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Autumn Falls BATHTUB NAUGHTY Q&A CHALLENGE 💦hey you guys welcome back to my channel,so as you guys c

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Updated on Jan 20,2023


hey you guys welcome back to my channel,so as you guys can tell I'm in the,bathtub with a bunch of Bubbles and I,asked you guys on Instagram to ask me,some questions so let's get started,first question is who is your favorite,person to work with in the adult,industry so my favorite is Marcus Dupree,and if you guys don't know who he is,then go check out his Instagram the next,question is what's your dream car it I,would say Mercedes G-Wagon I love the,look it's so like hot and sexy and ah,it's so nice why did you quit shooting,adult films that is because I love doing,oaf and if you guys don't know what that,is make sure you check out my exclusive,site link down below what is your,favorite movie so I'm not a movie person,person I'm more of a TV person but if I,were to watch a movie more than once I,think it would be white chicks because,it's so funny did you enjoy going to,school so I did I really enjoy going to,school,um it's not my favorite thing but I did,enjoy going to school to see my friends,what age did you lose your virginity I,will not say that on here but if you,want to ask me that on my exclusive site,you can what is your favorite animal I,would say my favorite animal would be,cats because I think they're so cute and,yeah have you ever had a threesome so,this is a very spicy question,for my spicy site and if you check that,out which is linked down below you can,see for yourself next question is what,is your pet peeve so my biggest pet,peeve is when people don't reply back,and sometimes they just forget but,that's just like a pet peeve of mine I,don't know it's kind of weird what is,your nationality my nationality is,Puerto Rican but I don't speak Spanish,let you guys ask if I do and they don't,next question is how old are you so I've,seen this quite a few times on my,Instagram post and I am 22 years old I,just turned 22 two months ago last,question and a question that a lot of,people have asked me on Instagram is,where or how can I meet you you guys can,talk to me on my exclusive site and I,make sure I respond to every message and,yeah if you guys want to get to know me,better or talk to me or see more of me,just make sure you check out my,exclusive site and it always linked down,below so I hope you guys enjoy this,video make sure you comment some more,questions down below and if you like,this that's up q a make sure you give it,a thumbs up and yeah if you guys want to,see part two to this just click the link,down below,bye

