress,you would almost want to put gloves on,with right like,I think gloves would be fun with this,dress,some High gloves and then a nice big,cocktail ring,I mean,right so definitely a glove kind of,dress,gloves or no gloves well what do you,think,hmm I think I'm gonna try on,another black dress and then I'll do my,favorite color,all right my friends what do we think of,this one,it's a dress from Super down it's,another one sleeve I personally think,this one screams New Year's it's silver,it's sparkly it's short it's fun it says,I'm ready to party and ring on the new,year what do you think,got another long dress and it is my,favorite color,it's a little bit big here,so this is another Lovers and Friends,and I felt like this one needed some,accessorizing,see that,giving you an extreme close-up of my,earrings,I feel like the earrings almost,make this one what do you think I don't,know I love the color but I'm not a huge,fan of this dress,um I would definitely have to get it,taken in but I don't hate it what do you,think,okay so I feel like after the label got,it right,I can't wait to show you all the rest of,this dress,it might be my favorite,okay okay before I show you the rest,look at the back,it is fully adjustable,and for my figure that just is amazing,ah we love brands that do that are you,ready to see the rest of this dress oh,my God the material the color everything,about it is just gorgeous,I love it I love it,I might actually have to pick this one,as my New Year's dress,I mean look at this shine on this dress,it hugs,every curve,ah and that's best,kind of obsessed with the sleeves on,this dress,so I have to admit this dress,kind of makes me feel like it's,Wednesday added is inspired I mean I'm,sure it's not but I feel like it's,something she would wear,obsessed with the series,and this is actually Michael Costello,with revolve collaboration but I love it,oh my God I might like this one better,than the other one I don't feel like,this one is necessarily New Year's,though but oh my God I don't know it's,so fun these sleeves y'all oh,they're everything,it's so much fun and it's got a great,neckline,um,I don't know I ca I feel like I can't,decide between this one,and that like liquid latex looking one,I am going to give you a better view of,this one I also love the shoes I have on,with this dress their House of Harlow,and they're so cute,foreign,I hope you enjoyed this New Year's eve,dress at Tryon haul and if the camera,looks a little bit different I shot this,all by myself,um it was very,um it's not that it was last minute put,together,but I ran out of time and then I was,like oh my gosh I need to get this up,like ASAP so I had to like film and do,all that on my own,so um don't talk about my camera,person because it wasn't them it was me,I want to know what your favorite,dresses were I'm sitting here looking at,the dresses and I can't decide because,I mean I love this dress,so fun so much fun and oh this material,and it's soft and it's just it's such a,beautiful dress like I do but I feel,like it could almost go down a size in,this one if,um decide on this dress,and then um,this dress was really fun like I really,like this dress but I feel like this is,something I would wear not on New Year's,um I don't know just out and about but I,do love this dress maybe it's my little,inner goth girl,um,this one I feel like just screams at,party and it screams New Year's right,um the colors and the sequins it's just,oh it's so much fun,bye,I mean this is New Year's too right I,mean it's a lot sexier it's a lot,skimpier so I guess it kind of depends,on where I end up going for New Year's,if I want to be sexy or classy or,somewhere in between but I want to know,if you were throwing a New Year's Eve,party and you invited me which dress,would you want me to show up in,so c

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Welcome to the House of Addams!

Welcome to the House of Addams!

hello and welcome to my crib you all,been asking for a house tour so let's,get right to it,all right so let's go in to,the,living room,here is all my family pictures so that's,why this is all blurred out,as you can tell we're themed for,Thanksgiving,so I've got pumpkins on my mantel,this is my cat Russell's little paw,prints,and Russell was probably the sweetest,cat I've ever had and I miss him dearly,I have some different crystals,um I've got more but these are just a,few I've got my faux fireplace it's gas,and then you know here we have my couch,that took forever to come in because I,ordered it during quarantine and I,absolutely love the silver hey Bella,okay okay,my this so okay this table I'm very,proud of it because everyone just throws,their stuff in when we come in and I've,tried to keep it clean as you can tell I,did a Whole Foods and Target earlier,um but now I have said they were only,allowed to drop stuff off on this chair,so it's gotten a little bit better,I'm excited to try this you guys it's,Lacroix limoncello put some in the,fridge I'll try later so this is,my kitchen and its natural state,yeah the island kind of turns into that,table it's like the table of the kitchen,where we have like snacks everyone,throws their snacks here on my lazy days,I do green chef,and we have our Bread Basket,over here is like spices and then like,smoothies and vitamins,and then we have,um obviously my ninja,and then you know these are just drawers,over here and then um,over here is the coffee and then this is,all like the water bottles and the,coffee and the tea,um we're big big tea and coffee as you,can tell,the pantry my pantry that you've seen,that I'm very proud of very proud of my,organized pantry,um my pretty organized fridge,um so like I said I did Green Chef this,week I knew I'd be filming and working,all day so I picked up some sushi from,Whole Foods and their Sushi is actually,really yummy,and,I separate everything so I have my,veggies here I have my meat and then my,fish back there,um some drinks water,and then this is our snap drawer,and then my freezer is pretty you know,the usual kids fish sticks meatballs,gluten-free pie shells um gluten-free,Bagels gluten-free bread uh chicken,steak wontons all right y'all I am,obsessed with these uh tamale black bean,tamales they're so good oh and I have it,I forgot I have this light out,um so my cauliflower pizza crust,and then you know frozen fruit frozen,veggies I just saw these at Whole Foods,I'm like let's try these on days that,I'm busy,so um I hope to show you because I am,crazy organized here's more um,yeah,um the government sent me a lot of covid,tests which I should probably throw away,at this point but um,but yeah so everything is organized so,my housekeeper is Hispanic,um,so I have everything you know in English,and Spanish because I thought that was,the nice thing to do right but yeah so,everything is super duper organized,crazy because well,you all know I'm a Virgo I'm a little,bit of a neat freak I have a little OCD,so then my laundry room is actually,pretty small I wish I had a bigger,laundry room but,um I'm gonna be honest I don't really do,laundry I really don't I do laundry,every once in a while but um,my mom is on my payroll and my mom comes,once or twice a week and does my laundry,for me and she'll help me like mail out,stuff into groceries she'll pick my son,up for school and that's basically why,she's on my payroll and it helps her out,it helps me out you know whatever so but,I still like to have it organized so,this is like the baseball stuff you know,um we have belts and cups and all that,good stuff baseball and then again,everything is labeled and organized,telling me we have baseball so we had a,baseball game so these I will be,cleaning,um before they stain and then Bella,threw up in her bed last night so we are,actually gonna throw this to dry it and,then Dylan's little pad was stinky so we,washed that,um yeah that is just really dry on that,that's it and I'm gonna take you into my,formal dining room,so this is the dining room I really like,this dining room I wasn't crazy about,the colors on the wall at first but they,have grown on me these had super bright,lights and I changed them to these,really pretty warm lights and I have,these closed right now but,um there's a gorgeous view of my,backyard that you can't see because,otherwise the light's gonna mess,everything up so this bar that I'm,obsessed with I got from Restoration,Hardware,um I actually got a lot of stuff from,Restoration Hardware the adult stuff is,mainly Restoration Hardware and Pottery,Barn and then,um the kids stuff and the family stuff,is Rooms To Go because I'm not spending,money on stuff that's gonna get torn up,like my kitchen tables Rooms To Go this,is the fancy one,I got some artwork,and then this leads into,my home office so let's go take a look,into the home office now so yeah so this,is the office,and it's if you see blurred stuff in,here it's family pictures on