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yo what's up guys welcome back to,kicking it with cool today we have a,real legend of the building guys we have,the one and only adam pause hey guys how,you doing today i'm good,um so,you guys she's been here a couple videos,back you guys seen her and uh that video,blew up i'll be doing crazy shout out to,you guys so you know we had to bring her,back today so you know what i'm saying,so,we're going to take her shopping i'm,going to ask her a couple of questions,about how she's doing ever since she was,gone,and uh let's get started man,all right so talk to me about what you,got going on with your drip i see you've,got some congress yeah yeah,yeah i have some converse um,these are the 70s right,yeah those are yeah because the 70s on,the kids one so can i go,she got the good,um,all right guys so we're gonna go ahead,and take it to the bag show us some,sneakers and see what she likes let's,get it,all right so this is frank he's the shoe,expert he's going to show us around like,the shoes and stuff i don't i don't know,the inventory like that so oh my god,what size shoe are you i'm like a seven,and a half eight seven i still know,like you like like jordan's yeezys what,do you like i like jordan they do like,yeezys um i like,like i don't know whatever i feel like,if you like it you like you know yeah,exactly,i'm gonna have my boy put some out,let's see,these are the bart simpsons these are,dunks,um,i don't know how i feel about these um,maybe too much too much too much color,too much color,yeah so you like more neutral colors and,stuff like that i like neutral colors,but i also like,vibrant colors too,you know those will shake yeah,i like,these travis scott collab jordan one low,fragment yeah i like that they're like,off white like little,so if you like something you could put,something to the side for potentially,you could try monitor like this okay,you don't mind uh second hand we saw a,second hand as well whatever like i i'm,like she's humble man she's humble she,don't care if it's new,do you watch basketball,no i don't you don't watch any sports no,you don't yeah but i know people that do,like,jackie robinson these are my favorite,ones i don't know,i'll try i like that kind of blue like i,like yeah i'll try you're the jackie,robinsons right those are hard yeah,these just came out too so,these are personally one of my favorites,so it's pretty cool,be true these are cute,yeah they're cute pink and white yeah i,like that,one,how's your diet like do you eat like,like i see you're like you're in good,shape and i'm saying so it's like do you,eat like or is it just like i,do,but like every now and then every now,and then like i had pizza maybe like,last week okay okay you know,but i love pasta i love all that stuff,but i'm like i eat everything in,moderation,see some guys some people like me bro if,i start eating like bad i gained weight,fast so that's like you know what i'm,saying i'm like trying to gain weight,like i want to eat like yeah so i go to,the gym and everything and like i try to,just like eat like as much as i can and,like try to get a little thick okay,yeah,anyways here's another one,blazer though kind of white i like those,yeah not bad yeah they're pretty cool,you want to try those on yeah,new balance those are cute oh yeah i'll,try those on too yeah good job i just,like yeah those are really cute i like,the color so what you've been up to like,you have any upcoming projects like what,you've been working on recently um i've,just been working on my only fans like,yeah only fans instagram taking pictures,doing tick tocks i see oh you have it,yeah i have to go yeah so like i'm just,you know working yeah i'm doing that,yeah,all right guys we're gonna start out,with the jordan ones low these are the,travis scott's um,these are personally one of my favorites,i still have yet to get these i haven't,got them but i will eventually but i,don't might get them today so let's see,what i'm saying these come with,pink shoelaces blue shoelaces and black,you know whatever you are the white,so there's like very stuff right there,yeah that's cool,go ahead,yeah so what's it like doing like oni,fans is that is it hard is it is,exhausting is it like um what do you,like it's i mean it's good like as long,as like i mean i love taking pictures i,love doing videos and all that stuff so,i personally i like it and i'm used to,it you know i've never had a job like my,first job was adult,films that's my first job ever so that's,like all i know how are you like started,in the adult industry i was 18. like i,yeah just turned 18 and like how are you,now i'm 21. oh really yeah,isn't that crazy yeah,that's like that's all i know and but,but i love it how those fit these fit,like perfect i like it these are,actually like one of the like top sheets,we have in the store only fast content,with those oh my god maybe i should,what if i did yeah i should these are,really cute we were talking to um we had,miyamoto come on okay and we were,telli

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Autumn Falls Reveals EVERYTHING (Q&A Challenge) 😉

Autumn Falls Reveals EVERYTHING (Q&A Challenge) 😉

hey guys welcome back to my channel so,for today's video I'm doing my first,ever q a and I asked you guys on,Instagram to ask me any questions so I'm,going to be answering them right now so,for the first question which app do you,use the most on your phone so I would,say I used oaf the most then Twitter and,Tick Tock and Instagram but there I use,them all the same like that is like all,the apps I use every day what do you,normally keep in your bag I always like,to keep my Chapstick it's like not a,regular chapstick it's like a hyaluronic,acid like lip kind of cream it's so good,it's my favorite and I always bring with,me everywhere what's your favorite song,My Favorite Song right now I feel like I,have a lot of favorite songs but,actually I would say the artist I listen,to the most right now is Demi Lovato and,it's a bunch of other artists but she is,the one that is like on the top of my,like list right now do you like go going,partying I don't really party I'm such a,homebody and I like being a homebody I,like staying at home what's your biggest,turn on I won't say that on here but if,you guys want to ask me that on my,exclusive site which is down below you,can ask me and I'll tell you what's your,biggest achievement I would say my,biggest achievement would be having a,billboard in Times Square because that,was a goal I wanted to set for myself,for my 21st birthday and I did it and I,was so proud of myself what's your,favorite drink on a day or night out so,my favorite day drink would be matcha,lemonade I love it so much and besides,water I always drink that but for a,night drink I would say maybe like a,spicy Margarita or a margarita that's it,what's your favorite position I know,what this answer kind of means I don't,say that kind of stuff on here but on my,exclusive site you can you know all that,kind of stuff can you do more try on,hauls I am so happy you guys liked my,first try on haul I enjoyed doing it so,I definitely will do another one for you,guys what's your favorite TV show my,favorite TV show right now is the Real,Housewives of Beverly Hills and New York,what are you most passionate about I am,most passionate about skin care eating,healthy like overall like wellness that,is something I'm very passionate about,and yeah that is something I love what's,your best trait I would say my best,trait is that I am sweet I'm nice and,I'm like humble I feel like that,represents me as a person and I'm very,kind and giving what things do you love,guys to do I have a few in mind but I,can't answer them on here you know where,to go at this point what do you like to,do on your every time I enjoy working,out on my free time that is something,that I've been really getting into and,I've been loving I love seeing like the,progress I love seeing results and,working out has been my favorite thing,to do lately last question where do you,find your spicy site I know I've,mentioned it a few times and you guys,probably want to know where to find me,and that is on a web and if you don't,know what LF is help,link down below I hope you guys enjoyed,this video and you kind of get to know,me a little bit better yeah if you guys,enjoyed this video make sure you like,comment down below if you guys have any,more questions because maybe I might do,another q a so I hope you guys enjoyed I,will talk to you guys in the next video,bye