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ouais ma fille de 3 ans et demi à seix,il faut mettre le code allez sur youtube,elle s'est appuyée sur les vidéos sait,même pas lire c'est déjà servi mais qui,masque au pardon alors il ya pas,longtemps il ya le président français,qui a fait 1 qui a passé un message,comme quoi à l'humiliation de la femme,dans la pornographie,je voulais en discuter vite fait mais,avec toi savoir ce que tu pensais toit,de ce succès est ce que toi en tant que,femme tu te sens humilié dans la,pornographie est ce que toi entendre,femme tu penses qu'on montre une image,de la pornographie et envers les femmes,qui est vraiment dégradantes pour,contacter la vie auxquelles mon avis moi,je me suis jamais sentie humiliée dans,le porno mais bien sûr il ya des,différents genres de jeu mais c'est oui,et légendées fois comprennent pas ça on,le voit dans nos médias dans les,messages par des mots il est vrai pas,maintenant mais c'est vrai et bien sûr,il ya peut-être si tu t'y connais pas si,tu sais pas comment un film les gens,peuvent avoir des effets peuvent voir,certaines fans de certaines productions,et dit cette femme ait abusé mais ils ne,savent pas ce qui se passe bien sûr,derrière la caméra,bien sûr est ce que il ya aussi des,filles il ya des femmes qui adore ça y'a,des mecs qui aiment pas tout le monde à,leur différend parce que toi tu as déjà,fait des scènes très fort oui mais à,aucun moment,voilà un à aucun moment tu t'es senti en,danger ou à aucun moment tu as sorti que,ce que tu faisais c'était mal non je,sais qu'il y avait même des scènes où,les autres acteurs disait coup qu'on va,arrêter voir si ça va j'ai tellement,mais ça va on y va continuer,donc je me suis jamais la plupart des,ceux qui font des trucs vraiment,il coupe il te demande bien sûr ils te,demandent d'abord avant qu est ce que tu,es d'accord avec ça tu es d'un thalys tu,veux pas moi moi ce qui me choque c'est,que les gens croient qu'on fait des,films pour apprendre aux gens à baiser,alors que nous on est pas du tout ça non,il faut mieux pas des écoles dans le,temps mais tu sais tu es mon bébé dit,donc c'est pas toujours,je crois qu'ils vont quand même pas nous,en tout cas on a des trucs qui,comprennent pas,oui crois que je vois il ya beaucoup de,gens qui disent oh mais vous allez sur,c'est tout le monde ce ben ouais on me,dit souvent mais la caméra n'a lui doit,s'éclater pertinent le caméraman,s'éclate pas du tout justement c'est,très chiant de cameron moi j'ai fait le,caméraman beaucoup de fois dans mes,films et crois-moi sauter fois je redis,mais merde t'as envie d'annoncer oui,pourquoi se paye ce mec pour baiser,cette bombe alors que je croyais en moi,même,non mais c'est vrai je crois pas que les,gens comprennent bien sûr mais bon je,pense que ea plupart du temps au porno,les femmes sont mieux payés que les mecs,oui donc déjà tu seyassah n'y a pas,d'autre métier je crois que c'est le,seul métier dans le monde les trois,quarts des hommes bien sûr il ya quand,même des avantages et à la fin de la,journée la plupart des femmes dans le,temps dont plus de ces on-dit on veut,travailler avec cette personne n'en veut,pas si on décide de ne pas travailler,avec quelqu'un il sera jamais embauché,avec nous pour une certaine compagnie,donc il ya quand même des avantages bien,sûr c'est important signalé çà tu vas on,parle des femmes voilà dit no un métier,où les femmes sont mieux payées que les,hommes,y'en a pas y'en a pas le porno le porno,c'est ça mais c'est aussi parce que les,femmes sont bradley vraie star du porno,bien sûr il ya quelques mecs qui ressort,du lot parce que leur manière fait bien,sûr mais c'est vrai que aussi dans un,monde où la majorité des consommateurs,sont des hommes,la femme va être la star plus que,l'homme est ce que bien sûr hollywood,les sportifs tout ça bien sûr donc à et,cocteau et les fans qui amène autant de,deux personnes aussi les mardis de,sportifs qui amène autant de personnes,pour les voir ou à la télé from de fans,de françois fillon ça paye bien,très drôle ça ce qui est bien sûr qu' il,ya des progrès à faire avec le porno,bien sûr qu'elle ait progrès à faire,est ce qu'on est en train de dire,surtout sais c'est pas que le message du,président est pas un bon message bien,sûr qu'il faut améliorer beaucoup de,choses vis-à-vis de 2 des femmes et la,manière dont elles sont traitées des,abus des biens sur la vie quotidienne,exactement mais c'est pas en tapant sur,le pour nous c'est clair je me sens plus,accoster par les mecs en dehors d'un set,que quand je suis au travail,bien sûr je me sens jamais et quand je,suis dans la rue tout seul là je me fais,emmerder parler bien sûr là bien rien à,voir avec le bon sens est la voie avec,le pont qui est arrivé à mes amis qui,ont des bouleaux normal ouais c'est pas,juste parce que je suis actrice,bien sûr je le vois tous les jours non,et bien sûr qu'il faut améliorer tout ça,bien sûr qu'il faut faire des progrès,mais il faut aussi taper sur le pont,pour sur les problèmes et pas juste,aléatoirement pose est mo

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Watch me try on dresses!

Watch me try on dresses!

hello,and welcome,so today we're doing a try on haul,spring is here it's all about the,dresses i love dresses um i think it's,fun to dress up and look cute,and you know what,guys think we do it for them sometimes,we do i'm not saying we don't but,honestly like we do it for ourselves and,we do it for other girls to be like oh,my god that's so cute where did you get,that,let's be honest like there's no bigger,compliment than a girl telling you that,your outfit is on point because well,let's just be honest most girls know,more about fashion,some of you guys definitely surprised me,not saying that some of you guys don't,know what's up um and obviously if,you're going on a date you want to look,hot for your man not saying that that's,not but you know but we dress cute for,ourselves,whether you want to believe it or not,so,on that note let's get,right to the dresses,you got to be careful on this one when,you bend over,especially for a girl like me that,doesn't like wearing panties,so this is from revolve it's lovers and,friends,and i love olive green it's one of my,favorite colors,and what i like about this dress is you,can dress it up or dress it down um,i have it up with some wedges you can do,it with flats you can do all the,sneakers,so yeah um it's a lot of fun,okay so before i turn around you guys,i bought this thinking i could wear it,to easter,and look cute at easter brunch,this is not easter brunch appropriate,like,at all,at all first of all it looks longer on,the model and,she didn't have as much cleavage going,on so um,i can't decide,if i look like,i'm wearing a toddler outfit because,it's the little girl outfit right but,then my gigantic boobs are popping out,so i feel like i'm like,the girl that everyone's staring at in,church because she's dressed like a hoe,so yeah that's what i feel like so we're,gonna nix this on the easter i don't,even know if i should keep it you guys,so this is fashion nova,and i do like the color and i like the,pattern but i just don't know about this,y'all,what do you think,i am back with another,simple yet cute lovers and friends dress,i don't know if you can see this,material it's super soft,it's like terry cloth almost but it's,softer i don't know but it's,it's yummy,i love it i actually uh wore this the,other day got lots of compliments on it,and,yeah,i guess i'm going through my pink phase,without even knowing it but i think it,looks really good with my tan and,it's a fun dress and again i feel like,you could like i have it with my ysl,shoes but i think it would look really,cute with some air force ones too or,even flats,so it's one of those that can go either,way what do you think,this is definitely like,a girls night out or like a weekend,dress depending on if you're going,casual,or not like i don't think i would wear,this for like a dinner date those,dresses are coming soon,so remember when i said dinner date,this is what i would wear on a dinner,date,classy but still sexy,um this is amanda uprichard also,revolved,i absolutely,love her dresses they're some of my,favorite they're like classy and elegant,but still super sexy,um and this one is no exception told,y'all i was going through a pink phase,okay so you guys this looks pretty cute,right from the back,it's got potential right,you can't laugh you cannot laugh, it you can laugh,i mean,what is this,i know i'm short you guys i'm like 5'3,so obviously this is i need to be taller,and obviously i need a much smaller,chest so this is a medium,obviously it's way too big on my waist,but it definitely does not fit naughty,and nice nope does not fit the boobage,so yeah,nbd,i usually love you but this is a fail,for me,just a shame because i love the color,all my tall girls with smaller chests oh,this would look fabulous on you,so this is another cute little dress,from lovers and friends,and just for reference i wear a medium,in lovers and friends,obviously i have big tatas i have a,small waist but i got i got hips and,booty,um this is definitely,dinner worthy like date night worthy,um,i love the color,i think it's cute and playful but,obviously still sexy,and you'll see a similar dress soon i'm,going to try one more in between i want,to know if you would,rather see me in this one or the yellow,one you'll know what i'm talking about,soon but yeah what do you think of this,one,as you can tell this is a no i was,really excited about this one because,the red dress that you've probably seen,on my instagram,miss ava adams,um i can't point below but that's my,instagram,um yeah you can find me there but the,red dress was so cute and it's a similar,one but this one just does not work for,me my boobs are too big i'm too short,again,and yeah i mean look it has so much,potential,but yeah it's just it's a no this is a,hard pass,looks like fashion nova failed me,go figure the more expensive dresses,look better of course,so i'd like to think that this is like,cute date night dinner apparel but,does it show off too much cleavage like,is it a