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Things You Think About During Class

Things You Think About During Class

bro I absolutely hate school I do not,know why I'm here God damn why am I,bricked up right now it's 8 A.M good,thing I got it tucked to my waistband I,stayed up way too late last night,texting a girl that I'm pretty sure,doesn't give a rat's ass about me and,she probably wouldn't care if I lived or,died,damn I wish I could have sat next to rob,in this class that dude is so funny it's,always a good time when he and I are,just cracking jokes and just letting,loose thank God I'm not sitting next to,Ryan in this class he thinks he's so,funny and he just isn't I mean look at,his head why does he look like that damn,it why the hell do I have to sit next to,Ryan in this class he has got to be one,of the lamest people in this entire,planet I'm getting secondhand lameness,just by sitting next to him look at that,dumb ass striped shirt he's wearing hey,why are y'all being so mean to me what,did I even do to y'all I'm just sitting,here trying to have fun in class and,y'all being mean how would you shut the,hell up you're not supposed to hear our,thoughts this is the thoughts during,class video Bozo you're ruining the,Integrity of the video you messed up the,whole concept yeah now shut up and go,back to your own thoughts I don't know,what I'm doing in this class but I'm,sure someone will let me copy off their,work they are really trying to have me,catch a case hot diggity dog,like that when I was in college they,were not looking like this and I don't,didn't have any school supplies in my,bag right now they trying to get me,locked up they're gonna have me teach a,lesson with the Beats pill in my pants,who is that that's all me what's the ad,what's the ad what is her ID ethnic I'm,still here about to act oh I can't,control myself,where'd you find this damn that's all me,mine I'm about to get HR called on me,call dibs on that that's my wife we're,gonna start a cute family together all,right class uh just pull all your,worksheets that you've been working on I,really don't care to teach anything,today I'd rather have you guys just do,busy work I hate the shop uh you guys,should know that by now,scorpions probably think that lobsters,are mermaids while you wait for the,waiter at that moment are you not also,the waiter yo why I got a raging boner,at 8am right now,so far when you buy a bigger bed you,have more bedroom but less bedrooms,isn't it weird that humans drink the,milk of other animals like you never see,a rhino sucking on a zebra to get milk,god damn it I'm bricked up right now it,won't go down Loveless serve is the best,YouTube channel do dogs name their,owners you can never stand backwards on,a staircase time,clapping is just repeatedly hitting,yourself because you like something I,can't stop watching Strawberry Park,videos they're so hilarious I realize,I'm not ugly I'm just not my type oh I'm,thinking about some up right,now I'm about to do something up,you guys should leave a comment on this,video right now if life is unfair for,everyone doesn't that mean it's actually,fair for everyone what if I just did,some crazy right now,oh Robin pissing me off lately I gotta,leave you go up there and slap in the, head right now he wouldn't even,know it's coming if someone offered to,pay for all my food and rent for the,next 18 years I'd probably do anything,they asked of me yet every time my,parents asked me to take out the trash,and make my bed I always complained damn,God Robbie's a sucker punch in,the back of the head there are no cute,guys in this class we got a class I'm a, blind side I hate makers,straight to the temple my dog,understands several human words but I,don't understand a single dog bark is he,smarter than me oh damn he's a up,God so I shouldn't be thinking this ,stop waiting on my shot where's all this,pent up energy coming from bro she High,keep feeling me right now I just peeped,her looking at me she clearly wants me,why does that ugly guy with the striped,shirt keep looking at me mom still,breaks up I might just smash the lunch,lady wait no why did I just say that oh,yes I will I'm gonna Bend her over stop,if Dora is an Explorer then why does she,only visit mapped areas trifling ass,lying ass ,is your principle speaking could Rob,Lopez please come to the front office,your mother has dropped off a package,for you it looks to be a diaper rash,cream uh so Rob Lopez please come to the,front main office to pick up your diaper,rash cream your mother says you forgot,to use it today and you need to apply it,immediately,uh that's all,hey yo why would they announce that on,the intercom what the no way they,just announced that on the ,intercom bruh they announced that to the,whole school why would they do that are,you serious right now the what the, what the oh my God by the way,I don't actually have like a diaper rash,I don't know why the it would say,that it's so weird Okay,Mike's supposed to be picking up some,money so that's like what they're,calling I think they like drop it off,for me okay yeah diaper Rush i