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Me vs Instagram Plus Q & A

Me vs Instagram Plus Q & A

i'm back did you guys miss me,i know it's been a while since i,uploaded a video,life just gets hectic y'all sometimes,you know and you can't do everything,that you really want to do and you have,to prioritize but um,i will try my hardest to not go,so long without making you guys youtube,videos um i definitely did miss making,them um but i also kind of didn't really,know what to do at one point i was kind,of like sick of doing unboxings,so yeah um but here i am,and since it's been a while i decided to,make my first video back a q a for y'all,but first things first,a lot of y'all have been asking about,instagram,is,my old account coming back no y'all it,is completely wiped out it's not coming,back um,someone told me that they could get it,back for like 15 or 20 000,and i was like yeah no,that's like insane honestly i don't care,i mean it's like whatever so my,um instagram is now,legit ava adams it's right here,um that's adam's with 2ds of course,and um i hope to see you on there,but,let's get i um so i did not do a q a on,instagram i did it on my twitter,which is,um but yeah so i,wanted to see if you guys had any new,questions for me,and i am going to,read them right now,what is your favorite jar of in music,so,if you would have asked me this a couple,years ago i would have been like i am a,rock girl pure and pure,but honestly lately i've been listening,to more hip-hop because i don't like the,new rock music that's coming out i just,don't,um it's not as good as it was a few,years ago it's definitely not as good as,it was in the 80s but even like i feel,like the early 2000s mid-2000s like we,had good rock music i feel like now it's,just,she's not feeling it so it's like,wrapper pop these days for me,do you enjoy massages and spa days,and what's the best one you've ever had,duh who doesn't enjoy a massage or spa,day okay sorry there are those people,that don't like being touched i guess by,random people or that don't know,spa day eddie oh my gosh if i could go,to the spa and get a massage once a week,i would but i don't have the time and,y'all i actually am so due for a massage,it's been way too long um i i've been,that busy that i haven't even taken time,for me which is not good i know this um,but i've been um doing um like facials,and keeping up with that,but um i definitely need a massage i,actually got several gift certificates,for my birthday,and we are now going into november we're,in november,and i still have not used them so yeah,that's how long it's been y'all,so i am due but i love them i love them,i love them what about you,why do you live in texas uh because it's,the best state ever duh,no but seriously y'all i love texas,are there things i hate about texas of,course of course i mean i could go on,and on yeah i mean there's gonna be,things you like and don't like in your,state but i'll tell you what i love,about texas and that is the people,especially houston age town is the best,i don't care what anyone says,it is the best i have lived in,california i have lived in louisiana i,have lived in florida,and,what where do i always go back texas why,because it's the best it is especially,houston i love my city you guys i love,my city i will rep it all the time great,people good food there's so much to do,here,um,okay we don't have pretty beaches but,you know i can get on a plane and go to,a beach um,cost of living is great here,my house would cost so much in,california or what i paid for my house,would be a shitty house in california so,i i love texas i have nothing but good,things to say about texas,so i accidentally deleted before i could,read but they basically asked if i had,my halloween picked out my halloween,costume picked out um by the time you,see this halloween,will have passed,and you will have seen my halloween,costume on social media,i,have had several costumes this halloween,season um for work and personal life,and i want to know what you thought of,my actual halloween costume comment down,below,any plans to come to england,not anytime soon but um if i did i would,probably post it after the fact i don't,tell people where i'm traveling before,the fact there's too many crazies y'all,what skill would you most like to master,oh my god there's like so many things i,want to master that i don't have time,for but you know being a yogi,i think the biggest thing for me is i've,never been able to do a,full on,um headstand like i can do like you know,like my knees ben but i can't like,keep it that long like you can get up,and then i fall i'm just not very good,at those i think i'm top heavy y'all,that's why i can't do it,that would be fun to master and then i,would love to master baking i suck at,baking i am such a good cook but i,cannot bake y'all just just can't do it,what is your favorite guilty pleasure,food,that is so tough that is so tough it,used to be like mac and cheese but i,think my tastes have evolved,maybe like,fries,sunny balls that's like i downgraded,hold on,okay so if we'r

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Answering your questions!!!

Answering your questions!!!

i asked if you wanted another q a and,the overwhelming response was yes so,here we are,back with another q a,all right some of y'all did not follow,the rules,did not keep it youtube friendly i will,not be answering those questions let's,go to those of y'all that did follow the,rules favorite thing to bake so i don't,actually bake a lot i love cooking i'm,not very good at baking i burn cookies,i tried to make a bundt cake once it was,awful,so i'm really not a baker,but if i do bake i usually do try to,make cookies,it's hit or miss,favorite wrestling match ever,oh i know the wrestling people are gonna,be mad at me because everyone has that,favorite match right,even my son has like his favorite,matches i really don't i really don't i,think it's entertaining but i don't,think y'all realize i'm not like a huge,wrestling fan i just find it,entertaining so don't really have a,favorite match i just have like my,favorite wrestlers but i have more than,one i think i just find it all,entertaining,what to drive,so i actually drive two cars i have what,i call my mom car and that's the,mercedes gle and then i have a fun car,which is the porsche tycoon those are,the two cars i drive currently,do you see yourself one day,doing youtube as a full-time occupation,well i sure hope so so you all better,watch those ads you better keep watching,my videos,so that i can grow i would love to be,able to do more with this channel like i,would like to showcase more travel,and i would like to do more but you know,that costs money you got to bring people,with you to film you got to do all that,stuff,but yes one day i think that would be so,much fun i would also like to give back,to my community we're big mr beast fans,in this family and i think what he does,is so cool not saying i want to copy him,but it would be nice to be in a position,where i could give back to people who,was or is your celebrity crush wow,well i have had many,many celebrity crushes you know actors,musicians boys girls you name it i mean,i it's hard for me to pinpoint just one,i mean there's been a lot i think um,currently i don't have anyone i think i,used to get more crushes when i was,younger i've been very fortunate um,that i've been able to hook up with some,of my celebrity crushes but no i'm not,gonna name names sorry,how can i maintain my body as like you,can you suggest me proper diet plan,please answer this first of all thank,you so much that is a huge compliment i,always say i'm a work in progress i'm,not perfect i'm not a fitness model i,don't restrict myself i don't go into,calorie deficits i try to maintain and,be healthy i'm not trying to be skinny,i'm just trying to be a health the,healthiest version of me that i can be,and i think that my diet may not,necessarily work for you but what i do,try to do is get three to four workouts,in a week and i think that's super,important i think at least 20 minutes of,exercise four to five days a week is,crucial walking is amazing if you don't,necessarily have the time to put in an,hour in the gym just walk and it's nice,to go outside and walk when it's not hot,as far as diet,i don't believe in eliminating a food,group so i eat all the food groups for,me it's all about portion control and,keeping track of foods so you know for,breakfast i'll do like overnight oats,with a little bit of protein powder,and some almond milk and some fruit or,i'll do like eggs and like a turkey,sausage or something like that i'll do a,smoothie if i'm in a hurry you know,stuff like that for lunch i either do,like a smoothie if i haven't had one in,the morning or i'll do like chicken with,veggies and rice or i'll have a salad,i'll do a wrap and then for dinner,i'll alternate what i haven't had at,lunch i think the key for me is i try to,eat good during the week and most of the,weekend but like i go out with my,friends i'm not gonna deprive myself so,i love food i'm a foodie i'm not gonna,give up my food i'd rather exercise more,and i think as long as you're,eating healthy and working out as long,as you go to the doctor and those,checkouts are good then that's what's,really important because i know it's,hard to like get on social media and see,all these people and you think they look,perfect but a lot of them photoshop,their pictures they photoshop their,videos or they do these crazy unhealthy,diets and i'm not saying all of them but,a lot of them or they have surgeries and,their bodies are not just exercising,diet and you also just have to do what,works for you that's the key so that's,my advice to you what do you like about,houston,everything no seriously i love houston,i've lived in other places there's no,place like home i mean there really,isn't i've lived in houston since i was,four years old it is home to me you know,my friends are here my family's here for,the most part the people are amazing we,have,so much culture here it's such a melting,pot there's so many ethnicities which,means that you're exposed to so much,more as far as cult