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Stray Kids "Winter Falls" M/V

Stray Kids "Winter Falls" M/V

لقد حل الشتاء ثانيةً,أتساءل كم مضى من الوقت,تغير كل شيء ما عداي,تتزايد وحدتي للدرجة التي تؤلمني,أنا الذي ما زال يفتقدك,ما زلت عالقًا حيث كنت,حالمًا بالأيام الخوالي,أغلق عيناي واتذكر,يصبح النهار أقصر، والليالي أطول,يا لقلبي المتألم والمتجمد، لقد ذاب شيئًا داخله,مع تكرار التدفئة والبرد,فقد قلبي دفئه من الندم الشديد,We are like movie، أشعر بانقطاع أنفاسي,التحدث عن الأيام الخوالي يؤرقني,بينما أعلم إنه ليس بإمكاني فعل أي شيء,أتذكر مرة أخرى عندما أرى مدى ترددي حينما ألمحك,Winter Falls ، والجليد يتساقط,أنقى من أي شيء,Falls ، سأحاول أن أمحو أي شيء يتعلق بك,وما زال يتواجد معي,I loved you loved you loved you,كما فعلت، loved you loved you loved you,ثانيةً الجليد Falls,ونفترق,Winter Falls oh,Winter Falls oh,Please fall before I fall,I loved you loved you loved you,ما فعلت، loved you loved you loved you,ثانيةً الجليد Falls,ونفترق,أنا بخير الأن,نعم، I’ll be okay,هذا يكفي للآن,لا أبالي، ابتعد,أبحث عنك بين ذكرياتي (find you),كنا نمسك أيدي بعضنا البعض بينما نتمشى حينها (yeah yeah),كان شتاءُ دافئًا,كان كل شيء جميلًا حينئذ,مختبئًا تحت السماء الصامتة، أحاول أن أُفرغ ذهني,لأن الأسهل إبعادك من محاولة محوك,سواء كانت الأيام الخوالي هي التي افتقدها، أو أنني افتقدك أنت,لا أعلم السبب لكني ما زلت أحمل مشاعرًا تجاهك,حتى إذا تظاهرت بأنني قوي، يجعلني ذلك غريبًا,كم سيستغرقني من الأعوام لأكون على ما يرام yeah,سيؤلمني الأمر، بغض النظر لأي درجة أغوص في ذكرياتي,سأكون الوحيد المجروح وسأشعر بالضآلة,Winter Falls ، والجليد يتساقط,أنقى من أي شيء,Falls ، سأحاول أن أمحو أي شيء يتعلق بك,ما زال يتواجد معي,I loved you loved you loved you,كما فعلت، loved you loved you loved you,ثانيةً الجليد Falls,ونفترق,أشعر وكأنني استيقظت من حلم طويل,يتساقط الجليد ويتلاشى الزمن,هل سنعود ثانيةً لما كنا عليه عندما كنت احتضنك بين ذراعيّ؟,عليَ أن اتركك ترحل الآن ولكن الأمر صعب جدًا,Winter Falls ، والجليد يتساقط,أنقى من أي شيء,Falls ، سأحاول أن أمحو أي شيء يتعلق بك,ما زال يتواجد معي,I loved you loved you loved you,كما فعلت، loved you loved you loved you,ثانيةً الجليد Falls,ونفترق,Winter Falls oh,Winter Falls oh,Please fall before I fall,I loved you loved you loved you,كما فعلت، loved you loved you loved you,ثانيةً الجليد Falls,ونفترق,بعد حرق كل شيء، وتدمير كل شيء,لننهي هذا الأمر كما هو عليه، فكل ما تبقى في النهاية الرماد,وسأحرق قلبك مع رياح الشتاء,وأطيّره بعيدًا بدلًا من بقائنا معًا سأبقى أنا وحدي