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A Pornstar Blocked me on twitter

A Pornstar Blocked me on twitter

yo guys what's up it's your boy Eric -,101 here Komachi guys today with our,video and in today's video we possibly,have the most intense crazy thing that's,happened in my 3 years on YouTube and,that is that a porn star has blocked me,on Twitter now guys if you guys just,think about how absolutely insane that,this is I mean think about it guys,a successful porn star a woman worth,millions has actually took the time to,block me Eric tube 101 on Twitter now,guys this came after another youtuber by,the name of bird a man who does,political commentary uh giving,commentary and his commentary on a few,other things mainly social issues such,as the LGBT community and women like guy,men's rights that sort of thing he's a,political social commentator you should,worry I would highly recommend you to,check him out but basically he also got,blocked by Ava Adams and then he told,his story I'll link that down below but,I went to his defense and I went to Ava,Adams Twitter and then I commented an L,with a Connie Moshe I believe and they,and turns to find out that she actually,blocked me on Twitter now guys I would,consider this a life accomplishment,because think about how many men in the,US have actually been blocked by a porn,star on any social media or how many men,have been called out by porn stars not,that I was actually called out by your,is blocked by her Birdman was actually,called out dude if I was actually like I,mentioned in one of her tweets dude and,all the hottest do that'll be the,highlight,my entire life but to be honest with you,like I was never even atoms fan or,anything so don't get me wrong you know,never watch any of her content I'm sure,she's a fantastic actress I've heard,she's played doctors mathematics,teachers officers saw you know she seems,to have a very successful acting career,to say the least you know like I said,that but let me Google let me do a live,Google here,what is Ava Adams net worth of course,when you google people's net worth it,can sometimes be inaccurate but it's so,pretty close so she has a yearly income,of around five hundred thousand dollars,so it's pretty good right most accurate,uh actors and actresses aren't making,half a million a year unlisted they're,at the top then they're making more than,that um but she's doing pretty good for,yourself I mean half a million a year,pursuing a career in acting of course,this is adult acting but what's the,difference you know um but yeah so this,girl still has you know hundreds of,thousands of dollars in the bank,assuming and that's not including brand,deals like other social media Seth,suggests her acting career that's what,just what she gets paid to do her acting,and like I said I've never watched any,of her content so I'm personally not a,fan of her but if you know if you are,that's fine but it's just I just think,it's completely insane that a porn star,has blocked me on Twitter and I would,consider it in a couple of stream PS,like I said guys nobody gets blocked by,porn stars I mean it's very few people,and I believe that it's not up man I,feel like it's an accomplishment to be,completely honest with you yeah but,that's just insane I would never have,expected a person with that high of with,like a celebrity status at least,it doesn't really matter what your,opinion is on adult acting nonetheless,she is a celebrity and it's a little,birdie has officially blocked to me on,Twitter like you know you got a lot of,men that obviously watch her content,look she has lots of fans you could say,so for me to get selected out of,everybody that buys into her contents or,consumes her contents she actually,blocked me on Twitter now of course a,lot of people might say that this is a,huge step in my political career as a,conservative I would have to agree you,know I'm not even sure if ben shapiro,has been blocked by porn stars on,twitter you know I'm just not a hundred,percent sure steven crowder probably has,been you know let's just be honest not,not to commit to libel or anything but,yeah it's just it's just pretty insane,man pretty insane life story that I,figured I would share with you guys got,blocked by a porn star on Twitter after,calling her a clown and telling her to,take the El after she cut out one of my,favorite youtubers put a political and,social commentator Birdman but yet I,absolutely insane story I had to share,it with you guys I didn't really have,that much to say about the matter but,you know it's just mind-boggling to me,that a person of celebrity status,nonetheless a pornography star has,blocked Erick tube 101 on Twitter voice,and with that being said please like,comment subscribe and share and I'll see,you guys next one peace

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