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Autumn Falls LINGERIE *NAUGHTY* Outfit Try On Haul 🥰

Autumn Falls LINGERIE *NAUGHTY* Outfit Try On Haul 🥰

hey guys it's Autumn and welcome back to,my channel so for today's video I'm,going to try on five lingerie outfits,and I'm so excited to try them on for,you and if you guys have any favorites,please let me know down below and yeah,if you guys want to see more behind the,scenes type of content make sure you,guys check out my exclusive website down,below so yeah without further Ado let's,get started so here is the first,lingerie it is so cute and,see a little bit edgy I really like it,and this set is from honey birdette it's,so cute I love the cheetah print and the,back is a thong it's so comfortable too,and I really like it a lot what do you,guys think,I would rate it a 10 out of 10 because,this is like by far so so good so this,is the next lingerie set it is from,Adrian provocateor I hope I'm saying it,right it is a cute black lace with baby,pink trimmings it's so cute I can show,you a little bit the whole outfit and,the back is a thong again super cute,this is perfect for the bedroom it's so,cute I think I would rate this a solid 9,out of ten it's so cute I love it so,much on to the next outfit so this is,the next lingerie set I think it's so,cute it complements my skin tone so well,this set is from honey birdette it's so,sexy fun it also has a thong back and I,am also wearing cover-ups as you can,tell but if you guys want to see the,other content I am making for this video,make sure you check out my exclusive,site Town below,overall I would rate this a 9 out of ten,like this is perfect I love it so much I,can't wait to wear it again,so this is the next lingerie outfit it,is from honey birdette and personally,it's not my favorite I don't like the,half padding and then like other half is,lace it's very not my style but I love,the bottoms I love the color like white,with the little pops of like pink and,yellow it's like a lot of spring type of,colors which I love but just not this,top so I would rate this outfit a 6 out,of 10 just because I would never wear it,again and it's just not my style the top,wise so yeah let's go on to the last,outfit so this is the last piece and I,have to say this is so pretty I love the,color and a fan actually got this for me,and I just want to say thank you to the,person that surprised me with this cute,honey brunette set in the mail it's so,cute it's I feel like it complements my,skin really well and the back is also a,thong with some gold Hardware which is,really cute gives it a little edginess I,like it a lot I would rate this outfit a,8 out of 10 just because it was a little,bit tricky to put this on but other than,that I really like it so I hope you guys,enjoy this video with me trying on,lingerie outfits let me know which one,is your favorite Down Below in the,comments don't forget to follow me on my,other social medias and check out my,exclusive site for more on behind the,scenes content that you can't see,anywhere else so I will see you guys in,my next video bye

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I'm 24, My Wife's 61 - Now We Want A Baby | LOVE DON’T JUDGE

I'm 24, My Wife's 61 - Now We Want A Baby | LOVE DON’T JUDGE

this is 24 year old karan and he fell in,love with 61 year old cheryl,the pair bonded due to their mutual love,of tick tock and garnered much attention,due to their 37 year age gap,grammy stop hitting on your,great-grandson,but undeterred by the internet trolls,cheryl and karan recently tied the knot,we got married the water was running,beside us it was very beautiful,now they want to grow their family and,have children i'm still a mom it never,stops so why shouldn't i have another,child and they are finally ready to,reveal the news to cheryl's daughter we,had a baby because it would be a problem,previously we met karan and cheryl who,caused quite a stir with their,unconventional pairing i can't keep her,hands off me,she gave me a rouse i'm telling you it,happened so often lord yo,since then the couple have taken their,relationship up a notch when karan,proposed to cheryl i proposed july 30th,they made it very special my tit top,fans because they donated over three,thousand dollars,on cheryl's ring in one day so i was,nervous due to the fact that i'm gonna,propose to her i looked at her and,immediately started crying i was like i,want to spend the rest of my life with,you so i dropped down i was like will,you marry me and then she was like yes,and it was amazing,i was ecstatic it was one of the best,days of my life,originally me and cheryl planned to keep,the wedding private because we were,getting a lot of hate at the time of us,making,ted talks about our weddings first a lot,of people were saying we're faking it,it's not real they're not really going,to get married so we just decided we're,going to stay off social media until the,wedding and we wasn't going to give it,then the day of the wedding shows like,hey let's go live let's give them the,wedding we eventually decided to live,stream it because we felt like our fans,and supporters deserved to see it,and when we did we had over 20 000,viewers,i felt like a princess,i never thought i would get married,again but he came along and hey it was,magical our hearts fell in love with,each other,despite their strong bond they've had to,deal with relentless trolling we're,still getting it they're trying to say,that we're really not married they're,still saying that it's fake you're just,miserable it shows i'm married i'm happy,i'm content with my life some of the,backlash i received they say i'm dating,my grandmother they say she can never,bear children from you michelle's not,dying no time soon she's not dead not,for long though,not for long though,that's a messed up comment,it really is people need to get a life,and stop trying to take mine away from,me,grammy stop hitting on your,great-grandson what's weird to you is,normal to us,she was there when eve stole the apple,from the tree,i wasn't there,now these newlyweds want to start a,family together but this has come with,complications,due to cheryl's age we're going to go to,see,some baby clothes in a nursery,we are looking for a surrogate mother or,adoption hey how are you good how are,you,i'm interested in somebody that is,carrying a child that cannot care for,this child that just wants to reach out,to us i would love it just like i love,the rest of my kids i'm really not,worried about me having a problem being,a mother,again i actually would have more time,with this child than i did my other ones,i really don't care for a boy or girl,but you know i'm excited because you,know i've never had to experience this,i've never done any of this and this is,amazing doing it with my wife,thank you,beautiful so much y'all have a great day,today my daughter ashley is coming over,with my grandkids to visit my grandkids,love koran they already call him paw paw,y'all wanna play with turtles yeah yeah,oh god i have seven children and they,were upset when me and quran got,together,ashley just wants me to be happy so,she's going to stand by me no matter,what,kiss,i didn't have a problem with it because,age doesn't really matter,thank you i appreciate it and these,actions speak louder than words like,you're always there for us if we had a,baby do you think it would be a problem,that wouldn't be a problem so you're,ready to welcome in another sibling,yeah,i'm ready to have another brother or,sister,okay i gotta go get the kids home i love,y'all love you too love you too,cheryl has made me,to be a better human all together like a,better man a better human she makes me,want to do better like,all again in life i don't regret meeting,cheryl she really improved everything,about me every aspect the heart falls in,love with who the heart falls in love,with it sees no age it sees no color it,seems nothing but love,and that's exactly what we have for each,other

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Hannah pushes Rebecca downstairs | Doble Kara

Hannah pushes Rebecca downstairs | Doble Kara

You're here again?,Yes. I'm here with Momma.,Why?,Tito Seb wanted to talk to Momma.,Besides, we missed you guys.,Don't you miss us too?,No!,What's that?,This?,It's our family picture.,Poppa, Momma, and me.,Here, look.,Sorry.,Hanna, why did you do that?!,It was an accident.,Don't lie!,Tell me why you did that!,Why are you so mad?,That photo wasn't even nice.,You're such a show-off!,You're really bad!,Get lost!,I said, leave!,You don't want to leave?,Go!,I said, leave!,Ouch!,Momma!,Becca?,Becca?,Oh no! Becca!,Becca!,What happened?,Becca!,What happened?,She fell down the stairs.,What? How did that happen?!,I heard children fighting.,Sara, stop! That's a kid!,Let's bring her to the hospital!,Careful! Get her legs. Careful!,Slowly.,What happened?!,She fell down the stairs!,Let's get her to the hospital!,Get my bag!,Hey, what happened?,Hanna pushed Becca down the stairs!,Let's go!,Open the gate, Paolo!,Hello?,Sara whats going on? Why is Becca crying?,Not now, Edward. We're taking her to the hospital.,What hospital? Text me the address. I'll follow you.,Edward, where are you going?,Ma, I have to see Becca.,They're taking her to the hospital.,Wait, I'll go with you.,Close the door!,Hanna.,Hanna, what did you do?

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